Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


AHN PHILLIP, (Brandon,) tinsmith and plumber at Briggs Bros., h Carver.

Aikens George, (Forestdale,) journeyman blacksmith, Main.

Alden Hiram, (Brandon,) r 7, old resident has lived in town 56, and is 80 years of age, owns farm 120 and meadow 14, worked by George J. Fish. 

Alexander Hiram, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Allen Hiram, (Brandon,) laborer, h Depot.

Allen Major F., (Forestdale,) carpenter and joiner, house and lot. 

Anoe Joseph, (Forestdale,). laborer, for Newton & Thompson. 

Archambeault Isaac, (Brandon,) stone mason, h Carver. 

Archambeault Osias, (Brandon,) farm laborer, with Isaac. 

Arial Michael, (Brandon,) farm laborer, Conant Square. 

ARNOLD JAMES G., (Brandon,) r 19, farmer 1. 

Ayer Ira, (Forestdale,) r 11, is 83 years old, farmer 136. 

AYER JOHN, (Brandon,) r 2, farmer 135.

Ayer Melvin, (Forestdale,) farmer with Ira.


BACKUS CLARK W., (Brandon,) r 46 cor. 47, saw, cider, shingle and planing mill and manufacturer of grain measures, h r 32. 

BACON-FORDICE W., (Brandon,) assistant postmaster, h High. 

Bacon Lewis, (Brandon,) r 36, farmer 3 1/2.

Bacon Samuel, (Brandon,) r 55, farmer, leases 300 of H. C. Harrison.

Bailer William H., (Brandon,) painter for Howe Scale Co., at Rutland, h Pearl.

Bailey Augustus, (Brandon,) r 40 cor. 35, farmer 72.

BAKER ALMON G., (Forestdale,) is 70 years old, dry goods and groceries, farmer 5.

Baker Ambrose, (Brandon,) t 35, farm laborer.

Baker Harry, (Forestdale,) laborer, 4 Main.

Baker L. Melvin, (Forestdale,) r 14, 3d selectman, justice of peace, breeder of horses and farmer 275.

BARDY HENRY E., (Brandon,) book-keeper and senior clerk at C. H. Ross & Co.'s, h Union.

Barker George, (Brandon,) r 16 1/2, engineer at Columbian mill at Rutland, farmer 80.

Barker John C., (Brandon,) r 16l, farmer on shares for Geo. Barker, 80, and works at stone mill.

BARKER JOHN L., (Brandon,) dealer in dry goods, Park, h Carver.

Barker Lewis, (Brandon,) old resident, is now 84 years of age.

Barker Loyal R., (Brandon,) dealer in poultry, oysters, fish, and painter, h Rosseter.

Barkum Daniel, (Forestdale,) r 27, laborer.

Barlow Lewis, (Brandon,) horse doctor and farmer, 75, h Union. 

Barnard Ira, (Brandon,) r 3, farmer 100.

Barnard William, (Brandon, r 5, farmer 130, and in Leicester, Add., Co. 12. 

Barnes L. Parsons, (Brandon,) r 23, farmer 250. 

Barrows Henry, (Brandon,) printer, h R. R. 

Bartlett Adelaide Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of William, nurse, h depot.

BARTLETT FRANK P., (Brandon,) r 52, with Geo. M., dairyman, manufacturer of maple sugar, and farmer 300.

BARTLETT GEORGE M., (Brandon,) r 52, with Frank P., dairyman, manufacturer of maple sugar, and farmer 300.

Bartlett Nancy, (Brandon,) r 52, widow of Benjamin P., farmer 39. 

Bashaw Alexander, (Forestdale,) machinist at Newton & Thompson's. 

Bashaw Charles, (Brandon,) farm laborer, French. 

Bashaw Charles, (Brandon,) teamster, h Maple. 

Bashaw Francis, (Brandon,) laborer, h Barlow ave. 

Bashaw Mary, (Brandon,) nurse, h Maple.

Bashaw Usebe, (Brandon,) r 25, farmer, leases of Dr. D. W. Prime 150 acres. 

Bassett Albert,. (Forestdale,) r 26. one arm laborer, formerly soldier. 

Beadle William D., (Brandon,) r 4, farmer 90. 

Beam Alfred, (Brandon,) r ___ laborer, 1 acre. 

Beauregard Alfred, (Brandon,) r 2, laborer. 

Beauregard Peter, (Brandon,) r 36, laborer. 

Beckhorn Urbin, (Forestdale,) laborer and farmer 4.

Bedinger Henry Rev., (Brandon,) Rector of St. Thomas' Church Seminary. 

Bickford Alvin, (Forestdale,) laborer at Newton & Thompson's. 

Bickford Edwin F., (Brandon,) laborer, R. R. freight office, h Rossiter 

Bigelow Ebenezer G., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner; h Pearl. 

BIGELOW EDWARD L., (Brandon,) traveling salesman, fancy dry goods. 

Bishop Joseph M., (Brandon,) resident, h Pearl 6 acres. 

Blackbird Cammeal, (Brandon,) shoemaker, n Maple. 

BLACKMER DENISON, (Brandon,) farmer 200, h Pearl.

Blackmer Hiram E., (Brandon,) printer, at Otter Creek News office, bds Champlain.

BLACKMER HIRAM, (Brandon,) real estate owner, director First National Bank, residence, 17 Pearl.

BLACKMER WILLIAM H., (Brandon,) dealer in boots and shoes, Central. 

Blair Peter, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Blake John, (Brandon,) r 39, laborer and farmer 10.

Blanchard Austin, (Brandon,) (Blanchard & Hope,) h Champlain. 

Blanchard Della, (Brandon,) dry goods clerk, Champlain.

Blanchard & Hope, (Brandon,) (Austin B. and Peter H.) horse shoeing and general blacksmithing, Center.

Bliss Fred C., (Brandon,) clerk at Wm. G. Simonds, bds Grove.

Bliss James, (Brandon,) clerk at Clark's tobacco store, h Grove. 

Bly Lott, (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Grove. 

Boardman Turner, (Brandon,) jobber, h Rossiter.

Boland Edward J., (Brandon,) blind, no occupation, with Timothy. 

BOLAND TIMOTHY, (Brandon,) manuf. of revolving barrel churns and cooper, h Champlain.

Bondville Napoleon, (Brandon,) laborer at Sprague & Co.'s counter and stay factory.

Borey John, (Brandon,) carpenter, h Maple.

Bowen Sarah L. Mrs., (Brandon,) resident, h Champlain.

BOYNTON CHARLES S., (Brandon,) (Boynton & Manchester,) sec. Vermont Pharmaceutical Association, h Franklin.

BOYNTON & MANCHESTER, (Brandon,) (Charles S. Boynton & Frank N. Manchester,) druggists and dealers in paints, oils glass, &c., 2 Park. 

Brandon Graded School, Herbert W. Kittredge, principal Seminary Place.

BRANDON HOUSE, (Brandon,) Gardiner Bros., Proprietors, (John L.
Charles H. and James P.,) Park.

Brandon Mining Company, (Brandon,) James Havermire, President, New York City, J. C. Oram, supt., manuf. of paints and kaolin.

BRANDON NATIONAL BANK, (Brandon,) Pres. Erastus D. Thayer;
Vice-Pres., Cyrus Jennings; Cashier, Frank E. Briggs, Central. 

*BRANDON UNION The, (Brandon,) Stillman B. Ryder, editor and proprietor, published every Friday, Center.

Brassor Amos, (Brandon,) h. Maple.

Brassor Frank, (Brandon,) r 35, farm laborer.

BREED AUGUSTUS L., (Brandon,) r 54, framer leases of Joseph Noyes 100, and manuf. of maple sugar.

BRIDE HENRY W., (Brandon,) r 33 farmer leases of Stephen June, 130. 

BRIGGS CHARLES W., (Brandon,) (Briggs Bros.,) member of prudential committee of fire district, h Park.

Briggs Edward W., (Brandon,) jeweler, h Park.

BRIGGS FRANK E., (Brandon,) (Briggs Bros.) cashier at Brandon National Bank, and town treasurer, h Park.

BRIGGS GEORGE, (Brandon,) (Ormsbee & Briggs,) town clerk, h Union cor. Central.

BRIGGS HENRY D., (Brandon,) manuf. of wagons, carriages, sleighs, harness, Conant Square, h Franklin.

Briggs Louise Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Sumner, resident, Park.

Briggs Nelson, (Brandon,) r 4, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, and farmer 196.

BRIGGS SUMNER J., (Brandon,) carriage, house and sign painting, Conant Square, h Champlain.

BRIGGS BROS., (Brandon,) (Charles W. and Frank E.,) dealers in hardware, stoves and tinware, coal, &c., Central. Bright John D., (Brandon,) r 47, laborer.

Brink Truman, (Brandon,) r 7, laborer.

Brooks Joseph, (Brandon,) r 55, laborer.

Brown Dudley C., (Brandon,) Supt. of C. N. Bishop marble works on r 38, h Park.

Brown Hiram, (Brandon,) r 22, farmer in Addison county, 100. 

Brown Loyal R., (Brandon,) farmer 50, h Grove. 

Brown Mary A. Miss, (Brandon,) milliner, shop Park. 

Brown Ransford A., (Brandon,) h Grove.

Brunelle Henry E., (Brandon,) clerk at Edward D. Thayer's, h Union. 

Buckland Harmon L., r 19, farmer 96.

Buckland Hiram M., (Brandon,) r 21, farmer 189.

Buell Edward H., (Brandon,) r 33, butcher and dealer in poultry, farmer 70. 

BUMP CHARLES H., (Forestdale,) engineer at Newton & Thompson's and foreman in sawing department, and carpenter, h and 1.

Bump Christopher C., (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

Bump Hannah, widow of Emelus, dress making, h Park. 

Bump Horace, (Forestdale,) sawyer at Newton & Thompson's. 

Bump Minerva L. Mrs. (Brandon,) dress making, h Park. 

Bush Pixley, (Brandon,) farmer 5, h Champlain. 

Bush Rock, (Forestdale,) sawyer.

Buttles Hiram S., (Brandon,) restaurant, billiard room, etc., and farmer 20, Central.

Buttles Mary S., (Brandon,) resident, Prospect.

Buttles Stephen L., (Brandon,) r 25, farmer 130, leases of Minerva A. Taft. 

Button Frank R., (Brandon,) hardware, cement, phosphate, etc., Conant square.

Button William D., (Brandon,) laborer, 2 Vineyard.


Cady Alfred, (Brandon,) works at Wm. G. Simonds, h depot.

Cagle Isaac C., (Brandon,) blacksmith at Henry D. Briggs', h Barlow ave. 

Cahee James, (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Vineyard.

CAHEE JAMES L., (Brandon,) (James L. & Co.,) farmer, leases of John A. Conant 700; h Prospect.

CAHEE LEWIS J., (Brandon,) with James L. & Co., miller, h Seminary. 

CAHEE REBECCA B., (Brandon,) James L. & Co., widow of John, Jr., h Conant square.

CAHEE J. L. & CO., (Brandon,) James L. & Rebecca B., grist mill, meat market, and dealers in flour, grain, etc., Conant square. 

Cameron George, (Brandon,) laborer.

Cameron Philip, (Brandon,) R. R. track hand.

Campbell Ed Romanzo, (Brandon,) clerk at James L. Cahee & Co's, h Park. 

Campbell Geo. H., (Brandon,) r 2 farmer 45. 

Campbell Susan G., (Brandon,) r 2, widow of Jason K., resident 1. 

Capen Adeliza C., (Forestdale,) widow of John, resident.

Capen Maria A. Mrs., (Brandon,) wife of N. S., dressmaking, Seminary hill.

CAPEN NATHAN S. (Brandon;) sole proprietor of Carrotine, the Gilt Edge Butter Color, h Carver.

CAPRON CHAUNCEY, (Brandon,) r 5, farmer 166, is now 74 years old. 

CAPRON SAMUEL A., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner. 

Carr Almina, (Brandon,) r 2, resident.

CARR CARLOS AV. MAJ., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h High. 

CARR EDWIN G., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Franklin. 

CARR WARNER C., (Brandon,) carpenter, Franklin.

Carslile Misses Calista J. and Lydia A., (Brandon,) dress making, h Franklin. 

Carslile Ransom J., (Brandon,) moulder, h Franklin. 

Carson James M., (Brandon,) r 15, farmer 60. 

Cary John, (Brandon,) r 34, farmer 14. 

Casavaw John M., (Brandon, box 21,) tinsmith for Stafford & Phelps.

Case Albert B., (Brandon,) r 27, farmer 76.

CASE CHAUNCEY L., DR., (Brandon,) retired druggist, h Park. 

Casman Michael, (Brandon,) r 26, farmer 12.

Catlin Win. M., (Brandon,) general insurance agent, Simonds block, Center street, 11 Marble.

Cavins John, (Brandon,) laborer, h Champlain.

Chamberlain Leonard, (Forestdale,) r 26, farmer 12.

Chandler Frank, (Brandon,) prop. of Silver Lake House (Summer) in town of Leicester, county of Addison, and member of Silver Lake Holiness Association, and farmer 500, and mountain 2,500, on which is located Silver Lake.

Chase John, (Brandon,) painter, h Park. 

Chattelle Joseph, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

Cheney Josiah W., (Brandon,) r 31 cor 32, With Wilber B., farmer 100. 

Cheney Wilber B., (Brandon,) r 31 cor. 32, with Josiah W., farmer 100, has always lived on this farm, is now 74 years old.

Child Geo. C., teamster owns meadow 5, h and 1.

CHAPLAU ADOLPHE, (Brandon,) manuf. of wagons, carriages, sleighs, etc., Conant Square, h r 37.

Christie John, (Brandon,) prop. of foundry and manuf. of match boxes, Union.

CHURCHILL GEO. H., (Forestdale,) r 13, saw, planing and eave spout mill, manuf. of lumber, ladders, etc.

Churchill Nathan H., (Forestdale,) r 13, speculator and farmer, 1,000. 

Clark George W., (Brandon,) r -, laboror.

Clark Jane S., (Brandon,) widow of Niron, resident, h Grove, 14 acres.

Clark Zachariah, (Brandon,) dealer in tobacco and cigars, Center, h Park, farmer 35.

Clarke George, (Brandon,) r 26, farmer 3?.

Clines Patrick, (Brandon,) produce dealer, h Grove.

Coburn Elizabeth Miss, (Brandon,) dress making and millinery, Franklin. 

Coburn Harriet Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Orin, resident. 

Cole Joseph, (Brandon,) h Maple.

Collins Cornelius, (Brandon,) laborer, Railroad. 

Collins Cornelius, (Forestdale,) r 11, farmer 16. 

Collins John, (Forestdale,) r 11, farmer 56.

Collins Thomas, (Forestdale,) r 28, laborer.

Colson Charles H. (Brandon,) r 9, supt. of town fans, 150 acres.

CONANT JOHN A., (Brandon,) resident of Brandon So years, h Conant Square.

Conant Rachel F., (Brandon,) widow of Chauncey W., resident, Conant Square

CONDON JOHN, (Brandon,) truckman, h Rossiter.

Conner Sarah, (Brandon,) r 34, widow of Erastus, farmer 5 acres.

Cook Abbie F., (Brandon,) widow of Royal f., boarding house, h Champlain. 

Cook Alonzo S. Capt., (Brandon,) r 47, cor. 48, farmer 200. 

Cook Fred. A., (Brandon,) printer, bds Champlain. 

Cool Charles V., (Brandon,) manuf. boots and shoes, Center. 

Cooley James T., (Brandon,) teamster and jobber, Grove.

Copeland Henry C., (Brandon,) cashier of First National Bank of Brandon, and farmer 340, occupied by Horace Ellis, h Park. 

CRAM SARAH G. MRS., (Brandon,) tailoress, Rossiter. 

Crooks Darius A., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Union. 

Crooks Lucius H., (Brandon,) r 35, carpenter and farmer 5. 

Cross Frank, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

Cross Henry C., (Brandon,) carpenter, h Prospect. 

Cross James, (Brandon,) carpenter and farmer 60. 

Cross Peter, (Brandon,) laborer.

Cross Peter, Jr., (Brandon,) laborer.

CROSS MAN GEORGE A., (Brandon,) druggist, Center, bds Conant Square. 

Culbert Henrietta K. and Jessie F., (Brandon,) milliners, High. 

Culbert Mary, (Brandon,) widow of James, laundry, High.

Cunningham Thomas, (Brandon,) r 23, laborer.


Daggett Manning, (Brandon,) retired, h Carver.

DAILY PATRICK, (Brandon,) r 46, dairy 15 cows and farmer 100. 

Daly Michael, (Brandon,) laborer, h Prospect.

Dana Eliza A., (Brandon,) widow of Dr. Anderson G., resident, h Park cor. Marble.

Daniels Hubbard, (Brandon,) with Jane W., h Carver. 

Daniels Jane W., (Brandon,) h Carver.

Darrow Nelson, (Forestdale,) wheelwright, leases h Main. 

Dean Austin S., (Brandon,) farmer, Culver.

Dean William H., (Brandon,) r 35, dairy 20 cows, 150 grade sheep, and farmer 400.

DEGARMO JOHN, (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 150.

DeKay James C., (Forestdale,) manufacturer of wagons and sleighs. 

Delphay Edward, (Brandon,) r 48, carpenter.

Delphay John, (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 30.

Deno Henry, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

Deno Moses, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

Desordee Frederick; (Forestdale,) asst. machinist at Newton & Thompson's. 

Desordee John, (Brandon,) journeyman shoemaker, Depot.

Desordee Joseph, (Brandon,) r 34 farm laborer. 

Desotell Frank, (Brandon,) works scale works at Rutland, farmer 10, h Maple.

DesRochers Vital B., (Brandon,) custom blacksmithing, Grove. 

Dimmock Alpheus, (Brandon,) with Sylvester Moulton, farmer. 

Dixon Margaret Mrs., (Brandon,) h Carver.

Dixon Michael, (Brandon,) laborer, Carver.

Dodge Geo. F., (Brandon,) farmer 12, h Franklin.

Dodge Joel C., (Brandon,) dealer in wood, and farmer near Seminary. 

Donelly Mary Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Peter, h Rossiter.

Dow Isaac, (Brandon,) sash, blinds, doors, lumber, glass, &c., Conant Square, h Grove.

DRAPER ALBERT J. R., (Brandon,) harness maker and dealer in harness, whips, robes, &c., Center, h Carver.

Duclaw Moses, (Brandon,) laborer, Vineyard.

DuClow Catherine, (Brandon,) washerwoman, opp. Conant Square. 

Dugherty Bros., (Brandon,) r 29, (John & William,) dealers in produce and farmers 100, and in Leicester, meadow, 25.

Durant Geo., (Brandon,) runs saw-mill at Ticonderoga. N. Y., r 2, h Grove. 

Durgy Orin A., (Brandon,) cabinet maker, with H. H. Hill, h Carver. 

DURKEE SHUBAEl. C. C., (Brandon,) manufacturer and dealer in lumber, shingle, spool stock, etc., also planing and matching; petit juror and fence viewer, and farmer 100.

DUTTON JOHN, (Brandon,) carpenter, h Walnut.

Dutton Joseph P., (Forestdale,) r 9, farmer, occupies 30. 

Dutton Mehitable, (Forestdale,) r 9, farmer 30.

DYER OLIN G., (Brandon,) physician and surgeon, and U. S. pension surgeon, Franklin.


ECKLEY WILLIAM, (Brandon,) butcher and meat market, Central, h Rossiter.

Edson Elias F., (Brandon,) r 38, farmer 45.

Edson Lydia T., (Brandon,) widow Dr. M. F., h Carver. 

Eddy Norman H., (Brandon,) (N. H. Eddy & Co.,) h Park.

Eddy N. H. & Co., (Brandon,) (Norman H. Eddy, Levi Hasseltine,) dealers in boots, shoes, leather, etc., Park.

ELLIS HORACE, (Brandon,) r 5, dairy 34 cows, stock grower, breeder of fine merino sheep, registered, and farmer 340.

ELLIS WILLIAM W., (Brandon,) r 16, farmer with Anson Warner 50, and 100 in Goshen, Add. Co.

Elkins Stephen D. Rev., (Brandon,) pastor M. E. church, Franklin.

Engels John, (Brandon,) formerly merchant tailor, h Park.

ESTABROOK JOHN F., (Brandon,) chief painter at Howe scale works, at Rutland, h Grove.

Esty Elom A., (Forestdale,) r 27, laborer at paint works. 


Fales Emeline, (Brandon,) h Carver.

Farr Hiram G., (Brandon,) vice-pres. Sprague Counter and Stay Co., h Park. 

Farrington Franklin, (Brandon,) farmer 300, Pearl.

*FARRINGTON FREDERICK H., (Brandon,) breeder and dealer in merino sheep, registered, justice of peace, and farmer, 350, h Pearl. 

FAY CHARLES A., (Brandon,) farmer 105, h Park cor. Marble. 

Fenneff Austin, (Brandon,) laborer, h depot.

Ferre H. Clayton, (Brandon,) clerk and telegraph operator, C. V. R. R. depot, bds Douglass House.

Ferris Anson E., (Brandon,) laborer.

FIELD STEARNS J., (Brandon,) r 2, farmer 400 in Goshen and 62 in Brandon.

FIFIELD HIRAM M., (Brandon,) harness maker and carriage trimming shop, Conant square, h School, cor Walnut.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BRANDON, (Brandon,) Nathan T. Sprague, pres., Volney Ross, vice-pres., Henry C. Copeland, cashier, Center.

FISH CARLTON R., (Brandon,) machinist and engineer, agt Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company.

FISH GEORGE J., (Brandon,) r 7, farmer, works on shares 120, 5 acres swamp and 30 acres meadow, owned by Hiram Alden. 

Fisk James F., (Brandon,) r 19, farmer 33. 

Fitch Hiram H., (Forestdale,) r 14, carpenter, 1 acre. 

Fitzgerald Charles T., (Brandon,) painter.

Fitzgerald John, (Forestdale,) r 28, Mason.

Fletcher John G., (Brandon,) butcher for James L. Cahee & Co., h Union. 

FLINT FRANCIS W., (Brandon,) carpenter and designer, picture frames, light scroll sawing and turning, and cabinet work, Marble.

Flood Rufus C., (Brandon,) printer, bds with D. C. Hackett. 

Foley James, (Forestdale,) teamster for Newton & Thompson.

Forbes Cornele H., (Brandon) formerly of the firm of Pitts & Forbes, general insurance agent, justice of peace, and notary public, h Park. 

Forbes Freeman R., (Brandon,) resident, Park. 

FORBES ROBERT, (Brandon,) retired druggist, Park. 

FORD EMMA A., (Brandon,) resident with Sophia. Ford Orville, (Brandon,) retired mechanic, h Grove.

FORD SOPHIA B., (Brandon,) widow of Wm. W., farmer 100. 

Forest Joseph, (Forestdale,) teamster.

Forgites Charles, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

Fortier Antoine, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

Fortier Frank, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

Fortier Francis, (Forestdale,) r 9, farmer 60.

Fortier Lewis J., (Forestdale,) justice of peace, book-keeper at Newton & Thompson's turning works.

Fortier Lewis, Jr., (Forestdale,) laborer for Newton & Thompson. 

Fosbay Samuel, (Brandon,) carpenter, River.

Fosby Henry, (Forestdale,) laborer.

Fosby William H., (Forestdale,) laborer.

FREEMAN CHARLES G., (Brandon,) miller, h Conant Square. 

FRENCH ELAM, (Brandon,) r 23, wool grower and farmer 200. 

Frenier Frank, (Brandon,) carpenter, h at Forestdale. 

FULLER EMERY, (Brandon,) r 1, farmer 140. 

Fuller Frank E., (Brandon,) r 1, farmer, with Emery Fuller. 


Gadoree John, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

GARDINER CHARLES H., (Brandon,) (Gardiner Bros.) 

GARDINER JAMES P., (Brandon,) (Gardiner Bros.) 

GARDINER JOHN L. (Brandon,) (Gardiner Bros.)

GARDINER BROS., (Brandon,) (Charles H., James P. and John L.,) proprietors of Brandon House, Park.

Garron Joseph, (Brandon,) mason, h Goldspink ave. 

Garron Eugene, (Forestdale,) r 9, laborer.

Garron Michael, (Forestdale,) r 9, laborer.

Gary George, (Brandon,) laborer, Railroad.

German John B., (Brandon,) r 40, farmer 12. 

German Joseph, (Brandon,) laborer, River.

Germond DeWitt, (Brandon,) teamster, h High.

Germond James, (Brandon,) farmer in Sudbury 150, h Champlain. 

Gibbs Austin D., (Brandon,) commercial traveler, bds Douglass House. 

Gibson Alvah, (Brandon,) wood sawyer, h Depot. 

GIPSON HENRY M., (Brandon,) lumber dealer, h Seminary. 

Glynn Bridget, (Forestdale,) r 28, widow of Frank, farmer 4. 

Glynn John, (Forestdale,) r 28, laborer.

Godfrey George N., (Brandon,) hair dressing shop, Brandon house, h Carver. 

Goldspink Samuel, (Brandon,) laborer, h Goldspink ave.

GOODELL STEPHEN L., (Brandon,) dealer in marble, breeder and dealer in thoroughbred horses, and farmer 250.

Goodnough Daniel, (Brandon,) farmer 345, occupied by Willis J. Goodnough, h Park.

Goodnough Hannah G., (Brandon,) widow of Elijah, farmer 40.

Goodnough W. Judson, (Brandon,) r 43, farmer, leases of Daniel. 

Goodhough Wallace E., (Brandon,) r 55, farmer, works on shares 165 owned by Mrs. Julia E. Paine and John L. Knight.

Goodnough Willis, (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 25.

Goodrich Delano F., (Whitehall, N. Y., or Brandon,) r 55, farmer 85 and mountain 600.

Goodrich Mrs. Rachel, (Brandon,) widow of Butler A., resident, Franklin. 

Goss Charles L., (Brandon,) lawyer, town supt. of schools, h Park.

Goss Warren A., (Brandon,) deputy sheriff and farmer 500, occupied by B. Williams, h Park.

Goulait Louis, (Brandon,) journeyman shoemaker, h Depot. 

Gould Henry, (Forestdale,) laborer.

Gould Win., (Forestdale,) laborer.

Graves Julius, (Brandon,) resident, h Seminary Place.

Green Andrew, (Brandon,) r 48, laborer.

Grimes Alvin, (Brandon,) works at Howe scale shop, Rutland, h Champlain. 

Grimes Frank H., (Brandon,) painter and dry goods clerk, h Champlain. 

Griswold Elvia L., Mrs., (Brandon,) resident, Union. 

Griswold Eugene A., (Brandon,) laborer, Carver. 

Grover Samuel T., (Brandon,) teamster, h Marble. 


Haase Augustus, (Brandon,) cutter at Arthur C. Halsey's, Franklin. 

Hack Elliott N., (Brandon,) r 35, farmer with Nathan N. 

Hack Maletta L., (Brandon,) dressmaking, h Carver. 

HACK NATHAN, (Brandon,) r 35, wool grower and farmer 140. 

HACK SARDIS, (Brandon,) r 42, sheep 125, farmer 250. 

Hack Zepheniah Rich, (Brandon,) r 40, farmer 79.

*HACKETT DAVID C., (Brandon,) editor and proprietor of Otter Creek News, h Champlain.

Hall Samuel J., (Brandon,) r 21, farmer 200.

*HALSEY ARTHUR C., (Brandon,) dealer in fine clothing and gents furnishing goods, Central

Hamilton Fremont, (Brandon,) homeo. physician and surgeon, Carver. 

HAMILTON HENRY W., (Brandon,) homeo. physician and surgeon, Carver.

Harper Joseph, (Brandon,) carpenter, Carver.

Harper Joseph Jr., (Brandon,) carpenter, with Joseph.

HARRISON HENRY C., (Brandon,) att'y at law, and farmer occupies 700 acres, (Samuel W. Harrison estate,) office Park cor. Center. 

Hart Charles, (Brandon,) laborer.

Hasseltine Levi, (Brandon,) (E. H. Eddy & Co.,) physician, bds. Park. 

Hasting James, (Brandon,) dealer in horses, Conant Square. 

Hatch Alanson M., (Brandon,) r 33, farmer leases 7.

HAWKINS JOSIAH QUINCY, (Brandon,) att'y and counselor at law and pension claim agent, Central, h Franklin.

HAYDEN NELSON (Brandon) r 16 leases of Dr. Ezra Smith, farm 150 and dairy 15 cows.

Hendrickson Levi Dewitt, (Brandon,) section foreman on R. R. h Union. 

HENDRY EDWIN B. (Forestdale,) (Hendry & McGowan,) wagon maker and blacksmith, Main.

Hendry & McGowan, (Forestdale,) (Edwin B. Hendry, Elton C. McGowan,) livery, sale and feed stable, and billiard room, Main.

Hewitt Charles B., (Forestdale,) wheelwright, for Newton & Thompson. 

Hewitt Charles E., (Forestdale,) asst. foreman at Newton & Thompson's. 

Hewitt Homer, (Forestdale,) laborer, Main.

Hewitt Josie Miss, (Brandon,) millinery and fancy goods, Center.

HILL HUBBARD H., (Brandon,) cabinet making and undertaking, town overseer of poor, Franklin.

Hinds Edward, (Brandon,) r 42, prop. of Redpath Stallion, and breeder of Spanish merino sheep, and farmer 150.

Hitchcock Albert, (Forestdale,) carpenter at Newton & Thompson's. 

Hitchcock Albert E., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, and farmer in town of Leicester, 50.

Hoag Chase L., (Forestdale,) laborer, Main.

HOLBROOK CHARLES H., (Brandon,) agent Central Vt. R. R., h Franklin.

Holland Freeman, (Brandon,) painter, h Grove.

Hollaran Pat. B., (Forestdale,) r 28, resident.

Hooker Joseph C., (Brandon,) flour, grain and produce, Center, h in town of Goshen, Addison County, Vt.

Hope Peter, (Brandon,) (Blanchard & Hope,) h depot.

HOWARD ANN MRS., (Brandon,) boarding house, Grove.

Howard Jane L., (Brandon,) widow of John, resident with Mrs. Lucy Spaulding.

Howard Samuel, (Brandon,) retired blacksmith, Grove. 

Howard Thomas J., (Forestdale,) laborer.

Howard Tyler W., (Brandon,) r 27, journeyman cooper.

Howard William, (Forestdale,) r 27, laborer.

Howe Emma D., (Brandon,) widow of John Jr., resident, Park, cor. Marble. 

Howland Martin D., (Brandon,) r 40, farmer 95. 

Howland Thomas, (Brandon,) r 40, resident, 73 years old. 

Hubbard Edward H., (Brandon,) r 4, farmer, occupies 50. 

Hubbard Eliza Miss, (Brandon,) dress making, Central. 

Hudson Eliza Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Robert, h Railroad.

Hull William H., (Brandon,) r 15, wood sawing and threshing machine, and farmer, 50.

Hunt James F., (Brandon,) blacksmithing and gunsmith, Union. 

HURTUBISE PASCAL L., (Brandon,) house painting, paper hanging, glazing, etc., h Goldspink ave.

Hyatt Augusta S. Miss, (Brandon,) resident, Grove.

Hyatt Mary F. C., (Brandon,) widow of Justus, resident, Grove. 


Ives Layette L., (Brandon,) widow of Jared, resident, Seminary. 


Jackson Daniel, (Forestdale,) night watchman at Newton & Johnson's. 

Jimmery John, (Brandon,) r 27, cooper.

Johnson Benj. W. (Brandon,) r 4, farmer 75.

Johnson Moses C., (Forestdale,) r 11, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, 40. 

JOHNSON ROBERT H., (Brandon,) r 22, marble monumental works and farmer, 4.

Johnson Willard S., (Forestdale,) foreman in turning room for Newton & Thompson.

Jones Almeron, (Brandon,) r 33, laborer.

JONES CORA MRS., (Brandon,) resident, Pearl. 

June Elijah, (Brandon,) r 47, farmer 260.

June Frank S., (Brandon,) r 2, theological student (with Milton P.)

June George P., (Brandon,) r 2, farmer with Milton P. 

JUNE MILTON P., (Brandon,) r 2, farmer 210.

JUNE STEPHEN B., (Brandon,) r 33, surveyor and farmer, 130, leased by Henry W. Bride, died April 16, 1881.


Kearney John, (Brandon,) porter at Brandon House.

KEELER FRANKLIN M., (Brandon,) carpenter and builder, h Franklin. 

Keeler Silas G., (Brandon,) r 32, farmer 80. Kelley Joseph B., (Brandon,) book and music store, stationery, fancy goods, etc., news dealer, paper hangings, window shades, etc., Central, h Franklin. 

Kellogg Elijah S., (Forestdale,) sawyer at Newton & Thompson's.

Kidder Darwin W., (Brandon,) carriage maker at Henry D. Briggs', h Park. 

Kidder Royal F., (Brandon,) carriage maker at Henry D. Briggs', h Franklin. 

Kimball Geo. B., (Brandon,) expressman, bds at Douglass House. 

Kimble James, (Forestdale,) r 14, laborer, h and 1. 

Kimball Wallace W., (Forestdale,) machinist at Newton & Thompson's.

Kimball Wm., (Forestdale,) r 14, mail carrier, 82 years old, has lived in town since '23.

King Elmer M., (Brandon,) hair worker and dealer in human hair, Seminary hill.

King Ida E., Mrs., (Brandon,) wife of E. M., hair worker, Seminary hill. 

King Wallace, (Brandon,) r 22, laborer.

King Wallace D., (Brandon,) farm laborer, Grove.

Kingsley Asahel E., (Brandon,) (A. E. Kingsley & Co.,) h Carver. 

KINGSLEY FRANK B., (Brandon,) r 16, wool grower, dairy 24 cows, farmer, works on shares for N, T. Sprague 110, owns in Clarendon, farm 120.

KINGSLEY FRED. E., (Brandon,) clerk C. H. Ross & Co., boards Carver.

Kingsley A. E. & Co., (Brandon,) (A. E. Kingsley and F. W. Savery) groceries and provisions, Center.

Kinman Erastus, Jr., (Forestdale,) r 27, farmer 28.

Kinsman Carol, (Brandon,) carpenter, h High.

Kinsman George W., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 10, h Franklin.

Knapp Alfred H., (Brandon,) farmer and dealer in wood, h Carver.

Knapp James, (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Park.

KNIGHT JOHN L., (Brandon,) postmaster and farmer, h Seminary place. 

Knowlton Frank H., (Brandon,) r 3, naturalist, making a specialty of botany, ornithology, and is a taxidermist, with Julius A.

Knowlton Gardner J., r 19, brick mason, farmer, with J. A.

Knowlton Julius A., (Brandon,) r 3, farmer 50, and with Gardner J, 200. 


LaDam Ambrose, (Brandon,) r 16 1/2, farm laborer. LaDam Peter, (Brandon,) r 15, farmer 5.

Laffee Michael, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's.

LaFlam Geo. W., (Brandon,) r 5, farm laborer. 

LaFrance Abram, (Forestdale.) shoemaker. Main.

LAFRANCE EUGENE, (Brandon,) manufacturer of boots and shoes, Park, h Depot.

LaFrance Napoleon, (Forestdale,) cooper for Newton & Thompson. 

Lahee Wm., (Brandon,) retired farmer, h Grove. 

L'Heureux John B., (Brandon,) general painting, Union. 

Lamar Peter, (Brandon,) mason, h Seminary place. 

Laquire Frank, (Brandon,) laborer, h Depot.

LARABEE JOHN W., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, Carver. 

LaRock John, (Brandon,) Goldspink ave.

LaRock Lewis, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

LaRose Joseph, (Brandon,) r 35, farm laborer. 

Lassor Eli, (Brandon,) painter, h Depot.

Lassor Geo., (Brandon,) chopper, h Depot.

Lassor Solomon, (Brandon,) teamster and farmer 20, h Depot.

Lawrence Daniel, (Forestdale,) r 27, farmer, leases 20 of Geo. Green, of Rutland.

Lawrence James M., (Brandon,) r 33, horse trainer and farmer 5.

Lawrence Rodolphus, (Brandon,) r 27, farmer, leases 45 of Calvin P. Austin. 

Leonard Charles, (Pittsford,) r 56, farmer 40.

Leonard Henry L., (Brandon,) r 21, apiarian and farmer 18.

LEONARD T. ALLEN, (Brandon,) clerk at Stafford & Phelps, wheelwright and carpenter, h Barlow ave.

LEPP JOSEPH, (Brandon,) general blacksmith, horse shoer and jobber, Conant square, h Depot.

Leware Lewis, (Brandon,) laborer, h Maple.

Lewis Charles H., (Brandon,) clerk at C. H. Ross & Co.'s, h Carver. 

Lillie William, (Brandon,) r 15, carpenter and farmer 65. 

Lincoln Melina Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Ward, h Union. 

Lines Richard, (Brandon,) laborer, h Barlow ave.

LORD ALONZO E., (Brandon,) agent for Capen's Carrottine, house

Lovett George, (Forestdale,) miller at A. Wilson & Co.'s, and horse trader.

*LOWELL HARVEY O., (Brandon,) cabinet maker and dealer in sash, blinds, doors, glass, and manufacturer of picture frames, shop Union, h Goldspink ave.

Loyzell Francis, (Brandon,) r 1, dealer in poultry and eggs.

LOYZELL FRANK, (Brandon,) r 18, farmer 2, and works on shares for Elijah June 166. 

Luce Curtis O., (Brandon,) machinist and manufacturer of agricultural implements, brass foundry, etc., Center.

Lynch Timothy, (Brandon,) r 38, quarryman.

Lyons Michael, (Brandon,) laborer 1 1/2, Vineyard. 

Lyons Richard, (Brandon,) laborer, h Barlow ave.

Lyttle William, (Brandon,) R. R. section boss, h Railroad. 


MacArthur Julius E., (Brandon,) r 38, milk peddler. 

Mohan Patrick, (Brandon,) tin peddler, h depot.

MANCHESTER ARNOLD, (Brandon,) r 22, breeder of Spanish merino  sheep, farmer 200.

MANCHESTER FRANK N., (Brandon,) (Boynton & Manchester,) h Union.

MANLEY DAN P. (Brandon,) farmer 16, h High.

Manley Orlin, (Forestdale,) laborer at Newton & Thompson's.

Manley Sardis, (Brandon,) r 39, dairy 19, farmer, works on shares for N. T. Sprague 200.

Maroney, Michael, (Brandon,) laborer, h Railroad. 

Marsette John, (Brandon,) farm laborer.

Marsh Albert W., (Brandon,) r 33, farmer 70.

MARSH CLARENCE R., (Brandon,) r 16 cor. 11, raiser of fruits, dairy 18 cows, farmer 197.

MARSH ELIZA E. Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Rodney V, residence Pearl.

Martin Oliver, (Brandon,) blacksmith, h Vineyard. Martin Orson H., (Brandon,) r 7, farmer 75.

Martin Thomas, (Brandon,) r 38, laborer.

May Alonzo B., (Brandon,) painter, paper hanger, grainer, kalsominer, etc., Railroad.

Mayhew Frank, (Brandon,) r 23, teamster.

Mayhew Joseph, (Brandon,) r 15, teamster. 

Mc see MAC.

McCollam ____, (Brandon,) r 2, farmer, heir to Harry McCollam est. 

McCollam Charles B., (Brandon,) dealer in groceries, boots, shoes, meat, etc., Carver, h High.

McCollam Edward E., (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

McCollam John F., (Brandon,) printer, h High.

McCOLLAM MARY ANN, (Brandon,) widow of Harry S., farmer, McCollam estate 184, h Pearl.

McConnell Hannah Mrs., (Brandon,) r 48 cor. 55, widow of John, with heirs of John McConnell, farmer 285.

McConnell William, (Brandon,) r 48 cor. 55, with John McConnell's heirs. 

McDaniels James, (Forestdale,) r 14, laborer.

McDonald Harry, (Brandon,) r 27, jobber at Brandon Kaolin Paint works, farmer 80.

McDonough Thomas, (Brandon,) laborer, h Railroad.

McDarfy Hiram, (Brandon,) r 52, laborer. 

McGarry Barney, (Brandon,) r 38, farmer 125.

McGowan Elton C., (Forestdale,) (Hendry & McGowan,) liveryman. 

McGowan James, (Forestdale,) journeyman blacksmith. 

McKenney Wm. C., (Brandon,) house painter, h High. 

McKeon Thomas, (Brandon,) r 6, moulder and farmer. 

McLaughlin Ann Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Alexander, h Rossiter. 

McLAUGHLIN JOHN C. Rev., (Brandon,) priest of St. Mary's R. C. Church, h Carver.

McLaughlin John, (Forestdale,) r 28, laborer.

Meacham Ozro, (Brandon,) first selectman, village water commissioner, dealer in ready-made clothing, Center, h Franklin.

Mead Walcott A., (Brandon,) r 55, farmer, leases of T. B. Smith 200. 

Memo Noah, (Brandon,) r 34, farm laborer. 

Memo Peter, (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 25. 

Merriam Charles, (Brandon,) mechanic and jobber, h Grove.

MERRITT CARRIE MRS., (Brandon,) boarding-house, Conant square.

Merritt Harrison H., (Brandon,) formerly farmer, h Walnut. 

Metcalf Wm. H., (Brandon,) (Sprague Counter and Stay Co.) 

Miller John, (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Carver. 

Miner George, (Brandon,) laborer, h Barlow ave. 

Monger Alphonso, (Forestdale,) teamster for Newton & Thompson.

Monger Rollin, (Forestdale,) teamster for Newton & Thompson. 

Moore George L., (Brandon)) resident, Marble. 

Moore Stephen, (Brandon,) laborer, Culver. 

Moore Walter E., (Brandon,) clerk, C. H. Ross & Co., bds Marble. 

Morgan Judson C., (Brandon,) r 48, farmer, with Orin T. 

Morgan Orin T., (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 255. 

Morgan Royal S. (Brandon,) r 48, farmer, with Orin T. 

Morse Geo. H., (Brandon,) clerk at Frank R. Button's, Conant Square. 

Morse Joseph, (Forestdale,) (agent for J. E. Morse,) groceries, Main. 

Moulton Sylvester T., (Brandon,) farmer 80, h Park. 

Moursette Marselle, (Brandon,) farm laborer, h Camplain. 

Mullaa Patrick, (Brandon,) laborer, h Railroad. 

Murray Frank. (Brandon,) laborer.


Naylor, Peter, (Brandon,) barber, Central, h Seminary. 

Nearing Frances M. Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Zephaniah. 

Needham Joseph, (Brandon,) traveling agent, selling Safes. 

Ness Andrew, (Brandon,) laborer, h Carver.

Newton Albert S., (Brandon,) general merchandise, Central, h r 3.

Newton Alexander S., (Brandon,) (Newton & Thompson,) residence Forestdale, Main.

Newton & Thompson, (Brandon,) (Alexander S. N., Edward C. T.) manufacturers of general turned work and lumber, own timber land 2000.

NICHOLS ABIJAH H., (Brandon,) r 5, moulder at Christie's foundry, and farmer 130, and 14 meadow.

Nichols Allen C., (Brandon,) carpenter, h Prospect.

Nichols David, (Brandon,) laborer, h Champlain.

NICHOLS DAVID F., (Brandon,) moulder at Christie's foundry, with A. H. 

Nichols Lucien, (Brandon,) janitor at Brandon graded school, h Rossiter. 

Nichols Marshy, (Brandon,) r 371, resident.

Nickala Philip, (Forestdale,) yard foreman at Newton & Thompson's. 

Nicklaw Peter, (Forestdale,) sawyer at Newton & Thompson's.

Noe John J., (Brandon,) M. E. presiding elder, Burlington district, house Franklin.

Northup John P. (Brandon,) r 46, cor. 47, manuf. of soft soap, dealer in wood ashes, and farmer leases of L. P. Gee, of Clarendon, 46. Norton Ann, (Brandon,) r 35, resident.

Norton Barney, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Norton Martin, (Brandon,) laborer, Goldspink ave. 

Norton Mike, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Norton Patrick, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Norton Peter, (Brandon,) r 35 laborer.

Noxon Electa A. Miss, (Brandon,) milliner, over 3 Park. 

Noyes Lewis, (Brandon,) r 5o, farmer.

Noyes Reuben, (Brandon,) r 50, farmer 250.

Nutting John A., (Brandon,) r 54, farmer with Wm. J.

Nutting William J., (Brandon,) r 54, farmer leases of Dan K. Hall, of Pittsford, 100.


Oday Daniel, (Brandon,) r 38, laborer at quarry.

Ohara James, (Brandon,) works at scale works, Rutland, h Maple. 

O'Hearne Michael, (Brandon,) painter, with Patrick. 

O'Hearne Patrick, (Brandon,) laborer, Railroad st.

Olmstead Geo. W., (Brandon,) dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, &c., Center, h Conant Square.

Oniel John, (Brandon,) laborer at Dorset, h Culver. 

Oneil Simon, (Brandon,) laborer, h Prospect.

ORAM JOHN C., (Brandon,) r 27 cor. 28, (A. Wilson & Co.,) superintendent of Brandon Mining Company's works.

Ormsbee Charles P., (Brandon,) farmer 66, h Pearl.

ORMSBEE EBENEZER J., (Brandon,) (Ormsbee & Briggs,) trustee of state reform school at Vergennes, justice of peace, h Park.

ORMSBEE & BRIGGS, (Brandon,) (Ebenezer J. Ormsbee, George Briggs,) attorneys at law and general insurance agents, office Central.

OTTER CREEK NEWS, (Brandon,) David C. Hackett editor and proprietor, Conant square, published every Friday.


Packard David T., (Forestdale,) r 14, assistant postmaster, clerk at E. H. Packard's store, and town grand juror.

Packard Emily H., (Forestdale,) r 14, groceries and provisions.

Paine Julia E. Mrs., (Brandon,) r 55, with John L. Knight, farmer 165. 

Palmer Elwin A., (Brandon,) tailor and dyer, Conant square. 

Palmer Ester Miss, (Brandon,) milliner, Conant square. 

Palmer Levi, (Brandon,) tailor.

Parker George, (Forestdale,) laborer, leases h Main. 

Parker George R., (Brandon;) r 4, farmer 110.

PARKER JULIA A. Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Jackson V., music teacher, Seminary Place.

Parkhurst Stephen H., (Brandon,) formerly merchant, h Pearl. 

PARMELEE HECTOR A., (Brandon,) teacher, and superintendent of brick works.

Parmenter George W., (Brandon,) director First National Bank, h Park cor. Franklin.

PATCH HENRY W., (Brandon,) r 19, farmer 65.

Patch Nathan W., (Brandon,) r 47, speculator and farmer 61. 

Patch Salathiel, (Brandon,) r 19, old settler, is now 81.

PECK CHARLES W., (Brandon,) physician and surgeon, Grove. 

Perkins Frank, (Brandon,) carpenter, h Union. Perry Charles A., (Brandon,) resident, Franklin.

Perry Harrison H., (Brandon,) r 27, teamster at Brandon Mining Company's works.

Phelps Charles R., (Brandon,) (Stafford & Phelps,) h Park.

Phelps David L., (Brandon,) r 19, farmer 16, and with John W., 16 meadow. 

Phelps Frank E., (Brandon,) r 23, laborer. Phelps Jarvis M., (Brandon,) r 32, laborer.

PHELPS JOHN W., (Brandon,) r 19, farmer and with David L., creek land 16.

Phillip Peter, (Brandon,) r 35, laborer.

Pierce Frank M., (Brandon,) Sec'y Sprague Counter and Stay Co., h Conant Square.

Pierce Frederick F., (Brandon,) dentist, Simonds block, h Franklin.

Pippin Joseph, (Brandon,) teamster for James L. Cahee & Co., bds with Rebecca Cahee, Conant Square.

PITTS JOHN R., (Brandon,) clerk at C. H. Ross & Co., bds Franklin. 

Pitts Martha N. Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Charles D., h Carver. 

Plude Collis, (Forestdale,) sawyer for Newton & Thompson. 

Plude Louisa, (Brandon,) r 35, widow of Paul, resident.

PLUMLEY CHAUNCEY O., (Brandon,) r 39, wool grower, farmer 200.

Potwin John F., (Brandon,) clerk at Wm. C. Simonds, h Union. 

Powers Jacob, (Brandon,) resident, Grove.

Powers John, (Brandon,) r 38, quarryman.

Powers Thomas, (Brandon,) blind, h Railroad.

Pratt Charles N., (Brandon,) clerk at Briggs Bros. hardware store, h Prospect. 

*PRIME DAVID W., (Brandon,) (Brandon Kaoline and Paint Co.,) breeder of Spanish merino sheep, registered, and farmer 150.

PROCTOR WILLIAM E., (Brandon,) Singer Sewing Machine agent, prop. of Manley's Feather Bed Renovator, bds at Douglass House. 


Quinn John, (Forestdale,) r 27, Miller.


Randow Charles , (Brandon), laborer, h Conant Square.

Ranoule Charles, (Brandon,) laborer, h Barlow ave. 

Ready Patrick, (Brandon,) laborer, off Conant Square. 

Reed John, (Forestdale,) sawyer at Newton & Thompson's.

Rice Walter Rev., (Brandon,) pastor Congregational Church, Park. 

Rich Jonathan C., (Brandon,) r 35, cor. 40, farmer 18.

RICHARDSON THOS. A., (Brandon,) livery stable, tax collector and constable, rear Brandon House, h Carver.

Rickert Chauncey, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's. 

ROBERTS HIRAM, (Brandon,) mason, retired, h Union. 

Robinson William, (Brandon,) commercial traveler, h Park.

Rogers George T., (Forestdale,) r 9, farmer.

Rogers Jeremiah, (Forestdale,) r 9, mason and farmer 82. 

Rogers Lewis, (Brandon,) r 34, farmer, h and 1.

Rogers Lewis, (Forestdale,) r 9, farmer 45.

Rolfe Henry T., (Brandon,) harness maker, h Carver.

ROSS CHARLES H., (Brandon,) (C. H. Ross & Co.,) h Park.

ROSS C. H. & CO., (Brandon,) (Charles H. Ross, Dr. Volney Ross,) dealers in general merchandise, Park.

ROSS VOLNEY, DR., (Brandon,) (C. H. Ross & Co.,) committeeman graded school, h Franklin.

Rosseter Josiah, (Brandon,) farmer 600, h Carver, cor. Union. 

Rowe George, (Forestdale,) r 29, laborer.

Rowe George H., (Brandon,) printer, at Otter Creek News office, bds. with David C. Hackett.

Rowe James, (Brandon,) laborer, Conant Square. 

Rowe Lyman, (Brandon,) r 47, laborer.

Rowe Thomas, (Forestdale,) r 12, laborer.

Rust Charles, (Brandon,) at Briggs Bros. h Franklin.

Rust Henry, (Brandon,) agent for Howe Scale Co., h Grove.

Rust Rhoda Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Horace, resident, Franklin. 

RUTLEDGE DAVID J., (Brandon,) clerk at Douglass House. 

RUTLEDGE JOHN E., (Brandon,) prop. Douglass House, Union. 

RYDER NATHAN, (Brandon,) resident, 4 acres, h Seminary.

*RYDER STILLMAN B., (Brandon,) editor and proprietor of the Brandon Union, and job printer, h Seminary.

Ryder Wm. H. H., (Brandon,) farmer Seminary Hill.


Safford Frank, (Brandon,) engineer at Brandon House.

Sails Stephen, (Forestdale,) r 14, postmaster, engraver of marble, houses to rent.

SANDERSON FRANKLIN, (Brandon,) r 37 (Wm. B. & F.,) town lister. 

Sanderson William B., (Brandon,) (Wm. B. & F.)

Sanderson William B. & F., (Brandon,) r 37, farmers 500. 

Savery Frank W., (Brandon,) (A. E. Kingsley & Co.) h Carver.


Scanlan Dennis, (Brandon,) r 7, works at Oram Paint Works, and farmer 140. 

Scanlan Thomas, (Brandon,) r 7, with Dennis, farmer 40. 

Scofield Fred. D., (Brandon,)

Scofield Frederick G., (Brandon,) with John.

Scofield John J., (Brandon,) retired farmer, Franklin.

Scofield Mary Mrs., (Brandon, Widow of Frederick, h Union. 

Scott Elvira H., (Brandon,) widow of Charles A., resident, Union.

Scott Gerry WV., (Brandon,) harness maker, at Henry D. Briggs. h Union. 

Scott Walter F., (Brandon,) teller at Brandon National Bank, bds. Union. 

SEAGER GERMAN A., (Brandon,) r 35, (G. A. & S. E.)

Seager G. A. & S. E., (Brandon,) r 35, breeders of Spanish merino sheep registered, dairy i6 cows, and farmers 900.

Seager Samuel E., (Brandon,) r 35, (G. A. & S. E.,) justice of the peace. 

Segar Betsey A., (Brandon,) dress maker, h Carver. 

Severy George, (Forestdale,) sawyer at Newton & Thompson's. 

Severy Joseph, (Forestdale,) r 12, teacher and farmer. 

Severy Judson, (Forestdale,) farmer with William. 

Severy William, (Forestdale,) r 12, farmer 200.


Sexton David F., (Brandon,) dealer in jewelry, sewing machines, etc., Center, bds at Douglass House.

Shambo John B., (Brandon,) breeder of brown Leghorn and Hamburg fowls, carriage ironer for Henry D. Briggs, and gardener on the Chauncey Conant estate.

Shepston James, (Brandon,) r 48, mining and well digging, farmer 40. 

Shocia John P., (Brandon,) r 37, farmer 1.

SHORTSLEVE FRANK, (Brandon,) machinist and carriage painter, French. 

Shortsleve Peter, (Brandon,) laborer, h Maple.

Simes John, (Brandon,) laborer, Maple.

Simonds John J., (Brandon,) resident, Park.

SIMONDS WILLIAM C., (Brandon,) general merchandise, Simonds block, Center, h Pearl.

Slason Charles C., (Brandon,) book store, Park.

Slate Charles R., (Brandon,) custom tailor, Center.

Smalley Elenor Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Darwin A., resident, Marble. 

Smalley John A., (Forestdale,) farmer 87, h Main.

Smalley Orange, (Forestdale,) r 26, foreman at Brandon Kaolin & Paint Co.'s works, and farmer 100.

Smith Albert, (Brandon,) r 21, farmer with Don Carlos.

SMITH ALVA F., (Brandon,) dealer in general merchandise, store Conant square, h Grove.

SMITH DON CARLOS, (Brandon,) r 21, farmer 110.

SMITH EDWARD, (Brandon,) mason and brick-layer, came to this town from New York 1831, h Champlain.

SMITH EZRA A., M. D., (Brandon,) eclectic physician and surgeon, farmer 165, owns 10 houses in village, h Carver.

Smith Frederick, (Brandon,) r 21, theological student, with Don Carlos. 

Smith Joab, (Brandon,) retired farmer, h Grove. 

*SMITH LORISON, (Brandon,) liveryman, Carver. 

Smith Otis F., (Brandon,) r 34, dairyman 30, farmer 600. 

SMITH SANFORD S., (Brandon,) photographer, Park.

SMITH THERON B., (Brandon,) capitalist and farmer 224, of which 84 on r 5 leased by W. Mead.

Soulia Joseph, (Pittsford,) r 54, farmer 120.

Spaulding Lucy Mrs., (Brandon,) widow of Samuel B., 84 years old, resident, Park.

Spooner Clark, (Brandon,) r 7, farmer 200.

Spooner Fred. C., (Brandon,) clerk at Geo. A. Crossman's drug store, bds Park.

Spooner Henry C., (Brandon,) With Clark Spooner, farmer.

SPRAGUE NATHAN S., (Brandon,) prest. First National Bank; prest. 

Sprague Counter and Stay Co.; prest. American Agricultural Association; prest. Rutland County Agricultural Society; vice-prest. United States International Dairy Fair Association; prest. Vermont Dairyman's Association; farmer and land owner, h Conant Square.

SPRAGUE COUNTER AND STAY CO., (Brandon,) (Nathan S. Sprague, Hiram G. Farr, Henry C. Copeland, Frank M. Pierce,) manufacturers of boot and shoe counters and corset stays, Central.

St. Pierre D. Frank, (Brandon,) r 2, agent, Phoenix Life Insurance Co. of Hartford Ct., for Addison Co., and north part of Rutland, and farmer 7.

St. Pierre Flavius, (Brandon,) r 3, laborer.

Stafford George, (Forestdale,) r 27, farm laborer.

Stafford John S., (Brandon,) (Stafford & Phelps,) h Franklin.

Stafford & Phelps, (Brandon,) (John S. Stafford and Charles R. Phelps,) hardware, Park.

Stay Silas E., (Brandon,) harness maker for H. M. Fifield.

Stearns Davis, (Brandon,) off r 52, farmer, occupies 40. 

Steele James, (Brandon,) gardener, h Prospect.

STICKNEY SHUBAEL, (Brandon,) r 4, selectman, justice of peace, and farmer 44.

Stowell Abbie Miss, (Brandon,) dress making, h Pearl cor. Champlain. 

Strong Frederick R., (Forestdale,) 77 years old, butcher and farmer 7. 

Styles Philander, (Brandon,) r 34, cooper.

Sullivan James, (Forestdale,) r 28, laborer at paint works and farmer 35. 

SUMNER ALBERT J., (Brandon,) r 16, farmer 120. 

Sumner Henry A., (Brandon,) r 5, sheep raiser and farmer 350. 

Symond Mary Ann Mrs., (Forestdale,) resident, Main. 


Taft Minerva A., (Brandon,) resident, h Prospect. 

TENNEY HIRAM A., (Brandon,) hair dresser, Park, h Rossiter. 

Tennien Catharine, (Brandon,) h Depot.

TENNIEN JEROME, (Forestdale,) manuf. of wagons, carriages and sleighs, carts, general blacksmithing and custom work, Main.

THAYER EDWARD D., (Brandon,) dealer in dry and fancy goods, carpets, &c., and town auditor, h Conant Square.

THAYER ERASTUS D., (Brandon,) pres. Brandon National Bank, h.Conant Square.

THAYER VERNON A., (Brandon,) carriage painter at Henry D. Briggs. 

Thomas Charles J., (Brandon,) r 32, farmer, leases of Elman Jones 120. 

Thomas Chauncey, (Brandon,) traveling agent for Boston Cultivator, Seminary Hill.

THOMAS CORNELIUS A. (Brandon) has been pastor of Baptist church of Brandon 40 years, h Champlain.

Thomas Hiram, (Brandon,) r 52, farmer works on shares 100, owned by Otis Manley, of Chittenden.

Thomas Tames, (Forestdale,) teamster, Main.

Thomas James B., (Forestdale,) r 14, teamster. 

Thomas Ruel, (Forestdale,) r 14, sexton, farmer 4.

Thomas Volney M., (Brandon,) manuf. of wagons, carriages and sleighs, Union and laundry at h Carver.

Thomas Volney M. Mrs., (Brandon,) first-class laundry, Carver. 

Thompson Edward C., (Brandon,) (Newton & Thompson,) h High. 

Thornton John, (Brandon,) r 35.

Tice Franklin, (Brandon,) r 40, carpenter and farmer 39. 

Titus Freeman, (Brandon,) r 29, laborer.

Tobias Joseph J., (Brandon,). allo. physician and surgeon, Park. 

Todd George, (Brandon,) laborer, Seminary Hill. 

Tolan James, (Forestdale,) fireman at Newton & Thompson's. 

Tower Chloe B., (Brandon,) widow of Samuel, resident, Franklin.

Townsend John, (Brandon,) r 35, farmer 137 1/2. 

Trombly Abram, (Brandon, r 22, laborer.

Trombly Andrew, (Brandon,) shoemaker, Conant Square, h Champlain. 

Tully Patrick, (Brandon,) r 29, farmer 12, and laborer at ore bed. 

Tulley Tinia (Forestdale,) r 28, widow of Thomas, farmer 6.

Tuttle Amos, (Brandon,) clerk at Wm. C. Simonds, h Maple. 

Tyler Benjamin, (Forestdale,) r 14, jobber and farmer 400. 


Vail Aaron, (Brandon,) r 2, farmer 140.

VAIL JOHN H., (Brandon,) retired, Park.

Videll Frank, (Brandon,) r 53, leases farm of Royal Morgan.


Waldo Loring S., (Brandon,) formerly marble man, h Franklin.

Walker Henry & James, (Pittsford,) r 56, farmers lease 25, owned by Henry F. Lothrop, of Pittsford.

Walsh Michael S., (Forestdale,) blacksmith for Newton & Thompson. 

WARNER ANSON, (Brandon,) r i6, farmer 160. 

Warner Mott B., (Brandon,) r 4, farmer 55.

Watson Manwell, (Brandon,) stone mason, h Depot.

WEAVER GEORGE W. (Brandon,) r 2, farmer 180.

Weeks Yates, (Brandon,) retired farmer and formerly judge of Addison Co. Court, h Park.

Welch Frank H., (Brandon,) town auditor, marble works, (with Richard,) Center, h Carver.

Welch Garret, (Brandon,) r 372, resident, blind man. 

Welch John, (Brandon,) r 52, farmer 130.

Welch Michael, (Brandon,) r 37}, farmer.

Welch Ricard, (Brandon,) marble works, monuments, headstones, &c., Center, h Carver.

Welch Thomas; (Brandon,) r 37 1/2, laborer.

Westcott Charles, (Brandon,) laborer, Depot.

Wescott Elvira, Brandon,) r 40, widow of Henry J., 2 acres. 

Wescott Silias, (Brandon,) r 42, farmer 4.

Wetherbee Franklin J., (Brandon,) r 33, farmer, leases of Geo. W. Parmenter 55 acres.

WETHERBEE LUCIUS A., (Forestdale,) livery, sale and feed stables, general blacksmithing.

WETMORE ISAAC N., (Brandon,) r 28, cor. 29, dairy 20 cows, farmer, works on shares for John A. Conant 2,000 acres.

Wetmore Warren, (Brandon,) r 27, farmer, leases 30.

Whallen Patrick, (Brandon,) works at Howe Scale shops, Rutland, h Railroad. 

Wheeler Frank, (Brandon,) r 44, overseer of marble quarry.

WHEELER NELSON B., (Brandon,) r 23, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, farmer 40, on r 48, leases of N. T. Sprague 70.

Wheeler Orsemus M., (Brandon,) r 50, engineer and farmer 76. 

WHEELER WALTER P., (Brandon,) attorney and counselor at law, and notary public, solicitor of patents, office Simonds block, bds Pearl. 

White Kneeland C., (Brandon,) sealer, at Howe Scale Works, Rutland, h Pearl; and breeder of Hulddiston seven strain red game fowls.

Whitmore Emulus, (Brandon,) r 46, carpenter. 

Whitmore Cyrus R., (Brandon,) r 47, carpenter. 

Whitmore Warren, (Forestdale,) r 26, laborer.

Whitney Robert B., (Forestdale,) r 11, farm laborer.

Widner Joseph, (Brandon,) laborer, Goldspink ave.

Wier George, (Brandon,) night watchman and farmer in town of Hubbardton 140, bds Douglass House.

Wilber James, (Forestdale,) laborer.

Williams Bramon J., (Brandon,) r 15, dealer in horses, with Frank Winslow, farmer 105, and works on shares for A. Warren Goss, 370. 

Williams Oren, (Brandon,) r 38, old resident and farmer 44.

Williams Russell, (Brandon,) r 38, farmer works on shares, 44.

Williams Stephen B., (Brandon,) r 3, laborer. 

Williams Wm. Henry, (Brandon,) r 3, farmer 510. 

Willis Erastus, (Brandon,) r 40, farmer 160. 

Wilson Albert, (Forestdale,) (A. Wilson & Co.)

WILSON A. & CO., (Forestdale,) (Albert Wilson, John C. Oram,) grist and flouring mill.

Winely Peter, (Forestdale,) turner at Newton & Thompson's.

Winely Wegand, (Forestdale,) laborer at Newton & Thompson's.

Winslow Charles M., (Brandon,) breeder of Ayrshire cattle, dairy 30 cows, and prop. milk route, farmer 35, mountain lot 150, h Pearl cor. Maple. 

Winslow Frank, (Brandon,) r 48, farmer 100. 

Winslow Henry, (Brandon,) baggage express and farmer 45. 

Wood Frank J., (Brandon,) r 47, farmer 200. 

Wood Oscar, (Brandon,) (Wood & Randow,) h Conant Square.

Wood & Randow, (Brandon,) (Oscar Wood & Joseph Randow,) dealers in meat, fish and groceries.

WOODWARD ADRIAN T., (Brandon,) allo. physician and surgeon, Pearl. 

Wonder John, (Forestdale,) laborer at Oram's paint works. 

Wonder Joseph, (Forestdale,) r 8, farmer 1 acre. 

Worden Ezekiel S., (Brandon,) carpenter and joiner, h Grove. 

Wright Geo., (Brandon,) r 27, laborer at paint works. 

Wright Levi H., (Brandon,) r 29, farmer 40. 

WRIGHT WILLIAM H., (Brandon,) dentist, office, Park. 


Young Elona, (Brandon,) resident, h Grove.

Young George H., (Brandon,) teller at 1st National Bank of Brandon, bds. Conant Square.

Young Harry J., (Brandon,) miller for James L. Cahee & Co., and farmer 100, in the town of Benson.

Young Tilly, (Brandon,) teamster, for James L. Cahee, h Prospect.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 265-290.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004