Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad Station is Castleton, seven miles south. Daily stage.


Allen Stephen, (East Hubbardton,) r 28, farmer 80. 

Arnold Erastus H., (Hortonville,) r 3, farmer 105. 


Baker Zebulon, (Hortonville,) r 16 1/4, farmer 90. 

BANSIER WILLIAM (Hubbardton,) r 24, farmer 192. 

BARBER JOHN P., (East Hubbardton,) r 26, breeder of merino sheep, registered, and stock grower, 2d selectman, farmer 300. 

Barker Nathan G., (Hubbardton,) r 33, blacksmith and farmer 65. 

Billings Benjamin F., (Hortonville,) r 4 1/2, farmer 125. 

Bird Simeon, (Hortonville,) r 4, carpenter and joiner. 

BRADLEY STEPHEN J., (Hubbardton,) r 16, (Bradley & Hill,) selectman. 

BRADLEY & HILL, (Hubbardton,) (Stephen J. B. and Ansel L. H.,) r 16, dairy 15 cows, breeders of fine merino sheep, and farmers 300.

Bresee Albert, (Hubbardton,) r 17, breeder of fine wool merino sheep, grower of seedling potatoes, and farmer 200.

BRINK HENRY F., (Hubbardton), r 21, farmer, rents of Jacob C. Wheeler 70.

Brown Lorenzo D., (Hubbardton,) r 20, farmer 75.

Brown Robert W., (Hortonville,) r 4, shoemaker, and farmer 4, and 80 in Benson.

Burns Hugh, (Hortonville,) r 16, farmer 425.


Calvin John W., (East Hubbardton,) r 28, (J. H. & Brother.)

Calvin Joseph H. & Brother, (East Hubbardton,) r 28, (Joseph H. and John W.,) farmers 320.

CASEY DANIEL N., (Hubbardton,) r 7, dairy 12 cows, breeder of Spanish merino and Cotswold sheep, farmer 300.

Chandler Nathan W., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 6.

Clifford Marcus G., (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 60.

Cobb Lewis B., (Hubbardton,) r 20.

Cook Oscar A., (Hortonville,) r 24, farmer.

Cook William, (Hortonville,) r 24, farm laborer.

Crone William, (Hortonville,) r 24, tanner.

CRONE WILLIE A., (Hubbardton,) r 17, farm laborer.


Daniels Edward, (Hubbardton,) r 12, farm laborer.

Daniels Edward E., (Hubbardton,) r 31, farmer.

Davis George W., (Hubbardton,) r 15, son of Nancy L. Davis, farmer.

Davis Nancy L., (Hubbardton,) widow, r 15, h and 1 acre.


DIKEMAN GEORGE W., (Hubbardton,) r 32, farmer 350.

DIKEMAN MANSON M., Jr., (Hubbardton,) r 31, farmer, works upon shares for M. M. Dikeman, Senr., 275.

DIKEMAN MYRON M., (Hubbardton,) r 31, breeder fine wool sheep, farmer 230.

Dikeman Royal S., (Hubbardton,) r 14, farmer 100.

DIKEMAN SCHUYLER M., (Hubbardton,) r 31, town clerk and treasurer, farmer 33.

Downs Edward, (Test Castleton,) r 18, farmer 75.

Duitt James W., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer, leases of J. B. Howard 50.


Edgar John C., (Hubbardton,) r 13, late pastor Congregational church, died April 29th, 1881. He was one of the 600.


Fay Charles L., (East Hubbardton,) r 29, farmer 15.

FENTON STEPHEN A., (Hortonville,) r 18, farmer 30.

Flagg Charles L., (Hubbardton,) r 24, dairyman and farmer 275.

Flagg Durlin J., (Hubbardton,) r 20, school teacher and farmer 100.

Flau Stephen B., (Hubbardton,) r 20, farmer.


GANSON EDGAR J., (Hubbardton,) r 7, wool grower 250 sheep, justice of peace, select man, town agent, and farmer 400.

GAULT FRANCIS C., (East Hubbardton,) r 28, town auditor, breeder of pure merino sheep, registered, and farmer 181.

Gibbs Byron D., (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 200.

GIBBS CHANDLER B., (Hortonville,) r 1, breeder of merino sheep, registered, farmer 225.

Gibbs Marcus G., (Hubbardton,) r 14, farmer rents of Mary A. Backus, 75.

Giddings Jeremiah P., (Hubbardton,) r 21, postmaster and farmer 200.

Goodnough Frank L. (Brandon,) r 12, farmer, rents of Johnson Bros., of Brandon, 200.

GRAVES CHARLES L., (Hubbardton,) r 5, farmer, leases of Mrs. S. W. Howard, 100.


HALL JAY S., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 5.

Handfield Louis, (Hortonville,) r 4, blacksmith and wagon maker.

Hanley John, (East Hub bardton,) r 11, farmer 225.

Hanley Michael, (East Hubbardton,) r 26, farmer 290. 

Hart Luther, (Hubbardton,) r 20, farmer 44.

HILL ANSEL L., (Hubbardton,) r 16, (Bradley & Hill,) selectman.

Holden Antipas E., (Hubbardton,) r 5, Hubbardton, and 29 in Sudbury, on the town line, farmer 110, of which 26 is in Sudbury.

HOLMES BURTON G., (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer rents of J. L. Hammond, of Orwell, 120.

Hosmer Otis G., (East Hubbardton,) r 26, farmer 200.

HOWARD JOHN B., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 50.

Howard Phoebe, (Hubbardton,) r 5, widow of Silas W., farmer 100.

HOWARD ZIMRI H., (Hubbardton,) r 5, prop. Howard House, and farmer 190.

HOWARD HOUSE, (Hubbardton,) r 5, Z. H. Howard, prop.

Howland Marshall S., (Brandon,) r 10, farmer works on shares for Thomas Howland, of Brandon, 100.

Howland Myron E., (Hubbardton,) r 19, broom maker and grocery.

Hughes Tames, (West Castleton,) r 18, farmer 500.

Hurlburt Chancy, (Hortonville,) r 4, farmer, lives with R. W. Brown, is 80 years of age.


Jones Charles R., (Hubbardton,) r 23, dealer in fine merino sheep, and breeder of registered sheep.

Jones Theron, (East Hubbardton,) dealer in dry goods, yankee notions and jewelry.

Jones William H., (East Hubbardton,) r 23, farmer 300.

JONES WILLIAM W., (Hubbardton,) r 23, farmer 80, blacksmith, rents of David Pelkey, of Castleton.

JONES ZEBULON (East Hubbardton,) r 28, pastor of Baptist church, town superintendent and postmaster.

JENNINGS CYRUS, (Hortonville,) r 1, breeder of Atwood merino sheep from Col. E. S. Stowell's flock, proprietor of grist mill, saw mill, and farmer 500, and owns 450 in Wells, and 165 in Middletown.


KILBURN ALMON S., (Hubbardton,) r 15, justice of peace, breeder of fine merino sheep, and farmer 450.

Kilburn Nathaniel A., (Hubbardton,) r 33, farmer, leases of C. S. Rumsey, of Castleton, 420.


Lawrence Rodney R., (East Hubbardton,) r 26, farmer 200.

Leonard Thomas J., (East Hubbardton,) r 28, farmer 130, and owns 40, in Pittsford. 

Lincoln Francis Dana, (East Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 110.

Lincoln William, (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer.

LINSLEY HIRAM F., (Hortonville,) r 4, carpenter and joiner and farmer 10.

Luther Harvey, (Hubbardton,) r 21, farmer 56.

Luther Himan, (Hubbardton,) r 15, prop. of saw mill and cider mill, dealer in lumber, &c.


Manchester Ansyl, (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer 52.

MANCHESTER EDWARD, (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer, son of Ansyl Manchester.

MANCHESTER I. E., (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer.

MANCHESTER WELCOME E., (Hubbardton,) r 24, carpenter, painter, and farmer.

Morgan Charles M., (Hortonville,) r 4, prop. of cider mill and cooper.

MORGAN LYMAN F., (Hortonville,) r 4, dairy 18 cows, and breeder of merino sheep, farmer, works upon shares for Cyrus Jennings 325.

Murphy Patrick, (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 320.

Murthur Francis, (East Hubbardton,) r 28, farmer 100.


Naramore Daniel P., (Hortonville,) r 4, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, medicines, paints and oils, hats, caps, boots, shoes and rubbers.

Nelson Asa W., (Hubbardton,) r 30, farmer 175.


Parsons Amanda, (Hubbardton,) r 13, owns farm 300.

Parsons Timothy, (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer rents of Amanda Parsons 300. 

Payne Amasa, (Hubbardton,) r 22, farmer, rents of Hiram Pettie, 15 acres. 

Payne Chauncey A., (Hubbardton,) r 5, farmer, rents of A. E. Holden 110. 

PERKINS GEORGE H., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 150.

Perkins Stiilman S., (Hubbardton,) r 30, farmer, works upon shares for G. W. Dikeman 130.

Perkins Willis M., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer, with his father, Geo. H. Perkins, and wagon maker.

Peters J. Willis, (East Hubbardton,) r 24, farmer 300.

PETERS J. WRIGHT, (East Hubbardton,) r 24, farmer 130.

Phillips Harris W., (East Hubbardton,) r 28, farmer r 150.


Raymond Lewis, (Hubbardton,) r 22, farmer.

Raymond, Moses, (Hubbardton,) r 22, farmer 100.

Ressequee Corydon F., (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer, son of H. D.

RESSEQUEE HORACE D., (Hubbardton,) r 7, farmer, rents of J. L. Hammond, of Orwell, 160.

Rhodes Charles B., (Hortonville,) r 3, miller for Cyrus Jennings, and sawyer.

Riagan Patrick, (West Castleton,) r 18, farmer 500.

Roach Chester. (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 60.

Roach Erwin C., (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 45.

Roberts Jay, (Hubbardton,) r 20, farmer 10.

Roberts Stephen, (Hortonville,) r 42, farmer 75.

ROOT SENECA, (East Hubbardton,) r 28, breeder of merino Atwood sheep, and farmer 175.


SKEELS EDMUND G., (Hubbardton,) r 19, basket maker and carpenter.

Skeels Milo W., (Hubbardton,) r 19, laborer.

Sloan Patrick, (West Castleton,) r 18, farmer 100.

ST. JOIN ALLEN, (East Hubbardton,) r 29, town representative, lister, and farmer 200.

St. John Ezekiel H., (Hubbardton,) r 16, farmer works upon shares for Reuben St. John 234.

St. John Reuben, (Hubbardton,) r 16, farmer 234.

ST. JOHN SAM. W., (East Hubbardton,) r 29, justice of peace, 3rd selectman, and farmer 100.

Stone Henry, (Hortonville,) r 23, farmer 8.


Taft Asa, (East Hubbardton,) r 24, farmer 40.

Thomas Francis A., (East Hubbardton,) r 10, constable and collector, and farmer 51.


VARNEY HENRY E., (Brandon,) r 8, farmer 27, and rents of Henry Williams, of Brandon, 240.

VIRGINIA ALONZO J., (East Hubbardton,) r 24, farm laborer.


Walker Emeulus, (Brandon,) r 8, farmer 30.

Walker Emor W., (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 90.

Walker James, (Brandon,) r 10, cor 9, farmer 100.

Walsh Alexander, (East Hubbardton,) r 11, farmer 400.

Walsh Thomas E., (East Hubbardton,) r 26, farmer 140.

Walsh William, (Hubbardton,) r 13, farmer 125.

Webster Charles B., (Hubbardton,) r 19, farmer, son of Martin J.

Webster Henry M., (Hubbardton,) r 14, farmer, leases of Lyman Webster, of Sudbury, 180.

Webster Martin J.., (Hubbardton,) r 19, farmer 160.

Westcot Oliver, (Hubbardton,) r 15, farmer 23.

Wetmore Harry, (Hubbardton,) cor 12 and 7, breeder of fine merino sheep and Jersey cattle, farmer, leases of Johnson Brothers, of Sudbury, 200.

Wheeler Edward, (Hubbardton,) r 14, carpenter and joiner, farmer, leases of Mrs. Samuel Gibbs 12.

Willard Henry, (Brandon,) r 8, farmer 100.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 345-350.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004