Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Allard John, (Fairhaven,) r 6, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 124. 

Allard John J., (Fairhaven,) r 11 teamster.


BARNES MYRON D., (Fairhaven,) r 15, school committee and farmer 200. 

Bartholomew Warren H., (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth. 

Bartholomew Warren L., (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth cor. Mechanic. 

BEMIS GEORGE W., (Fairhaven,) slate sawyer, Mechanic. 

Bird Peter, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 20. 

BOLGER JOHN, (Fairhaven,) r 14, breeder of blooded horses and Jersey cattle and farmer 100.

Bolger John E. (Fairhaven,) r 1 quarryman.

Briggs Hosea, (Fairhaven,) r 14, laborer.

BRIGGS MARTHA JANE Miss, (Fairhaven,) r 3, poetess.

Briggs Susanna Mrs., (Fairhaven,) widow Hiram, r 3, farmer 64.

BRISTOL, EDWIN R., (Fairhaven,) r 11, wood turning and job shop, circular saw mill, custom grist mill, and farmer 3 1/2.

Burns John, (Fairhaven,) r 14, quarryman.


Campbell John, (Fairhaven,) r 6, (Campbell Bros.)

Case James, (Fairhaven,) r 3, farmer 75.

Case Lewis, (Fairhaven,) carpenter and builder, West.

Cashen John, (Fairhaven,) r 1, quarryman.

Cassidy Patrick, (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth. 

Collins Gamaliel W., (Fairhaven,) r 6, slater. 

Conney Dennis, (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth. 

Cook Luther, (Fairhaven,) near r 15, laborer. 

Cook William, (Fairhaven,) near r 15, laborer. 

Crawley Maggie Mrs., (Fairhaven,) r 7, resident. 

Cummins Mary Mrs., (Fairhaven,) widow of John, r 13, h and lot. 


DAY ACHSAH, (Fairhaven,) (Mrs. Harrison W.,) carpet weaver, Cedar. 

DAY HARRISON W., (Fairhaven,) carpenter and joiner, Cedar.

Dewey Solomon, (Fairhaven,) r 13, cor. 15, Slater and carpenter. 


Ellis Reuben T., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 200.

ELLIS ZENAS C., (Fairhaven,) r 13, president First National Bank of Fair Haven, justice of the peace and. farmer 200.

Esty William B., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 170.

Evans John O., (Fairhaven,) r 9, quarryman, h and lot. 


Francis William, (Fairhaven,) r 13, quarryman.

Fish Oliver, (Fairhaven,) r 9, farmer, leases of Edward Allen 100. 


Gallaher John, (Fairhaven,) laborer.

Gardner Charles W., (Fairhaven,) r 12, breeder of full blood Jersey cattle and farmer 105.

Grady John, (Fairhaven,) near r 3, farmer 100. 

Griffith Richard, (Fairhaven,) r 1, slate maker, owns h and lot. 

Guilder Richard, (Fairhaven) r 1, farmer, leases of Samuel Bailey 115.


HAMILTON HIRAM, (Fairhaven,) r 5, cor. 4, breeder of full blood Spanish merino sheep, Morgan and Hambletonian horses and grade cattle, cross of Durham, Devonshire, Ayrshire and Jersey cattle, and farmer 130, and 190 of timber.

Hamilton Joel, (Fairhaven,) r 6, farmer, son of Hiram.

HAMILTON RUFUS R., (Fairhaven,) r 5, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, Lambert horses and Jersey and Ayrshire cattle, registered, and farmer 300. 

Hassett Arthur, (Fairhaven,) r 3, h and lot.

Hogan James, (Fairhaven,) r 9, laborer, h and lot.

Hogan John, (Fairhaven,) r 9, laborer.

Hogan John, (Fairhaven,) r 13, laborer, h and lot.

Holloran Matthew, (Fairhaven,) r 13, quarryman and farmer 5.

Holloran Patrick, (Fairhaven,) r 13, slate trimmer.

Holloran Timothy, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 10.

Huntington Thomas, (Fairhaven,) works in slate mill, Mechanic.

Huntington Thomas B., (Fairhaven,) laborer, Mechanic.

Hughes John R., (Fairhaven,) r 1, quarryman and farmer 40.


Jacquay Daniel, (Fairhaven,) near r 15, laborer.

James Annie Mrs., (Fairhaven,) widow Samuel, r 10, h and lot.

Jones Hugh W., (Fairhaven,) r 9, quarryman and farmer 21.

Jones Owen, (Fairhaven,) r 13, quarryman.

Jones Owen S., (Fairhaven,) r 1, Slater, owns 1 1/8.

JONES WILLIAM D., (Fairhaven,) carpenter and joiner, Fourth.

Jones William L., (Fairhaven,) r 1, slate maker.

Jopson Robert, (Fairhaven,) r 9, laborer.

Jones Robert R., (Fairhaven,) r 16, slate maker and farmer 50.


Kennedy Martin, (Fairhaven,) r 10, quarryman and farmer 10. 

Kennedy Michael, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in slate mill. 

Keveland James, (Fairhaven,) r 6, laborer. 

Kilbourne Hiram, (Fairhaven,) r 11, manufacturer of all wool cassimeres blankets and yarns, mills on Poultney River, in the town of Hampton, Washington county, N. Y. 

Kincaid Milo, (Fairhaven,) r 10, leases of Benoni G. Carpenter 100. 

King Charles D., (Fairhaven,) r 5, laborer. 

Kinney William, (Hydeville,) farmer 50. 


Mace Joseph, (Fairhaven,) teamster. 

Maley Martin, (Fairhaven,) r 13, slate maker. 

Maranville Edward L., (Fairhaven,) r 12, laborer. 

Marshal Willis, (Fairhaven,) near r 15, laborer. 

McGinnis James, (Fairhaven,) r 10, laborer. 

McKay Michael, (Fairhaven,) r 1, slate maker. 

McNamara Michael, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 10. 

McNamara William, (Fairhaven,) r 10, slate sawyer. 

Merchant Joseph, (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth. 

Merchant Louis, (Fairhaven,) r 7, teamster. 

Murphey John, (Fairhaven,) r 13, slate planer. 


O'Brien Dennis, (West Castleton,) r 1, son of William. 

O'Brien William, (West Castleton.) farmer 200. 

Osgood Jerry, (Fairhaven,) r 7, cor 36, farmer 40. 

Owens John D., (Fairhaven,) r 9, quarryman, h and lot. 

Owens Owen J., (Griffith Owen & Co.,) r 1, farmer. 


Paradee Peter, (Fairhaven,) r 6, mason and painter. 

Pelkey Charles, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in the foundry. 

Pelkey Joseph, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in slate mill. 

Perrey William R., (Fairhaven,) r 16, slate maker. 

Pierce Owen J., (Fairhaven,) r 1, quarryman. 

Plumtree Charles, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer, leases of Union State Company, 115. 

Pockett John, (Fairhaven,) works in slate mill. 

Pomroy Daniel, (Fairhaven,) laborer, Fourth cor Mechanic. 

Pouleot Napoleon, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in slate mill. 

Preston Henry, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in slate mill. 

Proctor Oliver A., (Fairhaven,) r 1, prop. of meat market. 


Quigley John, (Fairhaven,) r 9, laborer, owns 6. 


Ranney Caleb B., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 130. 

Ranney Leonard, (Fairhaven,) r 5, son of Oliver, farmer. 

RANNEY NATHAN E., (Fairhaven,) r 5, farmer and dealer in eggs. 

Ranney Oliver, (Fairhaven,) r 5, dairy 25 cows, and farmer, leases of Edward J. Stannard, of Broad Ax, Pa 280. 

Ranney Oliver K., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 90. 

Ranney Thomas S., (Fairhaven,) r 5, son of Oliver, farmer. 

Reed Lindsey, (Fairhaven,) wood chopper, Mechanic. 

Roberts Brooks W., (Fairhaven,) r 10, farmer, leases of Hamilton Westcott 400. 

Roberts Griffith I., (Fairhaven,) r 16, slate maker. 

Roberts Humphrey, (Fairhaven,) r 13, quarryman. 

Roberts John M., (Fairhaven,) r 1, slate maker. 

Rogers Edward B., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farm laborer. 

RYAN JOHN M., (Fairhaven,) r 13, slate rubber and farmer 8.


Sammon John C., (Fairhaven,) r 14, slate planer. 

Sheen Edward, (Fairhaven,) r 7, works in slate mill.

Sheldon Leander, (Fairhaven,) r 3, dairy 20 cows, farmer 499. 

Sicence William, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farm laborer. 

Simonds John, (Fairhaven,) r 14, quarryman and farmer 10. 

Smith Marcus S., (Fairhaven,) r 3, farmer, leases of John D. Wood 200.

Stannard Heman, (Fairhaven,) r 4, farmer 450. 

Starr William, (Fairhaven,) r 11, blacksmith. 

Sweeney Alexander, (Fairhaven,) r 7, resident. 


Treahey James, (Fairhaven,) r 13, slate sawyer. 


Videl Israel, (Fairhaven,) r 1, quarryman. 


Westcott Melvern H., (Fairhaven,) farmer, leases. 

Whitcomb Morrison, (Fairhaven,) r 13, laborer. 

WILLIAMS BENJAMIN, (Fairhaven,) r 5, prop. of Carver's Falls Slate Quarry. 

Williams Elias, (Fairhaven,) r 9, quarryman and farmer 70. 

Williams John J., (Fairhaven,) r 3, inventor of patent slate tile roofing, manuf of slate in all of its varieties. 

Williams Robert T., (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 100. 

Wilson Seymour, (Fairhaven,) r 1, farmer 50. 

Willis Franklin, (Fairhaven,) r 12, cor 11, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 280. 

WOOD CHAUNCEY E., (Fairhaven,) r 16, farmer 90. 

WOOD ISAAC A., (Fairhaven,) r 13, cor 14, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 152. 

Wood James H., (Fairhaven,) r 12, teacher. 

Wood Nelson, (Fairhaven,) r 16, carpenter and builder and farmer 10. 

Wood Samuel, (Fairhaven,) r 16, resident.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 341-345.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004