Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad Stations are Pittsford, three miles west, and Rutland, six miles south-west. Daily mail.


Ager Alfred S., (Chittenden,) r 17 shoemaker, farmer 25. 

Alexander Davis, (Pittsford,) r 8, farmer.

ALEXANDER HENRY S., (Pittsford,) r 6, farmer 5 r.

Allen Lafayette, (Chittenden,) r 22, (R. V. Allen & Son,) farmer 100, mountain.

ALLEN RILEY V., (Chittenden,) r 22, (R. V. Allen & Son,) farmer 112. 

Allen R. V. & Son, (Chittenden,) r 22. (Lafayette,) saw mill, manufacturers eave troughs.

Atwood Erwin S., (Chittenden,) r 21, lumberman and farmer 500, and 100 mountain.

ATWOOD LOREN E., (Chittenden,) r 21, lumberman, dairy 12 cows, farmer 250.

Austin John, (Pittsfield,) r 19, works for A. N. Hayes.


Bailey Lucien, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer 35.

BAIRD AMOS, (Chittenden,) r 18, (Beard, Parker & Knapp.) 

BAIRD CHARLES V., (Chittenden,) r 23, lumberman. 

Baird David, (Chittenden,) r 22, farmer.

Baird Elwin, (Chittenden,) r 13, teaming.

Baird Freeman E., (Chittenden,) r 22, circular sawyer.

Baird Hannah M., (Chittenden,) r 22, (wife of Joel,) farmer 45.

BAIRD HENRY W., (Chittenden,) r 22, lumberman, farmer, h and 1 acre, works of Joel Baird 75 acres.

Baird Hiram, (Chittenden,) r 23, retired farmer.

BAIRD HIRAM F., (Chittenden,) r 23, town clerk, dairy, 11 cows, beef, cattle and wool grower, 7_ sheep, farmer 90. 

Baird Joel, (Chittenden,) r 22, farmer 75.

BEARD JOHN, (Chittenden,) r 18, (Beard, Parker & Knapp.)

BAIRD J. & A., (Chittenden,) r 18, (Beard, Parker & Knapp,) farmers 45 and 250 mountain.

Baird Rufus K., (Chittenden,) r 26, wool grower, 40 sheep, farmer 320 and lumberman.

Baird Stephen S., (Chittenden,) r 25, gunsmith and farm 80.

Baird Thomas E., (Chittenden,) r 13, farmer 130.

Baird William O., (Chittenden,) r 22, lumberman and farmer 50. 

Baird William R., (Chittenden,) r 26, (son of Wm. R.) 

Baird Wolcott K., (Pittsford,) r 3, lumberman and farmer 300. 

BAIRD, PARKER & KNAPP, (Chittenden,) r 29, (John and Amos Baird, Nelson D. Parker and George L. Knapp,) saw mill and dealers in all kinds of lumber.

Baker Francis, (Pittsford,) r 6, farmer 2,

Baker Frank, (Pittsford,) r 4, laborer.

Baker Levi, (Chittenden,) r 22, teaming and farmer.

Barber Samuel P., (Pittsford,) r 5, teamster for Daniel C. Wheeler. 

Barnard Dan. D., (Pittsford,) r 11, farmer 25.

BARNARD EUGENE A., (Pittsford,) r 5, (Wetmore & Barnard,) teaming. 

Bassett Dwight, (Pittsford,) r 1, farmer, leases 200 of Giles Bassett. 

Battiase Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 12, teamster. Benson George, (Pittsford,) r 4, laborer.

Blanchard Nelson A., (Chittenden,) r 20, lumberman.

BLANCHARD WILLIAM J., (Chittenden,) r 20, pastor Advent Christian Church and manuf. of Wilcox's magic balm or instant relief, farmer 28. 

Bogue Chloe J,. (Chittenden,) r 18.

Borden Thomas, (Chittenden,) r 24, farmer. 

Bowen Reuben T., (Pittsford,) r 5, laborer.

Brown Danford, (Chittenden,) carpenter and joiner, justice of peace, farmer 4. 

BROWN EMMET, (Chittenden,) r 23, tin peddler. 

Brown John, (Pittsfield,) r 19, farmer.

Brown John & E. L., (Chittenden,) r 22, lumbermen.

*BROWN MILTON G., (Chittenden,) dealer in drugs and medicines, groceries and provisions, teas, coffees, spices, tobaccos and cigars, confectioneries, stationery, boots, shoes, rubbers, &c. 

Bump Barton, (Chittenden,) r 21, laborer.

Bump Luthera, (Pittsford,) r 6, farmer 55.


Candon John, (Pittsford,) r 7, dairy 17 cows, farmer 150.

Capron Benjamin B., (Chittenden,) r 25, dairy 10 cows, farmer 300. 

Casey James, (Pittsford,) r 11, farmer 90.

Chandler Jacob, (Chittenden,) r 21, farmer 50.

CHAPIN GEORGE W., (Pittsford) r 6, farmer 100.

Chase Sylvester S., (Chittenden,) r 25, carpenter and farmer 30. 

Cheedle Timothy B. and Minerva L., saw mill and farmers 11. 

Churchill Charles H., (Pittsford,) r 6, lumberman and farmer 150.

Churchill Columbus C., (Pittsford,) r 6, farmer 20, and works 30 of Elmira Churchill.

Churchill Elmira, (Pittsford,) r 6, wife of C. C., farmer 30. 

Churchill J. Quincy, (Pittsford,) r 10, carpenter and joiner. 

Clark Albert B., (Chittenden,) r 25, farmer.

CLARK CHARLES S., (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer works 125 of the estate of John F. Clark.

Clark Fayette E., (Chittenden,) r 26, dairy 6 cows, farmer 130.

Clark Paul, (Chittenden,) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 75.

Collins Nathan, (Pittsford,) r 9, wool grower and farmer leases of Asa Collins, 35.

Corkins John, (Pittsford,) r 19, sawyer.

Crahan Lawrence, (Pittsford,) r 17, farmer.

Crapo Emmet, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer, works 100, of Mrs. Ellen French.


Davis John A., (Rutland,) r 27, raises beef cattle, farmer 190, and 25 timber and 8 in Pittsford.

Davis Nathan, (Rutland,) r 27, farmer 110, and 14 in Pittsford. 

Davis Robert B., (Rutland,) r 27, carpenter and farmer 50. 

Davis Walter R., (Pittsfield,) r 19, house and carriage painter.

Denning Bryan, (Pittsford,) r 5, farmer 158, and wood dealer. 

Dinn Michael, (Chittenden,) r 17, farmer 40.

Dinn Walter, (Chittenden,) r 17, laborer.

Lodge Albert B., (Chittenden,) r 13, farmer 2.

Doncreau Abram, (Chittenden,) laborer.

Doncreau John, (Chittenden,) laborer.

Dow Richardson 0., (Pittsford,) r 5, agt. for Dennison Bros., Pittsford, for groceries and provisions, carpenter and mason and farmer 30.

DOW WALLACE E., (Pittsford,) r 5, carpenter and joiner, (Wm. S. and Wallace E.)

Dow Wm. S. and Wallace E., (Pittsford,) r 5, farmers 35.

Durkee Alfred N., (Chittenden,) r 24, lumberman and farmer 70. 


Eddy Horatio G., (Chittenden,) r 25, spiritual medium and farmer 35. 

Eggleston Alvin, (Chittenden,) r 25, laborer.


Fisk George, (Pittsfield,) r 19, laborer.

FITZGERALD JOHN H., (Chittenden,) leases saw mill of Peter Johnson, Springfield, Mass., sawyer.

Fox Matthew, (Pittsford,) off r 12, farmer 210. German Isaac, (Pittsford,) r 4, laborer.


Gilmore Julius C., (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer, leases 800 of J. L. Billings, Rutland.


Harrison William H., (Pittsford,) r 8, dairy 33 cows, farmer 300.

HAYES ASA N., (Pittsfield,) r 19, mfr. and dealer in lumber and clapboards, farmer 75 and 2400 timber land.

HEWETT BARTHOLOMEW, (Chittenden,) r 18, (Hewett & Yaw,) dairy, 15 cows, lumberman, farmer 350 and 400 mountain.

Hewett Charles, (Chittenden,) r 18, retired farmer.

HEWETT & YAW, (Chittenden,) r 18, (B. Hewett, Daniel F. Yaw,) 500 acres mountain.

Higgins Patrick, (Chittenden,) r 13, farmer 50.

Hill Robert, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer l00.

HOLDEN CHARLES R., (Pittsford,) r 4, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, farmer 1700 acres.

Horton Edwin, (Chittenden,) town representative, constable, collector, and farmer 55.

Horton John N., (Chittenden,) farmer, res. in village. 

Huntoon Hiram J., (Rutland,) r 25, carpenter and farmer 8. 


Johnson Mont. M., (Chittenden,) r 22, laborer. 

Johnson William, (Chittenden,) r 22, laborer. Joy George W., (Pittsfield,) r 19, laborer.


Knapp George L., (Chittenden,) r 20, (Parker, Baird & Knapp,) farmer 117. 

KNIGHT ALFRED P., (Pittsfield,) r 19, farmer l00 in Pittsfield. 

KNIGHT JOHN C., (Pittsfield,) off r 19, cider mill, dairy, 13 cows, farmer 60 and 50 in Pittsfield.

KNIGHT JOHN W., (Pittsfield,) r 19, farmer 100.


Lampman Benjamin N., (Chittenden,) r 21, mfr. and layer of concrete roofing and pavement, coal kiln, farmer.

Lampman Delia A., (Chittenden,) r 21, (wife of Benj. N.,) farmer 200. 

LANDON HOUSE, (Chittenden,) W. B. Wing, proprietor. 

Lareau Moses, (Pittsford,) r 5, laborer.

Larock Mitchell, (Chittenden,) teamster.

Lassard Vetel, (Chittenden,) r 23, wheelwright and carriage painter.

Lassor Zaby, (Chittenden,) r 22, blacksmith, teaming, res. and 1 acre on r 22. 

Lawrence Fremont, (Chittenden,) blacksmith. 

Leet Elbert R., (Chittenden,) r 15. circular sawyer and teaming. 

Leonard Chas., (Pittsford,) farmer 50. 

Leonard William, (Chittenden,) r 22, teaming. 

Lethbridge Charlie, (Pittsford,) r 5, teamster. 

Libbey Pheola, (Chittenden,) blacksmith.

Lique Michael, (Chittenden,) r 22, laborer.

Long Henry, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer 260. Longley Solomon, (Chittenden,) resident.

Lyon George, (Chittenden,) r 21, teaming.


Manly Alfred, (Pittsford,) r 9, dairy 8, farmer, works 130 of Caroline Manly. 

Manly Caroline, (Pittsford,) r 9, (wife of Alfred,) farmer 150. 

Manley Charles H., (Pittsford,) r 1, farmer 200. 

Manley Nelson, (Pittsford,) r 12, laborer.

Manley Otis, (Pittsford,) r 7, dairy 18, farmer.

MANLEY THOMAS H., (Pittsford,) r 12, carpenter and farmer 28. 

Manley Thomas H., (Pittsford,) r 7, son of Otis.

Manning Candon, (Chittenden,) farmer, leases 200 of Henry Harrison, Brandon.

Martin William H., (Pittsford,) r 5, laborer.

McCollom Norman H., (Pittsfield,) r 19, carpenter and joiner and cabinet maker, and farmer 150.

McCormick John, (Pittsford), r 8, dairy 21, farmer 175. 

McGee Joseph, (Chittenden,) r 21, laborer.

McGee Lewis, (Pittsford,) r 5, laborer.

McIvor James, (Chittenden,) blacksmith and circular sawyer. 

Miller Elihu, (Chittenden,) farmer 7.

Miller Frank P., (Chittenden,) teamster.

MORRILL FRED H., (Pittsfield,) r 19, lumberman for C. W. Brigham.

Morrill Ira M., (Pittsfield,) r 19, farmer 52.

Mullin Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 3, farmer 114.

Mullin Patrick, (Pittsford,) r 8, carpenter and joiner and dairy 13 cows, farmer 165.

Mullin Wm., (Pittsford,) r 8, dairy 45 cows, farmer 300. 


Newton William, (Chittenden,) r 18, works for N. D. Parker. 

Nichols Willard, (Chittenden,) r 21, farmer 73. 

Narcross Samuel, (Pittsford,) r 3, laborer.

Noyes Daniel, (Chittenden,) r 17, farmer 230.

NOYES HIRAM F., (Chittenden,) postmaster, dealer in dry goods, boots, shoes, rubber goods, and all kinds of family groceries, and provisions, lumber dealer and blacksmith shop.


Oney William, (Pittsford,) r 9, laborer.

Osgood W. & W. W., (Rutland,) r 25, (Willard & Willard W.,) dairy 15 cows, mutton sheep 50 head and farmers 250.


Parish Richard, (Chittenden,) r 18, retired farmer.

PARKER NELSON D., (Chittenden,) r 18, (Beard, Parker and Knapp,) carpenter and joiner, farmer 300 and 250 mountain. 

Payne Wm. H., (Pittsford,) r 8, farmer 10.

Perry Ernest, (Chittenden,) r 18, carpenter and farmer 50.

Perry Henry J., (Chittenden,) carpenter and joiner, farmer 13. 

Powell Almon, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer 110, and 80 pasture. 

POWELL M. DATON, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer, son of Almon. 


Rice Luther, (Pittsford,) r 4, laborer.

Ripley James C., (Pittsford,) r 10, laborer.

ROBBINS GEORGE C., (Chittenden,) r 21, sawyer and agent for John Lefferts, (Platsburg, L. I.,) saw mill and lumber dealer, and 1200 acres mountain.

Rogers Alonzo, (Chittenden,) r 22, lumberman, 50 acres mountain. 

Rogers Lewis, (Pittsford,) laborer.

Rowell David G., (Pittsford,) r 8, manufacturer and layer of wooden aqueduct, and farmer 30.


Salcer Anna, (Chittenden,) r 21, farmer 20.

SARGENT ANDREW J., (Chittenden,) physician and dairy 12 cows, farmer 200.

Sargent Linus E., (Chittenden,) r 25, school teacher. Segar Harry C. (Pittsford,) r 6, farmer 100.

Seiden Edward D., (Pittsford,) r 5, book-keeper for Naylor & Co's saw mill. 

Shaw Jacob, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer 32 on r 20. 

Shayes Wm., (Pittsford,) r 9, laborer.

Shelvy Gilbert, (Pittsford,) r 6, carpenter and joiner. 

Shelvy Patrick, (Pittsford,) r 6, farm 175.

Shelvy Thomas, (Pittsford,) r 6, dairy 15 cows, farmer 300.

Shelvy William, (Chittenden,) r 18, farmer, leases 250 of Warren H. Smith, Rutland.

Shurburn Wm. H., (Pittsfield,) r 19, lumberman and farmer 100.

Skirce John, (Pittsford,) r 5, laborer.

Sprague Orick, (Chittenden,) r 21, fire insurance agent, justice of peace, farmer 15.

Sprague Rufus, (Chittenden,) r 22, farmer 50.

Stafford Levi, (Chittenden,) r 21, laborer.

Streeter Theron, (Chittenden,) r 25, farmer.


TARBLE GERMAN F., (Pittsford,) r 6, dairy 8 cows, farmer 90. 

Tarble John L., (Pittsford,) r 6, dairy 8 cows, farmer 120.

Tarble Sylvester, (Pittsford,) r 12, farmer, leases estate of Azem Churchil. 

Taylor William, (Pittsford.) r 5, collier.

Trombly Jerry, (Pittsford,) r 5, teamster.

Tugwell R H., (Hoboken, N. J.,) saw mill on r 22.


Walker William S., (Chittenden,) r 13, farmer 90.

Westerfield Anna F., (Chittenden,) r 22, wife of James E., res. and 5 acres. 

Westerfield James E., (Chittenden,) r 22, author on life insurance. 

WETMORE CHARLES E., (Pittsford,) r 5, (Wetmore & Barnard), overseer of Naylor & Co's. saw mill.

WETMORE ROYAL S., (Pittsford,) r 12, farmer 200.

WETMORE & BARNARD, (Pittsford,) r 5, (Charles E. W. &Eugene A.,) lumbermen and 230 acres mountain.

WHEELER DANIEL F., (Pittsford,) r 5, lumberman and farm 200. 

Whitcomb Henry, (Chittenden,) r 21, laborer.

Whitcomb John, (Chittenden,) r 20, laborer.

WHITE JAMES, (Pittsford,) r 1, dairy 14, farmer 114.

White Wm. J., (Pittsford,) r 1, farmer, son James.

White River Iron Co., (Pittsfield,) r 19, J. J. Saltery, president; Henry B. Thompson, secretary.

Williams Jesse (Chittenden,) r 21, laborer.

Williams John, (Chittenden,) r 21, teaming.

Wilson Wm. H., (Pittsford,) r 4, laborer.

Wing Francis L. (Chittenden,) retired farmer.

Wing Kittridge M., (Chittenden,) farmer 85.

WING WOLCOTT B., (Chittenden,) proprietor Landon House and livery. 

Winslow Henry, (Pittsford,) r 8, laborer.

WINSLOW LEWIS I., (Pittsford,) r 8, custom grist mill, dairy 50 cows, farmer 300.

Winter Rollo, (Chittenden,) r 16, farmer 20.

Winter Wilson, R., (Chittenden,) r 16, mason, farmer 1 r.

Woods Albert R. (Pittsford,) r 1, (0. L. & A. C) 

Woods Oscar C., (Pittsford,) r 1, (O. L. & A. C.)

Woods O. L. & A. C., (Pittsford,) r 1, carpenters and joiners, dairy 14, farmers 114.

Wormer John, (Chittenden,) saw mill and. turning mill and manuf. fork handles.


YAW DANIEL F., (Chittenden,) r 20, lumberman and farmer S. 

Yaw Zaccheus M., (Chittenden,) r 24, carpenter.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 307-313.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004