Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad stations are Springfield, N. H., 4 miles east, on Sullivan R. R., and Gassett's, 8 miles west, on Rutland Division C. V. R. R.


ABBOTT FRANK, (Springfield) r 74, auctioneer, farmer, son of Jeremiah.

Abbott George, (Springfield) r 74, farmer, son of Jeremiah.

Abbott Jeremiah, (Springfield) r 74, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep for 45 years; 200 head, farmer 280,

Abbott John E., (Springfield) r 60, farmer, leases of H. Cook 100.

Adams Abel, (Springfield) r 58, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 10, leases of Mrs. Sarah E. Wardner of Felchville, r 80.

Adams George H., (Springfield) r 52, farmer, works for J. E. White.

Adams John Q., (North Springfield) r 4, laborer.

Adams Monroe, (Springfield) r 55, farmer, leases of E. Fairbanks 200.

Adams William K., (North Springfield) r 4, farmer, leases of E. X. Pierce 45.

ALLBEE HORACE H., (North Springfield) r 30, miller for W. J. Johnson, carpenter and blacksmith.

ALLEN ADELBERT L., (Springfield) r 51, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 10 cows, grade Durham cattle, farmer 150.

ALLEN DENNIS B., (North Springfield) r 1, carpenter and building mover, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 160.

ALLEN ROBERT C., (North Springfield) r 31, carpenter and joiner, works for D. J. Boynton, farmer 17.

ALLEN WALTER B., (North Springfield) r 1, farmer 45.

ARMS HENRY M., (Springfield) r 20. (Slack Fertilizer Co.) farmer 240.

Arms Marie P. Miss, (Springfield) r 20, resident.

Averell Orin E., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer 25.


BAKER SQUIRE, (Springfield) r 29, dealer in cattle and horses, farmer 165.

Balch John C., (Chester Depot) r 65, farmer r 25, in Chester 80.

BARNARD E. WELLMAN, 2d., (Springfield) r 10, proprietor of Open Ridge Place, Vermont manager of "Boston Evening Star," agent for Thomas Cook & Son, excursion managers, agent for the clymax evaporator, and Open Ridge telephone office.

Barnard Eliza W., (Springfield) r 10, (Mrs. Levi N.) owns farm in Cornish, N. H., 200.

Barnard Levi N., (Springfield) r 10, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep 200 head, farmer 300, in Ludlow 300.

Barrett Aaron, (Springfield) r 56, laborer.

BARRETT MARY E., (Springfield) r 9, widow of George, resident.

Barrett Stilman L., (Springfield) r 77, mechanic and farmer.

Barrett Sybil. (Springfield) r 76, widow of Charles.

BARRY LEONIDAS, (Springfield) r 16, prop. of Forest Home stock farm, breeder of full blood Devon cattle, registered full blood Berkshire hogs, breeder of light Bramah fowls, farmer 300.

Bassett Wellington F., (Bartonsville) r 64, farmer 65. 

Bates Frankford H., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer 95.

Belknap Arnos, (Springfield) off r 22, farmer 160.

BISBEE ABNER, (Springfield) off r 34, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 250, was born in town in 1806.

Bisbee Hiram, (Springfield) r 23 farmer 100.

Blodgett William A., (North Springfield) r 31, farmer 37.

Blodgett William H., (North Springfield) r 32, farmer.

Booth James, (Springfield) r 46, farmer 150.

Bosworth Rufus, (Springfield) r 18, farmer 140.

BOYNTON DURANT J., (North Springfield) r 30, 3d selectman, prop. Saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in lumber, eaves spouts, shingles, lath, fence pickets, cab stock, etc.

BOYNTON JONATHAN M., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer 23.

Bradford Richard, (North Springfield) r 30, retired cabinet maker, aged 83 years.

BRITTON ELLEN L., (Springfield) r 46, widow of Horace, farmer 187.

BRITTON HERBERT A., (Springfield) r 46, farmer, leases of Mrs. E. L. 187.

Britton Hiram, (Bartonsville Windham Co.) off r 68, farmer 64.

Brown Allen J., (Springfield) r 41, breeder of grade Durham cattle, farmer 110, in Chester 88.

Brown Julia T., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, widow of George W., farmer 50.

BROWN SAMUEL, (Springfield) r 80, 1st selectman, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep 150 head, farmer 170, in N. H. 135, sugar orchard 600 trees.

Brown Sarah W., (Springfield) r 61, widow of John, farmer 60.

Browne Liberty, (Springfield) r 22, machinist.

Buckman Hilliard, (Springfield) r 12, laborer.

BUGBEE HOLLIS J., (North Springfield) r 29, stone mason, farm 2.

Burbank Daniel, (Springfield) r 5, retired farmer, aged 72 years.

Burbank Horace H., (Springfield) r 5, carpenter, builder, agent for Keystone washing machine, farmer 40.

BURKE SIDNEY S., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer.

13URKE SYLVESTER, (North Springfield) r 30, retired merchant, and farmer 170, aged 83 years.

Burns Owen R., (Springfield) r 80, employee of Samuel Brown.

BURR D. WALTER, (Springfield) r 77 cor 78, carpenter and builder.

BURR HENRY C., (Springfield) r 77 cor 78, hame manuf. and farmer 30. 

Burr Warren A., (Springfield) r 77 cor 78, carpenter and builder.

Butterfield Charles H., (Springfield) r 22, carpenter and builder.

BUTTERFIELD JONATHAN M., (Charlestown, N. H.) r 16, lister, justice of the peace, sheep grower 200 head, and farmer 400.

Butterfield Maria L., (Charlestown, N. H.) r 16, widow of Jonas, resident.


Cady Emily, (Springfield) r 36, widow of Samuel, resident.

Carley John, (Springfield) r 27, farmer 40.

Carlton Harriet, (North Springfield) r 31, widow of Barnard, farmer 12.

Carroll Daniel, (Springfield) r 55, laborer.

Chandler Alpheus, (North Springfield) r 31, farmer, aged 82.

Chandler Paulina L., (North Springfield) r 30 cor 4, widow of Hiland.

CHAPMAN MELVIN, (North Springfield) 'r 3 1, carpenter and builder, farmer 2.

Chase Dwight, (Springfield) r 20, farmer, son of J. D.

Chase John D., (Springfield) r 20, breeder of full blood Spanish Merino sheep, stock grower, and farmer 200.

Chase Miriam, (Weathersfield) r 13t widow of Albe, farmer 6.

CHEDEL BALLARD B., (North Springfield) r 30, Advent clergyman, and farmer 70.

Chedel Louisa B., (North Springfield) r 30, owns farm 50.

Chittenden Lucy R., (Springfield) r 22, widow of Orin, resident.

Chittenden Winslow B., (Springfield) r 41, farmer, aged 76.

Clark Miles, (North Springfield) r 36, laborer,

Collins Mary, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, widow of William, resident.

Cook John, (North Springfield) r 34, farmer.

COOK LEWIS E., (North Springfield) r 30, (L. E. Cook & Son) manuf. ox yokes, millwright, and farmer 60.

COOK LEWIS E. & SON, (North Springfield) r 30, (Lewis E. and Morris W.) market gardeners.

Cook Mary A., (North Springfield) r 30.

Cook Mary Ann Miss, (North Springfield) r 30, resident, farmer.

COOK MORRIS W., (North Springfield) r 30, (L. E. Cook & Son) market gardener, plants of all kinds for sale.

Crayin Lucius M., (Springfield) r 24 cor 7, farmer 100.

Cross Sylvester, (North Springfield) r 4, custom shoemaker, h r 31.

CUTLER CALVIN D., (Springfield) r 41, farmer 80, in Chester 75.

Cutler Charles D., (Springfield) r 77, farmer, son of G. L.

CUTLER ELMER C., (Springfield) r 41, farmer, son of C. D.

CUTLER ENOCH, (Springfield) r 40, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, fruit orchard 150 trees, and farmer 300.

CUTLER ENOS B., (Springfield) r 40, breeder of Morgan horses, owner of stallion "Springfield," sugar orchard 250 trees, and farmer 230.

CUTLER GEORGE L., (Springfield) r 77, prop. of Parker Hill stock farm, breeder of pure blood Spanish sheep, flock of 100, flock of 650 sheep, breeder of horses, and farmer 800.

Cutler George S., (Springfield) r 77, farmer, son of S. A.

Cutler Leon A., (Springfield) r 77, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, flock of 300, and farmer 200.

CUTLER SILAS A., (Springfield) r 77, flock of 150 Spanish Merino sheep, wool grower 200 sheep, sugar orchard 200 trees, fruit orchard 100 trees, and farmer 150.

Cutler Wilber F., (Springfield) r 77, farmer, son of G. L.


Damon Almond B., (Springfield) r 58, justice of the peace, sugar orchard 200 trees, fruit orchard 200 trees, and farmer 270.

Damon Clarissa, (Springfield) r 41, widow of Curtis, farmer 117.

Damon Don H., (Springfield) r 73, son of H. R., farmer.

Damon Frank E., (Springfield) r 58, farmer, son of A. B.

Damon Hastings, (Springfield) r 41, farmer, leases of Clarissa 117.

Damon Horace R., (Springfield) r 73, millwright, and farmer 75.

Damon Simon W., (Springfield) r 76, Sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 96.

Dasganas Napoleon, (Springfield) r 37, farm laborer.

Davis Charles O., (Chester) r 64, farmer 150.

Davis Emerson, (North Springfield) r 29, laborer.

DAVIS ISAAC G., (Springfield) r 48, breeder of Jersey cattle, fruit orchard 100 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 150.

Davis Jessie Miss, (North Springfield) r 30, teacher.

Davis John F., (Springfield) r 38, farmer.

Davis Lewis, (North Springfield) r 30, justice of the peace, shoemaker, and farmer 12.

Davis Morth A., (Springfield) r 38, farmer 17.

DAVIS PARKMAN, (North Springfield) r 30, farmer 5 1/2, in Andover 463.

Dean Mary D., (Springfield) r 41, h and lot 2 acres.

DeCamp George D., (Springfield) r 12, laborer.

Divoll Frank B., (Springfield) r 19, farm laborer.

Dodge Asahel, (Springfield) r 57, mason, aged 84.

Dutton Perrin S., (Springfield) r 76, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 180.


EARLE GEORGE F., (North Springfield) r 30, manuf. of Wildermuth's spring bed, pastor of Advent church at Shrewsbury and Sherburne, Rutland Co.

Earle William W., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer, owns in Chester 110.

EATON CHARLES W., (North Springfield) r 34, farmer 105.

Eaton John C., (Springfield) r 37, farmer, leases of C. M. 40.

Eaton John P., (Springfield) r 16, farmer 40.

Edson George C., (North Springfield) r 30, manuf of Dr. Edson's Opodildoc, essences, etc.

Ellis Hannah, (Springfield) r 19, widow of Jeremiah, aged 77, resident.

Ellis Harriet, (Springfield) r 19, widow of Christopher, farmer, has the use of 90 acres.

ELLIS HIRAM, (Springfield) r 19, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, 100 head, farmer 126.

ELLIS ISAAC, (Springfield) r 57 cor 58, sheep grower 80 head, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 150.

ELLIS LINCOLN J., (Springfield) r 26, farmer 125.

Ellis Londas G., (Springfield) r 19, farmer 190.

Ellison Eliakim, (North Springfield) r 31, carpenter, and farmer.

ELLISON ELWIN W., (North Springfield) r 34, farmer, leases of A. D. L. Herrick, of Chester, 65.

Ellison Hannah, (North Springfield) r 33, widow of B. F., farmer 20.

ELLISON SYLVESTER, (North Springfield) r 31, farmer 73.

EVANS JOSEPH H., (Springfield) r 25, farm laborer.


FAIRBANKS AMOS P., (North Springfield) r 2, dairy 8 cows, farmer 125.

FAIRBANKS ASHEL P., (Springfield) r 50, sheep grower 125 head, stock grower, fat oxen a specialty, and farmer 250.

FAIRBANKS E. AMELIA, (North Springfield) r 2, farmer 125.

FAIRBANKS EATON, (North Springfield) r 3 and 4, farmer 275, residence in New York city winters, in Springfield summers.

Fairbanks Ella VV., (Springfield) r 77, resident.

Fairbanks Frank, (Springfield) r 81, dealer in live stock, farmer 700.

Fairbanks Franklin A., (Springfield) r 50, agent for the Tiger Wheel rake, Perry Spring Tooth harrow, Albion seeder, celebrated Casaday sulky plow, cultivators and other farm implements.

FAIRBANKS FRED, (Springfield) r 83, dealer in cattle and sheep, farmer 275.

Fairbanks George H., (Springfield) r 50, farmer, son of Ashel P.

FAIRBANKS JOHN B., (Springfield) r 81, sheep and cattle grower, and farmer 150.

Fairbanks Levi B., (Springfield) off r 73, breeder of full blood Durham cattle, and brown Leghorn hens, farmer 87.

Fairbanks Melvin E., (Springfield) r 78, farther, son of N. D.

FAIRBANKS NATHANIEL D., (Springfield) r 78, sheep grower, and farmer 250

Farmer Elbridge L., (Springfield) r 48, machinist, and farmer 30.

Farmer Wary A., (Springfield) r 48, teacher of piano and organ.

Farnham Cynthia, (North Springfield) r 30, widow of John.

FARNSWORTH GEORGE H., (Springfield) r 45, farmer, leases of W. M. Walker 11.

Farrar William O, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, sugar orchard 150 trees, farmer 64.

Field Charles, (Springfield) r 36, son of Richard.

FIELD FRED G., (North Springfield) r 30, notary public, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, flour, etc., also interested in cheese factory.

Field Louisa, (North Springfield) widow of Abner.

Field Marcia, (Springfield) r 36 cor 38, resident.

FIELD RICHARD, (Springfield) r 36, blacksmith and carriage ironer, manufacturer of hoes, harries, knives, axes, and general job work, refacing and repairing anvils.

Flanders Stephen, (Springfield) r 77, farmer 9.

Fletcher Charles O., (Springfield) r 84, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, breeder of horses, grade Durham cattle, farmer 175, the estate of Frink Fletcher 165.

Fletcher Esther, (Springfield) r 84, widow of Frink.

FLETCHER FLORA A., (North Springfield) r 30, school teacher.

Fletcher George F., (North Springfield) r 30, works in fancy box shop.

FLETCHER HANNAH H., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of Bailey W., who died in Nashville Tenn., 1863, was in Co. I. 50th Illinois regiment, house and lot.

FLETCHER HENRY H., (Springfield) r 46, farmer with Mrs. Al. A. 400.

FLETCHER MERAB A., (Springfield) r 46, farmer 400.

Forbush Rufus O., (Springfield) r 54, director in First National Bank, farmer 16.

French David, (North Springfield) off r 2, cloth dresser and farmer 40.

Fullam Fred W., (Springfield) r 44, farmer, son of J. M., Jr.

Fullam James M., Sr., (Springfield) r 44, retired farmer, aged 73 years.

Fullam James M., Jr., (Springfield) r 44, breeder of Merino sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 185.

FULLER ASA T., (North Springfield) r 3, carpenter and builder, farmer 10.


GASSETT GEORGE W., (Springfield) r 22, job teaming, thresher and wood sawyer.

Geer Alby K., (Springfield) r 22, carpenter and joiner.

GILL DANIEL A., (Springfield) r 16, retired farmer 325, in Andover 100, aged 87.

GILL DANIEL O., (Springfield) r 16, sheep grower 400 head, agent for A. W. Gray's Sons horse powers and threshers, farmer 75, in New Hampshire 325.

GILL GEORGE J., (Springfield) r 17, agent with John R. for Gorham seeder and Faust's log loader.

GILD JOHN R., (Springfield) r 17, breeder of Poland China hogs, breeder of horses, agent for the Gorham seeder, and Faust's log loader, farmer 300.

Gill Theodotia, (Springfield) r 17, widow of George R., aged 87 years.

Glynn Daniel, (Springfield) r 57, farmer, with Jonas D.

Glynn Hiram, (Springfield) r 29, farmer, runs a threshing machine.

Glynn Jonas D., (Springfield) r 57, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 100.

Glynn Robert A., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer, owns in Baltimore 60.

Glynn Roderick C., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer.

Goodrich Christopher W., (North Springfield) cor r 30 and 3, dealer in wood and lumber, farmer in Cavendish 500. 

Gould Amos, (Springfield) r 53, blacksmith and farmer.

Gould Hiram C., (Springfield) r 78, carpenter and blacksmith.

Gould Jane, (Springfield) r 52, widow of George.

Gould Lucia, (Springfield) r 52, bobbin maker for The Henry Parker Co.

Gould Salmon, (Springfield) r 38, farmer 30.

Gould Sarah, (Springfield) r 54, widow of Hiram, farm 10.

Green Hiram, (Springfield) r 74, farmer 60.

Green Hiram L., (Springfield) r 19, farm laborer.

Green Squire, (Springfield) r 76, retired farmer, aged 81 years.

Greeney Joseph, (North Springfield) r 3, laborer.

Grimes Parker R., (Springfield) r 26, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, stock grower, farmer 325.

GROW SIMEON, (Springfield) r 11, dairy 6 cows, butter a specialty, and farmer 100.

Grow William W., (Springfield) r 11, farmer.

Griswold Francis, (Springfield) r 22, farmer 30.

Griswold Lucy J., (Springfield) r 22, widow of Norman K.

Griswold Mary J., (North Springfield) r 30, professional nurse.

Griswold Rhobia L., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of Martin, resident.


HADWEN CHESTER B., (Springfield) r 77, breeder of pure blood Bronze turkeys, and full blood Ayrshire cattle, farmer with Oliver R.

HADWEN OLIVER R., (Springfield) r 77, agent for Walter A. Wood's reapers and mowers, Champion horse rake, Eddy plow and Mosely & Stoddard creamery and churns, breeder of full blood Ayrshire cattle, dairy 21 cows, farmer 320.

Hale Abner B., (North Springfield) r 36, miller.

Hale Catherine C., (North Springfield) r 36, (Mrs. Abner B.) resident.

Hale James E., (Springfield) r 54, bobbin maker for The Henry Parker Co.

HALL FRANK A., (North Springfield) r 4, general blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty.

Hall Henry D., (Springfield) off r 13, farmer, leases of R. M. Colburn 150. 

HALL JOHN, (North Springfield) r 30, postmaster, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.

Hall John R., (Springfield) r 46 farmer 120.

Hall James E., (Springfield) r 19, works for L. G. Ellis.

Hall Joshua C., (Springfield) r 74, farmer 23.

Hall Lucy Ann, (North Springfield) r 4, widow of Hiram, h and lot, and farm in Chester 100.

Hall Vienna, (Springfield) r 41, widow of Samuel, aged 87.

Halladay Lyman H.; (Springfield) r 77, carpenter and builder.

Halladay Richard H., (Springfield) r 77, carpenter and builder, and farmer 17. 

Harrington Helen A., (Springfield) widow of Ryland, resident, h Main.

Harris Betsey S., (North Springfield, r 36, resident.

Harris Laura A., (North Springfield) r 36, resident.

Haskell Fred W., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer.

Haskell Lydia, (Springfield) r 48, widow of Erastus, resident, aged 84.

Haskell William H., Sr., (Weatherfield) r 13, breeder of Cotswold sheep, fruit orchard 600 trees, and farmer 70.

Haskell William H., Jr., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer.

Haskins Coleman A., (Springfield) r 8, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, flock of 150, Durham cattle, farmer 150, and in Weathersfield 50.

HAYWOOD CHARLES H., (Springfield) r 9, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, owner of the trotting stallion "Chester Dewey," farmer 206, and in Cavendish 60.

HAYWOOD ELLEN L., (Springfield) r 9, (Mrs. Charles H.) resident.

HAYWOOD LORENZO D., (North Springfield) r 31, bridge builder and farmer 50.

HAYWOOD SAMUEL S., (Springfield) r 9, farmer, son of C. H.

Henry Vincent R., (Springfield) r 52, bobbin maker for Henry Parker Co. 

Herrick Leslie E., (Springfield) r 9, son of M. A.

Herrick Martin A., (Springfield) r 9, overseer of the town farm 240.

Herrick Russell S., (Springfield) r 77, farmer, with S. H. 230.

Herrick Simon H., (Springfield) r 77, carpenter, and farmer with R. S. 230. 

Hewey Adin O., (Springfield) r 9, farmer.

HEWEY GEORGE F., (Springfield) r 72, carpenter and builder.

Hewey George W., (Springfield) r 72, farmer 32.

HEWEY JEREMIAH L., (Springfield) r 46, marble cutter, breeder of blooded horses, fruit grower, and farmer 100.

Hewey John H., (Springfield) r 45, farmer 60.

Hewey Leonard E., (Springfield) r 57, carpenter and builder, breeder of pure blood Durham cattle, breeder of Norman horses, sugar orchard 400 trees, fruit orchard ray trees, and farmer 100.

Hickey Michael, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, farmer 96.

Hill Frank D., (Springfield) r 54, bobbin maker for The Henry Parker Co.

Hitch Carlos, (Weathersfield) r 14, laborer.

Hogan Cornelius H., (Springfield) r 82, farmer 100.

Hogan David F., (Springfield) r 74, farmer 137.

Hogan Michael, (Springfield) r 79, farmer, off r 83, 165.

HOLMES LEROY M., (Springfield) r 41, breeder of Jersey cattle, full blood Poland China hogs, reg., and Langshang fowls, dairy 10 cows, farmer 60.

Hopkins Albert O., (Springfield) r 46, farmer.

Hopkins Augustus J., (Springfield) r 46, widow of George B., farmer 20.

Howe Eli, (Springfield) r 44, retired farmer, aged 87.

Howe Fred L., (Springfield) off r 38, farmer, son of H. H.

HOWE HORACE H., (Springfield) off r 38, justice of the peace, lister, and farmer 350.

HUBBARD BETSEY, (Springfield) r 19, widow of Dr. Calvin, aged 83, sheep grower 250 head, breeder of Durham cattle, and farmer 340.

HUBBARD C. HORACE, (Springfield) r 19, justice of the peace, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, reg., full blood Short-horn cattle, farmer 200.

HUBBARD ELIZABETH H., (Springfield) r 19, resident with Betsey.

HUBBARD SARAH P., (Springfield) r 19, resident, with Betsey.


Jackson Arthur, (North Springfield) r 2, laborer.

JENKINS GEORGE, (Springfield) r 39, retired mason, worked at his trade 60 years, 83 years old, was born in town, farmer 200.

JENKINS HERBERT W., (Springfield) r 39, breeder of Jersey cattle, raising fine Durham oxen a specialty, wool grower, sugar orchard 300 trees, leases of George Jenkins 200.

Jenkins Nathaniel, (Springfield) r 40, retired farmer, aged 79.

Johnson Ashel, (Springfield) r 48, farm laborer.

Johnson Frank A., (Springfield) farmer, son of Ashel.

JOHNSON JOHN E., (Springfield) off r 6, breeder of Merino sheep, farmer 250

Johnson Laura M., (Springfield) r 41, widow of Levi K., aged 72.

JOHNSON WILLIAM J., (North Springfield) r 30, prop. of grist-mill, dealer in feed and meal.


Kendall Sherman S., (Springfield) r 24, dealer in hulled corn.

Kendrick Ariel, (North Springfield) r 30, retired physician and surgeon, has practiced 55 years.

Kenney Charles H., (Springfield) r 38, Congregational minister, carpenter and builder, farmer 17.

KIRK AARON L., (Springfield) r 39, farmer 145.

KNIGHT HORACE M., (North Springfield) r 3, carpenter and farmer 15.

Knight Samuel, (North Springfield) r 6, laborer.

Knight Sarah, (North Springfield) r 3, widow of Nahum.

KNIGHT WILLIAM M., (North Springfield) r 30, prop. Cider-mill and carpenter.


LATHAM SIMEON E., (Springfield) r 27, live stock dealer, farmer 300.

Lawrence Charles W., (Springfield) r 11, laborer.

Lawrence Emerson, (Springfield) off r 22, farmer.

Lawrence Willard L., (Springfield) off r 36, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, and grade Durham cattle, farmer 96.

Lee Willard A., (Springfield) r 41, house painter.

LELAND GRANVILLE A., (North Springfield) r 30, millwright and bridge builder, farmer 70.

Leonard Henry L., (Springfield) r 48, farmer, works for H. Whitmore.

LEWIS GEORGE E., (Springfield) r 38 cor 43, pastor of Reformed Methodist church, farmer 40.

Lewis Joseph, (North Springfield) r. 3, farmer 50.

Lewis Manville J., (North Springfield) r 3 and 4, works for Richardson & McKee, of Boston.

Litchfield Jairus, (Springfield) r 55, farmer 100, and with D. Bowen Parker 130.

Livingston Colborn, (North Springfield) r 31, carpenter and builder, works in box factory.

Lockwood Benoia, (North Springfield) r 31, farmer 125.

Lockwood Charlotte, (North Springfield) r 36, widow of Roswell, resident, aged 79 years.

LOCKWOOD DANIEL, (North Springfield) r 30, farmer 12.

LOCKWOOD ELMORE B., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer.

Lockwood Enoch, (North Springfield) r 31, laborer.

Lockwood Hamlin M., (North Springfield) r 30, painter and carpenter.

Lockwood Harriet, (North Springfield) r 30, widow of Cephus, h and lot.

Lockwood Hial P., (North Springfield) r 6, farmer, leases of John E. Johnson 100.

Lockwood Ira C., (North Springfield) r 30, general blacksmith and wagon ironer for 47 years.

Lockwood Lorenzo, (North Springfield) r 36, farmer 100.

Lockwood Seymour, (Springfield) r 38, farmer 230.

Lockwood Vesta N., (North Springfield) r 5, widow of Bryant N., farmer 8. 

Lord Philip G., (North Springfield) r 31, (Lord & Co.) Advent minister.

Lord & Co., (North Springfield) r 31, (Philip G. Lord) manuf. of Wilcox Magic Balm.

LOVELL ROYAL L., (Springfield) r 48, prop. of Springfield Meat Market on Main st., dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats and vegetables, dealer in horses and all kinds of live stock, prop. of Springfield vegetable garden, farmer 40.


MANN IRENE H., (Springfield) r 48, widow of Nelson, farmer 160.

Marble Hunan L., (Springfield) r 36 cur 38, wagon maker.

Marcy George L., (Springfield) r 54, bobbin maker for Henry Parker Co., farmer, owns in Wallingford, Rutland CO., 40.

Martin David C., (Springfield) r 46, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, farmer r 80.

Martin Flora A., (North Springfield) r 30, (Mrs. Lorin) dressmaker.

MARTIN FRANK D., (North Springfield) r 30, manuf. of plain and fancy wood boxes, jewelry and silver cases, and farmer 78.

Martin Fred W., (North Springfield) r 30, student.

Martin Loren E., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer.

MARTIN MICAJAH, (North Springfield) r 30, eclectic physician and surgeon, farmer 6.

Mattison Hezekiah, (Springfield) r 73, farmer 140.

Mattison Mary E., (Springfield) r 44, widow of Peter, resident.

Merrfield Josephine F., (Springfield) r 41, resident.

Merrifield Luther P., (Springfield) r 48, carpenter and builder.

Merrill Samuel, (North Springfield) r 32, farmer 18.

MERRITT ELMER T., (Springfield r 44, farmer, son of T. M.

Merritt Thomas M., (Springfield) r 44, farmer 120.

Messenger Horace, (Springfield) r 50, farmer 80.

Messenger Philenia C., (Springfield) r 74, widow of E. R.

Miller A. C. Frank, (Springfield) r 10, son of A. C., farmer.

MILLER ABIJAH C., (Springfield) r 10, breeder of full blood Durham cattle, Spanish Merino and Southdown sheep, and Morgan horses, farmer 600.

Miller Sarah F., (Springfield) r 10, widow of Abijah, aged 85 years, farmer 125.

Miller Sarah J., (Springfield) r 10, resident.

Moody George H., (Charlestown, N. H) r 52, toll keeper of Cheshire bridge, and owns farm 5, now lives in N. H.

Moody Orlin F., (Charlestown, N. H.) r 16, farmer 15.

Morey Sarah H., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of Joseph, h and lot.

Morrill Charles F., (Springfield) r 54, turner of bobbins for Henry Parker Co. 

Munson Myron C., (North Springfield) off r 29, farmer. 

MYRICK JULIA D., (North Springfield) r 3, owns farm 4.


NASH FRED O., (North Springfield) r 30, sawyer for D. J. Boynton.

Newhall Mary, (North Springfield) r 40 cur 4, (Mrs. Sylvanus) h and lot.

Newhall Sylvanus, (North Springfield) r 30 cor 4, retired, aged 90.

Newton George W., (North Springfield) r 36, wheelwright and shoemaker.

Newton Hiram, (North Springfield) r 30, manuf. of lumber, and dealer in coffins and caskets.

Newton Parly, (North Springfield) r 36, shoemaker.

Newton Seymour, (North Springfield) r 29, millwright, carpenter and joiner, farmer 20, and in Baltimore 15.

North Charles M., (Springfield) r 36, farmer.

North Merrill, (Springfield) r 36, farmer 63.

NORTON ELBERT P., (Springfield) r 80, miller for S. B. Gould.

Nourse John V., (Springfield) r 44, son of Urial G., farmer.

Nourse Urial G., (Springfield) r 44, stock grower, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 150.


OAKS EDWIN, (Springfield) r 40, farmer 60.

Olney Calvin, (North Springfield) r 2, farmer 75.

Olney Dexter B., (Springfield) r 75, farmer 30.

Olney Eliza B., (Springfield) r .I7, widow of Welcome, aged 78, resident.

Olney George, (Springfield) r 72, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 85.

Olney Thomas J., (Springfield) r 47, farmer 87.


Parker Clark C., (Springfield) r 16, sheep grower 150 head, farmer, leases of R. M. Colburn 110. 

PARKER D. BOWEN, (Springfield) r 71, sheep grower 60 head, farmer 40, with J. Litchfield r 120, leases of C. O. Fletcher 185.

Parker Emery W., (North Springfield) r 3, carriage ironer and general blacksmith.

Parker Henry, (Springfield) r 52, retired manuf. and farmer 3.

PARKER NELSON, (Springfield) r 18, agent for Ferguson Bureau Creamery, breeder of Chester Dewey horses, full blood Jersey cattle, farmer 100.

Parker Sardine J., (Springfield) r 29, farmer 7 1/2.

Parker Stella, (Springfield) r 741, dressmaker.

PARKHURST DAVID W., (Springfield) r 58, house painter, and farmer 70. 

PARKHURST EUNICE A., (Springfield) r 58, (Mrs. David W.) resident. 

PARKHURST FRED N., (Springfield) r 58. farmer, son of D. W.

Parkhurst Merrill R., (Springfield) r 58, machinist, son of D. W.

Perkins Daniel P. Rev., (North Springfield) r 36, sawyer, and Advent minister.

PERKINS J. OZRO, (North Springfield) r 30, carpenter and builder, and manuf. and repairer of wagons, and farmer 65.

Perkins Mary A., (North Springfield) r 31, resident.

Perry George W., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 67, farmer 70.

Perry Herbert M., (Springfield) r 46, employee of cab shop.

Perry James F., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 14, farmer, aged 83.

Phillips Henry H., (North Springfield) r 33, farmer 70.

Phillips Sarah C., (Springfield) r 48, widow of Simeon, resident.

PIERCE EDSON X., (North Springfield) r 5, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep of the Atwood family, reg., breeder of driving horses, agent for Champion mower and reaper, Bullard & Mudget's hay tedder, Randall's harrow, and Bay State horse rake, Clipper plow, and farmer 350.

Pierce Lucius M., (North Springfield) r 30, farmer.

Piper Charles E., (North Springfield) r 30, teamster.

PIPER CULLEN S., (North Springfield) r 36, works for Slack Fertilizer Co.

PIPER EDWIN, (Springfield) r 25, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, Durham cattle, and farmer 125.

PIPER FOSTER L., (Springfield) r 25, farmer, with Edwin. 

Piper Leonard B., (North Springfield) r 29, cabinet maker, and farmer 30. 

Piper Marvin L., (North Springfield) r 29, farm laborer. 

Prouty Charles, (Springfield) r 61, leases of Ira Fletcher 60. 

Putnam Elvyn, (Springfield) r 79, employee of G. T. Robinson. 

Putnam Gorham, (Springfield) off r 46, farmer, leases of F. P. Ball 35. 

Putnam Robert, (Springfield) r 74, farmer, leases of Solon 64. 

Putnam Simon E., (Springfield) r 82, farmer 90. 

Putnam Solon, (Springfield) r 74, farmer 64, aged 77. 

Putnam Sylvester, (Springfield) r 80, farmer. 

Putnam Timothy, (Springfield) r 52, farmer 157, aged 81. 

Putnam Timothy M., (Springfield) r 54, teamster, and farmer 7. 

PUTNAM TYLER, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 69, breeder of Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 120, leases of Henry Fletcher 280, and of O. D. Perry, of Boston, 160. 

Putnam Wesley G., (North Springfield) r 5, farmer. 


RACE JOHN W., (North Springfield) r 30, agent for the Singer sewing machine, and agent for all kinds of fruit trees. 

RANDALL DAVID H., (Springfield) r 79, farmer 96. 

Randall Emeline, (Springfield) r 54, widow of L. W. 

Randall Frederick L., (Springfield) r 79, farmer 110. 

Randall George S., (Springfield) r 79, farmer 50. 

Randall J. Henry, (Springfield) r 79, farmer 16. 

Randall Horace H., (Springfield) r 79, breeder of brown Leghorn fowls, apairist, breeder Spanish Merino sheep, farmer 130, in Rockingham, Windham Co., 75. 

Randall Oscar S., (Springfield) r 54, farmer 65. 

Randel Edwin S., (Springfield) r 23, farmer, son of S. K. 

RANDEL SMITH K., (Springfield) breeder of full blood Jersey cattle dairy 7 cows, farmer 310. 

Redfield Leonard, (North Springfield) r 1, house painter and farmer 13. 

Rice Frank S., pastor of the Universalist church, Common st. 

Rice Fred, (Springfield) r 55, leases of L. Edwards 50. 

Rice Harriet, (Springfield) r 22, widow of Edward, resident, aged 78. 

RICE ORRIN, (Charlestown, N. H.) r 16, farmer 50. 

RICHARDSON LEWIS S., (Londonderry) dealer in pianos, organs and musical supplies. 

Riley John, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 140. 

RILEY PATRICK, (Springfield) r 59, dairy 8 cows, farmer 130. 

Robbins Luella J., (Springfield) r 29, widow of Albert H. 

Roberts Orrin, (North Springfield) r 30, laborer. 

ROBINSON JUSTIN T., (Springfield) r 52, manufacturer arid dealer in all kinds of dimension lumber, shingles, lath, chair and hame stock and planed stock. 

ROBINSON WILLARD S., (Springfield) r 48, works for Cobb & Derby. 

Roby James L., (Springfield) r 35, farmer, leases of Seymour Lockwood 71. 

Rollins Asa, (Springfield) r 53, retired shoemaker and farmer 6. 

Rumrill Cordelia, (North Springfield) r 32, widow of Joseph. 

Rumrill Daniel B., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, farmer. 

Rumrill Horace G., (Springfield) r 26, farmer 71. 

Rumrill Ransom, (North Springfield) r 29, farm laborer. 

Rumrill Samuel B., (Springfield) r 26, retired farmer, aged 76.

Russell Josiah Q., (North Springfield) r 36, farmer 28.


Sanderson Horace H., (Springfield) r 38, farmer 4.

Sanderson Luther M., (Springfield) r 38, works in cab shop.

Sawyer Fred, (North Springfield) r 32, farmer, leases of J. O. Perkins 60.

Scofield Franklin L., (Springfield) r 13, farmer 50.

Scofield George L., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer r 12.

Shedd Lyda, (Springfield) r 74, aged 85 years, born in town on the place where she now lives.

Shedd Marv A., (Springfield) r 74, widow of Austin, farm 40.

Sheldon Charles F., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 67, farmer 60.

Sheldon John P., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 67, farm 100.

Sheldon Rebecca, (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 67, widow of Lansing, resident.

Sheldon Sumner L., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, farmer.

Sherwin Luzerne B., (Springfield) r 58, farmer 40.

Simmons Sarah J., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of Albert H.

Slack John A., (Springfield) r 36, machinist, and farmer 60.

SLACK JOHN T., (North Springfield) cor r 31 and 36, superintendent of Slack Fertilizer Co.

Slade Allen L., (Springfield) r 22 cor 24, carpenter, and farmer 55.

SLADE GEORGE M., (Springfield) r 22, carpenter and builder.

SMITH DAVID M., (Springfield) r 52, shoemaker, works at bobbin making for Henry Parker Co.

Smith Peter, (Springfield) r 55, employee at Gould's mill.

SMITH SALLY, (North Springfield) r 30, resident, aged 81 years, h and lot.

Smith Sarah G., (Springfield) r 77 cor 78, widow of D. M., resident.

Snell Frank A., (North Springfield) r 36, farm laborer.

SPAFFORD ROMAINE A., (North Springfield) r 30, carpenter and builder, clerk for Fred G. Field.

Spaulding Francis P., (Springfield) r 17, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, farmer 260.

Spaulding Fred M., (Springfield) farmer, son of F. P.

Spaulding Morton M., (Springfield) r 17, farmer, son of F. P.

Spurr Otis P., (Springfield) off r 39, stone mason, breeder of Plymouth Rock fowls, and farmer 114.

Stanley Alfred L., (North Springfield) r 4, carpenter and joiner, dry goods peddler.

Staples Daniel, (Springfield) r 49, works the farm of Isaac Tower 100.

Stevens Harris L., (Springfield) r 45, dairy 11 cows, farmer, leases of Elvira F. Bisbee 140.

Stevens Henry, (Springfield) r 27, farm laborer.

Stevens Henry P., (Springfield) r 27, farm laborer.

Stevens John C. F., (Springfield) r 45, farmer, son of H. L.

Stoddard John E., (Springfield) r 74, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, farmer 425.

Stoddard Laura, (Springfield) r 74, widow of Jacob.

STREETER HERBERT, (Springfield) r 21, dairy 10 cows, sheep grower 150 head, and farmer, leases of Lucius 300.

STREETER LUCIUS, (Springfield) r 21, general agent for all kinds of agricultural implements, farmer 300.


Taylor Oscar E., (Springfield) r 80, employee of The Henry Parker Co.

TOLLES ELIZABETH C., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of John, farm 4, aged 81 years.

TOWER TILA O., (Springfield) r 52, widow of John, farmer 55,

Townsend Rodolphus R., (Weathersfield) r 14, farmer 160.

Trescott Franklin F., (Springfield) r 23, farm laborer.


Wait Oscar E., (Springfield) r 79, supt. of The Henry Parker Co., bobbin maker and machinist.

Waite William L., (Springfield) r 61, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah W. Brown 60.

Waitman Romanzo, North Springfield) r 3, farmer 12, and 15 3 pasture in Weathersfield.

Walker Charles H., (Springfield) r 16, farmer, works for D. O.

Walker James R., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer 253.

Walker John O., (Weathersfield) r 13, farmer 70.

Walker Moses S., (Springfield) r 45, stone mason, and farmer

WALKER WALTER M., (Springfield) r 52, farmer 100.

WARD JOHN D., (North Springfield) r 5, retired mason, farmer 116.

Ward Leonard E., (Springfield) r 28, farm laborer.

WARRALL JAMES H., (Springfield) r 74, tanner, farmer, leases of Mary A. Shedd 40.

Washburn Alphonso G., (Springfield) r 18, machinist, and farmer 53.

Weatherbee Enoch W., (Springfield) r 25, sheep grower, farmer, leases of Smith K. Randall 180.

Weatherbee Gilman P., (North Springfield) r 36, farmer, leases of Lorenzo Lockwood 100.

Weatherby Harriet C., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 64, resident.

Weeden Abbie L., (North Springfield) r 30, widow of John O., farmer 16.

Weeden Ida M., (North Springfield) r 30, school teacher.

Westney William, (Springfield) r 55, farmer 70.

Wheeler Fannie, (North Springfield) r 36, resident, h and lot.

WHIPPLE JAMES B., (Springfield) r 37, dairy 15 cows, milk dealer, farmer 130.

Whitcomb Azuba, (Springfield) off r 39, widow of Cummings, farm 4.

Whitcomb Foster H., (Springfield) r 40, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 60, leases of David S. Field, of Lowell, Mass., 75.

WHITCOMB GEORGE C., (Springfield) r 39, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 200.

Whitcomb George S., (Springfield) r 38, farmer.

WHITCOMB JAMES L., (Springfield) r 60, sugar orchard 150 trees, farmer 56.

WHITCOMB LYMAN, (Springfield) r 43, farmer 135.

Whitcomb Perls, (Springfield) r 43, sugar orchard 150 trees, farmer 200.

Whitcomb William D., (Springfield) r 23, sheep grower 100 head, farmer 175.

Whitcomb William L., (Springfield) r 34, farmer 5.

White Emma, (North Springfield) cor r 30 and 4, teacher.

WHITE EUSEBIA A., (West Springfield) r 80, widow of John, farmer 60.

WHITE JAMES E., (Springfield) r 53, overseer of the poor, sheep grower 400 head, dairy 15 cows, breeder of horses, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer on r 52, 600.

WHITE LEVI R., (Springfield) r 51 cor 50, breeder of full blood Merino sheep, grade Durham and Devon cattle, farmer 215.

White N. Ernest, (Springfield) r 80, son of N. P.

WHITE NATHAN P., (Springfield) r 80, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep for 32 years, from the Consul Jarvis flock, farmer 125.

White Olive, (Springfield) r 52, widow of Nathan, aged 89 years.

White Robert S., (Springfield) r 80, molder, son of N. P.

Whiting Samuel, (Springfield) off r 39, farmer 140.

Whiting William C., (Springfield) off r 39, son of Samuel, teacher.

WHITNEY JAMES, (Springfield) r 47, wheelwright, and farmer 90.

WHITNEY LUTHERA, (Springfield) r 17, teacher and writer.

Whitney Matilda H., (Springfield) r 17, widow of Wm. W., resident.

Whitney Rollin W., (Springfield) r 17, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep roc, head, farmer 190.

WILEY GEORGE F., (Springfield) r 51 cor 50, agent for Buckeye mower, breeder of full blood dark Bramah fowls.

Wiley John P., (North Chester) r 41, farmer, leases of Geo. W. Hall, of Grafton, 81.

Williams Charles A., (Chester Depot) r 41, farmer 126.

WILSON LUTHER A., (Springfield) r 77, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 100.

Winchester Salmon, (North Springfield) r 2, farmer 20.

WINSLOW SYLVESTER, (North Springfield) r 31, stone mason, and farmer 5.

Witherell Albert C., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, farmer, son of C. C.

Witherell George L., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, farmer, son of C. C.

Witherell Marcella C., (Bartonsville, Windham Co.) r 66, widow of C. C., farmer 80.

Wolf William S., (Springfield) r 22 cor 24 retired carpenter, and farmer, aged 72.

Wood Louisa, (North Springfield) r 36, resident.

Woodburn David C., (Springfield) r 48, farm laborer.

Woodbury Edward N., (North Springfield) r 1, farmer, son of Joel.

Woodbury George B., (Springfield) r 47, with John L., dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Mary Ann 140.

WOODBURY JOEL, (North Springfield) dairy 11 cows, and farmer 350.

Woodbury John L., (Springfield) r 47, with G. B. dairy 12 cows, and farmer 140.

Woodbury Mary Ann, (Springfield) r 47, widow of George, farmer 140.

WOODWARD ALLEN, (Springfield) r 73, carpenter and builder, prop. of cider-mill and saw-mill, and farm 4.

Woodward George L., (Springfield) r 74, farmer 40.

Woodward Louis, (Springfield) r 74, retired, aged 83.

Wyman George K., (North Springfield) r 31, farm laborer.

WYMAN JOSEPH P., (North Springfield) r 32, agent for Clark Johnson's Indian syrup, carpenter and builder, and farmer 7.

Wyman Royal E., (North Springfield) r 30, teamster, owns h and lot.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 500-514. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006