Daggett Plimington, lumberman, h 2 West. 

Daigneau John G., agent Singer Manuf. Co., h 19 Franklin cor Brown. 

Daley James, laborer, h 1 Franklin. 

Daley John, h 158 Main. 

Daley John, laborer, scale works, bds 21 River. 

Daley Michael, melter, scale works, h 21 River.

Dana Bertha Miss, teacher, h 43 Grove. 

Dana Carrie, school and music teacher, bds 43 Grove. 

DANA EDWARD, attorney-at-law, Baxter National Bank building, bds cor Washington and Nickwackett. 

Dana Erastus F., bookkeeper, h 43 Grove. 

Danforth Walter, brakeman, h 33 Forest. 

Daniels Charles L., (Woodruff & Co.,) bds 1 Pleasant. 

Daniels George W., baker at H. L. Verder & Co's, h 15 Washington. 

DANIELS LUTHER HON., age 82, retired merchant and ex-president of Rutland Savings Bank, h 74 Main. 

Daniels Warren, retired baker, h 1 Pleasant. 

Dardis A. Mary, saleslady at B. H. Burt's, bds 122 Main. 

Davey N. B., widow of Christopher M., h 6 Pleasant. 

Davis Achsah, widow of George, h 2 Pine. 

Davis Albert F., (Davis & Gould,) h 2 Prospect. 

Davis Alvin, clerk at H. C. Woodruff & Co's, bds J. W. Fisher's. 

Davis Catharine B., widow of Leonard, h 12 Elm cor Grand ave. 

Davis Eber H., solicitor, Columbian Marble Co., h 7 Summer. 

Davis Flora Miss, teacher, Rutland Graded School, bds log Main. 

Davis Frank D., agent Singer Manuf. Co., 15 Center, bds Depot Restaurant. 

Davis Fred W., machinist, bds 10 West. 

Davis George E., teamster, h cor North and Grove, outside limits. 

DAVIS JOSEPH M., water commissioner, sup't of work on water mains, etc., basement 26 Merchants row, h 13 Church. 

Davis Margaret R., widow Edwin D., boarding house, 15 Elm. 

DAMS NICHOLAS LUTHER, master mechanic Rutland division C. V. R. R., office at the machine shop west of Union Depot, h 10 West. 

Davis Ormus C., house painter, h 127 Main. 

Davis Warren F. N., machinist C. V. R. R. shops, bds 10 West. 

Davis William A., bds 10 West. DAMS WM. A. D., manager Boston Shoe Store, 6 Merchants row, bds 10 West.

DAVIS & GOULD, (Albert F. D. and J. Azro G.,) dealers in flour, grain, feed, coal, lime, cement, manufrs. of brick, yard Park st, office and warehouse 8, 10 and 12 Freight. 

Dearborn Oscar B., carpenter and glazier, 21 ½ Center, rooms do. 

DeBretton Catharine S., widow John A., (Olmstead & DeBretton,) h 2 Elm. 

Dedrick Clarence H., messenger Nat. Ex. Co., h 12 Howe. 

Delisle Toussant, shoemaker at Valiquettes, bds 38 Forest. 

Delpey Albert, teamster for R. M. Spaulding, bds 12 1 Main. 

Demarais Michael, truckman, h 72 Forest. 

Demerritt Richard N., traveling salesman for H. S. Howe, bds 25 Wales. 

Deming August, accountant, bds Bates House. 

Demories Thomas, truckman, h 9 Willow. 

Dempsey John, section hand, h 98 West. 

Dennis Frank C., locomotive engineer, bds 8 Pine. 

Deragon Ella C., works Tuttle's bookbindery, bds 26 Mineral. 

Deragon Ezra, teamster, Columbian Mill, bds 26 Mineral. 

Deragon James, laborer, bds 26 Mineral. 

Deragon Marshall, stone and brick mason, h 26 Mineral. 

Devears William, laborer, h 1 River. 

Dewey Julia, widow of Maguire, dressmaker, h 12 Forest. 

Dickinson William H., laborer, h 11 Granger.

Dodge Edwin B:, locomotive engineer, C. V. R. R., bds 5 Pine. 

Dodge Willie R., fireman, C. V. R. R, bds 17 River. 

Dolan Thomas, laborer, h 18 South. 

Dolan William J., drug clerk, 45 Merchants row, bds Berwick House. 

Dominy Jeremiah D., carpenter, scale works, h 7 Elm. 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, h River 4th from railroad. 

Donahue Thomas, marble polisher, Vermont Marble Co., bds 93 West. 

Donelan Bella, milliner, bds 10 Meadow. 

Donelan Thomas P., commercial traveler for Dougherty & McCosker, N. Y., h 10 Meadow. 

Donnelly John, blacksmith, B. S. R. shop, h 15 River. 

Donovan Mary, widow Cornelius, h off 36 Strongs ave. 

Donovan Michael C., laborer, scale works, bds off 36 Strongs ave. 

Donsro Abraham, laborer, h 173 Main. 

Dooley & Walsh, (Thomas D. and William W.,) grocers, 11 Washington. 

Dorance Sabrie Miss, clerk, Depot Restaurant, bds do. 

Doren A., wheelwright, h 70 Forest. 

Dorian Adalord, wheelwright, h Forest. 

Dorr Henry Ripley, son of Seneca M., r 42. 

DORR S. M. & CO., (Seneca M. Dorr, local partner,) general dealers in investment securities, room 2, 26 Merchants row. 

DORR SENECA M., (S. M. D. & Co.,) owns farm in Castleton and Poultney, 400, h and 4 acres on r 42. 

Dougherty Daniel, laborer, h Strongs ave below scale works. 

Dougherty Daniel; stone reason, bds 171 Main. 

Dougherty James, freight conductor, D. & H. C. Co., bds 11 Green. 

Dougherty John, laborer, scale works, bds with Daniel Dougherty. 

Dougherty Joseph, laborer, h 171 Main. 

Dougherty William, laborer, bds with D. Dougherty. 

Douglass Cassimere, brick and stone reason, h 10 Willow cor Edson. 

Douglass Charles H., foreman Bowtell laundry, h 10 Perkins ave. 

DOUGLAS HENRY B., machinist, foreman Lincoln iron works, h 9 Howe. 

Douglass Joseph, mason and builder, h 32 Center. 

Douglass Joseph H., mason, bds 32 Center. 

DOUGLASS WM. A., foreman Dunn & Cramton's tin shop, h 13 Mineral. 

Dowling Mary, (Mrs. Patrick,) h Lafayette. 

Downs Eliza G., widow Henry, h Union block, Main. 

Downs George, locomotive engineer, D. & H. C. Co., 10 Spring. 

Downs Jennie E., dress maker, rooms Union block, Main, bds do. 

Downs John H., cook, bds Union block, Main. 

Downs Mary E., seamstress, bds Union block, Main. 

Downs William F., works Columbian Marble Co., bds Union block, Main. 

Doyle Michael, laborer; C. V. R. R., bds 3 Strongs ave. 

Dozois Alexis L., machinist, D. Shortsleeve, bds 14 Terrill. 

Dreslan Dennis, laborer, h 29 Granger. 

Drew John H., wood moulder, C. P. Hauls Manuf. CO., h 13 Jackson ave. 

Driscoll William, teamster for R. M. Spaulding, bds 121 Main. 

Duba Abel, laborer scale works, bds 2 Edson. 

Ducharm John, stationary engineer, D. Shortsleeve, bds 28 Strongs ave. 

Ducharm Nelson, harness maker, h 9 Willow. 

Ducharme Magloire, marble turner Vermont Marble Co., h 38 Forest. 

Duffy Edward C., blacksmith for L. Premo, bds 3 Strongs ave. 

Duffy Hugh, polisher, Columbian Mill, bds 10 Union.

Duffy John J., vegetable garden and greenhouse, 6 East.

Duffy Patrick, gardener, bds 6 East.

Dugan Michael, stone cutter, White & Haven, bds 14 Meadow.

Dugan Stephen, stone cutter, at Bowman's, bds 5 Grove.

Dughan Catharine, widow of Martin, h 82 Forest.

DUNN CHARLES C., (D. & Loehr,) farmer 55 on r 40, h do.

DUNN JAMES C., (D. & Cramton,) administrator Thomas Ross estate, director Vermont Life Insurance Co., selectman, owns farm in Ryegate, Cal. CO., Vt., 70 acres, h 3 Cottage.

DUNN & CRAMTON, (James C. D. and John W. C.,) dealers in stoves, furnaces, tin, glass and wooden ware, gas and water pipe, &c., buyers of wool and hides, 22 and 14 Merchants row.

*DUNN & LOEHR, (Charles C. D. and John H. L.,) merchant tailors and dealers in gents' furnishing goods, 2 Merchants row.

Dunton Andrew J., supt. Columbian Marble Co., h 14 Pine.

Dunton Melvin R., clerk, Columbian Marble Co., bds 10 Union.

DUNTON WALTER C., attorney and counselor at law, Baxter National Bank building, h Washington cor Nickwackett.

DUNTON WILLIAM H., (D. & Hayward,) owns farm about 300 at Center Rutland, h 18 Grove.

Dunton William M., (Dunton & Hayward,) h 18 Grove.

Dunton William R., foreman, Columbian Mills turning room, h 10 Union cor Forest.

DUNTON & HAYWARD, (Wm. H. D. and Alvin C. H.,) butchers, proprietors Fulton Market, meats, vegetables, oysters, &c., 31 Merchants row.

DUPONT EDMOND, graduated from the academy of Dijon, France, teacher of the French language, bds 73 Main.

Durfee Lucina H., widow of Phineas A., 15 Woodstock ave.

Durkee Charles G., carpenter and mason, h 3 Elm.

Durkin Michael; helper, C. V. R. R. shops.

Dussault Leon, printer, Herald office, h 12 Merchants row, up stairs.

Dussault Louis, pressman, Herald and Globe, h 12 Merchants row.

Dussault Matilda, (Mrs. Leon,) dressmaker, up stairs, 12 Merchants row.

Dye Nathaniel C., supt. People's Gas Light Co., h 5 Summer.

Dyer Emily A., widow of Alanson, bds 10 West.

Dyer John B., brakeman, C. V. R. R., bds 3 Strongs ave.

Dyer William L., plumber, works at scale works, h Engrams ave.


Earle Charles L., carpenter, bds 8 Evelyn.

Earle Horatio S., moulder, scale works, bds Wickham House.

EARLE LEON L., dressmaker, Morse block opp. the Depot, bds 8 Evelyn.

Eastman Charles D., machinist, scale works, bds 26 Center.

Eastman Milo F., polisher, scale works, h 21 Prospect. 

Eastman Thomas N., laborer, h 26 Center. 

Eaton Edwin A., teamster, h 9 Wales. 

Eaton Frank A., moulder, scale works, h 21 Prospect. 

Eaton George W., teamster, bds 9 Wales. 

Eddy Fred C., clerk Bardy & Babbitt, bds Bardwell House. 

Eddy George, stone mason, bds 1 Willow. 

Eddy S. Cornelia, teacher, primary department Rutland Graded School, bds 17 Prospect cor Madison. 

Eddy Sarah A., widow of John L., h 17 Prospect and 20 Madison.

Eddy William F., bookkeeper, Baxter National Bank, bds 17 Prospect cor Madison. 

EDGERTON EDWIN, retired attorney and counsellor, and farmer 34 acres, inside corporation, h 26 Woodstock ave. 

Edgerton Emma L., h 20 West. 

EDGERTON JACOB, 81 years of age, county sheriff for 22 years, retired, h 72 Main. 

Edgerton William G., gardener, h 9 Terrill. 

Edson Alondo B., carpenter, contractor and builder, h 17 Summer cor Maple. 

Edson Ann H., widow of Otis H., bds 17 Summer. 

EDSON HENRY O., (M. & H. O. E.,) h Church cor Perkins ave. 

Edson James A., grocer, 58 West, h 1 Madison. 

EDSON M. & H. O., (Melzar and Henry Otis,) wholesale and retail dealers in lumber, wood, sash, doors, blinds, glass &c., 49 West. 

EDSON MELZAR, (M. & H. O. E.,) h 51 West. 

Edwards John, fireman, bds 31 Forest. 

Edwards John, sign and ornamental painter, C. V. car shop, h 32 Pine cor Maple. 

Edwards John C., painter, C. V. R. R. shops, h 32 Pine cor Maple. 

Eggleston Willard AV., clerk for A. W. Higgins, bds 12 Woodstock ave. 

Ellis Aaron D., merchant tailor, 31 Center, h do up stairs. 

Ellison Alice M., telegraph operator and button maker, h 13 Meadow. 

Ellison Marion A., button maker, h 13 Meadow. 

ELLSWORTH JOHN D., truckman and jobber of team work, h 2 Grove. 

Elsworth Roswell, sealer, scale works, bds 134 Main. 

Elworth Thos., painter, bds 5 Terrill, home in Benson. 

Emerson Charles, works button factory, bds 17 Church. 

EMERSON CHARLES H., machinist, scale works, h 24 Forest cor School. 

Estabrook Charles A., painter, Howe Scale Co., bds Berwick House. 

ESTABROOK JOHN F., chief painter, Howe Scale Co., bds Berwick House, h in Brandon. 

Eustace Alexander, machinist, scale works, bds 3 Strongs ave. 

Eustace Edward, laborer, h Brown bet South and River. 

EUSTACE JOHN H., engineer gas works, h 2 r Howe. 

Everette Charles F., machinist, Lincoln Iron Works, bds 150 Main. 

EVERSON & CO., marble and monumental work, 4 Church. 

EVERSON JAMES JR., (Everson & Co.,) marble worker, h 16 Church. 

EVERTS MARTIN G., lawyer and judge of the Municipal Court, owns about 950 acres of land, office 8 Morse block, h 24 West. 


Fagan Catharine, h 26 Granger cor River. 

Fagan Margaret, widow Michael, h 28 Woodstock ave. 

Fagan Michael, laborer, h 29 Granger.

Fagan Patrick, filer, scale works, h .Granger corner South. 

FAGAN PETER, merchant tailor, 15 Merchantsrow, farm 10 1/2, h 20 Green. 

Farley Michael, h at St. Albans, bds Bates House. 

Farmer Alphonso H., house carpenter, h 6 Williams cor Church. 

Farmer Charles G., locomotive engineer, C, V. R. R., bds 5 Cottage. 

FARMER OLIVER, car builder, C. V. R. R. Shop, h 5 Cottage. 

FARMERS HOTEL, Mrs. J. E. Johnson, prop; Joseph M. Ballou, manager; Freight Opp Evelyn.

FARR HENRY L., pattern maker, C. V. R R. shop, h 14 Chestnut ave.

Farwell Frederick L., bds 14 Chestnut ave.

Faulkner Addie, widow James R., h 124 Main.

Faulkner Morgan L., commercial traveler for H. A. Blanchard & Co., of N.Y., h 10 Prospect.

Fay James J., foreman Tuttle & Co's bindery, bds Berwick House.

Fay Peter, farmer 6, h 40 Woodstock ave.

Fayles John A., painter, scale works, h 50 Washington.

Feeley Thomas, cook at Bardwell House, h Strongs ave n Wales.

Felo James G., tool maker, scale works, h 13 Strongs ave.

Fenn Edward, drug clerk for G. E. Graves, h Center.

FENN FRANCIS, dealer in drugs, fancy goods and toys, 13 Center, h 15 West.

Fenn Frederick E., clerk, Francis Fenn, bds 15 West.

Fenton Jeremiah, Printer Herald and Globe, bds 21 Wales.

Ferguson Wm. L., freight agent, D. & H. C. Co., Strongs ave, h 12 Cottage.

Fernandez Bridget, widow of Antonio, tailoress, h 9 Green.

FIELD FRED A., assistant postmaster, h 86 Main.

FIELD HENRY F., cashier Rutland County National Bank, h 80 Main.

Field Rollin D., marble turner, White & Haven, bds 9 Chestnut ave.

Field Ruth Mrs., widow of Nathaniel, 97 years of age, resides with William M., Center cor Main.

Field W illlam H., carpenter, h 9 Chestnut ave.

Field William M., h cor Center and Main.

Fillmore Lamira, widow H. C. B., h 77 West.

Fillmore William H., tinsmith, Dunn & Cramton, bds 77 West.

Fish Lyman G., retired farmer, h Engrams ave.

Fisher A. J. Oliver, letterer, White & Haven, h 44 Pine.

Fisher Elizabeth A., widow Daniel C., h 44 Forest.

Fisher Henry W., carpenter, bds 44 Forest.

Fisher J. Wilson, dining hall, cigars, tobacco and confectionery, 8 Merchants row, h do.

Fisher Sarah L. Mrs., widow of Francis A., h 4 Pleasant. 

*FISHER WM. H. H., drugs, fancy goods, cigars, confectionery and toys, 7 Merchants row, h 23 West. 

Fisk Thomas L., carpenter, h 5 Willow. 

Fitzgerald James, brick mason, h 16 East. 

Fitzgerald James B., groceries, boots and shoes, and meat market, Center cor Wales, h do. 

Flack Laura P., (Mrs. John,) h 6 Maple. 

Flaherty James, jr., marble polisher, bds 21 Meadow. 

Flaherty Mary, widow of James, h 21 Meadow. 

*FLANAGAN JOHN, boot and shoe maker and dealer, 6 Freight, h off Union, r gas house. 

Flanders Benjamin E., machinist, D. Shortsleeve, bds Wickham House. 

Flanders George T., homeo. physician, office and h 66 West. 

Flannery Annie, widow Patrick, h 13 Granger. 

Flint Francis G., (Flint Bros. & Co.,) in town list, bds Bates House. 

Flint Wallace, pattern maker, Lincoln Iron Works, bds 21 Wales. 

Flynn Barney, blacksmith helper, C.V. R. R. shops, h 48 Meadow cor River. 

Flynn Bernard, stone cutter, h 56 Meadow. 

Flynn Bridget, tailoress, Dunn & Loehr, bds 30 River. 

Flynn Bryan, stone mason, h 30 River.

Flynn Hugh C., mason, bds 56 Meadow cor South. 

Flynn Mary, tailoress, Dunn & Loehr, bds 30 River. 

Flynn Michael, stone mason, h 56 Meadow cor South. 

Flynn Patrick, laborer, bds 30 River. 

Foley John, works for Columbian Marble Co., h 21 Mineral. 

Foley John H., machinist, C. P. Harris Co., h 46 Meadow. 

Foley Michael, stone cutter, bds 21 Forest. 

Fontaine Alexander, laborer, h 24 Mineral. 

FOSS EDWARD M., passenger conductor, C. V. R. R., h 30 Grove. 

Foster Edwin L., carpenter, 13 Meadow. 

Foster John A., moulder, Mansfield & Stimson, bds 20 River. 

Foster Lawrence W., brakeman, C. V. R. R., bds 20 River. 

Foster Nicholas L., bds 20 River. 

Foster Patrick, section hand, h 20 River. 

Foster Patrick J., bds 20 River. 

FOX GEORGE H., M. D., allo. physician and surgeon. Office hours 8 to 9 A. M., 12 to 2 and 7 to 9 P. M. Office and h 2 Cottage. 

Fox James, blacksmith, D. Shortsleeve, bds 3 River. 

Fox John, blacksmith, h 3 River. 

Fox Edward C., marble polisher, Vermont Marble Co., bds 31 Forest. 

Francisco Ashley D., fire, accident and life insurance agent, office and residence, h 2 Church. 

*FRANCISCO M. JUDSON, general fire and accident insurance agent, opposite the Depot, h 23 Washington. 

Franklin Leonard N., marble dealer, traveling, h 49 Grove. 

Freeman Viola H., widow of. Frederick, h rear 68 West. 

French Benjamin F., farmer, retired, bds 14 East. 

French Melvin H., moulder, Lincoln Iron Works, h State near Baxter. 

Frenier J. Henry, pattern maker, D. Shortsleeve, h 22 Meadow. 

Frink Abner E., cabinet maker, 10 Prospect, h do. 

Frost Charles A., passenger conductor, D. & H. C. Co., bds 14 Grove. 

Frost Charles B., machinist, h 21 Washington. 

FROST RUFUS, day baggage master, Rutland Station, h 12 Grove. 

Fuller Alfred P., foreman over White & Haven's Marble Works, h 7 Church. 

Fuller Charles A., photographer at Baker's. 


Gaffney Thomas, plasterer, bds with James Harrison. 

Gallagher James, laborer, h 175 Main. 

Garrett James J., foreman Herald and Globe printing office, h 18 Park ave. 

Garrett John J., foreman Herald and Globe, h 18 Park ave. 

Garrity Daniel, laborer, h River 3d from R. R. 

Garrity Michael, laborer, h Lincoln N of Grant. 

Gary Frank W., operator Western Union Telegraph Co., at Depot office, h 13 Summer. 

Gaskill Varney A., attorney and counselor at law, office Chattanooga, Tenn. h 91 Main cor Terrill. 

GATES HORACE J., machinist, C. V. Railroad shops, h r 41, post office Center Rutland. 

Gaughan Patrick, laborer, h 3 Franklin. 

Gaurd Israel, stone cutter, h 28 Granger. 

Gauthier F. H. Arthur, barber, h 30 Center, 3d floor. 

GAY FREDERICK, (Gay, Kimball & G.,) bds Bardwell House. 

GAY, KIMBALL & GAY, (Nelson Gay, Elbert B. Kimball, of Gayville, and Frederick Gay, of Rutland,) butter manufacturers, factory 1 Forest cor West, office do.

Gee Amelia, works at Thayer & Co's, bds 35 Green. 

Gee Edmund W., painter, scale works, bds 35 Green. 

GEE FREDERICK, painter, scale works, h 37 Green. 

Gee Frederick C painter, scale works, bds 35 Green. 

Gee Mary J., seamstress, bds 35 Green. 

Gee Orin A., M. D., homeopathic physician and surgeon, office and h 63 Center. 

Geer Alphonzine, dressmaker, bds Mineral. 

Geer Andrew, painter, h 24 Pine. 

Geer Joseph, blacksmith, scale works, h Mineral. 

GELOT JEROME M. REV., pastor French Catholic Church, h 6 Lincoln ave. 

George Eugene C., fireman C. V. Railroad, bds 23 Pine. 

George Frances S., dressmaker, rooms 23 Pine, bds do. 

George Thomas, machinist, C. V. Railroad shop, h 23 Pine. 

Germain John, carpenter, h 4 Church. 

GIBSON ISAAC, stone mason, road builder, contractor, and mover of buildings, h 8 Pine. 

Gibson Isaac, jr., truck man, h 95 West. 

Gilchrist Ida J. Miss, milliner with Sarah A., bds do. 

Gilchrist Oscar J., allo. physician, office and h 74 West. 

Gilchrist Sarah A., (Mrs. J. Stewart G.,) milliner and dressmaker, 251 Merchants row, h do. 

Gilhooley Owen, blacksmith's helper, C. V. Railroad shops, h Forest cor South. 

Gillfeather James, stone mason, h River n railroad crossing. 

Gilman Francis, brakeman, C. V. Railroad, h 7 Cherry. 

Gilman George, carpenter, h 7 7 West. 

GILMORE DANFORTH B., carpenter and joiner, h 21 1/2 Center. 

Gilmore Edward F., marble turner, Columbian Mill, h 91 West. 

Gilrain Bartholomew, laborer, h 164 Main. 

Gilrain James, moulder, h 8 Green. 

Gilrain Michael, marble polisher, White & Haven, h 164 Main. 

Gilrain Patrick, mason, h 54 Meadow. 

Gilson Cora E., clerk, Boston 99 Cent Store, bds r Madison ave. 

Gilson Edson P., (Gilson & Woodfin, West Rutland,) justice of the peace, h Court n West. 

Gilson Wilbur J., undertaker, with A. D. Slack, h 1 Madison. 

Gipson George M., flagman, C. V. Railroad, h 11 Baxter. 

Glaney George G., marble polisher, h 102 West. 

Gleason Frederick A., carriage painter, h 33 Perkins ave. 

Gleason John L., stone mason, h 13 Terrill. 

Gleason Martin L., carpenter, h 94 Main. 

Gleason William O., packer, scale works, h 10 Elm. 

Gleeson Mary, widow Michael, h 3 Howe. 

Gleeson Michael, polisher, Columbian Marble Co., bds 3 Howe. 

Gleeson William H., laborer, bds 3 Howe. 

Glynn James E., resident, owns 23 Merchants row. 

Goddard Alma E., (Mrs. John E.) music teacher, h 18 Howe. 

Goddard John E., stationary engineer for Davis & Gould, h 18 Howe. 

Gokey Moses A., machinist, D. Shortsleeve, bds Wickham House. 

Goldsmith Middleton, physician, owns farm 12 acres, on r 28, bds Bates House.

Goodno Wm. A., carpenter, C. V. Railroad, h 35 Main. 

Gordon Alex. A., horseshoer, bds 8 Wales. 

Gordon Alexander J., blacksmith, scale works, h Strongs ave cor Hopkins. 

Gordon Moses, horseshoer, Wales cor Willow, h 8 Wales. 

Gordon Napoleon L., blacksmith for M. Gordon, bds 8 Wales. 

Gordon Wilfred T., blacksmith for M. Gordon, bds 8 Wales. 

Gordon Wilfred W., horseshoer, bds 8 Wales. 

Gordon William J., currier, farmer 2 1/2, h 42 Woodstock ave. 

Gorham Adrian T., sign and ornamental, painter, 10 Wales, up stairs, h do. 

Gorham Albert H., clerk, C. E. Ross, b 23 Franklin. 

GOSSELIN EDWARD, prop. of Central Meat Market, dealer in groceries, Berwick House block, h 23 Elm. 

Gosselin Ferdinand, carpenter, h 20 Pine. 

Gosselin John, butcher, at E. Gosselin's, h Lincoln ave. 

Gosselin Napoleon, moulder, scale works, h 10 1/2 Franklin. 

Gougeon Adolphus, stone cutter, Columbian Marble Co., h 15 South. 

Gould Benneijaher, h 86 West. 

Gould Freeman W., machinist, Lincoln Iron Works, bds 3 Wales. 

GOULD J. AZRO, (Davis & G.) (G. & Perry,) bds 24 West.

GOULD LORAINE, (Mrs. W. H. H.,) eclectic physician, 17 Baxter, h do. 

Gould Nancy R., widow, dressmaker, h 3 Wales. 

GOULD WILLIAM H. H., carpenter, h 17 Baxter. 

GOULD & PERRY, (J. Azro G. and Charles W. P.,) clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, cor Merchants row and Center, under Bates House. 

Gowans James, watchman, C. V. Railroad, bds 14 Church.

Grandey Charles A., stationary engineer, scale works, h 122 Main.

Grandey John S., grocer, 25 Forest, h 11 Union. 

Grandieme Theodore, carpenter, Forest cor South. 

Granger Charles H., life and accident insurance agent; (Mutual Life of N. Y.) Morse block, opp. the Depot, h 8 Park. 

Granger George H., carpenter, h State west from Baxter. 

Granger Lyman P., stone cutter, Columbian Marble Co., h 86 West. 

Granger Zeruax, widow of Ethan, h 86 West. 

Gravel Andrick C., candy maker, H. S. Howe, bds 3 Maple. 

Gravel Edwidge R. Miss, seamstress, bds 3 Maple. 

Gravel Joseph, wagon maker for C. L. Long, h 3 Maple. 

Gravel Roderick, blacksmith for C. L. Long, bds 3 Maple. 

GRAVES GEORGE E., (George Graves Sons,) druggist, store established by L. Daniels, 1823, 95 Main, h 6 Court Square. 

GRAVES GEORGE SONS, (George E. of Rutland, and Charles E. of New  Haven, Conn.,) tanners, office cor Court Square and West, and at New Haven, Conn., tannery at Chase's Mills, N, Y., tannery lot Main St.; 15 acres. 

Graves Irving F., brakeman, C. V. Railroad, bds 19 Pine. 

GRAVES JEROME S., machinist, C. V. Railroad shop, h 15 Howe. 

GRAVES LUCIA A., widow of Willard R., bds 19 Pine. 

Greaves James W., bridge carpenter, C. V. Railroad, h 19 Green. 

Green Charles H., works at scale works, bds 128 Main. 

Green Edward R., conductor, retired, h 15 Pine. 

Green George, core maker, scale works, h 148 Main. 

Green J. Dunham, proof reader, Tuttle & Co., h 20 West. 

Green Louis V., clerk, T uttle & Co., bds 20 West.

Green Nancy P:, widow of Nahum J., h 128 Main.

Greeno B. Loraine Miss, bds 3 Williams.

Grier Fred, machinist, D. Shortsleeve, h 20 Elm.

Griffin Alice, widow of John, h 30 Granger.

Griffin John, blacksmith, B. & R. shop, h 27 Granger.

Griffin Michael, printer, Tuttle & Co., bds cor Union and Howe.

Griffin Michael H., pressman, Tuttle & Co., bds Union cor Howe.

Griffin Thomas, polisher, Columbian Marble Co., bds 15 Wales.

GRINNELL MARY V. MRS., allo. physician and surgeon, electro therapeutist to Goldsmith's Dispensary. Office hours from 1 to 4 and 7 to 8. Office 109 Main, bds do.

GRISWOLD SAMUEL H., allo. physician and surgeon, owns farm 100 in Wallingford and 2 acres of village lots in Castleton village, office and h 35 West.

Grixston John, laborer, bds with O. W. Currier.

Grove Charles, works at Button Factory, bds 2 Edson.

Grover Charles H., butcher, h 24 Forest cor School.

Grover Margaret H., dressmaker, shop 24 Forest cor School, h do.

Guertin Joseph, hostler, Quinn stable, bds Depot Restaurant, home in Mendon.

Guertin Joseph, wheelwright, bds Woodstock ave.


Haarer Emanuel, upholsterer, bds 25 Elm.

Hadley Mortimer K., engineer and machinist for C. P. Harris Manuf. Co., h 4 Woodstock ave.

Haley John, h 4 Meadow.

Haley John, Jr., bds 4 Meadow.

Hall Alice F., teacher, bds 24 Howe.

Hall Angie L. Mrs., widow of Charles, h 24 Howe.

HALL DAN K., manager Producers Marble Co., Merchants row, h Garden. See also Pittsford Directory.

Hall Henry A., music teacher, bds 16 Prospect.

Hall John M., real estate and produce dealer, h off 83 main. 

Halpin John, laborer, h Spruce near Plain. 

Hamilton Mary T., widow of Dr, Warren H., music teacher, boards 131 Main. 

Hance Michael, h 14 Green. Haney Mary A., widow of Hiram, dress and cloak maker, 41 Center, h do. 

Haney Michael, works at D. & H. C. Co's shop, h Strongs ave. 

Hanley ____, clerk in C. V. Railroad freight office, bds 21 Wales. 

Hanley Robert, blacksmith, bds 3 River. 

Hanley Robert J., blacksmith at L. Premo's, bds at John Fox's, Franklin. 

Hannum Julia L., widow of G. P., h 61 Center. 

Hannum Kingsley K., clerk, A. C. Bates & Son, bds 61 Center. 

*HANRAHAN JOHN D., allo. physician and surgeon, office Chaplin's drug store, h Main. 

Hardy Cornelius, chair maker, C. P. Harris Manuf. Co., h 26 Maple. 

Hardy Emeline A., widow of James, h 33 Forest. 

Harlow Emeline F., widow of Lewis W., h 11 Grant ave cor Lincoln. 

Harlow Hattie Leida Miss, clerk, bds 11 Grant ave. 

Harlow Lewis W., painter, C. V. Railroad shops, h and lot 11 Lincoln ave, Died in April, 1881. 

Harrington Fred M., expressman, h 2 Williams. 

Harrington Mary, widow Philander M., h 5 Williams,

*HARRIS CHARLES P. MANUF. CO., (Charles P. and William A. Harris,) manufs. of chairs and nails, sash, doors, blinds, &c., prop'rs planing mill, dealers in lumber and wood, Furnace.

Harris Joel B., (Rutland Foundry Co.,) h 75 Main. cor Woodstock ave.

HARRIS WILLIAM A., (Chas. P. Harris Mfg Co.,) bds 75 Main.

Harrison Christopher, laborer, h off 27 East.

Harrison David, laborer, bds with James Harrison.

Harrison Henry G., file maker, West below Oliver's marble shop, h Church. 

Harrison James, plasterer, h Engram aye.

Harrison John, brick mason, bds with James.

HARRISON O. FRANK, ass't treasurer State Trust Co., book keeper, Clement & Sons, h 11  Summer.

Hart Lewis N., at Richardson's livery stable, h 17 Merchants row, up stairs. 

Hart Napoleon A., brakeman C. V. Railroad, h 20 Howe.

Harwood Emma G. P., widow Eleazer Van Ness, h 30 Washington cor Pleasant.

Hascall Charles R., locomotive engineer, C. V. Railroad, h 16 Elm.

Hascall Emily S., widow Joseph, bds 16 Elm.

Hascall George M. C., clerk, D. L. Morgan's, bds 16 Elm.

Hassam George O., turner, button factory, h 23 Elm.

Hatch Ernest L., teacher of string and brass instrumental music, leader of Rutland Cornet Band, h 129 Main.

Hatch Ira M., machinist, contractor, scale works, bds with L. G. Fish.

Hatch Sarah J., widow of Marshall, bds 29 Washington.

Hathorn William H., works button factory, bds with Mary E. Thornton.

*HAVEN JOEL M., (Thayer & Co.,) treasurer Rutland Railroad Co., prop. Rutland Telephone Exchange, prop Bates House, and of Bates House Laundry, also of boarding and sale stable, owns farm 60, one in Mendon 140, one in Mt. Holly 325, and two in Dummerston, Windham Co., 220, h Bates House.

Hawkes Moses E., clerk for G. H. & H. W. Cheney, h 119 Main.

Hayes Henry W., candy maker, A. vv. Langmaid's, bds 134 Main.

Hayes William H., (A. W. Langmaid & Co.,). bds 134 Main.

HAYNES BACCHUS H., M. D., alto. physician and surgeon, h 34 West cor Elm, office do.

Haynes David N., law student, with D. E. Nicholson, bds 8 Grove.

Haynes Emma L., teacher select school, cor West and Elm, bds 34 West.

Haynes Georgie K., dress maker, bds 34 West.

Haynes Mariett, widow Hiram, h 7 Union cor Howe.

HAYWARD ALVIN C., (Dunton & H.,) owns farm 25 in Clarendon, h 40 Washington. Died June 13, 1881.

Hayward Edward D., carpenter, bds 5 Maple.

Hayward Fred F., sawyer, Columbian Mill, bds G. H. Granger.

Hayward Henry C., h 129 Main.

Hayward, Lyon & Quinn, (Samuel H., Thos. J. L. and Michael Q.,) own 3500 acres timber land in Mendon, and 10 acres with sawmill, on r 11, Shrewsbury.

Hayward Myron D., marble tracer, Columbian Marble Co., h 21 Howe.

HAYWARD SAMUEL, real estate owner and overseer of the poor, h 5 Maple cor Summer.

Hayward William H., painter, bds 5 Maple.

Hayward William R., cook at Bates House.

Heath Ahira, button maker, h 42 Forest.

Heath Alvin A.; button maker, bds 42 Forest. 

Heath James A., laborer, h 5 Grove. 

Heath Stephen M., laborer, bds. 5i Grove. 

Henriclion Alfred, pressman Tuttle & Co., h 14 Church. 

Henrichon Benjamin, cabinet maker, h 15 South. 

Henry Daniel, laborer, D. & H. C. Co., h Temple. 

Henry David, carpenter, h 68 Forest. 

Henry Francis, pattern maker for D. Shortsleeve, h 4 Howe. 

Henry Norman F., stationary engineer and painter, h cor Pine and Maple. 

Henry Sylvester, shoemaker, 3 Pine, h 10 Pine cor Spring. 

*HERALD AND GLOBE ASSOCIATION, publishers Rutland Herald and Globe, (daily established April 29, 1861, and Weekly, Dec. 8, 1794,) A. H. Tuttle, manager, Herald and Globe building, Center. 

Hercht Charles, marble cutter, bds 12 Forest. 

HESSELTON ALBERT J., passenger conductor, C. V. Railroad, h 10 Howe. 

Hewett John M., book keeper at White & Haven's, h 39 Main. 

Hewett John C., blacksmith, scale works, h 15 Elm. 

Hewett Nathan, teamster, h 10 Chestnut ave. 

HEWITT ROBERT O., foreman blacksmith shop, scale works, h 18 Plain.

Heyman Isaac, manager R. Heyman, 25 Center, h 15 Grove. 

Heyman Jacob, clerk, 25 Center, bds 15 Grove. 

Heyman R., Isaac Heyman manager, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 25 Center, h 15 Grove. 

*HIGGINS ALBERT W., manuf. druggist, and dealer in drugs, medicines and. fancy goods, 41 Merchants row, bds 13 Cottage. 

Higgins Charles E., hostler Bates House stable, bds 1 Willow. 

Higgins Chauncey E., painter, bds. 1 Willow. 

Higgins Elihu, hostler, bds a Willow. 

Higgins George R., works Steam Stone Cutter Co., bds 1 Willow. 

Higgins John, laborer, h 23 South. 

Higgins Joseph, hostler, h 1 Willow.

Higgins Thomas, helper, C. V Railroad shop, h 70 Forest.

Higgins William, laborer, C. V. Railroad shop, h 17 South. 

Hill Charles, painter, scale works, bds Wickbam House. 

Hill Flora A., dressmaker, 124 Main, h do. 

Hill Jason C., gun and locksmith, West, h 27 ¾

Hill Orlando L., locomotive engineer, C. V. Railroad, h Plain, south of limits. 

Hill William G., foreman, Mansfield & Stimson machine shop, h 74 West. 

Hilliard Alice M., cashier, G. W. 

Hilliard, bds 17 Grove. 

HILLIARD CHARLES B., dry and fancy goods, 29 Merchants row, h 45 Grove. 

Hilliard Daniel A., laborer, h 4 Terrill. 

HILLIARD GEORGE W., dry goods, carpets and furs, 37Merchants row, h 14 Cottage. 

Hills Walter, fireman, R. & W. Railroad, h 20 Franklin. 

Himes Amos, bookmaker, works at scale works, h 12 Chestnut ave. 

Hinckley Aaron, Geller, C. V. Railroad shops, h 14 Granger. 

Hinckley Aaron S., laborer, bds 14 Granger. 

Hinckley Mary A., widow of William, laundry, h 10 Forest. 

Hinckley William, chair maker, bds 10 Forest.

Hirsch Charles, marble cutter, Bowman's, bds 12 Forest.

Hirschfeld George, (of New York,) clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, Seaman Hirschfeld, manager, 7 Center.

Hirschfeld Seaman, Manager for George, of Near York, 7 Center, bds Bates House.

Hoadley Justus R., book keeper for C. Parmenter, 45 Center, bds 15 Grove.

Hoag Homer H., book keeper, E. D. Keyes, h 62 Center.

Hodge Wm. S., supt. chair works, C. P. Harris Manuf. Co., h 12 Merchants row.

Hodges Alonzo DeLafayette, laborer, h off 35 Green.

Hoffnagle Wm. P., laundryman, Bates House Laundry, h 1 Grove.

Hogan Anthony, laborer, h 20 Wales.

Hogan Bridget T., milliner, Mullin & Carmody, bds 17 Pine.

Hogan Charlotte E., dressmaker, bds 20 Wales.

Hogan Daniel, laborer, D. & H. C. Co. shop, bds 17 Pine.

Hogan Elizabeth A., seamstress, bds 17 Pine.

Hogan James F., clerk for B. F. Pollard, h 117 Pine.

Hogan James S., polisher, Marble Co., bds 20 Wales.

Hogan Lizzie, dressmaker, 20 Wales, h do.

Hogan Mary, works in Thayer's shirt factory, bds 20 Wales.

Hoggins William, laborer, h 17 South.

Holcomb Silas T., locomotive engineer, C. V. Railroad, h 10 Union cor Forest.

*HOLCOMBE BURTON J., photographer, 1 Merchants row cor West, bds 34 West cor Elm.

Holland Hiram H., freight conductor, C. V. Raiload, h 23 Howe.

Holley Murry K., check clerk, C. V., D. & H. and B. & R. Railroads, Freight Depot, h 21 Pine.

*HOLMES BROTHERS, (John and Joseph H.,) boiler manufs., Forest cor West.

Holmes John, tobacco, cigars, canned goods, &c., basement 6 Freight, h Furnace.

HOLMES JOHN W., (Holmes Brothers,) h 3 Williams.

HOLMS JOHN L., grocer, 4 Freight, h 26 Baxter cor State.

HOLMES JOSEPH H., (Holmes Bros.,) h 12 Chestnut ave.

Hopkins Anna E., widow of Frederick W., boarding house, 109 Main.

Hopkins William F., packer, scale works, bds 109 Main.

Horner Eri IV., road master, Rutland Division C. V. Railroad, office southwest cor Union and Depot, h 8 Prospect.

Horner Eva. E., teacher intermediate dep't, Rutland Graded School, bds 8 Prospect.

Horner Mary J., teacher, bds 8 Prospect.

Hosler John, filer, scale works, h 40 Forest.

Hough William, machinist, Mansfield & Stimson bds 15 Elm.

Houghton Andrew R., furniture painter for Slack, h 122 Cottage.

Houghton Burton J., photographer, cor Merchants row and West, bds 34 West.

Houston Byron K., carpenter, h 2 Chestnut ave.

Howard Alfred R., prop Depot Restaurant at Union Passenger Depot, h 26 Grove cor Williams.

HOWARD HARRY L., painter, bds 6 Court.

Howard Judson N., painter and paper hanger, h 6 Court.

Howard Nathan G., painter, grainer and paper hanger, 17 West, h do.

Howe Charles L., law student, 32 Center, bds at J. C. Baker's. 

Howe Esther, widow Ebenezer, h 78 West. 

Howe Frank H., brass finisher, scale works, bds 27 Grove. 

HOWE HENRY S., candy manufacturer and wholesale dealer in confectionery and cigars, 21 Center, h 25 Wales. 

HOWE SCALE CO., George A. Merrill, pres't; John B. Page, treas.; William H. Bryant, sec.; William W. Reynolds, sup't; Will F. Lewis, ass't sup't; manufacturers scales, junction C. V. and B. & R. Railways. 

Howe William, locomotive engineer, D. &. H. C. Co., h West. 

Howley John, mechanic, scale works, h 16 Franklin cor Cherry. 

Howley Nicholas, section foreman, C. V. Railroad, h 32 Strongs ave. 

Howley Nicholas, jr., machinist, Lincoln Iron Works, bds 32 Strongs ave. 

Howley Timothy, machinist, E. Shortsleeve, bds 32 Strongs ave. 

Hoy Cornelius, blacksmith, C. V. Railroad shop, h 19 Granger. 

Hubbard Dwight, stone cutter, Ripley's mill, bds 15 Elm. 

Hubbard Levi F., watchmaker, 17 Merchants row, bds West. 

Hubbard Rodney E., truckman, h 57 Main. 

HUBBARD SAMUEL T., foreman of foundry, C. P. Harris Co., h 22 Howe. 

Hubbard Sarah H., widow Silas, h 57 Main. 

Hubbard Susan, dressmaker, bds 22 Howe. 

Hubbard William H., moulder C. P. Harris Co., h 20 Howe. 

Huffmire John A., boiler maker, h Forest S from South. 

Hughes E. M., works for Scale Co., bds Wickham House. 

Hummel Nelson W., printer, G. E. Pelton's, h 175 Main. 

Humphrey Cornelius, marble polisher, Columbian Marble Co., bds 14 Meadow. 

Humphrey George H., stone cutter, Bowman's, bds 15 Elm. 

Hunt Charlie H., marble cutter, Columbian Marble Co., bds 10 Chestnut ave. 

Hunt Lucius, works in button factory, h 30 Center. 

Hunter Peter, shipping clerk for Keyes & Co., h 5 Howe. 

Hunter William S., clerk, E. D. Keyes & Co., bds 5 Howe. 

Hurley Daniel, laborer, bds 36 Maple. 

Hurley John, notion peddler, h 105 West. 

Hurley John T., upholsterer, J. W. Stearns, bds 36 Maple. 

Hurley Timothy, locomotive engineer, D. & H. C. Co., h 36 Maple. 

Hurtcht Augusta M. Miss, clerk Depot Restaurant, bds do. 

Huse Byron M., foreman, button factory, h 10 Spring. 

Huse Earl B., works button factory, bds 10 Spring. 

Huse Elizabeth N., (Mrs. B. M.,) works button factory, h 10 Spring. 

Huse Imogene L., works button factory, bds to Spring. 

Hussey Matthew, engineer and police, h 43 Forest. 

Hutchins Charles P., works scale works. bds 10 Church. 

Hutchins Sherburn D., carpenter, h 10 Church. 

Hutchinson Albert F., (J. & A. F.,) h 10 Maple. 

Hutchinson J. & A. F., (John anal Albert F.,) carpenters and builders, 25 1/2 Merchants row. 

Hutchinson John, (J. & A. F. H.,) h 1 Chestnut ave. 

Hyde Alonzo, farmer, h 19 Woodstock ave. 

Hyde Charles H., drug clerk and pharmacist, 41 Merchant's row, bds 13 Cottage. 

Hyde George D., retired farmer, h 19 Woodstock ave. 

Hyde William H., marble turner, h a 21 Forest. 

Hyland George W., laborer, scale works, h 24 East. 

Hynes John R., real estate agent, 4 Court, h do. 


Jabrey Ezra, marble worker, Vermont Marble Co., h 70 Forest. 

Jacobs Louis, cigar maker, A. H. Abraham, bds 10 Prospect. 

James Lillie E. Miss, picture finisher for A. D. Perkins, h 33 Center. 

James Mary E., dress maker, h 33 Center. 

Janes Mattie L. Miss, teacher, Rutland Graded School, bds 109 Main. 

Jardine John, officer in workhouse, h 5 Union. 

Jelpke Hermann G., cigar maker, bds Berwick House. 

Jenness Ella L., h 16 Elm. 

Jenness S. D., plumber, bds. Berwick House. 

Jewell Merritt, watchman, C. V. Railroad, bds 14 Church. 

Jewett Mary L., M. D., authoress, h z East. 

Jewett Solomon NV., h 2 East. 

Johns Catherine, widow William, bds 7 Elm.

Johnson Henry, laborer, h 10 East. 

Johnson Isaac, laborer, scale works, h back of scale works. 

Johnson J. E. Mrs., (Stephania, widow;) prop. Farmers Hotel, and meat market, Freight head of Evelyn. 

JOHNSON JAMES GIBSON REV., pastor Congregational Church, h 87 Main. Johnson Lucius S., fireman, C. V. Railroad, bds 27 Wales. 

Johnson Mary B., widow, bds 109 Main. 

Johnson Richard, laborer, bds 10 East. 

Johnson Sidney E., messenger National Express Co., h 21 Grove. 

Johnson Wm. H., watch repairer and dealer in sewing machines; 59 Center, h 13 Elm. 

Johnston Catharine L., dressmaker for Mrs. Bowen, bds 24. Woodstock ave. 

Johnston James, truckman, h 24 Woodstock ave. Jones Benjamin F., moulder, scale works, h 1 Granger. 

Jones Charles F., sealer, scale works, bds 17 Prospect cor Madison. 

Jones J. A. M., telegraph operator, bds Berwick House. 

Jones John J., clerk, Gould & Perry, bds 7 Cottage. 

Jones Marshall A., brick and stone mason, bds 23 Prospect. 

JOYCE CHARLES H. COL., member of Congress, lawyer, 27 Merchants row, h 10 Cottage. 

June Frank A., house painter, h 19 Elm. 

June George W., laborer, scale works, bds 26 Forest.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 435-450.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004