Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Abbott Benjamin O., (Norwich) off r 55, works farm of J. H. Drake of Canaan, N. H., 100.

AIKIN GEORGE C. DEA., (Norwich) r 66, retired cabinet maker, owns farm 75.

Aldrich James E., (Norwich) r 51, carpenter and joiner, farmer, leases of F. F. Holt, of Hartford 100.

Ames G. A. & Co., (Norwich) r 44, (George A. A., and Charles Chandler of Strafford) proprietors of steam saw-mill, manufs. of rough and dressed lumber.

Ames George A., (Norwich) r 44, (G. A. Ames & C.)

Ames Jared M., (Pompanoosuc) r 31, farmer, works 30 acres of land belonging to Thomas A.

Ames Richard P., (Norwich) r 44, works in steam saw mill.

Anderson Thomas. (Norwich) r 69, carpenter and joiner.

Armstrong Dethania C., (Norwich) r 63, teacher.

Armstrong Frank B., (Norwich) r 46, farmer, with Stillman C.

ARMSTRONG JOHN W., (Norwich) r 63, wool grower 100 sheep. auctioneer, dealer in live stock, farmer 165.

Armstrong Samuel A., (Norwich) constable and collector, deputy sheriff, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 75, h Main.

Armstrong Samuel J. (Norwich) farmer, h Main

ARMSTRONG STILLMAN C., (Norwich) r 46, dairy 7 cows, breeder grade Merino sheep 100 head, strawberry grower, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 150.

Avery Charles F., (Norwich) r 44, foreman at steam saw mill.


Barraby Mitchell, (Norwich) r 57, dealer in sewing machines, served in Co. I, 12th Vt. Regt.

Barstow Charles, (Norwich) r 32 cor 34, town charge.

Bartlett Minnie E., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 14, teacher.

Bartlett Nelson, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 14, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 45.

Batchelder Harvey, (Norwich) r 24 cor 23, farmer, with Wm. Hoar, leases of P. Slack 230.

Batchelder Hazen J., (Norwich) r 20, machinist, dairy 15 cows, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 235.

Bean Joseph S., (Norwich) r 57, mechanic and farmer 3, in Sharon 160.

Benjamin Filinda, (West Hartford) off r 75, widow of Ebenezer, owns farm 60.

Benjamin Orrin D., (West Hartford) off r 75, farmer.

Benson Levi A., (Pompanoosuc) r 30 cor 29, farmer 30.

Benton George W., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 8, farmer 130.

Bicknell Abel C., (Norwich) r 26, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 185.

Bicknell William, (Norwich) r 26, wool grower 90 sheep; sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 150.

Blaisdell Carrie E., (Norwich) milliner.

Blaisdell Charles F., (Norwich) r 69, farmer.

Blaisdell Egbert, (Norwich) tanner and currier for Messenger & Hazen.

Blake Horatio C., (Norwich) r 20, farmer 85.

Blanchard Ezekiel G., (Norwich) r 44, works in steam saw mill.

Blanchard George F., (Norwich) r 44, house painter.

Blanchard George W., (Norwich) r 44, farmer 1 acre.

Blanchard Thomas J., (Norwich) r 2, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 180.

Blodgett Ashley, (Norwich) r 38 cor 39, resident, aged 92.

Blood Henry, summer residence Norwich, business in New York City.

Blood T. Sewell, (Norwich) r 25, strawberry grower, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 90.

BLOOD WILL O., (Norwich) r 40, strawberry grower, and farmer 60.

Blood William, (Norwich) r 40, strawberry grower, wool grower, and farmer 60.

Boardman Payson J., (Norwich) r 54, retired cabinet maker, dairy 5 cows, sugar manuf, and farmer 160.

Bond Chester P., (Norwich) r 67 cor 66, farmer 75.

Boothe Ada E., (Norwich) r 49, teacher.

BOOTHE SAMUEL S., (Norwich; r 49, farmer 30.

BOOTHE WILLIAM L., (Norwich) r 49, proprietor of saw mill, manuf. of rough lumber, farmer 40.

Bradley Arthur H., (Norwich) r 26, farmer with his mother, Isabel S.

BRADLEY HIEL, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 17 1/2, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 125.

Bradley Isabel S., (Norwich) widow of Edwin, sugar orchard 400, owns 100 sheep and farm 180.

Bradley Ransom L., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 17 1/2, farmer, son of Hiel.

Bragg David H., (Norwich) r 63, breeder of grade Merino sheep 90 head, farmer 154.

Bragg Francis A., (Norwich) r 63, farmer, with David H.

BRIGHAM ALBERT C., (Norwich) r 50 cor 51, farmer, works farm for W. Brigham 200.

BRIGHAM ANDREW W., (Norwich) r 51, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 4 cows, wool grower 30 sheep, farmer 80.

Brigham Don A., (Norwich) farmer, Church st.

Brigham James M., (Norwich) r 20 (P. W. & J. M. Brigham.)

Brigham Lucy A., (Norwich) r 62, resident.

Brigham Lydia S., (Norwich) resident, Church st.

Brigham P. W. & J. M., (Norwich) r 20, (Paul W. and James M,) wool growers 75 sheep, apiarists 12 swarms, farmers 170.

Brigham Paul W., (Norwich) r 20, (P. W. & J. M. Brigham.)

Brigham William, (Norwich) r 50, sheep raiser too head, farmer 200.

Brooks John T., (Norwich) r 69, miner and laborer.

Brown C. W. & R. H., (Norwich) r 54, dairy 10 cows, breeders of pure blooded Yorkshire and Suffolk swine, sugar manufs., and farmers 175.

Brown Charles W., (Norwich) r 54, (C. W. & R. H. Brown)

Brown Julia, (Norwich) resident, h Main.

Brown Manson, (Norwich) sawyer at steam mill, h Main.

Brown Rome H., (Norwich) r 54, (C. W. & R. H. Brown.)

Brown Sarah, (Norwich) widow of William P., resident, h Main.

Bruce Mabel, (Norwich) dressmaker, bds Main.

Bruce Merton W., (Norwich) r 35 1/2, farmer.

Burbank David E., (Norwich) r 69, miller for Dr. J. B. Rand, of Hartford.

Burnham Herbert A., (Norwich) r 25, farmer, with James.

Burnham James, (Norwich) r 25, wool grower 80 sheep, fruit grower, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 185.

Burnham Silas P., (Norwich) undertaker, picture frames, breeder of white and brown Leghorn fowls, h Main.

Button George, (Norwich) r 67, retired lumber manuf. owns farm of 30 acres.

Burton Harriet, (Norwich) widow of Harvey, owns farm of 100 acres.

Burton Henry C., (Norwich) r 25, sugar orchard 400 trees, stock grower 75 head, and farmer 300.

Burton Henry S., (Norwich) r 25, retired farmer, aged 90.

Burton Ira B., (Norwich) r 62, dairy 7 cows, wool grower, breeder of grade Merino sheep 150 head, farmer 300.


Campbell Ebenezer S., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 8, wool grower 140 sheep, farmer 103, and pasture land 100, in Thetford, Orange Co.

Campbell James S., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 8, farmer with Ebenezer S.

Carpenter Harvey, (Norwich) r 21, farmer 60.

Carpenter Mary J., (Norwich) r 20, (Mrs. Le Forest,) resident.

CHADWICK MARTHA, (West Hartford) r 76, widow of Joseph, owns farm of 150, 50 on r 77, and 15 on r 78.

Chamberlin Lewis, (Norwich) r 59, farmer, works 80 acres.

Chapman Jason H., (Pompanoosuc) r 31, farmer 50.

Chase George, (West Hartford) r 79, farmer for C. Parkhurst.

Chase William T., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 36 cor 35, farmer, with J. E. Rollins.

Clark Eber N., (Norwich) retired shoemaker, owns farm of 12 acres.

Clarke Ellen W., (Norwich) widow of Henry S., resident, h Main.

Clement Ellen G., (Norwich) daughter of Rev. Dr. Clement, resident, h Main.

Clifford Benjamin, (Norwich) r 54 cor 61, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 150. 

Clifford Eben, (Norwich) r 62, farmer 50.

Clifford Freeman H., (Norwich) r 54 cor 61, farmer, with Benjamin.

Clogston William Harvey, (Pompanoosuc) r 12 cor 11, carpenter and joiner, owns farm 40.

Cloran Thomas, (West Hartford) off r 75, farmer 95.

Cloud John L., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 3, farmer 120.

Cloud John W., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, retired farmer, aged 84. 

Cloud Joseph B., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, breeder of grade 

Durham cattle, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 100.

Cloud Rufus B., (Norwich) r 63, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 160.

Clough Amos H., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 17, farmer.

Clough F. Byron, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 17 cor 26, farmer, son of W. D.

Clough Frederick E., (Norwich) r 69, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Clough John A., (Norwich) r 51, farmer 25.

Clough Nellie A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, house work.

Clough Rodney, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 17, farmer 60.

Clough Thomas S., (Norwich) r 50, farmer, leases of J. Tilden, of Hanover, N. H., about 100.

CLOUGH WILLIAM D. L., (Union Village, Orange Co) r 17 cor 26, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 140.

Clough William W., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 2, farmer.

Coit Zebina, (Norwich) r 20, farmer 140.

COLBURN MYRON S., (Union Village, Orange Cc) r 7, prop. of Colburn's Hall, carriage ironing, horse shoeing and general blacksmithing, leader of Colburn's cornet band, served in the U. S. Navy during the civil war.

COLEMAN BROTHERS, (Norwich) r 42, (William O. and Zenas M.) dairy 10 cows, and farmers 137.

Coleman Louisa M., (Norwich) r 42, widow of Horace P., resident.

Coleman Lucia A., (Norwich) r 42, teacher.

COLEMAN WILLIAM O., (Norwich) r 42, (Coleman Bros.) sugar orchard 200 trees dairy 11 cows, and farmer 130.

COLEMAN ZENAS M., (Norwich) r 42, (Coleman Bros.)

Collins Thomas, (Pompanoosuc) r 13, works for L. S. Patterson.

Converse George A., (Norwich) Lieut. Commander U. S. N.

Converse Luvia M., (Norwich) widow of Dr. Shubael, resident, owns farm 28 acres.

Cook George E., (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) r 1, farmer, with Royal E.

Cook Leonard, (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) r 1, resident, aged 74.

COOK ROYAL E., (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) r 1, justice of the peace, wool grower 70 sheep, apiarist 15 hives, fruit grower, prop. of steam grist mill, and farmer 280.

Corey Lydia, (Norwich) widow of Simeon, resident, Main.

Crandall Ann R., (Norwich) r 66, (Mrs. W. N.) owns farm 160.

Crandall William N., (Norwich) r 66, milkman, and farmer 20.

Cummings William, (Norwich) r 27, farmer 100.

Currier Ambrose B., (Norwich) r 70 cor 65, wool grower 100 grade Merino sheep, and farmer 105.

Currier Daniel W., (Norwich) r 23, farmer.

Currier James S., (Norwich) retired blacksmith, owns h and lot.

Currier Lewis A., (Norwich) r 23; farmer, works estate of D. Q. Currier, 49 acres.

Currier Lurena, (Norwich) r 23, widow of Daniel Q., resident.

Currier Mahala, (Norwich) r 70, widow of Samuel, resident, owns farm 113. 

Currier Samuel H., (Norwich) allo. physician and surgeon.

CURRIER WILLIAM S., (Norwich) r 70 cor 65, teacher, farmer, with A. B. 

CUSHMAN OLIVER, (Norwich) r 39, wool grower, and farmer 100.

Cushman Thomas Allerton, (Norwich) r 39, farmer, son of Oliver.

Cushman Timothy D., (Norwich) clerk for E. W. Olds, bds do.


Danforth Abiah, (Norwich) r 61, widow of Nathan, resident.

Danforth William A., (Norwich) r 61, farmer, works 150 belonging to A. Hazen.

Davis Almira, (Norwich) widow of Gardner S., resident, h Main.

Davis Mary J., (Norwich) dressmaker, h Main.

Davis May L., (Norwich) r 54, teacher.

Davis Reuben, (Norwich) r 54, lister, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar manuf. and farther 250.

Davis Susan A., (Norwich) r 67, widow of Oscar F., who died in Andersonville prison, Sept. 9, 1864.

Doubleday Harvey H., (West Hartford) r 58, farmer 80.

Downer Sylvester, (Norwich) r 45, mechanic, Church st.

Drake Joseph, (Norwich) r 34 cor 32, town charge.

Dudley David A., (Norwich) laborer, h Main.

Dutton Charles S., (Norwich) r 64, (John & C. S.)

DUTTON DANIEL B., (Clyde, Cloud Co., Kansas,) physician and surgeon, owns farm 160 acres, son of Daniel Benedict Dutton, formerly of Norwich.

DUTTON JOHN, (Norwich) r 64, (John & Charles S.)

DUTTON JOHN & CHARLES S., (Norwich) r 64, dairy 8 cows, wool growers 150 sheep, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, fruit growers, poultry growers, and farmers 230.

Dutton Mary A., (Norwich) r 64, widow of Alonzo, owns farm 42.


Eastman James S., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, section foreman for Conn. & Pass. R. R. R., owns farm 7.

EASTMAN MARTIN V. B., (West Hartford) off r 75, farmer, owns house and lot, leases of Filinda Benjamin 60.

Ela Albert B., (Norwich) r 20, farmer 120.

ENRIGHT CHARLES W., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer, works farm of Mrs. Austin Stevens 100.

Ensworth Annette, (Norwich) invalid, resident.

Ensworth Charles E., (Norwich) civil engineer surveyor, farmer and gardener, breeder of Percheron horses, h Main.

ESTES WILLIS C., (Copperas Hill) r 19, miner, works at Copperas Hill.


Finney Elihu N., (Norwich) off r 20, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer 140.

Fitzgerald Cyrus, (Norwich) r 66, engineer at Ames & Co.'s saw mill.

Fletcher John, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35, (Fletcher & Ruggles,) farmer, owns on r 30, 300.

Fletcher & Ruggles, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35, (John F. and F. A. R.) stock raisers, and farmers.

Forrest Jerome N., (Norwich) blacksmith.


GILDAY JOHN, (Norwich) r 51, section hand on Passumpsic R. R.

GILE ALBION, (Norwich) harness maker, and dealer in whips, robes and blankets, shop over postoffice, h Main.

Gile Edward H., (Norwich) harness maker for A. Gile.

GILMAN FRANK C., (Vest Hartford) r 77, farmer 100.

Gilman Frank H., (West Hartford) r 72, farmer 60.

Gilman James K., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 2, wool grower 38 sheep, and farmer 80.

Goddard Caroline, (Norwich,) r 69, widow of Samuel, resident.

Goddard Henry, (Norwich) r 42 cor 47, retired shoemaker, and farmer 50.

GODDARD HENRY S., (Norwich) r 69, breeder of grade Merino sheep 120 head, farmer 100, and 65 pasture land.

GODDARD JOHN H., r 25. carpenter and joiner, and farmer.

Goddard Merritt E., (Norwich) owns farm 4 acres.

Goodrich Simeon. (Norwich) r 34 cor 32, town charge.

Goodwin Ira, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, resident, aged 80.

Goulett William, Norwich) off r 2, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 125.

Gove Reuben A., (Norwich) r 69, general agent for N. H. and Vt. for the reed pipe "Clariona."

Gove Sarah A., (Norwich) widow, resident, Church st.

Greenleaf Charles W., (Norwich) r 70, farmer, leases of Mrs. Mahala Currier 113.


Hadley Hosea L., (Norwich) r 69, stone mason.

Hadley Wells, (West Norwich) r 57 cor 59, Christian clergyman.

Hall Daniel, (Norwich) r 67, tanner.

Hall David, (Norwich) r 36, wool grower 75 sheep, sugar orchard 350 trees, and farmer 75.

Hall John T., (Norwich) r 36, farmer, with David.

Hall Mary E., (Norwich) r 36, book keeper and teller in Lebanon Savings Bank.

Hanks Silas, Norwich) r 34, farmer.

Haskell Charles, (Pompanoosuc) r 29, farmer.

Haskell Charles H., (Pompanoosuc) r 29, farmer.

Hatch Abel P., (Norwich) r 66 cor 49, justice of the peace, agent for Vermont Mutual Fire Ins. Co., and boot and shoemaker.

HAWKINS GEORGE H., (Norwich) r 23, prop. of cider mill, wool grower 60 sheep, fruit grower, and farmer 175.

Hazen Maria, (Norwich) widow of Hezekiah, resident, aged 77, h Main.

Hazen Orvis W., (Norwich) r 62, farmer 100.

Hazen Sarah W., (Norwich) widow of Andrew T., resident, Main.

Hazen Thomas A., (Norwich) (Messenger & Hazen,) dairy 15 cows, breeder of grade Norfolk cattle, poultry grower, breeder of Chester white hogs, and farmer 145.

Hazen Walter S., (Norwich) r 49 cor 64, farmer 70.

Hebard Abel C., (Norwich) r 46 cor 47, farmer, h and lot.

Hebard Catharine B., (Norwich) widow Edwin, resident, h Main.

Hebard Mary, (Norwich) r 46, widow of James, nurse, owns farm 7.

Hebard Sylvester M., (Norwich) r 46, farmer.

Hill Charles D., (Norwich) r 47, resident.

Hilton Joseph L., (Norwich) r 20, maple orchard 500 trees, farmer, leases of A. E. Wardwell 115.

Hinds Charles A., (Norwich) r 38, dealer in live stock, poultry breeder, breeder of Chester county hogs, and farmer 32.

Hinds Hannah, (Norwich) r 38, widow of Frederick A., resident.

Hoar William. (Norwich) r 24 cor 23, farmer, leases with H. Batchelder 230. 

Holder William, (Norwich) r 56, retired shoemaker, farmer 38.

Holt William, (Vest Hartford) r 75, farmer 22.

Hovey Edward T., (Norwich) r 80, (P. M. & E. T.)

Hovey James S., (Norwich) r 80, farmer.

Hovey P. M. & E. T., (Norwich) r 80, wool growers 30 sheep, and farmer 150. 

Hovey Phebe M., (Norwich) r 80, (P. M. & E. T.) (Mrs. James S.)

HOWARD LEANDER, (Norwich) r 55, dairy 9 cows, farmer 173.

Howard Peter, (Norwich) r 44, peddler, bds with D. H. Huggett.

Howard Solomon M., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, section hand Conn. & Pass. R. R. 

Howard Thomas Capt., (Norwich) r 55, retired sea captain and farmer, aged 73.

Howard Thomas E., (Norwich) r 76, farmer.

Howard William P., (Norwich) r 69, carpenter and joiner.

Huggett David H., (Norwich) r 44, section hand on Conn. & Pass. R. R., h and lot.

Huntington Achsah M., (Norwich) r 66, widow of Jedediah.

Hutchinson Byron H., (Norwich) carpenter and joiner.

Hutchinson Ebenezer F., (Norwich) carpenter and joiner.

Hutchinson Ellen E., (Norwich) dressmaker, bds Main.

Hutchinson Hannah E., (Norwich) widow of George C., resident, h Main.

HUTCHINSON HENRY DEA., (Norwich) r 44, lumber dealer, dairy 12 cows, farmer 160.

HUTCHINSON SAMUEL. (Norwich) r 38 Cor 39, prop. of silo, dairy 20 cows, farmer 100, in Hanover, N. H. 90 acres pasture land.

Hutchinson William, (Norwich) r 66, retired blacksmith, owns farm 18.

HUTCHINSON WILLIAM H., (Norwich) r 45 cor 44, wool grower 150 sheep, dairy 6 cows, apiarist 15 hives, farmer 80, and 60 pasture land.


Jenkins Sarah A., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, (Mrs. Leonard P.) housekeeper for J. S. Eastman.

Jenks George J., (Pompanoosuc) r 13 cor 14, teamster for L. S. Patterson.

Johnson Albert R., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 36 cor 35, owns farm 130. 

Johnson Allison F., (Norwich) r 18, farmer with E. E.

Johnson Anthony W., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35, farmer 110.

Johnson Charles, (Norwich) r 35 1/2, sugar orchard 200 trees, farmer 130.

Johnson David, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, farmer 50.

Johnson Edson E., (Norwich) r 18, sugar orchard 300 trees, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer 105.

Johnson J. Franklin, (Norwich) r 35 1/2, dairy 4 cows, market gardener, and farmer 60.

Johnson Jackson D., (Norwich) r 34, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 100. 

Johnson Jason O., (Norwich) r 40, strawberry grower, manuf. of cider and cider jelly, and sorghum molasses, and farmer 55.

Johnson Triphena, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 36 cor 35, widow of Peter J. C., resident.

Jones Amie T., (Norwich) bds with Mrs. W. H. Knapp.


KELLOGG SUSAN J., (Norwich) widow Edmund B., resident, h Main.

KENDALL MERSEY E., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, postmaster, station agent Conn. & Pass. R. R., W. U. telegraph agent, and agent for U. S. and C. express.

Kinney Israel S., (Pompanoosuc) r 8 cor 10, carpenter and farmer.

Kibling George F., (Norwich) r 69, bill poster and janitor of Kibling's Opera House, and farmer with George W.

Kibling George W., (Norwich or Hanover, Grafton Co. N. H.) r 69, prop. 

Kibling's Opera House, Hanover, N. H., dealer in dressed lumber and fruit, farmer 100, and 50 in Hanover, N. H.

Kimball Melinda K., (Norwich) r 21, (Mrs. Alpha) owns farm 10.

King Frank, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, farm laborer.

Kinney Lorenzo C., (Pompanoosuc) r 11, farmer 100, and owns 80 on r 8.

Knapp Allen W., (Norwich) r 66, wheelwright and miller.

Knapp Mary, (Norwich) r 66, widow of H. G., resident, born in town, aged 79.

KNAPP WILLIAM H., (Norwich) r 65, train baggage master on Conn. & Passumpsic R. R.

Knight Harvey, (Norwich) r 47, wool grower 60 sheep, vegetable gardener, and farmer 100.


Lancaster Susan F., (Norwich) r 19, widow of Nathaniel, resident, aged 85.

Lane Sarah, (Norwich) r 47, widow of Peter, resident.

Laware Bert, (Norwich) r 66, farmer.

Laware John, (Norwich) r 69, farmer, h and lot.

Laware Sidney, (Norwich) r 66, farmer.

Leach Harriet, (Norwich) widow of Martin, resident.

Leary David G., (Norwich) r 45, retired miller and farmer 21, h Church.

Leary Henry D., (Norwich) r 45, mechanic, son of D. G.

Lewin Benjamin F., (Norwich) butcher.

Lewis Charles F., (Norwich) farmer, with William E.

LEWIS EDWARD M., (Norwich) r 69, selectman, general merchant, news agent, freight and ticket agent Conn. & Pass. R. R., agent for U. S. & C. Express Co., agent for sale of Western R. R. tickets, and farmer 10.

Lewis George E., (Norwich) r 69, ice dealer, manager of farm for E. M. 

Lewis, market gardener.

Lewis Ransom T., (Norwich) r 69, clerk for E. M. Lewis, in R. R. office, dealer in lumber, and agent for organettes.

LEWIS WILLIAM E. GEN., (Norwich) r 67, town clerk and treasurer, and farmer 58, h Main.

LILLY POND VALLEY STOCK FARM, (Pompanoosuc) r 32, R. A. Tilden, prop.

Lord Edwin G., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 7, breeder of pure blood Atwood Merino sheep, reg., stock grower, and farmer 100.

Lord Frances A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, resident, owns with M. E. 10 acres.

Lord Gideon, (Norwich) wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 110, h Main.

Lord J. Erwin, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, stenographer, son of M. A.

Lord Lucius S., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 6, wool grower, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 95.

Lord Lucy E., (Norwich) r 64, resident.

Lord M. Ellen, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, resident, owns with F. A. 10 acres.

Lord Mills A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 125.

Lord Nellie S., (Norwich) r 64, teacher.

Lord Richard, (Norwich) r 34 cor 32, town charge.

LOVELAND AARON, (Norwich) r 42, breeder of high grade Jersey cattle, wool grower 130 sheep, dairy 19 cows, and owns with J. T. Loveland 300.

Loveland Annie V., (Norwich) r 38, teacher.

Loveland Charles, (Norwich) r 67, sexton, mail carrier, and teamster. 

Loveland Clarissa L., (Norwich) teacher.

Loveland David A., (Norwich) strawberry grower, and farmer 150.

Loveland G. & G. E., (Norwich) r 38, (George and George E.) wool growers 200 sheep, farmers 120, and 40 pasture land.

Loveland George, (Norwich) r 38, (G. & G. E.)

Loveland George Edward, (Norwich) r 38, (G. & G. E.)

Loveland John W., (Norwich) r 38 cor 37, justice of the peace, wool grower 150 sheep, apiarist 43 hives, farmer 120, and 100 pasture and wood land.

Loveland Joseph T., (Norwich) r 42, farmer, owns with Aaron 300 acres.

Loveland Laura E., (Norwich) r 42, dressmaker, daughter of Aaron.

Loveland Mary A., (Norwich) r 38 cor 37, teacher.

Lovell Lewis, (Norwich) laborer, h Main.

Lovell Henry, (Norwich) r 46, farm laborer.

Luce Clarence, (Norwich) r 54, farmer, works for G. M. Slack.

Lyman Augustus C., (Norwich) r 2, wool grower 60 sheep, sugar orchard Boo trees, fruit grower, farmer 165.

Lyman Fannie A., (Hartford) r 79, teacher.

Lyman Philip F., (Hartford) r 79, wheelwright and millwright, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 100.


Manchester Alfred, (Norwich) off r 2, farmer 1.

Manchester Dennis E., (Norwich) r 70, wool grower 100, sheep, farmer 110. 

Manchester Winfield S., (Norwich) r 18 cor, farmer, leases of H. Sargent, of Hartford, 150.

Martin Frederick, (Norwich) r 20, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 250.

Martin Gilman G., (Norwich) r 20, farmer, with Frederick.

Martin Homer M., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, wool grower 200 sheep, sugar manuf., and farmer 110 in Thetford.

Martin J. Dell, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, teacher.

Martin John S., (Norwich) r 44, works at steam saw mill

McNorton Seth, (Norwich) r 55, retired blacksmith, served in Co. D, 17th Vt. Regt.

Messenger George; (Norwich) (Messenger & Hazen) selectman, h Main.

Messenger Nelson S., (Norwich) painter.

Messenger Sarah A., (Norwich) widow of Erastus S., owns farm, h south end of Main.

Messenger & Hazen, (Norwich) (George M. & Thomas A. H.) tanners and carriers.

Merchant Henry, (Norwich) r 61, farmer 4.

Minor Joseph, (Norwich) r 23, farmer 135.

Moduc Lyman, (Norwich) r 44, works in steam saw mill.

Moore George P., (Norwich) r 43, works in steam saw mill.

MORRIS SYLVESTER DEA., (Norwich) retired manufacturer, resident, aged 86, h Main.

Morrison Josiah T., (Norwich) r 20, farmer, works farm of H. J. Batchelder. 

Morse James, (Norwich) r 58, farmer 55.

Murdock Joseph L., (Norwich) r 38, section hand Pass. R. R., and farmer 11. 

Murdock Lydia, (Norwich) r 38, widow of Stephen, resident.


Neal Plooma A., (Norwich) r 64, resident, with A. Dutton.

Newcomb Fred O., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 9, wool grower 25 sheep, stock raiser, and farmer 110. 

Newcomb Jennie W., (Pompanoosuc) r 9, (Mrs. O. F.) agent for Clariona instruments and music.

Newcomb Oramel F., (Pompanoosuc) r 9, hunter and trapper, and farmer 50. 

Newton Edward N., (West Hartford) r 78, farmer, works Nelson Newton estate, sugar orchard 500 trees, and 160 acres.

NEWTON L. IDA, ('Vest Hartford) r 78, (Mrs. Edward N.)

Newton Mary H., (West Hartford) r 78, widow of Calvin, resident.

NEWTON MARY P., (West Hartford) r 78, widow of Nelson, resident.

Newton Olive P., (Norwich) widow of Baxter B., resident, h Main.

NICHOLS HENRY B., (Norwich) r 67, dealer in produce, tin and wooden ware, patent novelties, and agent for Acme harrow.

Nichols Nathan R., (Norwich) Congregational clergyman, acting pastor of Congregational church.

Norwich Town Farm, (Norwich) r, 34 cor 32.

NOTT CARLTON B., (Norwich) r 80, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 90. 

Nott Frank S., (Norwich) r 80, farmer, with C. B.

Nott Hiram L., (Norwich) r 80, farmer, with C. B.

Nownes Marth H., (Norwich) r 35, widow of George W., owns farm 4.

Nye Albert B., (Norwich) house and carriage painter, h and lot on Church. 

Nye Charles IL, (Norwich) r 68 1/2, miller.

Nye Clara B., (Norwich) r 68 1/2, widow of George W., resident, h and lot.


OLDS EDWARD W., (Norwich) dealer in ready made clothing, groceries, boots anti shoes, hats, caps, and furnishing, Main, h do.

Olds Erastus W., (Norwich) cterk for Edward W., h Main.

Olds Franklin L., (Norwich) postmaster, twenty one years.

Olds Henry B., (Norwich) breeder of high grade Merino sheep, and farmer 100.

Ordway William H., (Norwich) justice of the peace, and retired farmer.


Packard Angusta M., (Pompanoosuc) r __, widow of Alanson E.

Packard Fred, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, farm laborer.

Packard Oscar R.. (Pompanoosuc) r 13, works in L. S. Patterson's saw mill. 

PARKHURST ALPHA H., (West Hartford) r 79, daughter of Curtis.

Parkhurst Curtis, (West Hartford) r 79, stock grower 34 head of Devons, wool grower 50 sheep, dairy 15 cows, farmer 500, and 220 in Sharon.

Partridge Ann E. S., (Norwich) widow of Capt. Alden, resident, h , Main.

PARTRIDGE HENRY V. CAPT., (Norwich) town representative, and trustee of Dartmouth Savings Bank, h Main.

PARTRIDGE LEWIS S., (Norwich) notary public, and retired merchant. 

Patterson David M., (Pompanoosuc) r 13, retired farmer.

PATTERSON LESLIE S., (Pompanoosuc) r 13, manuf. of rough and dressed lumber, lath, chair stock, and dealer in clapboards, owns farm 25.

Pattrell Charles, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, invalid, owns with O. L. 90. 

Pattrell Oscar L., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, dairy 6 cows, wool grower 35 sheep, farmer 60, and with Charles 90.

Peaslee Sarah T., (Norwich) r 67, widow of Daniel C., housekeeper for P. B. Slack.

Peck George G., (Norwich) r 48, house painter.

Penn Fred H., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, section hand on Conn. & Pass. R. R.

Pennock Alonzo J., (Norwich) r 18, farmer.

Pennock Carlos P., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 5, wool grower 30 sheep, sugar orchard 200 trees, farmer 100.

PENNOCK HENRY A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, dairy , cows, and farmer 80.

Pennock Joseph, (Union Village, Orange Co.) farmer 100.

Pennock Mary A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 16, widow of Barzilla, resident, aged 80 years, born in town.

Pennock Reuben D., (Norwich) r 3.8, wool grower 55 sheep, farmer 80.

Pero Nathan, (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) off r 20, miner.

PETTES CHARLES W., (Norwich) r 64, farmer, leases of Mrs. A. R. Crandall 160.

Phelps Samuel B., (Norwich) r 35i, machinist, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 60.

Pierce Alanson, (Pompanoosuc) r r4, wool grower 30 sheep, and farmer 65, and 20 acres pasture land in Thetford.

Pierce Albert D., (Norwich) r 63, farmer, leases of W. C. French of Woodstock 230.

Pierce Myron S., (Pompanoosuc) r 14, farmer 10.

Pike Dan W., (Norwich) r 45, mechanic, farmer 10, Church st.

Pixley Richard B., (Norwich) r 47, sugar orchard 300 trees, stock grower 24 head, fruit grower, farmer 110.

Porter Elbert, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 33, farm laborer.

POWERS JAMES D., (Norwich) r 64, dealer in automatic organs and organettes, manufs. music for the same, also dealer in pictures and picture frames.


Ray Lester C., (Norwich) r 67 cor 66, tanner, owns farm 9.

Ray Levi, (Norwich) r 67 cor 66, retired farmer.

Reynolds Clarence H., (West Hartford) r 74, farmer 40.

REYNOLDS GARDNER C., (West Hartford) r 74, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 75.

Reynolds George W., (Norwich) r 57, farmer, leases of Aaron King 4.

Richardson Francis L., (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 20, dairy 5 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 200.

Richardson Samuel. (South Strafford, Orange Co.) r 20, retired farmer and carpenter, aged 82.

Richardson Stillman M., (Norwich) r 69, farmer.

ROBERTS CYRUS A., (Norwich) r 39 cor 42, section foreman Conn. & Pass. R. R., farmer 1 1/2.

Roberts John L., (Norwich) r 21, farmer.

Rogers George F., (Norwich) r 20, town auditor, wool grower 70 sheep, farmer r 50.

Rogers Timothy, (Norwich) r 25, retired farmer, owns 40 acres.

Rollins Joshua E., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 36 cor 35, farmer, leases of A. Johnson 130.

Root Clarence A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 36 cor 34, farmer, leases of A. Hatch.

Root Frank, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, farmer.

Root John H., (Norwich) r 34 cor 32, overseer of the poor, manager of Norwich town farm 150 acres.

Root Samuel, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, farmer 60.

Rot Samuel M., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35 1/2, sugar orchard 225 trees, farmer 135. 

ROWELL HERBERT L., (Norwich) r 41, sugar orchard 900 trees, grows 75 kinds of apples, dairy 5 cows, farmer 125. 

Ruggles Fred A., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35, (Fletcher & Ruggles.) 

Ruggles Roger S., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 35, farmer 100. 

Ruggles Sherman, (Union Village, Orange Co.) retired farmer. 

Russ Harry, (Norwich) retired merchant, h Main. 

Russell Carlos, (Norwich) r 35 1/2, farmer and gardener, leases of S. B. Phelps 75.


Sargent Arvilla, (Norwich) r 2, widow of Eben T., wool grower 80 sheep, farm 160.

Sargent Bartlett, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 3, lister, sugar orchard 800 trees, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer with Daniel 200.

Sargent Clarence D., (Norwich) r 2, farmer, works 240 belonging to estate of Eben T.

Sargent Daniel, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 3, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 200.

Sargent David P., (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) r 2, wool grower 83 sheep, apiarist 7 swarms, stone mason, farmer 360.

Sargent Eben P., (Norwich) r 48, building mover, carpenter and joiner, leases of Mrs. J. Boardman 3 acres.

Sargent Edward T., (Norwich) r 18, live stock dealer, and farmer 130.

Sargent Hiram M., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 9 cor 10, wool grower 60 sheep, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 150.

Sargent Jeddie D., (Norwich) r 2, farmer, with Thos., Jr.

Sargent Jennie A., (Norwich) r 2, resident.

SARGENT JOHN A., (Pompanoosuc) r 39, drover and dealer in cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, poultry, and farmer 130.

Sargent Lucy W., (Norwich) r 48, (Mrs. E. P.) teacher.

Sargent Orson H., (Norwich) r 18, stone mason, wool grower 80 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 180.

Sargent Solon, (Norwich) r 22 cor 20, carpenter, and farmer.

Sargent Thomas, (Copperas Hill, Orange Co.) r 2, retired farmer.

Sargent Thomas, Jr., (Norwich) r a, wool grower 40 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 180.

Sargent Walter T., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 5, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 100.

Sarragan Mary; (Norwich) r 45, widow of John, laundress.

SAWYER CHARLES C., (Norwich) r 42, wool grower 100 sheep, fruit grower, farmer 80, and 12 at the village, and wood lot 21.

SAWYER GEORGE M., (Norwich) off r 2, wool grower 50 sheep, sugar manuf., and farmer 100.

Seaver Sophia, (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, widow of Calvin, resident, aged 72, owns farm 125.

SILVER MARY H., (West Hartford) r 73, (Mrs. Henry,) farmer 136.

Simonds Charles W., (Norwich) r 18, farmer.

SIMONDS JASON H., (Norwich) r 18, breeder of Chester Co. hogs, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 200.

Simonds Josiah B., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 6, farmer.

Simoneau Joseph F., (Norwich) blacksmith.

Slack Angle N., (Norwich) r 48 cor 47, milliner.

SLACK CHARLES .A., (Norwich) r 48 cor 47, fruit and strawberry grower, dairy 12 cows, and farmer r 28.

Slack Frank P., (Norwich) r 18, farmer 70.

Slack Gertrude M., (Norwich) r 54, teacher.

SLACK GRANVILLE M., (Norwich) r 54, wool grower 60 sheep, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 220.

SLACK PROSPER B., (Norwich) r 67, highway surveyor, and farmer 20.

Slack Ransom A., (Norwich) r 23, breeder of Chester Co. hogs, wool grower 100 sheep, dairy 6 cows, poultry raiser, and farmer 160.

Slack Taylor, (Norwich) r 49, retired farmer, aged 79.

Slack William A., (Norwich) r 44, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 16.

Slack William E., (Norwich; farmer, 11 Main.

Slack William H., (Norwich) r 19, farmer, works for F. Spear farm 75.

Slack William T., (Norwich) r 67, farmer 67 owns 20 acres.

Smith Belle L., (Norwich) r 57, (Mrs. Chauncey,)

Smith Charles A., (Norwich) r 35 1/2, farmer, with W. P.

Smith Charles H., (Norwich) end of r 61, wool grower 60 sheep, and farmer 130.

Smith Chauncey, (Norwich) r 57, farmer 54.

Smith Cynthia M., (Norwich) r 67, widow of Rev. Ambrose, resident.

Smith William P., (Norwich) r 35, carpenter and joiner, vegetable gardener and farmer 20.

SPEAR FRANK E., (Norwich) r 19, wool grower 250 sheep, fruit grower 1,200 trees, sugar maker, and farmer 400.

Spear James A., (Norwich) r 19, farmer 100.

Spencer Amanda, (Norwich) r 39 cor 42, widow of Calvin, resident.

Sproat James S., (Norwich) r 48, lister, highway surveyor, breeder of Leghorn fowls, strawberry grower, 1 acre of plants, and farmer 70.

Sproat Samuel, (Norwich) r 48, farmer 27 acres, aged 75.

Stevens Henry A., (Pompanoosuc) r 11, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 120.

Stevens Laura, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, widow of Austin, owns farm 100.

Stewart David, (Norwich) mason, h Main.

Stickney George H., (Pompanoosuc) r 11, farmer.

Stimson Charles W., (Norwich) r 67, son of Joel G.

STIMSON JOEL G., (Norwich) r 67, wholesale dealer in flour and feed, and farmer 70.

Stowell Elam N., (Union Village, Orange Co.) off r 3, farmer 100.

Straw Rhoda E., (Norwich) r 42, housekeeper for J. T. Loveland.

Streeter William W., (Norwich) r 21, farmer 65.

Strong Calvin, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, dairy 6 cows, wool grower ago sheep, stock raiser, and farmer 300.

Swasey C. L. & E. S., (Norwich) r 67, stock raisers 20 head young cattle, farmers 200.

Swasey Charles L., (Norwich) r 67, (C. L. & E. S. Swasey.)

Swasey Edward S., (Norwich) r 67, (C. L. & E. S. Swasey.)


Tenney Roswell A., (Norwich) r 69, farmer 85.

Thomas Charlotte B., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 8, teacher.

Thomas William, (Norwich) r 71, farmer 165.

Thompson Horace, (Pompanoosuc) r 13, teamster.

TILDEN R. A., (Pompanoosuc) r 32, prop: Lillie Pond stock farm, owns stock horse "Young Lyon," breeder of Atwood Spanish Merino sheep 150 head, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 400.

Tilden Reuben C., (Pompanoosuc) r 32, retired farmer.

Tracy Mary P., (Norwich) widow of Cyrus, h Main cor Church.

TURNER AMBURG V., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, 1st selectman, agent for Walter A. Wood mower, Gleaner, Tiger and Bay State horse-rakes, and all kinds of agricultural implements, and repairs, farmer 55.

Turner Azro, (Norwich) r 67, house painter, h and lot.

Turner Edgar, (Norwich) r 19, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 200.

Turner Edward B., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 15, retired farmer, aged 73. 

Turner Nahurn, (Norwich) r 55, carpenter and joiner, Church st.


Vallee William H., (Pompanoosuc) r 13 cor 14, wood chopper and farmer.

Vancor Hattie, (Norwich) (Mrs. Norman) school Supt. and teacher, bds cor Main and Church.

Vancor Peter, (Norwich) r 21 cor 55, retired shoemaker; aged 81.


Walbridge Charles H., (Norwich) r 59, farmer, son of L. P.

Walbridge Leroy P., (Norwich) r 59, farmer 70.

WALBRIDGE LEROY P., JR., (West Norwich) r 59, farmer.

Walbridge Susanna, (West Hartford) r 58, widow Of Levi, owns farm 10 acres. 

WALKER MORRILL J., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r 7, retired merchant, aged 78.

WALLACE MARTIN F., (Norwich) r 21, farmer, leases of C. Sawyer 90.

Walter Charles H., (Union Village, Orange Co.) r IS, pastor of M. E. church at Union Village and Beaver Meadow.

Waterman Addle P., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, dressmaker.

Waterman Edwin P., (Norwich) farmer, gardener for Mrs. Dr. Converse.

WATERMAN ELIAS L., (Norwich) r 18, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 175. 

Waterman Fitch F., (Pompanoosuc) r 30, teamster, owns h and lot.

Waterman Frank D., (Pompanoosuc) r 30, farmer.

Waterman Julius E., (Pompanoosuc) r 30, farmer 40, and with E. F. Wilmot 25 timber land.

WATERMAN RICHARD, (Pompanoosuc) r 12, wool grower 150 sheep, stock raiser 25 head, breeder of Chester Co. swine, poultry grower, and farmer 260.

Waterman Truman W., (Pompanoosuc) r 28, wool grower 35 sheep, farmer 50, and 30 on r 30.

Waterman Wilbur, (Norwich) r 48 cor 52, farm laborer.

Waterman William, (Pompanoosuc) r 30, farmer 125, born on his present farm in 1810. 

Watson Hattie M., (Norwich) r 61, widow of Joseph, housekeeper for C. H. Smith.

West Caleb, (Norwich) r 80, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 160.

West Moses H., (Norwich) r 71, dairy 10 cows, farmer 160.

WHEELER NATHANIEL J., (Norwich) r 21, poultry raiser, and farmer 150. 

Wheelock Laura, (Norwich) widow of Rev. James Ripley, resident, h Main. 

Whitcher William W., (Pompanoosuc) r 12, farmer, with C. Strong.

Whitcomb Merinda, (Norwich) r 60 cor 61, (Mrs. Joseph) owns farm.

White Stillman, (Norwich) r 49, retired farmer.

White William. (Norwich) r 49, farmer, son of Stillman.

WILLEY ALFRED H., (Norwich) r 57 cor 21, farm laborer, son of Hiram A. 

Willey Hiram A., (Norwich) r 57, farm laborer.

Willey Israel, (Norwich) r 59, farmer 4.

Wilmot Elisha F., (Pompanoosuc) r 30, prop. of stock horse "Bullrush Morgan," farmer 50, and with Julius E. Waterman 25.

Wilmot Eugene F., (Pompanoosuc) r 30, farmer with E. F.

Wood Ezra A., (West Hartford) r 76, farmer, son of R. W.

WOOD RODOLPHUS W., (West Hartford) r 76, wool grower 66 sheep, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 275. 

Wood Thomas R., (\Vest Hartford) r 76, farmer, son of R. W. 

Wright John, (Norwich) r 67, farmer 4. 

Wright Mercy R., (Norwich) resident, h Main. 

Wright Sophia, (Norwich) r 45, widow of Samuel, resident, aged 86, h Church 


Yarrington Harvey J., (Norwich) r 45, farmer.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 409-424. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006