Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad station is Claremont, N. H., three miles east, at junction of S. R. R. and C. R. R.


ADAMS CHESTER, (Perkinsville) farmer 83.

Adams George H., (Amsden) r 26, dairy 8 cows, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 175.

Adams Samuel H., (Amsden) r 26, farmer, lives with George H.

Aldrich Charles F., (Perkinsville) r 12, (Aldrich & Crockett) wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 165.

Aldrich Mary W., (Perkinsville) r 49, widow of J. M., farmer 165.

Aldrich & Crockett, (Perkinsville) r 58, (C. F. A. and O. D. C.) manufs. of apple jelly.

ALFORD FRANK S., (Perkinsville) dealer in real estate, lumber, wood, etc., farmer in Cavendish 520, in Ludlow 125, in Chester 300, in Reading 70, in Springfield 80, also 5 houses and lots, and in Mount Holly, Rutland Co., 100, also owns 179 acres of timber land in Weathersfield, and 50 in N. H., h Main.

ALFORD GEORGE S., (Perkinsville) r 41, liveryman.

Allbee Hiram S., (Perkinsville) r 39, teamster and farmer, leases of Edward Bloxsom, of Springfield, 60.

Allen Albert H., (Amsden) r 15, farmer, son of Harvey G.

Allen Charles A., (Perkinsville) r 23, farmer 210.

ALLEN HARVEY G., (Amsden) r 15, wool grower 200 sheep, and farmer 200.

AMSDEN CHARLES, (Amsden) r 25, postmaster, town treasurer, dealer in general merchandise, prop. of saw and grist-mill, manuf. of lumber and shingles, feed, Gray cement, lime, and farmer 1,000.

Amsden & Kendall (Perkinsville) (Charles Amsden and David B. Kendall) dealers in general merchandise, flour, feed, etc.

Atherton Lucius C., (Amsden) r 19, laborer at butter tub shop.


Baily Leonard H., (Ascutneyville) r 34, prop grist-mill, dealer in meal and feed, and farmer 5.

Baker Frederick (Ascutneyville) r 34, laborer.

Barnes Eli P., (Amsden) cor r 19 and 20, resident.

BARRETT CHARLES, (Amsden) r 16, wool grower 125 sheep, and farmer 136.

BARRETT GEORGE, (Perkinsville) (Barrett & Warren) town agent, farmer 60, and in Cavendish 100, Main.

Barrett Samuel, (Weathersfield) r 52, farm laborer.

BARRETT & WARREN, (Perkinsville) r 47 cor 58, (Geo. Barrett and L. P. Warren) dairy 7 cows, wool growers 150 sheep, and farmers 350.

Barrows Peter, (Amsden) r 17, laborer.

Bartley Bridget, (Perkinsville) r 39, widow of Owen, farmer 8.

Bartley John W., (Perkinsville) r 39, dress tender in cotton mill.

Bates Silas, (Perkinsville) r 40, mule spinner, and farmer about 40.

Beckley John C., (Ascutneyville) r 8, farmer 175.

Belknap Roswell N., (Ascutneyville) r 36, laborer.

Bellows Clarence E., (Ascutneyville) off r 5, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 160.

Billings Albert T., (Perkinsville) r 40, farmer, son of Joshua M.

BILLINGS JOSHUA M., (Perkinsville) r 40, farmer 100.

Bisbee Marvin E., (Amsden) r 20, teamster.

Bixby Charles, (Amsden) r 25, teamster.

Bixby Martin J., (Perkinsville) postmaster, notary public, dealer in general merchandise and millinery.

BLANCHARD FRED W., (Ascutne3 vine) r 6 cor 7, stock grower, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 220.

Bosho Joseph, (Springfield) r 62, laborer.

Boss Joseph, (Springfield) r 61, farmer 45.

Bowen George O., (Perkinsville) farmer, with Albert A. Cady.

BOWEN HENRY S., (Ascutneyville) r 8, constable, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, drugs, medicines, crockery, etc., and farmer 45.

Bowen Silas, (North Springfield) r 46, farmer 85.

BOYNTON LUTHER G., (Springfield) r 6r, wool grower 200 sheep, and farmer 240.

BOYNTON WILLIAM H., (Ascutneyville) r 13, wool grower 80 sheep, and farmer, leases of Josiah Newell's estate 150, also owns one-quarter interest in 75 acres with Josiah Newell's estate.

Bradish Clifton H., (Perkinsville) r 47, laborer.

Bradish Rosalvo, (Perkinsville) laborer, Main.

Bronson Sidney J., (Weathersfield) r 66, farmer, leases of Simon 150.

Bronson Simon, (Weathersfield, r 66, farmer 150.

Brough Charles N., (Ascutneyville) r 5, farmer 40.

Brown Alonzo, (Perkinsville) works in soapstone quarry, and farmer 30, Main.

Bryant Daniel, (Amsden) r 25, sawyer.

BURROWS BAXTER, (North Springfield) r 46, Baptist minister, breeder of grade Durham cattle, wool grower 150 sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 300, and in Chester 80.

Burt Roland P., (Ascutneyville) r 6, farmer 20.

Butterfield Horace, (Weathersfield) r 60, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

BUTTERFIELD MELVIN A., (Weathersfield) r 68, painter and paper hanger.

Butterfield Stephen W., (Springfield) r 60, farmer, with Charles Mudgett, also owns 14 acres, and in Chester 50.


CABOT LYMAN F., (Ascutneyville) r 4, stock grower, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer 300.

Cady Albert A., (Perkinsville) r 47, farmer 80.

CADY CHARLES E., (Ascutneyville) r 5, farm laborer, h and lot.

Cady Delos, (Ascutneyville) r 5, resident.

Call Edwin I., (Perkinsville) son of Joseph A.

CALL JOSEPH A., (Perkinsville) prop. of cotton mill, manuf. of cotton cloth, and farmer 50, Main.

Chamberlain Amia (Amsden) r 4, widow of Solomon A., farmer 90.

Chamberlain Edgar T., (Perkinsville) off r 49, farmer 130.

Chamberlain Henry, (Perkinsville) off r 49, farmer, in West Windsor 50.

Chamberlin Herbert A., (Perkinsville) r 49, farm laborer.

Chamberlin Nathaniel, (Ascutneyville) off r 13, farmer 80.

Chamberlin Romeo M., (Amsden) r 4, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, wool grower, 200 sheep, and farms 300 acres for O. H. Leland, of Waco, Texas.

Chamberlin Thomas S., (Perkinsville) r 49, farmer 9.

Chilson Philena D., (Perkinsville) widow of Tyrus, Main.

Chittenden Daniel B., (North Springfield) r 43, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 200.

Coburn Martin, (Amsden) r 20, laborer.

Colston Alphonzo B., (Weathersfield Center) r 29, farmer, leases of Amos Noyes 40.

Comstock Hosea R., (Ascutneyville) off r 6, farmer 20.

Comstock Philo, (Ascutneyville) r 4, laborer.

Cone Harley S., (Ascutneyville) r 10, farmer 30.

Cone Lyman H., (Weathersfield Center) r 36, farmer, leases of Henry P. Tolls 90.

Conner Charles M., (Amsden) r 3, farm laborer.

Cook Abby Miss, (Perkinsville) seamstress, High.

Covell Lucius G., (Anrsden) r 21, farmer 140.

Cram Lucian B., (Perkinsville) r 37, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 149, and in Cavendish 50.

Cram William C., (Perkinsville) manuf, of carriages and sleighs, and general repair shop, Main.

Crandall Charles, (Weathersfield Center) r 50, farmer 80.

Crockett Oren D., (Perkinsviile) r 49, (Aldrich S Crockett,) dairy 10 cows, and farmer, leases of Mary W. Aldrich 165.


DARE HENRY H., (Ascutneyville) off r 36, agent for plows, harrows, cultivators, and all kinds of cast-iron farm implements, wool grower 115 sheep, and farmer 240.

DANFORTH LOUISA C., (Weathersfield) r 68, postmaster.

Dannatt Robert A., (Ascutneyville) r 7, wool grower 190 sheep, and farmer 22. 

Dannett Robert A., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer, son of Thomas A.

Dannett Thomas A., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer 90.

Dartt Abbie A., (Perkinsville) r 47, widow of Frank, farmer about 70.

DARTT JUST US Hon.,  (Ascutneyville) r 8, state supt. of education, state senator, and notary public.

Davis Albert, (North Springfield) r 59, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 170 and in Chester 140,

DAVIS DANIEL H., (Windsor) r 8, breeder of pure Devon cattle, registered, and Merino sheep, wool grower 300 sheep, and farmer 400.

Davis Frank, (Ascutneyville) r 31, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer, leases of Jonas 73. Davis 175.

DAVIS JONAS B., (Acutneyville) r 31, blacksmith, and farmer 175.

Davis Joseph S., (North Springfield) r 41, dairy 12 cows, stock grower, and farmer 147.

Davis Sarah, (Springfield) r 62, (Mrs. Jonathan) farmer 4.

DeGoosh Alexander, (Perkinsvllle) r 27, farmer 45.

Desmond John, (Perkinsville) r 39, soapstone cutter, and farmer 15.

Dickerson Shepperd A., (Amsden) r 19, farmer 20.

Dickinson Hubbard B., (Amsden) r 26, farmer 160.

Dickinson Orrison, (Amsden) r 26, farmer, with Hubbard B.

Diggins Edward M., (Perkinsville) r 44, laborer.

Diggins Francis A., (Perkinsville) r 38, farmer 130.

Diggins John H., (Perkinsville) r 28, farmer 230.

Diggins Martin, (Ascutneyville) r 8, farmer 165.

Diggins Minerva, (Ascutneyville) r 12, widow of George, farmer 10.

Diggins Sanborn M., (Ascutneyville) r 12, farmer, leases of Martin Diggins. 

DIVOLL ABRAHAM L., (Weathersfield) r 64, farmer, son of Joseph.

DIVOLL JOHN, (Springfield) r 57, wool grower 110 sheep, and farmer 150.

DIVOLL JOHN H., (Weathersfield) r 64, farmer, son of Joseph.

DIVOLL JOSEPH, (Weathersfield) r 64, farmer 56.

DOWNER'S HOTEL, (Amsden) r cor 20 and 21, Roswell Downer, prop.

DOWNER ROSWELL, (Amsden) r cor 20 and 2 r, prop. hotel, dealer in wool, and farmer 188, in Cavendish 350, and in Reading 138,

Downs Chandler, (Perkinsville) r 44, carpenter.

Drury Daniel, (Weathersfield Center) r 57, resident.

DUNCAN SAMUEL O. C., (Perkinsville) r 37, butcher, and farmer 27.

DUNSMOOR EBENEZER, (Felchville) r 1, wool grower 63 sheep, and farmer 110, and in Ludlow 140.

Dunsmoor John E., (Felchville) r 1, farmer, son of Ebenezer.

Dunster Aaron, (Perkinsville) r 24, farmer 20.

DWYER THOMAS, (North Springfield) r 60, wool grower 54 sheep, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 135.

Dyke Carlos E., (Perkinsville) carpenter and joiner, Main.

Dyke Elijah A., (Perkinsville) carpenter and joiner, Main.


Ely George, (Ascutneyville) r 12, laborer.


Fairbanks Myron H., (North Springfield) r 41, laborer.

Fallonsbee Orin M., (Amsden) r 4, laborer.

Farnum Joseph, (Amsden) r 25, prop. of mail route from Felchville to Windsor.

FARWELL JOEL C., (Amsden) r 26, wool grower 200 sheep, dealer in cattle and sheep, and farmer 200.

Farwell John, (Ascutneyville) r 33, farmer 12.

Farwell Martha A., (Ascutneyville) r 8, widow of Darius, farmer 5.

FELLOWS EDWIN P., (Weathersfield) r 70, farmer 108.

Fellows John H., (Weathersfield Center) r 30, farmer 130.

FIELD JOHN P., (Ascutneyville) off r 4, wool grower 90 sheep, and farmer 160.

Fisher Edgar L., (Perkinsville) teacher, High.

Fisher John C., (Perkinsville) farmer, High.

Fisher Lyman M., (Perkinsville) retired farmer, High.

FITCH GEORGE, (Ascutneyville) r 8, gardener and grower of small fruits, and farmer 10.

FLETCHER PERKINS E., (Felchville) r 1, wool grower 140 sheep, and farmer 160.

Forbush Warren A., (Amsden) r 17, stock grower, caterer at fairs, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 300.

Foul Charles, (Weathersfield) r 68, laborer.

Frail James J., (Amsden) r 25, laborer.

Freeman Elisha L., (Ascutneyville) r 5, farmer 75.

Freeman John B., (Perkinsville) r 27, farm laborer.

French Zethan, (Amsden) r 23, laborer.


GAGE NEWTON, (Ascutneyville) r 8 cor 10, postmaster, farmer 4.

Gardner Charles H., (Ascutneyville) r 30, farmer 16.

GARDNER DEWITT C., (Perkinsville) r 40, Supt. Of Windsor Co. Soapstone Works.

Gill Robert B., (Weathersfield) r 18, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150.

Glynn Ira M., (Amsden) r 23, laborer.

Going Abijah B., (Springfield) r 63, farmer 350.

Going Fred C., (Springfield) r 63, farmer, leases of Abijah B. 117.

GOLDSMITH JAMES H., (Weathersfield Center) r 49, postmaster, wool grower 175 sheep, and farmer 50, also farms 150 for James W.

GOLDSMITH JAMES W., (Weathersfield Center) r 49, farmer 150. 

Goodell John, (Amsden) r 1, carpenter and joiner. 

Gould Frank, (Perkinsville) laborer, Main. 

GOULD FRANK E., (Amsden) r 28, dealer in sheep, wool grower, and farmer 350. 

Gould Horace D., (Amsden) r 4, farmer 30. 

Gould Humphrey, (Perkinsville) farmer, Main. 

GOULD JOHN, (Amsden) r 1, highway surveyor, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 100, and in Cavendish 15. 

Gowing Electa, (Perkinsville) r 44, widow of Nathaniel, resident. 

GOWING LUCIAN E., (Perkinsville) r 28, farmer 120. 

GREGG GEORGE G., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer 200. 

Grimes Bradford, (Amsden.) r 21, farmer 50. 

Grout Oscar J., (Ascutneyville) r 4, farmer, son of Warren. 

GROUT VOLNEY, (Amsden) r 17, stock grower, wool grower 150 sheep, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 150. 

Grout Warren, (Ascutneyville) r 4, wool grower 54 sheep, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 190. 

Guild Almon N., (Perkinsville) r 37, farmer 105. 


Hadley Charles L., (Weathersfield Center) r 57, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 130. 

Hadley Frank J., (Weathersfield Center) r 57, farmer, son of Charles L. 

Hagar John W., (Amsden) r 17. mason, and farmer 160. 

Halcord Samuel, (Perkinsville) r 24, mule spinner in cotton mill. 

Hall M. Lizzie, (Perkinsville) widow of Fred W., supt. of schools. 

Hall Ransom S., (Ascutneyville) r 11, farmer 100. 

HAMILTON SIMEON F., (Ascutneyville) r 30, farmer 65. 

HAMMOND ADALINE Mrs., (Perkinsville) (Mrs. Jabez.) 

HAMMOND JABEZ, (Perkinsville) justice of the peace, manuf. of tinware, dealer in stoves, tinware, and kitchen furnishing goods, Main. 

Hammond Luther, (Amsden) r 17, farmer 115. 

Harlow William C., (Ascutneyville) r 12, resident. 

Haskell Leverett, (Weathersfield) r 68, resident. 

Haskell Mariette T., (Ascutneyville) r 11, widow of J. Reed, farmer 70. 

Haskell Perry, (Ascutneyville) r 12, farmer 100, and in Reading 35. 

Haskell William, (Weathersfield) r 68, farmer  70. 

Hastings Charles T., (Perkinsville) r 45, farmer 32. 

Hatch Freeman, (Weathersfield) r 66, farmer 20. 

Hathorn Colbert, (Amsden) r 17, general repair shop, and farmer 140. 

Hawks Mountain House, (Perkinsville) David F. McIntire, prop., Main. 

Haywood Percival P., (North Springfield) r 41 cor 43, farmer 70. 

Herrick Edward E., (Perkinsville) r 44, teamster. 

Hesseltine Nathaniel, (Amsden) r 25, laborer. 

Hicks Ambrose, (Weathersfield Center) r 30, retired farmer. 

HICKS HARLAND H., (Perkinsville) constable and collector, freight and express agent, dealer in all kinds of carriages and sleighs, cross springs a specialty, also dealer in stoves of all kinds, and farmer 8, Main. 

Hicks Milton A., (Weathersfield) r 69, school teacher. 

Hicks Myron E., (Weathersfield) r 69, farmer 61. 

Hicks Walter, (Weathersfield Center) r 30, farmer 150. 

Hill Clark D., (Amsden) r 3, breeder of grade Durham cattle, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 140, served in 16th Reg. Vermont Vols. 

Hitchcock George E., (Ascutneyville) r 8, farmer, with Lemuel.

Hitchcock Henry S., (Ascutneyville) r 8 cor 10, resident.

Hitchcock Lemuel, (Ascutneyville) r 8, farmer, leases of Lewis Haskell, of Windsor, 80.

Hobson Thomas, (Perkinsville) r 39, farmer 21.

Hodgman Paschall P., (Ascutneyville) r 8, resident.

Hoisington Byron, (Amsden) r 20, laborer.

Hoisington David, (Amsden) r 25, blacksmith.

Hoisington Frank, (Amsden) r 25, laborer.

Hoisington Lucian, (Perkinsville) r 40, soapstone cutter.

Holden Ira, (Perkinsville) r 45, soapstone worker, and farmer 30.

Howell George, (Perkinsville) boss spinner in cotton-mill, Main.

Hubbard G. Frank, (Weathersfield) r 68, farmer.

Hubbard James, (Ascutneyville) r 8, wool buyer, dealer in cattle and sheep.

HUBBARD THADDEUS F., (Ascutneyville) r 34, dealer in cattle and horses, and farmer 200.

HUNT LEAVITT COL., (Weathersfield) r 65, sawyer and farmer.

Hutchinson Theodore L., (Amsden) r 27, teamster.


JACKMAN EDWIN S., (Ascutneyville) r 35, lister, justice of the peace, school teacher, and farmer 70.

Jackman Gertrude O. Miss, (Ascutneyville) r 35, teacher in center primary Windsor high school.

Jackson Frank, (Amsden) r 1, laborer.

Jarvis, Frank, (Ascutneyville) r 30, farmer, leases of Alexander Sears, of Hartland, 80.

Jesmer Sarah A., (Amsden) r 20, widow of David, resident.

Jones Charles W., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer, leases of Charles B. Dartt, of Windsor, 150.

Jones Sylvester H., (Weathersfield) r 68, mail carrier from Weathersfield to Clairmont, N. H ,and farmer, leases of Everett Wheeler, of New York.


Kendall David B., (Perkinsville) (Amsden & Kendall.)

Kendall George W., (Felchville) r 1, wool grower 42 sheep, and farmer 115.

Kendall Warren C., (Ascutneyville) r 6, farmer 16.

Kenney George W., (Perkinsville) r 44, selectman, highway surveyor, and farmer 1.

KIMBALL CHAUNCEY M., (Ascutneyville) r 4, farmer, owns one-half of 80 acres with Mrs. Emeline Mitchell.

Knights Charles W., (Amsden) r 21, farmer 110. 

Knights Everett W., (Perkinsville) r 44, wheelwright and carriage maker.

Knights John P., (Amsden) r 27, prop. of cider-mill, and farmer 100, and served in 16th Regt., Vt. Vols.

Knights Mary, (Amsden) r 21, widow of Arab B., aged 83 years.


Lawton Frank L., (North Springfield) r 46, dairy 10 cows, and farmer, works on shares for Baxter Burrows 380.

Leet Reuben T., (Ascutneyville) off r 5, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 130.

Leighton Ava W., (Ascutneyville) r 10, wholesale cordage dealer, and farmer 1 1/2.

Leland Fred A., (Perkinsville) off r 41, farmer, son of Joseph W.

LELAND JOSEPH W., (Perkinsville) off r 41, dairy 10 cows, stock grower, farmer 172, and in Baltimore 50.

Leland Willie, (Springfield) farm laborer, 43 acres.

Leland Willard H., (North Springfield) r 43, farm laborer.

Litchfield Melinda, (Weathersfield) r 65, widow of Ira, farmer 140.

Litchfield William, (Ascutneyville) r 35, farmer 132.

Lockwood Alvin T., (North Springfield) r 46, farmer 25.

Lockwood Leverett H., (North Springfield) r 46, farmer, son of Alvin T.

LORD EDWIN B., (Felchville) r 1, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer 165.

LOVEJOY LOTHARIO L., (Ascutneyville) r 12, farmer 100.


Mahoney Edward, (Amsden) cor r 20 and 21, laborer.

Marcy Edward W., (Perkinsville) tin peddler, and dealer in furs, hides, pelts, etc., Main.

Marden Albert L., (Perkinsville) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Marshall Romanzo, (North Springfield) r 41, peddler.

Martin Cullen E., (Ascutneyville) r 8, dealer in poultry, clerk for H. S. Bowen, and farmer, leases of Minerva Diggins 10.

MARTIN HORACE M., (Perkinsville) auctioneer, and farmer 45, also owns 3 houses and lots, h Main.

McIntire David F., (Perkinsville) millwright, and prop. of Hawks Mountain House, Main.

McIntire Frank G., (Perkinsville) wheelwright and millwright.

McIntire James C., (Perkinsville) general mechanic, Main.

Meekins C. A., (Perkinsville) works for J. S. Call.

Mitchell Emeline, (Ascutneyville) r 4, widow of Bradley, farmer, owns onehalf of 80 acres, with Chauncey M. Kimball.

MITCHELL HENRY E., (Ascutneyville) r 4, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100.

Moore Abel H., (Perkinsville) r 40, farmer 19.

Moore Charles H., (Ascutneyville) r 8 cor 12, (G. C. Moore & Son.)

Moore George C., (Ascutneyville) r 8 cor 12, (G. C. Moore& Son) assistant postmaster, farmer in New Hampshire 50.

Moore G. C. & Son, (Ascutneyville) r 8 cor 12, (Geo. C. and Chas. H.,) dealers in general merchandise and country produce, and farmer, leases of Mrs. E. Newell, of Montpelier, 20.

MORSE ABNER H., (Ascutneyville) r 36, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, leases of Hiram S. 150.

MORSE HIRAM S., (Ascutneyville) r 36, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 150.

MUDGETT CHARLES, (Springfield) r 60, justice of the peace, wool grower 130 sheep, and farmer 100, in Andover 300, and in Chester 50.

Mudgett J. Loren, (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer 100.

Murray Allen, (Ascutneyville) r 7, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 62, and mountain land 50.

Murray John, (Amsden) r 20, farmer, with Josephus Streeter.


Newell Avis, (Ascutneyville) r 12, widow of Walter.

NEWELL CHARLES W., (Amsden) r 18, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 130.

Newell Francis A., (Ascutneyville) r 5, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 125.

Newell Otis, (Amsden) r 28, for Frank D. Gould, dealer in hides, pelts, cattle, sheep, etc,

Newell Wilbur F., (Ascutneyville) r 10, farmer 12.

Newell William, (Felchville) r 1, bricklayer and plasterer, and farmer 16.

Newton Ora, (Springfield) r 70, farmer 110.

NICHOLS CHARLES H., (Perkinsville) r 37, farmer.

NICHOLS FREDERICK H., (Perkinsville) r 37, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 225 sheep, farmer 275, and in Cavendish 100.

Noyes Amos S., (Weathersfield Center) r 29, farmer 25.

Noyes William A., (Perkinsville) r 61, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 125.


O'Leary Nancy, (Perkinsville) r 39, widow of Timothy, farmer 11.


Paine Laura E., (Perkinsville) widow of Willard, resident, Main.

Parker Enoch C., (Amsden) r 20, farmer 44.

Pendleton Edward, (Ascutneyville) r 34, farmer, about 100.

Perkins Betsy, (Perkinsville) r 45, widow of Luther.

PERKINS JAMES C., (Weathersfield Center) r 48, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer r 170.

Perkins Jerusha, (Perkinsville) resident, Main.

PERKINS PAUL R., (Weathersfield Center) r 48, retired farmer.

Perry George, (Amsden) r 25, miller.

Perry William, (Amsden) r 25, clerk for Chas. Amsden.

Phillips Lucian, (Amsden) r 20, laborer.

Pierce Samuel B., (Felchville) r 1, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150, and in Cavendish about 150.

Pike Alvin A., (Perkinsville) off r 37, farmer 140.

Pike Martin, (Perkinsville) r 27, farmer 100.

PINGRY WILLIAM M., (Perkinsville) assistant town clerk, master in chancery, notary public, attorney and counselor at law, agent Vt. Mutual Ins. Co., surveyor, and farmer 86, Main st.

Piper George H., (North Springfield) r 43, farmer 40.

Piper Perry B., (North Springfield) r 4r, farmer 11.

Porter Eleazer, (Ascutneyville) r 12, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer, leases 100 acres of D. F. Porter, of Kansas.

Pratt Benjamin, (North Springfield) r 43, basket maker.

PRATT FRANK L., (Perkinsville) r 44, general blacksmith.

Pratt Levi P. Mrs., (Perkinsville) r 44, resident.

Pratt Lynus M., (Perkinsville) general mechanic, Main.

PRESTON ALBERT, (Ascutneyville) r 4, agent for all the principal insurance companies, dealer in all kinds of mowing machines, horse rakes, St. Albans threshing machines and horse powers, harrows, cultivators, and all kinds of agricultural implements, also dealer in cattle and horses, breeder of Durham cattle, and farmer 200.

PUTNAM FRED E., (Weathersfield Center) r 48, selectman, wool grower 250 sheep, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 375.


Randall Lyman N., (Ascutneyville) r 35, farmer, works town farm of 100.

Read George A., (Perkinsville) r 24, supt. cotton mill.

Read Lucinda, (Perkinsville) widow of James, resident, Main.

Reed Henry II., (Ascutneyville) off r 5, wool grower 130 sheep, farmer 125, and of mountain land 75.

Reed James, (Ascutneyville) r 5, retired farmer.

Reed Webster, (Amsden) r 16, dealer in sheep and cattle, wool grower 500 sheep, and farmer 150.

Rice Bela F., (Weathersfield Center) off r 49, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 125.

Rice Charles N., (Perkinsville) r 41, weaver at cotton mill.

Rice Lysander M., (Ascutneyville) r 34, carpenter and joiner.

Rice Oscar F., (Weathersfield Center) off r 49, farmer, son of Bela F.

Richardson Dan C., (Perkinsville) trapper, and dealer in furs, Main.

Robinson Charlotte, (Perkinsville) widow of Marvin, Main.

ROBINSON ELROY C., (Perkinsville) town representative, town auditor, commercial traveler for Henry Collender & Co., of Boston.

ROBINSON MELVIN G., (Perkinsville) r 44, prop. of saw and grist-mill, manuf. and dealer in lumber, chair-stock, carriage-stock, carriages and sleighs, cab-stock, and all kinds of wooden ware, dealer in mill supplies, farmer 12, and timber land 110.

Rollingston Joseph, (Ascutneyville) r 29, laborer.

Roundy Mary M., (Perkinsville) widow of N. B., farmer 40, Main.

Roundy Royal B., (Perkinsville) lawyer, bds Hawks Mountain House.

Rowell Mary, (Amsden), r 1, widow of Sylvanus, resident.

ROYS FRANKLIN B., (Perkinsville) r 23, farmer 75.

Rugg William H., (Perkinsville) Baptist clergyman, Main.

Rumrill John, (North Springfield) r 43, farmer 2.

Rumrill Levi, (Perkinsville) r 46, farm laborer.

Rumrill Millard F., (North. Springfield) r 43, farmer, son of John.

Rumrill Moses C., (North Springfield) r 43, laborer.

Russell Noadiah, (Felchville) r 1, farmer 7.

Ryder Fanny W., (Perkinsville) r 24, widow of Isaac D., resident.


Sargent Albert, (Weathersfield) r 66, farmer 64.

Scott Zora, (Perkinsville) harness maker, Main.

Shedd George C., Jr., (Perkinsville) bed renovator, works in factory.

Sheldon Charles F., (Perkinsville) commercial traveller for Saville, Somes & Co., of Boston, h Main.

SHELDON GEORGE W., (Weathersfield) r 68, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer, leases of Jarvis estate 200.

SHERMAN GEORGE R., (Ascutneyville) r 12, manuf. butter tubs, sap buckets, sap holders and cider, carpenter and joiner, wheelwright and general repair shop, farmer 21.

Sherwin Norman P., (Perkinsville) farm laborer, Main.

Slayton Abel (Felchville) off r 2, farmer about 150.

SLAYTON MARTHA C., (Felchville) r 2, widow of Addison, farmer 170.

Sloan James A., (Ascutneyville) r 10, laborer.

Smart Joseph, (Ascutneyville) r 34 carpenter and joiner.

Smith Charles, (Ascutneyville) r 6, laborer.

Smith Henry L, (Weathersfield Center) r 29, farmer, with Charles P. Warren.

Spafford John, (Amsden) r 1 cot 19, justice of the peace, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 120.

SQUIRE HORACE R., (Amsden) r 26, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 150, and in Reading 100.

Stanley Hiram A., (Perkinsville) r 40, carpenter and joiner.

Stearns Lorenzo, (Perkinsville) r 28, breeder of Lambert horses, and farmer 100.

STEARNS OTIS, (Perkinsville) r 41, dairy 9 cows, wool grower 50 sheep, stock grower, farmer 175, and in Baltimore 75.

Stearns Walter D., (Perkinsville) r 41, teamster.

STEELE ALFRED, (Perkinsville) works in Springfield foundry, h Main.

Stevens Olin, (North Springfield) r 42, farmer 20.

STOCKIN MARCUS C., (Felchville) r 1, dealer in poultry and country produce, wool grower too sheep, farmer 30, and in Cavendish 55.

STOUGHTON JOHN P., (Perkinsville) r 38, farmer 60.

Streeter Alfred, (Amsden) r 19 cor 20, wool grower 120 sheep, farmer 200.

STREETER CHARLES W., SR., (Weathersfield) r 75, farmer 70.

Streeter Charles W., Jr., (Weathersfield) r 65, farmer, leases of Mrs. Malinda Litchfield 140.

STREETER JOSEPHUS, (Amsden) r 20, wool grower 100 sheep, stock grower, farmer 250.

Streeter Oscar J., (Amsden) r 19 cor 20, manuf. of butter tubs, wheelwright, and general repair shop.

Strow Sarah H. (Amsden) r 4, widow of I. A., farmer 65.


Taylor Henry A., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer 45.

Thrasher DeWitt C., (Ascutneyville) r 7 cor 8, notary public, dealer in country produce, stock grower, and farmer 600.

Tolles Clifford N., (Perkinsville) r 47, farmer, son of Warren J.

TOLLES FRANKLIN, (Weathersfield) r 52, farmer 235.

TOLLES HENRY P., (Weathersfield Center) r 36, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer 300.

Tolles Horace F., (Weathersfield) r 52, farmer, leases of Franklin Tolles 235.

Tolles Martha, (Perkinsville) widow of Clark. resident, High.

TOLLES WARREN J., (Perkinsville) r 47, farmer 200.

Towns Sardine, (Amsden) teamster.

Treest Almira S., (Perkinsville) Main.

Trussell Albert G., (Perkinsville) r 45, farmer 35.

Trussell Harvey M., (Perkinsville) r 45, canvassing agent.

Trussell Joanna; (Perkinsville) r 44, widow of Lorenzo, farmer 18.

Tuttle John, (Ascutneyville) r 34, farmer 20.


Upham Drucilla, (Perkinsville) r 44, resident.

Upham Francis F., (Perkinsville) r 44, farmer 15.

UPHAM FRANCIS G., (Ascutneyville) r 12, 1st selectman, overseer of the poor, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 175.

Upham Gilbert S., (Ascutneyville) r 10, carpenter and joiner.

UPHAM JOSEPH. (Ascutneyville) r 10, farmer 50.

Upham Joshua; (Springfield) r 61, lister, dairy 10 colt's, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 200, and in Baltimore 100.

Upham Maria Miss, (Perkinsville) r .44, resident.


Vaughan John, (Ascutneyville) r 35, resident, aged 83 years.


Walker Charles D., (Perkinsville) r 23, carpenter and joiner, wool grower 140 sheep, and farmer 200.

Wardner Calvin L., (Amsden) r 27, laborer.

Wardner Charles L., (Amsden) r 27, laborer.

Wardner Joseph, (Amsden) r 27, resident.

Warren Asahel B., (Weathersfielcl) r 69, carriage-maker, and carpenter and joiner.

WARREN CHARLES P., (Weathersfield Center) r 29, dairy 12 cows, stock grower, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer, leases of Edson Chamberlin's estate 300.

WARREN LUTHER P., (Perkinsvil!e) r 47 cor 58, (Barrett & Warren) dairy 15 cows, wool grower 215 sheep, sugar orchard 350 trees, stock grower, and farmer 325, and in Cavendish 130.

Wells George, (Ascutneyville) r 8, Methodist minister.

WESTON JAMES, (Ascutneyville) r 29, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 800.

Wheeler Artemas H., (Perkinsville) r 41, carpenter, and farmer 112. Served in 10th Vt. Regt., promoted from private to 1st lieutenant.

Wheeler Daniel F., (Perkinsville) r 41, farmer, leases of Artemas H.

Wheeler Daniel H., (Ascutneyville) r 8, resident.

Wheeler Henry A., (Perkinsville) r 44, sawyer and turner.

WHIPPLE CHARLES F., (Weathersfield) r 68, wool grower 170 sheep, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 245.

Whittaker Elijah, (Ascutneyville) r 33, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 160.

Whittaker John, (Ascutneyville) r 34, farmer 80. 

Whitcomb Leonard, (Amsden) r 25, laborer. 

Whitten Mancy, (Perkinsville) widow of Samuel J., Main. 

Willett Thomas, (Weathersfield) r 52, farmer 113. 

Willett Thomas, (Ascutneyville) r 29, laborer. 

Willis Elliot E., (Amsden) r 21, farmer, leases of John Weed, of New York, 94. 

Wilson George G., (Ascutneyville) r 36, farmer about 80. 

Wilson Roxanna, (Perkinsville) widow of Joseph, resident, h Main. 

WINDSOR CO. SOAPSTONE WORKS, (Perkinsville) r 40, D. C. Gardner, supt., manuf. of soapstones, soapstone sinks, cisterns, register frames, oven bottoms, griddles, wash tubs, fire places, stoves, and stove and range linings, factory at Barrett's Junction, Mass. 

Wood William, (Perkinsville) r 62, farmer.

Woodbury Joseph A., (Perkinsville) cor r 37 and 38, wool grower 93 sheep, and farmer 150. 

WRIGHT JOHN M., (Ascutneyville) r 34, farmer 85. 

Wright Minot, (Ascutneyville) r 12, farmer 100. 


York Henry, (Perkinsville) farmer 11, High. 

YOUNG MERRICK M., (Weathersfield) r 65, farmer, leases of Daniel L. Bowen 100.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 522-534. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006