Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad stations are Springfield, N. H., 4 Miles cast, on Sullivan R. R., and Gassett’s, 8 miles West, on Rut. Div. C. V. R. R.


Adams Calvin, laborer, h Valley.

ALLBE ALBERT M., attorney at law, United States commissioner, office in Woolson's block, h Pearl.

Allbe Lucretia, widow of Wm. H., resident, h Main.

Aldrich Benjamin F., cashier of First National Bank, h Pleasant st.

Andrews Nathaniel W., sec'y for Vermont novelty works, h Union st.


Bailey George W. Rev., Universalist minister, h Park cor Myrtle.

Bailey Willard, laborer, h Valley st.

Balch James S., teamster, h Valley.

Ball Curtis M., works in scythe snath factory, h Main.

Ball Franklin P., (Vermont Snath Co.) residence Bellows Falls, Windham Co.

BARNEY FRANKLIN, dealer in all kinds of marble and granite, both foreign and American, manufacturer of monumental work, tablets, head-stones, etc., Park, h Summer.

Barney Franklin, Jr., marble worker and finisher, h Main.

Barnard Daminiquee, laborer, h River.

Barrett Moses S., retired lumberman, farmer 5, h High.

Barron Fred A., molder, h River.

Barron Jane A., widow of R. L, resident, h River.

Basion Jerry, laborer, h Orchard.

Bass Thomas M. Rev., pastor of the Congregational church, h Pleasant.

BATES THEOPHILUS, residence New York city, retired, bds Summer.

Beard Orrin Tr., works for Derby, Ball & Co., getting out cythe snaths sticks.

Bigelow Saraf, widow of Baxney, dress and cloak maker, Main h do.

Bingham Abner C., carpenter and builder, and farmer 5, h Summer Place.

Bingham Albert B., son of A. G., foundryman, bds Summer Place.

Bingham George E., molder, h Main.

Bingham Sarah Miss, resident, h Valley St.

Bisbee Byron G., son of Jonah, laborer.

BISBEE CHARLES E., resident, h Union.

Bisbee Elvira F., widow of Aaron, farmer 160, h Summer.

Bisbee Jonah, carpenter and builder, h cor Summer and Pleasant.

BIXBY JOHN H., wood worker for Vt. Snath Co., h Clinton.

Blanchard Amos, laborer, h Summer.

Blanchard Amos, Jr., horse trader, h Main.

Blodd Edgar E., surgical and mechanical dentist, Main, h do.

Bloxson Edward G., stone mason, h Clinton.

Boston & Northern Telephone Company, Norris, Pollard & Co. managers, office at Norris & Pollard's drug store.

Boutelle Hiland T., machinist, h Summer Hill. 

Bowers James, house painter, h River. 

Bowman Susie, dry goods clerk, bds Valley St. 

Boyington James, painter, g Union. 

Brady John, works in woolen mill, h Mount Vernon. 

Brink Charles D., (Slack & Brink) bds Valley. 

Britton Rodney G., supt. and treas, of Vermont Novelty Works, h South St. 

BRONSON SIMON N., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, Main, h Valley St. 

Brown Adna, agent for Park & Woolson Machine Company, and town representative, h Summer. 

Brown Albert, (D. M. Smith & Co.) farmer 10, h Main. 

Brown David R., works in cabinet shop, h Union. 

Brown Edmund, machinist, h Prospect. 

Bugbee Levi J., stone mason, h Park. 

BURKE EDMUND C., molder for Vermont Snath Co., h Summer St. 

Burke John, farm laborer, h Orchard. 

Burke Udney, retired merchant, aged 77 years, h Summer. 

Burnham Edward, laborer, h Mineral. 

Burpee Charles, carpenter and builder, bds Summer Hill. 

Burpee Warren, carpenter and builder. 


Cain Cornelius, Works in woolen factory, h Union. 

Carmody James, tonsorial artist, rooms Springfield Hotel, h Mineral. 

Carpenter Helon M., blacksmith for Vermont Novelty Works, h Clinton. 

CARR CARRIE E., (Wright & Carr) h Main. 

Carroll Bridget, widow, h Main. 

Cass John M., laborer, h Main. 

Cass baton M., teamster, h River. 

Chapin George L., tinsmith, h Main. 

Chipman Almira, widow of James, h River. 

Chipman Gracie B., widow of John, h Summer. 

Chipman James, works in cabinet shop, h Park. 

Chipman Samuel L., route agent from Springfield, Mass., to Newport, Vt., h Summer. 

Choate Maggie A., tailoress, bds Main. 

Clissold Fred, spinner, h River. 

Cobb Silas J., works in cabinet shop, h Main. 

Cobb William H., (Cobb & Derby,) h Summer. 

Cobb & Derby, (Win. H. C. and Granville S. D.) props. of Springfield gristmill, and dealers in flour, feed, and grain, dairy 20 cows, milk dealers, and farmers 200. 

Coburn Ansel O., tinsmith, h High. Coburn Sylvester, retired farmer, h High. 

COLBURN EMILY E., widow of Joseph W., resident, h Main. 

Colburn Lewis, farmer, h Union. 

COLBURN ROBERT M., president of the Cheshire bridge corporation, farmer 300, and in Charlestown, N. H., 250. 

Comstock John M., president of the Springfield graded school, h Union. 

Conell Patrick, works in woolen mill. h Mount Vernon. 

Cook Aurelian J., laborer, h Park. 

COOK EDGAR M., (Cook & Eaton,) bds River St. 

COOK & EATON, (E. M. Cook and L. E. Eaton,) manuf. of cigars, dealer in tobacco, cigars, pipes, etc., Main St. 32

COOK EVERETT B., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, Main cor Summer, h Valley st. 

Cook Franklin A., house painter, h Prospect. 

Cook Mary, widow, h Clinton. 

Cooper Alanson L. Rev., presiding elder of Springfield district. 

Corbett Margaret, widow of Michael, resident, h Main. 

Cormody Thomas, peddler, h Mount Vernon. 

Cox Benjamin G., manuf. of brick, and farmer, h Valley. 

Crain Helen A. Mrs., resident, h Summer. 

Cutler Charles, (Noyes & Cutler) dealer in all kinds of sewing machines, and upholsterer, h Clinton. 

Cutler Charles P., carpenter and builder, h Myrtle. 

Cutler John D., carpenter and builder, h Clinton. 


Damon Schuyler, laborer, h Mineral. 

DAMON QUINCY, carpenter and builder, works in Vermont Novelty Works, h South cor Mineral. 

DANA BENJAMIN F., director of National Bank, dealer in wool, h Summer. 

Davis Egbert C., laborer, h Clinton. 

Davis Frank A., works in Springfield toy shop, h Prospect. 

Davis Ira, retired machinist, h Pleasant. 

Demary John, clerk for M. W. Newton, h Summer. 

Demary John N., clerk for M. W. Newton, h Summer Hill. 

Derby Granville S., (Cobb & Derby) h Summer. 

Dillon Fred W., assistant superintendent in woolen factory, bds Main. 

Dillon John E., operative in woolen factory, bds Main. 

Dillon William, (Whitmore & Dillon) h Main. 

Dodge Hattie S., widow of Dr. Wm. Luse, h Clinton st. 

DODGE ISAAC L., (Hart & Dodge) bds Park St. 

Dole Vina A., asst. teacher at graded school, bds Park st. 

Donovan Cornelius, works in Gillmore & Townsend machine shop, bds Clinton. 

Donovan Daniel, works in. woolen mill, bds Clinton. 

Donovan John, works in woolen mill, bds Clinton. 

Donovan Mary, widow of John, resident h Clinton. 

Doubleday Otto, resident, h Union. 

Doxey John H, machinist, h Clinton. 

Dressel Hermann, agent, manuf. of carriage tops with patent shifting rail, and carriage and sleigh trimmings, Mineral st., h do. 


Earl George E.; woodworker for Porter, Holbrook & Co., bds Mineral. 

EARLS SAMUEL M., house painter and glazier, h Prospect. 

EATON CALVIN M., works in cab shop, h River. 

Eaton Ellis M., (Vermont Novelty Works Co.) h Pearl. 

EATON LEONARD E., (Cook & Eaton) bds River st. 

Ellis George, carpenter and builder, h Summer. 

Ellis Frank, laborer, h Summer. 

ELLISON FREDERICK G., agt. U. S. & Canada Express; prop. of stage line between Springfield and Gassett's and Charleston N. H.; office Main, h do cor Valley. 

Ellison Osman, stage driver, h Valley st. 

EMERY ACSAH W., widow of Samuel, farmer 20, h Park. 

Euber Louisa, prop. of laundry, h Elm. 


FAIRBANKS CHARLES L., painter for Springfield Toy Co., h Park.

Fairbanks James, laborer, h Main. 

First National Bank of Springfield, Amasa Woolson, pres.; Benjamin F. Aldrich, cashier; capital $100,000; up stairs Woolson Block, Main st. 

FISHER EMILY A., widow of Royal E., h Union. 

Fisher Warren, clerk, h Union st. 

FISHER WARREN E., clerk for A. H. Holman, bds Union. 

Fitzgerald David, laborer, h River. 

Floyd Caroline L., widow of H. W., resident, h Pearl. 

FORBUSH CHARLES A., treasurer of Springfield Savings Bank, notary public, office in Woolson Block, h Main. 

Foygett George W., printer at Charlestown, N. H., editor of "No. 4," printed at Charlestown, N. H., h Orchard. 

Frost Pinkney Rev., retired, h Mt. Vernon. 


Gaffney Thomas, lamp lighter for village, h Mt. Vernon. 

Gaffney William, works in woolen-mill, h Mt. Vernon. 

Gage William, works in cab shop, h Myrtle. 

Gallup George E., blacksmith, h Park. 

Gilbert Salome, widow of James, h River. 

GILLMAN FARLEY B., (Gilman & Townsend) h Elm. –

GILLMAN & TOWNSEND, (F. B. Gilman and F. V. A. Townsend) manufacturers of lathes for turning lasts, hat blocks, axletrees, spokes, and other irregular forms, cider-mill, bench and jack screws, and general machine work done, shop River. 

Gilson Ernest, carriage painter, h Park. 

Goddard Abbey, milliner and saleswoman for C. M. Keyes, bds Pleasant. 

Goodnough Elhanan, works in cab shop, h Valley. 

Goodnough Sarah, widow of H. G., resident, h Park. 

GOULD ELLA R., teacher of vocal and instrumental music. 

Gould Rodney G., laborer, h Clinton. 

GOULD SHELDON B., (Henry Parker Co.) treasurer of the company. 

Graham Almond E., house painter and stencil cutter, h Pleasant. 

GRAHAM DANA, stone mason, carpenter, manuf. of ox bows and yokes, potato grower, and farmer 4, h River st. 

Graham George H., clerks for G. A. Henry & Co., h Pleasant. 

Graham George W., manuf. of carriages and wagons, and job work, h Park cor Union. 

Green Simon, laborer, h Front. 

GREENE HENRY W., dealer in dry and fancy goods, ladies' and gents' furnishing goods, carpets, etc., Main, bds Springfield House. 

Greene Simon W., gardener and farmer, h Front st. 

Greenwood Napoleon B., foreman in rag shop, h River. 

Grimshaw Charles A., works in cotton mill, h Factory. 

Grimes James, carpenter, h River. 

GRISWOLD WILLIS E., molder for Vermont Snath Co., h Valley st. 

Grout Charles .P., makes Taylor mop heads, Main, h Orchard. 

Grout Daniel A., laborer, h Orchard. 

Grout Frank L., machinist, h Orchard. 


Hale Lucy H., widow of Jacob W., resident. 

Hale Sylvanus M., resident, bds Mineral. 

Hall Andrew Q., works in cotton mill, h Factory. 

Hall George R., sawyer for cabinet shop, h Circular. 

Hall James E., farmer, has charge of L. G. Ellis farm, h cor Clinton and South.

Hallow Stella, clerk, bds Union st.

Hanaway Thomas, boss finisher in woolen factory, h Park.

Hallow Bradford H., cabinet maker, and farmer, leases of Mrs. A. W. Emery 20 acres, h Park.

Harlow Clarissa Miss, resident, h South.

Harlow Elmer C., furnaceman for Vermont Snath Co., bds Valley st.

Harlow Henry P., harness maker, h Valley.

HARLOW HERMON W., resident, h Park.

Harlow Levi B., carpenter and builder, h Union.

Harrington Almira, dressmaker, h Pleasant.

Hart John H., (Hart & Dodge,) bds Park st.

Hart & Dodge, (John H. H. and Isaac L. D.) prop. livery and sale stable, Main, third door above hotel.

Haskins Calvin J., retired, aged 71, farm 12, h Valley.

Haskins David H., marble cutter, works for Vermont Novelty Works, h V alley.

Hastings James W., barber and hair dresser, Main, h Valley.

Hawkins Louisa, resident, h Main.

Haywood Charles J., traveling salesman for Seavey & Co., of Boston, h Summer.

HAYWOOD GEORGE P., retired merchant, vice-prest. of savings bank, director of First National Bank, h Pleasant.

Haywood Mary A., widow of Henry D., h River.

Hayden Cynthia R., widow of Charles S., h South.

HAZELTON DANIEL W., physician and surgeon, h Main.

Hazelton William F., student, son of D. W., bds Main.

HEALD HENRY, retired carpenter, aged 74 years, h Summer Place.

Hemenway Charles S., house and carriage painter, h Valley cor Pleasant.

HENRY GEORGE A., (George A. Henry & Co.) bds Springfield House.

HENRY GEORGE A. & CO., dealers in ready-made clothing, hats, caps, men's furnishing goods, trunks and bags, Woolson block, Main.

Henry George O., (G. A. Henry & Co.) prop. of the Springfield House, farmer 10.

HENRY PARKER CO. THE, (S. B. Gould and P. W. Gould, of Pittsfield. Mass.) manufs. of all kinds of bobbins and spools used in. woolen, cotton, silk and other mills.

Herrick Charles, truckman, h Main.

Herrick Fanny E., widow of E. J., dressmaker, h Main.

Herrick George, works in cab shop, h Union.

Herrick George A., jobber, farmer 5, h Main.

Higgins William H., carpenter and builder, h Mineral.

Higgins William H. H., carpenter and builder, h Mineral.

Hill Weston W., marble worker and finisher, h Myrtle.

Hinchy Sally, widow of Pat, resident, h

Hopen William, peddler, h Mineral st.

Holbrook Reuben H., (Springfield Toy Manuf. Co.) h Myrtle.

Holden Charles H., carpenter and builder, h Union.

HOLMAN ARBA H., dealer in groceries and provisions, flour, etc., Main, h South st.

Holmes Cora C. Miss, librarian of town library, and dressmaker, Main, bds River st.

Holmes John C. & Co., manufs. of cotton warp, Park st., h do.

Holt Charles, carpenter, and farmer 80, h Park.

Hopkins Frye B., farmer, h Main. 

Howard Ed F., machinist, bds River. 

Howe George, laborer, h River. 

Howe Henry F., painter, paper hanger and grainer, Main, h Union. 

Howe Isaac, retired farmer 11, aged 8 r years. 

Howe Norman W., carpenter, h Main. 

Howe Selina A. Miss, dressmaker, h Pleasant. 

HUBBARD LEONARD L., furnaceman for Vt. Snath Co., h Pearl. 

Hulett E. Addison, painter in cab shop, farmer 65, h Pine. 

HULETT LUCY, widow of Lyman, professional nurse, h Pearl. 

Hunt Francis L., dressmaker, h Prospect. 

Hunt James, painter, h Mineral. 

HURD LOREN B., postmaster, h Mineral st. 


Jackman Lewis F., photographer, Main, h Valley. 

JACOBS WILL, R., proprietor of restaurant, dealer in fruits, confectionary, ice cream, oysters, tobacco and cigars, canned goods, teas, coffees, spices and fishing tackle, Main, h do. 

Johnson Charles C., mechanic and inventor, h High. 

Johnson Dana F., manuf. boots and shoes, Main, h Valley. 

Johnson Frank E., tinsmith, h Summer Place. 

JOHNSON R. T. & CO., general blacksmiths and wagon manufacturers, Valley st. 

JOHNSON RAWSON T., (R. T. Johnson & Co.) h Valley. 

Jones Ann L., widow of Rev. J. L., resident, h Pearl. 

Jones Levis O., clerk, bds Pearl st. 


Kendall Charles F., carpenter, h Common. 

Kendall Ellen A., resident, h Main. 

Kendall Horace S., painter in cab shop, h Elm. 

Kendall Sherman, stage driver, h Main. 

Kenney Abbie, widow of Frank, h Prospect. 

Kenney Chauncey, works in Vermont Novelty Works, h Factory. 

Kenney Richmond J., manuf. of sash, doors, blinds and house finishing goods, planing and matching and turning; also dealer in builders' hardware, sewer pipe, etc., River, h do.

Keyes Charles M., dealer in ready-made clothing, boots and shoes, furs and millinery. Main, h Pleasant. 

Kidder James E., jeweler, h Park. 

Kidder Jarnes M., resident, h Park. 

KIMBALL GEORGE, general blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Main, h do. 

Kimball Martha B., widow of Capt. George, resident, h Main. 

Kinney George F., clerk for R. J. Kinney, h Seminary. 

KNIGHT GRANVILLE, physician and surgeon, h Main. 


LABELL ED, barber and hair dresser, Main, h do. 

LaFountain Henry, machinist, bds Valley. 

LaFountain Maxim, tin peddler, and dealer in shoddy and paper stock, h Valley. 

LaFountain Maxim, foreman in machine shop, h Valley. 

Lamson James A., molder, h Clinton. 

Lawrence Merrill L., (Lawrence & Wheeler) town clerk, h Pleasant. 

Lawrence & Wheeler, (Merrill L. L. and William H. W.) fire, life, and accident insurance agents, Main st. 

Lee Christopher C., carpenter and builder, h Pearl.

LELAND CHARLES A., (Leland & Son, and Leland & Field) farmer 12 acres in Chester, pasture land 160 acres, h Main st.

LELAND CHARLES A. & SON, (George F.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, etc., Randel's block, Main.

Leland George F., (Leland & Son) bds Springfield House.

Leonard Clarissa, widow of Eli; aged 82 years, Main st.

Leonard Hortiensia, resident, Prospect St.

Lewis Almira, widow of Benj., h Pearl.

Lewis Henry E., carpenter and builder, h Park.

LEWIS WILLIAM A., (Lockwood & Lewis) manuf. of prize churns for H. H. Mason, dealer in all kinds of hard and soft coal, agent for Springfield Union Ice Co., dealer in lumber and shingles, Main, h Pleasant.

Lincoln Harvey, works for Vt. Snath Company, h Main st.

Litchfield Ansolum, retired farmer, aged 69, h Park.

Litchfield Edward, farmer, h Clinton.

Long Simeon, works for Britton & Eaton, h Valley.

Lockwood Dexter B., (Lockwood & Lewis) teamster, h Main.

LOCKWOOD DAVID, carpenter, and farmer a, h Park.

Lockwood Elijah, retired farmer, h Valley.

Lockwood Francis, job teamster, h Myrtle and Pine.

Lockwood Hoyt B., teamster, h Valley.

Lockwood William F., bobbin maker for Henry Parker Co., bds Clinton.

LOCKWOOD & LEWIS, (Dexter B. L. & William A. L.) general freight carriers from Springfield to Springfield Station, and to Gassett's Station, Main.

Looney. John, laborer, h River.

LOVELAND WILL H., market gardener and milk dealer, dealer in live poultry, h Clinton.

Lovell Almera, resident, h Summer.

LOVELL ROYAL L., dealer in live stock, Main, h Summer.

LOVELL WILSON S., dept. sheriff, constable and collector, farmer 8, on r 26 100, h Summer.

Lovely Solomon, house painter, h Clinton.

Lynn Thomas, boss weaver in woolen mill, h Elm.


MAGWIRE ALBERT A., dealer in Smith American pianos and organs, musical merchandise, and teacher of music, h Union.

Martin Charles, works in cab shop, bds Main.

Martin James, laborer, h Mineral.

Martin James N., laborer, h Mineral.

Martin Jonathan, retired, h Main.

Mason Henry H., manufacturer of clothes pins, etc., h Summer Hill.

MATHEWMAN ELLIOT, (North Springfield) r 30, woolen spinner for Whitman & Dillon.

Matthews Ettarnarra L., resident, h Main.

McAnn Isaac, pastor of M. E. church, h Pleasant.

McCartis Benjamin S., laborer, h Main.

McGRATH JOHN, dealer in all kinds of roofing slate, bracket shelves and slate mantles, h Park.

McIntyre William R., sawyer, h Mineral.

Merrill Robert, carpenter and joiner, h Union.

Merritt George S., shoemaker, h River.

Messenger Herbert H., clerk at Springfield House.

Messenger Joseph, foreman for D. M. Smith & Co., manufacturer of spring clothes pins, and of patent lamp burner, machinist, h Main.

Messenger Zimri, (Lewis & Messenger) carpenter and builder, h Mineral.

Mitchell James; retired farmer 33, h Clinton.

Monroe Harriet N., widow of Porter, resident, h Main.

Moore David, miller at Springfield, h Main.

Morgan John, gardener, h Pearl.

Morse Ellis W., machinist, h Park.

Myers Felix, h Main.


Nelson John, teamster, h Clinton.

Nesrea Edward, laborer, h Summer Hill.

Newman Theron B., architect and builder, bds Main.

Newton Adna W., house painter, h Common.

NEWTON MINOR W., dealer in groceries, provisions, tobacco, cigars, paints and oils, window and picture glass, flour and grain, lime, cement, plaster, Pacific guano, and produce, Valley st., h do.

Norrington Harriet N., widow of Sebastian D., h South.

Norrington Sebastian D., paper hanger and kalsominer, bds South.

Norris Frank W., (F. W. Norris & Co.) jeweler, Main, h Pine.

Norris F. W. & Co., (Frank W. Norris,) druggists, jewelers, and stationers, Main.

North Aurin R., job teaming, h Union.

NOYES ORRIN E., (Noyes & Cutler,) merchant tailor, agent for Buttrick's patterns, and all kinds of sewing machines and fixtures, Main, bds do.

Noyes & Cutler, (O. E. Noyes and C. Cutler,) dealers in all kinds of sewing machines, Main.


OAKS ALPHONSO B., manuf. of axe helves, pick, adze, sledge, hammer, and hatchet handles, High.

O'Brian Hannah, widow of Richard, h Union.

O'Brian Thomas, works in woolen factory, h Prospect.

O'Dett Lewis, laborer, h Factory.


Packer Charles, clerk, bds Union.

Parker Benjamin, retired farmer, h Pleasant.

Parker Frank W., works in cab shop, h Union.

Parkhurst Oscar, house painter, h Mineral.

Parks Elvira D., widow of Frederick, resident, h Park.

Parks & Woolson Machine Co., A. Woolson, prest.; C. E. Richardson, treas.; Adam Brown, agent; manufs. of cloth finishing machinery, Park st.

Patridge Harvey F., employee of Vermont Snath Co. since 1856, h Clinton.

Patten Russell F., harness maker, Main st., h Summer.

Perkins Henry A., dealer in hides; pelts, and furs, h Valley.

Perkins Josephine M., widow of John, aged 85 years, h Main.

PERRIN GEORGE B., photographer, instantaneous process, dealer in picture frames, etc., Park's block, Main, h High.

Perry Alice H., (Mrs. Chas. H.) teacher of cast drawing and painting, Main st., bds do.

Perry Jarvis C., cooper, h River.

Philbrook Alfred S., resident, h Park.

PIERCE JEROME W., attorney and counselor at law, Main, h Pearl.

Pomeroy Frank E., dentist, Main, h do.

POPE FRANK H., house painter, bds Main.

Pope George E., laborer, bds Main.

Pope William H., house painter, h Main.

PORTER FRANK F., (Springfield Toy Manuf. Co.) h Park.

Porter Frederick W., (Springfield Toy Manuf. Co.) h Park.

PORTER GEORGE C., assistant treasurer of Springfield savings bank, corn, of deeds in Vermont, for Michigan, office in Woolson block, h Maple st.

Prescott Willis C., clerk, bds South st.

Proctor Nathan S., manuf. of axe helves, pick axe, hammer handles etc, h Valley st.

Pulsifer Charles W., retired farmer, aged 75, h Summer.

Pulsifer Eli P. B., resident, h Main.

Putnam James H., tinsmith, bds at Springfield Hotel.

Putnam Jehail, farmer, h Clinton.

Putnarn Julia, widow ofOliver, h Union.

Putnam Nora, dressmaker, h Main.

PUTNAM WILLIAM H. H., dealer in hardware, stoves and tinware, chief engineer of fire department, Main, h do.


Ramo Clem, laborer, h Clinton.

Randall Luther W., runs trip hammer for Vt. Snath Co., h Clinton.

Rice Albert J., physician and surgeon, Main st.

RICE DANIEL, publisher in Philadelphia, Pa., fruit orchard zoo trees, farmer 30, h Park.

Rice Levi, speculator, h Valley.

RICE MARIA P., (Mrs. Daniel,) resident, h Park.

Rice Orrin, 2d, wood worker for Vermont Snath Co., h Clinton.

Richardson Charles E., (Parks & Woolson Machine Co.) treasurer of the company, and director of First National Bank, h Park.

Richardson Florestin B., farmer, h Summer cor Summer Place.

Richmond Lemuel C., retired druggist, h Union.

Richmond Will F., clerk for G. A. Henry & Co., bds Springfield Hotel.

Richmond Willis H., night watchman at the House of Correction, Rutland, h Union.

Robinson Augustus L., house, carriage, sign and ornamental painter, kalsominer and paper hanger, Main, h do.

Robinson Edgar H., pressman, bds Main.

Robinson Henry L., children's carriage painter, h head of Main.

Robinson Mary A., widow of Solon.

Robinson Thornas, machinist, h Mineral.

Roby S. Allen, teamster, h Clinton.

Rockwell George B., employee in the Vermont Novelty Works, h Park.

Rollins Samuel, farmer r 50, h Union.

Rockwood Emery J., gardener, h Summer Hill.

ROUNDY SARAH H., widow of hr. Carlton H., resident, h Main.

ROUNSEVEL CHARLES Y., homeo. physician and surgeon, Main st.


SANDERS CHARLES, undertaker, and dealer in coffins, caskets, furniture, etc., Park st., h do.

Sanders Daniel, cabinet maker, works for Vermont Novelty Works, h Clinton.

Saunders George W., prop. livery and boarding stable, Main, rear of hotel, h Park cor Union.

SAWYER SARAH G., widow of Dr. Langdon, resident, h Clinton.

Scofield Martha E., widow of Miles T., resident, h Park.

Seaver John L., Sr., laborer, h Clinton.

Seaver John L., Jr., laborer, h Clinton.

Sexton Thomas, laborer, h Mineral.

Shaw Daniel, retired carpenter, aged 8o, h Valley.

Shaw Marie S., resident, h Valley.

Sherwin Solon, foreman in wood working room for Vermont Novelty Works, h off Clinton.

Simmons Julius F., shoemaker, h Pearl.

SLACK FERTILIZER CO., W. H. H. Slack, pres.; C. H. Hubbard, sec'y; H. H. M. Arms, treas.; J. F. Slack, supt.; manuf. of Slack's XXX phosphate and dissolved bone, Nova Scotia plaster, oyster shells and cracked bone for fowls, and bone meal.

Slack William H. H., (Slack & Brink) (Slack Fertilizer Co.) h Clinton.

Slack & Brink, (W. H. H. Slack and C. D. Brink) manufs. of all grades of wool shoddies and flocks, dealers in mill waste, cor Park and Factory.

Slade Carrie, compositor, bds with F. W. Stiles.

Slade Harrison A., practical druggist, clerks for F. W. Norris & Co., bds Main.

SMART GEORGE W., (J. Smart & Son) bds Main.

SMART J. & SON, (Joseph & George W.) carriage painters, over Sanders' carriage house.

SMART JOSEPH, (J. Smart & Son) h Main.

SMART RHODA A., (Mrs. Joseph) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main, h do.

Smith Adaline E., widow of Isaac B., grower of strawberries and vegetables, h South.

Smith Allen B., florist, and dealer in plants, h Main.

Smith Austin, laborer, h Summer.

Smith D. M. & Co., manufacturers of patent spring clothes pins, Taylor mop holder, Star brush holder, and Eureka, also manufacturers of patent prize churn, Main st.

Smith Edward J., painter and stencil cutter for ornamental work, High cor Spring.

Smith John H., with Allen B., proprietor of green house, works in cab shop, h South.

Smith Laforest M., machinist; h Mineral.

Smith Lucy M., widow of A. A., h Park.

SMITH MILES, president Vermont Snath Company, h Main.

Smith Williarn A., turner, h South.

Southworth Martha W., widow of Rev. Tertias D., h Pine.

Spafford George W., laborer, h Frost.

Spafford Henry H., farmer, h Park.

Spafford Hiram D., resident, h Park.

Sparrow Will B., printer, bds Main st.

SPARROW WILLIAM, manuf. of harnesses, horse furnishing goods, Main, h do.

Spaulding Eliza J., widow of Bethuel resident, Union.

SPELLMAN FRANCIS C., ornamental and decorative painter for Vt. Novelty Works, h Pearl st.

Spencer Mary A., widow of Gould, resident, bds Park.

Spindler Robert, dresser in woolen mill, h Park.

Splain Patrick, journeyman tailor, h off School St.

Springfield House, G. O. Henry, proprietor, Main st.

*SPRINGFIELD REPORTER, established in 1878, Frank W. Stiles, editor and prop., Woolson block. [Card on page 600.]

Springfield Savings Bank, incorporated Dec. 6, 1853, Samuel Rollins, pres.; Geo. P. Haywood, vice-pres.; Charles A. Forbush, treas.; George C. Porter, assistant treas., Woolson block. 

SPRINGFIELD TOY MANUFACTURING CO., (E. W. Porter, R. H. Holbrook, and F. F. Porter) manufacturers of doll perambulators, toy wagons, carts, and other toys, Park St. 

Stanley Alfred L., (Stanley Bros.) h Summer. 

Stanley Bros., (H. E., H. A. & A. L.,) prop. meat market, Main. 

Stanley Henry E., (Stanley Bros.) bds Summer. 

Stanley Hiram A., (Stanley Bros.) resides at Perkinsville. 

Stearns Luke, farmer, h Circular. 

Stearns Mary, widow of Charles E., h River. 

Stevens Henry, works in cab shop, h River. 

Stickney Augustin W., blacksmith, h Valley. 

Stickney Charles H., foreman in the packing room for Springfield Toy Co., h Mansion Hill. 

STILES FRANK W., publisher of the ”Springfield Reporter,” and general job printer, Woolson block, h near Sumner Hill st. 

Stone Byron, house painter in cab shop, h Union. 

STONE CHARLES W., prop. Boston fruit and confectionery store dealer in tobacco, cigars, oysters Park cor Main, h Main. 

Stone Chester H., retired, h Main. 

Stone James E., laborer, h Pearl. 

Stone Marcia A., widow of Levi F., h Union. 

Stone Will F., painter for Springfield Toy Co., bds Union. 

Sullivan John J., painter and striper, h River. 

Sweet William A., blacksmith in Parks & Woolson's machine shop, h Union. 


Taylor Curtis B., farmer, h Park. 

Taylor Julia F., widow of Luke, h Summer. 

Taylor Luke W., r 47, machinist and job turner, farmer 40. 

Taylor Minerva, (Mrs. C. B.) farmer 60, h Park. 

Thompson Charles H., clerk in post office, bds Pleasant. 

Thompson Elliot J., machinist, h Myrtle. 

Thornton George R., carpenter, an invalid, h Clinton cor Mineral. 

Tower Abbey, cloak maker and saleswoman for C. M. Keyes, h Mineral cor Clinton. 

Townsend Frederick V. A., (Gilman & Townsend) h Elm. 

Trotter Fred, molder, bds Union st. 

Trotter George U., molder, h Clinton. 

Trotter John, molder, h Union st. 

TROTTER JOHN, JR., molder for Vt. Snath Co., bds Summer St. 

Trotter Thomas, molder, bds Union st. 

Tully Annie E., compositor, bds with F. W. Stiles. 

Twichell Frank, works in cab shop, h Union. 


Vannorman John, shoemaker, h Mineral. 

Vermont Novelty Works Company, O. H. Alford, of Boston, Mass., prest.; R. G. Britton, supt. and treas. 

Vermont Snath Company, Miles Smith, prest.; Joseph White, treas.; manufs. of brass and iron castings, soapstone and iron stoves, plows, cultivators, sinks, barn door rollers and hangers, Share's patent colter harrow, machinery castings, etc., Clinton st. 

Vittum George H., job teamster, h Park. Walker George F., carpenter and joiner, h Union.


Walker Leonard, works in cab shop, h Union. 

Ward Arvilla. widow of Joel, h Valley. 

Ward Cyrus, laborer, h Mineral. 

Ward Hattie M., dressmaker, h Valley. 

Warfield Charles, laborer, h Main. 

Warner Edward A., resident, h Main. 

Warner James M., resident, bds Main. 

Warren James T., employee of Vermont Novelty Works, h cor South and Clinton. 

Washburn Samuel, laborer, h Summer. 

WASHBURN SARAH M., bds at Springfield House, rooms Main. 

Way James P., machinist, h Myrtle.

Wheeler Alice M., clerk for Lawrence & Wheeler, bds with W. H. Wheeler. 

Wheeler Charles, house painter, h Main.

WHEELER ELIZA J., widow of Ethan A., resident. 

WHEELER WILLIAM H., (Lawrence & Wheeler,) agent Western Union Telegraph Co., town treasurer, dealer in drugs, medicines, jewelry, silver and plated ware, books. stationery, etc., also dealer in wall paper, paints, oils, picture frames, and fancy goods, etc., Main, h near cor Pleasant and Summer Hill. 

Whitcomb Emeline R., (Mrs. Lincoln,) stamping of all descriptions, h River. 

WHITCOMB EMERSON E., farmer 100, h Clinton. 

WHITCOMB EZEKIEL, retired carpenter, aged 86, h Summer Hill. 

Whitcomb George H., hotel clerk, bds Valley st. 

Whitcomb Henry, carpenter and builder, and farmer 10, h Valley. 

Whitcomb Israel, retired farmer, aged 76, h Clinton. 

Whitcomb Lincoln, mason, and farmer 14, h River. 

Whitcomb Lincoln L., carriage painter, bds Valley. 

Whitcomb Myron C., pattern maker for Parks & Woolson Machine Co., h Park. 

Whitcomb Sarah J., milliner, works for Mrs. Smart, bds Summer Hill. 

WHITCOMB THOMAS J., resident, h Elm. 

White Bartlett E., stone mason, h Clinton. 

White Frank E., blacksmith, bds Park. 

White Joseph, treasurer Vermont Snath Co., and farmer 30, h Clinton. 

White Merrill B., machinist, bds Clinton. 

White William D., machinist, h Mineral. 

Whitmore H., (Whitmore & Dillon,) farmer 500, h Clinton. 

Whitmore & Dillon, (H. Whitmore and Win. Dillon,) manufs. of fancy cassimers, Factory St. 

Whitney Frances A., widow of Alfred, h Main. 

Whitney Frances A. Miss, dealer in millinery and fancy goods, head of Main, h Main. 

Whitney Herbert, molder, h Summer st. 

WHITNEY HIRAM O., foreman in foundry of Vermont Snath Co., bds River st. 

Whitney Hubert, molder in foundry, h Main. 

Wilcox Eunice C., widow of Joseph E., h Union. 

Williams Olive, widow of Joseph K., h Valley st. 

Wiswell Isaac, machinist, clock and watch repairer, h Valley cor Pleasant. 

Wood Edwin A., teamster and farmer I z, h Summer Hill. 

Wood Frank, works in cab shop, h Union. 

WOOLSON AMASA, president First National Bank, also pres. of Parks & Woolson Machine Company, h Pleasant cor Summer.

Woodward Jonas, retired stone mason, and farmer, aged 8o years, 11 Union. 

Wright Anna A., (Wright & Carr) h Main. 

Wright Glarianna Miss, resident, h Main. 

Wright Sophia L., widow of Edward D., teacher, h Main. 

WRIGHT & CARR, (Anna A. W. and Carrie E. C.,) props. Boston store, dealers in ladies' furnishing and fancy goods, Main St. 

Wyman Hiram F., machinist, h Valley. 


Zwill Francis, machinist, h Park.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 488-500. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006