Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad stations are Windsor, 12 miles east, on C. V. R. R., Proctorsville, 10 miles south, on Rutland Div. C. V. R. R., and Woodstock, 11 miles north on W. R. R. Daily stage to Proctorsville.


Abbott William M. C., (South Reading) off r 35, farmer 100

Ainsworth John S., (South Woodstock) r 9, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, wool grower 150 sheep, stock grower, and farmer 260.

Allen Albert G., (Reading) r 31, farmer about 100

Allen Aurelia, (Reading) r 31, widow of Jonas G., farmer 150.

Allen Ethan A., (Reading) r 21, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 250.

ALLEN HENRY, (South Reading) r 48, manuf. of lath, shingles, chair stock, light sawing and turning.

Amsden Harriet J., (Felchville) widow of Alzaman, Main.

Amsden Orville D., (Felchville) r 49, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 145.

Archer Albertus J., (South Reading) r 47, farmer.

Archer Daniel, (South Reading) r 43 cor 42, farmer 40.

Archer Horace, (Bridgewater Corners) r 4, laborer.

Archer Sarah A., (South Reading) r 47, (Mrs. Albertus J.) owns with W. Tarbell farm of 140.

Austin Henry S., (South Reading) r 36, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 206.

Ayer Ira, (Felchville) painter, farmer 10, Main.


BAILEY GEORGE, (Reading) r 20, (S. & G. Bailey) farmer 34.

BAILEY S. & G., (Reading) r 20, (Samuel and George) props. carding mill and grist mill, and farmers 40.

BAILEY SAMUEL, (Reading) r 20, (S. & G. Bailey) farmer 85.

Bailey William W., (Felchville) farm laborer, Factory st.

Baldwin Otis, (Felchville) dealer in harnesses, and farmer 6, Main.

Barnes Daniel E., (South Reading) r 36, farmer 100.

BARNES LEWIS J., (South Reading) off r 27, farmer 162.

Barnes William L., (South Reading) r 27, farmer, leases of E. S. Dinsmore, of Cavendish.

BATES ZACHEUS, (Felchville) farmer 2, h Main.

Bement William, (South Woodstock) r 9, farmer, son of W. C.

Bement William C., (South Woodstock) r 9, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, reg., and farmer 230.

Bixby Albert J., (South Reading) r 44, farmer, son of James S.

Bixby James A., (South Reading) r 44, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 200.

Bixby John H., (Felchville) r 32, farmer, leases of Ferdinand Hawkins 12.

Bowker Joseph, (Felchville) r 23, carpenter and farmer 120.

Brown Joseph K., (Felchville) r 32, teamster.

Bruce Cyrus, (South Reading) r 48, mechanic.

BRYANT HENRY N., (Reading) r 7, sugar orchard 700 trees, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 205.

Bryant James, (Reading) r 29, farmer 12.

Bryant Marcellus L., (Reading) r 15, wool grower 130 sheep, and farmer 275.

Bryant Nathan, (Reading) r 30, farmer.

Buchanan David, (South Reading) r 44, farmer, leases of Daniel P. Jones 300.

Buck Charles, (South Reading) off r 36, stock grower and farmer 200.

BUCK DEXTER, (Reading) r 15, farmer 200.

Buck Lydia, (Felchville) widow of Simeon, bds Main.

BUCK RUFUS, (South Reading) r 33, wool grower 50 sheep, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 400.

Buck Simon M., (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, grand juror, farmer 200.

Buck Wallace W., (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, farmer, son of Simon. M.

BURNHAM DAVID E., (Reading) r 29, selectman, overseer of poor, sugar orchard 600 trees, breeder and dealer in Spanish Merino sheep, reg., and farmer 700.

Burnham Richard P., (Reading) r 29, farm laborer.

Butler Andrew (Reading) r 30, cooper, and farmer, leases of Oliver Sherwin, of Woodstock, 2 acres.

Butler Harriet, (Reading) r 30, widow of Alvah L., farmer 2.

Butler Hiram D., (Reading) r 30, resident.


Cady Azro, (Reading) r 17, farmer 120.

CADY CHARLES H., (Reading) r 30, butcher, dealer in cattle, hides and pelts, and farmer 64.

CADY GUSTAVUS A., (Manson, Calhoun County, Iowa) live stock dealer and farmer, born in Reading.

Cady Jefferson, (Reading) r 30, retired farmer.

Cady Lyman, (Reading) r 30, farmer 2.

Chamberlain Hiram M., (Felchville) farmer 4, Main.

CHAPMAN ALBERT, (South Reading) r 42, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 180.

Chapman William W., (Felchville) r 48, laborer.

Chase Caleb B., (Felchville) farmer, h Main.

Clark George M., (Felchville) showman, and farmer 40.

Clay Lewis, (Reading) off r 23, farmer 150.

Coburn Elizabeth M., (Felchville) widow of Orpheus, farmer 70, Main.

Coburn Richard P., (Felchville) r 48, farm laborer.

Coburn Susan S., (Felchville) r 48, widow of Merrill.

Connant Thaddeus (Felchville) manuf. of bedsteads, off Main, h Main.

Cook Milo B., (Reading) r 19, farmer 200.

Cram Eliza A., (Felchville) widow of Eliphalet B., resident, h Main.

Crandall Clayton H., (Felchville) works in chair factory, h Main.

CRANDALL JOEL, R., (Reading) off r 22, sugar orchard 400 trees, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, and farmer 280.

CROSS ELLIS E., (Felchville) general blacksmith, Brook street.

CROSS JOHN G., (Reading) r 20, manuf. of carriages and sleighs, and general blacksmith and repair shop.

Cross Nelson H., (South Reading) r 33, farm laborer.

Curley Martin, (Felchville) shoemaker, Main, h Factory.


Davis Bert E., (South Reading) r 42, farmer, leases of Charles A. 200.

DAVIS CHARLES A., (South Reading) r 42, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 200.

David Daniel F., (Felchville) clerk for C. M. Fay, Main.

Davis Frank H., (South Reading) off r 33, farmer, son of L. Carlos.

DAMS JUSTIN S., (South Reading) r 33, wool grower 175 sheep, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 366.

DAVIS L. CARLOS, (South Reading) off r 33, sugar orchard 300 trees, wool grower 130 sheep, stock grower, and farmer 300.

DAVIS MYRON A., (Felchville) prop. of saw mill and chair factory, manuf. of cane seat chairs, Brook cor Factory st., h Factory.

Demon Esther S., (Bridgewater Corners) r 4., widow of Noah, resident.

Dexter Eleazer, (Reading) r 20, showman and farmer.

Douglass William E., (South Reading) r 48, Methodist clergyman.

Dugan William H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 1, farmer about 100.

DURRANCE ELIZA A., (South Reading) r 43, (Mrs.). B.) sugar orchard 500 trees, and owns farm 100.

DURRANCE JOHN B., (South Reading) r 43, farmer.

Dutton Derrick S., (South Reading) r 46, farmer, leases of Parker Kinsman 200.


Eastman Albert, (Reading) r 9, wool grower too sheep, and farmer 160.

Edgett Sidney W., (Felchville) works in chair shop, bds Factory st.

Ely Luther, (Reading) r 13, farmer 270.

Ely Luther M., (Reading) r 13, farmer, son of Luther.

Emerson Leicester, (Reading) off r 29, resident.

Emery Daniel, (Reading) r 30, farm laborer.


FAY CORYDON M., (Felchville) postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hats, caps, paper hangings, hardware, paints, oils, flour, salt, etc., Main, h do.

Fay Minnie C., (Felchville) resident, Main.

Fay Hiram S., (Reading) off r 28, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 160.

FELCHVILLE HOTEL, (Felchville) G. W. Race, prop., Main cor Factory.

Fletcher Mary E., (Felchville) r 32, farmer 31.

Fletcher Sumner, (Reading) r 30, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 145.

Fletcher Thomas S., (Felchville) r 32, farmer 18.

Foley John, (Reading) r 31, wheelwright, and farmer 50.

Foster Anson, (South Reading) r 26, farmer, leases of E. Allen.

Foster Otis, (South Reading) r 37, farmer, owns 250 with Mrs. Amos A. Parker.

Frappiea Joseph, (Felchville) r 48, laborer.

Fullam Elroy R., (Reading) r 30, farmer 90.

Fulton Frank P., (Reading) off r 22, wool grower 60 sheep, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 1, and leases of James W. 50.

Fulton James W., (Reading) r 21, farmer 206.

FURBER FREDERICK C., (Reading) r 17, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 100.


Gates Dexter P., (Felchville) r 49, carpenter and general mechanic.

Gates Morrell, (Felchville) clairvoyant physician, Factory cor Brook.

GEE LAVYUS, (Felchville) r 51, farmer, leases of John McCullough 210.

Giddings Hiram A., (Felchville) carpenter and joiner, and painter, Main.

GIDDINGS JOHN E., (Felchville) r 51, farmer, son of William H.

GIDDINGS WILLIAM H., (Felchville) r 51, sugar orchard 300 trees, wool grower 60 sheep, stock grower, and farmer 250.

Gilbert Alonzo S., (Felchville) harness maker, and dealer in harness fixtures, surcingles, etc., Main, h do.

Gilbert George, (Felchville) laborer, bds Main.

Gilson Curtis H., (Reading) r 11, farmer 87.

Gilson Fremont H., (South Reading) r 46, farmer 100.

Gilson Luther, (South Reading) r 46, laborer.

Goddard Aaron W., (South Reading) r 33, sugar orchard 225 trees, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer 600.

Goddard Elwin W., (South Reading) r 45, lister, and farmer 30.

Going Henry A., (South Reading) r 27, farmer 215.

GREEN ELBERT E., (South Reading) r 48 cor 47, prop. of saw, grist and cider mill, manuf. of mop handles and chair stock, farmer 40.

Green Henry J., (South Reading) r 52, farmer 130.

Griswold Anna B., (Felchville) Widow of V. R., Main.

GUILD HARVEY M., (Felchville) allo. physician and surgeon, dealer in drugs and medicines, U. S. examining surgeon for pensions, graduate of Dartmouth college, Main cor Factory.


Hammond Dwight S., (Reading) r 20, farmer, son of Edmond S.

HAMMOND ED MOND S., (Reading) r 20, sugar orchard 300 trees, breeder and dealer in Spanish Merino sheep, reg., and farmer 500.

Hammond Mary, (Reading) r 30, farmer 15.

Hanscome Stephen C., (South Reading) r 42, farmer 120.

Hapgood Maurice E., (Reading) r 29, farm laborer.

HAPGOOD SALMON K., (Reading) r 20, lister, and farmer 50.

Hatch Mary A., (Felchville) widow of Benjamin H., h Main.

Haskell Sarah, (South Reading) r 43, widow of Elijah M., resident, aged 86. 

Hawkins Budd Dallas, (Reading) r 32, seedsman.

HAWKINS CARLOS, (Reading) r 30, prop. of saw and grist mill, and rake factory, manuf. of handles of all kinds, also all kinds of job turning, leader of Hawkins' orchestra, and farmer 18.

Hawkins Don C., (Felchville) farm laborer, Main.

Hawkins Ferdinand, (Reading) r 32, constable, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 160.

Heald Elbert Rev., (Felchville) Baptist clergyman, h Main.

Heald George E., (Felchville) carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Herrick Horace Rev., (Felchville) retired Congregational minister, h Main. 

Hoadly Roswell W., (Felchville) retired shoemaker, and farmer 11, h Main. 

HOLDEN ORSEMOR S., (Felchville) selectman, painter and paper hanger, h Brook st.

HOOK CLARENCE N., (Felchville) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, and general merchandise, Main.

Hoyt Alonzo, (South Reading) r 47, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 340.

Hewlett Henry J., (Felchville) r 49, house and carriage painter, and farmer 18.


Johnson Alvin, (South Reading) r 44, farmer 170.

Jones Daniel' P., (South Reading) r 48, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar orchard 250 trees, and farmer 300.

Jones Henry C., (South Reading) r 46, farmer 175.

Jones Lydia, (South Reading) r 33, widow of Ephraim, farmer 30.


Kendall Elwin D., (Felchville) farmer, son of Luther R., h Main.

KENDALL HARRISON P., (Felchville) carriage maker and general repair shop, Brook st., h Factory.

Kendall Luther, (Felchville) retired farmer, Main.

Kendall Luther R., (Felchville) r 50, breeder of grade Devon cattle, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 193.

Keyes Augustus S., (Reading) r 28, farmer 75.

Keyes William W., (Reading) r 30, town clerk, justice of the peace, town agent, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 175.

KINSMAN PARKER, (South Reading) r 46, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 200.


Lasure Calvin, (Felchville) farmer, h Main.

Locke Clarence W., (Felchville) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Luce Royal, (Felchville) r 48, resident.

Lunt Michael Shafney, (Felchville) works in chair shop, h Main.


Mahoney Donald, (Reading) r 29, laborer.

Maynard Charles F., (Felchville) r 48, retired farmer.

McCULLOUGH JOHN, (Felchville) r 50, town representative, lister, justice of the peace, auditor, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, reg., and farmer 210, leases of E. W. Watkins 250.

Meacham Erastus, (Felchville) r 32, farmer 4.

Megrath Alfred, (Felchville) stone mason, and farmer 120, h Main.

Megrath Francis C., (Felchville) r 48, farmer 102.

Megrath Lewis, (Felchville) r 48, farmer 25.

Merrill Edgar S., (Proctorsville) r 39, thresher, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 210.

Merrill Elton F., (South Reading) r 37, farmer, leases of A. H. Buzzell, of Mount Holly, Rutland Co. 100.

Merrill Henry H., (Proctorsville) r 41, farmer 200.

Miner Almon D., (Bridgewater Corners) r 4, farmer 130.

Miner Lorenzo D., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 4, farmer, in Plymouth 100, also leases of Jonathan Merrill estate 120.

Morgan George W., (Felchville) off r 32, farmer, with Alamander Wilkins 100.

Morse Calvest A., (Felchville) works in chair shop, Brook st.

Morse Frank H., (Felchville) works in chair shop, bds Brook st.

MORSE WALTER H., (Felchville) teamster, Brook st.

Morton Winchester, (Reading) off r 29, farm laborer.

MURRAY ALBERT A., (Proctorsville) r 40, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, and farmer 100.

Murray Edwin A., (Proctorsville) r 40, farmer, son of Albert A.


Nason George W., (Bridgewater Corner) r 25, farmer, leases of Freeman Fuller, of Ludlow, 100.

Nason Thomas E., (Felchville) farm laborer, Brook st.

NEWTON MORRIS C., (Reading) off r 7, sugar orchard 500 trees, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 160.

Nichols Amos E., (Reading) off r 29, carpenter, and farmer 30.

Noyes James H.; (Felchville) off r 48, farmer 66.


Ober Hial E., (Felchville) eclectic physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Orkins Rufus, (Felchville) works in chair shop, h Main.


Page Ann, (Felchville) widow of Eliphalet, Factory st.

Parker Amos A., (South Reading) r 37, farmer.

Parker Augustus, (Reading) r 31, farmer with Lucian, leases of Aurelia Allen 150.

Parker George W., (South Reading) r 37, farmer, son of Amos A.

Parker Loren, (Reading) off r 10, farmer 60.

Parker Lucian, (Reading) r 31, farmer, with Augustus Parker, leases of Aurelia Allen 150.

Parker William, (Reading) off r 10, farmer, son of Loren.

Parmenter Laurintha D., (Felchville) r 48, resident.

PARTRIDGE LYMAN F., (South Reading) r 48, dealer in dry goods, groceries, flour, meal, feed, phosphate, hides, pelts, and general merchandise, also does jobbing of all kinds.

Patch Louisa M., (Felchville) widow of Isaac, h Main.

Persons George F., (Felchville) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 9, h Main.

Persons Nathaniel, (Felchville) r 50, brick layer, plasterer, and farmer 12.

Petty Mary A., (Felchville) widow of Reuben, farmer 100, h Main.

PIERCE ASA R., (South Woodstock) r 12, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 90.

Pike Elijah, (South Reading) r 47, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 140.

POLLARD HENRY Z., (South Reading) r 34, farmer, leases of David E. Burnham 160.

PRATT HOBART S., (Felchville) off r 32, farmer, son of Jarvis.

PRATT JARVIS, (Felchville) off r 32, wool grower 100 sheep, stock grower, and farmer 300.

Putnam Jonas A., (Reading) r 16, farm laborer.

Putnam Philetta W., (Felchville) widow of Levi, h Main.


RACE GEORGE W., (Felchville) prop. Felchville Hotel, cor Main and Factory.

Rice Hiram, (South Reading) off r 36, farmer 127.

Rich George W., (South Reading) r 28, farmer 280.

ROBINSON CALVIN, 2d, (South Reading) r 48, postmaster, dealer in flour, groceries, tobacco, etc., and farmer 10.

Robinson Sarah, (South Reading) r 48, widow of Lewis, farmer 25.

Robinson Silas A., (South Reading) r 47, blacksmith, and farmer 20.

Rockwood Cornelius A., (Reading) farmer 50, Brook st.

Rockwood Herbert L., (Reading) r 30, medical student, son of Leander.

ROCKWOOD LEANDER, (Reading) r 30, postmaster, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 75.

ROGERS ALONZO, (Felchville) r 50, harnessmaker, carriage trimmer, and farmer 2.

Rounds Elwin, (South Reading) r 48, laborer.

ROYCE EDWIN W. C., (South Reading) r 48, prop. of saw mill, manuf. and dealer in hard and soft wood lumber, and manuf. of mop handles, ladders, clothes frames, saw horses, etc., farmer 50, and timber land 70, also owns saw mill in Plymouth, with A. F. Hubbard.


SAWYER DANIEL P., (Felchville) justice of the peace, town treasurer, prop. of grist mill, dealer in grain, meal, feed, etc., and farmer 4, off Main, h Main.

Shattuck Elroy J., (Felchville) r 32, shoe cutter, and farmer, works in chair factory.

Shedd Allen, (Felchville) tin peddler, and farmer, in Cavendish 64.

Shedd Cordelia H., (Felchville) widow of Coleman S., resident, h Main.

Shedd Frederick, (Reading) r 20, farmer, owns about 200 with Mrs. George Bailey.

Shedd George W., (Felchville) tinsmith, dealer in stoves, tinware, sheet iron, copper, and brass ware, and tin peddler's supplies, Main. 

Shedd Sarah D, (Reading) r 20, widow of S. C., resident. 

SHERWIN DUANE C., (Reading) r 29, stone mason, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, and farmer 140. 

Sherwin Ethelbert O., (Reading) r 10, carpenter and farmer, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 160. 

Sherwin Sylvanus M., (Reading) r 10, farmer, son of Ethelbert O. 

Sinclair Charles, (Felchville) foreman in chair shop, bds Factory st. 

Smith David D., (Reading) r 11, farmer 87. 

Smith John A., (Felchville) works in chair shop, bds Brook st. 

Smith Robert, (South Reading) r 48, cane weaver. 

Spalding Edwin A., (Proctorsville) r 53, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130. 

STEARNS EDGAR, (Reading) r 23, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 64, also leases of Rufus 50. 

Stearns Endora Z., (Felchville) resident Factory st. 

STEARNS HONESTUS, (Felchville) r 32, manuf. of cane seat chairs, and farmer 50, and in Virginia 93. 

Stearns Louisa, (Felchville) widow of James M., h Main. 

Stearns Rufus, (Felchville) r 32, farmer 40. 

Stearns Salome T., (Felchville) widow of Paul W. h Factory. 

Stewart Samuel L., (Felchville) r 50, laborer. 

SUMNER HENRY D., (Reading) r 29, farm laborer. (Moved to Woodstock.) 


Tarbell Walter, (South Reading) r 47, sugar orchard 300 trees, wool grower 58 sheep, and farmer 140. 

Thayer Charles L., (Felchville) farmer 30, h Main. 

Thomas Addison G., (Reading) r 16, farmer 70. 

Thomas Charlotte S., (Felchville) widow of Aaron B. 

Thomas Franklin P., (Reading) r 16, farmer, son of Addison G. 

Townsend Eliza, (Felchville) resident, Main. 

Townsend Hannah G., (Felchville) widow of William, aged about 90, h Main. 

Townsend Harriet M., (Felchville) r 32, widow of Orson, farmer 2. 

Townsend Lucia C., (Felchville) widow of Otis A., resident, h Factory. 

Tuttle George F., (South Reading) farmer, leases of Alvin Johnson 170. 


Vittum Asahel C., (South Reading) r 48, farmer 15. 

Vittum Henry, (South Reading) r 47, farm laborer. 

VITTUM WILLIAM H., (Felchville) works in chair shop, h Factory st. 


Waite Charles H., (South Woodstock) r 8, farm laborer. 

Walker Oliver, (Reading) r 31, farmer 130.

WALKER OREN, (South Reading) r 48, 1st selectman, farmer about 70. 

Wardner C. Alton, (Reading) r 17, farmer, son of Fred. 

Wardner Carlos, (Felchville) r 32, farmer 75. 

WARDNER CLARK, (Felchville) prop. of saw mill, farmer 130, and in Cavendish 11, h Main. 

Wardner Fred, (Reading) r 17, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 160. 

Warren Arthur S., (Proctorsville) r 40, farmer, son of Fred C. 

Warren Fred C., (Proctorsville) r 40, stock grower, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 180.

Washburn Darwin E., (Felchville) undertaker, manuf. of chair stretchers, Main. 

Washburne Charles T., (South Woodstock) r 8, wool grower 128 sheep, and farmer 225.

Watkins Alfred, (South Reading) r 33, farmer 50.

Watkins Elisha 1N'., (Felchville) r 50, farmer 250.

Watkins Mary L., (South Reading) r 42,, widow of Alonzo P., wool grower too sheep, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 360.

Weston Benjamin, (Reading) r 20, wool grower 60 sheep, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 220.

Weston Michael L., (Reading) r 7, wool grower 100 sheen, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 190.

Wheeler Charles F., (South Reading) r 48, watch and clock repairer.

Wheeler James P., (South Reading) r 48, farmer 200.

Whitaker William, (Felchville) r 50, works in chair shop.

White Azro, (Felchville) comedian, and farmer 80, h Main. 

White Hugh, (Reading,) r 33, farmer 80, owned by Edwin White, of Boston. 

WHITMORE CHARLES S., (Reading) r 19, deputy sheriff, collector of taxes, and farmer 80.

Whitney Ed, (Bridgewater Corners) r 5, farmer.

Whitney Sylvester, (Bridgewater Corners) r 5, resident.

Wilder Lucretia P., (South Reading) r 48, widow of Levi.

Wilkins Alamander, (Felchville) off r 32, farmer, with George W. Morgan 100. 

WILKINS ALVIN F., (South Reading) r 33, butcher, and farmer 115.

WILKINS EUGENE W., (Reading) off r 33, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 40.

Wilkins Roland M., (Reading) r 33, farmer 180.

Wilkins Sewell, (South Reading) r 46 farmer 14.

WILKINS WALLACE W., (South Reading) r 42 cor 37, farmer 55.

Wilson George H., (Reading) r 10, farmer 70.

Wilson Harvey S., (Proctorsville) r 40, farmer 80.

Withington Charles, (South Reading) r 46, laborer.

Wolcott Perez B., (Felchville) general blacksmith, Main.

Wolcott William B., (Felchville) works in chair shop, Main.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 445-453. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006