Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad Station is Fairhaven, 10 miles south on Rensselaer and Rutland R. R.; Daily Stage; Port, Benson Landing, on Lake Champlain.


ADAMS ALBERT M., (Benson,) r 51, dairy 20 cows, farmer 125.

Adams John W., (Benson,) r 36, farmer 125.

Aiken James H., (Benson,) cor. r 46 and 37, lister, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100.

Arnold Milton F., (Hortonville,) r 9, farmer, son of S. A.

ARNOLD SAMUEL A., (Hortonville,) r 9, breeder of merino sheep, farmer 100.

Arnold Walter L., (Hortonville,) r 9, farmer, son of S. A.

Arnold Weston B., (Hortonville,) r 9, farmer 200. 

AUSTIN JEHIAL, (Benson,) r 17, farmer 40.


Babbit Benjamin F., (Benson,) r 26, farmer, works on shares for H. Goodrich 116.

Babbit Nelson M., (Hortonville,) r 9, farmer 250.

Barber Addie H. Miss, (Benson,) r 18, dress and cloak maker.

BARBER ALMON, (Benson,) r 51, dairy 20 cows, dealer in live stock, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sheldon Doan 300. 

Barber Charles P., (Benson,) r 2, farmer.

BARBER MOSES G., (Benson,) r 2, farmer 140.

BARBER WILLIAM C., (Benson,) r 18, farmer 114.

BARBOUR E. L., (Benson,) r 36, town grand juror, dairy 18 cows, farmer 200.

BARBOUR MUNSON, (Benson,) r 36, dairy 12 cows, farmer 160 on r 5. 

Bascom Benjamin, (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 16, farmer, lives with his son W. S. 

BASCOM WILLIAM S., (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 16, farmer 210. 

BELDEN DE WITT S. (Benson,) r 39, wool grower, farmer 140. 

Belden Joseph C., (Benson,) r 40, farmer 2. 

Belden Theron, (Dresden Station, N. Y.,) r 42, farm laborer. 

Benjamin Charles, (Benson,) r 20, farmer 40. 

Bishop Jehiel, (Benson,) r 13, farmer, leases of Mrs. Mary Potter 100. 

Bishop Stephen C., (Benson,) r 17, farmer 140. 

Bosworth Elwin, (Benson,) r 7, farmer, son of Martin.

BOSWORTH MARTIN, (Benson,) r 7, breeder of merino sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 196.

Bosworth William H., (Benson,) cor. r 7 and 11, agent for patent wagon axle cutters, the giant riding saw, and farmer 40.

BOURNE IRA, (Benson,) r 27, farmer, on shares, for Orson Bourne 121. 

Bourne Orson, (Benson,) r 27, breeder of registered sheep, farmer 121. 

Briggs Amasa, (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 35, farmer 400. 

Briggs Annie J. Miss, (Benson,) r 23, general merchandise and millinery. 

Briggs John A., (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 35, farmer, son of Amasa. 

BROWN OLIVER H. (Benson,) r 14, (Brown Brothers.) 

BROWN WILLIAM, (Benson,) r 38, farmer .

BROWN BROTHERS, (Benson,) r 14, (O. H. and Rollin, of Orwell Ad. Co.,) wool growers, dairymen, farmers 550.

Bryan Samuel, (Benson Landing,) cor. r 40 and 19, fisherman, farmer 43. 

Bump Hilon, (Benson,) r 32, carpenter, joiner and millwright, dairy 13 cows, farmer 360.

Bump Oscar H., (Benson,) r 32, carpenter and farmer.

Burke Michael, (Hortonville,) r 10, farmer leases of M. C. Rice, 105. 

Burr Edward, (Benson,) r 34, miller and sawyer.

Busteed William J., (Dresden Station, N. Y.,) r 41 1/2, captain canal boat "Sylvester Mahan."


CARTER AUGUSTA S. MISS, (Benson,) r 20, with Clara W., owns farm 180.

CARTER BYRON A., (Benson,) r 23 dealer in dry goods, groceries and hardware, farmer 50.

CARTER CLARA W., Miss, (Benson,) r 20, with Augusta S., owns farm 180.

CARTER ELIJAH, (Benson,) r 23, manufacturer of monuments, head stones, table tops, brackets, shelves, sinks and wash boards. 

Carter John S., (Benson,) r 20, farmer 86.

CARTER PERRY, (Benson,) r 36, mail agent, owns house and lot, stage Benson to Fair Haven.

Clark Pulaski J., (Benson,) r 45, farmer, son of Thomas H. 

Clark Thomas H. Sr., (Benson,) r 45, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200. 

Clark Thomas H. Jr., (Benson,) r 45, farmer.

Clark William D., (Benson,) r 44, cooper, marble cutter and farmer 25.

Coats Henry M., (Benson,) r 34, carpenter, joiner and millwright. 

COATS JAMES M., (Benson,) r 2, farm laborer at Barber's. 

Coats Robert B., (Benson,) r 6 and 4, farmer 8 acres.

Cook Lewis B., (Benson,) r 33, manufacturer of spokes, shingles and farmer 54.

COWEE FRANKLIN W., (Benson,) r 23, (Walker & C.)

CROFOOT DANIEL, (Benson,) r. 35, justice of peace, farmer 13 acres. 

Cull James, (Benson,) r 36, farmer works on shares 47 for Ezra Strong. 


Dibble Lorenzo A., (Benson,) r 23, pastor of M. E. Church.

DICKINSON ALBERT J., (Benson,) r 23, constable, overseer of poor and farmer 175.

DICKINSON ISAAC, (Benson,) r 47, 88 years old, dairy 15 cows, farmer 200.

Dickinson John, (Benson,) r 23, farmer, blacksmith.

Dickinson William C., (Benson,) r 48, farmer 133. 

Donahue Patsey, (Benson,) r 23, carriage painter.

DORSEY JAMES, (Benson,) r 22, inspector of customs, New York city. 

DOWD AARON, (Benson,) r 36, (D. & Fields).

DOWD & FIELDS, (Benson,) r 22, (Aaron D. and Edward F.,) blacksmithing and horse-shoeing.

DUCHARME LOUIS J., (Benson,) r 23 1/2, manuf. and dealer of boots and shoes.

Duit Michael, (Orwell Ad. Co.,) r 5, on shares, Munson Barber farm 160. 

Dwire Henry, (Benson,) r 23, carriage maker, journeyman. 


Elward Michael, (Benson,) r 15, farmer 3.


FAIRMAN ANGELINE, (Hortonville,) r 8, widow Henry B., resident, lives with Judson D. Goodrich.

Fairman Braman B., (Hortonville.) r 10, farm laborer.

Falkenburg Joseph, (Benson,) r 46, dealer in stock and produce, farmer 100. 

Fay Chauncey W., (Benson,) r 32, dairy 25 cows, farmer 440. 

Fay Ellsworth H., (Benson,) r 32, farmer, son of C. W. 

FAY LAVIER, (Benson,) r 32, farmer and school teacher, telegraph oper. 

FIELDS EDWARD, (Benson,) r 36, (Dowd & F.) 

Fish Augustus, (Hortonville,) r 10, farm laborer.

Fish Elijah, (Benson,) r 38, farmer, leases of Mrs. Jane E. King 200, works for M. F. King 200.

Foot Francis W., (Dresden Station, N. V.,) r 42, farmer 300. 

Fowler James, (Benson,) r 31, farmer 6.


Gates Ira, (Benson,) r 35, farmer, house and lot.

Gibbs Almon J., (Benson,) r 25, dairy 16 cows, farmer 200. 

GIBBS JONAS, (Benson,) r 23, retired farmer 7.

Gibbs Joseph A., (Benson,) r 23, carpenter and joiner and painter. 

Gleason James H., (Benson,) r 28, farmer, 82 years old.

GLEASON ROLLIN, (Benson,) r 28, dealer in fine merino registered sheep, pure blood Devon cattle, and farmer, 325.

GOODRICH CHARLES B., (Benson,) r 5, 2d selectman, farmer, 275. 

GOODRICH CHARLES S., (Benson,) r 37,  __ cows, farmer 115. 

Goodrich Hiram, (Benson,) r 26, farmer 110. 

Goodrich Judson. D., (Hortonville,) r 8, laborer. 

Grinnell M. D. Mrs., (Benson,) r 16, widow R. W., farmer 100. 

GRINNELL SENECA C., (Benson,) r 16, farmer, works for Mrs. M. D.
Grinnell, 100.

GRISWOLD JOSEPH S., (Benson,) r 35, breeder of merino sheep and Lambert and Patchen horses, farmer 400.


HALE ALLEN L., (Benson Landing,) r 19, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hardware, postmaster, proprietor of ferry from Benson Landing to Putnam, N. Y.

HALE HORACE, (Benson Landing,) r 18, farmer 50, also row-boat and sleigh builder.

Halstead Franklin G., (Benson,) r 31, farmer 119. 

Hasbrook Marvin S., (Benson,) r 40, farmer.


Hassett William H., (Benson,) r 51, farmer 75.

HAVEN REUBEN F., (Hortonville,) r 28, cooper and farmer 67. 

Haven Otis, (Benson,) r 26 farmer 30.

HIER WILLIAM G., (Benson,) r 7, farm laborer and sawyer.

Higgins Alphonso, (Benson,) r 23, mail agent Benson to Benson Landing, farmer.

Higgins Francis, (Benson,) r 40, dairy 12 cows, farmer 270.

HIGGINS JAMES, (Benson,) r 16, retired farmer, wood lot 6 acres. 

HIGGINS WILLIAM O., (Benson,) r 20, dairy 10 cows, farmer 175. 

HILL JOHN B., (Dresden Station, Washington county, N. Y.,) r 411, fisherman, farmer 50 and leases of A. Gibbs of Whitehall, N. Y., 250. 

Howard Anna M., (Benson,) r 15, widow of E. S., farmer 350.

HOWARD EDWARD S., (Benson,) cor. r 9 and r 2, dairy 23 cows, farmer 256 and woodland 250.

HOWARD HENRY S., (Benson,) r 36, (H. & Reed,) first selectman. 

HOWARD JOHN M., (Benson,) r 26, dairy 16 cows, and wool grower, farmer, works on shares for J. J. Howard 230.

Howard Junius J., (Benson,) r 26, farmer 230.

HOWARD & REED, (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 22, (Henry S. H. &Frederick L. R.,) dealers in stoves, tin, wooden, glass, Japan and hollow wares, and agricultural tools of all kinds; agent for Wood's mowers and Yankee horse rakes, wheel harrow and automatic lamp.

Hulburt Pomeroy K., (Hortonville,) r 10, farmer 90.

HULETT HARVEY, (Dresden Station, N. Y.,) r 43, carpenter, shoemaker and farmer, 160.

Hunt John D., (Benson,) r 26, farmer 80.

HUNTER ELLSWORTH M., (Benson,) r 28, agent for all kinds of newspapers and job printing, farmer.

Hunter Mahlon A., (Benson,) r. 34, farmer leases of F. W. Walkey, 140. 

HUSBROOK ZEBINA D., (Benson,) r 40, breeder of fine registered merino sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 250.



JAKWAY LEMUEL W., (Benson,) r 41 1/2, breeder of fine merino sheep, breeder of blooded horses, farmer 300.

Jakway Thomas G., (Benson,) r 41 1/2, farmer, son of L. W.

JOHNSON FRANCIS W., (Hortonville,) r 10, cider mill stave factory, shingle maker, farmer 80.

JONES HENRY R., (Benson,) r 23, ally. physician and surgeon and farmer 20.


Kelley Matthew M., (Benson,) r 2, farmer works on shares for Mrs. Deborah C. Benson, of Orwell, 130.

Kellogg L. Howard, (Benson,) cor. r 22 and 36, justice of peace, town clerk, farmer 170, 30 of mountain land.

KING CHARLES M., (Benson,) r 46, wool grower, farmer 200, and works upon shares for M. F. King, 300.

KING DAVID D., (Benson,) r 46, wool grower, farmer 165.

KING. HENRY, (Benson,) r 18, dairy i6 cows, farmer 250.

KING JOSEPH D., (Benson,) r 39, breeder of merino sheep, and farmer 240.

King Mosley F., (Benson,) r 46, farmer 500 acres.

King Plimmon S., (Benson,) r 46, farmer, son of M. F.

KING ROYAL C., (Benson,) r 16, house painter and kalsominer. 

KING ROYAL D., HON. (Benson,) r 47, State Senator, farmer 170.

KING WILLIAM S., (Benson,) r 15, farmer leases of Anna M. Howard, 350.

Knapp Herman E., (Benson,) r 22, general teaming and works 150 for Horace Knapp.

Knapp Horace, (Benson,) r 23, age 80 years, farmer 150.


Ladd Kendall G., (Benson Landing,) r 18, farmer 200. 

Ladd Nelson G., (Benson,) r 22, farm laborer.

LADD TRYPHENA, (Benson Landing,) r 18, widow P. G. Ladd, farmer 200.

Ladd Woodward N., (Benson,) r 24, manuf. of Ladd's celebrated Union Salve, farmer 200.

Lavery Patrick, (Benson,) r 15, farmer, works upon shares for F. W. Walker 275

Lavery Richard, (Orwell, Addison Co.,) r 1, farmer leases of F. W. Walker 300.

LEE EUGENE S., (Benson,) r 40, farmer.

Lee Noah F., (Benson,) r 40, dairy 25 cows, farmer 260. 

Leonard John, (Benson,) r 29, dairy 23 cows, farmer 212. 

Lewis George H., (Putnam Station, N. Y.,) r 18, farmer 50. 

LEWIS HORACE S., (Benson Landing) r 18 1/2, farmer 40.

Lewis James C (Benson Landing,) r 18 1/2. farmer 14 and 40 wood land. 

LITTLE HENRY R., (Benson,) r 20, farmer 100.

Lyon George G. Rev., (Benson,) r 23, pastor of Congregational Church. 


Mahna Charles H., (Benson,) r 21, carpenter, and farmer 116. 

Manley Horace A., (Benson,) r 18, farmer 100.

MANLEY ROXCENETH, (Benson,) r 18, widow of A. D., farmer 45. 

MARTIN MADISON M., (Benson Landing,) r 40, wool grower, farmer 180. 

Martin Peter, (Orwell, Addison Co.,) r 6, farmer 15 acres.

*MARTIN ORSON C., (Benson,) r 40, breeder of fine registered merino sheep, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, farmer 200.

May Frederick, (Benson,) r 51, farmer 300.

McAllaster Albert H., (Benson,) r 18, dealer in horses, cattle, sheep and wool, and farmer 110.

McDONALD EUGENE, (Benson,) r 26, lime burner, manuf. of quicklime, and farmer 150.

McGUIRE JAMES, (Benson,) r 23, harness maker and carriage trimmer, leader of Orchestra band.

McLaughlin William, (Benson,) cor. r 5 and 13, farmer 9.

Meacham Fred. E., (Benson,) cor. r 46 and 37, farm laborer. 

Meacham Pulaski, (Benson,) r 17, blacksmith and farmer 30. 

Morse George E., (Benson,) r 36, jour. carriage maker.

Morse Ira E., (Benson,) r 7, saw mill, manuf, of lumber, shingles, lath and farmer 97.

Moss George B., (Benson,) r 32, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 8. 

Munger Frank, (Benson,) r 2, carpenter.

Myers John B., (Dresden Station, N. Y.,) r 42, farmer 160. 


Naramore Chauncey A., (Benson,) r 23, tin peddler.

NEWTON JOSEPH P., (Benson,) r 23, alto. physician and surgeon. 

Nickerson William T., (Benson,) r 5, farmer 85, and leases of S. Howe of Iowa City, __ acres.

NOBLE LOREN S., (Benson,) r 47, dairy 12 cows, farmer 106, 16 of wood land.

NORTON C. S. MRS., (Benson,) r 47, widow, daughter of Isaac Dickinson. 

NORTON ELIAS, (Benson,) r 12, dairy 9 cows, farmer 95. 

Norton George P., (Benson,) r 12, farmer, works upon shares for A. J. Dickinson, 120.

Norton Samuel K., (Benson,) r 20, farmer leases of Augusta S. and Clara W. Carter, 180.


O'DONALD NELSON, (Benson,) cor. r 34 and 33, grist mill, and saw mill, cider mill, planing mill and farmer 44.

Olmsted William D., (Benson,) r 22, retired farmer house and lot, 82 ys. of age, 

ORKINS ANSON A., (Hortonville,) r 10, wheelright, teacher of music, leader of string band, manuf. of mittens, farmer 36. 

Osgood David L., (Benson,) r 16, farmer.


Pattison Morton, (Benton,) r 39, farmer.

Pattison Robert H., (Benson,) r 39, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 130. 

PECK. John F., (Benson,) r 48, farm laborer for R. Sherwood. 

Pender Edwin, (Benson,) r 5, farmer 150.

Perkins Adin M., (Benson,) cor. r 52 and 49, dairy 28 cows, farmer leases of Amasa Briggs, 400.

Perry Calvin, (Benson,) r 20 farmer.

Perry Calvin O., (Hortonville,) r 8, farm laborer.

Pierce Amos, (Benson,) r 39, farm laborer.

Pitts Aaron L., (Benson,) r 46, ins. agent and dealer in fruit trees.

Pitts William S., (Benson,) r 46, farm laborer.

Potter Eugene, (Benson,) r 23, farmer 100.

Potter Mary Mrs., (Benson,) r 13, widow of David, farmer 100. 

Potter Ralph, (Benson,) r 13, farmer 200.

Pratt Sylvester, (Benson,) r 40, farmer 1 1/2.

Proctor Lawrence N., (Benson,) r 47, dealer in live stock, butcher, dairy 18 cows, farmer 150.


Rabitau Anthony, (Benson,) r 7, farm laborer.

RANSOM WILLIAM A., (Benson,) r 24, attorney-at-law, and farmer 120. 

REED EDWIN R., (Benson,) r 23, postmaster, harness maker, and agent for all kinds of periodicals, books and papers.

REED FREDERICK L., (Benson,) r 23, (Howard & R.) 

Reed Jonas, (Benson,) r 23, proprietor of Union Hotel.

RICE MARTIN C., (Hortonville,) r 8, agent Vermont Fire Insurance Co., town agent; First Assistant Judge County Court; farmer 564, also 400 in Hubbardton, and 350 in New Haven, and 350 in Orwell, Ad. Co.

Root Amos N., (Benson,) r 51, carpenter and joiner, son of Stephen. 

ROOT GEORGE, (Benson,) r 33, farmer 200. 

Root Henry S., (Hortonville,) r 10, farmer 140. 

Root Jasper R., (Benson,) r 51, (son of Stephen,) farmer. 

ROOT STEPHEN, (Benson,) r 51, dairy 25 cows, farmer 400. 


Sears George, (Benson,) r 50, (son of John,) farmer.

Sears John, (Benson,) r 50, dairy 20 cows, farmer 200. 

Shea Edmond, (Benson,) r 7, farmer 150.

Sherman Albert G., (Benson,) r 23, blacksmith, farmer 4.

Sherwood Reuben, (Benson,) r 48, dairy 15 cows, farmer 136. 

Sird Dennis, (Benson,) r 7, wagon maker and blacksmith. 

Skeels Samuel K., (Hortonville,) r 10, farmer 15. 

Skeels William N., (Benson,) r 5, farmer 51.

SLEIGHT ALEXANDER, (Benson,) r 44, dairy g cows, farmer 100. 

SMITH ELLIOTT E., (Hortonville,) r 11, carpenter, joiner and builder, and farmer 28.

Smith Sidney E., (Benson,) r 41 1/2, farm laborer.

Southworth Henry M., (Benson,) r 22, agent for Mutual Ins. Co. of Windsor Co., and marble dealer.

Southworth Julia A. Miss, (Benson,) r 22, dress and cloak maker.

STACY, JULIUS L., (Orwell, Addison Co.,) r 5, breeder of Cotswold sheep, stock grower, farmer 60 in Benson, and 90 Orwell.

Stickney Moses, (Benson Landing,) r 2, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 250.

STRONG EZRA, (Benson,) r 36, wagon maker, carpenter, and farmer 47, and 50 acres of wood land; his age is 90 years.

STRONG HENRY E., (Benson,) r 23, (Strong & Bro.)

Strong Stephen C., (Benson,) r 23, retired wagon maker, 80 years old. 

STRONG WILLARD E., (Benson,) r 23, (Strong & Brother,) town representative.

STRONG & BROTHER, (Benson,) cor. r 23 and 35, (Henry E. and Willard E.,) carriage, wagon and sleigh makers, blacksmiths and farmers 150. 

Sutliff Emons, (Hortonville,) r 10, farmer 23. 


Talman William H., (Benson,) r 35, farmer and mason. 

Taylor Edwin, (Benson,) cor. r 31 and 30, farm laborer. 

Thomas Leonard, (Hortonville,) r 9, (lives with N. M. Babbit.) 

Twine Lewis, (Benson) r 33, farm laborer and mason.

Tine Lewis, (Benson,) r 33, farm laborer and maon. 


Union Hotel, (Benson,) r 23, Jonas Reed, proprietor. 


Walker Arunah, (Benson,) r 40 1/2, farmer 1000.

Walker Barnard L., (Benson,) r 7, (son of C. R.) farmer.

Walker Charles E., (Benson,) r 7, farmer, leases of A. A. Kidder, of Castleton, 175.

Walker Charles R., (Benson,) r 7, farmer 110.

WALKER EDWIN A., (Benson,) r 47, dairy 20 cows, farmer 170. 

Walker Emeline, (Hortonville,) r 9, (widow William T.,) farmer 130. 

WALKER FRANKLIN W., (Benson,) r 23, justice peace, town treas. and farmer 1000.

WALKER JOHN D., (Hortonville,) r 11, farmer 80.

Walker Nathan H., (Benson,) r 26, dairy 12 cows, farmer works on shares for J. D. Hunt, 80.

Walker Rockwell P., (Benson,) r 23, (W. & Cowee,) farmer 20.

Walker Samuel B., (Hortonville,) r 7, farmer 30 in Sudbury.

WALKER WILLIAM H., (Benson,) r 7, manuf. of shingles, carpenter and joiner.

WALKER & COWEE, (Benson,) r 23, (Rockwell P. W. and Franklin W. C.,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, rubbers, ready made clothing, furnishing undertakers.

WAIT DANIEL, (Benson,) r 31, general dealer in live stock, dairy 35 cows, farmer 1000.

Wait Fred., (Benson,) r 31, farmer, son of Daniel. 

Wait Samuel, (Benson Landing,) r 20, farmer. 

Ward William W., (Benson,) r 23, tinner.

Watts Charles, (Benson,) r 15, merchant tailor. 

WEST SAMUEL G., (Benson,) r 2, farm laborer. 

West Samuel, Sen., (Benson,) r 22, laborer.

Wetherby Andrew J., (Benson,) r 20, farmer 3.

WHEELER EDWIN S., (Benson,) r 32, blacksmith and farmer. 

White Henry K., (Hortonville,) r 8, farmer 75. 

Wilcox Augustus, (Benson,) r 12, dairy 10 cows, farmer 110. 

Wilcox Corban G., (Benson,) r 15, farm laborer.

WILCOX ISA Z. N., (Benson,) r 47, teacher of piano, organ and vocal music.

Wilcox Maturin E., (Benson,) r 47, farmer leases of Edwin Walker, 60. 

WILCOX PHILO E., (Benson,) r 48, dairy 18 cows, selectman, farmer 400. 

Williams Henry G., (Hortonville,) r 28, farmer, son of Horace.

WILLIAMS HORACE, (Hortonville,) r 28, dealer in fine merino sheep, farmer 255.

Williams Simon H., (Hortonville,) r 28, farmer.

Williamson John M., (Benson Landing,) r 18, farmer 160.

WINCHESTER CHARLES R., (Benson,) r 37, farmer 50, and works on shares for W. J. Goodrich, of V---co, Min., 96. 

Woodward Nathan, (Benson,) r 31, farmer 160. 

Wylie Jacob, (Benson,) r 32, farmer 105.


Yale Mynders, (Benson Landing,) r 19, carpenter and joiner, farmer 40. 

Young Adolphus, (Benson,) r 36, carriage ironer.

Young Harry J., (Benson,) r 51, farmer 80 acres, miller, works at Brandon.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 257-265.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004