Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


ADAMS ANDREW N., (J. Adams & Sons,) (Adams & Goodrich,) farmer 100, 60 timber, h Marble.

ADAMS J. & SONS, (Andrew N. Adams, surviving partner,) producers of marble, machine shop and foundry, foot of Adams h S. Park Place.

Adams Stella Mrs. widow Joseph, South Park Place.

ADAMS, GOODRICH & CO., (Andrew N. Adams, Edwin L. Goodrich,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots and shoes, crockery, paper hangings &c., Main.

Allard Henry, teamster, Marble.

Allard I. Hill, farmer 75, Prospect.

Allen Austin, laborer, near South Park Place.

Allen Bros., (Edward L. Allen, Douglas A. Allen,) manufs. oil safes, refrigerators and brick.

Allen Charles R., cashier Allen's National Bank, West Park Place.

Allen Douglas A., (Allen Bros.,) South Main.

Allen Dwight L., carpenter and joiner, Washington.

Allen Edward, (Fairhaven Marble and Marbleized Slate Co.,) farmer.

Allen Edward L., (Allen Bros.,) Prospect.

Allen Edward W., house painter and paper hanger, Maiden Lane.

Allen George W., gardener 2 ½ acres, North Main. 

ALLEN IRA C., president of Allen National Bank, h West Park Place.

Allen Leander, farm hand, Fourth.

Allen Mary Mrs., widow Col. Alanson, South Park Place.

Allen Simeon, vice president Allen's National Bank, manufacturer of slate goods of every description, opposite D. & H. C. Co's. Depot.

ALLEN NATIONAL BANK, Ira C. Allen, president, Simeon Allen, vice-president, Charles R. Allen, cashier, capital $50,000.

Arcand Francis N., blacksmith, Prospect.

Armstrong George, carpenter, South Main.

ARMSTRONG GEORGE G., manufacturer of billiard beds and lamp bases by contract, h South Main.


Bacon Howard D., book-keeper, Adams.

Bailey Samuel, retired banker, West.

Barber Caroline Mrs., widow Lyman, North Main.

Barber Henry G., retired farmer, Caernarvon.

Barber Julia E. Mrs., farmer 83 in Hampton, N. Y., h Prospect.

Barber Ralph, farmer, and leases of Mrs. Julia Barber 83, Prospect.

Barnes Enos F., farmer 110, First.

Barnes Juliza S. Mrs., widow Edward D., h and lot, River.

Bartholomew Almon, res. Prospect. 

Belden John C., farmer 30, Pleasant. 

Belflour Stephen, slate sawyer, Caernarvon. 

Benson Chauncey O., meat market at Hydeville, h Benson's Lane. 

Benson Edward, laborer, Benson's Lane. 

Bonville Dolph. lamp bottom finisher, South Main. 

Bonville Edward, works in slate mill, Washington. 

Bonville Theophilus, slate sawyer, Grape. 

Bonville William, slate rubber, West. 

Booth Augustus M., machinist, Prospect. 

Booth John, laborer, Fourth. 

Bosworth Harriet Mrs., widow of Julius H., h Prospect cor. Cedar. 

Boughton Jarvis, marble polisher, Second. 

Boyle John, track boss, Cedar. 

Bragg Win. W., baker and confectioner, Caernarvon St. 

Brannack Edwin, marble mill hand, Second. 

Brennan Michael, slate rubber, h First. 

Briggs, Loyal E., laborer, South Park Place, h west of Depot. 

Brown Hiram S., carpenter, bds. Second. 

Brown John, blind man, Washington. 

Brown Sylvester, marble sawyer, Second. 

Bryant O., tinsmith, Main. 

Bullock Royal D., marbleizer, Cedar. 

Burke Michael, stone cutter, Second. 

Burnes Hugh, marble polisher, Washington. 

Butcher John S., freight, ticket and National Express agent, bds. Main.


Caley Timothy, teamster, River. 

Campbell James, National Express carrier, h First. 

Campbell John, (T. & J. Campbell,) Washington. 

Campbell Thomas, (T. & J. Campbell,) constable and collector, Washington.

Campbell T & J (Thomas & John,) dealers in dry goods groceries, provisions, boots and shoes, crockery, notions, &c., Main. 

Carmody James, mason, South Main. 

Carmody Michael, stone mason, South Main. 

CARPENTER CHARLES H., allopath. physician and surgeon, North Main. 

Carpenter Julius A., teamster, Second. 

Carpenter Warren W., slate planer, bds. Main. 

CARROL PATRICK, stone cutter, South Main. 

Case Lewis, carpenter and builder, West. 

CASSIDY FRANCIS H., saw grinder, and farmer 300, Main. 

Champane Joseph, mason, Mechanic. 

Chaplain Dean, stone cutter, Prospect. 

Chase James, shoemaker, South Park Place. 

Clark Edward C., carpenter and joiner, bds. Second. 

Clark Joseph C., carpenter and joiner, Fourth cor. Pine. 

Clogston John, machinist, Second. 

CLOGSTON LUCIUS B., foreman (J. Adams & Son) machine shop, h Second. 

Clogston Luman, machinist, Mechanic. 

Closs John, quarryman, Fourth.

Clyne Charles, laborer, West. 

Clyne Mitchell, pattern maker for Fairhaven machine shop, h Adams. 

Clyne Mitchell H. carpenter and joiner, Adams. 

COLBURN R. C., treasurer Stewart Slate Mantel Co. 

Coleman James, manufacturers of slate, Washington. 

Collins Adelbert W., A. U. Telegraph operator, Main, bds. River. 

Collins Levi W., junk shop, River. 

*COLLINS LUCY A. MRS., millinery and hair work. 

Colton Calvin H., manufacturer of heavy and light harness, and dealer in trunks, whips, robes, &c., Knight's block, Main, h Prospect. 

Cook Alanson, slate sawyer, Caernarvon. 

Cook Edward W., farmer, leases of Josiah Peck 90, West. 

Corbett James, farmer 3, Fourth. 

Coulman James, manuf. of slate and marbleized slate, Washington. 

Crowley Patrick, quarryman, south of Depot.


Dailey Joab W. millinery and fancy goods, East Park Place. 

Danville Alexander, works in slate mill, Prospect. 

Davis Edgar K., grocery clerk, bds. North Main. 

Davis L. R., machinist, Prospect. 

Day John, barber, Main. 

Decelle Adolphus, shoemaker, Caernarvon. 

DECELLE HORACE A., painter, Caernarvon. 

Demsey John, track hand, Pleasant. 

*DENSMORE FRANK S., barber, Knight's block, Main. 

Dicklow Charles H., teamster, Fourth. 

Dicklow Paul, laborer, Adams. 

Doane Amarilla Mrs., widow Tchan, resident, First. 

Dolan William, stone cutter, Caernarvon. 

Dooley Michael, slate rubber, Caernarvon. 

Dooley Thomas, slate rubber, Caernarvon. 

Doxie George, works in marble mill Mechanic

Draper Eliphalet, laborer, Prospect. 

DRAPER HIRAM H., breeder of full blood Ethan Allen and Messenger horses; manufacturer of marble monuments and headstones, and manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of granite, Prospect. 

DUCELLE STEPHEN A., painter, South Main. 

Dupont Isaac, carpenter, Second. 

Durivage Louis A., machinist, bds Second.


Eddy Adaline A. Mrs., widow of John W., h and lot, River. 

EDDY OTIS, farmer 165, River. 

EDWARDS DAVID J., school teacher, book-keeper, and cheese maker, Caernarvon. 

ELKIN STEPHEN E., carriage manufacturer, South Main. 

Ellis Richard, (Lloyd, Owens & Co.,) residence, Poultney. 

ELLIS ZENAS C., president First National Bank, and farmer 200, h South Main, r 13. 

Esty Elbridge G., farmer 140, Fourth. 

Evans Evan J., quarryman, River. 

Evans Robert J., slate planer, Fourth.


Fagan John, slate worker, Maiden Lane. 

*FAIRHAVEN ERA, Frank W. Redfield, editor and publisher, East Park Place.

FAIRHAVEN MARBLE AND MARBLEIZED SLATE COMPANY, Ira C. Allen, president; James Pottle, secretary and treasurer; William A. Stevens, John Smith; the four make the board of directors; manufs. of marble, slate and marbleized slate goods of all descriptions, mill on Prospect. 

Farmer Henry W., carpenter and joiner, Washington. 

Farnsworth Hiram, works in slate mill, Fourth. 

FERNALD JOHN M., carpenter and joiner, h Cedar. 

Field Caroline H. Mrs., (Field & Humphrey,) Hughes & Owens block, Main. 

Field & Humphrey, (Mrs. Caroline H. Field, Mrs. Emma J. Humphrey,) cloak and dressmaking, Hughes and Owens block, Main. 

Fields Frederick, painter, West: First National Bank of Fair Haven, Zenas C. Ellis, president; Erastus H. Phelps, cashier; capital, $100,000. 

Flagg Rufus C. Rev., pastor of the First Congregational Church of Fair Haven, West. 

FLORA ADOLPHUS, blacksmith, River, h First. 

Flora Alfred, blacksmith, Second. 

Foley John, bloomer; First. 

Foley William, teamster. Fourth. 

Fox James, slate marbleizer, h Washington. 

FOX JOHN C., agent for William P. Fox, slate mantel manuf, h First. 

Fox William P., manuf. of marbleized slate mantels, near D. & H. C. Co. Depot. 

Foy John H., journeyman harness maker, bds Prospect. 

French Ella Miss, teacher in Fair Haven graded school, bds West. 

Fuller, laborer, South Main. 

FULLER GEORGE M., (Fuller & Preston,) attorney and counselor at law, Hughes & Owens block, West Park Place, h Caernarvon. 

FULLER & PRESTON, (George M. Fuller, William H. Preston,) insurance agents, Hughes & Owens block, West Park Place.


Gauvreau Joseph, billiard parlor, Knight's block, Main. 

Geroy Joseph, laborer, Washington. 

Gilbert Benjamin F., farmer 200, East Park Place. 

Gilbert Frances M. Mrs., widow of Tilly Gilbert, dress maker, Washington. 

Gilchrist George, teaming. 

Goodrich Edwin L., (Adams, Goodrich & Co.,) Main. 

Goodrich Chauncey Mrs., age 84 years, resident. 

Goodrich Polly M. Miss, millinery, Washington. 

Goodwin John D., dealer in powder, North Park Place. 

Gould Silas, slate planer. Washington. 

Grace John, slate planer, Main. 

Granger George H., (Center Rutland,) miller. 

Granger Nelson, works in slate mill, River. 

Graves David R., farmer h and lot and leases of Benjamin F. Gilbert 150, h North Main. 

Gray Augustus H., stone cutter, Washington. 

Green William H., blacksmithing, carriage ironing &c., South Main, h near Maiden Lane. 

Greer James, (Proctor & Greer,) h River. 

Greer Thomas, works in slate mill, South Park Place.

Greer Wilson, does the manufacturing and delivering of the slate for Vermont Union Slate Company, h North Main.

Griffin Leroy, slate sawyer, First.

Griffith Robert, slate maker, Dutton cor. Fourth.

Griffith Robert R., (Griffith, Owen & Co.,) Dutton cor. Fourth.

Griffith, Owen & Co., Evan D. Humphrey agent, manufs. of slate goods of all descriptions, office Hughes & Owen's block, Main st., quarries and mills on road No. 1

GUNNULSON, ALONZO P., cabinet maker, lamp bottom finisher, Cedar.

Gunnulson John, slate varnisher, Cedar.


Hannan Thomas, (Fair Haven,) quarryman, Fourth.

Harris George H., dealer in drugs, medicines, paints and oils, East Park Place, h 1 Grape.

Harrison Charles, carpenter, Caernarvon.

Harrison John, billiard saloon, Northrop Block, h West.

Harrison Joseph, sawyer, River.

Herbert George W., paper maker, West.

Herrington Albert B., manuf. and wholesale and retail dealer in harness, and everything kept in a saddlery warehouse, Main h Washington.

Hinchey James, resident, south of Depot.

Hogan Dennis, stone cutter, South Main.

Hogan John, laborer, South Main.

Hogan Patrick, stone cutter, South Main.

Holden Alfred, slate sawyer, 30 Main.

Howard Andrew, laborer, Pine.

Howard Bros., (Murrey L. & Isaac N.,) general produce dealers, potatoes a specialty, Norman Peck's block, East Park Place.

Howard Norman E., wagon maker. South Main, Hughes and Owen's block.

Howard Isaac N., (Howard Bros.,) farm 115, in Hampton, N. Y., h Prospect.

Howard Walter E., attorney and counsellor at law, East Park Place.

HOWARD WARREN L., Howard Bros., Prospect.

Hubbard Celinda A. Mrs., widow Leonard, carpet weaver, Maiden Lane.

Hughes Ann Mrs., widow William, Caernarvon.

Hughes Joseph T., dry goods clerk, Caernarvon.

Hughes Llewellyn, works in slate mill, h Washington.

Hughes Robert R., quarryman, North Main.

Hughes Thomas, manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, Main.

Hughes William R., quarryman, North Main.

Hughes Will T., news dealer, Main.

Humphrey Emma J. Mrs., (Mrs. Field  & Humphrey,) Hughes & Owen's Block, Main.

Humphrey Evan D., town clerk fire insureance  agent for Scotch Hill State insurance Co., office Hughes & Owen's Block, Main, res. do.

Humphrey Hugh, quarryman, Caernarvon.

Humphrey Hugh S., (Humphrey & Parkhurst,) h Caernarvon.

Humphrey John, works in slate mill, River.

HUMPHREY & PARKHURST, (Hugh S. Humphrey, Irving W. Parkhurst,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hats and caps, boots and shoes, notions, &c., Main.


Inman Isaiah, carpenter and joiner, Grape.


Jenna Lucinda Mrs., South Main.

Jones Ellen D., (William D. Jones & Co.,) West.

Jones Evan D., agent for Snowdown Slate Co.

Jones Evan W., custom tailoring, Liberty. 

Jones Griffith G., quarryman, North Main.

Jones John, stone cutter, North Main. 

Jones John G., quarryman, North Main. 

Jones John S., justice of the peace, Dutton. 

Jones, Owen O., engineer, Washington. 

Jones Richard, works in marble mill, h North Main. 

*JONES ROBERT O., manufacturer and dealer in cigars, and all kinds of smokers' goods, Main. 

Jones William, quarryman, River. 

Jones William D., (William D. Jones & Co.) 

JONES WILLIAM D., carpenter and joiner, Fourth. 

Jones William D. & Co., (Ellen D. Jones,) props. of Snowdown slate quarry. 


Kane John, laborer, Fourth. 

Kelley Michael, tailor, works in Granville, N. Y., Washington. 

Ketchum Wellington, saw grinder in slate mill, poor master and town agent, River. 

KETT TIMOTHY H,, photographer, and dealer in Singer sewing machines, Northrop Block, East Park Place. 

Kinsella Lawrence, laborer in slate mill, North Main. 

Kinsella Mary Mrs., widow Patrick, Washington. 

Knight Charles C., director of Allen National Bank, and owner of Knight's Block and other buildings, h opp. Depot. 


Lamphere Major T,, tinsmith, Washington. 

LAPS RUSHMORE, Allo. physician and surgeon, Washington. 

Leahey Philip, slate rubber, Maiden Lane. 

Lee Elijah, marble sawyer, South Main. 

Lee Milo, resident, Washington. 

LEWIS E. H. MRS., dress maker, Main h Prospect. 

LEWIS EDGAR H., copper, tin and sheet iron worker, plumber and gas fitter and village trustee, Liberty, h Prospect. 

Lewis Richard, slater, Caernarvon. 

LEWIS ROSWELL R., hardware clerk, Caernarvon. 

Leroy Theodore, laborer, Washington. 

Libby Fred, printer, h North Main. 

Little Edwin, carpenter and joiner, Washington. 

Little Edwin L., laborer, bds. Washington. 

Lloyd Evan E., of the New Empire Slate Company, office at Poultney, residence River st. 

Lloyd Richard E., (Lloyd, Owens e& Co.,) dealer in dry goods and clothing, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, glass and stone ware, &c., Main. 

Lloyd William E. (Lloyd, Owens & Co.,) Main. 

Lloyd Win. H., dry goods and groceries. 

Lloyd, Owens & Co., (Richard E. Lloyd, William E. Lloyd. Owen Owens, Richard Ellis,) manufs. and dealers in unfading green, purple and variegated roofing slate, office Main. 

LOWELL DELMER R. REV., pastor M. E. church, West Park Place.


Mace Joseph, shoemaker, Washington. 

Mack Dennis, laborer, Washington. 

Mahar Hugh, slate planer, Fourth. 

Mahar Mary R., (Mrs. Thomas R.) dress maker, Caernarvon. 

Mahar Thomas R., slate marbleizer, lessee of Cedar Mountain Slate quarry, in town of Castleton, h Caernarvon.

Maley Martin, (M. & P. Maley,) h South. Main. 

Maley M. & P., groceries and provisions, Main. 

Maley Patrick, (M. & P. Maley,) h South Main.

Martling William E., tinsmith, West. 

MATHER GEORGE W., slate turner, North Main. 

MATHER SARAH ANN, (Mrs. George W.,) North Main. 

Mayhew Fred, slate sawyer, Fourth. 

Maynard Charles, laborer, Adams. 

Maynard John E., marble sawyer, Prospect. 

Maynard Leroy, stone cutter, Caernarvon. 

Maynard Marcilian, supt. of Adams & Sons marble mill, Adams. 

McCann Thomas, stone cutter, South Main. 

McGinnis John P., plumber, South Park Place, bds Liberty. 

McGuire Thomas, groceries and provisions, crockery and notions, River. 

McKann Edward, slate sawyer, Maiden Lane. 

McNamara Patrick, laborer, Washington. 

Merriam Bishop, owns farm of 275 in Hampton, N. Y., h North Main. 

Minogue Darby, laborer, Washington. 

Minogue Jeremiah, stone cutter, Washington. 

Moore Ashman, laborer, Adams. 

Moore Henry C., slate planer, South Main. 

Morehouse Gilbert E., dry goods clerk, Liberty. 

Morehouse Oscar H., dentist, office over First National Bank, East Park Place, residence, First. 

Morehouse Wilbur H., allop. physician, over First Nat. Bank, h N. Main.

Morin John, carpenter and joiner, Caernarvon. 

Muldoon Patrick Rev., asst. pastor at St. Mary's Cath. Church, Washington. 


Nichols Charles C., allop. physician and surgeon, N. Main. 

Nourse William W., miller, West. 


O'Brien George, mason, Caernarvon cor. Fourth.

O'Brien Murtha, mason, Caernarvon cor. Fourth 

O'Brien Wellington, mason, Caernarvon cor. Fourth. 

O'CARROLL PATRICK J. REV., pastor of St. Mary's Church, Washington. 

O'Connor James, works in slate mill and quarries, South Main. 

Odea Michael, laborer, slate scourer, First. 

Owens Edward W., quarryman, North Main. 

Owens Hugh, quarryman, Caernarvon. 

Owens Humphrey, slate maker, Caernarvon. 

Owens John J., quarryman, North Main. 

Owens Owen, (Lloyd, Owens & Co.,) West Park Place. 

Owens William M., quarryman, North Main. 


PAINE MYRON T., livery, sale, exchange and boarding stables, Liberty. 

Palmer   Mrs., widow of George, South Main. 

Parker G. A., laborer, Second. 

PARKER JOHN F., furniture finisher, Second. 

*PARKER WILBUR F., jeweler and dealer in fancy goods, music and musical instruments, Main. 

Parkhurst Irving W., (Humphrey & Parkhurst,) h River. 

Parks Angle Mrs., boardinghouse, North Main. 

PECK HENRY J., dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, boots and shoes, notions, &c., Main cor. River, h do.

Peck Norman, director Allen National Bank, and of Rutland & Whitehall R R., East Park Place.

PECK OREN A., practical cabinet maker, upholsterer, manufacturer and dealer in furniture, carpets, picture frames, looking glasses, window curtains, cornices, brackets, spring beds, mattresses and feathers, undertaker, agent for the Domestic, Weed, Home, and other sewing machines, also agent for Mason & Hamlin organ, Main.

Pederick William, stone cutter, Prospect.

Pelkey Charles, moulder, h Pine.

Pelkey David, slate rubber, Washington.

Pelkey Joseph, moulder, h Pine.

Pelkey Louis, moulder, Washington cor. Second.

Perkins James G. Rev., M. E. minister, Liberty.

Perkins John, slate maker, Maiden Lane.

Perry Irving, truck man, Prospect.

Perry John, quarryman, North Main.

Perry John J., laborer, Caernarvon.

Perry William W., quarryman, Fourth.

Phelps Erastus H., cashier of First National Bank, notary public, Washington. 

Pierce Andrew, slate contractor for billiard bed and slate mantel stock, Prospect.

Pierce William, slate maker, h Caernarvon.

Pitkin John G., (Pitkin & Brother,) River.

Pitkin William W., (Pitkin & Brother,) River.

Pitkin & Brother, (William H. & John G.,) dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural and mechanics' tools, pumps, lead pipe &c., Main.

Plumtree John, works in slate mill, Second.

Pomeroy Agnes Miss, teacher Fairhaven graded school, Fourth.

POTTLE JAMES, secretary and treasurer of Fairhaven Marble and Marbleized Slate Co., owns 60 acres, 100 marsh, residence North Park Pace, cor. Washington. 

Powell William H., meat market, Main, h Caernarvon. 

PRESTON WILLIAM H., (Fuller & Preston,) residence West Haven.

Proctor Jonathan N., farmer 300, h North Main. 

Proctor Oliver A., (Proctor & Greer,) h North Main. 

Proctor Ralph, printer, West. Proctor Romeo, laborer, West. 

Prouty Hiram, laborer, Mechanic. 

Proctor William H., teaming, Grape. 

Proctor & Greer, (Oliver A. Proctor, James Greer,) meat market, Main.


Rafferty William, slate polisher, North Main. 

*REDFIELD FRANK W., editor and publisher of Fairhaven Era, Fast Park Place. 

Reed Corril, dealer in all kinds of coal, lumber, powder, lime, plaster, cement, fuse, hair, &c., opposite Depot. 

Reed Nathan R., manufacturer of feed and meal, and custom grinding, manuf. lumber, South Main. 

Revett Thomas, journeyman blacksmith, Caernarvon. 

Riley Nelson, laborer, bds. Second. 

Riley Michael, laborer, Second. 

RISING DELILAH M. MRS., widow Robert H., dressmaker, First. 

Rising John Henry, mason, bds. First.

Rising Simeon, slate packer, bds First. 

Rivet Thomas, blacksmith, Caernarvon. 

Roach Nellie M., (Mrs. Thomas Roach,) dress maker, S. T. Taylor's system, Caernarvon. 

Roach Thomas, fresco and ornamental painter, Caernarvon. 

Roberts Ellis, quarryman, North Main. 

Roberts John, staler, West. 

Roberts Pierce, quarryman, River. 

Robidue Oliver, shipping clerk at Vail's slate mill, Fourth. 

Rowe Guy, mason, south of Depot. 

Rustedt Fred, attorney and counselor at law, notary public and justice of the peace, office over First National Bank, East Park place. 

Ryan John, resident, North Main. 

Ryan Lawrence F., stone cutter, North Main. 

Ryan John J., dry goods clerk in Rutland, h Caernarvon. 


Sanford Lavina Mrs., widow Harvey, Fourth. 

Sawyer Adelbert L., finisher and boxer of billiard beds, h South Main. 

Sears John, slate maker, West. 

Shelters Charles, slate sawyer. 

Shepard Fennimore H., dealer in groceries and provisions, books and stationery, East Park place, h Washington. 

Siegel & Pincuss, (August Siegel, Louis Pincus,) merchant tailors and dealers in gents' furnishing goods and clothing, Main. 

Simonds Patrick, laborer, Washington. 

Skeels Belle Miss, teacher primary department Fairhaven graded school, bds North Park place. 

Smith Clark, dentist and druggist, East Park place. 

Smith Frank J., stone cutter and draftsman, First. 

Smith Henry, marble polisher, First. 

Smith John, director Fairhaven Marble and Marbleized Slate Co., h River. 

Smith William, slate sawyer, Liberty. 

Smith Will A., carpenter and joiner, Caernarvon. 

Smith William P., laborer, Washington. 

Snowdown Slate Company, William D. Jones & Co., props., manufs. of dark unfading green, purple and variegated roofing slate; also flagging for sidewalks, cellars, &c.; Evan D. Jones, agent. 

SPENCER CHESTER W., teaming, South Main.

Spencer James W., insurance agent, Liberty. 

Spencer John F., teamster, Liberty. 

Spencer Julia Mrs., agent for Miller & Bingham's shirt manuf., Troy, N. Y., South Park place. 

St. Louis Alexander, marble polisher, Second. 

Stevens William A., one of the directors of Fair Haven Marble and Marbleized Elate Company, Caernarvon. 

STEWART SLATE MANTEL COMPANY, near the depot, T. B. Stewart, of New York, president; R. C. Colburn, treasurer; manufacturers of marbleized slate mantels, bracket shelves, table tops, and all kinds of slate work; New York office, 75 and 77 West 23d st. 

Stoddard John, helper in marble mill, Adams.

Streeter Edward J., teaming, West. 

Streeter Edward R., sexton, West.

STREETER THERON H., engineer, machinist and blacksmith, S. Main.

STREETER WILLIAM H., proprietor of Travelers' Home, on Marble st., and livery and sale stable, west side of Main.

Sutliff Charles W., marble sawyer, Adams.

Sutliff Isaac, painter, Prospect.

Sutliff Richard W., tailor, Prospect.

Sweetman James, shoemaker, Fourth.


Thomas George D., printer, North Main.

Thomas Owen O., quarryman, River.

Thompson Ella, teacher in graded school, Washington.

Thompson Frank E., mantel packer.

THOMPSON SETH, school teacher, insurance agent, justice of the peace, and school superintendent, Washington cor. Grape.

Tillotson James R., carpenter and joiner, West.

Town Franklin, stone cutter, Washington.

Town William L., carpenter and joiner and farmer 40, Prospect cor. Pleasant.

Trahey James, billiard rubber, South Main.

TREAHEY THOMAS, slate planer, South Main.

TRAVELERS' HOME, William H. Streeter, proprietor, Marble.

Tuttle Albert, dealer in produce, West Park place.


Utley Frank, principal of Fairhaven graded school, bds Caernarvon.


VAIL AARON R., (Vermont Union Slate Co.,) p. o. Buffalo, N. Y.

VAIL MOSES H., (Vermont Union Slate Co.,) River.

VERMONT UNION SLATE CO., Aaron R. Vail and Moses H.. 

Vail, props., manufacturers of mantel stock, billiard beds, hearths marble, marble and slate tile, ground slate, roofing slate, and slate work of all descriptions, and farmers 132.


WAKEFIFLD THOMAS E., allo. physician and surgeon, East Park place.

Waldron Alexander P., plumber gas and steam fitter with Pitkin Brothers, bds Caernarvon.

Warner Jacob, stone cutter, West.

Welcome Philip, currier, Caernarvon.

Wells George D., horse trainer, North Main.

Wells Henry, cheesemaker at H. Westcott's cheese factory, Maiden lane.

Wescott David P., r 8, breeder of blooded horses, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 330.

Wescott 12. H. & Tames, manufacturers of slate goods.

Westcott Hamilton, breeder of full blood Lambert and Ethan Allen horses, prop. cheese factory, and farmer 430, West Park place.

Westcott Melvern H., slate manufacturer, Washington.

Whipple Cyrus C., general blacksmith, and maker and repairer of stone cutters' tools, farmer 24, Main.

Whipple Harris, post master, Main.

Wiggins Daniel, nailer, North Main.

Willard Azel, manuf. of hand sleds, Main, h West.

WILLARD JOSIAH P., farmer 45. West, and z building lots.

WILLIAMS BENJAMIN, manuf. of slates, roofing and mill stock, lessee of Carvers Falls slate quarry, North Main.

Williams Daniel R., slate marbleizer, Maiden lane.

Williams Edwin J., shoemaker, East Park place.

Williams, Griffith O., quarryman, East Park place,

Williams John, slate cutter, South Main. 

Williams John T., slate sawyer, Fourth. 

Williams John W., baggage master, North Main. 

Williams Lott, supt. of Simeon Allen's slate works, h south of Depot. 

Williams Richard J., allopathic physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

Williams Robert J., slate maker and slater, Fourth. 

*WILLIAMS SAMUEL D., manufacturer and dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, East Park place, h do. 

Winchell Jenks L., printer in N. Y. city, N. Main. 

Winchey Michael, stone cutter, near Depot. 

Winchey Pat, slate polisher, h near Depot. 

Winn George, resident, Washington. 

Winn George Mrs., dress maker, Washington. 

Wood Fayette, carpenter and joiner, Prospect. 

WOOD JOHN D., saw mill and farmer 400, Caernarvon. 

Wood Leman E., dining rooms for ladies and gentlemen, and dealer in spring beds and mattresses, dining rooms, Main, furniture rooms, West, h do.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 330-341.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004