Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad station is Ludlow, twelve miles south, on Rutland Division C. V. R. R. Daily stage.


Archer Adelbert L., (Bridgewater Corners) r 23, miner.

Archer James S., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, farmer 110.

Archer Lucian J., (Tyson Furnace) r 42, farmer t 110.

Ayer James N., (Plymouth) r 3, overseer of poor, dairy 20 cows, registered Holstein cattle, sugar orchard 1,500 trees, farmer 440, and mountain land 50.

Ayer Stephen H., (Plymouth) r 3, retired farmer.

Ayer William S., (Plymouth) Union) off r 28, teamster.

Aylward Edward, (Tyson Furnace) r 2, farmer.

Aylward John, (Tyson Furnace) r 28, dairy 10 cows, farmer 175.

AYLWARD JOHN P., (Tyson Furnace) r 28, prop. saw mill, manuf. of coarse lumber and lath.


Bagley Fred H., (Plymouth Union) oft r 29, farmer 105.

BAILEY WARREN, (Proctorsville) r 35, dairy 10 cows, farmer 150.

Balch H. Israel, (North Shrewsbury, Rut. Co.) r 13, lumber jobber.

Barker Fred, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Barton Norris M., (Tyson Furnace) r 31, farmer, works for E. Pinney.

Bedell Hiram, (Tyson Furnace) r 48, farmer 75

Bedell William W., (Plymouth) r 11, farmer, leases of Hiram Bedell about 75. 

Bidgood William H., (Plymouth) off r 2, farmer, leases of Celestia M. Smith 70.

Blair Andrew, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Blanchard Charles W., (Plymouth) r 11, 2d selectman, farmer, with James S. Brown.

Blanchard James E., (Plymouth) r 10, farmer 75.

Blanchard Wallace W., (Plymouth) r 4, farmer, leases of Andrew A. Miner about 150.

BLUM ANTHONY, (Ludlow) r 53, business manager of The Rooks Mining Co.

Blum Phillip E., (Ludlow) r 53, clerk for The Rooks Mining Co.

Boutwell Abel S., (Plymouth Union) r 13, carpenter and joiner.

Bowman Willis P., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, dealer in stoves and tinware, and clerk for A. F. Hubbard.

BOYNTON AMOS, (Tyson Furnace) r 34, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, owns one half of 400 acres with Parker A.

BOYNTON PARKER A., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, owns one half Of 400 acres with Amos.

BRADLEY FREDERICK, (Plymouth) r 17, wool grower 50 sheep, dairy cows, and farmer 250.

Bradley George M., (Plymouth) r 17, farmer, son of Frederick.

Bradley Samuel, (Tyson Furnace) r 23, thresher, farmer 110, and in Reading about 110.

Brewer Alphonso F., (Plymouth) r 12, farmer, works for J. C. Coolidge.

Bridge George S., (Plymouth Union) r 13, dealer in flour, meal, and feed.

Briggs Albert, (Tyson Furnace) r 32, farmer, leases of L. D. Miner 125.

Briggs Ernest S., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 60.

Briggs Fernando H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, lister, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 100.

Brown Andrew W., (Plymouth) r 19, stock grower, and farmer 270.

Brown Carrie A. Miss, (Plymouth) r 14, clerk for F. C. Moore.

Brown Emma C., (Plymouth) r 19, (Mrs. James D.) owns farm 90.

Brown George, (Plymouth) r 11, farmer 1 1/2.

Brown James D., (Plymouth) r 19, gardener, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer about 260.

BROWN JAMES S., (Plymouth) r 14 cor 15, justice of the peace, stock grower, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 300.

Brown Maynard. (Plymouth) r 19, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 250.

Brown Marcia M., (Plymouth) off r 11, widow of James, farmer 150.

BUTLER FREDERICK A., (Plymouth Union) r 30, prop. of saw, shingle, chair stock, and grist mill, and farmer 120.

BUTLER JABEZ, (Plymouth Union) r 2, sash and blind maker, owns h and 2 acres (Moved to North Shrewsbury.)

BUTLER MARY A. H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, (Mrs. Jabez,) eclectic physician and surgeon. (Moved to North Shrewsbury.)

BUTLER STEPHEN M., (Bridgewater Corners) r 21, miller, and farmer 125, was in Co. F, 1st Regt., U. S. S. S.


Carlise Allen F., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farm laborer.

CARLISLE FOREST L., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 23, farmer 100.

CARLISLE HENRY L., (Plymouth) r 5, dairy 37 cows, and farmer 350.

Carlisle Leander M., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Carpenter Caroline, (Plymouth) r 6, widow of Benjamin, farmer 35.

CARPENTER CHARLES, (Tyson Furnace) r 23, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 200 acres, on which is located a gold mine.

Carpenter Henry, (Plymouth Union) r 29, farmer 60.

Carpenter William N., (Plymouth) r 6, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 230.

Chamberlin George W., (Plymouth) off r 11, farmer 100

Chamberlin Samuel, (Bridgewater Corners) r 8, farmer, leases of James M. of Hartford, 16 acres.

Cheney George, (Plymouth) r 24, dairy 12 cows, farmer 260.

Cheney Thomas A., (Plymouth Union) r 42, Advent clergyman, farmer 70.

Cilley Charles S., (Plymouth) r 10, farmer 80.

Cilley Frederick. (Plymouth) r 4, farmer 150,

CLAY GEORGE A., (Plymouth Union) r 2, (Moore & Clay.)

Clay William R., (Plymouth) r 10, farmer 7.

Closson Arthur B., (Plymouth) r 3, farmer.

Conners William T., (Plymouth) r 17, farmer, leases of Thomas, farm 235

Cook Charles H., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Cook Francis H., (Bridbgewater Corners) r 9, manuf. of whetstones, and farmer 25.

Cook Sophia E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, resident. 

Coolidge Almeda S., (Plymouth) off r 11, widow of Galusha, resident. 

Coolidge Ashbel G., (Plymouth Union) r 27, law student. 

Coolidge Axtill J., (Plymouth Union) r 41, farmer 100. 

Coolidge Belle, (Plymouth Union) r 27, supt. of schools. 

Coolidge Edwin I., (Plymouth Union) off r 29, laborer. 

COOLIDGE JOHN C., (Plymouth) r 12, insurance agent, notary public, blacksmith, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 200. 

Coolidge Lorenzo G., (Plymouth Union) r 27, deputy sheriff, constable, town auditor, and farmer 25. 

Coolidge Mary L., (Plymouth Union) r 29, widow of Warren, resident. 

Coolidge Oliver, (Plymouth Union) r 29, laborer. 

Coolidge Orrin G., (Plymouth Union) r 27, works in chair stock factory. 

Coolidge Sarah A., (Plymouth) r 12, widow of Calvin G., resident. 

Crandall Henry P., (Plymouth Union) r 3, (P. P. & H. P. Crandall.) 

Crandall P. P. & H. P., (Plymouth Union) r 2, manuf. of lime, and farmer 75.

Crandall Philander P., (Plymouth Union) r 2, (P. P. & H. P. Crandall) manuf. of butter tubs.

Cummings Andrew J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer.


Daggett Adda D., (Plymouth) r 6, (Mrs. James C.) farmer 90.

Daggett James C., (Plymouth) r 6, farmer in Jamaica, Windham Co.

Daniels George W., (North Shrewsbury, Rut. Co.) r 13, teamster.

Daniels Jane, (North Shrewsbury, Rut. Co.) r 13, widow of Harrison, resident.

Davis Joseph A., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 70.

Davis Mason A., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 9, laborer.

Davis Norman E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, carpenter and joiner, owns farm 20.

Davis Orlando W., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 9, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 150.

De Rushy Ebenezer, (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer, leases of Mrs. Salvina Ward loo.

De Rushy Ebenezer, Jr.. (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer.

De Rushy George W., (Plymouth) off r 3, laborer, h and lot.

Dirnick Marshall A., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 90.

Dix Benjamin, (Proctorsville) r 51, farmer 125, and in Reading 55.

DIX SAMUEL, (Tyson Furnace) r 50, farmer 175.

Dorsey Michael, (Tyson Furnace) off r 14, farmer about 90.

Doty Vilera E., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, widow of Charles.

Dow Darwin L., (Plymouth Union) r 2 cor 13, teamster and farmer 180.

DOW MONTRAVILLE L., (Plymouth Union) r 3, farmer about 9, timber land 100, and 25 acres limestone quarry.

Dunlap Andrew F., (Tyson Furnace) r 36, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 27.

Dunlap C. P. Y., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, farmer 250.

Dunlap George W., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, wood sawyer, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, leases of C. P. Y. Dunlap about 250.

Dyke Luther R., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 75.


Earle Alpheus N., (Plymouth Union) r 14 cor 27, postmaster, town clerk, dealer in drugs, medicines and groceries, and farmer 5.

EARLE EDWIN E., (Plymouth) r 24, 1st selectman, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer, estate of Rufus A. 500.

Earle Harriet, (Plymouth) r 24, widow of Rufus A.

Earle Julia, (Plymouth) r 14, widow of Fred, resident.

EMERY CHARLES, (Plymouth) r 4, stock grower, wool grower, and farmer 230.


Files Joseph, (Plymouth Union) r 2, laborer.

Fisk Abisha, (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, laborer.

Flanders Albert E., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, teamster.

Fox Henry, (Ludlow) r 53 mineralogist for the Rooks Mining Co.

FULLER DAVID H., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, prop. of Tyson House, and sawyer.

Fullam & Adams, (Ludlow) r 28, (Layton G. Fullam, of Ludlow, and Prescott Adams, of Cavendish) saw mill, manuf. of coarse lumber and chair stretchers.


Gibbs Jacob B., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 36.

Gibbs Oscar D., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer, son of Jacob B.

GILSON CHARLES P., (123 South Third st., Brooklyn, N. Y.) real estate agent, farm 45, with summer residence on r 2.

Gilson Daniel, (Tyson Furnace) r 35, farmer 4.

Gray Moses, (North Shrewsbury, Rutland Co.) off r 13, laborer.

Green Frank E., (Plymouth) r 15, farm laborer.

GREEN LEVI J., (Plymouth Union) r 2 cor 14, town representative, town treasurer, prop. hotel, carriage maker, undertaker and farmer 40.


Hall Charles M., (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer, son of George W.

HALL CHRISTOPHER C., (Plymouth) r 3, selectman, lime manuf. dairy 25 cows, and farmer 270.

HALL ELEAZER A., (Plymouth Union) r 2, lime manuf., lumberman, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, with Nathan 230

Hall George W., (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer 50, and timber land 50.

Hall Nathan, (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer 230.

Harvey Foster, (Tyson Furnace) r 40, farmer 5.

Harvey James J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 21, farmer, leases of N. W. Gilbert, of Northfield, r 20.

Harvey Levi R., (Tyson Furnace) r 29, farmer, leases of Alfred Wheeler, of Cavendish, 35.

Hastings George W., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 70.

Hastings Ransom. (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer, son of Geo. W.

Hayes Daniel, (Tyson Furnace) off r 43, dairy 11 cows, farmer about 200.

Hayes Jerry, (Tyson Furnace) farmer.

Hayward Alice, (Tyson Furnace) r 48, (Mrs. Norman) teacher.

Headle Charles, (Plymouth Union) r 27, resident.

HEADLE MILO R., (Plymouth Union) r 27, principal Vt. Liberal Institute.

Hobart John, (Plymouth Union) r 2, laborer.

Holt Albert E., (Plymouth Union) r 2, carpenter and joiner.

Holt Franklin H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, laborer.

Holt William W., (Plymouth Union) r 2, lumber jobber.

Horton Charles, (Tyson Furnace) r 30, farm laborer.

Howard Joseph, (Plymouth Union) r 2, laborer.

HUBBARD ALONZO F., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, (Hubbard & Bowman and Hubbard & Scott) assistant postmaster, justice of the peace, prop. of saw and grist mill, manuf. of lumber, shingles, chair stock, fork handles, etc., farmer 30, and timber land 700.

HUBBARD & BOWMAN, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, (A. F. H. and W. P. B.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hardware, tinware, crockery, etc.

HUBBARD & SCOTT, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, (A. F. H. and C. H. S.) cheese factory.

Hudson Henry, (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, listen wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 170.

Hudson Lewis H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer, with Henry.


Ide Almus B., (Plymouth) r 5, farmer 115.

Ide Nathan, (Plymouth) r 5, resident.


Jewell Joseph, (Tyson Furnace) r 25, dairy 9 cows, and farmer, leases of Charles A. Scott 216.

Johnson Alden E., (Plymouth) r 18, book binder, and farmer, son of Cyrus.

Johnson Alphonzo, (Tyson Furnace) off r 28, farmer, about 100.

JOHNSON CYRUS, (Plymouth) r 18, sugar orchard 650 trees, wool grower 80 sheep, and farmer 192.

Johnson John P. F., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, farmer 90.

Johnson Joseph H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, sawyer.

JONES WILLIAM B., (Tyson Furnace) r 25, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 125.

JOSSELYN FRANK A., (Tyson Furnace) r .I7, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 100, served in Co. E, 2d Regt. Mass. heavy artillery.

Joselyn Lewis, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, resident, bds at Tyson House.


Kavanaugh James, (Plymouth) r 15, laborer.

King Peter, (Plymouth Union) r 2, engineer at Parker & Piper's mill.

King Simeon H., (Tyson Furnace) off r 36, harness maker, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 170.

Knight Pliny, (Plymouth Union) r 13, teamster.


Lawrence Asahel S., (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, farmer, leases of Artemas Spaulding, of Ludlow, 100

Lawrence Clinton F., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Leslie Henry C., (Plymouth Union) r 27, farmer 140.

Leslie Horace, (Tyson Furnace) r 48, repairer of watches, and with Martin C. H. farmer 4.

Leslie Horace R. H., (Tyson Furnace) r 48, farmer.

Leslie Martin C. H., (Tyson Furnace) r 48, teamster, with Horace farmer 4.

Lynch Thomas, (Ludlow) r 53, supt. of The Rooks Mining Co.

Lynds Jamesm, (Plymouth) r 16, farmer, with John M.

Lynds John M., (Plymouth) r 16, farmer 30.

Lynds Levi B., (Plymouth) r 16, laborer.


MANLEY EDSON L., (Plymouth) r 4, laborer.

MANLEY EUGENE C., (Plymouth) r 4, laborer.

Manley Loveston E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 6, dairy 12 cows, and farmer, about 150.

MANLEY WENCHESTER, (Plymouth) r 4, farmer 185.

Martin George W., (Plymouth Union) r 2, sawyer.

McDERMOTT JAMES, (Tyson Furnace) r 37, farmer 95.

MeEwen Daniel, (Tyson Furnace) r 28, farmer 175.

McMahon John, (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, farmer, son of Thomas.

McMahon Thomas, (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, farmer 60.

McWAIN HARMON, (Plymouth Union) r 39, justice of the peace, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200.

Merrill George W., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, blacksmith, h and lot.

Messer Arthur O., (Plymouth) r 8, farmer, with Henry F. Pinney.

Messer Julian H., (Plymouth) r 4, farmer, leases of J. J. Wilder.

Miner Andrew A., (Plymouth) r 4., farmer, about 120, also leases of John Wilder.

Miner Charles T., (Plymouth Union) r 2, teamster.

Miner Elizabeth, (Plymouth) r 4, widow of Henry J., farmer 80.

Moor Franklin C., (Plymouth) r 12 cor 14, asst. postmaster, dealer in general merchandise and country produce.

MOOR HIRAM D., (Plymouth) r 11 cor 12, postmaster, wool grower 150 sheep, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 350.

MOORE ALFRED T., (Plymouth) r 12, (Moore & Clay,) dairy 10 cows, farmer 150, and of timber 100

Moore Athena S., (Plymouth) off r 11, widow of Thomas resident.

Moore Charles H., (Plymouth Union) r 14, clerk for L. B.

Moore Ephraim A., (Plymouth) r 11, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 150.

Moore George M., (Plymouth) r 15, school teacher, and farmer 50, son of Milton G.

MOORE LEVI B., (Plymouth Union) r 14, constable, collector, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, medicines, hats, caps, boots, shoes, rubbers, ready made clothing, etc., and owns timber land 100.

Moore Mason, (Tyson Furnace), r 50, farmer 100.

MOORE MILTON G., (Plymouth) r 15, stock grower, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 415.

Moore Priscilla F., (Plymouth) r 16, widow of Joseph, resident.

MOORE & CLAY, (Plymouth Union) r 2, (A. T. M. & G. A. C.) saw, grist, and cider mill, dealers in flour, feed and meal.

Morgan Isaiah P., (West Bridgewater) r 3, dairy 24 cows, and farmer 500.

Morgan Jabez W., (West Bridgewater) r 3, farmer 40.

Mulloy James, (Plymouth) r 17, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140.

Mulloy Hubert, (.Plymouth) r 10, farmer 75.


Newcomb George, (Ludlow) r 53, engineer for The Rooks Mining Co.

NICHOLS JAMES H., (Plymouth Union) r 4, harness maker and dealer in horse furnishing goods. (Moved to Rutland.)

Nicholson Martha E., (Plymouth Union) r 2, widow of Nathan, resident.

Noyes John B., (Bridgewater Corners) r 21, stone mason.


O'Brien Thomas, (North Shrewsbury, Rut. Co.) r 13, laborer.


Parker Eugene W., (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, teamster.

Parker Noah A., (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, resident.

Parker William, (Tyson Furnace) off r 47, laborer.

Parker & Piper, (Plymouth Union) r 2, props. saw mill.

PATRIDGE EDWARD B., (Tyson Furnace) r 35, dairy 15 cows; and farmer, leases of Ryland R. Dudley 180.

Pierce Eli, (Bridgewater Corner) r 9, dairy 12 cows, and farmer about 200.

Pierce John W., (Plymouth Union) r 2, manuf. of lath, and farmer 10.

Pinney Edgar, (Tyson Furnace) r 31, farmer about 200.

Pinney Eleazer V., (Plymouth Union) r 27, works for Geo. M. Whitney.

PINNEY HENRY F., (Plymouth) r 8, justice of the peace, grand juror, prop. saw mill, cider mill, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 175.

Pinney Horace E., (Plymouth) r 10. farmer 120.

Pinney Jonathan, (West Bridgewater) r 1, resident.

Pinney Lyman N., (Plymouth) r 10, prop. saw mill, manuf. coarse lumber, and toy stock.

Pinney Streeter S. F., (West Bridgewater) r 1, prop. saw mill, and farmer 200.

PLYMOUTH GOLD MINING CO., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24 cor 25, J. W. Wilder, supt., Augustus Trudo, engineer.

POLLARD JULIAN A., (Plymouth Union) r 14, allo. physician and surgeon, graduate of medical department U. V. M.

Pollard Moses, (Tyson Furnace) off r 36, wool grower 50 sheep, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 300.

Pratt Isaac M., (Tyson Furnace) off r 45, farmer 220.

Pratt Lucretia, (Bridgewater Corners) r 23, (Mrs. Levi,) resident.

Pratt Nathan L., (Plymouth) r 6, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 90.

Preston James M., (Plymouth Union) r 2, foreman for Parker & Piper.

Priest Isaac P., (Tyson Furnace) r 42, farmer, leases of Lucian J. Archer, of Mount Holly, Rutland Co. 200.

Priest James G., (Plymouth Union) r 43, farmer 125, and in Mount Holly, Rutland Co. 53.

Priest Levis P., (Tyson Furnace) r 42, farmer, with Isaac.


Regan James, (Plymouth Union) r 13, teamster.

Regan John, (Plymouth Union) r 27, resident.

REGAN JOHN, (Plymouth Union) r 13, farmer 200.

Regan Michael, (Plymouth Union) r 13, teamster.

Reynolds Hiram F., (Plymouth Union) r 27, M. E. clergyman.

Ripley William, (Plymouth Union) r 2, works in saw mill.

ROOKS MINING CO., THE, (Ludlow) r 53, gold miners, Anthony Blum, secretary and treasurer, and general business manager.

Rowe John H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, laborer.

Royce Alba, (Plymouth Union) r 3, farmer about 75.


Salter James S., (Plymouth Union) r 29, laborer.

SANDERS ALBERT F., (Tyson Furnace) r 38, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 250.

SANDERSON ELISHA F., (Plymouth Union) r 13, (Sanderson & Sumner,) farmer 9.

Sanderson Stephen A., (Plymouth) r 4, laborer.

SANDERSON & SUMNER, (Plymouth Union) r 13, (E. F. Sanderson and Charles Sumner,) props. chair stock factory, and grist mill.

Sargent John G., (Plymouth) r 16, student at college.

Sargent John H., (Plymouth) r 16, stock grower 30 head, sugar orchard 3,000 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 500.

Sawyer Alden S., (Plymouth Union) r 13, runs threshing machine, and teamster.

Sawyer Calvin C., (Plymouth Union) r 29, farmer 86.

Sawyer Joseph E., (Plymouth Union) r 27, teamster, farmer 200, and timber 200.

Sawyer Leonard, (Tyson Furnace) r 45, farmer 14.

Sawyer Paul, (Plymouth Union) r 2, resident.

Sawyer Merritt A., (Tyson Furnace) r 30, farmer, with Winslow H.

SAWYER WINSLOW H., (Tyson Furnace) r 30, wool grower 100 sheep, dairy 50 cows, farmer 875, and timber 200.

SCOTT CHARLES A., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, allo. physician and surgeon and farmer 250.

SCOTT CHARLES H., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, (Hubbard & Scott,) farmer, leases of Charles A. 50.

Severance John, (Tyson Furnace) r 43, farm laborer.

Shippee Silas, (Plymouth Union) laborer.

Shippy Winfield W., (Plymouth Union) r 2, butcher.

Slack Alden S., (Plymouth) r 19, farmer 75, owned by Mrs. C. Wheeler.

Slack Eben K., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 200.

Smith Celestia M., (Plymouth Union) r 2, (Mrs. George H.) farmer 70.

Smith Charles W.; Plymouth) r 4, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 150.

Smith George H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, farmer.

SNOW ALPHEUS F., (Plymouth Union) r 2, justice of the peace, carpenter and joiner, and general mechanic.

Spafford Otis M., (Tyson Furnace) r 46, millwright, and farmer 100.

Spaulding Albert E., (Tyson Furnace) r 25, farmer.

Spaulding Clark S., (Tyson Furnace) r 25, farmer, leases of S. D. 65.

Spaulding Luther B., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Spaulding Stillman D., (Tyson Furnace) r 25, farmer 65.

Spaulding Warren R., (Plymouth) r 11, laborer.

Spaulding Wilbur A., (Plymouth) r 12, farm laborer.

Sprague Hiram W., (Plymouth Union) r 29, resident.

SPRAGUE MYRON E., (Plymouth Union) r 29, farmer with R. E.

SPRAGUE RUDOLPHUS E., (Plymouth Union) r 29, farmer 140.

Stickney Henry E., (Tyson Furnace) r 40, allo. physician and surgeon.

STICKNEY JOHN W., (Tyson Furnace) r 40, postmaster, surveyor and engineer, real estate agent and farmer 40.

Stillwell Lyman A., (Tyson Furnace) r 28, laborer.

Strong George, (Plymouth) r 2 1, farmer 2 1/2.

Sumner Almon, (Plymouth Union) r 39, laborer.

Sumner Amherst A., (Tyson Furnace) off r 40, manager saw and grist mill manuf. of coarse lumber and butter tubs, for V. E. Moore, of Springfield, Mass.

Sumner Charles, (Plymouth Union) r 13, (Sanderson & Sumner).

Sumner Ira J., (Plymouth Union) r 27, laborer.

Sumner Mary A., (Tyson Furnace) off r 40, widow of Lemuel D.

Sumner William (Plymouth Union) r 28, farmer 120.

Sumner William H. H., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, farmer 130

Swan George M., (Plymouth Union) r 1, farmer about 160.


Taylor John E., (Plymouth Union) r 27 dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140.

Taylor Newell A., (Plymouth Union) r 27, laborer.

Taylor Norman, (Plymouth Union) r 29, champion long distance runner.

TAYLOR REUBEN, (Plymouth Union) r 27, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100, mountain land about 350.

Taylor Warren R., (Plymouth Union) r 27, justice of the peace, lumberman, and farmer 70.

Tenney Horace (Tyson Furnace) off r 34, farmer, about 100.

Trudo Augustus, (Bridgewater Corners) r cor 24 and 25, engineer Plymouth Gold Mining Co.

TYSON HOUSE, (Tyson Furnace) r 47, David H. Fuller, prop.


UNION HOUSE. (Plymouth Union) r 2 cor 14, Levi J. Green, prop.


VERMONT LIBERAL INSTITUTE, (Plymouth Union) M. R. Headle, principal.


Walker Leslie I., (Tyson Furnace) r 47 works for A. F. Hubbard.

WARD HORACE H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, lime manuf., dairy 10 cows, farmer 200.

Ward Saloma, (Plymouth Union) r 2; widow of John, farmer 100.

Waterman Rollin C., (Plymouth) off r 11, farmer, leases of Marcia Brown.

Weatherby John C., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Webster Addison, (Tyson Furnace) r 28, boarding house.

Webster Daniel L., (Tyson Furnace) r 50, farmer 100.

Webster Handel, (Tyson Furnace) r 28, farmer.

Webster Ira C., (Plymouth Union) r 29, laborer.

Webster Sheridan, (Plymouth Union) r 39, laborer.

Webster Elizabeth L., (Plymouth Union) r 2 cor 13, widow of Benjamin C., resident.

Wheeler Cephas, (Plymouth) r 10, farmer 110.

Wheelock Joseph D., (Plymouth Union) r 13, farmer.

Whitney George M., (Plymouth Union) r 27, manuf. of chair rounds.

Whitney Hiram, (Tyson Furnace) r 41, farmer 71.

Wilder Daniel P., (Plymouth Union) r 2 cor 13, resident.

Wilder Electa A., (Tyson Furnace) r 45, widow of Benjamin, farmer 120.

Wilder Elihu, (Tyson Furnace) r 45, farmer, leases of Chester A. Wilder 90. 

Wilder House, (Plymouth Union) r 27 cor 13, Norris D. Wilder, prop.

Wilder James L., (Tyson Furnace) r 47, laborer.

Wilder John J., (Plymouth) cor. r 11 and 12, farmer 250, also leases of Hiram D. Moor 350.

WILDER JOSEPH W., (Bridgewater Corners) cor r 24 and 25, Supt. Plymouth Gold Mining Co.

Wilder Joshua, (Tyson Furnace) r 45, farmer, leases of Electa A. Wilder 30. 

Wilder Mary A., Plymouth r 14, widow of Solomon D., farm 5.

Wilder Norris D., (Plymouth Union) r 27 cor 13, prop. Wilder House, owns farm 115, and in Kingsbury, N. Y., farm 63.

Wilder Seth, (Plymouth) r 14, cooper, shoemaker, farmer 3, and timberland about 10.

Wilder William E., (Tyson Furnace) r 29, farmer, about 87.

Williams Wilmot L., (Plymouth Union) r 2, lumberman.

WILLIS HENRY O., (Plymouth Union) r 11, general blacksmith, and farmer 3.

WILLIS JOEL H., (Tyson Furnace) r 28, farmer 90.

Willis Mary H., (Plymouth Union) r 2, widow of Holton E., farmer 15.

Wilson Fred N., (Tyson Furnace) r 34, laborer.

Wilson Gilman A., (Proctorsville) r 51, farmer, leases of Isaac Pollard, of Ludlow 185.

Wilson Harmon V., (Bridgewater Corners) r 9, farmer 90.

Wood James N., (Plymouth) r 10, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 100.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 424-433. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006