Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Adams Elias T., (Pittsford,) r 32, farmer 128. 

Adams Thomas M., (Pittsford,) r 32, son of Elias T. 

Alexander Carlos, (Pittsford,) r 12, farmer leases of Emmet Seward, 10.

ALEXANDER FRANCIS W., (Pittsford,) off r 12, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of H. S. Lothrop, 150

Allen Alanson C., (Pittsford,) r 32, farmer 45. 

Allor Frank, (Pittsford,) r 18, farmer 1 acre. 

Allord Frank, (Pittsford,) r 17, teamster and farmer 8. 

ANDREWS LUCY J., (Pittsford,) r 52, widow Austin A., farmer 50. 

Arnold Alvin, (Pittsford,) r 31, blacksmith and stationary engineer. 

Ash Eugene, (Pittsford,) r 30, (Whitaker & Ash.) 

Austin Daniel, (Pittsford,) general blacksmith. 

Austin Daniel Jr., (Pittsford,) r 28, blacksmith. 


BAILEY EPHRAIM M., (Pittsford,) r 59, farmer 40. 

Baird Frank B., (Pittsford,) r 56, dairy 9 cows, farmer 80. 

BARBER JOSHUA D., (Pittsford,) r 30, h and 2 1/2 acres, and grist mill in Clarendon. 

BARNARD ROYAL W., (Pittsford,) r 30, carpenter and joiner, agent for National Publishing Co. and agent for Poultney Nursery. 


BARNES HELEN E. Miss, (Pittsford,) r 10, residence.

Barnes Edward L., (Pittsford,) r 52, (H. C. & E. L.,) farmer. 

Barnes H. C. & E. L., (Pittsford,) r 52, dairy 12 cows, farmers 180. 

Barnes Henry C., (Pittsford,) r 30, (H. C. & E. L.) farmer 135. 

Barnes John, (Pittsford,) r 36, farmer 10. 

Barns Benjamin F., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 130. 

BARNS CHARLES, (Pittsford,) r 52, breeder of full blood Devon cattle, and farmer 160. 

Barns John R., (Pittsford,) r 55, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100. 

Barmard George, (Pittsford,) house painter and kalsominer. 


Bassett George A., (Pittsford,) r 16, laborer.

Bassett Giles A., (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer 21 and 200 in Chittenden.

Bates Brothers, (Pittsford,) r 59, (George D. and Thomas V.,) custom grist mill.

BATES GEORGE D., (Pittsford,) r 52, (Bates Brothers,) cabinet maker, painter, carpenter and millwright.

Bates Hiram, (Pittsford,) r 44, farmer 100.

Bates Oliver T., (Pittsford,) r 24, farmer 20, and works 100 for Hiram Bates on r 44.

Bates Thomas V., (Pittsford,) r 59, (Bates Brothers,) farmer 100.

Bean Alexander, (Pittsford,) r 18, farmer 2.

Beaupre Armeda A., (Pittsford,) r 31, domestic.

Beaupre Zoa, (Pittsford,) r 31, laundress, h and 1/2 acre.

Beebe Willie D., (Pittsford,) r 10, dairy 13 cows, farmer 17.

Bogue Dan, (Pittsford,) r 31, resident.

Booth John B., (Pittsford,) r 59, dentist and farmer 75.

Bowen Benjamin M., (Pittsford,) works in D. M. Smith & Co's marble quarry.

Bowen Oliver C., (Pittsford,) r 53, wool grower, 75 sheep, farmer 96.

Bradley Cornelius, (Pittsford,) r 17, section hand, Vermont Central Railroad, farmer 6.

Bresee Jacob F., (Pittsford,) r 12, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 50.

Bresee Wallace E., (Brandon,) r 8, farmer 100 and 30 pasture.

Buck William J., (Pittsford,) r 30, laborer.

Bucknam James, (Pittsford,) r 53, tanner and currier, and farmer 10.

Bullett Peter, (Pittsford,) r 18, farmer 17 1/2.

BURBANK SAMUEL K., (Pittsford,) (Hitchcock & Burbank,) telegraph operator and notary public.

BURDITT ASHER, (Pittsford,) (Burditt Brothers,) boards with R. S. Meacham.

Burditt Brothers, (Pittsford) (Asher and Dan. D.,) props. Pittsford Mills, dealers in flour, feed and grain.

Burditt Charles, (Pittsford,) dairy 9 cows and farmer 160.

Burditt Clarissa M. Mrs., (Pittsford,) r 24, farmer 160.

Burditt Dan. D., (Pittsford,) (Burditt Bros.,) r 38, farmer 715 and 34 pasture and mountain.

Burditt David D., (Pittsford,) r 9, broom maker, carpenter, apiary 20 swarms and farmer 50.

Burditt Frank E., (Pittsford,) r 39, works for Ransom Burditt.

BURDITT GEORGE H., (Pittsford,) r 7, laborer.

Burditt James N., (Brandon,) r 4, farmer 1 1/2.

BURDITT RANSOM, (Pittsford,) r 39, breeder of merino and Cotswold sheep 130, farmer 60 and 186 pasture, and 150 and 320 pasture worked by Austin Shangraw.

BURR CARLOS W., (Pittsford,) r 30, farmer, leases of D. P. Peabody 6. 

Burrage Mary E., (Pittsford,) r 53, widow of Joseph, farm 26. 

BUTLER JAMES D., (Pittsford,) r 28, attorney at law, justice of the peace and insurance agent. 

BUTLER SAMUEL, (Pittsford,) r 41, 100 sheep and farmer 150. 

Butler Walter S., (Pittsford,) r 41, carpenter and joiner. 


Cahee Robert, (Pittsford,) r 7, works for F. W. Smith & Co., farmer 8 in Brandon.

Cain John, (Pittsford,) r __, works F. W. Smith & Co. 

Cain Michael, (Pittsford,) r 42, farmer. 

Carrigan Arthur, (Pittsford,) r 31, works in Titan furnace. 

CARRIGAN FRANK B., (Pittsford,) r 7, blacksmith. 

Carrigan Joseph B,, (Pittsford,) r 36, farmer. 

Carrigan Michael, (Pittsford,) r 32, first fireman in Pittsford furnace and farmer 65. 

CARRIGAN MICHAEL, (Pittsford,) r 31, teamster for Titan furnace. 

Casey Patrick, (Pittsford,) r 20, machine runner for F. W. Smith & Co.

CAVERLY CHARLES S., M.D., (Pittsford,) r 28, physician and surgeon and farmer 25. 

Caverly Sarah L., (Pittsford,) widow of Dr. A. M. Caverly. 

Chaffee Eugene W., (Chittenden,) r 56, mountain lot, farmer 100. 

Chaffee Warren, (Chittenden,) r 56, dairy 14 cows, farmer 157. 

Christmas George, (Pittsford,) blacksmith. 

Clark Edward, (Pittsford,) r 31, laborer. 

Coats Martin A., (Pittsford,) r 14, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, leases of A. H. Stratton 80. 

Colburn Charles S., (Pittsford,) lawyer, town clerk and town treasurer. 

Cole Alander, (Brandon,) r 6, farmer 120. 

Cole Isaac, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer. 

Connolly Brothers, (Pittsford,) (James and Michael,) dealers in hardware.

Connolly James, (Pittsford,) (Connolly Bros.) 

Connolly Michael, (Pittsford,) (Connolly Bros.) 

Cooley Ann F. Miss, (Pittsford,) r 32, farmer 40. 

Cooley Carlton, (Pittsford,) r 35, works of Orin Cooley 55. 

Cooley Charles, (Pittsford,) r 55, farmer 1/2 acre. 

Cooley Clayton, (Pittsford,) r 55, laborer. 

Cooley Edward, (Pittsford,) laborer. 

Cooley Orin, (Pittsford,) r 35, moulder in Howe Scale Works, Rutland, and farmer 55. 

Coppins Edward, (Pittsford,) carriage painter. 

COTTING EDWARD E., (Pittsford,) r 37, saw filer and joiner, and farmer 9. 

CRAHAN WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) r 16, gutterman in Titan furnace and farmer 35. 

CREED JAMES E., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer, works for Oliver C. Bowen. 

CREED WILLIAM, (Chittenden,) r 36, dairy 20 cows and farmer 246.


Davis Robert B., (Rutland,) r 57, farmer 60. 

Denison Brothers, (Pittsford,) (William T. and Frank C.,) dealers in general merchandise and country produce. 

DENISON FRANK C., (Pittsford,) (Denison Bros.,) postmaster.

DENISON WILLIAM T., (Pittsford,) (Denison Bros.,) collector and constable.

Dickerman Austin A., (Pittsford,) r 10, breeder of Devon cattle, dairy 28 cows, breeder of Berkshire hogs and farmer 240.

Dickerman Azro B., (Pittsford,) r 28, breeder of full b1ood Devon cattle, dairy 10 cows and farmer 240.

Dike Cyrus, (Pittsford,) r 31, farmer 160.

Dillon William, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher.

Dimick Andrew J., (Brandon,) r 6, farmer 4.

Dixon George, (Rutland,) r 57, laborer.

Dolan Peter, (Brandon,) r 4, farmer 3.

Donnelly Henry; (Sutherland Falls,) machinist.

Doolin James, (Pittsford,) r 36, dairy is cows, farmer 100.

Doolin Patrick, (Pittsford,) off r 56, dairy 23 cows, farmer 105.

Douglass Byron J., (Pittsford,) r 30, dairy 60 cows, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, farmer 329.

Doyle John, (Pittsford,) r 35, laborer.

DRAKE ROBERT R., (Pittsford,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery, gents' custom made clothing, notary public and selectman, residence, 4 acres, pasture 140.

Drury Ebenezer H., (Pittsford,) r 28, physician and farmer 5.

Drury Zilpha Mrs., (Pittsford,) wife of Ebenezer H., farm 300, in Rutland.

Duffy John, (Pittsford,) r 32, moulder in scale works, Rutland.

Duffy Michael, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer 23.

Dunlap Rachel and Betsey, (Pittsford,) r 41, residents.

DUTELLE PHILIP, (Pittsford,) (D. & Tennien,) r 28, residence and 3 acres.

DUTELLE & TENNIEN, (Pittsford,) (Philip D. and Thomas T.,) general blacksmiths.


*EAYRES GEORGE A., (Pittsford,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, general merchandise, &c.

Eayres John A., (Pittsford,) r 51, farmer 125, and 150 in Chittenden, leases of George N. Eayres.

Eayres & Wood, (Pittsford,) r 51, (George N. Eayres, of Rutland, and M. J. Wood,) farmers 340, in Chittenden.

EDSON WILLARD E., (Rutland,) r 57, saw mill, carpenter, farmer 20, and 150 in Mendon.

EGGLESTON JOHN F., (Pittsford,) r 24, breeder of Banner and Hambletonian horses, and farmer 150.

Elliot Robert, (Pittsford,) r 31, works in Titan furnace.

Elliott Robert Jr., (Pittsford,) r 31, works in Titan furnace.

ELLIOTT THOMAS, (Pittsford,) r 31, of teamster.

Espersen John P., (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.


Fallorn James, (Pittsford,) r 10, farmer 24 1/2. 

FARMER JOHN P., (Pittsford,) r 20, supt. of F. W. Smith S Co's. marble works and store. 

Fenton Charles J., (Pittsford,) r 53, son of Samuel T. 

FENTON HENRY S., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer, works of Samuel Fenton, 140. 

Fenton John, (Pittsford,) yankee notion peddler. 

Fenton Samuel T., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 120, and 130 in Chittenden. 

Fitzpatrick Daniel, (Pittsford,) r 31, laborer. 

Fitzpatrick Daniel Jr., (Pittsford,) r 31, laborer. 

Fitzpatrick James (Pittsford,,) r 31, laborer. 

Fitzpatrick Martin, (Pittsford,) r 11, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 400. 

FITZPATRICK MICHAEL C., (Pittsford,) r 11, son of Martin, farmer. 

FLANDERS CHARLES A., (Pittsford,) homeo. physician, office and residence over Drake's store.

Fleming Pierce J., (Pittsford,) r 30, tin and Yankee notion peddler. 

FLEMMING JAMES, (Pittsford,) r 17, blacksmith. 

Flemming John, (Pittsford,) r 17, farmer 16. 

Fletcher Albert W., (Pittsford,) r 41, farmer 22.

Flinn Michael, (Pittsford,) section hand, Vermont Central Railroad.

Francis Charles, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

Francis Henry F., (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner.

*FRANKLYN JONATHAN B., (Pittsford,) r 37, manufacturer of pulp, manilla, printing and wall paper, h and 4 acres.

Fredette Albert, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer.

Fredette Henry, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer.

Fredette Nelson, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer.

Fredette Peter, (Pittsford,) r 38, farmer 8.


Gagnon Joseph, (Pittsford) r 52, farmer 150.

Galepo Romer, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster.

GARDNER HENRY, (Pittsford,) r 35, boot and shoe maker.

Geno Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer.

Geno Samuel, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer.

Gilbert Lucie M. Miss, (Pittsford,) portrait and landscape painter.

Goodman Frank, (Pittsford,) r 31, furnaceman.

Goodnough John M., (Pittsford,) r 48, farmer 300.

Goodrich Zebulon, (Rutland,) r 57, teaming.

Gould Dexter, (Rutland,) r 57, farmer 217.

Gould Jonathan J., (Pittsford,) r 24, farmer 15.

Granger George, (Pittsford,) carriage maker and painter.

Greno Charles, (Pittsford,) r 30, wagon maker.

Greno Prosper, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman.

Griffith Daniel J., (Pittsford,) r 20, farmer 20.


HALL DAN K., (Pittsford,) r 38, superintendent of the sales of Vermont Marble Co., wool and sheep grower, 100 registered sheep, dairy 20 cows, farmer 155, and 400 in Brandon. See also Rutland Village directory.

HALL DAVID DORR, (Pittsford,) r 29, (Thomas D. Hall & Son.)

Hall Isaac S., (Pittsford,) r 38, superintendent of schools, carpenter and joiner, farmer, works 180, and 200 pasture in Brandon.

*HALL THOMAS D. & SON, (Pittsford,) (Thomas D. and David Dorr,) r 29, breeder of pure Jersey cattle and thorough-bred Spanish merino sheep, registered, dairy 20 cows, 50 registered sheep, agents for Belle City Feed Cutters; also Bullard Hay Tedder and Stoddard's Balance Wheel Rake, farmers 200.

HALL WILLIAM E., (Pittsford,) r 58, justice of the peace and farmer 57. 

Hall William P., (Pittsford,) r 26, carpenter, 20 registered sheep, 10 horses, and farmer, leases of G. & L. Hendee 240.

HALL WILLIAM R., (Pittsford,) r 58, butcher and farmer 100.

Hammond Mary P., (Pittsford,) r 35, widow of Augustus, residence and 90 acres.

Hannon Thomas, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

HARRINGTON LEWELLYN E., M. D., (Pittsford,) r 20, general superintendent of F. W. Smith's marble works.

Hart Charles N., (Pittsford,) harness maker, upholsterer and carriage trimmer. 

HART HORACE H., (Pittsford,) r 58, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 75. 

Hatch Cynthia A., (Rutland,) r 57, widow of William P., farm 12.

Hayes Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

Heath Andrew Rev., (Pittsford,) r 30, pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Hendee Caleb R., (Pittsford,) r 28, farmer 70.

Hendee Charles J., (Pittsford,) r 28, breeder of Jersey and Guernsey cattle, and farmer 80.

HENDEE ELISHA R., (Pittsford,) r 5, breeder of fine wool sheep, 25 head, and farmer 300.

Hendee Edwin H., (Pittsford,) r 28, stock dealer and farmer 24.

HENDEE GERMAN, (Pittsford,) r 28, (G. & G. F. Hendee.) farmer 12.

HENDEE GERMAN F., (Pittsford,) r 28, (G. & G. F. Hendee.)

HENDEE G. & G. F. (Pittsford,) r 28, (German and German F.,) breeders of Spanish merino sheep, registered, farmers 200.

Henderson David, (Pittsford,) r 24, laborer.

HENNASEY THOMAS J., (Pittsford,) r 35, gardener and cemetery grading.

Hewett Austin A., (Pittsford,) r 35, carpenter and joiner.

HEWETT MARY S., (Pittsford,) r 44.

Hewitt James E., (Brandon,) r 4, farmer, works of Edson L. Hewitt 40.

Hewitte Lovina, (Brandon,) r 9, widow of Seth H., farm 135.

Hitchcock Carlos A., (Pittsford,) (Hitchcock & Burbank,) r __, notary public, residence and 25 acres, and farmer 250.

Hitchcock Charles, (Pittsford.) r 12, justice of the peace, wool grower 300 sheep, dairy 5 cows, farmer 260 and mountain lot 150.

Hitchcock Charles A., (Pittsford,) r 30, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 41.

HITCHCOCK ELISHA P., (Pittsford,) r 31, farmer, works of Elizabeth Martin 150.

Hitchcock Thomas A., (Pittsford,) r 30, dealer in stoves and hardware, and farmer 6.

Hitchcock & Burbank, (Pittsford,) (Carlos A. Hitchcock and Samuel K. Burbank,) insurance agents, hardware, paints, &c., mowing machine extras, and agents for Walter A. Wood's mowers and reapers.

HOLDEN DAVID T., (Pittsford,) r 8, breeder of registered merino sheep, 50 head, beef cattle, and farmer 120.

Holden Myron C., (Pittsford,) r 8, son of David T., farmer 100.

HOUSTON ALEXANDER, (Pittsford,) r 7, machine runner for F. W. Smith & Co.

Houston John, (Pittsford,) r 7, farmer 60.

HOWE JOSHUA C., (Pittsford,) r 30, manuf. baskets, ox  yokes and bows, and ax helves. 

Howe Martin J., (Pittsford,) r 30, with J. C. Howe. 

Howland Josephus F., (Pittsford,) r 22, farmer 250. 

Hudson John W., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 93. 

Humphrey M. P. & M., (Pittsford,) r 40, (Moses P. and Martin,) dairy 15 cows and farmers 130. 

Humphrey Ma11nda H., (Pittsford,) r 31, widow of Willard, farm 14. 

Humphrey Martin, (Pittsford,) r 40, (M. P. & M. Humphrey.) 

Humphrey Moses P. (Pittsford,) r 40, (M. P. & M. Humphrey.) 

Humphrey Willard S., (Rutland,) carpenter. 


Jackson Ansel C., (Pittsford,) r 17, teamster. 

Jackson Asa E., (Pittsford,) r 30, teamster. 

JACKSON EDWARD F., (Pittsford,) r 56, dairy to cows, farmer works of the estate of Harvey Jackson, 120. 

Jackson George D., (Rutland,) r 57, farmer 50, and 10 in Chittenden. 

JOHNSON CHARLES, (Pittsford,) r 5, teamster. 

Johnson Tames, (Pittsford,) works for F. W. Smith & Co. 

JONES CHARLES P., (Pittsford,) r 31, carpenter and teamster for Titan Furnace Co.

Jones Joseph H., (Pittsford,) clerk for Denison Bros. 

JONES WM. M., (Pittsford,) dealer in marble and granite, and manuf. of monuments, marble mantles, &c. 

Jordan Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

June Frank A., (Pittsford,) house painter.


Kellogg Amos V., (Pittsford,) r 51, engineer, wool grower, farmer 75, and 50 pasture. 

Ketchum Thomas J., (Pittsford,) r 30, allo. physician and surgeon, farmer 1 acre. 

Kemp Benj. R., (Pittsford,) gardening and farmer 7. 

Keough John, (Pittsford,) r 16, mason and farmer 16. 

King George, (Sutherland Falls,) works in marble shops.

King Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) machine oiler. 

King Peter, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Kingman Henry, (Pittsford,) mail and express carrier from Pittsford to depot, sexton Congregational church and farmer 

Kivelan William, (Sutherland Falls,) machinist. 


Labroad George, (Pittsford,) r 16, stationary engineer. 

LADABUSH EDMOND, (Pittsford,) r 48, butcher, farmer, leases 50, and 300 in Rutland, of John Godenough. 

Ladabush Edmond Jr., (Pittsford,) butcher and meat peddler. 

LANDON MILTON, (Brandon,) r 9, raises beef cattle, farm 128. 

Landon Ruth L., (Brandon,) r 9, wife of Milton, arm 200. 

Laramie Abraham, (Pittsford,) works in Titan furnace. 

Leonard Asa H., (Pittsford,) r 37, miller, runs saw mill for Hiram Leonard. 

Leonard Capen, (Pittsford,) r 52, farmer 60.

Leonard Edwin J., (Pittsford,) r 53, produce dealer and farmer. 

Leonard George, (Pittsford,) r 58, farmer 65. 

Leonard Hiram, (Pittsford,) r 37, saw mill. 

Leonard Isaac M., (Pittsford,) r 12, farmer 164, and 85 in Chittenden. 

Leonard James E., (Pittsford,) wagon maker and farmer. 

Leonard Jerry, (Pittsford,) r 58, farmer 82. 

Leonard John C., (Pittsford,) r 30, carriage maker.

Leonard Josiah, (Pittsford,) r 53, keeps young stock, 40 head 2 year old, farmer 120, and 100 acres of pasture. 

Leonard Luther D., (Pittsford,) r 37, sawyer and miller. 

Lero Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Lincoln Edgar E., (Pittsford,) r 17, farmer 5. 

Lothrop Henry F., (Pittsford,) r 37, justice of the peace, farmer 813, 200 in Brandon, 250 in Chittenden, 275 in Middlebury.

LOVELAND AARON N., (Pittsford,) r 29, marble quarry, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 180. 

LOVELAND SAMUEL B., (Sutherland Falls,) r 50, farmer 500.

Lowth Matthew, (Pittsford,) r 36, dairy 12 cows, farmer 140. 

Lozo Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner. 

Lozo John, (Sutherland Falls,) ox teamster.


Malone Charles, (Pittsford,) r 11, mason and farmer. 

Malone James, (Pittsford,) r 11, son of Charles.

Manley B. Franklin, (Pittsford,) r 59, farmer 85.

Manley Bethuel, (Hubbardton,) r 1, farmer 64. 

Manley Josephus, (Hubbardton,) r 1, farmer 137. 

MANLY WILLIAM W., (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, marble turner and tinsmith.

Martin Elizabeth; (Pittsford,) r 31, widow of Alexander, farm 150. 

Mathews John, (Pittsford,) r 31. 

Mathews John, Jr., (Pittsford,) r 31, furnaceman. 

MATHEWS WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) r 15, filler in Pittsford Furnace. 

McCail Mary, (Pittsford,) r 14, widow of John, farmer 75. 

McCarthy John L., (Pittsford,) r 56, tin peddler. 

McCoy Samuel, (Pittsford,) r 16, stationary engineer. 

McCOY WILLIAM C., (Pittsford,) r 16, founder, foreman of Titan Furnace and blacksmith. 

McCoy William C. Jr., (Pittsford,) r 16, stationary engineer. 

McDermott Michael, (Pittsford,) farmer, leases of widow of Ethel Barnes 30. 

McEnany Thomas, (Pittsford,) r 31, teamster. 

McGregor Robert, (Sutherland Falls,) marble trimmer. 

McINTIRE CHARLES C. REV., (Pittsford,) pastor Congregational Church. 

MEACHAM ROLLINS., (Pittsford,) dealer in general merchandise, drugs, medicines, &c. 

Mead Elijah S., (Pittsford,) r 50, farmer 40. 

Mead Henry P., (West Rutland,) r 45, wheelwright.

Meehan Cornelius, (Pittsford,) r 36, farmer 80. 

MEEHEAN MICHAEL, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Mills Allen, (West Rutland,) r 44, dairy 34 cows and farmer 700. 

Mills Ansel, (Brandon,) r 8, farmer 12. 

Mills Austin A., (West Rutland,) r 45, farmer 230. 

MILLS DAVID E., (Brandon,) r 8, dealer in cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry, &c., wool grower 200 sheep, 30 head cattle, and farmer 175. 

Mills David L., (Pittsford,) r 8, breeder of beef cattle, keeps 100 head, wool grower 200 sheep, and farmer 500. 

Mills George, (Pittsford,) r 8, son of David L. 

Mills Justin W., (West Rutland,) r 44, son of Allen, farms for Allen 700. 

Mills Malcolm M. Rev., (Pittsford,) pastor Baptist Church and superintendent of schools. 

Mills Selenda, (Plttsford,) r 41, widow of Thomas, 1 acre. 

Miner Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 38, laborer. 

MITCHELL WILLARD H., (Pittsford,) r 53, works in Howe Scale Works, Rutland. 

Mitchell William (Pittsford,) r 54, farmer 37. 

Moahn Thomas, (Pittsford,) works for F. W. Smith & Co. 

Mooney Mary Mrs., (Pittsford,) widow of Richard, r 31, farmer 17. 

Mooney Patrick, (Pittsford,) r 31, moulder in Howe Scale Works, farmer 6.

Mooney Richard Jr., r 31, blacksmith. 

MOONEY WILLIAM F., (Pittsford,) r 31, teamster. 

MOONEY WILLIAM H., (Pittsford,) r 31, engineer at furnace. 

Moore James H., (Pittsford.) r 30, wheelwright. 

Morgan, Abel, (Pittsford,) r 25, farmer, leases of Carlos Hitchcock 116. 

Morgan Charles C., (Pittsford,) r 17. gardener and farmer. Morgan Henry G., (Pittsford) r 54, farmer. Morse Walter, (Pittsford,) r 10, farmer 15. 

MORSMAN GEORGE H., (Pittsford,) r 58, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 10. 

Mortrol Moses, (Pittsford,) r 41, farmer 25. 

Mulligan John, (Pittsford..) section hand, C. V. R. R. 

MULLIN JAMES E., (Pittsford,) carpenter and joiner, and undertakers. 

Mullin Michael, (Pittsford,) r 30, custom blacksmith.

Murphy Edward, (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer 27. 

Myron Frank, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer. 


Naylon Patrick, (Pittsford,) r 22, farmer 100. 

Newbury & Crook, (Columbia College, N. Y. city,) (John S. Newbury and J. J. Crook,) marble quarry, and farm 105. 

NICHOLAS ALARIC A., (Pittsford,) r 11, son of William, farmer. 

Nicholas William, (Pittsford,) r 11, dairy 8 cows and farmer 80. 

NICHOLS ELHANAN W., (Pittsford,) r 30, house painter. 

Nichols William H., (Pittsford,) r 7, works for. F. W. Smith & Co. 

Nourse Mary, (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer 3. 

Nourse Olive C., (Pittsford,) widow of Deacon Asa, r 30. 

NOYES ARTEMAS, (Pittsford,) r 17, carpenter and joiner, and musician. 

Noyes Edwin A., (Pittsford,) r 18, carpenter and joiner. 

Noyes Frederick B., (Pittsford,) r 30, carpenter and joiner. 

Noyes Harvey R., (Pittsford,) r 54, butcher and meat peddler, farm 30. 

Noyes Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 54, farmer 110 in Brandon. 


Oats Patrick, (Pittsford,) section hand C. V. R. R. 

O'Brien Bernard, (Pittsford,) r 20, works for F. W. Smith & Co. 

O'Brien John, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer 10. 

O'Brien John J., (Chittenden,) r 36, farmer, works for C. Meehan 80. 

OBrien Thomas, (Pittsford,) r 20, blacksmith and machine runner for F. W. Smith & Co 

O'DONNELL JAMES, (Pittsford,) r 33, works in Pittsford furnace. 

O'Donnell John, (Pittsford,) r 33, with Michael. 

O'Donnell Michael and John, (Pittsford,) r 33, farmers, work of the estate of Michael O'Donnell 100. 

Osborn George H., (Pittsford,) r 26, farmer, leases 128 of Lothrop Hendee Bros. & Sons, and Central Vermont Marble Quarry. 

OSGOOD LUKE, (Pittsford,) r 30, farmer 74. 

OTTER CREEK HOUSE AND LIVERY, (Pittsford,) E. E. Rich, proprietor. 


PAINE EDWARD, L., (Brandon,) r 10, farmer 280. 

Parmelee Alexander S., (Pittsford,) r 8, farmer 60. 

PARMELEE ERASTUS, (Pittsford,) r 58, cane chair seating, peddler, and farm 10. 

Parmelee N. Hopkins, (Rutland,) dry goods peddler. 

PARMELEE SIMEON, (Pittsford,) r 54, farmer 60. 

Partno Charles, (Pittsford,) r 35, laborer. 

Payne Royal E., (Pittsford,) r 41, farmer, leases of Stephen Whipple 115. 

PEABODY DANIEL P., (Pittsford,) sheriff, office Court House, Rutland, residence and 6 acres, Pittsfield village. See also Rutland Village Directory. 

Peabody Henry G., (Pittsford,) traveling salesman for T H. Peabody. 

Peabody Henry H, (Pittsford,) son of J. H. 

*PEABODY JOSEPH H., (Pittsford,) manufacturer of Peabody's celebrated sheep skin moccasins, calf and buck faced patent mittens, dog and buck mittens and gloves, wholesale and retail dealer in mittens and gloves of all kinds, all-wool flannels, cloth and stocking yarn, collector of hides, wool, pelts and furs, farmer r 12 1/2, the produce of which keeps 30 head of cattle and team. 

Pelky Edward, (Pittsford,) r 18, teamster, farmer 1 acre. 

Pelky Isaac, (Pittsford,) r 17, son of Julius. 

Pelky Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) blacksmith.

Pelky Julius, (Pittsford,) r 17, farmer 12.

Pelky Julius Jr., (Pittsford,) r 18, teamster and farmer 2.

PELKY WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) r 16, teamster, farmer, leases of Edward Murphy, 27.

Penfield Charles L., (Pittsford,) residence in Pittsford, and farmer 23.

Perkins William W., (Rutland,) r 57, farmer 60.

Phalen Edward, (Pittsford,) r 56, farmer 50.

Phillips Moses L., (Pittsford,) r 40, dairy 26 cows, 250 sheep, farmer 275, and leases of H. S. Lathrop, 200.

*POREAU JOCK, (Pittsford,) livery stable, office and residence r 37.

Poro Antoine, (Pittsford,) r 37, laborer.

Poro Charles, (Pittsford,) r 53, fish and oyster peddler, butcher and farmer.

PORO FRANK, (Pittsford,) r 37, laborer.

Poro George, (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer, works of John W. Hudson, 93.

Potter Abraham, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer 100.

Potter Amos, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer 6.

Potter Lafayette, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer in Chittenden, 65.

POWERS ARTEMAS C., (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, dairy 20 cows, and farmer.

Powers Jeremiah E., (Sutherland Falls,) r 39, breeder of fine wool sheep 150, farmer 130, and 12 on r 38.

Preston Heman B., (Rutland,) r 57, farmer 2.

*PRICHARD GILMAN, (Pittsford,) r 15, superintendent of Titan Furnace, and breeder of registered Atwood sheep.


Quirk Edward, (Pittsford,) r 55, farmer 35.


RAND EGBERT B., (Pittsford,) r 28, dealer in cattle, sheep and farm produce, farmer 26, and 30 on r 50.

RAND HENRY H., (Pittsford,) r 17, farmer 7.

RANDALL ALMA C., (Pittsford,) r 48, carpenter and joiner, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of J. M. Goodenough, 150.

Randall Edwin A., (Pittsford,) r 48, marble turner and farmer.

Randall Jeffrey A., (Pittsford,) farmer 25.

RANDALL JULIUS S., (Pittsford,) manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, opp. Town Hall.

Randall William E., (Pittsford,) traveling agent for Herald and Globe. 

Rutland, and farmer, leases of T. J. Leonard, of Hubbardton, 8.

RAY DANIEL, (Pittsford,) r 4, wagon and blacksmith shop in Pittsford, dairy 22 cows, farmer 145 and 84 in Hubbardton.

RAY WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) manuf. of carriages and sleighs, and all kinds of bent work.

Raymond Lewis C., (Sutherland Falls,) carpenter and joiner.

Reed Daniel, (Pittsford,) r 33, dairy 17 cows, farmer 130.

Reed George, (Brandon,) r 7, 106.

Reynolds Abner T., (Pittsford,) r 30, farmer 130 and 400 In Meriden.

*RICH ERNEST E., (Pittsford.,) proprietor Otter Creek House, livery connected.

Richardson John, (Pittsford,) r 10, farmer 270 and 194 pasture.

Richardson Robert G., (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 80.

Riley Andrew, (Pittsford,) carpenter and paper hanger.

Riley James, (Pittsford,) r 31, laborer.

Riordan Eugene, (Pittsford,) r 7, runs channeling machine for F. W. Smith & Co.

Riordan Jeremiah, (Pittsford,) r 7, foreman of F. W. Smith & Co's marble quarry.

Riordan Timothy, (Pittsford,) r 7, machine helper in F. W. Smith & Co's quarry.

Rodgers Eneldo, (Pittsford,) r 21, laborer.

ROWE WILLIAM H., (Pittsford,) r 55, carpenter and joiner and farmer 12.

Russell Wallace, (Pittsford,) r 10, farmer 1/2 acre.


Sargent Fred A., (Pittsford,) r 10, farmer, with Junia Sargent.

SARGENT JUNIA, (Pittsford,) r 10, overseer of the poor, raiser of beef cattle, keeps 55 head, dairy 30 cows and 28 head young stock, farmer 250 and works town farm 280.

Sargent Leonard, (West Rutland,) r 45, wheelwright, carriage maker, painter and trimmer, breeder of fine wool sheep, 200 head, and farmer 275.

*SARGENT WILLIAM B., (West Rutland,) r 45, manufacturer of wagons, sleighs, and bent wagon and cutter woods, and carriage ironing, also grist mill.

SCOFIELD CHARLES E., (Pittsford,) r 11, custom saw mill and farmer 32.

Scofield David, (Pittsford,) r __, farmer 100.

Sevia Eli, (Pittsford,) teamster.

Seward Emmett R., (Pittsford,) r 12, farmer 10, and leases of I. M. Leonard 164.

Shangraw Andrew, (Pittsford,) r 39, breeder of Durham cattle and merino sheep, dairy 25 cows, 200 sheep, 42 head of young stock, farmer, leases of Ransom Burditt 470.

SHAW WILLIAM B., (Pittsford,) farmer 14 and 350 in Chittenden.

Sheperd David, (Pittsford,) r 37, laborer. 

Sherman Henry, (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 48.

Sheridan Thomas, (Pittsford,) r 15, bookkeeper in Titan Furnace.

Smith Charles, (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer 62.

Smith Charles S., (Pittsford,) r 31, farmer 280.

SMITH DENNIS, (Pittsford,) r 35, farmer 5.

Smith Edward, (Pittsford,) r 31, with Seba F., mechanic.

SMITH F. W. & CO., (Pittsford,) r 20, producers of marble, L. E. Harrington, M. D., general superintendent.

Smith James, (Pittsford,) r 32, dairy 13 cows, farmer 160.

Smith Judson J., (Pittsford,) r 56, runs threshing machine, dairy 14 cows, farmer 247.

Smith Louisa Mrs., (West Rutland,) r 41, widow of Elisha, farmer 39.

SMITH MARTIN A., (Pittsford,) manufacturer of pails, butter tubs and lumber, and cider mill.

Smith O. & R. C., (Pittsford,) r 20, (Orlin and Rollin C.,) dairy 20 cows, farmer 115 and 60 pasture.

Smith Orlin, (Pittsford,) r 20, (O & R. C Smith.)

SMITH ROLLIN C., (Pittsford,) r 20, (O. & R. C.,) teacher of vocal music.

SMITH SEBA F., (Pittsford,) r 31, farmer 200.

Smith Simeon, (Pittsford,) farmer, 13 acre.

Snay Frank, (Pittsford,) r 51, mason.

Sproul James, (Sutherland Falls.) marble sawyer.

Stafford Lewis G., (Pittsford,) r 7, laborer.

Steele Ann Mrs., (East Hubbardton,) r 23, wife of Samuel, farmer 350.

Stetson Horace C., (Pittsford,) r 22, farmer 56. 

Stevens Charles, (Pittsford,) r 45, farmer 130. 

STEVENS CHARLES L., (West Rutland,) r 45, dealer in cattle and sheep, general speculator, breeder of Spanish merino sheep and farmer 130.

Stevens Henry, (Pittsford,) r 25, teamster and farmer. 

Stevens John, (Pittsford,) retired miller, residence at Pittsford Mills. 

Stevens Nancy A. Mrs., (Pittsford,) r 26, widow of Benjamin, farmer, estate of Benjamin, 96. 

STOCKWELL SIDNEY P., (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, carpenter and joiner. 

Stratton Alonzo H., (Pittsford,) r 14, carpenter, farmer 75, and 80 of Mrs. Chafee. 

Sweet David, (Pittsford,) r 17, laborer. 

SWIFT HENRY H., M. D., (Pittsford,) allo. physician and surgeon, office and residence opposite Otter Creek House. 


Taylor Hills, (Pittsford,) r 58, farmer 110. 

Tennien Catherine, (Pittsford,) r 25, widow of Thomas, farm 38. 

Tennien James E., (Pittsford,) blacksmith, Colburn. 

Tennien Thomas, (Pittsford,) (Dutelle & Tennien.) 

Thomas Chauncy H., (Pittsford,) r 55. farmer 100. 

Thomas Frank A., (Pittsford,) r 10, dairy 12 cows, farmer 115. 

Thomas James F., (Pittsford,) r 41, wheelwright and farmer 50. 

Thomas Jeduthan, (Pittsford,) r 37, sexton and farmer 4. 

Thomas Joel, (Brandon,) r 10, farmer 30. 

Thomas Lucien, (Brandon,) r 10, farmer. 

Thomas Martha, (Pittsford,) r 16, widow of Chester G., farm 118, and 12 wood land. 

Thomas Rufus R., (Pittsford,) r 44, farmer 50. 

Thomas Sisters, (Pittsford,) r 23, (Eliza, Sibel and Orpha,) farmers 49. 

Thornton George, (Chittenden,) r 57, cooper.

TIFFANY AMOS D., (Pittsford,) r 28, station agent, express agent, and telegraph operator, C. V. R. R.

Tiffany Henry F., (Pittsford,) fruit and confectionery.

Tilson Jonathan, (Pittsford,) r 53, farmer 6.

Timbers Michael, (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer.

TIMBERS PATRICK, (Pittsford,) r 16, teamster for Titan Furnace Co.

Turner William, (Pittsford,) r 7, works for F. W. Smith & Co.

Turner William Jr., (Pittsford,) r p, works for F. W. Smith & Co.


Ward Bridget, (Pittsford,) r 17, widow of John, 2 acre.

Ward Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

Ward Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer.

WARD WILLIAM, (Pittsford,), r 31, works in Titan Furnace.

Ward William, (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, iron mechanic.

WARD WILLIAM B., (Sutherland Falls,) marble saw setter.

Ward William P., (Pittsford,) r 52, farmer 82.

Warner Eleazer C., (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, farmer 70.

Warner Jonathan, (Pittsford,) r 52, farmer 160.

Warner Pitt M., (Brandon,) r 7, farmer.

Wetmore Daniel, (West Rutland,) r 44, works for Allen Mills.

*WHEATON EDWIN C., (Pittsford,) r 38, sheep and wool dealer and breeder of Spanish merino sheep, registered, marble quarry on r 26, and farmer 100.

WHEATON GEO. D., (Pittsford,) r 19, agent for dairy and agricultural implements, breeder of b1ooded Jersey cattle and Spanish merino sheep, and farmer 230.

Wheeler Clarence W., (Pittsford,) r 58, farmer 22 1/2.

Wheeler George O., (Pittsford) r 10, stone mason and driller, dairy 28 cows, farmer 399 and manager town farm 300.

Whipple Asa S., (Pittsford,) r 30, farmer 123.

Whitaker Paschal, (Pittsford,) r 30, (Whitaker & Ash,) carriage painter.

Whitaker & Ash, (Pittsford,) r 30, (Paschal P. Whitaker and Eugene Ash,) carriage makers.

WILLARD CYRENIUS M., (Pittsford,) attorney and counse1or at law, and inventor and proprietor of the Oscillating Channeling Machine.

Williams Fred, (Sutherland Falls,) r 49, marble turner. 

Williams Manford D., (West Rutland,) r 45, carriage painter.

Williams Nathaniel S., (West Rutland,) r 45, wheelwright, residence and 1 acre.

Willis Frank, (Pittsford,) r 20, son of Nathaniel.

Willis Nathaniel, (Pittsford,) r 20, dairy 20 cows, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 160, and 125 pasture.

Willis Thomas, (Pittsford,) r 20, son of Nathaniel.

Willis Timothy, (Pittsford,) r 20, son of Nathaniel.

Wing William A., (Pittsford,) r 26, farmer, leases of the administrator of Benj. Stephens' estate 96.

Wins1ow Edmond W., (Pittsford,) r 28, farmer.

WINSLOW JAMES D., (Pittsford,) r 28, mechanical engineer, and farmer with Samuel D. Winslow.

Winslow Samuel D., (Pittsford,) r 28, pension agent, breeder of full b1ood Jersey cows and merino sheep, dairy 12 cows, 125 sheep, and farmer 400.

Withington James, (Brandon,) r 7, laborer.

Wolcott Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 43, farmer 170.

Wolcott Seth J., (Pittsford,) r 42, farmer 322.

WOOD MARSHALL J., (Pittsford,) r 51, (Eayres & Wood,) dairy 16 cows and farmer 103.

Wood Martha Mrs., (Pittsford,) r 30, resident. 

Woodcock Fred Jr., (Pittsford,) r 8, son of Roswell.

Woodcock Roswell, (Pittsford,) r 8, dairy 18 cows, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 170 and 100 pasture.

WOODS LEONARD, (Pittsford,) al1o. physician and surgeon, diseases of children a specialty, office nearly opposite post office.

Woods Samuel, (Pittsford,) retired, 80 years old.

Worcester Charles J., (Pittsford,) r 16, farmer 34.

Worden Ithiel B., (Pittsford,) r 41, dairy 12 Cows and farmer 125,

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 387-403.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004