Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Abbott Austin, carpenter, h North.

Adams Zenas, Jr., miller and millwright, h River.

Aiken Lucia Mrs., resident, h Lincoln.

ALIEN ELIZABETH S., widow of George W., residence cor Park and South.

ANDERSON JACOB, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, and farmer 25, h Pleasant.

Anderson James, gardener, florist, and farmer 20, h Church.

Anthony Eunice E. Miss, teacher, primary department of Woodstock graded school, h Pleasant.

Anthony Lydia E., widow of Henry L., resident, h Pleasant.

Archibald Frank P., manuf. and dealer in all kinds of marble and granite monumental work, High, h do.


Baily Sopronia, resident, h High.

Barnes Alonzo, shoemaker, Elm, h Park.

Barr Horace, employee of James W. Hazen, h South.

Bean John, laborer, h Cross.

Bean Joseph, janitor of Woodstock National Bank, h School.

Bean Joseph, Jr., painter and upholsterer, h South.

Benson William W., mason, h South.

BILLINGS FRANK W., bank and R.R. director, and dealer in general merchandise, Central st., h Bond cor Pleasant.

Billings Frederick, Hon., pres. of Woodstock National Bank, director of the American Exchange Bank, New York, chairman of the executive committee of the Northern Pacific R. R., director of the Conn. River and Vermont Valley, and Sullivan R. R., breeder of the Lord Walsingham's Southdown sheep, reg., Jersey cattle, reg., and blooded horses, and farmer 1,000, summer residence cor River and Elm, winter residence 279 Madison ave., New York.

BILLINGS WILLIAM, (William Billings & Son) mail carrier the last 53 years, farmer 6, h Central.

BILLINGS WILLIAM, JR., (William Billings & Son) h Central.

BILLINGS WILLIAM & SON, (Willard B. and William B. Jr.) props. of mail and stage route from Woodstock to Bridgewater.

Blanchard Lucy A., widow of Dr, E. S., resident, h Park.

Bourdo Lewis, laborer, h South.

Boyce William, sexton of Woodstock village cemetery, and boarding house, h River.

Boyce William J., head clerk, employee of F. N. Billings, h Central.

Boynton Henry, M. D., physician and surgeon, h Elm.

Bradford Clara, widow of George, h Pleasant.

Bradley Eliza A. Mrs., resident, h River.

Bradley George T., teamster, h Prospect.

Bradley Henry B., insurance agent, and buyer of wool and pelts, h Pleasant. 

Bradley Julia E. Miss, resident, h Park.

Bradley William H., laborer, employee of Frank S. McKenzie, h Pleasant.

Brodie James F., pastor of First Congregational church of Woodstock, h Elm.

Brooks Lucetta Mrs., h Elm.

Brown Corbit P., carriage painter, employee of O. F. Marsh, h High st.

Brown Elizabeth, widow of Albert G., resident, h Pleasant.

Brown Walter H., printer, Vermont Standard office, h Park.

Bryant Orlemon A., boarding house, River.

Burdoe Joseph, employee of B. F. Standish, bds South.

Burdoe Joseph, laborer, employee of F. Billings, h South.

Burke Fred D., son of Oscar.

Burke Oscar, prop. of stage and mail route from Woodstock to Bethel, and livery stables, h Park.


Carver Marcia Miss, resident, h Pleasant.

Chadwick John W., manuf. of shaved shingles, h Cross.

CHANDLER MERRITT H., M. D., physician and surgeon, office Phoenix block, h High.

Chandler Oliver P., retired lawyer, and vice-president of the Woodstock National Bank, bds Eagle Hotel.

Chapman George R., justice of the peace, coal merchant, notary public, and treas. of the Ottaquechee Savings Bank, also agent of the society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign parts.

Chapman Henry B., dealer in drugs, medicines, oils, paints, window glass, putty, and manager of the estate of Charles Chapman, Central st., h Elm.

Chase Charles B., laborer, h Prospect.

CHURCHILL ALDEN P., farmer 50, h Church.

CHURCHILL NATHAN T., retired farmer, aged 88, h Church. (Died May 25th, 1883.)

Churchill Sarah Miss, resident, h Central st.

Clapp Edward B., station agent Woodstock R. R., h River.

Clapp John, retired, aged 76, h River.

Clark Elizabeth, widow of William, washer, h South.

Cone John, express agent, prop. of village coach, and livery and boarding stables, Central st.

Cole James, prop. of mail and stage route from Woodstock to Springfield, h Pleasant.

Collamer Frances Miss, resident, h Elm.

Crosley Lucan S. Rev., pastor of the North Universalist church of Woodstock, h Church.

Cushing Fred H., grocer, h Mountain avenue.

Cushing Henry, photographer, Tracy Block, Elm.


Daigle Naziere, carpenter, h River.

Daigle Sabin, carpenter and builder, h River.

Dana Charles, wholesale and retail dealer in foreign and American dry goods, crockery, glassware and family groceries, Elm, h do.

Dana Edward, associated in business in New York and Boston, h Elm cor. Pleasant.

DANA HENRY S., register of probate, office in jail building, Central, h Pleasant.

Dana Joseph Mrs., resident, h Pleasant.

Darby Daniel, carpenter, h School.

Darby Frank, laborer, h Cross.

Davis Ann Mrs., general house work, h Court.

Davis D. Dixi, U. S. and Canada express agent, route from Woodstock to White River Junction.

Davis Jane Mrs., resident, h High.

Davis John A., hostler, employee of George E. French, bds Court.

Day George H., manuf. of carriages and sleighs, carriage painter and blacksmith, High, h do.

Day George S., manuf. of carriages and sleighs, rear of Phoenix Block, h High.

Deal Horace A., gardener; employee of F. Billings, bds North.

Dean Charles, laborer and repairer of boots and shoes, h Church.

Dearborn Henry, dealer in real estate, h South.

Delano Fred H., farmer, employee of F. Billings, h Elm.

DENNIS HORACE T., (A. C. Prior & Co.,) agent for Davis Sewing Machine, 146 sheep, and breeder of young cattle, and farmer 150 acres.

Doton Hosea, voluntary meteorological reporter of the U. S. signal service, astronomer and civil engineer, h Pleasant.

Dunham Emma. N. Miss, teacher first intermediate department graded school of Woodstock, bds High.

Dunham Jason S., traveling musician, h High.

Dunham Simeon C., carpenter and builder, h High.

Duphany Charles H., employee of B. F. Standish, bds South.

Durant Rollo L., (R. L. Durant & Co.,) bds Lincoln.

Durant R. L. & Co., (Rolla L. and   ,) stationers, booksellers and news dealers, sheathing and wrapping papers, twine, paper bags, &c., Central.

Dutton Harvey, retired farmer, h South.

Dyke Elizabeth L., widow of Andrew J., resident, h Pleasant.


EAGLE HOTEL, C. A. Fairbanks, prop., Park.

Eaton John S., town clerk, h Church.

Elliott Andrew W., retired machinist, aged 76, h Mountain ave.

Elliott Charles A., overseer and weaver in the woolen mills at Bridgewater, h Mountain ave.

Ennis Mary, tailoress, h cor South and Cross.


FAIRBANKS CALVIN A., prop. of Eagle Hotel, and breeder of pure blood Chester white swine, Park.

Fairbanks Frank S., manuf. and dealer in harnesses, trunks, bags and collars, and dealer in saddlery hardware, blankets and robes, cor Elm and Central, h Church.

Fairbanks Jason B., porter at Eagle Hotel, h South.

Fairbanks Linn, clerk, employee of John S. Eaton, h Linden.

Fairbanks Lucy E. Miss, teacher, h Central.

Fairbanks Morris C., harness maker, employee of F. S. Fairbanks, h Church.

Fairbanks Olive L., widow of Dean, resident, h Central.

Farnum George, mail carrier, from Woodstock to Felchville.

Farwell Mason D., retired, h Church.

Farwell Oscar F., carriage and sleigh ironer, general blacksmithing except horse shoeing, rear of Phoenix Block, h Church.

Fisher Charles F., employee of B. F. Standish, h Pleasant.

Fisher George, manuf. and dealer in furniture, coffins and caskets, Central, h Pleasant.

FISHER GEORGE A. Mrs., resident, h River.

FISHER GEORGE A., laborer, h River.

Fisher George B., cabinet maker, employee of George Fisher, bds with I. M. Fisher.

Fisher Isaac M., cabinet maker, employee of George Fisher, h off Elm.

Fletcher Eben M., janitor of court house and town hall, h High.

Ford Joseph W., dealer in lumber h Pleasant.

Foster Addie M., dealer in lumber, and farmer 50, h Central.

Freeman Oscar H., dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, and hardware, Elm, h Pleasant.

French Charles H., painter, h Central.

FRENCH GEORGE B., clerk of Windsor Co., office Central st., h South Park.

FRENCH GEORGE E., mail carrier from R. R. depot to post office, prop, of passenger coach, livery and boarding stable, Central, h Elm.

French Hosea B., retired merchant, h Central.

French Norman W., manuf. and dealer in harnesses, Elm, h Pleasant.

French Warren C., (French & Southgate) lawyer.

French & Southgate, (Warren C. French and Frederick C. Southgate) attorneys at law and solicitors in chancery, Elm.


Gartin Peter, laborer, h River.

Gates Edwin R., photographic artist, Central, h High.

Gates Thomas W., custom tailor, repairing, cleaning and pressing, Elm, bds Central.

Gilbert Elizabeth S. Mrs., tailoress, h High.

Gilbert William D., invalid, disabled in. the war for the Union, h High.

Gillingham Laurel, general blacksmithing.

Gleason Henry I, assistant postmaster, bds Eagle Hotel.

Grandy Myron H., employee of B. F. Standish, bds River.

*GREENE LUTHER O., editor of "Vermont Standard," trustee of Ottaquechee Savings Bank, office Elm, h Park. [Card on page 402.]

Greenier John, shoemaker, employee of A. C. Prior, h River.

Goble John, mason, h South.

Goble Moses, carpenter, h South.

Goble Peter A., mason, h Elm.


Hagar Caroline Miss, tailoress, h Pleasant.

Hagerty Anthony, laborer, h River.

Hagerty James, invalid, h River.

Harpin Ed D., dealer in cattle, sheep and swine, h Pleasant.

Hart George, laborer, employee of M. S. Myers, h South.

Hart John O., carpenter and builder, h Lincoln.

Haskell Nahum Mrs., resident, h cor River and Union.

Hatch Alvin, dealer in shelf and heavy hardware, iron, steel, groceries, flour, paints and oils, Elm, h Central.

Hatch Henry, retired farmer, h Pleasant.

Hatch Philo Mrs., resident, h Park.

Hathorn Joseph S., carpenter, h River.

Hathorn Marcia J. Mrs., dressmaker, h River.

Haynes John S., retired farmer, aged 85.

Hazard Austin, stone mason, h South.

Hazard James, laborer, h Prospect.

Hazen Edwin, M. D., physician and surgeon, office and h Elm.

HAZEN JAMES W., dealer in stoves, tinware, and hollow-ware, Central st. h Elm.

Heald Amos A., butler for F. Billings, h off River.

Hewitt Jason D., prop. of milk route, and dealer in milk, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, reg., dairy 15 cows, and farmer 225, h Pleasant.

Hewitt William R., deputy sheriff and jailor, Central.

Hewitt William S., (W. S. Hewitt & Co.)

Hewitt W. S. & Co., (William S. H. and James B. Jones,) dealers in clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Central st.

Hinman Charles D., surgeon dentist, Fairbanks block, Central.

Holmes Asahel, resident, aged 75, h River.

Hooper Asenath Miss, resident, h Park.

HORTON MILTON W., farm laborer, h Prospect.

Hough Alfred J., pastor of the M. E. church of Woodstock, parsonage Mountain avenue.

Howe David L., printer, Standard office, gardener, and grower of small fruits, h South.

Howe Hugh P., retired farmer, aged 92, River.

Howes Fred W., printer, and employee of Henry H. Woodbury & Co., bds Central.

Howes Frederick, carpenter and joiner, h Central.

Howes Herman, carpenter and manuf. of brackets, Central, h Court.

Hunt Eliphaz S., farmer, and teamster, h Pleasant.

Hunt Horace Mrs., resident, h Elm.

Hunt Miriam Mrs., owns in Pomfret farm 300, h Pleasant.

Hutchinson Mary C. Mrs., resident, h Park.


Jennings Enos R., auctioneer, h Central.

Jewett Frank R., surgeon dentist, office and h foot of Park.

Johnson Harriet A. Mrs., widow of Eliakim, resident, h Elm.

Johnson Henry C., cashier Woodstock National Bank, h Pleasant.

Johnson Maria F., (Johnson & Tewksbury,) widow of Edward, h Central.

Johnson William E., attorney at law, and master in chancery, Elm, h Union.

Johnson & Tewksbury, (Maria F. J. and Emma E. T.) millinery and fancy goods, Central.

Jones Albert, hostler and driver for John Cone, h Court.

Jones James B., (W. S. Hewitt & Co.,) h Elm.


Kaniry Patrick, blind man, h Court.

Keating William H., barber and hair dresser, and prop. of Keating's improved hair tonic, Central, bds River.

Kelly Bridget Mrs., resident, h River.

Kenefick Mike K., employee of B. F. Standish, h Linden.

Kennedy Joseph, retired farmer, aged 83, h Mountain ave.

Kent Lorenzo, farmer 10, and pasture and wood lot 100, h Pleasant.

Kidder Elias H., gardener and florist, green house on Mt. Peg, h Court cor Cross.

Kidder Fred T., M. D., physician and surgeon, bds Mountain ave.

Kidder Philo A., clerk, employee of E. K. Slack, bds Court.

Kidder Moses, pastor of the Christain church of Woodstock, h Mountain ave.

Kimball Oscar G., druggist and apothecary, dealer in drugs, medicines, family groceries, fancy goods, and toys, Elm, bds River.

Kimton Ezra teamster, employee of Charles Perry, h cor Cross and South.

King Henry E., carpenter and joiner, h River.

King William G., farmer and partner with Jason D. Hewitt, h Pleasant.

Knapp Bertha S. Miss, art embroiderer and teacher of music, h Lincoln.

Knapp Paulina P., widow of Cephas W., resident, h Lincoln.

Kate Louis, general blacksmith, Central, h do.


Lakin Pascal J., resident, h Pleasant.

Lamb Amelia, widow of Runy, aged 89, h South.

LA MOUNTAIN JOSEPH, manuf. of baskets, shop South Pomfret, h South.

Leonard James, laborer, h Elm.

Leonard Mary, widow of Thomas, resident, h River.

Lewis Arthur, laborer, h South.

LOCKWOOD HORACE C., stone mason, and breeder of full blood Merino sheep, and farmer 102, h Prospect.

LOGAN ARLANDO N., M. D., homeo. physician and surgeon, office and h Park, next door to Eagle Hotel.

Lovell Charles H., resident, h Linden.


Mack Abijah, widow of Benjamin, resident, aged 94, the oldest person in town.

Mack _____, widow of Benjamin F., resident, h Pearl.

MACKENZIE JUSTIN F., (A. G. Dewey & Co., manufacturer of woolen goods at Quechee, and farmer 150, residence Park.

MARBLE LIBERTY B., miller and dealer in flour, feed, meal, and manuf. of hard wood, hemlock, spruce and bass wood lumber, River, h do.

Marcott Joseph, laborer, h Cross.

Marcy Charles R., laborer, employee of Justin McKenzie, h Park.

Marsh Charles M., general fire, life and accident insurance agent and attorney at law, office Central, h Elm.

Marsh Charles P., attorney at law and master in chancery, office Central, h Elm.

Marsh Fanny, widow of John H., resident, h Lincoln.

Marsh Frank E., painter, employee of O. T. Marsh, bds Park.

Marsh Fred P., clerk, employee of F. N. Billings, h Central cor Lincoln.

Marsh Henry T., painter and glazier, h Central.

Marsh Lucy G., widow of Lyndon A., h Elm.

MARSH OWEN T., house, carriage and sign painter, rear of Phoenix Block, Central, h Mountain avenue.

Martin Albert, invalid, wounded in the war for the Union, h River.

Martin Paul, laborer, h South.

Mass George H., gardener, h North.

May Frederick H., general team jobber, h River.

McCollom E. L. & J. F. Misses, dealers in millinery, fancy goods and hair work, Elm st.

McKAIN ANDREW, gardener, employee of F. Billings, h River.

McKENZIE FRANK S., manuf. of woolen flannels, mills located at Bridgewater, residence Bond cor. Pleasant.

*McMASTER WILLIAM D., editor and proprietor of "The Spirit of the Age," and job printer, and publisher of the "Democrat and Courier" of Rutland, Vt. [Card on page 484.]

Mellish George, town collector and treasurer, and retired grocer, h Park.

Mellish Mary, widow of Stephen J., resident, h Pleasant.

Mero, Thomas G., employee of F. Billings, h South.

Merrill Fred S., farmer, owns in Plymouth 80, and employee of F. Billings, h River.

Merrill Frederick B., resident, h Pleasant.

Merrill Prosper, formerly woolen manuf.

Messer Abba L., widow of Benjamin F., resident, h Central. 

Miller Laura C., widow of Lester A., resident, h River. 

Montague Charles R., clerk, employee of F. N. Billings, h Mountain ave. 

Moore William H. H., dealer in gold and silver watches, gold chains, jewelry and silver ware, clocks and silver plated ware, spectacles and fancy goods, watches, clocks and jewelry repaired; manager of the W. U. telegraph office, Central, h Elm. 

Mower I. Carlos, butcher, employee of Richmond & Co., h River. 

Mower Marcia C. Mrs., dressmaker, h River. 

Munger Caroline A., widow of Sylvester E., resident, h Park. 

MURDOCK JAMES H., postmaster, Elm, h Park. 

Murdock Russell, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry and musical instruments, attention given to repairing, Central st., h High. 

Myers George L., tinsmith; employee of M. S. Myers, bds River. 

Myers Martin S., manuf. of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, dealer in stoves, tin, copper and hollow ware, Central st., h River. 

Myers Michael, custom tailor, Elm, h River. 


Neal John, retired carpenter, aged 82, h River. 

Nichols Alfred A., manuf. and dealer in harnesses, Elm, h Central. 

Nichols Carrie Mrs., dressmaker, h School. 

Nichols Frank A., harnessmaker, employee of his father, Alfred A., h School. 

Nutting John C., carpenter, employee of C. W. Sayward, h Park. 

Nutting John W., carpenter, h North. Oliver John C., barber and hair dresser, Elm, h School. 


Ordway Edwin M., carpenter, employee of C. W. Sayward, h Grove. 

Ottaquechee Savings Bank The, James B. Jones, pres.; George R. Chapman, treas.; Central st. 


Palmer Amelia, widow of Frederick, h South. 

Palmer Charles, teamster, employee of C. M. Perry, bds Pleasant. 

Palmer Horatio Mrs., resident, h Pleasant. 

Palmer Walter, retired boot and shoe dealer, h South. 

Park Henry, breeder of grade Durham cattle, and farmer 65, h South. 

Parker L. F., miller, employee of L. B. Marble, bds River. 

Parker Reuben Mrs., resident, h River. 

Parker Wilson G., stage driver, from Rochester to Bethel, employee of Wm. Tinkham & Son, h Court. 

Patridge Edward M., manuf. of all kinds of ash baskets. 

Patridge Ellen E. Mrs. washing and ironing, h River. 

Paul Addle E. Miss, dressmaker, bds South. 

PAUL GEORGE W., dealer in choice family groceries, crockery, tobacco, and cigars, Elm, h Lincoln. 

Paul Norman, attorney and counselor at law, and solicitor in chancery, office Central, bds Eagle Hotel. 

Peck Gervase F., foreman and tanner for B. F. Standish, bds Park. 

Pecor Homer N., laborer, h Prospect. 

Pecor Stephen, laborer, h Grove. 

Pecor Timothy M., laborer, h Grove. 

Pember Jay Read, official stenographer, Windsor, Windham, and Chittenden county courts, h Park. 

Perkins Patience, widow of Alvah C., resident, h Pleasant. 

Perry Frank C., stone mason, and farm laborer, h Pleasant. 

Perry George W., stone mason, h South. 

Perry Phebe C., widow of Hosea, h Pleasant.

Pinks John H., (Henry H. Woodbury & Co.) printer, h North Park.

Pinney Benton H., lumberman, and farmer, h South.

Porter James G., supt. of the Woodstock R. R., h River.

Powell F. B. Mrs., resident, h Linden.

Powers Elizabeth F., widow of Calvin R., resident, h Park.

Powers Frances H., widow of Lyman, h South.

Powers Hiram L., miller, h River.

POWERS JOHN D., retired machinist, h High.

Pratt Leonard H., job carrier of goods, freight, etc., h River.

Pratt Lewis, farmer 130, office Central, h Church.

Pratt Thomas, laborer, h South.

PRIOR A. C. & CO., (Albert C. Prior, of St. Johnsbury, and Horace T. Dennis,) manufs. and dealers in boots and shoes, ten cent counter, Elm.

Purple J. Smead, agent for Mary E. Purple, h Church.


RANDALL NATHANIEL, M. D., eclectic physician and surgeon, sugar orchard 1,400 trees, and farmer 120, adjoining the old homestead, on r 24, h River.

Ransone John D., machinist and blacksmith, h High.

Raymond George E., painter, employee of E. P. Tewksbury, bds River.

Raymond Mary A. Mrs., dressmaker, h River.

Raymond Owen J., laborer, h South.

Reed Addie Mrs., dressmaker, h River.

Reed Edward L., laborer, Central.

Reed Eliza D. Mrs., dealer in ladies' furnishing goods, and dressmaker, Central.

Reed Henry B., manuf. of baskets, sugar maker 3,500 trees, farmer 82, h Mountain ave.

Reney Peter, laborer, h South.

Rice Charles, employee of C. W. Sayward, h South.

Richmond Clifton, harness maker, and farmer 40.

Richmond Forrest E., coachman, employee of F. Billings, h on F. Billings's grounds.

Richmond H. E. & Co., (Herbert E. and Frank L. Richmond) druggists and dealers in drugs, medicines, tobacco, pipes, cigars, and confectionery, Elm.

Richmond Herbert E., (H. E. Richmond & Co.) manager of Woodstock Telephone Exchange, office at drug store.

Richmond Joseph S., (Richmond & Sherwin) physician and surgeon, h Lincoln.

Richmond Lorenzo, retired, aged 76, h Elm.

Richmond Martha C. Miss, resident, h Pleasant.

Richmond O. L. & Co., (Orlando L. R. and William O. Taylor) dealers in meat and provisions of all kinds, Elm.

Richmond Orlando L., (O. L. Richmond & Co.) h Pleasant.

Richmond Susan, widow of Loring, h High.

Richmond William, clerk, Eagle Hotel, bds do.

Richmond & Sherwin, (Joseph S. R. and Orlando W. S.) physicians and surgeons, office Elm.

Riley Murtie, laborer, h North.

Rood C. H. & Co., (Charles H. R. and Mary E. Purple) furniture dealers and undertakers, h Elm.

Rood Charles H., (C. H. Rood & Co.) h South.

Royce H. F. & Co. (Harvey F. and Philip Royce) dealers in ready-made clothing, gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps, furs, trunks, bags, blankets, and robes, Central.

Royce Harvey F., (H. F. Royce & Co.) h Union.

Royce Philip, (H. F. Royce & Co.) h Cross cor Lincoln.

Russell Ransom M., cooper, and farmer 35, h and lot, Pleasant.


SANDERSON WILLIAM H., principal Woodstock Graded School and town superintendent of schools, h Linden.

Sawyer Ellen A. Mrs., dressmaker, h River.

SAYWARD CHARLES W., manuf of doors, sash and blinds, stair rails, and dealer in lumber, glass and putty, also custom planing and sawing, three years a soldier in the war for the Union, Central, h Park.

Sears Cynthia Miss, milliner and dressmaker, h School.

Seaver Thomas O., justice of the peace, attorney at law and master in chancery, Fremont Block, h Linden.

Seavy Isaac, retired farmer aged 78, bds Lincoln.

Shallies Edward J., employee of George E. French, h Pleasant.

Shaw Lucy, widow of Gideon, resident, h Pleasant.

Sherwin Oliver W., carpenter and builder and fire warden, h Church.

Sherwin Orlando W., (Richmond & Sherwin,) physician and surgeon, h Court.

Shurtleff Forrest S., employee of J. M. Whitcomb, h River.

Simmons Frank J., groceries and provisions, flour, and prop. of restaurant, Central, h Linden.

Simmons Julia E., widow of Nathan, resident, h Pleasant.

Simonds Jerome A., agent for the Singer Manufacturing Co., Elm, bds Lincoln.

Slack Edwin K., dealer in groceries, flour, butter, cheese, lard, powder and and fuse, guns and revolvers, Central, h do.

Slayton Mark E., traveling salesmen for Valentine & Co. of New York, h Lincoln.

Slayton Thomas J., carpenter, bds Lincoln.

Smith Abigail, widow of Samuel, resident, h Pleasant.

Smith Charles F., invalid, h Pleasant.

Smith Eugene V., dealer in sash, door, blinds and furniture at Lebanon, N. H., h Pleasant.

Smith Eveline V. Mrs., resident, h Pleasant.

Smith Francis W., rector of St. James church of Woodstock, parsonage Church st.

Smith Jennie E. Miss, dressmaker, h Park.

Smith Marlow A., peddler of fancy goods, h Stanton.

Smith Thomas, manufs. of custom boots and shoes, and dealer in boots, shoes and rubber goods, Central, h Ford.

Southgate Frederick C., (French & Southgate,) lawyer.

Southgate Robert S., lawyer, Pleasant.

Spaulding Elisha S., butcher, employee of O. L. Richmond & Co., h South. 

St. Cyr Louis, section hand Woodstock R. R., h South.

Standish Benjamin F., manuf. of rough leather, and children's sleds, Pleasant, h do.

Standish Edward M., supt. of B. F. Standish's tannery, bds Pleasant.

Staples Cullen C., laborer, h Prospect.

Stearns Abraham, retired merchant, aged go, h Park.

Sterlin Almira, widow of William, resident, h Pleasant.

Straw Duane W., painter, bds with Mrs. Bailey, High.

Sumner Edwin L., prop. of ladies' and gentlemen's restaurant, Central, h do.

Switzer Charles S., laborer, employee of Prosper Merrill, h r 9.


Taft Charles J., dealer in boots and shoes, and farmer 55, Park, h do.

TAFT HENRY H., farmer, foreman for F. Billings, h Elm.

Taylor Jerome, soap peddler.

Taylor William O., (O. L. Richmond & Co.) h Pleasant.

Tewksbury Emma E. Mrs., (Johnson & Tewksbury,) h High.

Tewksbury Eugene P., house, carriage, sign painter, and paper hanger, Lincoln, h High.

Thompson Allen W., prop. of Thompson's grist-mill, and prop. of stock horse "Extra," Hambletonian blood, reg. as standard horse, h r 5 cor 8.

Thompson Charles O., freight teamster for Frank McKenzie, of Bridgewater, h Elm.

Thompson Henry C., employee of C. E. Woddruff, h North.

Thompson Orlin, teamster, h Pleasant.

THORNDYKE WALTER L., printer, employee of Henry H. Woodbury & Co., h Lincoln.

Threehouse Antoine, employee for the last eleven years of the Woodstock Gas Co., h South.

Thurston Huldah, widow of William, pensioner, h School.

Tinkham L. M. Miss, resident, h River.

TOWNSEND RUFUS E., breeder of Durham cattle, grade Merino sheep 140 head, sugar orchard 80 trees, and farmer 75, and pasture and timber land 180.

TOWNSEND STEPHEN D., farmer, with his father, Rufus E.

Tozer Lyman, farm laborer, h Church.

Tracy Anna, widow of Ebenezer, resident, h River.

Tuttle Charles H., employee of O. H. Williams, bds River.

Tyrrell Eunice S., widow of Oscar A., resident, h cor Union and Mountain ave.


Vaughan Augusta P., widow of Ivory L.

VOSE HIRAM A., coachman, employee of George E. French, h Central.


Walker Albert, teamster, employee of C. M. Perry, bds Pleasant.

Walsh Hannah, laundress, h River.

Walsh Richard, track hand on Woodstock R. R., h River.

Washburn Almira H., widow of Hon. Peter T.

Washburn Levi W., laborer, Central st., h Grove.

Washburn William T., retired farmer, h Lincoln. (Died May 29, 1883.)

Watkins Charles C., resident, h Lincoln.

Wentworth Charles B., barber, Central, h Court.

Wentworth Franklin W., barber, Central, h Court.

Wentworth William, laborer, rents h of Henry Dearborn, South st.

Wheeler Harrison D., dealer in real estate, etc., sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 17, also owns real estate in the towns of Plymouth, Bridgewater and Sherburne, h Mountain ave.

WHITCOMB IRVING H., manager of livery for John Cone, h Ford.

Whitcomb James M., wholesale and retail dealer in flour, feed and grain, also retail dealer in groceries, tobacco and cigars, Central, h River.

White Emily B. & Mary C. Misses, dressmakers, rooms Pleasant, residence do.

WHITE SELDEN C., carriage painter, employee of George H. Day, bds High, home in Bridgewater.

White Walter E. J., bookbinder and stationer, dealer in books, periodicals, and confectionery, also prop. of circulating library, Elm, h Grove.

Whiting Augustus P., widow of G. F., h Elm.

Wilcox Daniel A., carpenter, h Church.

Wilder Ebenezer, blind and retired farmer, aged 88, h cor. Union and Mountain ave.

Williams Henry L., dentist, office Pleasant, h do.

Williams Oliver H., horse-shoer, Stone Block, Central, h River.

WILLIS EDWARD B., house, carriage and sign painter, grainer and paperhanger, h and shop, High.

Wills Mary E., widow of Francis F., resident, h Park.

Wilson Lucius W., carpenter, and proprietor of billiard room, h Linden.

Winslow Edwin L., wheelwright, bds High, home at English Mills.

WINSLOW SETH J., blacksmith, horse and ox shoeing a specialty, High, residence West Woodstock.

Wood Albert L., resident, h River.

Woodard John T., farmer, foreman for Benjamin S. Dana, h r 9.

Woodbury Henry H., (Henry I I. Woodbury & Co.,) printer, h Linden.

Woodbury Henry H. & Co., (H. H. Woodbury and John H. Pinks) job printers and manufs of druggists' labels, gummed and ungummed, Central.

Woodruff Charles E., wholesale and retail dealer in flour, feed, grain, groceries, boots, shoes and West India goods, and prop. of livery, Central, h Lincoln.

Woodstock Graded School, Col. T. O. Seaver, chairman of the prudential committee; W. H. Sanderson, principal, School st.

Woodstock National Bank, Frederick Billings, president; Henry C. Johnson, cashier, Elm.

Woodward Alden, resident, h River.

Woodward Charles A., operative in Quechee Woolen Mills, h River.

Woodward Elizabeth C., widow of Solomon E., h Elm.


YOUNG JOHN, retired farmer, aged 85, h River.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 562-572. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2007