Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Adams Cyrus R., (West Hartford) r 31, sawyer in mill.
ADAMS FRED H., (West Hartford) r 31, works in saw-mill. (Moved to Royalton.)
Adams Joel, (Sharon) r 16, farmer, leases of R. Davis 150.
Adams John E., (West Hartford) r 31, works in saw-mill.
ADAMS JOHN Q., (West Hartford) r 31, manuf. of hard and soft lumber, rough or dressed dimension timber, and chair stock, farmer 30.
ADAMS MARK E., (Sharon) r 42, farmer 100, for E. S. Boyd.
Adams Scott R., (West Hartford) r 31, jeweler.
Aldrich Asahel B., (Sharon) r 20, farmer 120.
Aldrich Gilford D., (Sharon) r 20, farmer.
Alexander Nancy, (West Hartford) r 31, widow of Benjamin.
Alexander Sylvester B., (West Hartford) r 31, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Chester white hogs, farmer 400.
Allen Homer G., (Sharon) r 26, farmer 75.
Ashley Caleb, (Sharon) r 3, farm laborer.
Avery Alonzo, (Sharon) r 30, farm laborer.
Avery Frank L., (Sharon) farmer. 
Avery Nathaniel B., (Sharon) r 29, farmer 40. 
Avery Orange D., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, farmer 100. 
Avery Willard, (Sharon) r 18, farmer. 
Avery William D., (Sharon) r 18, farmer, leases of C. Downer. 


Bacon George, (Norwich) r 14, retired farmer. 
Badger George W., (Sharon) r 23, carpenter and joiner, and laborer. 
Badger William, (Sharon) carpenter and farmer. 
Baker Arline Mrs., (Sharon) r 29, resident. 
BALDWIN ELEAZER B., (Sharon) r 21, farmer 400. 
Baldwin Frederick W., (Sharon) r 34, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 130. 
Ball Merrill P., (Sharon) r 14, farmer 200. 
Barnard Susan, (West Hartford) r 31, resident. 
Barrett Caroline, (Sharon) r 15, widow of William, farmer 30. 
Bartlett J. C. Smith, (Sharon) r 3, farmer, with D. B. Mosher 175. 
Bartlett Samuel, (Sharon) r 3, farmer 11. 
Bascom Benjamin, (Sharon) r 21, constable, farmer 20. 
BAXTER EDWARD R., (Sharon) r 29, allo. Physician. 
Bean Charles L., (Sharon) r 18, farmer 160, owned by Joseph S. 
Bean Ella, (Sharon) r 29, house keeper at Sharon Hotel. 
Bean Joseph S. (Sharon) r 18, owns 160 acres occupied by Charles L. 
Billings Olin L., (Sharon) r 5, apiarist 8 swarms, dealer in cattle and produce. 
Billings Stephen L., (Sharon) r 5, laborer and farmer 130. 
Bills Franklin, (West Hartford) off Pomfret st., farmer, leases of C. Parkhurst. 
Blake Harriet M., (Sharon) r 21, widow of Geo. D., owns h and lot. 
BLAKE, WILLIAM H., (Sharon) r 21, runs saw and shingle mill. 
Blanchard Eliza, (Sharon) r 16, widow of H. King. 
Blay John C., (Sharon) r 20, farmer, leases of A. B. Aldrich. 
Boardinan Amos W., (Sharon) r 29, finisher of wood work, and paper hanger, retired clergyman. 
Boardman George D. S., (Sharon) r 29, farmer 26. 
Boyd Curtis S., (Sharon] r 42, farmer 100. 
Boyd Edward, (Sharon) r 42, resident. 
BROUGHTON CHARLES H., (Sharon) r 3, farmer, leases of W. H. Sargent, of Royalton, 100. 
Brown Elijah W., (Sharon) r 29, section foreman on C. V. R. R. 
Brown George W., (South Royalton) r 33, farmer about 100. 
Brown Merilla L., (Sharon) r 32, widow of Harvey C. 
BRUCE HARRY, (Sharon) r 21, retired farmer 18. 
Bruce Hiram C., (Sharon) off r 21, farmer for Mrs. Lois. 
Bruce Lois, (Sharon) off r 21, widow of Otis, farmer r 60. 
BUGBEE AUSTIN, (Sharon) r 40, farmer, works 90 acres for Mrs. M. Foster. 
Burbank Susan, (Sharon) r 29, widow of Col. Gardner. 
Burgess Alonzo B., (West Hartford) r 31, dairy 25 cows, farmer 400. 
Burgess George F., (West Hartford) r 31, manager of lumber business for A. Howard. 
Burke Amelia, (Sharon) r 32, widow of Hubbard, farmer 7. 
Burke Clarence E., (Sharon) r 37, farm laborer. 
Burke Dexter, (Sharon) r 37, breeder Merino sheep, flock 150, farmer 160. 
Burnham John C., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 11, wool grower 25 sheep, farmer 125.
Burroughs George W., (South Strafford. Orange Co.) r 10, farmer 60. 
Button Ira J., (Sharon) farmer on poor farm 200. 
Buzzell Albert D., (Sharon) r 20, farmer. 


Caldwell Betsey. (Sharon) r 20, widow of John, 
Chamberlin Edward, (Sharon) r 21, telegraph operator. 
CHAMBERLIN EDWARD B., (Sharon) r 21, Congregational clergyman, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 120.
Chamerlin Orlin (Sharon) r 16, dairy 6 cows, farmer 140.
CHAMBERS S. WEBB, (Sharon) r 36, farmer 35.
Champney John, (Sharon) r 30, laborer.
Chedel Charles R., (West Hartford) r 31, laborer, works in Adams's saw?mill.
Chillson Howard W.; (Sharon) fireman on C. V. R. R.

Chilson Edgar, (Sharon) farm laborer.
Chilson Sarah S., (Sharon) r 2, widow of George W.
Churchill Daniel H., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, farmer 100.
Churchill Franklin A., (Sharon) r 19, farmer.
Churchill G. N. T., (Sharon) r 19, farmer.
Clark Martha, (Sharon) resident.
Clifford Alva, (Sharon) r 19, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 190.
Clogston C. M., (Sharon) off r 14, farmer with G. H.
Clogston George H., (Sharon) off r 14, farmer, leases of Chester Downer 300.
Coutermanche Louis, (Sharon) r 39, farmer about 100.
Cook Jesse M., (Sharon) r 23, farmer 60; served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Reg.
Cowen James, (Sharon) r 23, farmer.


Daley Patrick, (Sharon) r 20, farmer 125.
Davis Sarah, (Sharon) r 32, widow of Asahel.
Day Calvin, (Sharon) r 6, farmer, with Orin.
Day Charles, (Sharon) r 29, agent and dealer in mowers, horse powers, horse rakes, sugar evaporators, churns and butter-workers, and farmers' tools.

Day Edwin L., (Sharon) r 6, prop. saw-mill, apiarist 11 swarms, and farmer 80.

Day Orin, (Sharon) r 6, flock of 90 sheep, and farmer 200.
Degnam, Patrick, (Sharon) r 8, farmer 90.
Dexter Edwin K., (Sharon) r 42, farmer, with Parker W.
DEXTER PARKER W., (Sharon) r 42, breeder of grade Merino sheep, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 140, and in Pomfret 44.
Dexter Phineas P., (West Hartford) r 31, farmer 80.
Dimmick George. (Sharon) r 21, dealer in poultry, and farmer 100.
Doubleday Lucy D., (West Hartford) r 31, widow of Chester, resident, aged 85.
DOWNER ALICE, (Sharon) r 21, resident, owns h and lot.
Downer Chester, (Sharon) dealer in stock, large real estate owner.
Downer Susan, (Sharon) r 21, resident, retired teacher, h and lot.
Doyle John, (South Royalton) r 25, breeder of grade sheep, and farmer 100.
Drown Charles E., (Sharon) r 2, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 162.
Drown George B., (Sharon) r 24, farmer.
Dyke Calvin, (Sharon) r 34, farmer.


Eastman Emily, (Sharon) r 15, widow of John, farmer 40.
Eastman George M., (Sharon) r 15, farmer 65; served in 17th Reg. Vt. Vols.

Evans Azro, (Sharon) r 14, farmer 30.
Everett Patrick, (Sharon) off r 19, farmer 100.


Fales Caroline E., (Sharon) r 36, widow of Horace, farmer 10.
Fales David, (Sharon) r 39, retired farmer.

Fates John D., (Sharon) r 37, farmer 250. 
FAY CALVIN K., (Sharon) r 23, breeder of here blood Devon cattle, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 160. 
Fay George F., (Sharon) r 29, carpenter, builder and farmer 50. 
Fay Hannah, (Sharon) r 29, widow of J. Lewis. 
Fay Willard F., (Sharon) blacksmith.
Fenton Bartholomew, (Sharon) r 32, laborer. 
Finney Augustus B., (Sharon) r 5, farmer 120. 
Flanders Moses P., (Sharon) r 3, manuf. of cabinet work, sec’y of Pine Hall Cemetery Association, farmer 40, 
Fleming John, (Sharon) r 24, farmer 100. 
Flower Vialara, (Sharon) r 21, widow of Oscar. 
Flower Willie R., (Sharon) r 21, faun laborer. 
FOLLETT AMMI, (Sharon) r 36, dairy 17 cows, agent for Walter A. Wood's mowing machines, farmer 175. 
Follett Ammi W., (Sharon) r 29; allo. physician and surgeon, graduate of Dartmouth Medical College. 
Foster G. Henry, (Sharon) r 40, invalid. 
Faster Miranda, (Sharon) r 40, widow of George, owns farm 90. 
Fox Elizabeth, (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 9, widow of Gershom, owns farm 26. 

Freeman Frederick, (South Royalton) r 27, farmer. 


George Benjamin, (Sharon) r 42, resident. 

George Henry C., (Sharon) r 42, farmer 100. 

GEORGE ROYAL W., (Sharon) r 23, farmer, leases of Mrs. Hale 100. 

Gibson William W., (Sharon) r 35, farmer 270, 

Gile Perley D., (Sharon) r 20, apiarist 10 hives, farmer 150. 

Gleason Michael, (Sharon) r 8, farmer 100. 

Griffin David, (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, farmer. 

GRIFFIN SARAH A., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, (Mrs. David) owns farm 50. 


Harrington Charles F., (Sharon) r 19, farmer 100. 

Harrington Frank A., (Sharon) r 19, butcher and farm laborer. 

Harrington Lewis, (Sharon) r 5, farm laborer. 

Hart Lyman, (Sharon) r 29, hit and shoe maker. 

Hatch Henry H., (South Royalton) r 34, farmer 130. 

Heath George F., (Sharon) r 32, station agent for C. V. R. R., express agent for U.S. & C. Exp. Co., telegraph agent for W. U. Tel. C4., farmer 20. 

Hickey Dennis, (Sharon) r 29, section boss on C. V. R. R. 

Hinchee Thomas, (Sharon) r 15, farmer about 50. 

Holder Albert M, (South Strafford, Orange Co.,) r 7, farmer 111. 

Hopkins Nellie Mrs., (Sharon) r 29, wife of Eleazer. 

Hood N. J., (Sharon) farmer. 

Howe Charles W., (Sharon) r 29, blacksmith. 

Howe Jonathan, (Sharon) r 38, farmer 100. 

Howe Mariat G., (Sharon) r 28, farmer 365, owns one-half of 272 acres in Royalton. [Died March, 1883.] 

Howe Paul A., (Sharon) r 23, has livery with M. C. Noyes.

HOWE, SPENCER E. (Sharon) r __, retired farmer.


Jackson Harriet C., (Sharon) r 21, widow of Andrew. 

Jacobs Darius, (Sharon) r 19, carpenter, farmer with Nicholas. 

Jacobs Nicholas, (Sharon) r 19, farmer 75. 

Johnson Cyrus B., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 8, farmer with T. S. 

Johnson Truman S., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 8, farmer 100. 

JONES CARLOS F., (Sharon) r 21, miller at Sharon Mills. 

Jennings S. Eugene. (Sharon) r 20, farm laborer. 

Joyce Edward H., (Sharon) r 31, farm laborer. 

Joyce Ira, (Sharon) r 21, farmer 50. 


KEITH JOHN L., (Sharon) r 19, retired carriage maker, farmer 160. 

Kemp Arnold, (Sharon) r 37, farmer 20. 

Kendall Frank A., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 13, farmer 160. 

Keyes Matthew P., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 8, selectman, teamster, 75 pure blood Merino sheep, farmer 200. 

Kibbie Elijah H., (Sharon) r 23, farmer. 

Klloren John, (Sharon) off r 19, farmer with Matthew. 

Klloren Matthew, (Sharon) off r 19, farmer 75. 


Ladd Chandler, (Sharon.) r 19, breeder of Morgan horses, farmer 225. 

LADD CHESTER B., (Sharon) r 29, carpenter and joiner, owns h and lot. (Moved to Strafford.) 

Ladd Harriet H., (Sharon) r 29, widow of Orrin C., farmer 2. 

Ladd Percy, (Sharon) r 29, widow of Ralph, aged 89 years. 

Larkin & Varnum, (Sharon) r 29, (James E. L. & Henry C. V.) manufs. of ox bow pins, sap spouts, drag rakes, kitchen forks, etc. 

Lasure Fred T., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 8, cor 10 farmer, leases of L. Parker. 

Leonard Harvey. (Sharon) r 42, farmer 100.

Leonard Howard, (Sharon) r 42, farmer with Harvey. 

Leonard Jasper, (Sharon) r 42, farmer with Harvey. 

Lyman Arthur D., (Norwich) r 15, wool grower 20 sheep, farmer 100. 


Manning Michael, (Sharon) r 8, farmer 75. 

Manning Nathaniel, (Sharon) r 37, farmer 6. 

Marsh Clarence A., (Sharon) r 31, apiarist 30 swarms, farmer 180, owned by Emeline. 

Marsh Emeline, (Sharon) r 31, widow of Horace, owns farm r 80. 

MARSH JOEL H., (Sharon) r 31, dairy 10 cows, justice of peace, lumberman and farmer 350. 

Marsh Willie C., (Sharon) r 31, son of J. H., farmer. 

Marshall Henry H., (West Hartford) off r 31, lumberman, owns with A. Howard timber land. 

McDONALD CHARLES A., (Sharon) r 33, farmer with Mrs. Cordelia A. 

McDonald Cordelia A., (Sharon) r 33, widow of Alexander, owns farm 200. 

McNorton William, (Norwich) farmer 125, off Norwich St. 

Moore Josephine E., (Sharon) r 39, (Mrs. Hiram) owns farm 108. 

Moore Hiram G., (Sharon) r 39, town lister, farmer 100. 

Morrill Benjamin, (Sharon) r 21, retired farmer 30. 

Morrison George W., (Sharon) r 19, farmer 60. 

Morse Charles E., (Sharon) r 20, farmer. 

Morse Charles R., (Sharon) r 19, farmer, leases of N. F. Stoughton 330. 

Morse Charlotte. (Sharon) r 30, widow of George, farmer 60. 

Morse David S., (Sharon) r 29, allo. physician and surgeon, farmer 5. 

Morse Rufus S., (Sharon) r 5, laborer, farmer 6. 

MOSHER ALBERT B., (Sharon) r 36, breeder of Merino sheep, farmer 100, and 225 occupied by C. A. Mosher.

Mosher Charles A., (Sharon) r 36, inventor of dairy bureau and refrigerator, breeder and dealer in grade Merino sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of A. B. Mosher 225.

MOSHER DAN B., (Sharon) r 3, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer, with J. C. S. Bartlett 175.

Mosher Freeman A., (Norwich) r 14, farmer 200.

MOSHER NILES Q., (Sharon) r 2, breeder of grade Merino sheep, 150 head, farmer 200.

Mosher Philo, (Sharon) r 23, farm laborer.

Mosher Richard, (Sharon) farm laborer.

Muir William, (Sharon) r 6, farmer 60.

Murphy John, (West Norwich) r 10, farmer r 75.

Murphy Michael, (Norwich) off r 10, farmer 50.


Norton Sylvanus, (Sharon) r 5, retired farmer, aged 81.

NOYES EUGENE H., (Sharon) r 21, teamster, and keeps 25 head stock, farmer 225.

Noyes Marcellus C., (Sharon) r 23, blacksmith and horse shoer, farmer 5.


Page Caroline, (Sharon) r 29, resident.

Page Mary, (Sharon) r 29, resident, owns h and lot.

Parker James, (Sharon) r 6, poultry breeder, farmer 200.

PARKHURST DANIEL E., (Sharon) r 29, town the peace, boot and shoemaker, and farmer 4.

Parkhurst Harry, (West Hartford) r 31, breeder of grade Merino sheep, 150 head, breeder of Morgan horses, farmer 175.

Parkhurst Sarah A., (West Hartford) r 31, widow of Chester, resident.

Parmenter George, (West Norwich) r 10, farmer 100.

Parmenter John, (Norwich) r 10, farmer with George.

Pitkin Charles E., (Sharon) r 32, farmer, leases of Mrs. G. Varnum 75.

Poland Matilda D., (Norwich) r 14, widow of Thomas.

Powell Azro A., (Sharon) r 3, dairy 5 cows, farmer 135.

Preston Albert B., (Sharon) r 3, 1st selectman, prop. saw-mill, farmer 120.

Preston Almira, (Sharon) r 3, widow of Moses, farmer 111.

Preston James N., (Sharon) r 31, farm laborer.


QUIMBY JAMES S., (Sharon) r 30, manuf. of hard and soft lumber, rough and planed, breeder of grade Merino sheep, flock 100, farmer 250, and mountain land 579.

Quimby Mary M., (Sharon) r 30, widow of William.


Renslow Edgar, (Sharon) farm laborer.

Renslow Sidney W., (Sharon) farm laborer.

Reynolds Almon P., (Sharon) r 31, farmer, leases of F. F. Holt 400.

Ringer John, (Sharon) r 31, farm laborer.

RIX GUSTINE M., (Norwich) r 14, wool grower 75 sheep, dairy 4 cows, farmer 200, and half of 128 pasture land.

Rix Levi I., (Sharon) r 14, farmer 200.

Rix Marshall, (Sharon) r 14, retired farmer, aged 80.

Roberts Calvin B., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, farm laborer.

ROBERTS CHARLES E., (West Hartford) r 31, carpenter and joiner.

Roberts Darius AV., (.South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 13, manuf. of axe and hammer handles, and farmer.

Roberts Louisa, (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, widow of West D.

Roberts Lucian, (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 10, farmer 90.

Roberts Mansir H., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 11, sheep breeder, and farmer 200.

Roberts Royal, (Norwich) r 15, retired farmer. 

Robbins H. C., (Sharon) Baptist clergyman. 

ROBINSON EDSON L., (Sharon) r 3, 2d selectman, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 40. 

Robinson Emily Mrs., (Sharon) resident, owns h and lot. 

Rogers Flynn, (Sharon) retired, aged 68. 


Sargent Alvora M., (Sharon) r 32, farm laborer, owns h and lot. 

SARGENT FOSTER I., (Sharon) r 3, farmer 125. 

Scott George W., (Sharon) r 37, laborer and farmer 1 1/2. 

Seems Bruno, (Sharon) r 40, farmer 10. 

Seems Frank, (Sharon) r 40, laborer. 

Seems Lixey, (Sharon) r 40, farm laborer. 

Seems Stephen A., (Sharon) r 40, farm laborer. 

Sharon House, (Sharon) r 29, Albert E. Williamson, prop. 

SHAWNEY W. MOSES, (Sharon) r 23, carpenter and joiner; served in Co. A, 9th N. H. Reg. 

Shephard Statira, (Sharon) widow of Horace, h and lot. 

Sherman Peter, (West Hartford) r 31, farm laborer. 

SHERWIN AURELIUS C., (Sharon) r 29, allo. physician and surgeon, and supt. of schools, office in residence. 

Shirlock Edward, (Sharon) r 26, farmer 125. 

Shirlock Joseph, (Sharon) r 26, farmer 100. 

Shirlock Mary, (Sharon) r 26, widow of Francis. 

Simonds George P., (Norwich) r 10, farmer. 

Simonds William A., (West Norwich) r 10, farmer 75. 

Slack Arthur K., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 11, striker in mine at copperas works. 

Slack Jefferson P., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 12, farmer 100. 

Smith Clarissa A., (Sharon) r 33, widow of Benjamin, farmer, with Herbert

SMITH GEORGE D., (Sharon) r 29, owner of Smith's hall and parlors, carpenter and builder, farmer 16. 

Smith Harvey, (South Royalton) r 25, dealer in potatoes and bark, farmer 200. 

Smith Herbert E., (Sharon) r 33, dairy 6 cows, sheep 100 head, farmer 150. 

Smith Rebecca, (Sharon) r 37, widow of Aaron. 

Snow Floyd S., (Sharon) r 41, farmer, leases of S. Snow 80. 

Snow George P., (Sharon) r 41, farmer 80. 

SNOW HIRAM J., (Sharon) r 42, farmer with Julius C., 150.

Snow John W., (West Hartford) r 31, laborer. 

Snow Julius C., (Sharon) r 42, old resident, owns with Hiram J. farm 150. 

Somers Elijah, (West Hartford) r 31, works in saw-mill. 

Spaulding Charles E., (Sharon) r 37, farmer. 

Spaulding Mary, (South Royalton) r 33, widow of Horatio. 

Steele D. Zeno, (Sharon) retired farmer. 

Stewart Hazen, (Sharon) r 33, farmer 50, aged 81. 

Stoughton Nahum F., (Sharon) r 32, brick mason, owns farm of 330, occupied by Charles R. Morse. 


Thurston Alonzo, (Sharon) r 18, works for J. S. Quimby. 

Thurston Carlos M., (Sharon) r 16, farmer 55. 

Thurston Elmira, (Sharon) r 16, widow of John. 

Thurston Harrison H., (Sharon) r 37, farmer 110.

Tyler Lucius, (Sharon) r 29, retired farmer 30.


Varnum George, (Sharon) r 29, railroad contractor and builder in Kentucky, farmer 190.

Varnum Henry C., (Sharon) r 29, (Larkin & Varnum) blacksmith and horseshoer, and carriage ironer, owns h and lot.

Varnum William, (Sharon) r 29, blacksmith.


Walbridge Chester B., (Sharon) r 29, farmer 2.

WALBRIDGE CLARA F., (Sharon) r 29, widow of W. Henry H.

Walbridge Lathrop, (Sharon) r 19, farmer 75, owned by Hannah.

WALBRIDGE SCHULYER P., (Sharon) r 18, wool grower 40 sheep, lumberman, and farmer 250.

WALLACE JOHN R., (West Hartford) off r 31, lumberman, and farmer 230.

Wallace Edward, (Sharon) r 36, farmer.

WATTERMAN CHRISTOPHER C., (Sharon) r 26, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 100.

WATKINS EDGAR F., (Sharon) r 40, breeder and dealer in Merino sheep, farmer 800, in Royalton timber land 30.

Watkins Zera, (Sharon) r 40, old resident, aged 84.

Watts Austin, (Sharon) r 34, farmer 2.

Weeks George A., (Sharon) r 21, miller for C. E. Jones.

Welch Francis, (Sharon) r 22, retired farmer aged 72.

Welch Frank W., (Sharon) r 22, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 175, in Strafford 120.

Wheeler Charles H., (Sharon) r 3, farmer.

Wheeler Lyman, (Sharon) r 3, resident.

Whitcomb James, (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 13, farmer 100.

White Harvey, (Sharon) r 16, farmer 100.

WILKINS CARROLL, (West Hartford) r 31, farmer, leases of Henry Clark, of Philadelphia 60 and woodland 80.

WILLEY A. M. & SON, (Sharon) r 29, (Andrew M. & Judson S.) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, drugs and medicines, agricultural implements a specialty.

Willey Andrew M., (Sharon) r 23, (A. M. W. & Son) dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer about 500.

Willey George A., (Sharon) r 25, agent for agricultural implements, etc., for A. M. Willey & Son.

Willey John, (Sharon) r 3, with wife both 88 years of age; have been married 67 years, and lived in town over 50 years.

WILLEY JUDSON S., (Sharon) r 29, (A. M. Willey & Son) postmaster.

WILLEY OSCAR S., (Sharon) r 3, carpenter and mason, notary public, life, accident and fire insurance agent, breeder of pure blood Merino sheep, farmer 65.

Willey Percy M., (Sharon) r 21, clerk for A. M. Willey & Son, job printer.

WILLIAMSON ALBERT E., (Sharon) r 29, prop. Sharon House and livery.

WILLIAMSON CHARLES A., (Sharon) r 29, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and wall paper, boots and shoes, paints and oils, patent medicines and fancy goods; also dealer in country produce, flour, meal, etc., boards at hotel.

Wilson Asa R., (Sharon) r 32, farmer 100.

Wright Fred O., (Sharon) r 32, works in sash and blind factory, Manchester, N. H.


Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 479-487. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006