Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


ADAMS BENJAMIN F., (Castleton,) retired, bds. Elm.

Adams James, (Castleton,) manager of Adams & Co., store, and has an interest in Vermont Soap Stone Pencil Co., Main, h Elna. 

Adams Mary R., (Adams & Co.,) Main.

Adams & Co., (Castleton,) (Mary R. Adams,) general merchandise and furniture, Main.

Agars Pat., (Hydeville,) r 22, marble sawyer.

Agar Nathan, (Hydeville,) laborer, School.

AINSWORTH HIRAM, (Castleton,) prop. Evergreen slate quarry, manuf. of unfading green roofing slate, and mill stock, Main.

Ainsworth John M., (Castleton,) book-keeper, Main.

Alford Alden E., (Castleton,) r 30, farmer, leases of Henry Beals, of Rutland, 230.

Andrews Joseph, (Castleton,) r 3, farmer leases of Charles Stannard, 130.

Andrews Stephen, (Castleton,) r 4, farmer 100.

Andrews Stephen, (W. Castleton,) near r 1, farmer 75.

Armstrong Egbert H., (Castleton,) (Sherman & Armstrong,) (Royal Purple Slate Company,) Main.

Armstrong Harry, (Castleton,) r 40, farmer 170.

ATWOOD DON E., (Castleton,) r 40, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100. 

Austin Joel, (Castleton,) r 26, peddler.


Babbitt Amos P., (Castleton,) r 39, farmer 175.

Babbitt Dwyer, (Castleton,) r 42, farmer 265, and 32 in Hubbarton. 

BABBITT L. OSCAR, (Castleton,) r 42, son of Dwyer, farmer. 

Babbitt Valorous, (Castleton,) r 39, carpenter.

Babbitt Watson, (Castleton,) r 39, farmer 50.

BARBER CHAUNCEY L., (Castleton,) r 40, breeder of full blood merino sheep, registered, and farmer too, also prop. of sand bank. 

Barber Edward A., (Castleton,) r 40, son of Chauncey L., farmer. 

Barber Jefferson, (Castleton,) r 43, laborer.

Barber Lemuel T., (Castleton,) r 41, with William F.

Barber Thomas J., (Castleton,) r 40, quarryman.

Barber William F., (Castleton,) r 41, breeder of full blood merino sheep, and farmer 60.

Barney Fayette, (Castleton,) r 26, farmer 45.

BARNEY FRANKLIN, (Hydeville,) r 23, farmer 60. 

Barney Horatio E., (Castleton,) r 26, blacksmith. 

Barrett John, (Hydeville,) r 23, farmer 14.

Barrows Emmerson, (Castleton,) r 16, with David Brown, farmer, leases of C. S. Sherman 204.

BARROWS THOMAS A., (Castleton,) r 25, iron founder, manuf. of plows, cultivators, harrows, &c.

BASSETT SIMON G., (Castleton,) r 12, manuf. of lumber and shingles, farmer 40, and leases of Rachel B. Freeman 40. 

Baxter Chauncey L., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 60. 

Beach Carlos, (Castleton,) r 30, farmer 170.

BENEDICT JOHNSON S., (Castleton,) r 39, breeder of and dealer in improved merino sheep, registered, and farmer 180. 

Bennett Ned, (Hydeville,) slate sawyer.

Benson C. O., (Hydeville,) butcher.

BIBBINS DANIEL E., (Castleton,) laborer, gardener, South.

Billings Camelia Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of Hiram, South. 

Billings Louisa Mrs., (Hydeville,) widow of Edward, Main.

Billings L. Howard, (Hydeville,) clerk, Billings Slate and Marble Co.

Billings Slate and Marble Co., (Hydeville,) L. H. Billings, clerk, manufs. of slate mantel stock billiard beds, floor tiling, roofing, &c.

Bishop George W., (Castleton,) carpenter and joiner, inventor of propeller for canal boats, South.

Bishop Lyman, (Castleton,) r 36, farmer 100. 

Bishop Joseph, (Castleton,) r 26, teamster.

BIXBY MARQUIS J., photographer and prop. of Pic-Nic Hotel, at Lake Bomoseen, Main.

Blackwood Wallace, (Castleton,) r 42, laborer.

Bliss Lois Mrs., (Hydeville) r 23, cor. 43, widow of Nathan G., farmer 30.

Blowers Mary J. Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of Alexander P., resident.

Blowers William E., (Castleton,) r 12, laborer.

Bohaunt James, (Castleton,) r 4, wood chopper.

BOLGER THOMAS, (Hydeville,) r 25, dealer in groceries and provisions, boots and shoes, tobacco and cigars, &c., Main.

*BOMOSEEN HOUSE, (Castleton,) Horace B. Ellis, prop., Main. 

Bosworth Alphonso, (Hydeville,) carpenter and joiner, Main..

Bradshaw James, (Hydeville,) r 25, blacksmith and wagon making, Main cor. School.

Brennan James, (Castleton,) custom shoemaker, Main.

Brennan John, (Hydeville,) r 22, gardener.

BRENNAN JOHN, JR., (Hydeville,) operator, W. U. Telegraph, owns h and 1 and 2 acres.

Brennan William, (Castleton,) r 9, farmer 215, and in Ira and Pittsford 410. 

Briggs Arnold, (Castleton,) retired farmer, Seminary.

BRIEN EDWIN A., (Hydeville,) r 25, (Jones & Brien,) (Uniform Green Slate Co.,) first selectman, Main.

Brien Margaret, (Hydeville,) r 21, widow Martin, 5 acres. 

Briggs George, (Hydeville,) shoemaker.

Bro Mose, (Hydeville,) r 29, butcher.

BROMLEY JEROME B., (Castleton,) (Bromley & Clark,) judge of probate court and court of insolvency, office and res. Main.

Bromley Salinda Miss, (Castleton,) r 26, farmer 10.

BROMLEY & CLARK, (Castleton,) (Jerome B. B. and Henry L. C.) attorneys and counsellors at law and insurance agents, and own 120 acres in Danby, Main.

Brooks ____, (Castleton,) marble turner, Main.

BROOKS MARTIN F., (Castleton,) r 28, foreman, Sherman & Armstrong, marble works on r 28.

Brooks William A., (Castleton,) r 28, marble finisher.

BROWN BLOOMY, MRS., (Castleton,) r 36, widow Albert J., farmer 52.

Brown Charles, (Castleton,) tinsmith, breeder of jersey red hogs and game fowls, h Elm.

Brown Charles H., (Castleton,) dry goods clerk, Old Depot st.

Brown David, (Castleton,) r 16, farmer, with E. Barrows, leases of Carlos S. Sherman, 204.

Brown Garland R., (Castleton,) r 36, son of Bloomy, farmer.

Brown Ida S. Miss, (Castleton,) r 36, teacher. 

Brown Moses, (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 150.

Brown Moses B., (Castleton,) r 15, dairy 13 cows, farmer 142. 

Brough John, (Castleton,) r 6, farmer 100. 

Bruce William, (Hydeville,) r 25, mason. 

Buel Gustavus, (Castleton,) bank director, Main.

Bump Dallas W., (Hydeville,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, confectionery, &c., tobacco and cigars, Main.

Burk William, (Castleton,) night watchman on D. & H. R. R., Main. 

Burns Mike, (W. Castleton,) r 1, farmer. 

Burns Patrick, (Castleton,) laborer.

Burritt O. A., (Hydeville,) r 21, farmer 125.

Burt Benjamin W., (Castleton,) manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, trunks, blankets, &c., Union block, Main.

BUTLER ALBERT H., (Castleton,) ax helve maker, Elm. 

Butler Eben, (Castleton,) painter, Mill.

Butler Jennie, (Castleton,) Mrs, Eben, dressmaker, Mill.

Byrne Patrick, (Castleton,) laborer, near Main. 


Calahan Michael, (Castleton,) r 31, farmer 20. 

Caley Michael, (Hydeville,) r 22, laborer.

Callahan William, (Castleton,) r 12, track hand.

Carney Michael, (Castleton,) track hand, South. 

Carney Michael, (Castleton,) laborer, Poultney.

Carrick Martin, (Hydeville,) brakeman, on D. and H. R. R. 

Carrick Richard, (Hydeville,) r 25, laborer.

Castle Francis E., (Castleton,) engineer, at Sherman & Armstrong's marble mills, h Main.

Castle William, (Castleton,) r 28, laborer.

CASTLETON NATIONAL BANK, (Castleton,) Carlos S. Sherman, prest.; Martin D. Cole, cashier; capital, $50,000; Main. 

CASWELL MENIRA, (Castleton,) retired farmer, South. 

Cavanagh John, (Hydeville,) r 20, laborer.

CLARK ANDREW, (Castleton,) ticket and freight agent, for D. & H. Canal Co.'s R. R. and W. U. telegraph operator; also coal dealer, h Main. 

Clark Andrew, (Hydeville,) r 21, mason, h and 2 acres. 

Clark Anson G., (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 150.

Clark Charles, (Castleton,) bank inspector's clerk, for the State of New York, headquarters Albany, N. Y., h Main.

CLARK HENRY L., (Castleton,) (Bromley & Clark,) register of Probate Court and Court of Insolvency, office and residence, Main.

Clark Julia Miss, (Castleton,) teacher of high primary department, Normal School.

Clark Satterley B., (Castleton,) r 43, farmer 95.

Chambers John B., (Castleton,) meat market, Main.

CHAPMAN CHARLOTTE MRS., (Castleton,) r 29, widow of Bradley, wool grower and farmer 160.

Clifford Clementine, (Castleton,) (Mrs. Jabez,) r 17, h and 2 an acre. 

CLIFFORD JOSEPH, (Hvdeville,) r 19, (Clifford & Litchfield.) 

CLIFFORD & LITCHFIELD, (Hydeville,) r 19, (Joseph Clifford, Nathan A. Litchfield,) lessees of the Western Vermont Slate Co., manufs. of and wholesale dealers in all kinds of slate goods, also general merchants. 

Cluff Asa, (Castleton,) father of Stephen F., Mill. 

Cluff Libbie, (Castleton,) (Mrs. Stephen F.,) dressmaker, Mill. 

Cluff Stephen F., (Castleton,) prop. Union Grist Mill, Mill. 

Cobb Nathan L., (Castleton.) merchant tailor, Union block, Main, h Elm. 

Coburn Elijah, (Castleton,) r 17, millwright.

Cody Michael, (Hydeville,) slate sawyer.

Coffey John, (Castleton,) r 16, works for Michael.

Coffee Michael, (Castleton,) prop. boat house on Lake Bomoseen and farmer 4.

*COLE DAVID D., (Castleton,) manager of Carlos S. Sherman's dry goods store, Main.

Cole Martin D., (Castleton,) cashier National bank, Main. 

Collins Timothy, (Castleton,) r 38, track hand. 

Connor Terry, (W. Castleton,) r 3, farmer 50.

Cook Clarence E., (Hydeville,) (H. E. Cook & Son,) h Main. 

Cook E. A. Mrs., (Castleton,) millinery and fancy goods, Main. 

Cook Henry E., (Hydeville,) (H. E. Cook & Son,) h Main.

Cook H. E. & Son, (Hydeville,) (Henry E. and Clarence E.,) general merchants, Depot.

Cook Morris H., (Castleton,) attorney and counsellor at law, master in chancery, Union block, Main, 8 acres and house and lot in Danby. 

Copeland Josephine Mrs., (W. Castleton,) r 2, widow Robert M., farmer 25. 

Corey Leroy, (Castleton,) r 28, marble rubber. 

Cotter Michael, (Castleton,) track hand, Main. 

Cotter Patrick, (Hydeville,) r 21, slate packer. 

Couch Willard, (Castleton,) r 30, farmer 110, leases of Rebecca Couch, 90. 

Coulman James, (W. Castleton,) r 3, manufacturer of marbleized slate goods. 

Cowley John, (Castleton,) r 37, farmer 62.

Crane Patrick, (Castleton,) baggage master D. & H. depot, near South. 

Cregan Thomas, (Castleton,) r 34, farmer 112.

Culver F. Carroll, (Hydeville,) deputy postmaster and clerk of Russell House. 

Culver John, (Hydeville,) laborer, Main.

Cummings James, (Castleton,) dry goods clerk, Main.

Cummings John, (Hydeville,) r 21, brick mason.

Currier John M., (Castleton,) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

CURTISS ANSON R., (Hydeville,) r 25, carpenter and joiner, millwright, and manager of farm for Mrs. Chapman, Main. 


Daniels Joseph, (Castleton,) r 18, laborer, h and 1. 

Davis John W., (Hydeville,) r 23, slate maker. 

Delehanty James, (Hydeville,) (Downs & Delehanty.) 

Dempsey Michael, (Castleton,) r 28, marble sawyer. 

Denno Joseph, (Castleton,) r 11, laborer.

Dewey Marcus B., (Castleton,) grocery clerk, Seminary. 

Dolan John, (Castleton,) r 6, quarryman.

Dolan Thomas, (Castleton,) r 28, stone cutter. 

Donnelly James, (Castleton,) laborer.

Donohue Nicholas, (Castleton,) r 6, laborer.

Doolan John, (Castleton,) jour. blacksmith, Elm. 

Doolan Morris, (Castleton,) laborer, Elm.

Doran Edward, (Castleton,) r 22, marble sawyer. 

Downs Gilbert, (Hydeville,) r 22, laborer.

Downs John E., (Hydeville,) stone cutter.

Downs Patrick H., (Hydeville,) (Downs & Delehanty.) 

Downs Thomas F., (Hydeville,) stone cutter.

Downs & Delehanty, (Hydeville,) (Patrick H. Downs and James Delehanty,) manufs. of slate mantels.

Drake Charles A., (Castleton,) custom shoemaker, Poultney.

DRAKE LUCY L. MRS., (Hydeville,) widow of Albert P., homestead, 17 acres, Main cor. Depot.

Drake Salmon, (Castleton,) r 41, resident.

Drake William, (Castleton,) r 18, farmer 73.

DUFFEY DENNIS T., (Castleton,) r 6, carpenter and joiner. 

Duffey James, Castleton,) r 6, farmer 36.

Duffney John, Castleton,) r 6, coal burner.

Dunn Patrick, (Castleton,) r 26, farmer 161.

Dunn Thomas, (Castleton,) r 26, son of Patrick.

Durham James,. (Castleton,) sexton and gardener, Elm. 

Durivage Peter, (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 110.

Dutton Joseph S., (Castleton,) veterinary surgeon, blacksmithing and carriage ironing, Elm, h do.

Dwyer Patrick, (Castleton,) near r 12, farmer 90.


Eastman John, (Castleton,) grocery clerk, Main.

Ellery Elizabeth F. Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of Commodore Frank Ellery, U. S. N., South.

Ellery Frank, (Castleton,) has been 14 years in the navy, h Main.

*ELLIS HORACE B., (Castleton,) proprietor of Bomoseen House and livery, Main.

Evenes Moses, (Castleton,) r 43, quarryman and farmer 10. 

Everson James, (Castleton,) real estate dealer, Main. 


Farr Burton, (Castleton,) r 28, marble turner. 

Fennel Daniel W. P., (Castleton,) track master, Main. 

Fennel Luke, (Castleton,) track hand, near Seminary. 

Fender Luther, (Castleton,) section foreman, near South. 

Field James, (Hydeville,) (Field & Co.)

FIELD SENECA, (Hydeville,) r 43, farmer 344.

Field & Co., (Hydeville,) (James Field,) manufs. of marble and marbleized and plain slate, Main.

FISH DANIEL, (Castleton,) r 29, breeder of merino sheep and farmer 140.

Fitzgerald Michael, (West Castleton,) owns farm 60 in Benson, r 51 1/2.

Fitzpatrick Peter, (West Castleton,) r 3, farmer.

Flanagan Dennis, (Castleton,) r 31, with Michael.

Flanagan Michael & Son, (Castleton,) (Dennis,) r 31, farmers 90. 

Fox Daniel W., (Castleton,) mason, Main.

Fox Thomas, (West Castleton,) blacksmith.

Fox Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 19, h and 10 acres.

Freeman Eugene, (Hydeville,) r 25, marble trimmer.

FREEMAN JAMES T., (Hydeville,) contractor for sawing marble for Sherman & Gleason, Depot, and farmer 160. 

Freeman Julius, (Hydeville,) r 22, laborer.

French Ezra W., (Castleton,) r 39, carpenter and farmer 30.

Fulton Oscar E., (Castleton,) r 25, carpenter and farmer 150. 


Gaines Edgar, (Castleton,) r 44, quarryman and teamster. 

GAINES JOSEPH H., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 50.

Gaines Sarah Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of James, r 12, h and 2 acres. 

Giddings Amos E., (Castleton,) r 39, works for J. S. Benedict.

Giddings Jeremiah P., (Castleton,) farmer, leases of Silas Giddings, of Hubbardton, 200.

Gilbert Mary Mrs., (Castleton.)

Gleason Edward, (Hydeville,) r 19, laborer, owns 3 acres.

Gleason Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 21, h and 1. 

Gleason Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 22, marble sawyer. 

Goodwin Frank, (Castleton,) r 4, fisherman.

Goodwin Stephen S., (Castleton,) r 5, farmer 158.

GOODWIN THERON D., (Castleton,) r 4, cor. 5, farmer 130, of which 52 is in Hubbardton; keeps boats to let.

Gorham Augustus, (Castleton,) r 25, blacksmith and moulder. 

Gorham Lucia A. Mrs., (Castleton,) r 12, resident. 

Gorham Spencer, (Castleton,) r 35, farmer 200. 

Gould Charles, (Castleton,) r 16, laborer.

Grace Patrick, (Castleton,) r 13, farmer leases of Jere Mulvey, of Fort Edward, N. Y., 220.

Grady Jerry, (Castleton,) laborer, Elm.

Graham George W., (Castleton,) r 15, son of John, farmer.

Graham John, (Castleton,) r 15, dairy 20 cows, farmer leases of Carlos S. Sherman, 265.

Granger George H., (Hydeville,) (Granger & Hayward,) res. Fair Haven. 

Granger & Hayward, (Hydeville,) (George H. Granger, and Eleazer Hayward,) lessees of Hydeville grist-mill.

Graves Benjamin F., (Hydeville,) 25, manuf. of agricultural implements, factory at Hydeville, owns 38 acres.

Griswold Aaron H., (Castleton,) near r 24, (A. H. Griswold & Son.) 

Griswold A. H. & Son, (Castleton,) (Charles H.,) near r 24, breeders of full blood registered merino sheep and farmers 300.

Griswold Charles H., (Castleton,) (A. H. Griswold & Son.)

Griswold Cullen J., (Castleton,) r 13, breeder of merino sheep, wool grower, farmer 180.

GRISWOLD FRANKLIN, (Castleton,) (Griswold & Waters,) North. 

Griswold Harvey T., (Castleton,) on pent road between 17 and 18, breeder of merino sheep and farmer 250, and 175 in Hubbardton.

Griswold Phillip, (Castleton,) deputy sheriff, South.

Griswold Thos. B., (Castleton,) r 18, farmer leases of Phillip D. 

Griswold, 12 5. Griswold & Waters, (Castleton,) (Franklin Griswold, Hiram Waters,) carriage, wagon and sleigh makers, Elm.

Guernsey William C. (Castleton,) dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots and shoes, &c., Main.


Hackett Thomas, (Castleton,) track hand, South.

HALL BENJAMIN P., (Castleton,) r 18, florist, gardener and grower of plants, and garden and flower seeds, 41, and leases 4 of Mrs. Rebecca Jackman.

Hanley Thomas, (Castleton,) r 30, farmer 4.

Harris Edward, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer leases of Meribah Northrop, 54. 

Harris Patrick, (Hydeville,) r 25, laborer.

Harrington Julia C., (Castleton,) Widow J. A., South.

Harrington Moses I., (Castleton.) law student, residence South. 

Harrison George, (Hydeville,) r 21, trapper and hunter. 

Harrison Honora Miss, (Castleton,) dressmaker, Main. 

Harrison Sarah Miss, (Castleton,) dressmaker, Main.

Hartwell Oramel, (Castleton,) makes furniture for Adams & Co., and carpenter and joiner.

Hathaway Adelbert, (Hydeville,) r 24, quarry blacksmith. 

Hathorn S. L., (Castleton,) r 26, slater.

*HAWKINS CASSIUS M., (Hydeville,) prop. of Russell House and Livery, Main.

Hawkins Henry G. (Castleton,) carpenter and joiner, Mill. 

Hawkins Marcus, (Castleton,) r 39, laborer.

Hayes Cornelius, (Hydeville,) r 19, quarry contractor and farmer 50. 

Hayes James, (Hydeville,) r 20, invalid.

Hayes Owen, (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman.

HAYWARD ELEAZER, (Hydeville,) (Granger & Hayward.)

Hazard Sameul L., (West Castleton,) r 3, town representative and selectman, and a stockholder in Lake Shore Slate Co.

HAZARD SAMUEL L., JR., (West Castleton,) r 3, justice of the peace, postmaster, treasurer of Lake Shore Slate Co., district clerk, and highway inspector.

HEATH FORDYCE S., (Hydeville,) r 18, boatbuilder and farmer 18.

HEATH JOHN, (Hydeville,) r 22, marble sawyer.

HIGLEY ALFRED E., (Castleton,) breeder of Jersey and Durham cattle, Berkshire hogs, full blood Plymouth Rock fowls and Sicilian sheep, and farmer 135, Main.

Hinds Michael, (Castleton,) track hand, Mill.

Hoadley Helen Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of Alvin, Main.

Hoit Albert M., (Castleton,) r 15, Custom-house officer, at Whitehall. 

Hoit Delia E., (Castleton,) r 15, (with Sarah M.,). farmer 30. 

Hoit Sarah M., (Castleton,) r 15, (with Delia E.,) farmer 30. 

HOIT, see also, HOYT.

Holland Dennis, (Castleton,) r 30, a disabled soldier.

Hooker Edward T. Rev., (Castleton,) pastor Congregational church, Elm. 

HOOKER TRUMAN N., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 180.

Horr Hiram, (Castleton,) retired farmer, South. 

Houly Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 22, marble sawyer.

Howe Henry H., (Castleton,) 3d assistant teacher at Normal school, Main. 

HOWE JOHN, (Castleton,) attorney and counselor at law, insurance agent, surveyor, State's attorney for the county of Rutland, and town clerk, office and residence, Main.

Hoy Henry, (Hydeville,) general blacksmithing. 

Hoyt Rollin, (Castleton,) laborer, Main.

HOYT, see also, HOIT.

Hughes ____ Mrs., (West Castleton,) r 19, widow of Evan, farmer 40. 

Hughes John, (Hydeville,) r 23, slate maker, h and 1. 

Hughes John E., (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman. 

Hughes William F., (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman. 

Hughes Winnefred Mrs., (Hydeville,) r 22, farmer 10. 

Hulburt Seymour, (Castleton,) r 13, laborer. 

Hunter George, (Castleton,) r 11, cor. 10, laborer. 

Huntoon Edwin T.. (Castleton,) r 28, carpenter and joiner and farmer. 

HURLBURT RUFUS, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer, leases of Albert Rawson, of Granville, and Mrs. Emerette Ellenwood, of Castleton, 220. 

Hyde A. W., estate, (Hydeville,)

Hyde Pitt W., (Hydeville,) r 25, marble dealer, Main st., Hydeville.

HYDE RUSSELL W., (Hydeville,) agent for Schagticoke Powder Co., dealer in lime and cement, and postmaster, and owns house and lot, 20 Main. 

Hynes Michael, (Castleton,) track hand, mill. 


Ingleson Charles, (Hydeville,) r 21, quarryman.


JACKMAN REBECCA A., (Castleton,) widow Moses, owns farm 30, Main. 

Jackson Eben, (Castleton,) r 4, wood chopper. 

Jackson Norman, (Castleton,) r 4, wood chopper. 

James John, (Castleton) r 4 wood chopper.

Jeffrey David, (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman. 

Jewitt Flora A. Miss, (Castleton,) Main.

Johnson Albert I., (Hydeville,) r 43, farmer, leases of Seneca Stevens, 344.

Johnson Bros., (Castleton) r 4, (Endearing & Daniel,) farmers, lease Johnson estate, 450.

Johnson Daniel, (Castleton,) r 4, (Johnson Bros.,) lister.

Johnson Endearing, (Castleton,) r 4, (Johnson Bros.)

Jones Carlton, (Castleton,) r 17, carpenter and joiner and farmer 30. 

Jones Fred C., (Hydeville,) quarryman, Main. 

Jones Griffith J., (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman.

JONES JOHN J., (Castleton,) r 36, (Jones & Brien,) (Blue Slate Co.,) (Royal Purple Slate Co.,) and farmer 170. 

Jones Lee H., (Castleton,) r 41, farmer 75.

Jones Owen, (Hydeville,) slate maker, School.

Jones Owes, (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman and farmer 14.

Jones & Brien,) (Hydeville,). (John J. J., and Edwin A. B.,) manufs. and dealers in purple, unfading green, sea green and red roofing slate.

Juckett Michael, (East Hubbardton,) r 8, farmer 22 1/2 in Hubbardton. 

Judkins Caleb M., (Castleton,) contract quarrying slate for Samuel L. Hazard at West Castleton, South.


Keenan James, (Hydeville,) r 21, quarryman.

Keith Thomas, (Castleton,) r 29, blacksmith.

Kelley John, (Hydeville,) r 20, quarryman, 3 acres. 

Kelley William, (Hydeville,) r 21, h and 1.

Kennedy Thomas, (Castleton,) laborer, Elm.

Kent James, (Hydeville,) r 20, slate and marble polisher. 

Kerney James, (Castleton,) gardener, Main.

KIDDER ALBERT A., (Castleton,) groceries and provisions, Main, h do.; owns farm on r 7, in Benson, 150.

Kidder - Mrs., (Hydeville,) widow of Jonathan, F., Main. 

Kinney Aaron, (Castleton,) r 11, laborer.

Kinsey Adoring, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer leases of A. N. Barker, 15.

KINNEY BURTON C., (Castleton,) r 8, photographer and dealer in views. 

Kisney Chittenden, (Castleton,) r 8, farmer, leases of Charles E. Ransom. 

Kisney Martin, (Hydeville,) r 22, milk peddler, 2 acres.

Knapen Daniel M., (Castleton,) retired Universalist minister, now engaged in mathematical investigation, South.

Knapp William, (Castleton,) Cooper, Main.


Laden Thomas, (Castleton,) r 17, farmer 96.

Lake Albert N., (Castleton,) farmer and runs a threshing machine, Main. 

Lake Daniel H. (Castleton,) farmer, Main.

Lake Shore Slate Company, (West Castleton,) Martin C. Rice, of Benson, prest.; Samuel L. Hazard, Jr., treasurer; quarriers and manufs. of all kinds of slate goods, general merchants and farmers 600. 

LANGDON JOHN H., (Castleton,) Wholesale flour dealer, Main. 

Langdon John J., (Castleton,) r 29, son of Selah H., farmer. 

Langdon Marcus, (Castleton,) resident, Main.

Langdon Selah Hart, (Castleton,) r 29, farmer 120. 

Langdon William C., (Castleton,) resident, Main. 

Lanigan Cornelius, (Hydeville.)

Larkins Willie, (Castleton,) r 13, track hand.

*LEAVENWORTH ABEL E., (Castleton,) principal and proprietor of State Normal School at Castleton.

Lee John, (Castleton,) r 13, farmer 150, with John Wallace.

Lincoln Charles A., (Castleton,) r 8, farmer 1 3/4.

LINCOLN DANIEL S., (Castleton,) r 8, breeder of merino sheep, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 300.

Litchfield Nathan A., (Hydeville,) (Clifford & Litchfield,) r 25. 

Loveland Alvin, (Castleton,) shoemaker, South. Luddos Charles R., (Hydeville,) wagon maker, School. 

Lynch John, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman, owns h and 3.

Lynch Thomas, (Castleton,) r 30, farmer 120, and 50 mountain. 

Lyons William H., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer with Rufus Hurlburt. 


Mack William H., (Castleton,) clerk Bomoseen House, Main. 

Maher Michael, (Hydeville,) quarryman, Main.

Malone John, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman, owns h and 10. 

Malone Patrick, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman, owns h and lot. 

Manouge Pat., (Hydeville,) laborer, Main.

MARANVILLE LEWIS S., (Hydeville,) r 25, manuf, and dealer in cigars.

MARSH FRANK I., (Castleton,) r 29, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 140. 

Mascott Eugene, (Castleton,) custom shoemaker, Poultney.

MASCOTT FREDERICK E., (Castleton,) carriage, sign, and ornamental painter, Elm, h Main.

Mayers William, (Hydeville,) r 23, marble sawyer, h and lot. 

Mayhar John, (Hydeville,) r 25, marbleizer.

MAYNARD ULRIE, (Castleton,) Congregational minister, Seminary. 

McDERMOTT, BRIDGET, MRS., (Castleton,) r 15, widow Patrick, farmer 150.

McDonald Edward, (Castleton,) marble finisher, h Dorset. 

McDonough Edward, (Hydeville,) r 21, slate polisher. 

McDonough Michael, (Hydeville,) slate polisher. 

McDonough Miles, (Hydeville,) r 20, invalid.

McGraw Dennis, (Hydeville,) slate maker, Main. 

McGraw Pat., (Hydeville,) r 21, laborer.

McKay Edward, (Hydeville,) r 20, quarryman.

McKough Charles, (Castleton,) engineer on Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad, Elm.

McLiere, John, (Castleton,) r 28, marble finisher.

*McMAHON ELLEN MRS., (Castleton,) millinery and fancy goods, Main. 

McMullen James, (Castleton,) dry goods clerk, Main. 

Meers William, (Hydeville, r 22, marble sawyer. 

Metcalf John E. Rev., (Castleton,) M. E. minister, Main. 

Middleton Heath, (Castleton,) r 18, plow maker. 

Miller Alanson K., (Hydeville,) r 25, carpenter.

MILLER CYRRELL H., (Castleton,) r 40, carpenter and joiner, and horse trainer.

Miller John H., (Castleton,) r 40, farmer, leases of Donnelly estate, 50.

Miner James, (Castleton,) r 41, tin peddler.

Minogul John, (W. Castleton,) r 1, farmer 7.

Mitchell Thomas, (W. Castleton,) carpenter.

Moody Henry W., (Hydeville,) r 25, teamster.

Moody Horace W., (Hydeville,) r 25, quarryman. 

Moody John, (Castleton) r 18, works at West Rutland.

MOORE GEORGE W., (Castleton,) ax and hammer handle maker, Elm. 

Moore Ralph E., (Castleton,) r 15, (Moore & Parks.)

Moore & Parks, (Castleton,) r 15, (Ralph E. Moore and Joshua Parks,) wool growers, farmers 153.

Morgan James, (W. Castleton,) r 1, farmer.

Morris David, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman.

Morris Robert, (Castleton,) r 34, farmer 180.

MOULTON WILLIAM, (Castleton,) postmaster, Main.

Moulton William C., (Castleton,) r 13, farmer 30, and leases of Mariam Moulton, 60.

Muchmore Albert, (Castleton,) farm laborer, Main,

MURDOCK ALEXANDER, (Castleton,) r 16, end of 5, leases town farm about 350, owns hotel at East Poultney.

Murphy Hugh, (Castleton,) r 28, marble finisher. 

Murphy John, (Hydeville,) slate maker, School. 

Murphy Thomas, (Castleton,) r 6, farmer 100.

Murthur Patrick, (Castleton,) peddler and farmer 35, South. 


Nichols Mary Miss, (Castleton,) resides South. 

Noonan Dan, (Hydeville,) r 20, quarryman. 

Northrop Candace Miss, (Castleton,) r 13, house and lot.

Northrop Josiah N., (Castleton,) allo. physician and surgeon, drugs, medicines, groceries, stationery, &c., Main.

NORTHROP WM. H., (Castleton,) manuf. and wholesale dealer in flavoring extracts, blueing, sewing machine oil, &c., carmine, blue, black, violet and green inks, also ink extracts for making the same, dealer in patent medicines, Main.

NOYES SARAH G., (Castleton,) widow William P., Main.


O'CONNOR JAMES, (Hydeville,) r 20, carriage and wagon maker, painter and trimmer.

O'connor Torrence, (W. Castleton,) r 3, farmer 50. 

Oday Michael, (Hydeville,) r 21, slate polisher. 

Odell Caleb H., (Hydeville,) r 25, teamster. 

Odell Sidney W., (Hydeville,) r 25, teamster. 

ONeill Michael, (Castleton,) blacksmithing, Main. 


Palmer Allen, (Castleton,) r 9, farmer 75.

Palmer Allen, (Castleton,) r to, farmer 100, and 200 in Ira.

Parkhurst Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 23, farmer 75. 

Parks Joshua, (Castleton,) r 15, (Moore & Parks.)

Parsons Albert, (Castleton,) r 16, farmer, leases of Gilbert Hunt, of W. Haven. 

Parsons Alfred F., (Castleton,) r 26, (Parsons Brothers.) 

Parsons Brothers, (Castleton,) (Alfred F. and Nathan S.,) dairy 12 cows, and farmer 140.

Parsons Charles E., (Castleton,) r 16, laborer.

Parsons Franklin, (Castleton,) r 16, resident. Parsons John, (Castleton,) r 16, farmer 23.

PARSONS NATHAN S., (Castleton,) r 26, (Parsons Brothers.) 

Parsons Robert T., (Castleton,) r 16, farmer 230. 

Parsons Wallace, (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 26. 

Patterson Frank, (Castleton,) livery stable, South. 

Patterson Henry, (Castleton,) painter, South. 

Patterson William, (Castleton,) railroad hand, Main. 

Pebly Ralph, (Castleton,) r 28, marble turner.

Peck Elizabeth S., (Castleton,) r 44, widow of Henry, farmer 18. 

Peck R. S. Miss, (Castleton,) dressmaker, Elm.

Perkins Charles, (Castleton,) r 39, farmer, leases of Silas Giddings 200. 

Perry Amanda, (Castleton,) r 16, widow of William, farmer. 

Perry Elenor Mrs., (Castleton,) r 26, widow of Bears, farmer 15. 

Perry Frank, (Castleton,) r 21, plow wood worker. 

Perry Newton, (Castleton,) r 39, laborer.

Perry Porter V., (Castleton,) r 38, son of Ransom, farmer.

Perry Ransom, (Castleton,) r 38, farmer 13. 

Phillips Richard M., (Castleton,) r 26, farmer 20.

POND ASAHEL, (Castleton,) r 16, summer boarding house, on Lake
Bomoseen, farmer 100, and of timber 29.

POND HENRY A., (Castleton,) r 32, dairy 20 cows, and wool grower, farmer 330.

POND OSCAR I., (Castleton,) r 16, son of Asahel, farmer, lives with Asahel. 

Potter Bridget, (Castleton,) r 30, widow of Harrison. 

Potter Dewitt C., (Castleton,) r 12, carpenter and farmer 12 1/2. 

Potter Ethan A., (Castleton,) meat market, Main Potter Ephraim, (Castleton,) butcher.

POTTER LUMAN C., (Castleton,) r 25, farrier and farmer 11.

Potter Willie, (Castleton,) r 30, carpenter and joiner. 

Preston George L., (Castleton,) (L. W. & Son,) Main. 

Preston Lafayette W., (Castleton,) (L. W. & Son,) Main.

Preston L. W. & Son, (Castleton,) (George L.,) dealers in watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, sewing machines, spectacles, musical instruments, &c., telegraph operators, 4 Union block, Main.

Price John, (Hydeville,) r 23, son of Morgan, farmer. 

Price Morgan, (Hydeville,) r 23, butcher and farmer 25. 

Pritchard John, Castleton,) r 43, quarryman and farmer.

Pritchard John, Castleton,) r 4r, quarryman and farmer 51 and 13 in Poultney.

Pritchard Owen, (Castleton,) r 6, quarryman.

Pritchard Richard 0., (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman. 

Proctor Charles S., (Castleton,) retired, Main.

PROUTY LUTHER S., (Castleton,) r 30, blacksmith, dairy 15 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle and farmer 200. 

Purcell William, (Hydeville,) r 22, farmer 6.


Quinn Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman, h and 2 1/2 acres.


Ragan Barney, (West Castleton,) r 37 slate worker, h and 1. 

RANSOM ALBERT V., (Castleton,) r 8, dairy 25 cows, farmer 625. 

Ransom Charles E., (Castleton,) 2nd selectman, justice of peace, grand juror and farmer 800, h Main.

Rice Sarah H. Mrs., (Castleton,) farmer 175, Main.

RICE WILLIAM C., (Castleton,) drugs and stationery, milk dealer and farmer, Union block, Main.

Roach David, (Castleton,) wagon maker, owns 65 acres of timber land, Main. Roach John, (Castleton,) laborer, Elm.

Roach Patrick, (Hydeville,) r 19, quarryman, h and 1. 

ROBINSON JESSE E., (Hydeville,) r 25, teamster. 

Roberts Hugh, (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman.

Roberts Meshick, (Castleton,) r 43, quarryman and farmer 25. 

Roberts William R., (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman. 

Rounds Egbert, (Castleton,) r 30, mason.

Rourk Michael, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 15.

Ross Samuel, (Castleton,) r 44, farmer 21 and 30 in Poultney.

Rousey Theodore, (Hydeville,) r 23, blacksmithing and carriage ironing. 

Rowland William H., (Hydeville,) r 23, slate maker.

Royal Purple Slate Company, (Castleton,) (John J. Jones and Egbert H. Armstrong,) office, Castleton, quarry in Poultney.

RUMSEY CHAUNCEY S., (Castleton,) breeder of Spanish merino sheep, farmer 21 and in Hubbarton 400, h Main.

Rumsey Henry C., (Castleton,) son of Chauncey S., farmer.

*RUSSELL HOUSE, (Hydeville,) r 25, Cassius M. Hawkins, prop., Main.

Russell Marcus, (Castleton,) r 30, laborer.

Russell Willis, (Castleton,) r 31, laborer, owns h and 1. 

Ryan Catharine, (Castleton,) widow Michael, Main. 

Ryan John, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 150. 

Ryan Joseph, (West Castleton,) r 1, farmer 60.


Sanford Carlos, (Castleton,) r 39, aparian 33 hives, breeder of full blood Spanish merino sheep and farmer 62.

Sanford Franklin, (Castleton,) prop. 

Sanford House, and livery stable, Main. 

SANFORD JAMES, (Castleton,) allo. physician and surgeon, Seminary. 

Sanford House, (Castleton,) Franklin Sanford, proprietor, Main. 

SCRIBNER GEORGE W., (Castleton,) r 30, cor. 32, farmer 300. 

SCRIBNER GROVE L., (Castleton,) near r 15, farmer for Charles Slason, of W. Rutland.

Scribner William H. H., (Castleton,) r 37, farmer 70.

Shaw Archibald C., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 30, 10 timber. 

Shehan Ann Mrs., (Hydeville,) r 19, farmer h and lot. 

Shelvey Luke, (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 65. 

SHERIDAN JAMES, (Castleton,) r 12, farmer 10. 

Sheridan John, (Castleton,) r 13, farmer 17.

*SHERMAN CARLOS S., (Castleton,) (Sherman & Gleason,) president National Bank and producer of marble, general merchant, farmer 204, on r 16.

Sherman Charles, (Castleton,) r 25, carpenter.

Sherman Franklin H., (Hydeville,) r 25, quarryman. 

SHERMAN THEODORE M., (Castleton,) r 28, farmer 85. 

Sherman Theodore S., (Castleton,) (Sherman & Armstrong,) r 28.

Sherman & Armstrong, (Castleton,) (Theodore S. Sherman, Egbert H. Armstrong,) manufacturers and wholesale dealers in marble, marble works on r 8.

SHERMAN & GLEASON, (Castleton,) (Carlos S. Sherman, and Henry C. Gleason, of Shrewsbury,) marble producers, office Main.

Simonds Daniel, (Castleton,) r 18. plow maker.

Smart John, (Castleton,) custom shoemaking, Main, h Seminary. 

Smith Albert H., (Castleton,) r 26, painter. 

Smith Caroline, (Castleton,) widow Albert, Main.

Smith Darwin H., (Castleton,) r 31, dairy 13 cows, stock grower, farmer 240. 

Smith George, (Castleton,) r 29, farmer, leases of L. B. Smith, 120. 

Smith Leonard B., (Castleton, r 38, dealer in steam machinery and farmer 255. 

Smith Lydia, (Castleton,) widow Frank, Main.

Smith Sylvenas H., (Castleton,) r 12, farmer, leases of Archibald C. Shaw, 40. 

Smith Thomas P., (Castleton,) grocery, and tax collector, Main. 

Spencer George D., (Castleton,) newspaper correspondent, Main. 

Sprague Laura Mrs., (Castleton,) widow of Dr. H. W., h Main.

Spencer Levi B., (Castleton,) farmer, leases of Mrs. R. A. Jackman 200, Mill. 

*SPENCER WILLIAM H., (Castleton,) dentist, at Sanford House every Tuesday, resides Poultney.

Stanard Charles, (Castleton,) r 3, farmer 130.

*STATE NORMAL SCHOOL at Castleton, first congressional district, Abel E. Leavenworth, A. M., principal and proprietor, Seminary.

Steele Guy, (Castleton,) mason and plasterer, Main. 

Steele Samuel B., (Castleton,) farmer 317 1, Main.

STEVENS HENRY T., (Castleton,) carpenter and joiner and supt. of Vermont soap stone pencil company, Main.

Stevenson John, (Castleton,) r 26, molder.

STONE LEVI H., (Castleton,) Congregational clergyman, Main.

Streeter A. E., (Castleton,) r 9, farmer, leases of Joseph Adams estate, 225. 

Streeter Eugene, (Castleton,) r 10, farmer 2, leases of Adams estate, of Fair Haven, 200.

Streeter Hiram, (Castleton,) peddler, South.

Strong John, (Castleton,) barber, Main.

Sullivan Lott, (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman.

Sullivan James, (Hydeville,) quarryman.

Sweeney Patrick, (Castleton,) r 38, farmer 29.


TEBORDO WILLIS, (Castleton,) general blacksmithing, Main, h on r 29. 

Thibaudeau Eugene, (Castleton,) r 14, farmer 160.

THORNTON ASAHEL P., (Castleton,) r 30, breeder of Hambletonian horses, registered Spanish merino sheep, and farmer 365.

Timmony James, (Castleton,) veterinary surgeon, Poultney. 

Tomlinson, Hale, (Castleton,) r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer 145.

Toohey Martin, (W. Castleton,) r 10, slate maker and leases of W. R. Gilmore, of West Rutland, about 100.

Toohey Michael, (West Castleton,) r 19, farmer, occupies of John Winters estate, 60.

Towers Bridget, (Hydeville,) r 21, widow John, farm 5.


UPTON WILLIAM H. (Castleton,) agent for job printing and rubber stamps, Main.


Walker Wilson C. (East Hubbardton,) r 8, wool growers, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 500.

Wallace George H. Rev., (Castleton,) pastor Advent church, Main.

Wallace John, (Castleton,) r 13, farmer, with Martin S., 150.

WARD SELAH G., (Hydeville,) r 25, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, foreman marble saw mill.

Ward Willard, (Hydeville,) r 25, teamster.

Waters Hiram (Castleton) (Griswold & Waters,) Main car. South. 

Welch Michael, (Hydeville,) r 21, quarryman.

Welch Patrick, (Castleton,) r 38, track boss, owns house and 1 acre. 

Welch Pat., (Hydeville,) r 21, quarryman.

WESTOVER ROLLIN B., (Castleton,) r 26, cor. 18, prop. 

Westover House and livery stable.

WESTOVER HOUSE, (Castleton,) r 26, cor. 18, R. B. 

Westover, prop. Westover Hyde, (Castleton,) r 26, cor. 18, (with R. B.,) senior landlord of Vermont, was in war of 1812.

Wheeler Jacob, (Castleton,) r 18, 91 years old, was in the war of 1812. 

WHEELER NICHOLAS. (Castleton,) r 26, laborer, works in slate mill. 

Whitlock, Charles H., (Castleton,) r 15, farmer 85. 

White John, (Hydeville,) r 21, laborer.

Whitmore, Harry, (Castleton,) r 17, farmer, leases of Mrs. Ann Fulton, 70. 

Whitney John A., (Castleton,) r 41, farmer, leases of Chloe Parsons, 4. 

Wilkinson David, (Castleton,) butcher, Elm.

Willard Eunice Miss, (Castleton,) Seminary.

Willard George, (Castleton,) retired farmer, South. 

Willard Ursula, (Castleton,) Seminary.

Williams Asa; (Castleton,) painter, whitewasher &c., South. 

Williams Charles, (W. Castleton,) foreman Lake Shore Slate Co.

Williams Elbridge, (W. Castleton,) r 3, teamster.

WILLIAMS FRANK J., (Castleton,) r 8, farmer 300.

Williams Harriet Mrs., (Hydeville,) r 25, widow James, farmer 75, Main. 

Williams James J., (Hydeville,) r 24, quarryman. 

Williams John, Est, (W. Castleton.) r 3, farmer 100.

Williams John D., (Hydeville,) one of the proprietors of Blue Ledge Slate Co. School.

Williams John T., (Hydeville.) r 24, quarryman.

Williams Plynn E., (Castleton,) r 8, farmer 80, and leases of Mrs. Ann E. Williams, 54.

Williams Robert R., (Hydeville,) r 23, quarryman, owns h and lot.

Williams Thomas, (Hydeville,) r 21, slate planer. 

Williams William, (Hydeville,) r 21, slate sawyer.

Williams William E., (Hydeville,) r 23, cor. 43, supt. of pencil quarry. 

Willis Hiram H., (Castleton,) r 12, shoemaker and farmer 62. 

Wilson Joseph H., (Hydeville,) r 25, farmer 60, and 33 mountain.

Wiswell James, (Hydeville,) ticket and freight agent, and agent National Express company.

WISWELL JAMES H., (Hydeville,) agent Evergreen Slate quarries, and agent for the steam yacht Naomi, Depot. 

Wood Burton E., (Castleton,) r 25, farmer 55. 

Wood Caroline, (Castleton,) widow Calvin, Main. 

Woodbury Jonathan B., (Castleton,) r 30, farmer 6. 

Woodbury Wm., (Castleton,) r 12, laborer.

Woodward Charles, (Castleton,) r 41, widow E. C., farmer 2.

Wright Russel M., M. A., (Easthampton, Mass.,) prof. natural science and geometry, Williston Seminary, owns house and lot, Seminary st., spends summer vacation here.

Wyatt John, (Castleton,) r 26, lister and farmer 170.


York Henry L., (Hydeville,) r 25, painter, grainer and paper hanger.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 290-307.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004