Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Annual Village Meeting, Last Wednesday in April,


VILLAGE CLERK -- George R. Bottom
TREASURER -- Henry F. Field.
COLLECTOR -- George Willis
AUDITOR -- Rockwood Barrett.
WATER COMMISSIONERS -- J. M. Davis, N. L. Davis, W. C. Landon.


Walter C. Landon, Chief Engineer.
1st ASST. ENGINEER -- J. M. Davis.
2D ASST, ENGINEER -- James Levins.


Chief of Police -- J. M. Putnam.
Special Police -- J. Bresslin, A. Austin, E. S. Whittaker, 
A. Mathews, L. Cassiney and M. Hussey.


Charles Woodhouse, M. D., President.

Ward 1 -- F. A. Field.
Ward 2 -- V. C. Meverhoffer.
Ward 3 -- H. C. Tuttle. 
Ward 4 -- L. Wilkins.
Ward 5 -- George P. Russell.
Ward 6 -- C. C. Kinsman.
Ward 7 -- J. P. Collins.


Abar Joshua, polisher, Colombian Marble Co., h 19 Howe. 

Abbott Fannie Miss, h 22 Franklin. 

Abbott Fred E., works in Button Factory, bds 1 Wales cor. West. 

Abbott Lucy A., widow of George W., nurse, h 3 Merchants row, up stairs. 

Abraham, Abram H,, manuf., jobber and retail dealer in cigars and tobacco, 3 Center, h 10 Prospect. 

Abraham Emanuel, works for Dunn & Cramton, h Strong's ave. 

Abraham Lewis, cigar manuf. and dealer in tobaccos and smokers' goods, 9 Center, h 130 Main. 

Abraham Morris, cigar maker, bds 130 Main. 

Adams Abbie Miss, teacher Rutland Graded School, bds. 109 Main. 

Adams Henry R., watchman C. V. car shop, h. r Mechanic. 

Adams James M., messenger Nat. Ex. Co., bds. Bates House. 

Adams Wayland L., works at scale works, bds. 134 Main. 

Ahn Charles F., molder, Lincoln Iron Works, h 34 Maple. 

Aiken Sophia H., h 71 Main.

Aiken Susan E. Miss, h 71 Main. 

Aiken William P. Rev. h 26 Woodstock ave. 

Aldrich Emmett, shipper freight office, bds. Wickham House. 

Aldrich Emmett B., shipper C. V. and B. & R freight office, bds. Brock's Hotel. 

Alexander Edward, stone cutter Columbian Marble Co., h 26 Pine.

Alexander Harriet, widow John, bds. 26 Pine. 

Alexander Samuel U., barber, Union Depot, h 2 Willow. 

Allair Alphonse, house painter and decorator for L. Martell, h Union cor. Howe. 

Allen Charles, carpenter, h 20 Meadow. 

Allen Charles L., M. D., physician and surgeon, office over E. D. Keyes store, office hours 12 to 2 P. M., h 76 Main. 

Allen Henry, teamster for R. M. Spaulding, bds. 121 Main. 

ALLEN JEHIEL D., machinist C. V. R. R., h 50 Forest. 

Allen Kate E., widow Horace, bds. 72 Main. 

Allen James W., laborer, h 39 South. 

Allen Peter, car builder C. V. R. R. shop, h 22 Elm. 

Allen Roswell E., cabinet maker, h 3 Nickwackett. 

Alvord Lucy C., widow Cephas, h 16 Elm. 

Alvord Nellie E., widow George B., h 19 Merchants row, up stairs. 

Amable Sr. Marie, cuisiniere, 52 West. 

Amblow Wm., fireman Bates House, bds. do. 

AMERICAN BOTTLING WORKS AND RESTAURANT, Oatey & Clapp, proprietors, 37 Center. 

AMES CHANCY, boot and shoe maker, 4 Court square, h do. 

Angelique Sr. Marie, teacher, h. 52 West. 

Angler Luther, car builder C. V. R. R. shop, owns farm 100 acres Westport, N. Y., h 6 Cottage. 

Archibald Frank H., law student, bds. at J. C. Baker's. 

Archimboult Elizabeth, h 3 Union. 

Armstrong Esther A. Miss, dress maker, 31 ½ Merchants row, bds. Bates House. 

Arnold Elbert W., fireman C. V. R. R., h 7 Summer. 

Arnold Lorenzo S., carpenter, bds. Union block, Main. 

Arnold Mary A. Miss, (Rayder & A.,) h room 9, over 4 Merchants row. 

Atwood Loring, chair manufacturer, h 26 West. 

Atwood Mary I., dressmaker, h 26 West. 

Atwood Oscar, principal High School, bds. Bates House. 

Auld Joseph, bookkeeper and assistant business manager, Herald 2nd Globe, h 46 Washington. 

Austin Ann D., widow of John F., h 88 Main. 

Austin Anthony, policeman, h 11 Green. 

Austin Henry, lamplighter, brass worker at scale works, h 6 Willow. 

Austin Joseph, blacksmith, h 24 Maple. 

Austin Napoleon J., barber, 2 Merchants row, h 22 Maple. 

Austin William, teamster, h 39 Main. 

Averill Isaiah L., carpenter, h 94 Main. 

Averill Nellie M., teacher primary department Rutland Graded School, bds 94 Main. 


Babbitt Geo. D., (Bardy & B.,) bds. Bates House.

Babcock Cornelius L., agent Phoenix and Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 7 Center, h 139 Main.

Bacon George W., carpenter, bds. 18 Maple.

Bacon Joseph, painter, scale works, bds. 18 Maple.

Bacon William, carpenter, scale works, h 18 Maple.

Badlam Geo. L., bookkeeper Davis & Gould, bds. Depot Restaurant.

Bagley Chas. H., bridge builder, bds. 40 Grove.

BAGLEY LEON G., manager W. U. and A. & P. telegraph offices, Union Passenger Depot, and of Rutland Telephone Exchange, Bates House, agent for American Bell Telephone Co., h Perkins ave. cor. Church.

BAGLEY MARY A., widow of James E., h 40 Grove.

Bagley Wm., telegraph operator, bds 40 Grove.

Bailey Ashton N., clerk Depot Restaurant, bds. 26 Grove.

Bailey Bradbury M., watch maker, jewelry and silver ware, 17 Merchants row, h 10 Grove.

Bailey Henry M., bookkeeper Rut. Co. Nat. Bank, bds. 32 West.

Bailey Herbert G., clerk Depot Restaurant, bds. do., rooms 12 Grove.

BAILEY MARGARET, laundry, h 32 Green.

Bailey Nathan A., clerk Depot Restaurant, bds. do.

Bailey Thomas R., bookkeeper for Ripley Sons, h 32 West cor Elm.

Bailey W. H., painter, Howe Scale Co., bds. Berwick House.

Bailey Wayre, lawyer, justice of the peace, register of probate, office Court House, h 20 Grove.

Baker Artemas C., painter and paper hanger, h Union block, Main.

Baker Frank, works at button factory, bds 2 Edson.

BAKER GARDNER M., photographer, 7 1/2 Center, h 22 Maple.

Baker George L., litrotype plate maker for Nichols, bds. 21 1/2 Center.

BAKER JAMES B., manager Wheeler & Wilson Manuf. Co., sewing machines, 45 Center, h do up stairs.

BAKER JOEL C., atty. and counsellor at law, Bates block, Center, h and 3 ½ acres, North, r 27 ¾

Bald win Charles, jour watch maker, bds. 119 Main.

Baldwin Leroy W., clerk Howe Scale Co., bds. r 19 Main.

Baldwin Wallace E., works at scale works, h 11 Pleasant.

Baldwin Warner H., foreman wood work, Scale Works, h r 19 Main.

Ballance H. Arthur, clerk, 62 West.

Ballard George, works in C. V. Car shop, bds 13 Granger.

Ballard John, stone cutter, h 47 South.

Ballou Cassius M., painter, h Caden's block, Freight.

BALLOU JOSEPH M., manager Farmers Hotel, Freight opp. Evelyn, bds do., h Canden's block, Freight.

Bamberg Hermann, cigar maker, bds Berwick House.

BARBER DAVID H., brass polisher, Scale Works, h Nichols, head of Grant ave.

Barber James R., blacksmith, at Scale Works, h Caden's block, Freight.

Barber Milton G., retired farmer, bds with David H. Barber.

BARDWELL HOUSE, John. W. Cramton, prop., Merchants row cor Washington.

Bardy Napoleon R., (of E. D. Keyes S Co. and Bardy & Babbitt,) h 29 Washington.

Bardy & Babbitt, (Napoleon R. Bardy and George D. Babbitt,) ready-made clothing, hats, caps, gents' furnishing goods, trunks, bags, &c., 35 Merchants row.

BARKER BARNEY, clerk, Nat. and U. S. and Can. Ex., h 4 Mechanic.

Barker Rolla, blacksmith, for Terrill, h 2 Mechanic.

Barker Samuel, retired shoemaker, h 2 Mechanic.

Barker Susan, widow, h 13 Green.

Barker William, teamster, bds 121 Main.

Barnard Charles D., foreman in Harris' chair factory, h 50 Forest.

Barney Hattie I., teacher, bds 45 Grove.

BARNEY JOHN A., stationary engineer, C. V. R. R. shop, h 45 Grove.

BARRETT JAMES C., lawyer, room No. 1, Bank block, 49 Merchants row, h Pleasant cor. Madison.

Barrett John, striker, C. V. R. R. shop, h 36 Green.

Barrett Miriam B., widow of James, h 116 Main cor Washington.

BARRETT ROCKWOOD, treas. Columbian Marble Co., village auditor, bds rib Main cor Washington.

Barrey Mary, widow of Edmund, h 17 Mineral.

Barringer Dennis S., polisher, White & Haven, h 16 Pine.

Barrows Elvin S., wholesale dealer in small wares and notions, 4 Merchants row, h 9 Perkins ave.

Barto Edgar F., bookkeeper, Vermont Marble Co., Center Rutland, bds 7 Cottage.

Barton Oscar M., works for Scale Co., bds 8 Prospect.

Bashaw Alphonso, clerk, bds 21 Wales.

Batchelder John L., supt. of Flint Bros. Marble Works, at Double Road Crossing, h 1 Nickwackett.

Bathman Ellen, widow of Lewis L., h Union block, Main.

Bateman Horace G., locomotive engineer. C. V. R. R., h 6 Terrill.

BATES AMOS C., (A. C. Bates & Son,) h 35 Grove.

BATES A. C. & SON, (Amos C. and Harry M.,) builders' and saddlery hardware, trunks, wagon woods, wheels, &c., Bates block, Center.

Bates Betsey, widow John R., h 5 Church.

Bates Charles E., conductor, C. V. R. R., h 55 West.

*BATES GUY M., prop. Union Custom Laundry, 3 Grove, h do.

BATES HARRY M., (A. C. Bates & Son,) h 27 1/2 Grove.

*BATES HOUSE, Joel M. Haven, prop., Wilbur F. Paige, manager, cor Merchants row and Center.

Bates John R., Jr., clerk, A. C. Bates &C Son, bds 5 Church.

Batter Peter, wheelwright for L. Premo, bds 21 Wales.

Battles Brian, blacksmith, scale works, h 3 Franklin.

BAXTER HORACE H. GENT., incorporator of Rutland Marble Co., president Baxter National Bank, proprietor of stock farm 300 acres on r 40, breeder of Hambletonian horses and importer and breeder of Alderney cattle, summer res. Grove cor. Garden, winter res. 588 Fifth ave., New York.

BAXTER JOHN N., vice prest. Baxter National Bank, prop. stock and dairy farm 400 acres on r 27 1/2.

BAXTER NATIONAL BANK, H. Henry Baxter, prest.; Jno. N. Baxter, vice prest.; Geo. R. Bottum, cashier; Charles Clark, teller; Wm. F. Eddy, bookkeeper.

Beach Moses J., foreman at round house. C. V. R. R., h 2 Plain, south of limits.

Beals Raymond D., telephone operator, Bates House, bds do.

Bean Ella M., works in button factory, bds 1 Wales.

Beargeon Isaac, machinist Steam Stone Cutter Co., h Mineral.

Beauchamp Sylvester, butcher, market Center cor Wales, h do. 

Beck Maurice, clerk, 25 Center, bds 15 Grove. 

Beckman Henry, painter at scale works, h 29 West. 

Bedoir Peter, truckman, bds 24 Mineral. 

Bell Caroline T., nurse, bds 133 Main. 

Bell Emily K., teacher, bds 133 Main. 

Bell Julia F., widow Thomas, h 133 Main. 

Bell Miles B., collector Howe S. M. Co., agt. Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. and Hartford Life and Annuity Co., h 29 Grove. 

Belleville Peter, blacksmith for C. L. Long, h 22 1/2 Wales. 

Belney Frank, carpenter, h 76 Forest. 

Bennett Charles C., porter Bates House, h 9 Center, Nonpareil blk. 

Bennett Charles H., gardener for G. A. Merrill, bds 69 Main. 

Bennett Edward R., engineer, h 43 Forest. 

Bennett Horace W., carpenter, h 43 Forest. 

Benton Grace L., (Mrs. Henry W.,) dressmaker, rooms and residence 23 Prospect. 

Benton Henry W., moulder scale works, h 23 Prospect. 

BENTON OSCAR H., machinist, C. V. R. R. shops, bds Berwick House. 

BERWICK HOUSE, Clark F. Richardson, prop.; E. C. Carrigan, clerk; Center cor. Wales. 

Besnia John, carpenter, h 81 West. 

Besnia John, jr., carpenter, bds 81 West. 

Bessey Albert, mail agent on R. & W. R. R., bds 32 Washington. 

Bibbins Wm. O., Second Advent minister, photographic printer, bds 10 Chestnut ave. 

Bigelow Lucius, associate editor Herald and Globe, bds Bardwell House. Billings Abigail, laundress, h 91 West. 

BILLINGS B. & D. C., (Benjamin and David C.,) grocers and provision dealers, 12 Merchants row. 

BILLINGS BENJAMIN. (B. S D. C. Billings,) h 18 Cottage. 

BILLINGS DAVID C., (B. & D. C. Billings,) h 14 Park, outside corporation, r 39. 

Billado Thomas, laborer for J. M. Haven, 11 29 Forest. 

BINGHAM BYRON H., moulder scale works, h 24 Jackson ave. 

Bishop Lucinda, widow Henderson P., dressmaker, bds 7 Cottage. 

Bishop Orlando W., moulder, h Union blk, Main. 

Black Isaac H., stone cutter, Ripley's mill, h 1 Pine.

Blackbird Leander A., machinist, D. Shortsleeve, h 5 Grant ave. 

Blair David, retired tailor, bds. 18 Chestnut ave. 

Blair W. J., machinist, bds. Berwick House. 

Blaisdell Alonzo C., restaurant and fruits, basement 5 Center, h Nichols. 

Blaisdell Henry, laborer, scale works, bds. with A. C. 

Blaisdell. Blakely Marshall, works for Scale Co., h 6 Woodstock ave. 

Blanchard Freeman P., stationary engineer, button factory, h 1 7 Church. 

Blandina Sr. Marie, teacher, bds. 52 West. 

Blossom Geo. A., painter and slater, h 57 Forest cor River. 

Bolin Martin, tailor, retired, h 33 Green. 

Bolin Martin Jr., moulder, bds. 33 Green. 

Bolster Clarence J., freight conductor D. & H. C. Co., h cor Furnace and Franklin.

Bond Samuel S., helper, Lincoln Iron Works, h 16 Forest. 

Bonneau Zozim H., laborer at scale works, h 1 Cherry. 

Bonsquiet Damasse, moulder, Mansfield & Stimson. 

Borgia M. Francois de Sister, superior of school of Convent of Our Lady of  Vermont, school and h 52 West. 

BOSTON SHOE STORE, W. A. D. Davis, manager, 6 Merchants row. 

Bottum George R., cashier Baxter National Bank and village clerk, h 36 Grove. 

Bourne Charles E., clerk, B. & R. R. R. office, h 12 Jackson ave., bds. Bardwell House. 

Bourne Montraville A., coal dealer, office in Union Depot, up stairs, h 17 Washington. 

Bowtell J., conductor C. V. R. R., bds. Bardwell House. 

*BOWTELL SAMUEL JR., prop. Bowtell's Custom Laundry, 5 Grove, h Chestnut ave n William. 

Bowen Albert G., wheelwright, h Gibsons ave. 

Bowen Andres L., foreman Columbian Marble Works, bds. 25 Center. 

Bowen Daniel, stone cutter, Columbian Marble Co., h 14 Meadow. 

Bowen Juliet E., (Mrs. A. L.,) milliner and dress maker; and dealer in hair goods, 25 Center, bds. do, up stairs. Died June 22d, 1881. 

Bowken James B., teamster, C. P. Harris Co., bds. Furnace cor Franklin. Bowman Edward, prop. of Bowman Monumental Works, r and 7 Grove, h 1 Maple. 

Bowtell Edward, house painter, h 38 Washington. 

Bowtell Samuel, passenger conductor, C. V. R. R., h 4 William. 

BOWTELL SAMUEL JR., laundry, 5 Grove, h 3 Chestnut ave. 

Boylan Charles Rev., Roman Catholic Church, h 6 Mechanic. 

Boyle John T., printer, h 7 3 West. Boynton David, printer, Herald and Globe, h Pine. 

Boynton Mary, widow of David; bds. with James Harrison. 

Brabdon Joseph, laborer, h Union block, Main. 

Bradley Harry, tinsmith, bds. 8 Merchants row. 

Bradley Norris M., agent for McClure Bros., music dealers, bds. 27 Grove.

Bradshaw James, stone cutter, bds. 93 West.,

Bragg Frank W., clerk, bds 45 Forest. 

Bragg William, machinist, C. V. R. R. shops, h 45 Forest coy. Franklin. 

Braley Samuel T., draughtsman at scale works, bds. 

Berwick House. Branchand Henry, machinist, C. V. R. R. shop, h 20 Elm. 

Branchand Henry H., machinist, D. Shortsleeve, bds 20 Elm. 

Branchand Josephine R., bookkeeper, D. Shortsleeve, bds 20 Elm. 

Branshand Joseph, works at A. H. Abraham's, bds 20 Elm. 

Bransho Henry, carpenter, C. V. R. R. shops, h 20 Elm. 

Branshow Albert, machinist, Lincoln Iron W orks, h 5 Union. 

*BRASSARD PIERRE HENRY, allo. physician and surgeon, 151 Center, bds Depot Restaurant. 

Breton Anselmo, car repairer, C. V. R. R. shops, h Freight. 

Briggs Clara F. Miss, dressmaker, h 13 West. 

Briggs Frances E., widow of Levi, h 13 West. 

Brislan Michael, .laborer, h 43 South. 

Brislan William, switchman C. V. R. R., h 55 Green. 

Brislen John W., car inspector, C. V. R. R., h South opp. Brown.

Brislin James, cigar maker, bds Woodstock ave. 

Britton Myron A., stone cutter, h 9 Summer.

BROCK SAMUEL A., prop. Wickham House, 145 Main.

Brock Walter J., marble tracer, Columbian Marble Co., bds Wickham House.

Brohan Patrick, shoemaker for D. L. Morgan, h 163 Main.

Brohan Thomas F., polisher, White & Haven, bds 163 Main.

Brohan William C., polisher at Bowman's, h 163 Main.

Bromley Jerome B., tinsmith, bds 3 Cottage.

Brooks Birdsell, carpenter, bds 17 Church.

Brothers Andrew, works at Scale Works brass room, h 16 Pine.

Brousseau Peter, moulder, Scale Works, bds 20 East.

Brown Charles, brakeman, D. & H. C. Co., h 2 Pine.

Brown Charles, machinist, C. P. Harris' Manuf g Co., bds Wickham House.

Brown Charles H., locomotive engineer, C. V. R. R., h 5 Summer.

Brown Edward E., delivery clerk, post office, bds 109 Main.

Brown Fred. G., clerk, E. C. Lewis, bds 8 Cottage.

Brown George F., carpenter, h Nichols.

Brown Isabella M. Miss, asst. town clerk, office Town Hall, h 16 West.

Brown John, works in Button Factory, h 29 Forest cor. Cherry.

Brown John H., works for Scale Co., bds 159 Main.

Brown Louis T., barber, Bates block, h 1 Grant ave cor. Elm.

Brown Margaret, widow of Martin, h 159 Main.

Brown Martin E., works at Scale Works, bds 159 Main.

Brown Merritt R., foreman marble business, Workhouse, h 22 Cottage cor Williams.

Brown Nelson, meat market, 62 West, h 60 West.

Brown Oscar, machinist, C. V. R. R. shops, h 25 West cor Court.

Brown Patrick, laborer, h Forest S from South.

Brown Thomas, filer at Scale Works, bds Forest S from South.

Brownell Arthur W., clerk, bds Bates House.

Brutan Daniel, fireman, B. &. R. R. R., bds 30 Strongs ave.

Brutan Edward, laborer, Scale Works, bds 30 Strongs ave.

Brutan James, lahorer, 30 Strongs ave.

Brutan John, laborer, Scale Works, bds 30 Strongs ave.

Bruyn E. A., telegraph operator, bds Berwick House.

BRYANT WM. H., secretary and cashier Howe Scale Co., bds. 69 Main.

Buchanan Richard C., moulder, scale works, bds. 26 Forest.

Buckley Daniel, stonecutter, Vermont Marble Co., bds. 31 Forest.

Bucklin Rufus D., dealer in groceries and provisions, cor. Grove and West, h 2 Elm.

Buckman Emma C., (Mrs. G. D.,) sewing machine agent, h 21 Grove.

Buckman G. D. Mrs., agent Singer Manuf. Co., 15 Center, h 21 Grove.

Buckman Gilbert D., carpenter, scale works, h 21 Grove.

Buel Charles G., solicitor for Keyes & CO., h 5 Prospect.

BUNKER CHARLES H., yard master, C. V. R. R. office, N. W. cor. Union Depot, h 28 Park, outside corporation.

BURDETT JESSE, supt. Rutland Division, C. V. R. R., office Union Passenger Depot, bds. Bardwell House, h at Arlington.

Burke Edward J., laborer, scale works, bds. 7 Franklin cor Granger.

Burke James, laborer, scale works, h 7 Franklin cor Granger.

Burke John W., crayon artist, bds. 21 Wales.

Burke William H., teamster, scale works, h 7 Franklin cor Granger.

Burlingame Cyrus, carriage trimmer, h 23 Perkins ave.

Burnham Geo. H., clerk, 27 Merchants row, bds. 21 1/2 Center.

BURNHAM SAMUEL E., (Burnham & Temple,) 22 Merchants row, h 46 Washington.

BURNHAM & TEMPLE, (S. E. B and Edward L. T.,) general insurance agents, over Rutland Co. National Bank, Merchants row. 

Burns Edward, butcher, P. Clifford's, h 10 Meadow. 

Burns Edward, watchman, h 22 Meadow. 

Burns Edward 2d., helper C. V. R R. shops, bds Meadow. 

Burr Charlotte E., works in button factory, bds. 13 Strongs ave. 

Burrington Charles W., carpenter, scale shop, bds Wickham House. 

Burt Benjamin H., dealer in drygoods, 31 Merchants row, h 54 West cor Grove. 

Burt Frank N., laborer, bds Strongs ave., S. of Hopkins.

Burt Louis, clerk B. H. Burt, bds 54 West. 

Burt Nellie O., widow Napoleon, h Strongs ave., S. of Hopkins.

Bushey Joseph M., brass finisher, scale works, h 20 Strongs ave. 

BUTLER FRED. M., (Redington & B.,) h 28 West. 

Butler John, baggageman, D. & H. C. Co., h 1 Granger. 

Butterfield Albert G., machinist, scale works, h 150 Main. 

Button George H., clerk C. A. Hilliard, h 29 Grove. 


Caden J. & T., (John and Thomas,) groceries and crockery, passenger agents for European steamers, drafts on any part British Isles, Caden's block, 8 Freight.

Caden John, (J. & T. C.,) h 2 Freight. 

Caden Thomas, (J. &T. C.,) h 2 Freight. 

Cady Ernest C., works in brass room, scale works, bds 25 Woodstock ave.

Cady Gay I., agent for A. L. Bailey, of St. Johnsbury, musical instruments, office Burlington, h 25 Woodstock ave. 

Cahee Albert E., upholsterer, bds 43 Grove. 

Cahill William J., printer, Herald and Globe, bds 15 Wales. 

Cain Jane L., boarding house, 5 Pine. 

Cain Mary W., seamstress, bds 5 Pine. 

Cain Oliver J., tobacconist, Merchants Row, bds 5 Pine.

Cain Patrick, grocer, 24 Wales, h and 3 acres, 34 Green. 

Callahan Daniel. marble polisher Columbian Marble Co, h 23 Granger cor. River. 

Callahan John, stone cutter White & Haven, bds 23 Granger. 

Callahan Mary, widow Daniel, h 23 Granger cor River. 

Callahan Thomas, watchman C. V. machine shop, h 54 Meadow.

Campbell Avery B., bridge builder C. V. R. R., h 5 Spring. 

Campbell Charles E., bridge builder C. V. R. R., h 2 Summer. 

Campbell Nettie, dressmaker, bds 5 Spring. 

Campbell Wm. E., clerk G. AV. Hilliard's, bds 14 Cottage. 

Candlish Mary E. Mrs., seamstress, bds 17 West. 

Cannon John, laborer, bds with Thos 

Cannon Cannon Patrick F., sealer scale works, bds with Thos. 

Cannon Cannon Thomas, laborer C. V. R. R., h River n Granger. 

Capeless John E., works scale works, bds with John Capeless, south of scale works 

Capeless Michael, laborer D. & H. C. Co. shop, h S of scale works. 

Capron George, farmer for J. B. Page, h 26 East. 

Carbine James, baggageman D. & H. C. Co., h 86 West. 

Cardelle Charles E., dealer in Western real estate, bds 85 Main. 

Carder Ellen, milliner for Mrs. Spiller, bds 26 Baxter. 

Carder Jack S., stone cutter White & Haven, h 13 Baxter. 

Carder Thomas, plumber and tinsmith Dunn & Cramton, h 26 Baxter.

Carder Thomas, jr., letterer White & Haven, bds 26 Baxter. 

Carlisle Edward D., pattern maker scale works, h 2 East. 

Carlon Owen, blacksmith C. V. R. R., h 10 Green. 

Carlton Andrew G., brakeman C. V. R. R., h 52 Forest. 

Carmody John C., clerk, bds 14 Cottage. 

Carmody Katie E., (Mullin & C.,) bds Berwick House. 

Carpenter ____, clerk E. D. Keyes, bds 7 Cottage. 

Carpenter Cyril, clerk for E. Pierpoint, h 115 Main. 

Carpenter David, brick mason, h 14 Terrill. 

Carpenter Henry O., chief clerk Bardwell House, bds do. 

Carpenter Joseph, carpenter, h 138 Main. 

Carpenter Joseph F., laborer, scale works, h 16 Terrill. 

Carrick Henry, foreman Bowman's marble shop, bds 21 Wales. 

CARRIGAN EDWARD C., chief clerk, Berwick House, bds do. 

Carrigan James H., tobacconist, 20 Wales, bds 7 Strongs ave. 

Carroll Barney, laborer, h rear of old C. V. R. R. round house. 

Carroll Carbary, helper, C. V. R. R. shops, h Meadow cor South. 

Carroll Eliza, widow Patrick, h 86 West. 

Carroll John, butcher, bds 18 Grove. 

Carroll John, laborer, scale works, bds 14 Forest. 

Carroll Michael, stone cutter, Ripley's, bds 31 Forest. 

Carroll Patrick A., delivery man for Caden, grocer, bds 49 Meadow. 

Carroll Patrick R., polisher, Columbian Marble Co., bds 86 West. 

Carroll Timothy, gardener, h 14 Forest. 

Caruth Charles, laborer, bds 23 East. 

CARRUTH JERUSHA A., h 3 Woodstock ave. 

Carter Charles H., supt. Chas. P. Harris Manuf. Co., h 8 Elm. 

Carter Charles P., laborer, h 17 Elm. 

Cartin Owen, blacksmith, C. V. R. R. shops, h and lot 10 Green. 

Casavauw Frank, tinsmith, scale works, h 28 Jackson ave.

Casey Louis, asst. yard master C. V. R. R., h 24 Pine. 

Caslin Peter, laborer, h 16 Meadow. 

Casselman Edward S., law student, with P. R. Kendall, bds at R. R. Restaurant. 

Cassiney L., policeman. 

CASTLE HARVEY S., laborer, scale works, h 34 Green. 

Caten Daniel, section hand, h Spruce near Plain. 

Caten John J., moulder, scale works, bds with Daniel. 

Caten Patrick A., laborer, bds with Daniel. 

Cawley James J., stone cutter, bds 25 South. 

Cawley Mary D., widow of Dennis, h 25 South. 

Cawley Patrick, blacksmith's helper, C. V. R. R. shops, h 27 River. 

Central House, Julius T. Scofield, prop. 57 West, 

*CENTRAL VERMONT RAILROAD CO., Rutland Division, Jesse Burdett, supt., office in Union Passenger Depot, general office at St. Albans.

CHAFFEE GEO T., prop. of "47 Market," dealer in provisions &c., 47 Merchants row, bds with F. Chaffee, Main. 

Chalmers George E.; clerk, Spaulding & Co., bds 9 Pleasant.

Chamberlin Charles N., turner, button factory, h 1 Pine. 

Chamberlin Emma, (Mrs. Henry,) nurse, h 75 West. 

Chamberlin Henry, teamster, h 75 West.

Chandler James B., retired shoe dealer, h 2 Woodstock ave. 

Chandler Sarah M., rooms 2 Woodstock ave. 

Channell Charles E., manuf. tin, sheet iron and copper ware, and plumber, dealer in furnaces &c., basement Grove cor West, h 20 Maple. 

Chaplain George W., retired farmer, h 144 Main. 

Chaplin George W. Jr., dealer in drugs, paints, oils, watches, jewelry, and roofing slate, 23 Center, h 33 West. 

Chapman Calvin H., carpenter, h 2 Spring. 

Chapman Clark J., retired carpenter, h 2 Spring. 

*CHAPMAN F. H. & Co., (Frank H. C. and Charles Chapman, of Woodstock, Windsor Co.,) drugs, medicines and fancy goods, 45 Merchants row, cor Center.

CHAPMAN FRANK H. (F. H. C. & Co.,) bds Bates House. 

CHAPMAN JONAS M., general agent. North Western Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Milwaukee, Wis., for Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Office 61. Merchants row, bds. Berwick House. 

Charland Charles, harness maker, h near Fair ground. 

Charon Alfred, carpenter, h 3 Union. 

Chatterton John H., agent for Randall Harrow, Warrior Mower and Winnipeg phosphate, h 32 Washington. 

Cheney Charles, clerk, Tuttle & Co., bds Main. 

Cheney G. H. & H. W., general merchants, cor Main and Terrill, also own farm 250 on r 33. 

Cheney George H., (G. H. & H. W. Cheney,) h 78 Main. 

Cheney Gershom, farmer, h 146 Main. 

Cheney Henry C., train master, C. V. R. R., office west side Union Depot, bds Berwick House. 

Cheney Henry W., (G. H. & H. W. Cheney,) h 6 Pleasant. 

CHENEY SPENCER C., painter, C. V. R. R. shops, h 27 Main. 

Chittenden Daniel, cabinet maker for L. G. Kingsley, h 15 Prospect. 

Chittenden Eliza A., (Mrs. Daniel,) dressmaker, h 15 Prospect. 

CLAPP CHARLES T., (Oatey & C.)

Clapp Lovisa H., (Mrs. Samuel C.,) bds 25 Woodstock ave. 

Clapp Norris S., moulder scale works, h 6 Elm.

Clark Charles, teller Baxter Nat'l Bank, bds 4 Prospect.

Clark Charles, teamster, h 3 Willow. 

Clark Ezra C., teamster, h 91 West. 

Clark Frank L., packer scale works, bds 10 Prospect.

Clark George E., sup't Chas. P. Harris Manuf. Co., h 53 Main. 

Clark Harmon, 89 years of age, retired farmer, bds 3 Nickwackett. 

Clark Harmon, jr., truckman, h 10 Prospect. 

Clark Henry, editor, h 4 Prospect. 

Clark James S., stone cutter Bowman's, bds Hopkins st. 

Clark John A., student in Montreal, home with Timothy Clark. 

Clark Julia L., widow Charles M. dressmaker, bds 5 Williams. 

Clark Justus C., laborer, h 12 Wales. 

Clark M. Grace, teacher, h 22 East. 

CLARK RANSOM, carpenter scale works, h 22 East. 

Clark Timothy, marble worker, Columbian Marble Co., h 13 Hopkins. 

Clary Henry, laborer, bds River 3d h from railroad. 

Clauson Walter B., salesman and bookkeeper D. L. Morgan's, h rear of 6 Pine. 

Clay Effie L., works button factory, bds 1 Wales.

Cleaveland George H., carpenter, contractor and builder, h 19 Woodstock ave.

Cleaveland Stella L., widow Dr. Charles, bds 7 Cottage.


Clement Asa B., locomotive engineer C. V. R. R., bds 7 Wales.

CLEMENT CHARLES, (C. & Sons,) h and 25 acres on r 42, Center Rutland.

CLEMENT PERCIVAL W., (C. & Sons,) h r 42, Center Rutland.

CLEMENT WALLACE C., (C. & Sons, also Clement, Bane & Co., Chicago,) h 35 Washington.

CLEMENT & SONS, (Charles, Wallace C. and Percival W.,) dealers in investment securities, 28 Merchants row.

Cleveland Charles H., conductor C. V. R. R. h 19 Pine.


Clifford Patrick, butcher, meat and vegetable market, 10 Merchants row, h 8 West.

Clifford Wm., blacksmith C. V. R. R. shops, h 5 School.

Cline Honora, widow of Hugh, h 1 Green.

Cline Thomas, laborer, h 1 Green.

Coats Merrill J., chairmaker at Harris' chair factory, bds 50 Forest.

Cobb Albert H., foreman job room Tuttle & Co., h 11 Perkins ave.

Cochran Wm., truckman Davis & Gould's, bds Evelyn.

Cochran William C., laborer, bds 8 Evelyn.

Cocklin Daniel, gardener for J. B. Page, h r 11 East.

Coffey Patrick, laborer, h 12 Granger.

Cogswell Lottie C., (Mrs. L. H.,) milliner, dealer in fancy goods and dressmaker, 1 Merchants row, h do.

Cogswell Luman H., 2d assistant packing room scale factory, h 1 1/2 Merchants row.

Colcord Elizabeth F., widow Daniel, bds 1 Summer.

Cole Clem J., soap peddler, h Union blk, Main.

COLEMAN HARRISON, millwright., in charge of machinery, C. V. R. R. shops, bds Farmers' Hotel, h at New Haven, Addison Co.

Collins Bartholomew, truckman, h 165 Main.

Collins Cornelius A., clerk, justice of the peace, bds 11 Franklin.

*COLLINS JOHN P., trustee ward 7, groceries and provisions, 43 Center, h 11 Franklin.

Collins Michael E., laborer, scale works, h 9 Franklin cor. Granger.

Collins Peter, boiler maker, h 14 Wales.

Colwell George W., agent Singer Manuf. Co., bds Depot Restaurant.

Conlin Bridget, widow of Patrick, h 47 Meadow.

Conlin Bryan, spring maker, C. V. R. R. shop, h 47 Meadow.

Conn Abbie E. Miss, teacher Rutland Graded School, bds log Main.

Connor Daniel, shoemaker, h 52 Meadow.

Connor Eva, widow of Henry, h 2 Summer.

Connor Walter, baggageman B. & R. R., bds 12 Grove.

Conroy William, butcher, P. Clifford's, h South.

Conry Michael, laborer, h 3 Granger.

Conry Thomas, laborer, bds 3 Granger.

Considine John, truckman, and farmer 2 acres inside corporation, h Stratton's ave near corporation line.

Convent of Our Lady of Vermont, Sister M. Francois de Borgia, Lady Superior School of Useful Education, 52 West. 

Converse Early, widow of Daniel, bds 34 Woodstock ave. 

COOK E. FOSTER, formerly of Cook, Field & Co., stage proprietors and proprietors of Bardwell House, retired, h 28 Washington cor Pleasant. 

Cook Edgar M., packer, scale works, bds 127 Main. 

Cook George C., blacksmith, bds 15 Elm. 

Cook John, groceries and provisions, Center opp. Berwick House, h 4 Chestnut ave. 

Cook Marvin J., moulder, scale works, h 127 Main. 

Cook Orel, M. D., h 96 Main. Cook Willis F., moulder, scale works, h 20 Strongs ave. 

Cooke Fitzwilliam, printer, Herald and Globe, 36 West. 

Cooley Eugene A., teamster for J. B. Harris, h 40 Woodstock ave. 

Cooney Elizabeth, h 105 West. 

Cooney John, clerk for John Holmes, bds do. 

Copeland Ithamar W., telegraph manager, bds Berwick House. 

Coppins Benjamin T., moulder and carpenter, C. P. Harris, h cor Union and Howe. 

Coppins Jessie C., dressmaker for Mrs. Kenney, bds 17 Pine. 

Coppins Mary J., widow of Culmer, h 21 Pine. 

Coppins Philip H., carpenter, h 18 Pine. 

Copps Edward D., blacksmith, scale works, h 29 Wales. 

Corbett John, laborer, h back of scale works. 

Corcoran Dominick, helper, C. V. R. R. shop, h 25 East. 

Corcoran Dominick C., watchman C. V. Round House, bds 27 East.

Corcoran James P., fireman C. V. R. R., bds 27 East. 

Corcoran Peter, watchman C. V. Round House, h 27 East. 

Corey Hervey, carpenter, h 15 Willow. 

Corey Mattie A., hair worker for Mrs. Bell, bds 15 Willow. 

Cormier Joseph, molder, scale works, h 20 East. 

Cornell F. J., foreman in button works, bds Berwick House. 

Cornell George E., foreman Edson's lumberyard, h 2 Edson. 

Cornish Frank, moulder, Lincoln Iron Works, h 26 Forest. 

Cox Charles A., tinsmith, Dunn & Cramton, bds Evelyn. 

Crafts David M., printer, Tuttle & Co., bds 36 West. 

Cram Carlos M., painter, h 5 Willow. 

CRAMTON A. S. & J. W., (A. Smith and John W.,) live stock dealers, dairy about 100 cows, farmers, own in Rutland about 300 acres, in Clarendon about 100 and in Mount Holly 300 A. Smith Cramton, on r 38, manager. 

CRAMTON JOHN W., (Dunn & C.,) (H. C. Woodruff & Co.,) (President Steam Stone Cutter Co.,) (A. S. & J. W. Cramton,) (Cramton & Paige,) (Cramton & Chaffee,) prop Bardwell House, owns farm 80 in Clarendon. 

CRAMTON & CHAFFEE, (John W. C. and Frederick Chaffee,) own farm 170 on r 58. 

CRAMTON & PAIGE, (John W. C. and Norman A. P.,) livery, sale and boarding stable, rear Bardwell House. 

CRAMTON & SAWYER, (John W. C. and Henry A. S.,) prop'rs Globe Building, opp the Depot. 

Crandall Mary E., (Mrs. Charles L.,) tailoress, h 35 Forest. 

Crary Wm. F., bookkeeper for E. Bowman, bds; Grove. 

Crawford Ernest D., clerk C. V. freight office, bds 21 Baxter. 

Crawford George W., carpenter, h 21 Baxter cor State. 

Crishman Charles F., general restaurant, dealer in tobacco, oysters, canned goods, etc., 8 Center, h 8 Willow.

Crittenden Seymour J., moulder, scale works, bds 3 Strongs ave. 

Cronan Ellen, widow Cornelius, bds with John Capeless. 

Cronan Joseph F., packer, scale works, h 58 Forest. 

Cronan Mary E., dressmaker, bds 58 Forest. 

Cronan William B., foreman of packing room, scale works, h 58 Forest. 

Crooks Herbert D., sealer, scale works, bds 11 East. 

Cross Nellie A., (Mrs. O. T.,) pictures and picture frames, Martell block, Center, h 27 Church. 

Cross Orrin T., picture framer, 26 Center, h 17 Church. 

Crossfield Amasa S., law student, bds 20 Prospect. 

CROUCH JAMES W., brick mason and house painter, h 133 Main. 

Crowe Michael, section hand, C. V. R. R., h Spruce 2d from Plain. 

Crowe Michael, h 126 West. 

Crowe Patrick, blacksmith, C. V. R. R., h and lot 118 West. 

Crowley Florence, plasterer and mason, h 23 Franklin. 

Cruise Christopher J., filer, scale works, bds 11 Pleasant. 

Culver Llewellyn, baker at Verder & Co's, h Wales. 

Cummings Joseph T., shoemaker, Smith & Davis, h 16 Mineral. 

Cummings Owen F., (Cummings & Son,) bds 16 South. 

Cummings Patrick, (Cummings & Son,) h 16 South. 

Cummings Peter, engineer B. &. R. R., bds 78 West. 

Cummings Thomas, mason and plasterer, bds 16 South. 

Cummings & Son, (Patrick and Owen F.,) masons, contractors and builders, h 16 South. 

Cunegonde Sr. Marie, teacher, bds 52 West. 

Cunniff Frank, carpenter, h Brown near River. 

CUNNINGHAM ARTHUR O., clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, 5 Center, bds 19 Cottage. 

Cunningham Mary A. Miss, clerk, Depot Restaurant, bds do. 

Cunningham Orlando Rev., retired Baptist clergyman, member of board of directors of N. E. Fire Insurance Co., h 19 Cottage.

Curran., Michael J., stone cutter, White & Haven, bds 14 Meadow.

Currier Clarence Edgar, traveling salesman for McClure & Co. 

Currier Joseph, car builder, C. V. R. R. shop, bds 4 Spring. 

Currier Mary A. (Mrs. O. W.) ice cream, confectionery, fruits, oysters, &c., 41 Center, h East cor Woodstock ave. 

Currier Otis W., laborer, scale works, h East near Woodstock ave. 

CURTIS SAMUEL P., wholesale and retail dealer in flour, grain, feed, seeds, lime, plaster and coal, Evelyn, h 6 Grove. 

Cusack James, section hand, C. V. R. R., h back of scale works. 

Cushman Charles F., restaurant, Center, h 8 Williams. 

Cutler Charles, sealer, scale works, bds 121 Main. 

Cutler Lucius E., button turner, bds 53 West. 

Cutting Williarn W., watchman, Charles P. Harris shops, h 132 Main. 

Cyniele Peter, moulder, scale works, bds Strongs ave. 

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 422-435.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004