Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Adams Frank, (Poultney,) r 55, farmer, leases of Alanson 100. 

*ALLEN FRANK P., (Poultney,) dealer in watches, jewelry, and gents' furnishing goods, Main. 

Andrews Edward P., (Poultney,) clerk at M. J. Horton's, h Church. 

Andrus Edwin D., (Poultney,) r 26, dairy 12 cows and farmer 96. 

Angevine Chas., (Poultney,) r 21, farmer. 

Angevine Hiel, (Poultney, r 21, farmer 100. 

Angevine John, (Poultney,) r 37, farmer 80. 

Ansment Betsey, (East Poultney,) r 29, farmer 10. 

Armstrong Henry E., (Poultney,) general merchant, &c., Main, h College. 

Armstrong John B., (Poultney,) teacher of natural sciences. 


Ballard Char1otte, (East Poultney,) r 27, widow of Daniel, farm 50. 

Ballard Daniel, Jr., (East Poultney,) r 29, farmer, leases of John Beman 125. 

Ballard Frank, (Poultney,) r 50, farms for Henry 270. 

Ballard Henry, (Poultney,) r 50, farmer 270. 

Ballard Horace G., (East Poultney,) r 29, farmer 40. 

Ballard James T., (East Poultney,) r 31, manager of the town farm. 

Barker Don A., (Poultney,) r 59, farmer 200. 

Barnett Frank Rev., (Poultney,) Baptist clergyman. 

BEAMAN CULLEN C., (Poultney,) prop. Beaman's Hotel and farmer 50, Main cor. Beaman. 

Beaman John B., (Poultney,) (Beaman & Platt,) prest. First National Bank of Poultney, owns farm 400, bds at Beaman's Hotel. 

Beaman & Platt, (Poultney,) (John B. B. and Fred S. P.,) lawyers, Main. 

BEAMAN'S HOTEL, (Poultney,) Cullen C. Beaman, prop., Main cor. Beaman. 

BEDARD CHARLES H., (Poultney,) manuf. of boots and shoes, Main, h Furnace. 

Beebe Henry, (East Poultney,) farmer, Main. 

Belden George D., (Poultney,) station agent D. & H. C. Co., agent National Express, manager Western Union Telegraph office, h Maple. 

Belding Emily W., (Poultney,) teacher of history and mathematics. 

BENEDICT JASPER A., (East Poultney,) r 17, 3d selectman; dairy 20 cows, farmer 200. 

Bent Clark E., (East Poultney,) r 43, farmer 87. 

BESSE DAVID C., (Poultney,) blacksmith and farmer 15, Main. 

Besse George H., (Poultney,) carpenter, College. 

Bethel William M., (East Poultney,) r 32, farmer 113. 

Betts Franklin O., (Poultney.) carpenter, Church. 

Betts Willis W., (Poultney,) carpenter, Grove. 

Bixby Daniel P., (Poultney,) retired farmer, Bentley avenue.

BIXBY ELWIN M., (Poultney,) dealer in coal, wood, lime, cement, plaster, hair, brick, salt, land fertilizers, grass seed, oil meal, f1our, groceries, country produce, blasting and rifle powder, office on Bentley avenue.

Bliss Amy, (Hydeville,) r 2, widow of Robert R., farm 64.

Bliss Byron C., (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer.

BLISS GEORGE L., (Poultney,) allop. physician and surgeon, owns farm 104, has an interest in slate quarry in Castleton, h Main.

Bliss Irving G., (East Poultney,) (Dewey & Co.,) Main.

Bliss Marcus W., (Poultney,) dairy 18 cows, farmer 180, Main.

Bliss Royce W., (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer.

Boomer Charles F., (Poultney,) moulder, Bentley avenue.

Boomer Perry, (Poultney,) retired blacksmith, Furnace cor. Grove.

Bourne Lydia Mrs., (Poultney,) owner farm 60 in Hampton, N. Y., College.

Boyce George B., (Hampton, N. Y.,) butcher and dealer in stock, farmer 100.

BRADLEY JOHN, (Poultney,) general superintendent of Poultney Slate Works, Main cor. College.

Brayton Cyrus N., (East Foultney,) r 31, dairy 20 cows, farmer leases of Thos. A., North Hartford, Wash. Co. N. Y., 300.

BREE JOHN, (East Poultney,) r 48, dairy as cows, farmer 334.

Bree Martin, (East Poultney,) r 32, laborer.

Bree Patrick, (East Poultney,) r 32, dairy 15 cows, farm 200.

BRENNAN DANIEL, (Poultney,) r 43, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 104.

BRENNAN PATRICK, (Poultney,) dealer in groceries, provisions &c.

Briggs Thomas J., (Poultney,) r 40, farmer 70.

Brighton Edward, (Castleton,) r 7, farmer 40.

Brooks Matthew, (Poultney,) blacksmith for H. R. Clark.

Broughton Daniel, (Poultney,) painter, College.

Broughton Rufus N., (Poultney,) farmer 75, Granville st.

BROWN ARUS H., (Poultney.) prop. Poultney House and livery stable, also auctioneer, Main cor. Grove.

BROWN GEORGE  W., (Pounltney,) agent Walker washing machine, and farmer 18, Church.

Brown Veniah, (Poultney,) shoemaker, Furnace.

Brundage Wm. M. Rev., A. B., (Poultney,) teacher of ancient languages and, e1ocution.

BRYAN THOMAS H., (East Poultney,) dealer in tin ware, glass and wooden ware, p1ows and castings, hides and pelts, Main.

BUCKINGHAM FRANK J., (Poultney,) r 52, with Rollin O. Dye, farmer 200, Oakdale Boat House on east shore Lake St. Catharine.

Buckland Augustus, (Poultney,) r 19, farmer 60, 

Bullock Alinas, (Poultney,) r 57, farmer 60. 

BULLOCK CHARLES J., (East Poultney,) (James B. & Son.) 

BULLOCK JAMES, (East Poultney,) (James B. & Son.)

BULLOCK JAMES & SON, (East Poultney,) (Charles J.,) props. Centennial Grist Mill, manufs. and dealers in f1our, meal, feed, graham f1our, oat meal, grain, seeds, &c., near Main. 

Bump Frank W., (Poultney,) tinsmith, Main. 

Burch Austin, (East Poultney,) r 31, farmer, leases of Benj. F. Dewey, 250.

Burch Austin, (East Poultney,) r 35, farmer. 

Burch Ed, (East Poultney,) r 35, laborer. 

Burdick Seymour O., (Poultney,) carpenter. 

Burk John, (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer 5. 

Burns William, (Castleton,) r 7, with John, farmer 110.

Butler Edward, (Poultney,) r 37, farmer 4.

Butler James, (Hydeville,) r 2, slate maker.


Cairns John, (East Poultney,) r 34, laborer.

Calb Albert, (East Poultney,) r 27, farmer, leases of Harry Ransom estate 225.

Campbell Horace, (Poultney,) painter, College.

CAMPBELL ORANGE, (Poultney,) r 58, carpenter and farmer 90.

Cane Isaac, (Poultney,) dry goods, c1othing, hats, caps, &c., Main.

Cane John, (Poultney,) r 43, peddler.

Canney John, (East Poultney,) r 1, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100.

Caprood Maxim, (Poultney,) merchant tailor, Main.

Carlton Horace, (East Poultney,) r 33, farmer, leases of J. Glidden 107.

Carlton Nathaniel N., (East Poultney,) r 29, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 250.

CARMODY PATRICK, (East Poultney,) r 48, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 145.

Carney Michael, (Poultney,) r 37, farmer 100.

Carpenter Franklin, (Castleton,) r 5, farmer 50.

Carpenter Wesley T., (Castleton,) r 5, farmer 60.

Carrigan Patrick, (Poultney,) r 43, farmer 30.

Cassady John M., (East Poultney,) r 48, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 300.

CHAPIN MARCUS D., (Poultney,) r 58, manuf. of and dealer in creameries, churns, butter workers, &c., factory, Main st., Poultney, farmer 84.

CLARK ANDREW, (Poultney,) manuf. of wagons, carriages, sleighs and general repairer.

Clark Edward, (Poultney,) teller Poultney Bank and notary public, Main cor. Beaman.

CLARK HERMAN R., (Poultney,) manuf. of wagons, sleighs, carriages, general blacksmith, manuf. of all kinds of quarry tools.

Clark Hugh, (East Poultney,) r 34, farmer 90.

Clark Ira M., (Poultney,) r 40, justice of the peace, grand juror and farmer 50, and with M. P. Hooker 170.

Clark Jonas, (Poultney,) clerk for Rutland Marble Co., Main cor. Beaman.

CLARK JOSEPH W., (East Poultney,) r 33, farmer 60.

Clark Merritt, (Poultney,) cashier of Poultney Bank and notary public, Main cor. Beaman.

CLARK WARREN E., (East Poultney,) r 43, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 150.

Clifford William, (Poultney,) painter, Grove.

Codman William A., (East Poultney,) farmer 70, Main.

COLE CHARLES W., (Poultney,) moulder, Church.

COLE FRED, (Poultney,) machinist, Furnace.

Cole Martin D., from Castleton, (Poultney,) cashier First National Bank of Poultney.

Collins James, (Poultney,) laborer.

Congdon James, (East Poultney,) laborer, Main.

Cook Charles W., (Poultney,) r 51, laborer.

COOPER JAMES M., (East Poultney,) blacksmith and carriage ironer, Main.

COSTELLO MICHAEL, (Poultney,) machinist, Furnace.

Cox James H., (Poultney,) farmer 16, College.

CRITTENDEN WILLIAM H., (Poultney,) moulder, has worked in Ruggles' Foundry 30 years.

Culver Daniel, (Poultney,) manuf. sea green slate, Main.

Cushman Allerton E., (Poultney,) life and fire insurance agent, also agent for passage tickets, foreign exchange and real estate, Main near College. 


Daily John, (East Poultney,) r 32, dairy 10 cows and farmer 125. 

Dalton Richard, (Middle Granville, N. Y.,) dairy 12 cows and farmer 155. 

Darrah John, (Poultney,) retired moulder, Grove. 

Darrow Mary Miss, (Poultney,) dressmaker, Main. 

Davis Geo. M., (Poultney,) barber, Grove, h Bentley ave. 

Davis Price A. (Hydeville,) r 3, farmer 30. 

Davis Richard J., (Poultney,) r 41, slate maker. 

Dean Hannah, (Poultney,) r 37, widow of Simeon P., farmer 15. 

Dean James, (Poultney,) r 37, farmer. 

Dean Seth, (Poultney,) r 53, farmer 50. 

*DEANE JOHN W. D., (Poultney,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes &c. Main. 

Derby Emma E. Mrs., (Poultney,) cloaks, ladies' underwear, &c., Main.

DERBY HORACE R., (Poultney,) baggage master D. & H. C. R., College. 

Derby John C., (Poultney,) harness, boots and shoes, Main. 

Dewer Edward, (Poultney,) retired, College. 

Dewey Albert W., (East Poultney,) wheelwright and blacksmith, foreman for Dewey & Co., Main. 

Dewey Benj. F., estate of, (East Poultney,) r 31, 250 acres. 

Dewey Edwin S., (East Poultney,) (Deweys & Co.,) postmaster. 

Dewey J. Henry, (East Poultney,) carpenter and farmer. 

Dewey Jacob C., (East Poultney,) farmer 45.

DEWEY JOHN R., (East Poultney,) r 31, dairy 12 cows, farmer 200, and mountain lot of 200. 

Dewey Oscar A., (East Poultney,) carriage maker, Main. 

Dewey Thomas D., (East Poultney,) (Deweys & Co.)

Dewey Zebadiah, (East Poultney,) retired.

Deweys & Co., (East Poultney,) (Thomas D. and Edwin S. Dewey and Irving G. Bliss,) carriage makers and general merchants, Main. 

Dogan John, (Poultney,) r 37, dairy 16 cows and farmer 300. 

Dowling Samuel, (Poultney,) carpenter, York. 

Drake Hiram S., (Poultney,) manuf. of pop corn balls, Granville st. 

Driscoll John, (East Poultney,) r 29, dairy 16 cows and farmer 190. 

Dunlap Lawrence, (Poultney,) painter, Grove. 

Dunlop Mary C. Mrs., (Poultney.) teacher of art and vocal music, College. 

Dunn William, (East Poultney,) r 29, leases of Asahel Smith, dairy 10 cows and farm r 50. 

*DUNTON CHARLES H. REV., (Poultney,) principal of Troy Conference Academy, College head of Main. 

Dunton Nettie B., (Poultney,) teacher of instrumental music, College head of Main.

Dye George R., (East Poultney,) r 34, farmer 98.

Dye Rollin O., (Poultney,) r 52, with F. J. Buckingham, farm 200, prop. of Oakdale Boat House, on east shore of Lake St. Catharine. 


Eaton John F., (West Rutland,) r 12, farmer, leases of S. M. Dorr, of Rutland, 400. 

Edgerley Geo. W., (Poultney,) slater, Beaman. 

Edgerton Chauncey, (East Poultney,) carpenter, Main. 

Edson Cyrus, (East Poultney,) r 49, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 225. 

Edwards Griffith, (Poultney,) r 38, mason.

Edwards Robert, (Poultney,) r 38, farmer 5.

ELLIS EDWARD D., (Poultney,) allo. physician and surgeon, Sec. Rutland Co. Medical Society, h College.

Ellis Joseph L., (East Poultney,) r 16, farmer, leases of C. P. Austin, of Salem, N. Y., 300.

Ellis Richard, (Fairhaven,) r 27, (L1oyd, Owens & Co.)

Ensign Joseph B., (East Poultney,) farmer 30.

EUREKA SLATE CO., (Poultney,) r 21, (Hugh G. Hughes, and. Reginald Wynn Roberts, of London, Eng.,) manuf. of unfading green slate and farm 45.

Evans Hugh, (Poultney,) r 24, with John E. Owens and Thos. and Richard L. Jones, slate maker. 

EVANS THOMAS, (Hampton, N. Y.,) r 38, farmer 18.

Evens Catherine Mrs., (Poultney,) r 54, boarding house.

Everts Don A., (Poultney,) retired farmer 22, Beaman.


Fales Dana E. B., (Poultney,) telegraph operator, bds. College.

Fates Helen L., (Poultney,) teacher in primary department Troy Conference Academy, College.

FALES LEDRU R., (Poultney,) carpenter and builder, College.

FARNAM WILLIAM L., (Poultney,) r 25, dairy 14 cows, farmer 150.

Farwell Cuthbert C., (Castleton,) r 4, farmer, leases of H. Fifield, 120.

FENTON NOAH C., (East Poultney,) r 17 1/2 dairy 12 cows, and farmer 108.

Fenton Walter, (Poultney,) r 55, laborer.

Fenton Walter, (Poultney,) r 54, quarryman.

Fifield Hiram, (Castleton,) r 4, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 120.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF POULTNEY, (Poultney,) organized June 23, 1881. Capital $50,000. J. B. Beaman, prest.; Leonidas Gray, viceprest.; M. D. Cole, cashier.

Fisk Oliver, (Castleton,) r 10, farmer 130.

FLAGG ANTHONY, (Poultney,) carriage painter and trimmer, also sign and ornamental painter. Grove cor. Oak, h Main.

Flanagan Patrick, (Poultney,) r 26, quarryman.

FLOOD JOHN, (Poultney,) manuf. of tin ware and dealer in stoves, tin ware, sheet iron &c., Main.

Flood John, (Poultney,) r 37, farmer 2.

Fogerty Dennis Mrs., (Poultney,) r 37, farmer r4.

Ford Jeremiah, (East Poultney,) r 30, laborer.

Fox Henry, (East Poultney,) r 43, laborer.

FRENCH ALBERT D., (Castleton,) r 5, dealer in hulled corn and fruits, farmer 60.

FRISBIE BARNES, (Poultney,) (F. & Miller,) h Furnace.

Frisbie James S., (Poultney,) (Rann & Frisbie,) lives East Poultney.

FRISBIE & MILLER, (Poultney,) (Barnes F. and Edward S. M.,) lawyers, Main.

Fuller Joseph W., (Poultney,) r 26, farmer 140.

Fuller Wm. W., (Poultney,) r 26, farmer.


Gates Cyrus L., (Poultney,) sec'y Morley &. Stoddard Manuf. Co.

Gates Orlando J., (East Poultney,) livery stable, Main.

GEORGE DEARLY, (Poultney,) carpenter and joiner, York.

Gibbs A. Judson, (Poultney,) drugs, paints, oils, &c., Main, h Furnace.

GIBBS CHARLES H., (East Poultney,) carriage and ornamental painter.

GIBBS IRA, (East Poultney,) prop. of Gibbs' Cheese Factory and manuf. of cheese.

Gibbs Martin V. B., (Poultney,) meat market, College.

Giddings Selma, (East Poultney,) owns farm 275.

Gilmore James W., (Poultney,) r 37, farmer 77.

Glidden Joseph, (East Poultney,) r 33, farm 107.

GLOBE SLATE COMPANY, (Poultney,) r 24, (Thomas Morris, Moses J. Thomas,) manuf. of purple, variegated and unfading green roofing slate.

Goadby John Rev. (Poultney,) superannuated Baptist clergyman, College.

Goodspeed Cornelius, (East Poultney,) r 34, farmer.

GOODSPEED WILLIAM, (Poultney,) r 21, farmer 60.

Gorham Carlos L., (Poultney,) blacksmith, works for Ruggles' machine shops, Grove.

Gorham Harry, (Poultney,) machinist, Main.

GORHAM HENRY G., (Poultney,) moulder, Grove.

Gorham Horace, (East Poultney,) retired.

Gorham Willie, (Poultney,) moulder, Main.

Grady John, (Hydeville,) r 21, farmer 45.

Granger Annie M. Miss, (Poultney,) select school and teacher of drawing and painting, Main.

GRANGER CALVIN REV., (Poultney,) superintendent of common school, and pastor of Congregational Church, Main.

Great Western Slate Co., (Poultney,) r 21, (Richard and David J. Humphries,) manufs. unfading green roofing slate.

Green Amasa, (Poultney,) gunsmith, Furnace.

Griffin Alonzo J., (East Poultney,) r 43, retired.

Griffin Thomas, (Poultney,) r 43, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 170.

GRIFFITH PETER J., (Poultney,) near r 46, prop. Lake View House and farm 32.

Griffith William, (Poultney,) (Griffith & Nathaniel.)

Griffith & Nathaniel, (Poultney,) (Wm. C. and Wm. M., slate manufs., quarries 2 1/2 miles southeast of Poultney.

Grover Charles D., (Poultney,) r 46, farmer.

Guilder Harvey, (East Poultney,) r 43, laborer.

Guindon Theodore D., (Poultney,) jour. blacksmith, bds at Poultney House, York.


Haines James H., (East Poultney,) dairy 12 cows, and farmer 100, Main.

Haley Timothy, (East Poultney,) r 31, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 175.

Hall Milo, (Poultney,) r 50, farmer 8.

Hall Thomas, (Poultney,) r 52, fisherman and farm 3.

Hanley William, (East Poultney,) r 48, 11 cows, and farmer 200.

Hannibal William, (East Poultney,) owner of tannery.

Hard William A., (Poultney,) r 53, laborer.

HARRIS CHARLES F., (Poultney,) machinist, Furnace.

Harris Mary F., (East Poultney,) widow of James P., resident.

HARRIS NORMAN C., (Poultney,) machinist and foreman for Ruggles machine shop, Main.

Hasber Mary, (Poultney,) r 43, farmer 70.

Hastings Henry, (Poultney,) r 51, farmer 40.

HAUGH JAMES, (Castleton,) r 7, dealer in poultry, and farmer 84.

Hawes Harriet M., (Poultney,) widow of Lucius A., owns farm of 60, College.

Hawes James, (Castleton,) r 7, farmer 80.

Hawkins Gideon, (East Poultney,) r 34, farmer 3. 

Hayes John, (West Rutland,) r 12, farmer 400. 

Hayes John, (Hydeville,) r 2, laborer. 

HEALEY SAMUEL, (Poultney,) r 19, slate teamster and farmer 69. 

HERRICK ALONZO, (Poultney,) meat market, 1st constable and collector, Main. 

Hibbard William W., (Poultney,) books, stationery, &c., Main. 

Hickey John, (Fairhaven,) r 1, quarryman and farmer 8. 

Hogan Michael, (Poultney,) r 59, quarryman. 

Holland John, (East Poultney,) r 43, dairy 12 cows and farmer 160. 

Holland John, (East Poultney,) r 13, farmer. 

HOLLAND MICHAEL, (Poultney,) tinsmith. 

Holland Peter, (Poultney,) farmer r 32, Grove. 

HOLLIDAY DAVID H., (Poultney,) manuf. of wagons, carriages, sleighs, and general repairer, York, bds College. 

Hooker M. P., (Poultney,) r 40, with Ira M. Clark, farmer 170. 

Hooker S. Egbert, (Poultney,) druggist and owner of slate quarry. 

Hopper Andy, (East Poultney,) r 35, laborer. 

Hopper James, (East Poultney,) r 35, dairy 10 cows and farmer 165. 

Horton Alonzo E., (East Poultney,) homeo. physician, Main. 

Horton Cyrus E., (Poultney,) carpenter, Main. 

*HORTON MYRON J., (Poultney,) hardware, stoves, paints, oils and groceries, also town clerk, Main, h Beaman. 

Hotchkiss Hiram, (Poultney,) r 59, farmer 84. 

Howe Harrison, (East Poultney,) r 43, dairy 12 cows and farmer 150. 

Howe Jesse, (Poultney,) deliverer for National Express Co., Grove. 

Hoyt Henry, (Poultney,) shoemaker, York. 

HUBER HENRY, (Poultney,) r 38, farmer, leases of Frances Mosely 110, and of Mrs. H. M. Hawes 50. 

Hughes Griffith, (Poultney,) r 20, quarryman.

HUGHES HUGH G., (Poultney,) r 21, (Eureka Slate Co.) 

HUGHES RICHARD J., (Fairhaven,) r 23, (Benj. Lewis & Co.) 

Hughes William O., (Poultney,) r 53, quarryman. 

Hulett Tobias, (Poultney,) r 39, resident. 

Hull Henry T., (Poultney,) postmaster, h Church cor. Beaman. 

HUMPHREYS DAVID J., (Poultney,) r 21, (Great Western Slate Co.) 

Humphreys Owen, (Poultney,) r 20, wheelwright. 

Humphreys Richard, (Poultney,) r 20, (Great Western Slate Co.) 

HUMPHREY ROBERT J., (Poultney,) justice of the peace, general agent for D. Appleton & Co., Bentley ave. 

Hunter Margaret, (East Poultney,) r 43, widow of Robert. 

Hunter Thomas, (East Poultney,) r 47, farmer 60. 

HYDE FRED H., (Poultney,) j',) T 40, slip t. of Nelson C. Hyde's farm.

Hyde Martin, (Poultney,) farmer 30, Main.

Hyde Nelson, (Poultney,) (Stanley & Hyde.)

Hyde Nelson C., (Poultney,) r 40, general agent for St. Albans Foundry Co., owner of Poultney House, interest in gold mines in Co1orado, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, dairy 30 cows and farmer 300. 


Igo Michael, (East Poultney,) r 31, farmer 75.


Jacket Milo, (East Poultney,) r 48, farmer, leases of Frank Cassady, of Fairhaven, 300.

JENKS NORMAN, (Poultney,) tailor, shop in Pawlet, h Main.

Johnson Cyrenus, (Poultney,) r 51, with Wm., farmer 80.

Johnson Wm., (Poultney,) r 5 r, with Cyrenus, farmer 80.

Jones Edward, (Poultney,) r 3, farmer 200.

Jones Henry, (East Poultney,) r 33, farmer 1.

Jones Hugh, (Hydeville,) r 3, farmer 2.

Jones John L., (Poultney,) r 54, farmer 100.

Jones John R., (Poultney,) (Jones. Roberts & Perry.)

Jones John W., (Poultney,) r 55, (Jones. Roberts & Perry.)

Jones Marshall, (East Poultney,) r 34, carpenter.

Jones Moses J., (Poultney,) (Jones & Roberts,) farmer, leases of O. Campbell, 90.

Jones Richard, (Poultney,) r 37, laborer.

Jones Robert T., (Poultney,) r 24, with E. Thomas and T. Griffith, slate makers.

Jones Samuel T., (Poultney,) r 55, groceries &c.

Jones Thomas, (Poultney,) r 41, quarryman.

Jones Thomas, (Poultney,) r 59, quarryman.

Jones Thomas, (Poultney,) r 24, with John E. Owens, Hugh Evans and Richard L. Jones, slate maker.

Jones Wm. J., (Fairhaven,) r 1, laborer.

Jones & Roberts, (Poultney,) r 50, (Moses J. J. and Seth R.,) quarrymen.

Jones, Roberts & Perry, (Poultney,) (John R. Jones, John W. Jones, Thos. J. R. and Cadwallader W. P.,) manuf. of slate roofing and dealers in other slate goods.

JOSLIN JOSEPH, (Poultney,) retired civil engineer and farmer, Main.


KEILY EUGENE, (East Poultney,) r 30, (T. & E. K.)

KEILY TIMOTHY, (East Poultney,) r 30, (T. & E. K.)

KEILY T. & E., (East Poultney,) r 30, (Timothy and Eugene,) props. of celebrated Highland Gray stallion, dealers in blooded horses, dairy 25 cows. farmers 330.

Kelly Sarah, (Fairhaven,) r 1, widow of Patrick, farm r 11.

KENDALL ALPHEUS S., (East Poultney,) carriage trimmer, r 36.

Kendall Herbert L., (East Poultney,) painter.

Kennedy Patrick, (East Poultney,) r 13, farmer 280.

Kett Patrick, (Fairhaven,) r 2, farmer 5.

Kilborn Albert, (Poultney,) laborer, Furnace.

Kilborn Lyman, (East Poultney,) r 48, farmer.

Kinney Julius, (Poultney,) r 53, laborer.

Kinney Leroy, (Poultney,) r 54, laborer.

Kinney Lucius, (Poultney,) r 55, foreman Williams Bros. & Co, slate mill.

KNAPP ALBERT E., (Poultney,) author of Knapp's Continuous Genea1ogical Family Record, published in connection with Bible as an appendix, and in a separate volume, Main.

Knapp Alonzo M., (Poultney,) r 38, market gardener and farmer 75.

KNAPP CHAS. W., (Poultney,) tinsmith, Church.

Knapp Merrick H., (East Poultney,) r 35, manuf. of boots and shoes.

Knowlson John, (Poultney,) allo. physician and surgeon, College.


LAKE VIEW HOUSE, (Poultney,) near r 46, P. J. Griffith, prop.

Lamb William, (Poultney,) r 53, farmer 12.

Landry Peter, (East Poultney,) r 47, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 250.

Larkin James, (East Poultney,) r 33, farmer 50. 

Lary Julius, (Castleton,) r 5, laborer. 

Lee Eliza Mrs., (Poultney,) widow of George, dressmaker, College. 

Leffingwell Charles, (Poultney,) millinery and fancy goods, Main. 

Lewis Benjamin, (Fairhaven,) r 23, (Benjamin Lewis & Co.) 

Lewis Benjamin & Co., (Fairhaven,) r 38, (Robert J. Lewis, Robert J. Roberts and Richard J. Hughes,) manufs. of purple and variegated slate roofing. 

Lewis David, (Poultney,) retired farmer lo0, Bentley avenue. 

Lewis Harry, (Poultney,) retired farmer lo0, Bentley ave. 

Lewis Henry G., (East Poultney,) r 47, farmer 60. 

Lewis Henry R., (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer 168. 

Lewis Herbert G., (Poultney,) r 55, farmer leases of David 114. 

Lewis Hiram, (East Poultney,) r 43, farmer. 

Lewis Jerry, (Poultney,) confectionery, ice cream and dining-rooms, dealer in groceries and provisions, Main. 

LEWIS MARK, (Poultney,) r 5, ad selectman, manuf. and dealer in cider and vinegar, prop. cider and feed mill, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 400. 

Livingston John, (Poultney,) laborer, Furnace. 

Lloyd, Owens & Co., (Fairhaven,) r 24, (Wm. E. and Richard E. Lloyd, Owen Owens and Richard Ellis,) manufs. of sea green, variegated, unfading green and purple slates.

Lloyd Richard E., (Fairhaven,) (Lloyd, Owens & Co.) 

Lloyd William E., (Fairhaven,) (Lloyd, Owens & Co.,) h at Fairhaven. 

*LOCKROW ENSIGN S., (Poultney,) hardware, groceries, paints, glass, &c., Main, h do. 

Loomis Car1os C., (Poultney,) carpenter, College. 

Louis Charles S., (East Poultney,) dry goods, boots, shoes, &c., Main. 

LUDDEN WILLIAM S., (Poultney,) sign and ornamental painter, Bentley avenue. 

Lynch Chauncey, (Hydeville,) r 3, farmer 150. 

Lynch Michael, (Poultney,) marble cutter, College. 

Lyons Dennis, (Castleton,) r 7, with John, farmer 96.

Lyons John, (Castleton,) r 7, with John, farmer 96.


Mack Patrick, (East Poultney,) r 17, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 240. 

Mahaney Patrick, (Poultney,) r 55, farmer 28. 

Mahar John, (Hydeville,) near r 2, farmer 57. 

Mahar John, (Fairhaven,) r 1, laborer. 

Mahar Thomas, (Hydeville,) r z, quarryman and farmer 13. 

Mallary Elisha S., (East Poultney,) r 43, dairy 10 cows, farmer 110. 

Manchester Anna, (Poultney,) r 46, farmer 22. 

Maranville Henry H., (Poultney,) r 26, farmer 1. 

Marcy Joseph, (East Poultney,) r 43, laborer. 

Marshall Adin J., (Poultney,) agent for fruit trees and farmer 22 1/2. 

Marshall Edwin S., (East Poultney,) r 43, with Horatio S., dairy 17 cows, and farmer 180. 

Marshall Harvey, (East Poultney,) farmer 50, Main. 

Marshall Harvey, (East Poultney,) farmer 30, Main. 

Marshall Horatio S. (East Poultney,) r 43, dairy 17 cows, and, with Edwin S.  farmer 180. 

Marshall Martha B., (Poultney,) widow of Paul J., farmer 95, Main. 

Martin Apollus H., (Poultney,) r 54, farmer. 

MARTIN FRIEND G., (Poultney,) r 41, owns two slate quarries, dairy 19 cows, farmer 160.

Martin William W., (Poultney,) r 55, dairy 16 cows, farmer 200.

Mattison Hoyt, (East Poultney,) near r 29, farmer 140.

Matthews James, (East Poultney,) retired, Main.

Mayo Fred B., (Poultney,) barber, Main, h Furnace.

McCarty John, (Fair Haven,) r 1, quarryman and farmer 17.

McCarty Patrick, (Poultney,) near r 1, quarryman.

McGloghlin Thos., (East Poultney,) r 48, farmer 18.

McGragh Phillip, (Poultney,) r 54; slate maker.

McGrath Ed., (Hampton, N. Y.) r 38, manuf. red slate, warehouse and office at Hampton, N. Y.

McGrath Patrick, (Hampton, N. Y.,) r 38, machinist.

McNERNEY JOHN, (Poultney,) r 26, agent for Singer sewing machines and farmer 3.

McWithey Rufus, (Poultney,) r 51, farmer.

McWithey Levi C., (Poultney,) r 50, farmer 220.

Mears Joseph, (East Poultney,) manuf. lumber, owner of Mears' Mill and farmer 220.

Mears Simeon, (East Poultney,) r 17, farmer 150.

MEEKER HIRAM, JR., (Poultney,) allo. physician and surgeon, College.

Menoyne John, (Poultney,) rear r 2, quarryman.

Merlin Charles, (Poultney,) mason, Main.

Merling Daniel, (Poultney.) r 41, farmer 11.

Metcalf Walter, (Hydeville,) r a, dairy 10 cows and farmer 150.

MILLER EDWARD S., (Poultney,) (Frisbie & M.,) justice of the peace, Main, bds. Beaman.

Miller Satterlee E., (Poultney,) retired farmer 800, Beaman.

Mineberg Rosa, (East Poultney,) farmer 30, Main.

Minogue John, (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer.

Minogue Julia, (Hydeville,) r 2; widow of Patrick, farm 37.

MONCRIEF ALEXANDER, (East Poultney,) r 34, with Jane Goodspeed, dairy 16 cows and farmer 200.

Monroe Califf, (Poultney,) retired farmer 3, Main.

Monroe Edward, (Poultney,) teamster, York.

Monroe Ossian C. (Poultney,) dealer in patent rights, College.

Moody Chas. (Poultney,) r 42, laborer.

Mooney Martin, (East Poultney,) r 17 1/2, farmer 104.

Moore Charles, (Poultney,) marble cutter, Grove.

MORGAN ISAAC H., (East Poultney,) r 47, breeder of Spanish merino sheep and farmer 150.

Morgan Jonathan A., (East Poultney,) r 47, farmer 150.

MORRIS LEWIS, (Poultney,) manuf. of boots and shoes and general repairer, York, h Main. .

Morris Thomas, (Poultney)  r 23, (Globe Slate Co.0

Morse Joseph F., (East Poultney,) retired, Main. 

Mosley Frances E., (Poultney,) widow of Charles W., r 38, owns farm 110. 

MOSLEY FREDERICK W., (Poultney,) prest. Mosley & Stoddard Manuf. Co., Church. 

MOSLEY & STODDARD MANUF. CO., F. W. Mosley, pres.; M. O: Stoddard, treas.; C. L. Gates, sec.; manuf. of dairying apparatus. 

Murphy Owen, (East Poultney,) r 35, farmer 7. 

Murry Frank, (Poultney,) residence 1/2 acre.


Nathaniel William, (Poultney,) (Griffith & Nathaniel.)

Navin John, (East Poultney,) r 43, laborer.

Nelson Clark, (East Poultney,) r 34, dairy 16 cows and farmer 213.

Nunin Daniel, (Castleton,) r 10, laborer.


Oakman James, (Poultney,) retired, Grove.

O'Brian Matthew, (Castleton,) r 10, farmer 130.

Osborn Joseph, (Poultney,) r 38, painter.

Owens Edward, (Hydeville,) r 3, quarryman.

Owens Griffith W., (Fairhaven,) r 22, slate maker.

Owens John E., (Poultney,) r 24, with Hugh Evans and Thomas and Richard L. Jones, slate makers.

Owens Owen, (Fairhaven,) (Lloyd, Owens & Co.)

OWENS ROWLAND T., (Poultney,) carriage and ornamental painter, York.


Parker Edgar V., (Poultney,) (Gardner Parker & Son,) h Main.

Parker G. & Son, (Poultney,) (Gardner and Edgar V.,) manufacturers of red, purple and green slate, Main.

Parker Gardner, (Poultney,) (Gardner Parker & Son,) h Main.

Parker George G., (Poultney,) dealer in meats, fish, hides, pelts and provisions, Main.

Parro David, (East Poultney,) blacksmith and carriage ironer.

Pearsons Henry, (Poultney,) harness maker, Granville st.

PEASE ALBERT, (Castleton,) r 9, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, has 166 head, farmer 100, and owns in Castleton 100.

Peppler Charles, (Poultney,) cabinet maker, Church.

PEPPLER GEORGE, (Poultney,) manuf. and dealer in cabinet ware, picture frames and mouldings, and undertaker, York cor Church.

Peppler John, (Poultney,) cabinet maker, bds with George.

Peppler Win., (East Poultney,) r 34, laborer.

Perry Cadwallader W., (Poultney,) r 59, (Jones, Roberts & Perry,) farmer, leases of P. Brayton, of Granville, N. Y., 26.

Perry Rollin W., (Poultney,) r 54, quarryman.

PERSONS COLLAMER, (East Poultney,) carriage maker, Main.

Phalon Patrick, (Castleton,) r 7, farmer 90.

Platt Fred S., (Poultney,) (Beaman & Platt.).

Pomeroy Ebenezer, (Castleton,), r 9, flock 100 sheep, and farmer 130.

Porter Charles H., (East Poultney,) r 32, farmer 105.

Porter John, (East Poultney,) r 32, retired farmer.

POTTER CHARLES W., (Poultney,) (Potter & Ross,) Main.

POTTER DANIEL S., (Poultney,) carpenter and builder, Church.

Potter Edgar W., (Poultney,) carpenter, Church.

POTTER HENRY, (East Poultney,) dealer in horses, cattle, sheep, breeder of blooded horses and farmer 800, Main.

Potter Seymour, (Poultney,) laborer, Church.

POTTER SEYMOUR F., (Poultney,) machinist, Church.

*POTTER &. ROSS, (Poultney,) (Charles W. P. and Edward V. R.,) editors and proprietors Poultney Journal.

Poultney Bank, (Poultney,) Merritt Clark, cashier; Edward Clark, teller, Main.

POULTNEY HOUSE, (Poultney,) A. H. Brown, prop., Main cor. Grove.

*POULTNEY JOURNAL, (Poultney,) weekly, Friday, Potter & Ross, props., Main.

POULTNEY SLATE WORKS, (Poultney,) John Bradley, general superintendent.

POWELL SAMUEL, (Poultney,) mason and contractor, Furnace.

Powers George, (Poultney,) engineer.

Powers Ira, (Poultney,) engineer.

Pray George, (Poultney,) sash and blind maker, and foreman for Ripley & Stanley, York.

Pray Win. F., (East Poultney,) r 35, carpenter and joiner.

PRESTON MARTHA. (Poultney,) r 21, farmer 95.

Prindle Gilbert B., (East Poultney,) jeweler, North.

Prindle Horace G., (East Poultney,) with Willie B., agent for Meadow King Mower and farmer 150.

Prindle Willie B., (East Poultney,) with Horace G., agent for Meadow King Mower and farmer 150.

Pritchard John, (Poultney,) tinner.

Pritchard Wm. G., (Poultney,) r 41, slate maker.

Prouty Linus E., (Poultney,) retired farmer, Bentley House.


Quinn Patrick, (East Poultney,) r 35, farmer 35.

Quinn Win., (East Poultney,) r 27, farmer 150.


Rand Ruel, (Castleton,) r 10. farmer 15.

Randall A. A., (Poultney,) director Commercial department Troy Conference Academy.

RANDALL EDWARD H. REV., (Poultney,) rector of St. John's parish, (Episcopal,) and principal of school, civil engineer and land surveyor, Church.

Rann Chas. A., (East Poultney,) resident, Main.

Rann H. Clarence, (Poultney,) (Rann & Frisbie.)

Rann & Frisbie, (Poultney,) (H. Clarence, R. and James S. F.,) hats, caps, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Main.

Rayder Abner M., (Poultney,) farmer 100, Main.

RAYDER ZIBA B., (Poultney,) slater, roofer and dealer in all kinds of slate, Grove cor. Furnace.

Redding Andrew J., (East Poultney,) wagon maker.

Reed Thomas, (East Poultney,) r 28, farmer 75.

Regan John, (East Poultney,) r 48, farmer 64.

Rice Lovisa W., (Poultney,) widow of Alanson, prop. summer boarding house, Granville st.

Richards Solomon, (East Poultney,) retired wagon maker.

Richardson Edwin C., (Poultney,) piano tuner and patentee of Richardson's Surprise Churn, Main.

RIPLEY ALMERON B., (East Poultney,) piano and organ tuner, Main. 

RIPLEY CHARLES, (Poultney,) (R. & Stanley,) town representative, h Church.

Ripley George H., (Poultney,) clerk.

Ripley James W., (Poultney;) manuf. of harness and Scotch collars, Main, h College.

*RIPLEY & STANLEY, (Poultney,) (Charles R. and Theodore S.,) manufs and dealers in lumber, doors, sash, blinds, and builders' hardware and materials, paints and oils, Church.

Roach John, (Poultney,) r 2, laborer.

Roberts Lewis, (Poultney,) r 41, quarryman.

Roberts Robert J., (Fairhaven,) r 23, (Benjamin Lewis & Co.)

Roberts Seth, (Poultney,) r 55, (Jones & Roberts.)

Roberts Thomas J., (Poultney,) r 55, quarryman and farmer 50.

Roberts Thomas J., (Poultney,) (Jones, Roberts & Perry.)

Roberts William M., (Fairhaven,) r 21, quarryman.

Roberts William J., (Poultney,) r 55, with Mrs. Catharine, farmer 65.

ROGERS AMOS J., (Poultney,) r 58, carpenter and builder, and farmer 40.

Rogers Asa J., (Poultney,) r 54, justice of the peace and farmer 200.

Rogers Charles E., (Poultney,) r 54, farmer, leases of Asa J. 200.

Roney Dan, (Castleton,) r 8, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 186.

Rood Frank M., (Poultney,) photographer, dealer in picture frames, albums and artists' materials, Main, h Furnace.

Ross Edward V., (Poultney,) (Potter & R.,) h Bentley ave.

ROSS ELIJAH: (Poultney,) wholesale and retail dealer in fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, &c., Russian apples and improved varieties of crab apples a specialty, Bentley ave.

ROSS LUCRETIUS D., (Poultney,) allo. physician and surgeon, prest. of Rutland County Medical Society, Beaman.

Rowe Frederick H., (Poultney,) law student, Main.

ROWE HARVEY, (Poultney,) manuf. of all kinds of marble work and dealer in native and foreign granite, York, h Main.

Rowell Hawley, (Poultney,) r 20, teamster.

Rowell Rodney J., (Fairhaven,) r 22, farmer 110.

Rowland William H., (Poultney,) attorney-at-law, justice of the peace and notary public, Main.

Rowsom William H. Rev., (Poultney,) pastor M. E. Church, Main.

Royal Joseph, (Poultney,) wagon maker.

RUGGLES FREDERICK, (East Poultney,) retired farmer, Main.

RUGGLES HENRY, (Poultney,) manuf. of slate and marble working machinery, mill machinery and castings for repairing freight cars, Furnace, h Main.

Russell William W., (East Poultney,) r 49, wool grower and farmer 126.

Ryan Henry H., (East Poultney,) piano tuner.

Ryan Michael, (Poultney,) marble cutter, York.


SCHWEIZER SAMUEL, (Poultney,) butcher, Main.

Scott Stephen, (East Poultney,) r 17, farmer 14.

Scudder Joel W., (Poultney,) r 36, carriage painter.

Sennett Patrick, (Poultney,) r 46, dairy 17 cows, farmer 350.

Seymour John, (Poultney,) near r 2, quarryman and farmer 20.

Shaughnessy John, (Poultney,) tinner, College.

Shannahan Patrick, (Poultney,) r 2, farmer 3.

Sharp Emma F., (Poultney,) teacher of common English.

SHAW HENRY, (East Poultney,) r 35, prop. grist and cider mill, and farmer 35.

Sherman Emmett W., (Poultney,) r 38, carpenter.

Sherman Maria, (Poultney,) widow of Olcott, owns farm 20, Main.

Sherman Solon, (Poultney,) r 20, farmer 100.

SINCLAIR ANN A. MRS., (Poultney,) (Mrs. Sinclair & Daughter,) h Main.

SINCLAIR EDNA L., (Poultney,) (Mrs. Sinclair & Daughter.)

SINCLAIR Mrs. & DAUGHTER, (Poultney,) (Mrs. Ann A. end Miss Edna L.,) millinery, fancy goods, lace ties, etc., Main.

SMITH ANDREW J., (Poultney,) pattern worker, has worked 17 years for Ruggles' machine shop, Main.

SMITH ASAHEL, (East Poultney,) dairy 28 cows and farmer 300, Main.

SMITH DENNIS A., (East Poultney,) r 43, grower of pears, plums, grapes and apples, farm 55, also dealer in fruit and manuf. of grape wine for communion and sickness.

Smith Dwight, (East Poultney,) r 43, laborer.

SMITH HARRIS F., (Poultney,) r 20, prop. saw mill, dealer in lumber and farmer 15.

SMITH JOHN D., (Poultney,) molder and foreman in Ruggles foundry, Furnace.

Smith Martha, (Poultney,) r 20, widow of Chauncy.

Smith Martin, (Poultney,) agt. for Rice & Co., Cambridge, N. Y., Granville.

SMITH SAMUEL S., (Poultney,) carpenter and joiner, foreman Poultney Slate Works, York.

Southworth Dan F., (Poultney,) head clerk J. W. Deane’s store.

SPAULDING LOOMIS C., (Poultney,) r 22, 1st selectman, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, dairy 30 cows and farmer 200.

SPAULDING JULIUS, (East Poultney,) farmer 62, Main.

*SPENCER W. H., (Poultney,) dentist, Main.

ST. JOHN'S PARISH SCHOOL, (Poultney,) Rev. E. H. Randall, principal; Mrs. Henry Gorham and Mrs. Dr. Cudworth, assistants; Church.

STANLEY THEODORE, (Poultney,) (Ripley & S.) h Church.

Stanley William G., (Poultney,) (Stanley & Hyde.)

Stanley & Hyde, (Poultney,) (Win. G. S. and Nelson H.,) flour, grain and feed, Main.

Stevens Ira, (East Poultney,) r 28, farmer 100.

Stoddard Henry, (Poultney,) r 42, laborer.

Stoddard Martin, (Poultney,) r 42, farmer 13.

STODDARD MARVIN O., (Poultney,) treas. Mosley & Stoddard Manuf. Co. owns farm in Hampton, N. Y., 260, h Bentley ave.

Storks Desevignia Rev., (Poultney,) superanuated M. E. clergyman, College.

Streeter Russell, (Castleton,) r 10, farmer, leases of Wm. Kelley, of Wallingford, 700.


Taft Austin, (Poultney,) farmer 25.

TAY JOB H., (Poultney,) tinsmith, foreman in Mosley & Stoddard's tinshop, bds. York.

Tellier Thomas Rev., (East Poultney,) pastor Baptist Church.

Teriault Octon J., (Poultney,) druggist, bds. Furnace. 

Thomas Erasmus, (Fairhaven,) r 24, with Thos. Griffith and Robert Jones, slate makers. 

Thomas John J., (Poultney,) r 56, quarryman. 

Thomas Moses J., (Poultney,) r 37, (Globe Slate Co.) 

Thomas Owen N., (Hydeville,) r 2, farmer 96. 

Thomas Robert O., (Hydeville,) r 2, slate maker. 

Thompson Anna Mrs., (Poultney,) teacher of modern languages. 

Thompson Franklin, (East Poultney,) r 18, with Jennie Thompson, farm 110. 

Thompson Jennie, (East Poultney,) r 18, with Franklin, farm 110. 

Thompson Lamston E., (Poultney,) crockery, groceries, &c., Main. 

THRALL REUBEN R., (Poultney,) r 43, dairy 12 cows, dealer in milk and farmer 120. 

Towslee Chas. W., (Poultney,) tinsmith, College. 

*TROY CONFERENCE ACADEMY, (Poultney,) Rev. C. H. Dunton, principal, College head of Main. 


Vaughan Lucian E., (East Poultney,) painter, Main. 


Wade Joseph, (Poultney,) keeper and sexton Poultney Cemetery, Beaman. 

Walters Roland, (Hydeville,) r 2, slate maker and farmer 25. 

Ward Benj. F., (Poultney,) livery, boarding and sale stable, Main. 

Ward Chauncey C., (Castleton,) r 8, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 196. 

WARD JOHN S., (Poultney,) r 38, dairy 16 cows and farmer 95. 

Ward Louisa, (East Poultney,) r 34, farm 1. 

WARD SOLON L., (Poultney,) dentist, Main. 

WARD SOPHIA, (East Poultney,) r 29, widow of Chas. P., owns farm 160. 

Ward Walter, (Poultney,) r 38, farmer 45. 

Ward William S., (East Poultney,) r 29, farms for Sophia Ward, 160.

Waterhouse Chas., (East Poultney,) r 43, hostler. 

Welch James. (Poultney,) r 56, farmer 50. 

Wells Pomeroy, estate of, (Poultney,) r 41, farm 150.

WHEATON EMILY MRS., (Poultney,) fur worker, Seminary.

Wheaton Francis H., (Poultney,) painter, Seminary. 

WHEATON ISAAC G., (Poultney,) house painter, Seminary. 

Whitcomb Caroline Mrs., (Poultney,) milliner, Main. 

WHITCOMB ELIAS, (Poultney,) r 41, agent circular saw mills, gummers and upsetters, rubber and leather belting, and mill supplies. 

White John, (Poultney,) r 46, farmer, leases of J. Beaman, 12. 

WHITLOCK FRANKLIN W., (Poultney,) carpenter and builder, Church. 

Wilber Rollin L., (Poultney,) teamster, Grove. 

Wilcox Alanson D., (East Poultney,) retired jeweler, Main. 

Wilcox Frank, (Poultney,) clerk. 

Wilkins Harrison, (Poultney,) r 53, laborer. 

Williams David R., (Poultney,) r 54, quarryman. 

WILLIAMS EDWARD J., (Hampton, N. Y.,) r 38, prop. of Green Mountain Mills, dealer in meal, flour, feed, salt, grass seed, bran, slate; wood, &c. 

Williams Ellen Mrs., (Poultney,) r 55, boarding-house. 

WILLIAMS JAMES S., (Poultney,) slate maker, York. 

WILLIAMS JOHN, (East Poultney,) tanner and currier. 

Williams John R., (Poultney,) r 55, (Williams Bros. & Co.) 

WILLIAMS ROBERT J., (Fairhaven,) r 23, (Benj. Lewis & Co.) 

Williams T. William T., (Poultney,) with David, of Shirley, Mass., and Thomas, of Charlottesville, Va., leases slate quarry, of S. C. Hooker, Main.

Williams William A. P., (Poultney,) r 56, quarryman.

Williams William R, (Poultney,) r 55, (Williams Bros. & Co.)

WILLIAMS BROS. & CO., (Poultney,) r 55, (Wm. R. and John R. Williams,) manufs. billiard beds, mantel stock, window sills and all kinds of slate goods.

WILSON ASHLEY M., (Poultney,) carpenter and builder, College.

WILSON JOSIAH C., (Poultney,) agent for Minerva L. Wilson, upholsterer, Main.

Wilson Minerva L., (Poultney,) undertaking, picture framing and dealer in furniture, also dressmaker, Main.

WILSON NATHAN J., (Poultney,) r 46, farmer, leases of Mrs. Benjamin Gidding, 230.

Wilson Ralph, (Poultney,) harness maker, Main.

Winchell Mary, (East Poultney,) r 17, widow of James, farm 1.

Winn Ora, (Poultney,) dressmaker, Main.

Wood Ahira E., (East Poultney,) carpenter.

Wood Barney, (East Poultney,) r 34, farmer 80.

Wood William H., (Poultney,) carpenter, Bentley ave.

Woodard Joseph C., (East Poultney,) r 3l, farmer, leases of E. S. Dewey 150.

Woodard Wesley, (East Poultney,) r 43, farmer.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 403-421.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004