Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Abbott Alonzo, manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, State, h Pine. 

ABBOTT CLARENCE O., breeder of Durham cattle, farmer, works for Hiram Harlow, h Ascutney st. 

Adams Charles N., foreman in journal office, h Pine st. 

Adams Frank, brakeman S. R. R., bds River. 

Adams Thomas H., boss carder for Jones, Lamson & Co., h Main. 

Amsden A. G. & E. G., (Edgar G. survivor,) prop. of Amsden's billiard hall, Main, h State. 

Amsden Charles S., clerk for Rollin, h Main. 

Amsden Frank W. supt. of Rollin's machine shop and mill, h River. 

Amsden Minerva, widow of Alonzo G., h State. 

Amsden Nancy, widow of America, resides with Rollin, aged 93. 

AMSDEN ROLLIN, sheriff of Windsor county, dealer in flour, grain, feed, cotton and meal, iron and nails, salt, lumber and shingles, coal, lime, cement, plaster and phosphate, manuf. of the "Boss" jack-screw, machine jobbing of all kinds, Depot avenue, h Main. 

Angel Allen, teamster, h Union. 

ASHLEY HOUSE, Mrs. M. Ashley, prop., Main. 

ASHLEY MARIETTA. (Mrs. S. S.) prop. Ashley House, Main. 

ASHLEY SEYMOUR S., machinist, h Main. 

Atwood Charles M., spinner, h Main. 

Atwood John E., overseer in carding room at cotton mill, h Union. 

Austin Hannah, r 20, widow of Lyman. 

Austin Lebbens, teamster, h Bridge. 


Bacon Clara K., milliner, agent for Springfield dye works, Main, h do. 

Baker William S., machinist, bds State. 

Barden Martin S., R. R. engineer, h River. 

BARNARD DANIEL A., toll keeper at Cornish bridge, civil engineer and bridge builder, h Bridge. 

Batchelder William, attorney and counselor at law, fire and life insurance agent, and notary public, office over Savings Bank, h Main. 

Bean Napoleon, spinner, h off Main. 

Bellrose Norman W., clerk for G. E. Williams, bds State st. 

Bernard Hollis, laborer, h Main. 

Billings Darwin G., retired, h Bridge. 

Billings Frederick, machinist, bds Union. Bishop Michael, mason, h Depot.

Bishop Susan, widow of Nelson, h Main. 

Blake George S., engineer, h Main. 

Bolster Joseph, fireman S. R. R., h Railroad avenue. 

Booth Leroy, loom repairer, bds Union. 

Bousher John, laborer, h Canada st. 

Bowen Lorinda P., widow of Morris, h State. 

Boyd George W., guard at Vermont state prison, h State. 

Boyd Horace, clerk for Tuxbury & Stone. 

Boyd Horace G., clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, h Ascutney. 

Boyd Joseph H., carpenter and joiner, h Jacob. 

Bradley Willard H., r 20, farm laborer. 

Brady John, watchman at cotton mill, h Main. 

Brady Thomas, farmer 2, h Buena Vista. 

Brewster Eliza, widow of Seth, resides with Dr. J. D. 

Brewster James R., resident, h Main. 

Brewster John D., physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

Bridge Ebin A., laborer, h River. 

Brigham C. P., book-keeper at prison shoe shop, bds River. 

Britton William T., farmer, h State. 

Brow David E., proprietor barber shop, Main, h do. 

Brow William L., barber, bds Main. 

Brown Danforth, laborer, h Main. 

Brown Edward, painter and paper hanger, h Buena Vista. 

Bryant Ellen J., widow of Amasa, h Bridge. 

Bryant Stanley R., carpenter, h Buena Vista. 

Butler Abbie, widow of Franklin, (Journal Company,) h Court. 

Butler Frank H., fire insurance agent, dealer in books, stationery, musical instruments, sheet music, papers and magazines, rubber stamps, ticket agent for Hoosic Tunnel R. R., Main, bds State. 

Butler Jennie, widow of C. C., h Main. 


Cady Charles, teamster, h Main. 

Cady George; laborer, h River. 

Cady Sarah A., widow of Curtis, h State. 

Campbell David R., retired, aged 89, resides with Hiram Harlow. 

Carlin James, harness maker, dealer in trunks, valises, &c., Main, h State. 

Chaplin Warner R., hostler at W. H. Tupper's livery stable. 

Chapman Edgar A., car inspector, h Main. 

Cheney William P., compositor in journal office, h River. 

Clifford John, laborer, h Main. 

Clinton Joseph, laborer, h Buena Vista. 

Clinton Patrick, laborer, h Buena Vista. 

Coats George, machinist, h State. 

Coats Henry M., laborer, h and lot, State. 

Coats William, general blacksmith, Depot ave., h State. 

Cobb Roswell D., foreman of S. R. R. repair shops, h River. 

COFFEY ROBERT J., (G. R. Guernsey & Co.) prop. Windsor House, Main. 

Cole Darwin B., dealer in groceries and provisions, Main, h do. 

Cole Rufus M., r. 20, farmer 85. 

Collins Adelphus, laborer, h Main. 

Collins George, machinist, h Main. 

Comings Kate Miss, compositor in journal office, bds State st. 

Comings Lottie H., clerk at postoffice, bds State st. 

Comings Wilbur, laborer, h Bridge.

COMINGS URIAL L., postmaster, h State. 

Conley Ellen, widow of John, h Ascutney. 

CONLIN JAMES, asst. gardener for W. M. Everts, h Court. 

Cook Rose, widow of Romanzo, h Main. 

Coonerty John J., section hand S. R. R., h River. 

Coonity John, section hand Conn. R. R. R., h River. 

Coonity Joseph, hostler, bds Windsor House. 

Coonity Thomas, hostler, bds River. 

Corliss George H., machinist, h off Main. 

Cotton Aaron D., supt. of shoe department of Vt. state prison, h Jacob. 

Coville Charles, carpenter, h State. 

Coyle Edwin, switchman, h River. 

Coyle Mike, laborer, bds Main. 

Coyle Peter, laborer, h Main. 

Cross Calvin, painter, h Main. 

Culligan Ellen, tailoress, bds Union. 

Culligan Patrick, farmer, owns h and lot, h Union. 

CUSHMAN JULIA A., widow of Abner, prop. boarding house, owns farm, 100 acres in West Windsor, h River st. 


Daily Ellen, widow of Timothy, h River. 

Damon Harriet, widow of Darius D., h State. 

Dana William, shop keeper Vt. state prison, h Bridge. 

Darling Andrew M., pressman journal office, h Main. 

Dartt Carlos B., helper at railroad depot, h State. 

DAVIS GILBERT A., attorney and counselor at law, pension and insurance agent, U. S. commissioner, State, h do. 

Dennis Joseph, laborer, h State. 

Dodge George, machinist, h Main. 

Duff John, laborer, h Canada st. 

Duncan George A., r 17, laborer. 

Dunklee Mary J., tailoress, bds at W. Stewart's. 


Earl Edward, engineer, bds River. 

Eggleston Ellen M., widow of Edward F., merchant, dressmaker and milliner, dealer in millinery, dress and fancy goods, Main, h do. 

Ely Frank D., guard Vermont state prison, bds do. 

ELY RYLAND F., r 16, breeder of Jersey cattle and Merino sheep, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 300. 

Enright Joseph C., attorney and counselor at law, and insurance agent. 

EVARTS CHARLES B., supt. of W. M. Evarts's farm of 600 acres, h Main. 

Evarts William M. Hon., attorney and counselor at law, summer residence Main st. 


FAIRMAN JOSEPH S., general blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Depot st., h Main. 

Farnsworth James H., blacksmith, Bridge, h do. 

Farnsworth James W., blacksmith, h Union. 

Farnsworth Joseph S., overseer in machine shop in Salem, Mass., h Maple. 

Fay Eli C., retired merchant, h Main. 

Fellows John, retired, aged 85, h Main. 

Fitch Charles H., truckman, dealer in coal, wood, and ice, h Court Square. 

Floyd Daniel P., carpenter, h Buena Vista. 

Fowler John H., supt. of Jones, Lamson & Co.'s saw-mill, h Bridge. 

Freeman Sarah, widow of John T., h Buena Vista st. Fullerton Maria E., widow of Thomas S., h Main.

Fullerton William Hubbard, resident, h Main.


Gaffney Patrick, section hand S. R. R., h Ascutney.

Gallaghar Patrick, engine wiper, h Union.

Gallager Thomas, machinist, bds Ashley House.

Garrin Thomas, P. Mrs., clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, h State.

Gates Henry S., laborer, owns h and lot, h State.

Gay Charles, commercial traveler, h State,

Gay Charles H., commercial traveler, h State.

George Rosina, widow of Edgar, owns h and lot, h Union.

George Walter E., grape grower, and machinist, h Union.

Gilchrist Hugh, (Journal Company) traveling agent, h State st.

Gilman James, carpenter, h Main.

Goddard Edward N., rector of St. Paul's Episcopal church, h Court cor Pine.

Goddard George H., engineer, h State.

Green Will W., clerk at Windsor House, bds do.

Greenwood William, pastor Cong. church, h Main.

GUERNSEY G. R. & CO., (George R. Guernsey, and Robert J. Coffey) props. livery, sale and boarding stable, two stables, one rear Windsor House, and one on Main st.

GUERNSEY GEORGE R., (G. R. Guernsey & Co.) western ticket agent, h State.


Hackett Will, brakeman, h Maple.

HALE NATHAN G., dentist, State st., h Main.

Hall Adjalon K., farmer, for Alfred 300, h Ascutney.

HALL ALFRED, president of Saving Bank, selectman, overseer of poor, manager of Cornish bridge, and farmer 300, h Ascutney st.

Hall Eugene, clerk, h Bridge.

Hall ___ Mrs., widow of, h State.

Hall Nancy, resident, h State.

Hall Richard M., machinist, h Ascutney st.

Halsey Ed, machinist, bds Bridge.

Hammond Volney H., clerk, bds Bridge.

Hanlin Michael, engine wiper, h Everett.

Hardy Bridget, widow of Addison, h State.

HARLOW HIRAM HON., (Harlow & Kelsey) 1st selectman, supt. of Windsor Aqueduct Co., h State.

Harlow Will E., book-keeper for Jones, Lamson & Co., residence Cornish. N. H.

Harlow & Kelsey, Hiram Harlow and Wm. W. Kelsey, manuf. of all kinds castings, Main.

Harrington Morris, engineer, h State.

Harris Henry, works in the shoe dept. of state prison, h State.

Harris Marietta, widow of William, h Pine.

Harris Sarah, r 16, widow of John, pensioner of war of 1812, born 1790.

Hart Willis D., carpenter and builder, h Pine.

Hart Willis T., carpenter, h Pine.

Hartshorn Charles F., guard in Vt. state prison, bds do.

Haskell Lewis V., principal of Windsor high school, h Everett Lane.

Hatch Frank F., carpenter and joiner, h Buena Vista st.

Hawley Daniel, laborer, h 16.

HAWLEY HORACE E., clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, bds Windsor House.

Hawley Salina W., widow of Charles H., h River.

Hawley Thomas, laborer, h r 16.

Hawley William T., teamster, and farmer 8, h Bridge. 

Hayward Henry, teamster, h Everett Lane. 

HEAD JOHN AMORY, retired, bds Windsor House. 

Hendrick Horace L., weaver, h Main. 

Henley Michael, porter at Windsor House, bds do. 

HERRICK GEORGE F., ticket and freight agent for C. V. & Conn. R. R. R. agent for western tickets, and manager W. U. telegraph office, h State. 

HERRICK HARRIET, millinery and dealer in fancy goods, River, h do. 

Hicks Warren, laborer, h State. 

Hickson Richard, carpenter, h Maple. 

Hill Eugene E., carpenter and wheelwright, bds Ascutney. 

Hilliard William, carpenter, bds Ashley House. 

Hiller Edward D., station baggage-master, h Main. 

Hoadley George H., clerk for N. G. Hale, bds Bridge st. 

Hoffman Charles E., molder, bds Bridge. 

Hoffman Joseph A., molder, h Bridge. 

Hopkins Fannie, widow of Daniel G., h Maple. 

Holbrook Charles H., steward Vt. state prison, bds do. 

HOLDEN CLARENCE P., homeo. physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

Horton Lyman, farmer, h River. 

Houghton Joel S., r 20, lumberman, farmer 25. 

Howard Ralph, tailor, Main, h State. 

Howe Alvin, retired farmer, h Ascutney. 

Hoyt Samuel, engineer, h State. 

HUBBARD GEORGE W., (Hubbard & McClary) h Main. 

Hubbard Henry M., (1V1. C. & H. M.) bds State st. 

Hubbard M. C. & H. M., (Marvin C. and Henry M.) dealers in general merchandise, Main. 

Hubbard Marvin C., (W C. & H. M.) h State. 

Hubbard Sarah A., widow of I. W., h Main. 

Hubbard & McClary, (George W. H. and Horace P. McC.) manufs. and dealers in scales, glazier points, cutting nippers, coffee pots, etc., Hubbard Block, Main st. 

Huggins Nettie, widow of Edward, h River. 

Huggins Orwin, butcher, h State. 

Huggins Orwin A., butcher, h State. 

Hull J. Mervin, pastor Baptist church, h Main. 

Humphrey John H., machinist, h Bridge. 

Humphrey Samuel, laborer, h Bridge. 

Huntley George W., r 17, farmer 151.

Huntley Sidney, r 17, laborer. 

Hurley Martin V. B., barber and dealer in cigars, Main, h River. 


Ingalls Charles H., house, carriage, sign, and ornamental painter, Depot st., h Court. 


Jarvis Peter, gardener, h River. 

Jarvis Zeb, laborer, h Main. 

Jenkins Charles, machinist, bds River st. 

Jenkins Charles W., machinist at S. R. R. repair shop, bds River. 

Jenkins George, teamster, bds River. 

Johnson Carlton, clerk, bds Court. 

Johnson Clarence C., upholsterer, bds Court. 

Johnson Lucy M., widow of Ira, h Court. 

Jones Asa S., foreman for Jones, Lamson & Co., h Ascutney,

Jones Charles J., (Jones, Lamson & Co,) (Jones & Lamson Machine Co.) h Main.

Jones, Lamson & Co., (R. L. Jones, E. E. Lamson and C. J. Jones) manufs. of ducking, sheeting, and carpet yarn, also manuf. and dealers in lumber, Main.

Jones Rufus H., fireman C. V. R. R., h River.

Jones Russell L., (Jones, Lamson & Co.) (Jones and Lamson Machine Co.) h Main.

Jones Will, works in shoe dept. Vt. state prison, h Jacob.

Jones & Lamson Machine Co., R. E. Jones, pres.; E. E. Lamson, secy; C. J. Jones, treas.; H. D. Stone, supt.; manufs. of machines, tools, lathes, planers, drilling and milling machines, automatic gear-cutting machines, wire and power feed screw machines, Main.

*JOURNAL COMPANY, A. Butler, treas.; Marsh O. Perkins, pres., sec'y and editor; Hugh Gilchrist, traveling agent; Fred Sargent, job printer; job printing and book binding, publishers of Vermont Journal and Granite State Journal, Main st. [Card on page 526.]

Judd Samuel S., prop. meat market, State, h Bridge.


Keating Thomas, laborer, h Union.

Keenan Catharine, widow of James, h Buena Vista.

Kelsey William AV., (Harlow & Kelsey,) farmer 8, h Main cor Buena Vista. 

KENDALL ELTON P., manuf. and dealer in marble work, Main, h River. 

Kendall Frank H., (Kendall & Ladd,) h Main.

KENDALL & LADD, (Frank H. K. and Fred W. L.) manufs. of granite monuments, and all kinds of cemetery work, Main.

Kent Joseph, laborer, h Union.

Kenyon Lucy A. & Abbey L., h River.

Keyes Fred C., tinsmith, h Bridge.

Kingsbury Laura W., widow of Asa D., h State.

KINIRY JAMES H., trainmaster and dispatcher, bds State.

Knight Charles J., conductor S. R. R., h Railroad avenue.

Knight Elmer, brakeman S. R. R., bds Railroad avenue.

Knight Hollis, cooper, and farmer 20, h Maple.


LaClare Charles, laborer, h off Main.

Lacy James F., coffin maker, h Buena Vista.

Lacy John G., (Windsor Coffin Co.) h Ascutney.

Lacy William, (Windsor Coffin Co.) h Union.

Ladd Celia A., widow of Caleb, h Main.

Ladd Fred W., (Kendall & Ladd,) h Main.

Lamson Eastburn E., (Jones, Lamson & Co.) (Jones & Lamson Machine Co.) one of the Prudential committee, h Main.

Lane Harriet Bradly, daughter of Horace, h Main.

Lapham Nelson, laborer, h State.

Laundry Adolphus, laborer, h Canada st.

Lawrence Samuel L., prop. of restaurant in Charlestown, N. H., h Union.

LAWRENCE WILL M. C., prop. Windsor dining rooms, and dealer in canned goods, fruits, confectionery, cigars, tobacco, etc., Main, h Union.

Leonard Wilbur, machinist, bds Ashley House.

Leslie Charles F., physician and surgeon, h Court Square.

Loughnay John, track hand on S. R. R., h Union.

Low George T., merchant tailor and agent for J. M. Haven Shirt Co., State, bds Windsor House.

Luce Orrin C., brakeman, h State.


Mann Isaac S., laborer, h Ascutney. 

Mann Jewett, retired carpenter, h Ascutney. 

Mann William H., brakeman S. R. R., bds Railroad ave. 

Marshall J., machinist, h Main. 

Martin Daniel T., retired, h Main. 

Martin Francis, laborer, h Main. 

Martin Helen A., teacher of instrumental music, bds Main. 

Mayo Frank, laborer, h Main. 

McAwley William B., machinist at S. R. R. repair shop, bds Bridge. 

McCarty John, laborer, h Main. 

McCarty Michael, farmer 8o, h Bridge cor Railroad ave. 

McCLARY HORACE P., (Hubbard & McClary) sec'y Windsor Library association, h Main. 

McClinton Joseph, engine wiper, h Buena Vista st. 

McCormick Harrison, car inspector, h Main. 

McIndoe Emily J. Miss, compositor in journal office, bds River. 

McIndoe Robert H., bds Windsor House. 

Meacham Fred E., guard in Vt. state prison, bds do. 

Meacham Horace E., engineer on S. R. R., h Bridge st. 

Meader Nathan A., laborer, h Ascutney. 

Medcalf George M., guard in Vt. state prison, bds do. 

Merchant Ed, laborer, h Main. 

Memo Alfred, laborer, h River. 

Memo Fred, laborer, h River. 

Memo Joseph, laborer, h Canada st. 

Micot Felix, laborer, h Bridge. 

Miller Harver, manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, State, h do. 

Monroe Albert, teaming, h Ascutney. 

Monroe Francis F., laborer, h Union. 

Monroe Francis F., laborer, bds Union. 

Moore Charles, laborer, h State. 

Moore David M., machinist, h State. 

Moore Samuel A. G., farmer 65, h Ascutney. 

More Solon T., butcher, h Ascutney st. 

Morgan Dana. N., farmer, owns in Cornish, N. H., 200 acres, h Main. 

MORGAN HENRY M., prop. of livery and boarding stable, Main, h do. 

Morse Frederick L., M. D., physician and surgeon, h Main. 

Morrison Eliza, widow of Lorenzo, h State. 

Morrison Sarah, widow of David, dealer in dry and fancy good, State, h do. 

Mower Samuel A. G, retired, h Ascutney. 

MOWER SOLON T., butcher for G. W. Thurston, and farmer, owns 70 acres. 

Munn Joseph, laborer, h Main. 

Murphy John, laborer, h Canada st. 


NEWMAN CHARLES H., r 17, Supt. of Windsor gas works. 

Newman Harriet, r 17, widow of Edward, owns h and lot. 

Nichols Moses F., laborer, h Maple. 

Nixon Richard, works in cotton-mill, h Union. 


OAKES EDWIN W., Supt. of Vt. state prison, residence State st., front of prison. 

Oaks Eveline, resident, h Main. 

Obrey Edwin, foreman S. R. R., h River. 

O'Brian Thomas, section foreman on C. V. R. R. for 30 years, h Railroad ave.

O'Day John, brakeman on S. R. R., h Everett. 


PAINE MILTON K., apothecary and manuf. of celery compound, North cor Main and State. h State. 

Parker Lyman, millwright, h River. 

PARKHURST LUTHER C., machinist, grape grower, h River. 

Patrick Ed., painter, h Maple. 

Patrick Orlando L., carpenter, h River. 

Patrick Robert L., (Windsor Coffin Co.) bds Main. 

Paul Charles W., clerk, bds Buena Vista st. 

Paul Henry S., machinist, h Buena Vista. 

Pecor Joseph, laborer, h River. 

Penniman Charles D., manuf. and dealer in tinware, stoves, hollow ware, copperware, glassware, &c, Main, h State. 

Perkins Edward H., farmer, h Main. 

PERKINS MARSH U., (Journal Company,) editor of Vermont Journal and Granite State journal, h Court. 

Petrie Anna, widow of Frank, h River. 

Phalan Daniel, overseer of the Ascutney Cemetery, h Ascutney. 

PHELPS MARY A., landscape painter, h State. 

Phelps Phebe F., widow of Dr. Edward, h State. 

Phillips John, telegraph operator, bds River St. 

Pierce Louisa, resident, h State. 

Pierce Willis E., conductor S. R. R., h Everett. 

Poole Lawrence V., supt. stitching department of Vermont state prison, h State. 

Proper Charles W., manuf. carriages, repairing a specialty, Depot avenue, h Stewart avenue. 

Prudehomme Simeon, shoemaker, h off Main. 


Ray Daniel L., lister. prop. Buena Vista farm of 85 acres, dairy 15 cows, dealer in milk, h Buena Vista. 

Read Varnam A., miller, h Depot. 

Reaver Joseph, printer, bds River. 

Reed George A., baggage master on Conn. R. R. R., h River.

Reed Samuel A., machinist, bds Bridge. 

Renfrew Ella, clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, bds State. 

Reynolds Francis, stone cutter, h Main. 

RICE JOSHUA G., (Wilder & Rice,) h Jacob. 

Richmond Deane, physician and surgeon, Main. 

Robinson Eugene P., teamster, h Ascutney. 

Robinson William, night watchman in cotton mill, h Union. 

Robinson William, moulder, 11 Main. 


Sabin Louisa M., bds State. 

SABIN WILLIAM H., farmer 2,000, h Main. 

SARGENT FRED, (Journal Company,) job printer, h State. 

Sargent Millard F., dealer in fruits, confectionery, tobacco and cigars, Main, h do. 

Savgne John, laborer, h off Main. 

Sawyer William W., machinist, bds Ashley House. 

Searles Urius, foreman in shoe department, Vermont state prison. h State. 

SEARS EDWARD B., janitor court house, upholsterer, prop. surf bathing house at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, open from July to September, h Union. 

SEARS THOMAS, gardener for Wm. M. Evarts, h Everett.

Shambeau John, dealer in peanuts, h Depot. 

Sheldon William R., clerk for train dispatcher, bds Windsor House. 

Sherman Charles S., pattern maker, h River. 

Silver Edward J., carpenter, h Pine. 

Silver Eliza, widow of Jesse. h Pine. 

Simonds J. H. Capt., retired, bds Windsor House. 

Simonds Joshua S., retired carpenter, h Everett. 

Skinner William H., express deliverer, h River. 

Smith Jane C., widow of Carlos, h State. 

Smith John K., laborer, h off Main. 

SMITH JUSTIN C., machinist, h State. 

Smith Martha M., widow of Charles T., h Pine. 

Smith Mary L. Miss, compositor in journal office, bds Pine. 

Smith Paulina H., widow of Benjamin S., h Bridge. 

Spaulding Abial, retired, owns h and lot. 

Spaulding Byron J., guard Vermont state prison, bds do. 

SPAULDING DAVID L., keeper Vermont state prison, h State. 

Spaulding Elisha F., machinist, thirty years in Windsor, h Main. 

Spaulding Harriet, tailoress, bds with W. Stewart. 

Spaulding Lucy, h Main. 

Stack Michael, conductor, h Main. 

Stearns Daniel, retired, h Main. 

Sterling Herbert, teamster, h Main. 

Stertevant William S., r 17, laborer. 

Stevens Alvira, widow of H. P., h Main. 

Stevens Ellen, widow of Edwin, h Main. 

Stewart Wentworth, fruit grower, gardener, and farmer 7 1/2. 

Stevens William H., invalid, h Main. 

Stocker Henry W., clerk for L. W. Stocker, h State. 

STOCKER LUTHER W., town clerk, and dealer in dry goods, clothing, groceries, and general merchandise, Main, h Main cor Union. 

Stone Edward R., hostler, bds Bridge. 

Stone George M., machinist, bds Main. 

STONE HENRY D., designer, and supt. of the Jones & Lamson Machine Co., h Main. 

Stone Sarah C., widow of Samuel, h Main. 

STONE SAMUEL N., (Tuxbury & Stone) h State. 


TARBY GEORGE R., laborer, bds State. 

TARBY LAURA M., widow of Charles H., manuf. of hair work, combings straightened and made into switches, curls, puffs, etc., h State cor Ascutney. 

TAYLOR ELIZA W., widow of John, h State. 

Tenney Susan, widow of Adolphus, h State. 

Tewell Martha O., widow, h State. 

Thebo Louis, laborer, h Depot st. 

Thompson Calvin, manuf. of wagons, carriages, etc., State, h do. 

Thompson Harrison F., fish dealer, h State. 

THOMPSON HENRY B., foreman in cutting dep't of shoe dep't. Vt. state prison, h State. 

THURSTON GEORGE W., 1st constable, prop. meat market, breeder of Yorkshire hogs, farmer 30, .Depot ave., h State.

Tibado Mador, laborer, h Main. 

Tibado Mador, Jr., laborer, h Main.

Tileston John, retired, h Main. 

Titus Martha P., (Mrs. O. W.) dressmaker, h Main. 

Titus Ozro W., car inspector, h Main. 

Tracy Mary, widow of Frank, h Buena Vista st. 

Tuxbury Charles, clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, bds Main. 

TUXBURY DWIGHT, (Tuxbury & Stone) h Main. 

Tuxbury Sarah, widow of Edward, h Main. 

TUXBURY & STONE, (Dwight Tuxbury, and Samuel N. Stone) dealers in dry goods, ready-made clothing, boots, shoes, groceries, provisions, hats, caps; carpets, etc., Main. 

TUPPER WILLIAM H., prop. livery, boarding, and sale stable, Main opposite State, h Bridge. 


Veasy Lewis, laborer, h State. 

Veazy Lucius, switchman, h State. 

VOSE AMBROSE S., photographer, dealer in picture frames, carpets, sewing machines, pianos, organs and musical instruments, Main, h do. 


Waite Fred B., carpenter and joiner, h Pine. 

Walker Slayton, assistant postmaster, bds River. 

Wardner Edward A., retired, bds Main. 

WARDNER GEORGE, treasurer of Cornish bridge, h Main. 

Wardner Hannah, widow of Dr. James, born in 1792. 

WARDNER HENRY, retired cashier of Ascutney Bank, residence, Springfield. Mass. 

Ware Louise W., widow of S. P., h Buena Vista. 

Webb Alonzo, painter, h Buena Vista. 

Welch Ed, telegraph operator, bds River. 

Wellman William F., r 20, sawyer. 

Westgate John H., shop keeper. Vermont state prison, bds do. 

Weston Anna, clerk for Tuxbury c& Stone, bds State. 

Weston C. J., manuf. and dealer in hardware, Main, h Pine. 

Weston Fletcher B., shoe cutter at Vt. state prison, h Jacob. 

Wheeler Charles, section hand on S. R. R., h Union. 

Wheeler Frank M., night watchman at depot, h State. 

Whitaker Benjamin F., clerk for M. C. & H. M. Hubbard, bds at Windsor House.

Whittaker Ellen M., widow of Charles W., h Main. 

WHITAKER FRED A., laborer, works for H. Harlow. 

Whitcomb Frank P., drug clerk, bds State. 

Whitcomb Fred, works for Wilder & Rice, bds Ashley House. 

White Chester H., machinist, h Bridge. 

White Frank M., brakeman Conn. R. R. R., bds Bridge. 

White George, laborer, h Bridge. 

WHITE LUTHER C., treasurer Windsor Savings Bank, h Pine. 

Whitney Pardon K., machinist, h Bridge. 

Whitton George T., overseer of cotton mill, h Bridge. 

Wilder Elwin C., guard in Vermont state prison, bds do. 

WILDER GERVILLE N., guard in Vermont state prison, bds do. 

WILDER JEFFERSON A., (Wilder & Rice,) b State. 

WILDER & RICE, (Jefferson A. Wilder and Joshua G. Rice,) undertakers, dealers in all kinds of furniture, mattresses and feather beds, crockery, glass and stone ware, cutlery and plated ware, wall paper, window shades and fixtures, sewing machines and needles, all kinds of furniture repaired, Main.

Williams Charles, tin peddler, h Buena Vista.

Williams Frank D., agent U. S. and Canada Express Co., h River.

WILLIAMS GEORGE E., druggist and pharmacist, dealer in pure medicines, chemicals, patent medicines, &c., also fancy goods, toilet articles, trusses and shoulder braces, stationery, also a full line of mixed paints and brushes, South st. corner Main and State, h Main.

WILLIAMS HENRY L., dentist, h corner Pine and Jacobs.

Williams Lucian O., shop keeper Vermont state prison, h Ascutney.

Williams Orlando E., locksmith, light machine work, &c., Main, h River.

Wilson William E., clerk, bds State.

WINDSOR AQUEDUCT CO., Hiram Harlow, president, office State.

WINDSOR COFFIN' CO., (Robert L. Patrick, William Lacy and John G. Lacy,) manufs. of and wholesale dealers in coffins, caskets, &c., Union.

Windsor Gas Light Co., Hiram Harlow, president; C. J. Jones, treasurer; E. E. Lamson, secretary; manufs. of oil gas, Depot avenue.

Windsor High School, Lewis D. Haskell, principal; Julia B. Jackman, assistant, State.

WINDSOR HOUSE, R. J. Coffey, proprietor; livery connected with the house, Main.

WINDSOR LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Hiram Harlow, president; H. P. McClary, secretary; E. N. Goddard, librarian; reading room at Town Hall.

Winn Edward, widow of Richard D., h Main.

Winn George T., dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry and general repairing, Main, h State.

Winn Thales B., justice of the peace and jeweler, Main, h State.

Witt George, clerk for Tuxbury & Stone, h Main.


YOUNG GEORGE S., r 7, small fruit grower, egg dealer, breeder of fancy cattle, Jersey butter a specialty, and farmer 23.

Young Ira J., retired, h Pine.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 547-557

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2007