Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


ACKLEY LEVI, (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter and joiner.

Adams Eli, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 6.

ADAMS JOHN Q., (Pawlet,) r 21, prop. of Adams grist mill and dealer  in flour, feed and grain.

Agan Patrick, (Pawlet,) r 33, farmer.

Alexander Benjamin, (Pawlet,) r 21, farmer 8.

Alexander James, (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 110.

Alexander John, (Pawlet,) r 21, farmer 100.

Allen Henry, (Pawlet,) r 21, dairy 50 cows, farmer 450.

Andrus Ann, (Pawlet,) r 21, widow of Benjamin, resident.

Andrus Charles, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer.

Andrus Jacob C., (Pawlet,) r 32, dairy 20 cows, supt. town farm 150.

Andrus Fayett, (Pawlet,) r 11; farmer 60.

Andrus James M. C. I., (Pawlet,) r 24, farmer 150.

ANDRUS SYLVESTER P., (Pawlet,) r 33, rotary saw mills, saws about 2500 per day, employs two hands, and cheese box manufacturer, and employs ten men.

AVENUE HOTEL, (West Pawlet,) A. E. Phinney prop.

AYRES GEORGE L., (West Pawlet,) r 38, daily 36 cows, farmer 365.


Baker Daniel, (Pawlet,) r 22, farmer, h and lot.

BAKER FRANK G., (North Pawlet,) r 5, farmer, leases of J. M. Shaw, 3.

Barker Benjamin F., (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer 11.

BEECHER GEORGE W., (West Paw let,) r 38, agent Buckeye mower, postmaster, dealer in stoves, tin and hardware.

Belden Jerome, (Pawlet,) r 22, laborer.

Black George A., (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter and stone mason.

Black John H., (Pawlet,) r 32 carpenter and joiner.

BLACK ROBERT, (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter and joiner, and millwright, h and lot.

Blakely Fayett, (Pawlet,) r 32, h and lot, farmer 800.

Blakely Franklin, (Pawlet,) r 23, cheese factory, dairy 24 cows, farmer 200.

BLAKELY WALTON, (Paw let,) r 7, 1st selectman, dairy 24 cows, and farmer 250.

Blossom Charles H., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 1, dairy 14 cows, peddles milk in Granville, farmer, 120.

Blossom David G., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 1, farmer 7 5. 

Blossom Frank M., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 2, farmer. 

Boynton Hannah Mrs., (Pawlet,) farmer 98. 

BOYNTON HANNAH B., (Pawlet,) r 21, widow of Albert A., farmer 100.

Braerton Matthew, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4, dairy 14 cows, farmer, leases of Clarissa Hollister, 151. 

Braymer James F., (West Pawlet,) r 38, owns in Hebron, N. Y., farm 250. 

Bromley Adam L., (Pawlet,) r 22. (D. H. & A. L. Bromley.) 

Bromley D. H. & A. L., (Pawlet,) r 22, (Daniel H. and Adam L.,) general merchants, farmers 300.

Bromley Daniel H., (Pawlet,) r 22, (D. H. & A. L. Bromley.)

BROMLEY DANIEL W., (Pawlet,) r 22, proprietor Franklin House and livery.

Bromley Fayette A., (Pawlet,) r 27, with Henry, dairy 23 cows, farmer 200.

Bromley Frank E., (Pawlet,) r 26, leases of Mrs. Julia C. Jones, farm 450, dairy 23 cows.

Bromley Helen M., (Pawlet,) r 22, Supt. Of schools.

Bromley Henry, (Pawlet,) r 27, with Fayette, dairy 23 cows, farmer 200.

Bromley Laura Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 22, h and lot.

Brown Daniel, (Pawlet,) r 7, farmer 140.

BROWN MARSHALL, (North Pawlet,) r 3, 3d selectman and farmer 200, and with Miss Hitchcock, owns ½ interest in 500 acres.

BROWN SELDEN S., (West Pawlet,) r 14, dairy 20 cows, farmer 160.

Brownell Gideon D., (Granville, N. Y.,) prop. of boarding house and engineer for the Brownell Slate and Flagging Co.

BULLOCK ROWLAND S., (West Pawlet,) r 16, dairy 17 cows, farmer 150.

Burch Porter, (West Pawlet,) r 18, dealer in produce, potatoes, apples, &c., owns in Rupert, farm 186.

BURT GEO L., (North Pawlet,) r 5, with George W., teamster, dealer in lumber and wood jobber.

BURT GEORGE W., (North Pawlet,) r 5, with George L., teamster, dealer in lumber and wood jobber.

Burton George H., (North Pawlet,) r 5, farmer, rents of Henry Burton of Wells, 30.

Bushee & Co., (Pawlet,) (Jeremiah and Orlando Bushee,) r 22, dealers in drugs, medicines, stationery, &c.

Bushee Jeremiah, (Pawlet,) r 32, tailor, agent sewing machines.

Bushee Orlando, (Pawlet,) r 22, (Bushee & Co.) postmaster, town clerk.

Buxton Samuel, (Pawlet,) r 21, laborer.


Carlton Horton, (Pawlet,) r 44, farmer rents of M. M. Hosford, 210.

Cathcart Franklin (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4, farmer 71.

CLARK GEORGE, (Pawlet,) r 22, carpenter and joiner.

CLARK HORACE, (Pawlet,) r 7, cheese maker.

Clark John P., (Wells,) r 6, farmer 203.

Clark Seth, (West Pawlet,) r 42, farmer 275.

CLAYTON ALEXANDER, (West Pawlet,) r 18, farmer 164.

CLAYTON ALVAH O., (West Pawlet,) r 16, dairy 20 cows, farmer 278.

Clayton Everett H., (West Pawlet,) r 18, farmer 65 acres in Granville, N. Y., farms for Alexander, 164.

Cleveland David A., (Pawlet,) r 32, stone mason, keeper of 50 swarms of bees.

Cole Electa Mrs., (West Pawlet,) r 15, farm 30.

COLVIN ENOCH, (Pawlet,) r 32, (Pawlet Woolen Company)

COLVIN MARVILL, (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter and joiner and farmer 100.

COLVIN WM. E., (Pawlet,) r 32, (Pawlet Woolen Co.)

Cook Ira, (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer 60, and leases of Church Land, 80.

Crosier John, (Pawlet,) r 35, dairy 10 cows, farmer 140.

CULVER SAMUEL, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 2, farmer 450, dairy 40 cows, and breeder of Ayrshire cattle, 300 mountain land.

Culver Seth E., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 1, farmer about 100.


Dalton James, (Pawlet,) r 21, farmer, leases of Daniel McGrath, 50.

DAMON M. P. & CO., (Pawlet,) r 33, (Marshall P. Damon and Leander Simonds, of Wallingford,) manufacturers of fork, hoe and rake handles, and all kinds of children's carriage stock, manuf. about $500 worth per month. 

DAMON MARSHALL P., (Pawlet,) r 33, (M. P. Damon & Co.) 

Danforth Earl, (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter, joiner and farmer 3. 

Derby Loren, (Pawlet,) r 22, painter and paper hanger. 

DILLINGHAM HOWELL, (West Pawlet,) r 18, manuf. and dealer in slate, and farmer 2,500. 

Dillingham Paul; (West Pawlet,) r 18, bookkeeper. 

Douglass George, (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 160. 

Doyle Michael, (West Pawlet,) r 18, laborer. 

DUNHAM EDWARD, (West Pawlet,) general blacksmith. 


Eaton Charlie A., (Pawlet,) r 9, blacksmith and farmer 10. 

Edgerton Charles, (Pawlet,) r 12, resident. 

Edgerton Charles F., (Pawlet,) r 12, gardener and fruit grower 11. 

EDGERTON HORACE IV., (Pawlet,) r 2, apiarist, 75 swarms, seedsman and florist, farmer 6. 

Edgerton Rhoda A., (Pawlet,) r 21, milliner. 

Edwards John W., (West Pawlet,) bookkeeper.

Egerton Porter, (Pawlet,) r 22. farmer 6. 

EVANS WM. J., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 1, manuf. and dealer in sea green slate. 

EVENS EVEN, (West Pawlet,) r 18, (Indian Hill Slate Co.) 

Evens Owen, (West Pawlet,) r 18, (Indian Hill Slate Co.) 


FARRAR DAVID, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4, dairy 12 cows, farmer 150. 

Farrar Jason W., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4, farmer. 

Farrar S. Fred, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4., farmer. 

Fleming William, Jr., (West Pawlet,) r 310, farmer, rents of Mrs. Susan Folger 260. 

Flower Anson, (Pawlet,) r 21, carpenter and undertaker. 

Frisbie John N., (Pawlet,) r 21, laborer, owns farm 1. 


Garfield Warren, (West Pawlet,) r 38, eclectic physician and surgeon. 

Gates Willard, (West Pawlet,) r 15, h and lot. 

Giles Frances Mrs., (North Pawlet,) r 3. 

Gillett Amos, (West Pawlet.) r 36, dairy 35 cows and farmer, rents of Ervin Pratt 485. 

Goodshaw Henry, (West Pawlet,) r 14, farmer 18. 

Goodspeed Ansell, (Pawlet,) r 30, farmer 100. 

Goodspeed Arthur, (West Pawlet,) r 20, farmer 80. 

Goodspeed, Harry, (West Pawlet,) r 12, farmer 40. 

Goodspeed Henry J., (Wells,) r 6, farmer 144. 

Goodspeed James H., (West Pawlet,) r 14, farmer. 

Goodspeed Lucius, (West Pawlet,) r 14, farmer 60. 

GOODSPEED PETER, (West Pawlet,) r 14, Prop. cider mill and farmer 3. 

Gray Jesse C., (Granville N. Y.,) r 1, breeder of registered Jersey cattle and farmer 25. 

Greene Edward, (Wells,) r 6, farmer. 

Greene Harris, (Wells,) r 6, farmer 175. 

Guild Maria, (Pawlet,) r 25, widow of Chauncey. 


Hall Daniel H., (Pawlet,) r 32, farm laborer. 

HAMMOND GEORGE F., (Pawlet,) r 12, prop. of Red Grist Mill and dealer in flour, feed and grain.

Hanks Becky Mrs., (West Pawlet,) r 38, house and lot. 

Hanks Galusha, (West Pawlet,) r 38, shoemaker, h and lot. 

Hanks Levi, (Pawlet,) r 12, farmer, with Wm. M. 35. 

Hanks Myron, (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 11. 

HANKS WILLIAM M., (Pawlet,) r 12, dealer in sewing machine fixtures, agent for newspapers and periodicals, carpenter, and with Levi, farmer 35. 

Harwood Rollin J., (Pawlet,) r 7, farmer 165. 

Hastings Vail, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 30. 

Hatch Eli, (West Pawlet,) r 39, dairy 22 cows and farmer 200. 

Henry Mary Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 33, h and lot. 

Herrick Delmer C., (Pawlet,) r 29, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, dairy 30 cows and farmer 600. 

Hitt Anson W., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 15, leases of Smith E. dairy 26 cows and farm 150. 

HITT SMITH E., (Granville, N. V.,) r 15, dairy 16 cows and farmer 150. 

HOLLISTER HIEL HON., (North Pawlet,) r 13 cor 3, farmer 40. 

Hollister Horatio, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 4, farmer 135. 

Hollister Orange S., (North Pawlet,) r 13, farmer. 

HOSFORD MALVIN M. MRS., (Pawlet,) r 33, farm 212. 

Hughes Griffith, (West Pawlet,) r 18, slate maker. 

Hughes Hugh W., (West Pawlet,) manuf. roofing slate. 

HULETT BROS., (Pawlet,) r 25, (Fayette and Chester,) manuf. of tinware, cheese vats, milk cans, and dealers in tin and wooden ware, hardware, pumps, glass ware &c., and own farm 50. 

Hulett Charles Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 28, h and lot. 

HULETT CHESTER, (Pawlet,) r 25, (Hulett Bros.) 

Hulett Delila Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 22, h and lot. 

Hulett Duett, (Pawlet,) r 21, farm laborer. 

Hulett Dyer, (Pawlet,) r 28, dairy 20 cows and farmer 225. 

HULETT E. WARREN, (Pawlet,) r 22, carpenter and joiner and farmer 10. 

Hulett Edson, (Pawlet,) r 28, boot and rubber repairer.

HULETT FAYETTE, (Pawlet,) r 25, (Hulett Bros.)

Hulett Fayette D., (Pawlet,) r 22 butcher and dealer in hides and pelts.

HULETT GEORGE S., (Pawlet,) r 21, dairy 15 cows and farmer 140.

Hulett Griggs, (Pawlet,) r 28, farm laborer.

Hulett Horace E., (Pawlet,) r 10, farmer 250.

Hulett Hursa L. Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 22, Milliner.

Hulett Joshua, (Pawlet,) r 8, farmer 118.

Hulett Martha, (Pawlet,) r 27, school teacher.

Hulett Merritt C., (Pawlet,) r 22 justice of the peace, town treasurer and farmer 56.

Hulett Norman P., (Pawlet,) r 22, farm laborer.

Hyland Richard, (Granville, N. Y.,) quarryman.


Indian Hill Slate Company, (West Pawlet,) Owen and Evan Evens, props. manuf. of sea green roofing slate.

INDIAN RIVER VALLEY HOTEL, (West Pawlet,) David Woodard, prop.


Jennings James M., (Pawlet,) r 44, farmer 140.

Johnson & Brother, (West Pawlet,) (Flones and Leonard,) r 38, farmers 150.

Johnson Flones, (West Pawlet,) r 38, (Johnson & Bro.,) also dealer in drugs, groceries, yankee notions and eating sa1oon. 

Johnson Leonard, (West Pawlet,) r 38, (Johnson & Bro.,) also freight, ticket and express agent, and telegraph operator, agent Wood's mowing machines, coal dealer and farmer 440. 

Johnson Rensaller G. M., (West Pawlet,) telegraph operator. 

JONES EVAN J., (West Pawlet,) manuf. of red slate. 

Jones Harry B., (West Pawlet,) r 38, undertaker. 

JONES J. EVANS, (West Pawlet,) (Jones & Dennison.) 

JONES JULIA C. MRS., (Pawlet,) r 26, farmer 450. 

JONES MERRITT C., (West Pawlet,) r 8, 2d selectman, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130. 

JONES & DENNISON, (West Pawlet,) (Evans J. Jones and Stephen Dennison, of N. Y.,) manuf. of red roofing slate. 


KELLEY HOLDEN, (Pawlet,) r 8, farmer 369. 

KINNE ASA K., (West Pawlet,) r 39, eclectic physician and surgeon.

Knight George W., (Pawlet,) r 12, shoemaker, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100. 


LACKEY ALONZO J., (Pawlet,) r 32, carpenter and joiner. 

Lackey David, (West Pawlet,) r 18, carpenter and joiner. 

Lackey Levi, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 20. 

Lackey William, (Pawlet,) r 33, blacksmith. 

Lane Newcob G., (Pawlet,) r 11 farmer. 

Lane Richard A., (Pawlet,) r 11, dairy 11 cows, farmer for Mrs. S. H. Lane, 210. 

Lane Richard S., (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer and painter. 

LaPoint Adolphus, (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 2. 

LaPoint Joseph, (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 1 acre. 

Leach Casper L., (Pawlet,) r 32, with Frances and fames, dairy 30 cows, farmer 375. 

Leach Frances A., (Pawlet,) r 32, widow of Casper L., with her sons James A. and Casper L., owns dairy 30 cows, farm 375. 

LEACH JAMES A., (Pawlet,) r 32, with Frances A. and Casper L., dairy 30 cows, farmer 375.

Leach Martin V. B., (Pawlet ,) r 22, general merchant, farmer 140. 

Leach Rosina Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 17 1/2. 

Leach Wesley J., (Pawlet,) r 30, dairy 18 cows, farmer rents of Martin V. B. Leach, 150. 

Leach William (Pawlet,) r 30, cheese factory, dairy 25 cows, farmer 300. 

Leach William, (Pawlet,) r 29, farmer 400. 

LESON FELIX, (Pawlet,) r 23, school teacher, farmer 2. 

Leson Joseph, (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer. 

Lewis Daniel, (West Pawlet,) r 18, teamster. 

Loomis George B., (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer. 

Loomis Orla, (Pawlet,) r 11, dairy 12 cows, farmer 200. 

Lyng Owen, (West Pawlet,) r 18, farmer 94. 


MANCHESTER HIRAM L., (Pawlet,) r 22, allo. physician and surgeon. 

Marks Ira, (Pawlet,) r 12, farmer, rents of Frederick Hollister, of Troy, N. Y.  63. 

MARS JOHN, (Pawlet,) r 21, leases of Henry Allen, dairy 50 cows, farmer 450. 

Mason Alexander, (Pawlet,) r 33, blacksmith and carriage maker, agent for Meadow King Mower and Rake. 

Mason James N., (Pawlet,) r 29, farmer. 

Mason William C., (Pawlet,) r 29, dairy 10 cows, farmer 450. 

Matthews Willis, (West Pawlet,) (Matthews & Roberts.)

Matthews & Roberts, (West Pawlet,) (Willis Matthews and Hugh C. Roberts,) r 18, general blacksmiths.

Mayo Jeremiah, (Pawlet,) r 21, laborer.

McCoy JOSEPH, (Pawlet,) r 32, Centennial Apiary, dealer in all kinds of honey, and manuf. of cider and vinegar.

McFadden Edward, (West Pawlet,) r 36, farmer rents of Michael McFadden, of Hebron, N. Y., 242.

McFadden Jacob, (West Pawlet,) r 36, dairy 20, cows and farmer 184.

McGratch John, (West Pawlet,) r 41, farmer 200.

McGrath Daniel, (Pawlet,) r 21, farmer 50.

MILLER WM. B., (Pawlet,) r 22, manuf. and dealer in light and heavy harnesses, and goods pertaining to the trade.

MONROE ASA A., (Pawlet,) r 34, dairy 19 cows and farmer 200.

Monroe Clark J., (Pawlet,) r 34, dairy 15 cows and farmer 200.

Monroe Frank D., (Pawlet,) r 34, farmer for Asa A., 200.

Mooney John, (Pawlet,) r 12, laborer.

Moore Edward E., (West Pawlet,) r 16, farmer 6.

Moore Nathaniel S. Rev., (Pawlet,) r 22, pastor of Congregational Church.

Moore William, (Pawlet,) r 24, dairy 35 cows and farmer 300.

Moore William H., (Pawlet,) r 24, farmer.

Morris Richard P., (West Pawlet,) r 38, quarryman.


Nelson Camillus H., (West Pawlet,) r 38, (Rising & Nelson.)

Nelson Daniel D. heirs of, (West Pawlet,) r 39, cheese factory and farmers 379.

Nelson Ethelbert, (West Pawlet,) r 20, laborer.

Nelson Fannie, (West Pawlet,) r 20, farm 13.

NELSON FRANK J., (West Pawlet,) prop. livery stable and dealer in produce.

Nelson John W., (West Pawlet,) r 20, farmer 100.

Nelson Mary E. Mrs., (West Pawlet,) r 39, widow of Daniel D.

Nelson Prescott T., (West Pawlet, r 18, harness maker, h and lot.

NELSON TOWNSEND, (West Pawlet,) r 39, one of the heirs of Daniel D. Nelson, dairy 35 cows and farmer.


O'Brine Michael, (West Pawlet,) r 38, farmer 50.

Orcutt Hugh, (Pawlet,) r 9, farmer 185.

Orr Horace, (Pawlet,) r 22, leases of Austin S. Whitcomb, dairy 30 cows and farm 280.

ORR JOHN A., (West Pawlet,) r 18, justice of the peace, dairy 20 cows and farmer 330.


Palmer Almon, (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer with Parley, leases of Willard estate 300.

Palmer James, (West Pawlet,) r 18, farmer 30.

Palmer Parley, (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer with Almon, leases of Willard estate 300.

PARKER DWIGHT A., (Pawlet,) r 22, dealer in watches, jewelry, silverware, &c.

Parris Harvey, (Pawlet,) r 21, retired farmer, 82 years old.

Parns Harvey, (Pawlet,) r 22, retired farmer.

PARRIS OLIN, (Pawlet,) r 21, town lister, breeder Ayrshire cattle, registered, dairy 20 cows and farmer 200.

Parsons Clark H., (West Pawlet,) r 41, rents of W. S. Philips 160.

Parsons Seth T., (Pawlet,) r 10, leases of Byron Pratt, dairy 26 cows, and farm 200.

Pattison E. Sellick, (Pawlet,) bookkeeper.

*PAWLET WOOLEN CO., (Pawlet,) r 32, E. Colvin & Son, props., (Enoch and William E.,) manuf. of cashmeres, flannels and stocking yarns.

Phelps Merrit C., (West Pawlet,) r 39, farmer 280.

PHINNEY ABIATHAR E., (West Pawlet,) prop. Avenue Hotel and meat market.

Potter Fayette, (Pawlet,) r 22, attorney at law and farmer 20.

Potter Joshua W., (Wells,) r 5, farmer 70.

Pratt Byron A., (Pawlet,) r 10, farmer 30.

Pratt Ervin, (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer, rents of D. H. and A. L. Bromley 203.

Pratt George R., (West Pawlet,) r 38, dry goods clerk.

Pratt Martin V. B., (West Pawlet,) r 38, general merchant.

PRATT MINER E., (Pawlet,) r 23, farmer.

Preston William S., (West Pawlet,) r 38, jeweler and watch maker.


Ramm Robert, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 20.

Randall Ann Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 22, h and lot.

REED CURTIS E., (Pawlet,) r 9, farmer 174.

Reed Henry, (West Pawlet,) r 20, farmer 10.

Rice Lois H. Mrs., (Pawlet,) r 32, milliner.

Rice Warren, (Pawlet,) r 32, general merchant, agent Home sewing machine.

Rising Simeon M., (West Pawlet,) r 38, (Rising & Nelson.)

Rising & Nelson, (vilest Pawlet,) r 38, (Simon M. Rising, and Camillus Nelson,) general merchants.

Roberts David, (West Pawlet,) r 38, quarryman.

Roberts Hugh C., (West Pawlet,) r 18, (Matthews & Roberts.)

Roberts John H., (West Pawlet,) quarryman.

Roberts Robert D., (West Pawlet,) r 38, quarryman.

Robinson Edward S., (Pawlet,) farmer 12.

Robinson James, (Pawlet,) r 22, carriage maker and blacksmith.

Robinson Merritt, (Pawlet,) r 27, dairy 16 cows, and farmer, leases of Thomas C. Robinson, 214.

Robinson Thomas C., (Pawlet,) r 22, shoemaker and owns farm 214.

Root Charles, (Pawlet,) r 22, farm laborer, h and lot.

Rothlis Frederick, (Pawlet,) r 10, farmer, rents of Mrs. Elvine Tebdale, h and lot.

Rowland John W., (West Pawlet,) r 18, slate maker, and prop. boarding house.


Safford Joseph B., (Granville, N. Y.,) justice of the peace, dairy 25 cows, farmer 300.

Sargent Warren B., (Pawlet,) r 32, allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 60.

Sellers Fred, (Pawlet,) r 22, farm laborer, h and lot.

SHAW JAMES M., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 5, town lister, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 550.

Shaw Willie C., (Granville, N. Y.,) farmer.

Sheldon George, (Pawlet,) r 22, cor. 28, dealer in phosphate and farms for Joel 70.

Sheldon Joel H., (Pawlet,) r 22, cor. 28, farmer 70.

Sherman Josiah R., (Pawlet,) r 21, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 300.

Simonds Elliott J., (Pawlet,) r 32, fork handle turner.

Simonds George O., (North Pawlet,) r 5, agent for fruit trees.

SIMONDS OSSIAN H., (North Pawlet,) r 5, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 200. 

Smith Adaline, (Pawlet,) r 33, widow of Ebenezer, farm 9. 

Smith Alonzo, (Pawlet,) r 34, town grand juror, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 211. 

Smith Charles, (Pawlet,) r 11, farm laborer. 

SMITH DAVID K., (Pawlet,) r 44, dairy 50 cows, and makes his own cheese, farmer 550. 

SMITH FREDERICK W., (Pawlet,) r 32, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 130. 

Smith Henry M., (West Pawlet,) r 37, dairy 25 cows, farmer 360. 

SMITH JUDSON, (North Pawlet,) r 3, rents farm of Marceal Brown 115.

Smith Merritt H., (West Pawlet,) r 37, farmer. 

Snell Samuel S., (Pawlet,) r 32, clerk. 

Soullard Edward S., (Pawlet,) r 35, Baptist clergyman, farmer 200. 

Steams James H., (West Pawlet,) r 39, farmer 230. 
Stratton Harrison, (North Pawlet,) r 3, laborer. 

STREETER MIFFLIN H., (Pawlet,) r 33, allo. physician and surgeon. 

Sweet Daniel, (Pawlet,) r 33, laborer. 

SWIFT LOUISA H. MRS., (North Pawlet,) r 13, farm 115. 

Swift Luther, (North Pawlet,) r 3, farmer. 


Taber Charles E., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 17, farmer 53. 

Taylor Arthur N., (North Pawlet,) r 3, butcher. 

Taylor Elias, (Pawlet,) r 21, laborer. 

Taylor Neville, (Pawlet,) r 22, mail carrier from Pawlet to Granville and Wells. 

THOMSON EDWIN R., (Granville, N. Y.,) farmer. 

Thomson Warren, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 3, dairy 23 cows, farmer, rents of the estate of Robert H. Smith 200. 

Towslee George, (Pawlet,) r 30, farmer. 

TRUMBULL JOHN H., (West Pawlet,) r 18, carpenter and builder. 


VAIL EDWARD I., (Pawlet,) r 33, (P. G. & E. Vail,) also constable, collector and speculator. 

VAIL P. G. & E., (Pawlet,) r 33, (Platt G. and Edward I.,) fork stale and baby carriage factory. 

VAIL PLATT G., (Pawlet,) r 33, (P. G. & E. Vail,) also farmer 20. 

Viets Fayette, (Pawlet,) r 11, dairy 50 cows, and farmer 700. 


Wade Zachariah H., (Pawlet,) r 26, farm laborer. 

Wait DeWitt, (West Pawlet,) r 38, carpenter and joiner. 

Warner Marcus, (Pawlet,) r 12, farmer 10. 

Warner Oliver L., (Pawlet,) r 33, farmer 10. 

WARNER WALTER K., (Pawlet,) r 11, farmer 100. 

Watkins Rollin, (West Pawlet,) r 38, tinsmith. 

WATROUS DANIEL E., (Pawlet,) r 22, general blacksmith and horse shoer. 

Weed Bernice H., (Pawlet,) r 13, dairy 25 cows and farmer 275. 

Weed Frederick S., (Pawlet,) r 32, dairy 13 cows and farmer 300. 

Weed Sherman, (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 375. 

WEEKS GEO. K., (Pawlet,) r 33, farmer. 

Weeks German H., (Pawlet,) r 32, farmer 50. 

Weeks Rollin, (Pawlet,) r 33, carriage maker. 

WEEKS ROLLIN W., (Pawlet,) r 33, painter and wheelwright. 

Weeks Roxany, (North Pawlet,) r 5, farmer 2. 

WEEKS WILLIAM C., (Pawlet,) r 33, brick and stone mason and farmer 16.

Weeks William P., (Pawlet,) r 12, stone and brick mason.

Wheeler Benj., (Pawlet,) r 32, laborer.

Wheeler Damon, (Pawlet,) r 32, speculator.

WHEELER MARCELLUS E., (Pawlet,) r 33, dealer in cattle, fertilizers, and prop. cheese factory.

Whitcomb Austin S., (Pawlet,) r 22, agent for Walter A. Wood's enclosed gear mower, dairy 30 cows and farmer 280.

Whitcomb Daniel S., (Pawlet,) r 22, grocer and dealer in flour, pork, fish, &c. 

WHITE PHILANDER, (North Pawlet,) r 5, farmer 95.

White William M., (Pawlet,) r 9, wagon maker, h and lot.

Whiting Edmond C., (Granville, N. Y.,) farmer 175.

WICKHAM ROBERT, (Pawlet,) r 2, gunsmith and millwright, h and lot, is 84 years old.

WILCOX AMOS W., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 3, town representative, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 27.

Wilcox Annie A. Mrs., (Wells,) r 5, farm 50.

Wilcox Eugene A., (Wells,) r 5, farmer.

Wilcox Jerome, (Wells,) r 5, farmer 125, and farms for Mrs. Annie A. 50.

Williams David D., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 18, h and lot.

Williams John, (West Pawlet,) r 38, general merchant, dealer in slate; lives in Middle Granville, N. Y.

WILLIAMS JOHN F., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 17, farmer 100.

Williams Laura Mrs., (Granville, N. Y.,) r 1 7, farmer 65.

Williams Oliver, (Granville, N. Y.,) r 17, farmer.

WILLIAMS ROBERT J., (lives m Granville, N. Y.,) manuf. and dealer in roofing slate and flagging, and superintendent of Brownell Slate and Flagging Co.

Williams W. H. Mrs., (West Pawlet,) r 8, boarding house.

Winans William R. Rev., (Pawlet,) pastor of M. E. Church.

WINCHESTER & BRO., (Pawlet,) (Franklin E. and Edgar,) r 33, dairy 20 cows, and farmers 160.

WINCHESTER EDGAR H., (North Pawlet,) r 5, (Winchester Bros.,) dairy 30 cows, farmer leases of George O. Simonds 200. 

WINCHESTER FRANKLIN E., (Pawlet ,) r 33, (Winchester & Bro.) 

Winchester Norman, (Pawlet,) r 29, dairy 18 cows, farmer 200. 

Wiseman John N., (North Pawlet,) r 14, dairy 18 cows, farmer 170. 

Wolfe Philip, (Pawlet,) r 33, cheese maker. 

Wood James, (Pawlet,) laborer. 

Wood Silas W., (Pawlet,) r 40, farmer 100. 

Wood William, (Pawlet,) r 43, farmer 2. 

WOODARD DAVID, (West Pawlet,) prop. Indian River Valley Hotel and livery, farmer 16. 

Woodward William, (Pawlet.) r 6, farmer 45. 

Wooster Avery, (North Paw let,) r 3, retired.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 374-383.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004