Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad Stations are Bethel, Windsor County, thirteen miles northeast, and Rutland, about fifteen miles southwest. Daily Stage.


Adams Henry, (Pittsfield,) blacksmith. 

Allen Arunah, (Pittsfield,) r 10, farmer 400. 

Allen Charles, (Pittsfield,) r 11, laborer. 

Allen John G., (Pittsfield,) farmer 160. 

Amaron Phinneus, (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer 50, and works 160 of the heirs of Arlow B. Lamb. 

Anthony Henry G., (Pittsfield,) r 11, laborer. 

Atwood Edward, (Pittsfield,) (Brigham & Atwood,) overseer of saw mill. 

Avery Silas R., (Pittsfield,) r 12, farmer 160. 


Babcock Josiah, (Pittsfield,) r 11, farmer 367, house and store in Pittsfield. 

Baird Volney, (Pittsfield,) r 6, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 90. 

BARR EUGENE D., (Pittsfield,) farmer 75, and 100 in Stockbridge, Windsor Co. 

Bates Hiland, (Pittsfield,) r 11, teaming and farmer 2. 

Bishop Henry J., (Pittsfield,) r 13, farmer 120. 

Blossom Orvis G., (Pittsfield,) farmer 75. 

Breed Leonard, (Pittsfield,) r 10, farmer 25, and 50 in Chittenden. 

Breed Wm. H., (Pittsfield,) farmer. 

Brewster Oliver, (North Sherburne,) r 15, laborer. 

BRIGHAM CHARLES W., (Pittsfield,) (Brigham & Atwood,) physician and surgeon, manuf. and dealer in hemlock, spruce and hard wood lumber, and spruce clapboards, and 1000 acres timber. 

Brigham & Atwood, (Pittsfield,) (C. W. Brigham and Edward Atwood,) proprietors saw mill. 

Brown Charles A., (Pittsfield,) prop. grist mill and manuf. of hand and drag rakes, and ox yokes. 

Brown Daniel, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 1, farmer 175. 

Brown Daniel H., (Pittsfield,) r 7, farmer. 


Carroll Calvin C., (Pittsfield,) r 10, farmer, leases of S. L. Warren, 730. 

Caryl Martin, (Pittsfield,) retired farmer. 

Case O. E., (Pittsfield,) clerk of White River Iron Company. 

Chamberlin Herbert H., (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 2, farmer, leases of R. F. Wing, 240. 

Chandler Orlando N., (Pittsford,) r 4, dairy 12 cows, farmer 125. 

Cleveland Lynden, (Pittsfield,) r 11, shingle maker and farmer 3. 

Collins Henry, (Pittsfield,) r 11, laborer. 

Colton Lyman G., (Pittsfield,) r 12, manuf. of turned chair stock and fork handles. 

Crossman Chandler, (Pittsfield,) farmer. 

Crossman Joseph O., (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 1, farmer 100.

CROSSMAN ROBERT, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 1, farmer 70. 


Davis Africa H., (Pittsfield,) r 4, farmer 125. 

DAVIS WARREN M., (Pittsfield,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 541. 

Davis Win., (Pittsfield,) stock dealer, dairy 10 cows, farmer 87. 

Doty Charles L., (Pittsfield,) r __ , laborer. 

Drown Walter, (Pittsfield,) r 15, farmer 20, and manuf. wooden pump logs. 

DURKEE FRANK, (Pittsfield,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, drugs, ready made clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, furniture, farming implements, paints, hardware, flour, salt, &c., also dealer in lumber and horses. 

Durkee Martin, (Pittsfield,) teamster. 

DURKEE RAY, (Pittsfield,) manuf. of ivory and horn buttons of every description, iron turning and light job work of all kinds, wood and variety turning, and general machine work on short notice. 


Ellis Amos, (Pittsfield,) r 8, butcher, beef cattle, dairy 10 cows and farmer 275.

Ellis Andrew J., (Pittsfield,) r 8, farmer 150 and with Moses 90. 

Ellis Moses, (Pittsfield,) dealer in horses and cattle, farmer 9, and with A. J. 90. 

Ellis Waldo, (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer 200. 

Ellis Waldo F., (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer. 


Fletcher J. M., (Pittsfield,) refused information. 

Fuller Lucius C., (Pittsfield,) r 15, civil engineer and farmer 109. 


George Charles B., (Pittsfield,) general merchant and postmaster. 

GIBBS H. O. & S. C., (Pittsfield,) (Henry O. and Sheridan C.,) dairy 12 cows and farmers 140. 

GIBBS HENRY O. (Pittsfield,) (H. O. & S. C. Gibbs.) 

GIBBS LYMAN, (Pittsfield,) retired farmer. 

GIBBS SHERIDAN C., (Pittsfield,) (H. O. & S. C. Gibbs.) 

Graves Jerusha, (Pittsfield,) h and 2 acres. 

Green Charles, (Pittsfield,) r 7, laborer. Green David, (Pittsfield), r 11, farmer 150. 

Green Warren, (Pittsfield), r 11, farmer. 

Guearnsey Amos F., (Pittsfield,) r 7, blacksmithing and carriage ironing. 


HALPIN JAMES, (Pittsfield,) r 9, dairy 10 cows and farmer 130. 

Hitchcock Joseph Rev., (Pittsfield,) pastor M. E. Church. 

HOLDEN AUSTIN S., (Pittsfield,) r 9, carpenter and farmer 3. 

Holt Ira, (Pittsfield,) r 11, farmer 70. 

Holt Ira Jr., (Pittsfield,) r 11, dealer in hides and pelts, wool, poultry, &c., town clerk and treasurer, and farmer. 

Holt Norman, (Pittsfield,) laborer. 

Holt Rufus, (Pittsfield,) carpenter and farmer 5. 

HOUGHTON LOREN B., (Pittsfield,) r 9, dairy 8 cows and farmer 150. 

Howe James, (Pittsfield,) r 12, farmer 100 and 70 in Chittenden. 

Hunt Artemas, (Pittsfield,) r 13, retired farmer. 

Hunt Edgar T., (Pittsfield,) r 114, breeder of fine wool sheep, and farmer 125. 


Jackson John, (Pittsfield,) foreman White River Iron Co. 

Johnson Amos B., (Pittsfield,) r 13, wheelwright. 

Johnson Andrew, (Pittsfield,) r 15, with Irving F., farmer 100. 

Johnson Irving F., (Pittsfield,) r 15, with Andrew, farmer 100. 


Larned Alva E., (Pittsfield,) r 8, farmer, leases of Sarah Ramsey 160. 

Long Douglass, (Pittsfield,) r 12, farmer 100.


McCollom George, (Pittsfield,) carpenter and farmer 20. 

Mills Charles, (Pittsfield,) r 10, dairy 10, cows, farmer rob. 

Mills Clarence E., (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer 200. 

Mills John, (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer. 

Mills Wm., (Pittsfield,) teamster. 


Nichols Charles, (Pittsfield,) r 12, farmer 72. 

Nichols George L., (Pittsfield,) farmer 85. 

Noyes Albert, (Rochester, Windsor CO.,) r 3, (A. & W. Noyes.) 

Noyes A. & W., (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) (Albert and Whitfield,) r 3, farmers 100. 

Noyes Thomas, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 3, farmer 85. 

Noyes Whitfield, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 3, (A. & W. Noyes.) 


PARMENTER AZRO T., (Pittsfield,) r 4, farmer 120. 

Parmenter Charles H., (Pittsfield,) r 4, farmer 300. 

Parmenter Guilford D., (Pittsfield,) carpenter and joiner and millwright. 

PARMENTER JAMES D., (Pittsfield,) r 5, farmer 68. 

PARMENTER JOSEPH A., (Pittsfield,) r 4, manuf. of last blocks, and farmer 200. 

Parmenter Lorenzo T., (Pittsfield,) farmer.

Parmenter Lyman, (Pittsfield,) farmer. 

Parmenter Thomas L., (Pittsfield,) farmer 3. 

Parmenter Truman, (Pittsfield,) r __, farmer 60. 

PARMENTER WM. O., (Pittsfield,) r 5, farmer 65. 

Pinney Annal, (Pittsfield,) r 13, farmer 75. 

Pinney Augustus W., (Pittsfield,) r 15, farmer 128. 

Pinney Jasper H., (Pittsfield,) granite and marble works. 

PINNEY JUDSON S., (Pittsfield,) r 13, stationary engineer and farmer.


Ranger Charles R., (Pittsfield,) r 13, farmer toy. 

RANNEY DANIEL W., (Pittsfield,) carriage maker, blacksmith and farmer. 

RANNEY HARRIS G., (Pittsfield,) r 9, prop. saw mill and dealer in lumber, clapboards, and horses, farmer 500. 

Ranney Jonathan H., (Pittsfield,) r 8, dealer in lumber, and farmer 370. 

Ranney Roswell, (Pittsfield,) r 13, farmer 150.

Ranney Sarah, (Pittsfield,) r 8, widow of Joel, farm 160.

Reynolds Denver, (Pittsfield,) laborer. 

RICE MORRIS L., (Pittsfield,) r 9, farmer 30. 

Rich Elijah M., (North Sherburne,) r 15, farmer 240. 

Rockwell John, (Pittsfield,) dealer to flour, meal and feed, and grocery agent for the Grange. 

ROGERS ALLEN, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 3, farmer 90. 


Sawyer John, (Pittsfield,) off r 7, farmer 400.

SALTERY JULIUS J., (Pittsfield,) president of White River Iron Company. 

Segar Joseph, (Pittsfield,) farmer 10. 

Shepard Walter, (Pittsfield,) r 11, farmer. 

Swan Augustus, (Pittsfield,) r 13, farmer 75. 

Swift Wm. S., (Pittsfield,) r 5, manuf. of scythe sticks, dairy to cows, farmer 149. 


Taylor Luther, (Pittsfield,) r 14, carpenter and farmer 100. 

TENNEY MARQUIS E., (Pittsfield,) r 5, dairy 15 cows, farmer 300.

Thompson Almon, (Pittsfield,) farmer 5. 

Tierney Michael, (Pittsfield,) farmer 5. 

Tierney Richard T., (Pittsfield,) school teacher and farmer,

Townsend Moses J., (Pittsfield,) r 19 1/2, raiser and dealer in beef cattle, farmer 700, and 300 mountain. 

Tucker Marcus, (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) r 1, farmer 250. 


VOSE ALBERT, (Pittsfield,) justice of the peace, and prop. Vose House. 

VOSE HENRY A., (Pittsfield,) dealer in lumber and horses. 

VOSE HOUSE, (Pittsfield,) Albert Vose, proprietor. 


Wardwell Myron H., (Pittsfield,) r 11 r, farmer 4 in Clarendon, and leases of H. A. & M. W. Ellis, 70. 

Warren Seth L., (Pittsfield,) r 10 farmer 130. 

Wheeler Stedman, (Pittsfield,) r 11, laborer. 

WILSON HENRY C., (Pittsfield,) carpenter and joiner. 

WING RUFUS F., (Rochester, Windsor Co.,) wool grower 50 sheep, dairy 12 cows, farmer 240.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 384 -387.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004