Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Ackley Sheldon H., (Mt. Holly,) r 19, farmer 200. 

Aldrich Geo. F., (Mt. Holly,) r 26, laborer, owns h and lot. 

ALLARD DANIEL C., (East Wallingford,) r 48, selectman, manuf. of chair stock, prop. planing and sawmill, lumberman and farmer 100. 

ALLARD PERE L., (Mechanicsville,) works at Chase's toy factory.

Andrews Martha, (Mechanicsville,) widow of Clark, resident. 

Archer John, (East Wallingford,) r 44, farmer 100. 

Armstrong Edward, (E. Wallingford,) r 46, farmer 100. 

Armstrong Win. C., (Mechanicsville,) r 55, teamster. 


Barrett Lewis, (Healdville,) r 10, farmer 125.

Beattie Arthur, (Healdville,) r 11, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 250. 

Billings Frank, (Healdville,) r 34, farmer 100. 

Billings John, (Mt. Holly,) r 9, farmer 30. 

Billings Lorenzo G., (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 60. 

Billings Mary A. Mrs., (Mt. Holly,) r 8, dairy 25 cows, farmer 350. 

Bixby A. D., (Mt. Holly,) r 25, farmer, leases of B. B. Bixby. 

BIXBY ASA S. A., (Mt. Holly,) r 5, farmer 12. 

Bixby B. B., (Mt. Holly,) r 25, farmer 300. 

Bracken Patrick, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, blacksmith. 

Bradley John, (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer 70. 

Briggs James S., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, mechanic, works for Johnson & Graves. 

Bunting Chas., (Healdville,) r 10, farmer, leases of Samuel H. Parker, of Rutland. 

BURTON CLARK J., (Mt. Holly,) r 26, farmer 130. 

Buswell Asa, (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 75. 

Buswell Edgar A., (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 75. 

Buswell Ezra P., (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 50. 


Carlton Gardner, (Mechanicsville,) r 56, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130.

Carlton Harriet Mrs., (Mechanicsville,) resident. 

Carol Caroline Mrs., (East Wallingford,) r 28, h and lot. 

CARPENTER H. CLINTON, (Mechanicsville,) r 31, town lister, highway surveyor and farmer 140. 

Chadburn A. B., (Mechanicsville,) mechanic, Chase's toy factory, and farmer 50.

CHAFFEE STEPHEN H., (Mechanicsville,) r 55, carpenter and farmer 50. 

Chandler Amos, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton.

Chandler Carmi, (Healdville,) r 15, boss on R. R track.

Chase Eugene R, (Mechanicsville,) works at Chase's toy factory, and farmer 6. 

CHASE PHILLIP E., (Mechanicsville,) prop. saw-mill, manuf. of toys, wheelbarrows, carts and wagons, and farmer 250, 244 of which is leased to Stephen Flanders.

CHASE REUBEN L., (East Wallingford,) r 44, eclectic physician and surgeon.

Clark Benjamin H., (Mechanicsville,) r 35, farmer 78.

Clark Betsey, (Mt. Holly,) r 21, widow of R. H., farm 15.

Clark Elam, (Mechanicsville,) r 40, farmer, leases 115 of David Fuller.

Clark Frank, (Mt. Holly,) r 6, farmer 50.

Clark Ira, (East Wallingford,) r 46, farmer 105.

Clayton Royal M., (Mechanicsville,) off r 41, farmer, leases 130.

Clowry Michael, (East Wallingford,) r 43, farmer 100.

COLBURN LORENZO A., (Mt. Holly,) r 18, selectman and farmer 100, and in Shrewsbury and Plymouth 350, and 100 timber and pasture land.

COLBURN LYMAN, (Mt. Holly,) r 8, farmer 140.

Collins Mary Mrs., (Healdville,) r 10. dairy 14 cows, and farmer 130.

COOK A W., (Mt. Holly,) r 30, station agent, express agent, telegraph operator and farmer 95, and 50 acres mountain.

Cook Harry H., (Mechanicsville,) r 40, farmer 90.

COOK L. C., (Alt. Holly,) r 30, speculator and farmer 20.

COOK NELSON W., (Mt. Holly,) r 30, farmer 2.

COOTEY THOMAS ALBERT, (Mechanicsville,) physician and surgeon. 

Corniff Dominick, (Mt. Holly,) r 22, farmer.

COURTNEY JAMES C., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, jobbing for Parmenter & Johnson.

Creaser George P., (Healdville,) station agent, Summit Station, and farmer 90. 

Croft George B. H., (Mechanicsville,) r 51, works in Chase's toy factory.

CROWLEY ALFRED, (Healdville,) r 34, justice of the peace, (has held this office 25 years,) trustee of surplus revenue, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 150.

CROWLEY ALFRED W., (Healdville,) r 34, farmer, with Alfred Crowley, town supt. of schools and teacher.

Crowley Isaac W. (Mt. Holly,) r 26, farmer, carpenter and joiner.

CROWLEY JOHN, (Mt. Holly,) r 26, allo. physician and surgeon, justice of the peace, and farmer 12.


DANA EDGAR F., (Mechanicsville,) r 52, lumberman and farmer, leases 136.

Dana Marshall E., (Mechanicsville,) r 52, farmer, leases of Edgar Dana 150. 

Dana Wallace, (Mechanicsville,) r 40, dairy 23 Cows, and farmer 450.

Davenport Carlos, (Mechanicsville,) r 50, blacksmith, works Marshall Tarbell. 

Davenport Elijah W., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, blacksmith and farmer 100.

DAVENPORT IRA E., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, blacksmith, prop. Davenport's self operating sled brake, owns h and lot.

Davenport Joseph, (Mechanicsville,) r 47, farmer 120.

Davenport Martin, (Mechanicsville,) r 47, farmer, with Joseph.

Davenport Thomas, (Mechanicsville,) r 53, farmer.

DAVENPORT  WM. S., (East Wallingford,) r 48, farmer 50.

DAWLEY DARWIN G., (Mt. Holly,) r 21, farmer 200. 

Dawley Perry A., (East Wallingford,) r 28, blacksmith. 

DEAN DANFORTH, (Mt. Holly,) r 7, farmer 200. 

DICKERMAN ELWIN I., (Mechanicsville,) r 32, farmer 116. 

Dickerman Henry C., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, works in Chase's toy shop and owns farm 22. 

Dickerman Isaac S., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, fanner 17. 

Dickerman Milan, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer 70. 

Dickerman Sylvanus M., (Mechanicsville,) r 51, farmer. 

Doisey James, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 150. 

Doty Alonzo, (Mechanicsville,) works at Chase's toy shop. 

Dudley Harvey L., (Healdville,) station agent C. V. R R. and farmer 16. 

Dufsy Darby, (Mt. Holly,) r 8, farmer 55. 


Earle Harrison, (East Wallingford,) r 46, h and lot. 

Earle Lucius R., (East Wallingford,) r 48, farmer 85.

Earle Roswell, (East Wallingford,) r 48, 74 years old, born in Mt Holly. 

Earle Sarah Mrs., (East Wallingford,) r 28, resident, 1 acre. 

Eddy David E., (Mechanicsville,) mechanic Chase's toy shop, h and lot. 


FISK SARAH O., (Mt. Holly,) r 5, works at figure saw, Horton's mill and owns 2 ¾.

Flanders Arthur H., (Mt. Holly,) r 25, farm laborer.

Flanders Stephen, (Mechanicsville,) r 30, works Chase's toy shop and farmer 300.

Fletcher Henry, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton.

FLETCHER J. E., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, musician, works for A. W. Graves & Co.

Fletcher Ruth, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 50.

Forest John R., (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 40.

Foster Alvin, (Mechanicsville,) r 55, farmer 50.

Foster Alvin W., (Mechanicsville,) farmer 75.

Foster Alvin W. Mrs., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, owns 2 acres 

Foster Benj. (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop.

Foster Eugene R., (Mechanicsville ,) works in Chase's toy factory.

Foster William Henry, (E. Wallingford,) r 23, farmer leases of Win. Foster, of Springfield, Mass., 125.

FRENCH LUTHER F., (Mt. Holly,) r 1g, carpenter and joiner, 2 acre.

Frost Franklin Loren, (Mechanicsville,) r 51, farmer 100 and 33 wild land.

Frost Oakley M., (Mechanicsville,) r 51, farmer, occupies zoo owned by F. Loren Frost.

Frost Valorous, (Healdville,) r 34, track hand and farmer 5.

Fuller David W., (Mechanicsville,) r 40, lime burner and farmer 215.


Gibson Abraham, (Mechanicsville,) r 36, farmer 50.

Goodell t Franklin P., (Mechanicsville,) r 55, dairy 20 cows and farmer 155. 

Goodell Henry E., (Mechanicsville,) r 40, farmer 175. 

Goodell Horatio N., (Mechanicsville,) r 46, farmer 150. 

Goodrich Cornelia D., (Healdville,) r 17, farmer 200. 

Goodrich Geo. H.. (Healdville,) r 17, farmer with Cornelia D. 

GRAVES A. W., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, (A. W. Graves & Co.,) owns farm 150.

GRAVES A. W. & CO., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, (G. E. Johnson,) manufs. of lumber, butter tubs and chair stock. 

Graves Frank, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton. 

GRAVES GEORGE W., (Mechanicsville,) r 43, farmer 140.

Graves Lyman, (Mechanicsville,) r 53, farmer 230.

GRAVES STEPHEN D., (Mechanicsville,) justice of the peace, carpenter, mason and farmer 311.


Hahir Daniel, (East Wallingford,) r 29, farmer 50.

Hall Benjamin, (Mechanicsville,) r 40, laborer.

Hall Charles, (Mechanicsville,) r 40, blacksmith and farmer, leases of Oscar Longe.

Hall John, (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer 120.

HAMMOND MERRITT O., (Mt. Holly,) r 2, farmer 135.

Harmon Levi C., (Mt. Holly,) r 9, farmer 75.

Harrington Moses D., (Mt. Holly,) farmer, works 232, owned by Jane McAdams.

HART JONATHAN H., (East Wallingford,) r 44, mechanic, owns 1 acre.

Harvey Edson, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton.

Harvey Foster, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, with Samuel Pilkey.

Hastings Timothy, (Mt. Holly,) r 9, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 325.

HEATH A. D., (Mechanicsville,) r 3, farmer, occupies 300.

HILL ISAAC L., (Mechanicsville,) r 31, butcher and farmer 75.

Holcolm Levi, (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer, leases 40.

Holden Alvin, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer 200.

Holden Charles, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer, leases 200 of Alvin Holden.

Holden Chloe Mrs., (Mt. Holly,) r 25, farmer 18.

HOLDEN EDSON, (Healdville,) r 11, overseer of town poor, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 300.

HOLDEN HILAND, (Mt. Holly,) r 5, farmer 300.

HOLDEN MARVEL J., (Mt. Holly,) r 18, musician, justice of the peace, and farmer 80.

HOLDEN WILBUR D., (Mt. Holly,) r 18, lumberman, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 250.

Horton Asa, estate of, (Mt. Holly,) r 6, farm 20.

Horton Darius. (Mt. Holly,) r 8, town lister and farmer 253.

HORTON DAVID, (Mt. Holly;) r 25, postmaster, general merchant, and farmer 15.

HORTON JUDSON A., (Mt. Holly,) r 25, with David.

Horton Theron A., (Mt. Holly,) r 8, farmer, leases of Huldah P. Lord 80.

HORTON WARREN, (Mt. Holly,) groceries and provisions, lumberman, manuf. of chair stock, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 830.

HOSKINS MARTIN, (Mechanicsville,) r 50, foreman Chase's toy factory, h and lot.

Hoskison Henry H., (Mt. Holly,) r 2, farmer.

HOSKISON J. P., (Healdville,) r 12, (W. B. & J. P. H.,) postmaster.

HOSKISON WILLIAM B., (Healdville,) r 12, (W. B. & J. P. H.)

HOSKISON W. B. & J. P., (Healdville,) r 12, lumbermen and farmers 2,000.

Huse Dustin, (Mt. Holly,) r 17, farmer, occupies farm owned by Page Merrill, of Rutland.

Huse Enoch, (Healdville,) r 10, shoemaker and farmer 10.


Ives Clarence F., (Mechanicsville,) r 49, general merchant and town auditor.

Ives Jewett, (Mt. Holly,) farmer, with Charles Marshall.

Ives Jonah, (Mt. Holly,) r 26, resident, 83 rears old and born where he now resides.

IVES LEVERETT, (Mt. Holly,) r 26, farmer 250. 

Ives Morton A., (Mechanicsville,) r 29, farmer 150 for Allen Ives. 


Jackson Andrew S., (East Wallingford,) r 45, with Levy E., farmer. 

Jackson Cyrus H., (East Wallingford,) r 46, prop. of grist mill and manuf. of chair stock for D. G. Jones, of Cuttingsville, and farmer 110.

Jackson Isaac, (East Wallingford,) r 45, owns farm 100. 

Jackson Levy E., (East Wallingford,) r 45, farmer, leases of Isaac Jackson 100.

Jaquith Isaac, (Mechanicsville,) r 56, farmer 200.

JOHNSON G. E., (Mechanicsville,) r 54, (Parmenter & Johnson.) 

JOHNSON G. E., (East Wallingford,) (A. W. Graves & Co.) 


Kelley Martin, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 25. 

Kelly Patrick, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer 100. 

Kennedy John, (Mt. Holly,) r 30, farmer, estate of T. Kennedy. 

Kennedy Timothy, estate of, (Mt. Holly,) r 30, Mrs. Julia Kennedy, admx., farm 200. 

Kent Ella S., (East Wallingford,) r 46, resident. 

Kent Lucinda, (East Wallingford,) r 46, resident. 

Kent Mary, (East Wallingford,) r 46, widow of Ashley, farm 120. 

Kiernan Patrick, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 100. 

King John, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 75. 

Knapp James E. Rev., (Mechanicsville,) M. E. clergyman. 

Knight Amos O., (Mt. Holly,) r 20, farmer, works 200. 

KNIGHT CHAS. H., (Healdville,) r 33, dairy 14 cows and farmer 135. 

KNIGHT WM. C., (Healdville,) r 36, dairy 16 cows and farmer 150. 

KNIGHT WM. E., (Mt. Holly,) r 8, manuf. carriages, sleighs, cheese boxes, &c., and farmer 110. 


Lane Patrick, (Healdville,) r 17, farmer 100. 

Lawrence Judson E., (Mechanicsville,) r 34, works in Chase's toy shop. 

Lawrence Richard L., (Healdville,) r 34, farmer 110. 

Little Abram, (Mechanicsville) r 40, farmer 44. 

Livingston Harvey, (Mechanicsville,) deacon Mt. Holly Baptist Church and works in Chase's toy factory. 

Lock Nathan, (Cuttingsville,) r 2, farmer 40. 

Long Oscar, (Mechanicsville,) r 40, farmer 170. 

Lord William, (Mt. Holly,) r 8, farmer 160. 

LORD WM. H., (Mt. Holly,) r 5, cheese manuf. 

Lovday Wm., (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 60. 

Lucas Michael, )Mt. Holly,) r 22, farmer. 

Lynch David, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 80. 

Lynch William (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 100. 


Maloney Matthew, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 150. 

MARSHALL ANDREW L., (Mechanicsville) r 43, farmer 170. 

Marshall Charles, (Mechanicsville,) r 36, farmer, leases of Abraham Gibson. 

Marshall Clark D., (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop, h and lot. 

MARTIN CHAS. W., (Mt. Holly,) r 7, farmer 150. 

Martin Daniel, (Mechanicsville,) r 49, farmer 16. 

Meads George W., (Mechanicsville,) r 32, clerk for C. W. Priest and owns farm 130. 

Miner Charles T., (East Wallmgford,) r 23, farmer, leases of Benj. Gordon, of South Wallingford, 240. 

Murphy John, (Healdville,) r 35, farmer 100. Needham Elijah, (Mechanicsville,) r 30, farmer 5.


NEWTON WINDSOR, (Mechanicsville,) justice of the peace, town clerk, and town treasurer.

Noon Barnard B., (Mt. Holly,) r 22, farmer.


Packard John C., (Mechanicsville,) r 53, farmer 80.

PACKER JUDSON D. S., (Mt. Holly,) r 28, constable, collector and farmer 285.

Parker E. Josiah, (East Wallingford,) r 46, farmer 100.

Parker Ryland, (Healdville,) r 33, farmer 100.

Parker Win. B., (Mechanicsville,) carpenter, Chase's toy shop.

Parker William F., (East Wallingford,) r 45, farmer, leases of Ira D., of Wallingford.

PARMENTER BEND. F., (Mechanicsville,) justice of the peace.

PARMENTER FREDERICK, (Mechanicsville,) r 54, (Parmenter & Johnson,) lumberman, manuf. of chair stock, farmer too, and 330 acres of wild land.

PARMENTER & JOHNSON, (Mechanicsville,) r 54, (Frederick Parmenter and G. E. Johnson,) manufs. lumber and chair stock and farmers 35.

Peck Almeron D., (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer 160.

Pelsue Oscar, (East Wallingford,) r 44, farmer 100.

Perkins Darius D., (Mt. Holly,) r 3, farmer 250.

PERSONS DAVID S., (Mechanicsville,) r 56, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Isaac Jaqueth 200.

Pettengill M. D. L., (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy factory, 3 acres. 

Phalen Patrick, (Healdville,) r 39, farmer 350.

Pilkey Samuel, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer 50.

Pillsbury Spencer, (Mechanicsville,) r 53, farmer 150.

Pingrey Henry C., (Healdville,) r 35, prop. saw mill and farmer 25.

Pinney N. B., (Mechanicsville,) retired merchant and farmer.

Powell Daniel S., (East Wallingford,) r 28, farmer 1 acre.

PRATT HENRY J., (East Wallingford,) r 27, blacksmith and farmer 80.

Pratt Oscar. (Mt. Holly,) farmer 100.

PRIEST CHAS. W. HON., (Mechanicsville,) general merchant, postmaster, and member State Legislature.

Priest Darius D., (Mechanicsville,) r 52, farmer.

Priest Ethan, (Mechanicsville,) r 51, farmer 227.

Purcell Frank, (Healdville,) r 15, track hand.


Randall I. A., (Mechanicsville,) works at Chase's toy shop, owns h and lot.

Riley James, (Healdville,) r 11, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 250.

Roberts Andrew J. Rev., (Mt. Holly,) r 28, M. E. clergyman.

Rowe Win., (East Wallingford,) r 27, wheelwright.

Russell Orrin B., (East Wallingford,) r 28, farmer 50.


Sawyer Chas., (Mt. Holly,) r 9, farmer.

Shattuck Anthony, (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer 100.

Sherman George, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 290.

Shippy Amherst, (E. Wallingford,) farmer.

Shippy Martin, (Mechanicsville,) farmer, with John C. Packard.

Shippy Volney, (East Wallingford,) r 28, farmer 40.

Shippy Volney, (East Wallingford,) r 28, farmer 50.

Smith Henry B., (Mechanicsville,) r 43, with Nathan, farmer 120.

Smith James P., (East Wallingford,) r 43, farmer, Patrick Smith estate.

Smith Mary, (East Wallingford,) r 43, widow of Patrick, farmer 350.

Smith Nathan, (Mechanicsville,) r 48, with Henry B., farmer 120.

SMITH PATRICK H., (Mechanicsvile,) r 53, farmer 300. 

Smith Win. A., (Sutherland Falls,) Patrick Smith estate.

Spencer Wilcox, (Mt. Holly,) r 4, old settler, born in Mt. Holly, 1792.

Stapleton James, (Mt. Holly,) r 2, farmer 80.

Stewart Michael, (Mt. Holly,) r 18, farmer 35.

Stewart Warren F., (Mechanicsville,) mechanic, works in Chase's toy factory, h and lot.

Stilwell Albert L., (Mechanicsville,) clerk and farmer 13.

Stilwell Chester, (Mt. Holly,) r 5, carpenter and farmer 5.

Sullivan Michael, (Mt. Holly,) r 9, farmer 100.


Tarbell Lorenzo F., (Mechanicsville,) r 36, farmer 130.

TARBELL MARSHALL, (Mechanicsville,) r 49, prop. circular saw mill, rake factory and manuf. of chair stock.

Taylor John E., (Mechanicsville,) engineer at Chase's toy shop, owns 2 1/3 acres.

Taylor O. J. Rev., (Mechanicsville,) pastor Mt. Holly Baptist Church.

Thomas Joseph W., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, farmer 100.

THOMPSON WM. M., (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop.

Tier Perry, (Mechanicsville,) r 31, farmer 50.

Titus Ezra, (East Wallingford,) r 29, track hand and owns h and lot.

Tole Harry, (Healdville,) r 11, farmer 200.

Toohay Patrick, (Mechanicsville,) r 56, farmer 270.

Trask James, (Mt. Holly,) r 22, farmer 45, occupies the Jesse Raymond, Jr., place.

Tucker Chas. N., (Mechanicsville,) r 53, farmer 130 and 100 timber land in Mt. Tabor.

Tucker Leumas, (Mechanicsville,) r 49, farmer 100.

Tucker Stillman, (Mechanicsville,) r 49, farmer 100.

Tuttle James P., (Mechanicsville,) r 32, farmer, leases of Geo. P. Mead 130.


Underwood Warren A., (Mechanicsville,) r 56, farmer 100.


Warfield Charles, (Mt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton.

Warner Aaron A., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, mechanic, runs lathe for Marshall Tarbell, has been blind from infancy.

WARNER HIRAM L., (Mechanicsville,) resident, formerly hotel keeper.

Warner Irwin L., (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop.

WARNER LEROY D., (Mechanicsville,) mechanic Chase's toy shop, h and lot. 

Weaver Philo, (Mechanicsville,) r 35, farmer, works on shares 200 acres.

Wheeler Lyman A., (Mechanicsville,) r 37, farmer, leases of E. Jaquith estate 300. 

Wheeler Oscar, (Healdville,) r 16 farmer 80. 

White Alson, (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop and owns 4 acres. 

White John E., (Mechanicsville,) carriage and sleigh maker.

Wilcox Harlow, (Mt. Holly,) r 4, highway surveyor and farmer 90. 

Wilcox Willett, (Mechanicsville,) peddler of medicines and yankee notions.

Wilder George I., (East Wallingford,) r 44, painter and farmer 10. 

Wiley Charles E., (Mechanicsville,) works in Chase's toy shop, h and lot.

Wiley John F., (Mechanicsville,) teamster Chase's toy shop. 

Wilkins George, (Cuttingsville,) r 22, farmer,

Williams Charles O., (Mechanicsville,) r 50, farmer 100. 

Williams Emmett, (Alt. Holly,) r 19, works for Warren Horton. 

Wilmoth James, (East Wallingford,) r 47, farmer 100.

Wright Abigail E., (Mt. Holly,) r 26, 2 acres. 

Wright Walter S., (Mechanicsville,) r 54 laborer.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 363-370.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004