Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


ACKLEY LORENZO W., (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer 120, dairy 11 cows, manuf. of sugar.

ADAMS LUCIUS B., (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, (Adams & Wheadon.) 

ADAMS & WHEADON, (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, Lucius B. A. and Geo. T. W.,) farmers lease 400 of Geo. W. Freeman, of West Rutland. 

ALBEE HARMON S., (Wallingford,) r 39, farmer 68. 

Aldrich Aaron, (Wallingford,) r 39, farmer 200.

Aldrich Shelley S., (Wallingford,) r 39, farmer, leases 260 of Hiram Button. 

ARNOLD WILLIAM W., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, carpenter and joiner,
farmer 50.

Atwater Charles, (Clarendon Springs,) r 5, farmer, works 45 of Mary A. Atwater.

ATWATER MYRON P., (Clarenden Springs,) r 20, dairy 24 cows, and farmer, leases 250 of  S. Smith.


BARBER JOSHUA D., (Clarendon Springs,) proprietor grist mill, carpenter, residence in Pittsford.

Barrett James, (Clarendon,) r z9, with Moses W. Kelley, dairy 22 cows, farmer 140.

Beach Noah P., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, farmer 20 and machinist.

Benson Hannibal, (Clarendon,) r 19, farmer, works 290 of the estate of Porter Benson.

Benson Willis, (Clarendon,) r 29, farmer, leases 198 of the estate of Philip Briggs.

BIDGOOD JACOB F., (Rutland,) r 12, carpenter and farmer 160. 

BISHOP HENRY, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, farmer 110. 

Bixby Thomas, (N. Clarendon,) r 20, laborer.

BOND HORACE W., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, fruit tree agt. for Henry Webb, and with C. H. Barber of Rutland, Apiarian, 150 swarms. 

Brennan Edward, (Clarendon,) r 29, works for B. & R. Railway Co. 

Briggs Lydia S., (Clarendon,) r 29, widow Philip, farmer. 200. 

Brown James J., (E. Clarendon,) r 37, farmer. 

Brown John, (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer.

Brown Thomas, (E. Clarendon,) r 37, farmer 400. 

Brown Wm., (E. Clarendon,) r 37, farmer. 

Burbank Albert, (Clarendon,) peddler.

BURR GEORGE H., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, soap manufacturer.

Burr George W., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, carpenter, and farmer 30. 

Butler James, (E. Clarendon,) farmer 309.

BUTLER RICHARD. (Clarendon,) r 36, section foreman B. & R. Railway. 

Butler Thomas, (Clarendon,) r 36, works for B. & R. R. Co.

Button Hiram F., (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer 390 and mountain land 225, part is in Shrewsbury.


Chapman Burr, (N. Rutland,) r 1, farmer 175.

CHAPMAN HARVEY, (W. Rutland,) r 1, with Joseph H., farmer 300.

Chapman Joseph H., (W. Rutland,) r 1, with Harvey, farmer 300. 

Childs Frank, (E. Clarendon,) landscape artist.

CHILDS HENRY, (E. Clarendon.) r 33, house and carriage painter, kalsomining, paper-hanging and graining.

*CLARENDON HOUSE and SPRINGS, (Clarendon Springs,) B. Murray & Sons props.

Clark Caleb H., (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer 70.

CLEMONS LOLA LEE, Mrs., (Rutland,) r 12, supt. of schools.

Clemons Stephen, (Rutland,) r 12, gardener, farmer, leases of Jno. Wilmarth 30. 

Cleveland John W., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, farmer 120. 

Cobb Allen H., (Clarendon Springs,) basket maker. 

COBURN NELSON H., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, manuf. butter tubs. 

Cole Clem J., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, soft soap maker and peddler. 

Colvin John C., (Clarendon Springs,) r 26, farmer 70. 

COLVIN LINUS F., (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, farmer 170. 

Combs Daniel C., (E. Clarendon,) r 31, farmer.

Comerford John, (Clarendon), r 34, farmer.

Comerford John, Jr., (Clarendon,) r 34, farmer.

Comerford Thomas, (Clarendon,) r 34, works for B. & R. Railroad Co., farmer 18.

CONGDON EDWIN, (Clarendon,) r 35, town clerk, dairy 20 cows, breeder Devon cattle, farmer 220 and 80 mountain pasture.

Congdon George W., (Clarendon Springs,) r 23, farmer 80 and 40 mountain. 

Congdon Lester, (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, farmer, leases 40 of the estate of Jonathan Ridlon.

Connell James, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, laborer. 

Crippen Amos, (W. Rutland,) r 1, farmer 135.

Crippen Benj. F., (W. Rutland,) r 1, farmer, works 135 of Amos Crippen. 

Croft Leonard F., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, (W. C. & L. F. Croft,) civil engineer. 

Croft William C., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, (W. C. & L. F. Croft.) 

Croft W. C. & L. F. (N. Clarendon,) r 18, (William C. & Leonard F.,) farmers 285, dairy 39 cows.

Crossman Washington R., (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer 170. 

Crossman Wm., (E. Clarendon,) farmer.


Davis Frederick A., (Clarendon Springs,) r 22, farmer 117. 

Davis George R., (Clarendon Springs,) r 24, farmer 230. 

Davis Judson H., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, speculator. 

Dominy Charles (N. Clarendon,) r 14, farmer.

DRINWATER CHARLES E., (Clarendon,) leases 60 of J. C. Spencer. 


Eddy Daniel P., (Clarendon,) r 19, cheese factory at East Clarendon, farmer 6, and leases of L. M. Walker, 15.

Eddy Hiram H., (Clarendon,) r 19, with Winslow S., farmer 80.

Eddy Jay F., (Clarendon Springs,) r 43, farmer 120. 

Eddy Joseph A. H., (Clarendon,) r 19, farmer 5.

Eddy Winslow S., (Clarendon,) r 19, with Hiram H., farmer 80.

Emery Andrew J., (Clarendon,) r 27, farmer, residence Clarendon Flats. 

Estabrook Alexander F., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, blacksmith and farmer 4. 

Everest Heman P., (Clarendon Springs,) with J. D., farmer 400. 

Everest Ira, (Clarendon Springs.)

Everest James P., Clarendon Springs,)

Everest J. D., (Clarendon Springs,) with Heman P., farmer 400.

Ewing Charles (Clarendon Springs,) r 42, farmer, leases 140 of Julius A. C. Ewing.

Ewing Julius A. C., (Clarendon Springs,) r 92, farmer 140.


Farrell Martin, (E. Clarendon,) r 33, section foreman, Central Vt. R. R., farmer 200.

Fish William G., (Rutland,) r 9, farmer, works 160 of Winslow G. Fish. 

Fish Winslow G., (Rutland,) r 9, insurance agent and farmer 160. 

Fisk Benjamin, (Clarendon Springs,) r 43, farmer 9, in Tinmouth. 

FISK MERRITT, (Clarendon Springs,) r 43, farmer 20. 

Fisk Noah, (Clarendon Springs,) r 43, carpenter and farmer 17.

Flanders Wallace M., (E. Clarendon,) r 32, farmer, carpenter and joiner. 

Flanders William, (Clarendon,) r 35, carpenter and farmer. 

Fuller Jacob, (N. Clarendon,) r 8, prop. Marshall cheese factory. 

Fuller Joseph, (Clarendon,) r 29, dairy 21 cows, farmer 158.


GEE LEONARD P., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, building mover, carpenter, stone mason and farmer 43 in Brandon.

Gibson Samuel C., (N. Clarendon,) r 9, farmer leases of E. Moss, of Rutland, 140, and dairy 12 cows.

Giddings Francis W., (Clarendon,) r 34, carpenter, farmer 26.

Glynn Edgar M., (E. Clarendon,) gunsmith and farmer 60.

Gorton Benj., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, farmer 90, also 220 in Mount Holley, and 300 in Wallingford.

GRACE JAMES R., (Clarendon,) r 35, blacksmith and wagon repairing. 

Greene Frank A., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, dairy 15 cows, farmer 100. 

Grover Abbott J., (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer.

Grover Joseph H., (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer, leases 200 of Harvey Kingsley, of Rutland.

GROVER MARSHALL W., (E. Clarendon,) r 33, farmer 5.


Haradon Gardner, (E. Clarendon,) r 16, laborer. 

Haradon Hannibal, (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer.

Harrington Wm. W., (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, stone mason and farmer. 

Harvey William, (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer 100, and 50 mountain.

Hayes John J. (Clarendon Springs,) farmer 30.

Higgins Elkanah, (Clarendon Springs,) laborer.

HITCHCOCK HANNAH L., (Clarendon Springs,) r 3, widow Henry, dairy 13 cows, farmer 160.

Hodges Edward W., (Clarendon,) r 29, farmer.

Hodges Eugene H., (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer. 

HODGES HANNIBAL, (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer 360.

Holden Arthur N., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, strawberry raiser, farmer, works 125 of E. L. Holden.

Holden Eli L., (N. Clarendon,) r 15, farmer 125.

Holden Elijah B., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, postmaster, physician, claivoyant and farmer 40, owns cider mill.

Holden James S. (N. Clarendon,) r 14, retired farmer.

Hopkins Hadwen D., (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer, works 800 of Mrs. Huldah Potter, dairy 42 cows.

Horton Alvah, (N. Clarendon,) r 10, (A. & B. E. Horton.)

Horton A & B. E., (N. Clarendon,) r 11, (Alvah and Bent E.,) manufs. of chair stock, cheese boxes and spring beds, grist and cider mills, saw mill, and 110 acres mountain land.

Horton Bent F., (N. Clarendon,) r 11, (A. & B. E. Horton.)

Horton Edgar H., (Clarendon,) r 29, carpenter and speculator. 

Horton Hopkins, (N. Clarendon,) r 6, farmer 175.

Horton Julius A. C., (Clarendon r 6, farmer, works 175 of Hopkins Horton.

Horton Rollin, (Clarendon,) carpenter.

Horton Susan T., (Clarendon,) r 34, wife of T. K., farmer 28.

Horton Timothy K., (Clarendon,) r 34, postmaster, carpenter and farmer r 1, and with William P. farmer 47.

Horton T. K. & W. P., (Clarendon,) r 34 farmers 47.

Horton William P., (Clarendon,) r 34, station agent, painter and farmer 1 1/2 and with Timothy K., farmer 47.

Hosford Rachel and Emeline, Misses, (Clarendon,) r 35, tailoress and dressmaking,

Hyde Henry H., (N. Clarendon;) r 10, laborer.


Ingalls Bennoni, (E. Clarendon,) r 33, marble worker.

Ingalls Joseph C., (E. Clarendon,) r 33, marble worker. 


Jackson Napoleon B., (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer. 

JOHNSON HOLTON C., (N. Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 160. 

Jones Lester, (Clarendon Springs,) r 25, farmer 40.


KEECH HORACE H., (Wallingford,) r 36, farmer, leases of C. M. Townsend, of Wallingford, dairy 16 cows, and farm 160.

Keily Jeremiah, (E. Clarendon,) r 39, farmer 113.

Kelley Elihu S., (N. Clarendon,) r 7, with Samuel H., farmer 75.

KELLEY MOSES W., (Clarendon,) r 19, with James Barrett, dairy 22 cows, farmer 140.

Kelley Patrick, (Clarendon Springs,) r 3, quarryman.

Kelley Samuel H., (N. Clarendon,) r 7, with Elihu S., farmer 75. 

Kelley Erastus, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, farmer 150.

KEYES JOHN, (Clarendon Springs,) r 42, prop. grist mill, farmer 100.

KIMBALL DANIEL, (N. Clarendon,) r 17, farmer rob, breeder and dealer in imported short-horned cattle.

Kingsley John Harrison, (E. Clarendon,) r 34, grist mill, carding machine, and farmer 70.

Kingsley Horace, (E. Clarendon,) r 42, farmer 160.

Kingsley, Horace, (E Clarendon ) leases grist mill of J. Harrison Kingsley, and dealer in flour, meal and feed, and wood carding.

Kingsley Samuel T., (E. Clarendon,) r 38, farmer 100. 


Lapoint Wm., (Clarendon Springs,) laborer.

Law John, (Clarendon,) r 35, laborer.

Lee James E., (Rutland,) r 12, Methodist clergyman.

Learned John F., (Clarendon Springs,) r. 26, farmer.

LINCOLN GEORGE, (Clarendon Springs,) r 23, farmer, leases 175 of Dallas.

Lincoln James H., (N. Clarendon,) r 11, house painter, farmer, leases of John Willmarth 75.

Lincoln Josiah W., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, farmer.


Marlow Lewis, (N. Clarendon,) r 10, soap maker, owns 1/2 acre.

Marsh Marcie Mrs., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, widow of Win. D., farmer 90. 

Marsh William G., (N. Clarendon,) r 1S, dairy 16 cows, farmer l00, and 100 in Mendon.

Mason Schuyler N., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, carpenter, millwright and milling, h. and 3 acres.

McGee Frank, (Clarendon Springs,) cheese maker.

Merriam John A. P., (Clarendon Springs,) postmaster and dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, and patent medicines.

MILLER HENRY, (N. Clarendon,) r 17, chair caner, house painter, and farmer 4.

Moore Andrew, (Clarendon Springs,) wagon maker and repairer.

Moran Margaret Mrs., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, widow of James, farmer 81. 

MORAN MICHAEL, (N. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer, leases of Henry Tower, of Rutland, 150.

MORAN MICHAEL, (N. Clarendon,) r 10, farmer 35.

MORSS GEORGE H., (Clarendon,) r 29, pastor Congregational church. 

MURRAY ARTHUR B., (Clarendon Springs,) (B. Murray & Sons.) 

MURRAY BYRON, (Clarendon Springs,) (B. Murray & Sons.) 

*MURRAY B. & SONS, (Clarendon Springs,) (Byron, George T. and Arthur B.,) props., Clarendon House and Springs, keep livery and farmers 167.

MURRAY GEORGE T., (Clarendon Springs,) (B. Murray & Sons.) 

MUSSEY HARRIET E. MRS., (N. Clarendon,) r 14, farmer 86. 


Newton A. Jay, (Wallingford,) r 272, farmer 440. 

Newton Alexander, (Clarendon,) r 19, farmer 174. Died 1881. 


Parker John B., (E. Clarendon,) r 39, farmer 2 and 80 in Mendon. 

Patterson Hiram, (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer, leases 60 of Mrs. E. H. Crossman. 

PECK ELIAS, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, farmer 114. 

PERRY JOHN B., (N. Clarendon,) carriage maker and painter. 

PERSONS DANIEL, (Clarendon,) r 19, dairy 16 cows, leases farm 174 of Alexander Newton.

PIERCE CORNELIUS C., (E. Clarendon,) r 32, secretary Rutland Co. Agricultural Society, secretary Vermont State Poultry Association, agent for barbed wire fence, and farmer 150.

Pierce Thomas, (Clarendon,) r 18, dairy 24 cows, farmer 220. 

Pitts Charles, (N. Clarendon,) r 10, works for A. & B. E. Holden. 

Pitts George M., (N. Clarendon,) r 13, farmer. 

PLATT HATTIE E. Miss, (N. Clarendon,) r 18, farmer 100.

PLUMLEY JOHN W., (N. Clarendon,) r 17, tin peddler and dealer in hides and pelts, and farmer, works for W. W. Arnold, 50 hides and pelts, and farmer, works for W. W. Arnold, 50.

Potter Henry, (Clarendon,) r 19, carpenter and farmer 70. 

Potter Huldah Mrs., (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer 300.

Potter Noel, (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, town representative and farmer 245. 

Potter Oscar, (N. Clarendon,) r 19, farmer 88.

Powers Nichols M., (Clarendon,) r 35, farmer 375, cheese factory and bridge builder.

POWERS RUSSELL F., (Clarendon,) r 35, constable and collector, farmer 10, and works 400 of N. M. Powers.

PRATT ARTEMAS, (N. Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 130, and 170 in Rutland, and 100 in Mendon.

Pratt James D., (Clarendon,) r 36, (Stewart & Pratt,) cheese maker. 

Pratt Sanford A., (N. Clarendon,) r 7, farmer, leases of Artemas 127. 

Provost Joseph, (N. Clarendon,) r 10, blacksmith. 


Quincy Amos, (Clarendon,) farmer.

Quincy Thomas, (Clarendon Springs,) r 5, farmer 252.

Quincy Thomas, (Clarendon Springs,) r 5, farmer. 


Ridlon George M., (Clarendon Springs,) r 25, farmer 200.

Ridlon John, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, stone mason, musician and farmer 60. 

Ridlon John H., (Clarendon Springs,) r 24, tailor. 

Riley Barney, (Wallingford,) r 36, farmer 120. 

RILEY JAMES T., (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer leases 260 of Enoch Smith.

Rooney Michael, (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer 19.

Rooney Patrick, (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer 65. 


Severy Win., (Clarendon Springs,) r 20, laborer. 

Seamans Josiah E., (Clarendon Springs,) cheese maker. 

Shangraw Jeremiah, (Clarendon Springs,) r 42, blacksmith.

Sherman Charles M., (W. Clarendon,) r 7, horse dealer and breeder, farmer 80.

Sherman Morris H., (Clarendon,) r 19, farmer 40.

Shippy Melissa Mrs., (N. Clarendon,) r 18, widow Coswell, house and 1 acre. 

Smith Alzina Mrs., (Clarendon,) widow Nathan J., 200 acres mountain land. 

SMITH ARIMA D., (Clarendon,) r 29, (E. & A. D. Smith,) dairy 20 cows, farmer 225.

Smith Charles P., (E. Clarendon,) r 33, farmer 175.

Smith E. & A. D., (Clarendon,) r 29, (Enoch and Arima D.,) own farms in other towns, 600.

Smith Elliott W., (E. Clarendon,) r 16, farmer 160.

Smith Enoch, (Clarendon,) r 29, (E. & A. D. Smith.) 

SMITH ORSON, (Clarendon Springs,) r 4, farmer 150.

Smith Sardius, (Clarendon Springs,) r 20, farmer 259, and owns cider mill. 

SMITH SENECA E., (Clarendon,) r 36, stock grower, farmer 250, and 175 mountain in Wallingford.

Spafford Charles A. (N. Clarendon,) r r3, teacher and farmer.

Spafford Hiram B., (N Clarendon,) r 13, owns turning mill, insurance agent and farmer 100.

SPENCER ALBERT H., (E. Clarendon,) (Spencer & Steward,) with J. C. Spencer.

Spencer John C., (E. Clarendon,) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes &c., postmaster, station agent C. V. R. R., express agent U. S. & C., and farmer 85.

SPENCER & STEWARD, (E. Clarendon,) (Albert H. Spencer and Wallace Steward,) fish culturists.

Squier Lauraman C., (N. Clarendon,) r 16, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 200. 

Stafford Chas. F., (Clarendon Springs,) r 24, farmer. 

Stafford John E., (Clarendon Springs,) r 24, farmer.

STANDISH DAVID B., (N. Clarendon,) cor. r 10 and 11, cheese maker and house painter.

Starks John J., (N. Clarendon,) r 13, farmer 1.

STEWARD JOHN A., (E. Clarendon,) r 39, (L. & J. A. Steward.)

STEWARD LEONARD, (E. Clarendon,) r J9, (L. & J. A. Steward.) 

STEWARD L. & J. A., (E. Clarendon,) r 39, (Leonard and John A.,) manuf. and dealers in sap evaporators, buckets, tin and sheet iron ware, apiarians and farmers 250.

Steward Thomas, (E. Clarendon,) r 39, farmer 156.

STEWARD WALLACE, (E. Clarendon,) (Spencer & Steward,) physician and surgeon.

Stewart Albert H., (Clarendon,) r 36, (Stewart & Pratt.)

STEWART FRED B., (Clarendon,) r 36, farmer. Stewart John Q., (E. Clarendon,) r 38. farmer 200.

Stewart & Pratt, (Clarendon,) r 36, (Albert H. S. and James D. P.,) farmers, lease 155 of Est. E. H. Stewart.


Taylor Lewis J., (Clarendon Springs,) r 42, carpenter and joiner.

Taylor Varnum, (Clarendon Springs,) r 42, prop. grist, saw and cider mills, and millwright.

Thompson Fayette H., (N. Clarendon,) r 7, farmer. 

Tiernan Lawrence, (Wallingford,) r 39, farmer 150. 

TIERNAN MICHAEL J., (Wallingford;) r 39, farmer. 

Tiernan Richard, (Wallingford,) r 39, farmer.

Tower Runa H., (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, farmer.

Trumbull Adolphus, (Clarendon Springs,) laborer.

Tubbs Daniel, (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer, ex'r estate of Emily H. Tubbs 387.

Tubbs Henry G., (Clarendon Springs,) r 41, farmer 280, and works 387 of the estate of Emily H. Tubbs.


WALKER LEWIS M., (Clarendon Springs,) r 27, farmer 295.

Walker Noah S., (Clarendon Springs,) r 27, prop. cheese factory and farmer 475. 

Walker William W., (Clarendon Springs,) r 27, 1st selectman, farmer 375 in Tinmouth, Ira and Clarendon.

Wardwell Joseph L., (N. Clarendon,) r 10, chair maker and wood turner. 

WEBB HENRY, (N. Clarendon,) r 18, strawberry garden, nurseryman and farmer 100.

Weeks Harlan, (Clarendon,) r 37, with John, farmer 75.

Weeks John, (Clarendon,) r 37, cooper, and with Harlan, farmer 75. 

WEEKS WILLIAM S., (E. Clarendon,) r 32, justice of the peace, pension agent, notary public and farmer.

Weeks William, (E. Clarendon,) r 39, farmer 100.

Wescott Amos, (Clarendon Springs,) r 39, farmer 250. 

Wescott Arunah G., (Clarendon Springs,) r 21, farmer 140. 

Westcott George W., (Clarendon Springs,) r 20, farmer 325. 

WETHERBY OMAR, (Clarendon,) r 35, cheese maker.

Wheadon George T., (Clarendon Springs,) r 44, (Adams & Wheadon.) 

WHITE HENRY K., (N. Clarendon,) r 14, 2d selectman, dairyman 30 cows, farmer 300.

WILMARTH JOHN, (N. Clarendon,) r 11, supt. of poor, mason and farmer 107.

WYLIE WILLIAM L., (Wallingford,) r 36, farmer 170.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 314-321.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004