Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad Station is Poultney, eight miles northwest. Daily Stage.


Adams George D., (Middletown Springs,) (Adams & Son,) North and Park square, farmer 50.

Adams Sidney G., (Middletown Springs,) (Adams & Son,) mail carrier and prop. Middletown and Poultney stage, North and Park square.

Adams & Son, (G. D. and S. G.,) proprietors of the Adams House, North and Park square.

ALLEN WARREN, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, South.

ARCHIBALD THOS. H. REV. D.D., (Middletown Springs,) pastor Baptist Church, North.

Atwater Jonathan, (Middletown,) r 24, farmer with Merritt C., 500.

Atwater Merritt C., (Middletown Springs,) r 24, with Jonathan, dealers in sheep and cattle, farmers 400, and manuf. about 1800 lbs. of maple sugar per year.

Atwater Philander, (Middletown,) r 24, farmer 60.


Barker Augustus, (Middletown Springs,) r 18, lister, breeder of horses, dairy 50 cows and farmer 375.

BARRETT FRED B., (Middletown Springs;) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, crockery, drugs, &c., Main.

Bassett Alice S. Mrs., (Middletown Springs,) widow of W. S., dressmaker, North.

Beals Henry, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner.

Bethell John. (Middletown Springs,) r 2, farmer 90.

Betonial Wm., (Middletown Springs,) r 25, farmer, leases 150.

BIZALLION EUGENE, (Middletown Springs,) cheese maker, East.

BROWN HARLOW P., (Middletown Springs,) r 27, wood sawyer and farmer 170.

BROWN MARSHALL, (Middletown Springs,) r 12, dairy 9 cows and farmer 200.

BUEL ROSWELL, (Middletown Springs,) attorney at law, has represented town seven years, was delegate to Constitutional Convention.

Buren James, (Middletown Springs,) teamster, North.

Buxton Amos, (Middletown Springs,) r 27, dairy 14 cows, wool grower and farmer 150.

BUXTON EDWIN R., (Middletown Springs,) r 17, auctioneer, dairy 14 cows and farms G. K. Taylor's estate of 130.

Buxton Henry, (Middletown Springs,) r 16, dealer in hides and pelts, building mover, butcher and farmer 140.


Cairns Harvey, (Middletown Springs,) r 4, farmer 172.

CAIRNS JOHN, (Middletown Springs,) r 2, cor 4, dairy 30 cows and farmer 160.

CARPENTER FRANCIS E., (Middletown Springs,) with L. M. Carpenter of Chester Depot, r 2, dairy 25 cows, owners of Carpenter's Ranch, 600 acres.

Clark Albert A., (Middletown Springs,) sign and ornamental painter, agent for Whitney Wagon Works and prop. livery stable, Montvert.

Clark Fannie, (Middletown Springs,) r 10, with Mrs. Annah, owns farm 13.

Clift Crocker J., (Middletown Springs,) r 16, justice of the peace, dairy 22 cows and leases of Helen Buxton farm 200.

CLIFT HENRY R., (Middletown Springs,) r 2, school director, dairy 22 cows and farmer 200.

CLINE JOSEPH, (Middletown Springs,) r 10, prop. saw and grist mill.

Cole Rollins, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, with B. Wood, farmer 230.

Coleman Henry C., (Middletown Springs,) dealer in dry goods, boots and shoes, &c., North, and owns farm 25.

Cook Anson H., (Middletown Springs,) r 8, school teacher.

Cook David, (Middletown Springs,) r 9, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 130.

COOK ELIHU B., (Middletown Springs,) r 9, dairy 20 cows, farmer 180.

Copeland Edwin, (Middletown Springs,) r 1, retired farmer 250.

COPELAND EMMETT F., (Middletown Springs,) r 1, breeder of Holstein cattle, dairy 22 cows, farmer 2, and leases of Edwin, 250.

Copeland Lucius, (Middletown Springs,) justice of the peace, trustee of surplus fund, and farmer 300.

Coy Everlin H., (Middletown Springs,) r 20, farmer, leases of Martin H. 288.

COY MARTIN H., (Middletown Springs,) r 20, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 288.

Cramton Henry, (Middletown Springs,) cheese maker, East.

Cramton Henry, (Middletown Springs,) r 10, laborer.

CUMMINGS DANIEL, (Middletown Springs,) works for A. W. Gray's Sons, and has for 20 years, South.


Dayton Win., (East Poultney,) dairy 14 cows, and farmer 200.

Dayton Wm. W., (East Poultney,) farmer.

DICKERSON WM, H., (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer leases h and lot of Haynes & Son.

DOUGHTY GEORGE C., (Middletown Springs,) r 13, millwright, cabinet maker, and farmer 40.

Dudley Win., (Middletown Springs,) r 5, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 160.

Durant Alva, (Middletown Springs,) barber, East.


EARL WARREN, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter, has been with A. W. Gray & Sons 13 years, South.

Edmonds Malony, (Middletown Springs,) r 20, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 40.

Egar Joseph & Thos. B. Wilson, (New York city,) owners of Montvert Hotel.

Evans James, (Middletown Springs,) with Michael, farmer, leases 400.


Foster James, (Middletown Springs,) r 24, farm laborer.


Gardner Charles, (Middletown Springs,) r 1, retired farmer, is 88 years old.

GARDNER GAMAIEL, (Middletown Springs,) r 2, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 385.

Gardner Ruth, (Middletown Springs,) r 18, widow of David R., owns farm 150.

Gates Alonzo, (Middletown Springs,) prop. Valley Hotel, East.

Gates Amos, (Middletown Springs,) stone mason, North.

Gates Henry C., (Middletown Springs,) r 10, teamster.

Gates Win. M., (Middletown Springs,) works for A. W. Gray's Sons, North.

GATES WM. W., (Middletown Springs,) machinist, West.

German James, (Middletown Springs,) laborer, North.

German Patty Mrs., (Middletown Springs,) widow of James, North.

Gilder Frank, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, laborer.

GILMAN AUGUSTUS W., (Middletown Springs,) r 13, school director, apiarian 50 hives, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 155.

Granger Jim, (Middletown Springs,) machinist, West.

GRAY ALBERT W., (Middletown Springs,) founder of A. W. Gray's Sons business, owns farm 70, South

GRAY ALBERT Y., (Middletown Springs,) (A. W. Gray's Sons,) South.

GRAY EUGENE W., (Middletown Springs,) prop. steam, saw and grist mill; and foundry, manuf. of agricultural implements, plows, cultivators, cheese presses, &c., manuf. of cider and cider jelly, manuf. from 300 to 500 gallons maple syrup, and farmer 50, 200 acres spruce timber land.

GRAY LEONIDAS, (Middletown Springs,) (A. W. Gray's Sons,) town representative.

Gray William N., (Middletown Springs,) r 4, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 80.

GRAY'S SONS, A. W., (Middletown Springs,) (Albert Y. and Leonidas,) manufs. of patent horse powers, machines for sawing wood, threshing and cleaning grain &c., South.

GREENE ALBERT A., (Middletown Springs,) bookkeeper for A. W. Gray's Sons, owns farm 40, South.

Greene Hudson, (Middletown Springs,) moulder.


HAINES CHAS. A., (Middletown Springs,) machinist and engineer for A. Gray's Sons.

HAINES SYLVANUS H., (Middletown Springs,) r 2, allo. physician and surgeon, owns farm 15 1/2, North.

HAINES, see also HAYNES.

Harrington Edwin S., (Middletown,) r 24, farm laborer.

Haskins Gustavus A., (Middletown Springs,) r 26, farms for Mrs. Mary Haskins, 500.

HASKINS MARY, (Middletown Springs;) r 26, widow of Harvey, dairy 35 cows, and owns farm 500.

Haynes Alpheus, (Middletown Springs,) r 21, with John F., dairy 12 cows, farmer 180.

Haynes Hezekiah, (Middletown Springs,) machinist, West.

Haynes John F., (Middletown Springs,) r 21, with Alpheus, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 180.

HAYNES JONATHAN H., (Middletown Springs,) r 22, dairy 17 cows, manuf. of butter, breeder and dealer in Jersey cattle, and farmer 150.

Haynes Willis H., (Middletown Springs,) clerk for F. B. Barritt, North.

HAYNES, see also HAINES.

Hoadley Harvey, (Middletown Springs,) r 15, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 130.

HOADLEY JOSEPH P., (Middletown Springs,) blacksmith and carriage ironer, South.

Hoghland John, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, with Daniel, dairy 12 cows, farmer 230.

Hough Hiram, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, West.

Hough Hiram, (Middletown Springs,) r 9, carpenter.

HOWARD CURTIS A., (Middletown Springs,) r 15, has run wood working machinery for A. R. Gray's Sons 12 years, South.

Hubbard Jane C., (Middletown Springs,) widow of Edmund, h and lot, South.

Hubbard Merritt. (Middletown Springs,) r 13, shoemaker.

Hurlbut Lucius M., (Middletown Springs,) r 2, farmer.

Hurlbut Martin, (Middletown Springs,) r 2, with Sarah, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 133.

Hutchings Herbert H., (Middletown Springs,)r 19, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 250.

HYDE ALONZO, (Middletown Springs,) r 7, breeder of Columbus horses, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 270.

Hyde Erwin W., (Middletown Springs,) r 8, Evergreen Farm, breeder of Highland gray horses, and farmer, leases of Alonzo, 118. 


Jennings Joseph, (Middletown Springs,) retired farmer, North.


Kelley Samuel, (Middletown Springs,) r 10, farmer, leases of L. Copeland, 300.

Kilburn Elizabeth, (Middletown Springs,) r 13, widow of Truman.


Lane Morand, (Middletown,) r 24, farmer, leases h. and lot of J. & M. Atwater.

Leffingwell Albert, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farm hand.

Leffingwell Aronal, (Middletown Springs,) r 1, laborer.

LEFFINGWELL DYAR, (Middletown Springs,) drugs and groceries, also postmaster, South.

Leffingwell Elisha, (Middletown Springs,) manuf. and dealer in tin, wooden and glass ware, East.

Leffingwell Harvey, (Middletown Springs,) r 2, farmer 7.

Leonard Andrew J., (Middletown Springs,) general blacksmith, North.

LEONARD EMMETT, (Middletown Springs,) general blacksmith, North.

LEONARD ERWIN, (Middletown Springs,) r 7, farmer and cheese maker.

LEONARD ERWIN, (Middletown Springs,) r 9, with Geo., farmer 40.

Leonard George, (Middletown Springs,) r 9, with Erwin, farmer 40.

Leonard Jack, (Middletown Springs,) blacksmith, North.

Lewis Charles, (Middletown Springs,) r 26, farmer 180.

Lewis Nathaniel, (Middletown Springs,) r 26, laborer.

L Lobdell Davis, Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer 79.

Lobdell George S., (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer 100.

Lobdell John, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farm laborer.

LOUIS JOHN B., (Middletown Springs,) r 13, dairy 10 cows and farmer 125.


MALLARY CHAS. S., (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, East.

Marsha David, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farm laborer.

MASON JOEL A., (Middletown Springs,) r 23, dairy 30 cows, farmer 400, and with Frank E. and Mrs. Whiting Merrill 350.

MCCLURE CHAS. W., (Middletown Springs,) wagon maker and carpenter, works for A. W. Grays Sons, and has, most of the time, for 22 years.

McClure Warren, (Middletown Springs,) mechanic, rents of A. W. Gray, South.

McKurin Hannah Mrs., (Middletown Springs,) widow of Reuben, North.

McMorrow John, (Middletown Springs,) r 5, dairy 25 cows and farmer 300.

McMorrow Michael, (Middletown Springs,) r 18, dairy 13 cows and farmer 168.

Mehuron Edwy, (Middletown Springs,) r 10, farmer 300.

Merrill Frank E., (Middletown Springs,) with J. A. Mason and Mrs. Whiting Merrill, farmer 400, North.

Merrill Whiting Mrs., (Middletown Springs,) with Frank E. Merrill and Joel A. Mason, farmer 400, North.

Money Michael, (Middletown Springs,) r 2, dairy 20 cows and farmer 350.

MONTVERT HOTEL, (Middletown Springs,) Montreal Hotel Co., Limited, proprietor; Thos. B. Wilson, manager.

Morgan Daniel L., (Middletown Springs,) r 20, dairy 18 cows and farmer 150.

Moyer Clark, (Middletown Springs,) r 26, farmer 50.

Murdock Thomas, (Middletown Springs,) laborer, West.

Myrick Osborne Rev., (Middletown Springs,) pastor Congregational Church, South


Northrup George, (Middletown Springs,) r 13, laborer.

Norton Elihu C., (Middletown Springs,) works for A. W. Gray's Sons, West.

NORTON SARAH C., (Middletown Springs,) widow of Jay B., milliner and dressmaker, West.

NORTON WILL, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter, West.

Norton Wm. H., (Middletown Springs,) works for A. W. Gray's Sons, West.

Norton Wm. K., (Middletown Springs,) farmer 18, West.


O'Keefe Luke, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farm hand.

O'Keefe Michael, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farm hand.

O'Keefe Thos. (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer 10.


Parady Win. P., (Middletown, Springs,) wheelwright and painter, South.

PARKER ALBERT, (Middletown Springs,) wagon maker and repairer, North.

Parker Calvin, (Middletown Springs,) farm hand, South.

Parker Leonard V., (Middletown Springs,) r 6, dairy 14 cows, farmer 140.

Paul Miletus N., (Middletown Springs,) 1st constable and collector and does general collecting, North.

PHILLIPS GEORGE W., (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and machinist, South.

Porter Albert L., (Middletown Springs,) house, sign and ornamental painter, North.

Powers James, (Middletown Springs,) r 12, dairy 16 cows and farmer, leases of E. Mehurin 300.

Powers Jeffrey, (Middletown Springs,) r 5, farmer 125.

Powers John, (Middletown Springs,) r 3, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 250.

Prindle Edward L., (Middletown Springs,) r 9, painter, grower of berries, apples, pears, grapes and other fruits, and farmer 10.


Ray Frank H. (Middletown Springs,) r 24, laborer.

Ray John L., (Middletown Springs,) laborer, North.

Reid Harvey, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, resident.

RICHARDSON CULLEN S., (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, South.

Richardson Harvey, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, retired.

Richardson James, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, farmer 200.

ROBINSON CHAUNCEY H., (Middletown Springs,) cheese maker, East.

Ross Hiram, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, laborer.

Rudd Eli, (Middletown Springs,) r 7, with Randolph, farmer, leases of Amanda, 30.

Russell Henry, (Middletown Springs,) blacksmith, South.

Russell Horace, (Middletown Springs,) r 1, laborer.


Scholar Charles, (Middletown Springs,) works for A. W. Gray's Sons, East.

Scholar John, (Middletown Springs,) works for. A. W. Gray's Sons, East.

SCHOLLAR ELBRIDGE G., (Middletown Springs,) r 13, farmer 2.

SEARS DEXTER C., (Middletown Springs,) r 14, school director, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 218.

Simonds Evland, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, North.

SISCO WILLARD J., (Middletown Springs,) school teacher, and clerk for C. E. Taylor.

SMITH EDMUND C., (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner, South.

SMITH MORRIS, (Middletown Springs,) manuf, of wagons, sleighs and carriages, and general repairer, South, opposite A. W. Gray's Sons.

Southworth LeRoy, (Middletown Springs,) r 24, farmer, works for Seymour W.

Southworth Seymour W., (Middletown Springs,) r 24, lister, dairy 35 cows, and farmer 335.

SPAULDING FAYETTE, (Middletown Springs;) r 10, dairy 18 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. Ruth Gardner 150.

SPAULDING GEORGE, (Middletown Springs,) r 14, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 150.

SPAULDING HARLEY, (Middletown Springs,) r 1, dairy 18 cows, farmer 240, and with Mrs. Marcena Spaulding 100.

Spaulding Reuben R., (Middletown Springs,) r 1, dairy 15 cows, farmer 200.

Spaulding Robert E., (Middletown Springs,) r 1, farmer.

Spaulding Sidney J., (Middletown Springs,) r 1, farmer.

Spaulding William B., (Middletown Springs,) r 1, dairy 11 cows, farmer 200.

Spencer Wm. H., (Middletown Springs,) dentist, Adams House.

Strong James, (Middletown Springs,) r 6, dairy 22 cows, and farmer, leases of Henry Potter, of East Poultney, 800.


*TAYLOR CHAS. E., (Middletown Springs,) dealer in hardware, boots, shoes and groceries, 1st selectman, supt. of schools and farmer 200, Main and South.

Taylor Harriet, (Middletown Springs,) r 8, owns farm 2.

Thomas Olin B., (Middletown Springs,) farmer, South.

THOMAS OSCAR F., M. D., (Middletown Springs,) allo. physician, and farmer 56, South.


VAIL MOSES E., (Middletown Springs,) retired merchant, Main cor East.


Waite Arvilla, (Middletown Springs,) r 26, widow of Smith owns farm 30.

Wallace John, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer 180.

Weller Wm. H., (Middletown,) r 24, carpenter, leases h and lot of J. & M. Atwater.

WELLS CHARLES, (Middletown Springs,) blacksmithing and shoeing, bds at Valley Hotel.

Williams Carlisle, (Middletown Springs,) r 14, laborer.

WILSON THOS. B., (Middletown Springs,) manager Montvert Hotel and Middletown Springs.

Winn Edward, (Middletown Springs,) painter, West.

WINN OTIS, (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and joiner and undertaker, and justice of the peace, West.

Wood Barnabas, (Middletown Springs,) r 22, farmer with R. Cole, 230.

Woodward H. Emmett, (Middletown Springs,) r 115, machinist and farmer 13.

WOODWARD ROBERT A., (Middletown Springs,) machinist, East.

Woodward Robert R., (Middletown Springs,) r 9, town clerk, notary public, lister, shoemaker, farmer 12.


Yale James W., (Middletown Springs,) carpenter and machinist, East.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 357-363.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004