Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad station is Woodstock, 6 miles east on Woodstock R. R. Daily stage.


Ackley Lyman, (Bridgewater Corners) r 50, farmer 50, aged 75 years. 

Adams Cyrus H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 37, farmer 62. 

Adams Joseph E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, farm laborer. 

Alexander Jonathan, (Bridgewater) r 33, farmer 150. 

ALLARD ERASTUS M., (Bridgewater) stage driver and mail carrier from Bridgewater to Ludlow, owns farm in Londonderry, Windham Co., 150.

Allen William, (Barnard) farmer 150.

Angell Isaac, (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, farmer 150,

Angel Emma D. Miss, (Bridgewater) dressmaker.

Archer Foster E., (Bridgewater) off r 47, farm laborer, leases of C. W. Stafford h and lot.

Ashton Mill Co., (West Bridgewater) r 48, N. M. Eutley supt., manuf. of coarse lumber and chair stock.

ATWOOD JOHN L., (Woodstock) farmer, employee of Miss Judah Mack, of Woodstock.

Atwood Lewis, (Woodstock) r 26, farmer 150.

Atwood William, (Bridgewater Corners) r 2, farmer 100.


Babcock Charles, (Bridgewater Corners) r 42, cor 44, (C. & V. C. Babcock.)

Babcock C. & V. C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 42 cor 45, (Charles and Volney C.) general merchants.

BABCOCK VOLNEY C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 42 cor 45, (C. & V. C. Babcock,) postmaster.

Baker Alonzo H., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 351, dairy 12 cows, 70 sheep, farmer 300.

Baker Henry L., (Bridgewater Corners) r 48, farm laborer and lumberman.

Baker Hiram S., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, farm laborer.

Baker Horace P., (Woodstock) r 31, farmer 85.

Baker James W., (Woodstock) r 31, farmer, aged 70 years.

Baker Nahum C., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 23, farmer 69.

Baker Wallace C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, farm laborer.

Baker Walter G., (Bridgewater Corners) r 20, farm laborer.

BAKER WILLIAM O., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 23, farmer, leases of the Mt. Hope Gold Mining Co. 160, also works 171 acres adjoining.

Barns John, (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, leases of Delia Fairbanks 42.

Baron Amasa F., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farm laborer, owns h and lot.

Barrows Ansel D., (Bridgewater Corners) prop. saw mill, and farmer 5.

Barrows Appleton F., (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, farmer 140.

BARROWS LAURICE A., (Bridgewater) blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty.

Barrows Lewis, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farmer 60.

Barrows Mary, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, widow of Ira D., farm 27.

Barrows Norman N., (Bridgewater) r 43, farmer 80.

Barrows Stephen S., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 35, wool grower 185 sheep, farmer 345.

Bassett Edgar E., (Woodstock) r 9, farmer 110.

Bassett Franklin, (Bridgewater Corners) r 3 farmer 100.

Bennett Albert A., (Woodstock) off r 31, 40 sheep, farmer 200.

Blake Charles E., (Bridgewater Corners) carpenter and joiner, and sawyer, employee of A. L. Dinsmore.

BOYDEN CHARLES O., M. D., (Bridgewater) physician and surgeon.

Bridge John, (West Bridgewater) r 48, farmer 125.

Bridge Rodolphus D., (West Bridgewater) r 48, shingle mill.

Briggs Alstine N., (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, farmer 45.

Briggs Franklin B., (Bridgewater Corners) r 19, farmer 448.

Briggs James A., (Bridgewater Corners) r 16, farmer 55.

BRIGGS JUDSON Y., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farm 25.

Briggs Rodolphus D., (Bridgewater Corners) r 16, farmer 200.

Brown Ira L., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, wheelwright, farmer 50.

Buck Jacob, (Bridgewater Corners) off r 352, farmer, leases 200.

Buckman Isaac W., (Woodstock) r 1 26, owns 45 acres in Stockbridge.

Buckman Ruel A., (Woodstock) r 26, 12 sheep, and farmer 60.

Bugbee Catherine W., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, widow of George H., farmer 160.

Bugbee Charles C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, wool grower 80 sheep, and farmer 140.

Bugbee Henry C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farmer, with his father Chas. C.

Bugbee William C., (Bridgewater Corners) (Wm. C. Bugbee & Co.)

Bugbee William C. & Co., (Bridgewater Corners) (W. C. B. and W. C. Raymond,) manufs. of chair stock and butter tubs.


Capron Chester K., (Bridgewater) r 41, farmer 31.

Capron Collamer, (Bridgewater Corners) teamster, and farmer 265.

Capron Dexter S., (Bridgewater) wool sorter, employee of F. S. McKenzie.

Capron Standish W., (Bridgewater) r 34, farmer 128.

CARPENTER CALIE W., (Bridgewater) Bridgewater and Rutland stage driver.

Chamberlin Ora P., (Bridgewater Corners) r 46, farmer 150.

Chase Alfred E., (Bridgewater Corners) general blacksmith.

Chateaugay Steam Mill Co., (Bridgewater Corners) r 16, H. G. Davis, supt., manufs. of lumber and chair stock.

Cobb George W., (Woodstock) r 29, 65 sheep, and farmer 110.

Colton Silas, (West Bridgewater) r 48, employee in R. D. Bridge's chair stock factory.

Copeland Zian C., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 20, 55 sheep, farmer 130.

Corey Kimball S., (Bridgewater) r 44, farm laborer, owns house.

Cowdry Martin C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, 20 head of young cattle, and farmer 140.

CUMMINGS EDWIN R., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 47, dairy 5 cows, and farmer 170.


DAILEY ALBA O., (Bridgwater Corners) r 20 1/2 cor 37.

DAILEY GILES H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 21, prop. of saw mill.

Davis Herman G., (Bridgewater Corners) r 16, supt. of Chateaugay Steam Mill Co.

Demary Frank, (West Bridgewater) r 48, employee of J. W. Madden, chair factory.

DERBY AUGUSTUS R., (Bridgewater) dealer in general merchandise.

Dimick Alanson F., (Bridgewater Corners) r 19, farmer 70.

Dimick Charles, (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, farmer 150, aged 79.

DIMICK NELSON C., (Bridgewater Corners) r 36, 30 sheep, and farmer 100.

Dimick Vanness S., (West Bridgewater) r 38, 26 sheep, and farmer 70.

DINSMORE ALBERT L., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35 cor 41, manuf. and dealer in soft and hard wood lumber, shingles and lath, prop. of feed mill, and dealer in flour and feed.

Dreen Sarah, (Bridgewater) widow of Lewis.

Dutton Norman A., (Bridgewater) carriage maker, and dealer in coffins and caskets.


EARL LEWIS N., (Bridgewater) miller, employee of R. W. Pinney.

Estabrooks Henry G., (Bridgewater Corners) apprentice with William D. Johnson, tinware manuf.

Eutley N. M.. (West Bridgewater) r 48, Supt. of Ashton Mill Co.


Fairbanks Alvinsa, (Bridgewater Corners) r 15, farmer 185.

Fairbanks Delia Mrs., (Bridgewater) weaver for F. S. McKenzie.

Fairbanks Frank, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farm laborer, leases h of Ed. Carpenter.

Fairbanks Martin, (Bridgewater Corners) farm laborer, leases h of Harrison Pratt.

FOGG FORREST H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, dairy 6 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 140.

FRINK ALONZO, (Bridgewater) r 34, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer, with Hartwell 120.

FRINK HARTWELL, (Bridgewater) r 34, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer, with Alonzo 120.

Frink Luther, (Bridgewater Corners) laborer.

FRINK WILLIAM M., (Bridgewater) spinner and engineer, employee of W. C. Bugbee & Co.

Furber Luther B., (Bridgewater) finisher and overseer in the finishing room of Frank McKenzie.

Furber M. F. Miss, (Bridgewater) dealer in millinery and ladies' furnishing goods.


Gates Asa, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, manuf. of family medicines, and farmer 12.

Gates Frank, (Bridgewater Corners) off r 35, farm laborer.

Gates Serepta Miss, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, lives with her sister Mrs. Mary Barrows.

Gilbert Edward, (Woodstock) 45 sheep, farmer 100.

Goodell Homer, (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farm laborer, leases h of Lewis Barrows.

Goodnow Frank L., (West Bridgewater) r 48, day laborer, leases h of Ashton Mill Co.

Green George F., (Woodstock) r 26, 40 sheep, farmer 138.


Hadley Albert W., (Bridgewater) r 43, employee in F. S. McKenzie's woolen mills.

Hadley Harriet, (Bridgewater) r 43, widow of Albert, h and 3 acres.

Hadley Marquis L., (Bridgewater) farmer for Charles G. Raymond.

Hall Merrill, (Bridgewater) farmer 20.

Harris Edison J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, farmer, leases of Levi Moore 100.

Harris Henry L., (Bridgewater) operative in the Bridgewater woolen mills.

Hathorn Betsey C., (Bridgewater Corners) widow of Lunus, h and garden.

Hathorn Dennis H., (Bridgewater Corners) employee of A. L. Dinsmore.

Hedges Wilson, (Woodstock) r 9, 15 head young stock, farmer 150.

Heflin Denison F., (Woodstock) r 26, farmer 65.

Heflin Erastus, (Woodstock) r 26, farmer 65.

Heselton's Chair Stock Mills, (West Bridgewater) r 38, capacity is 16,000 rounds daily.

Heselton Elroy G., (West Bridgewater) r 38, chair stock manuf. with Mansel.

Heselton Mansel, (West Bridgewater) r 38, prop. of stretcher mills, farmer 200.

Holt Andrew J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 19, dealer in lumber, and farmer 200.

Holt Henry C., (Bridgewater) Advent minister.

Howes Ellery C., (Bridgewater Corners) carpenter and joiner.

Howes Increase B., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farmer 12, aged 76.

Hubbard Albert K., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, cooper, and carpenter and joiner, h and garden.

Hubbard Daniel, (Bridgewater Corners) r 23, farmer 15.

HUBBARD DANIEL C., (Bridgewater Corners) engineer at Davis Chair Stock Co.'s mills.

Hubbard Henry H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 23, 50 sheep, farmer 125.

Hubbard Lewis H., (Bridgewater) blacksmith, carpenter and joiner, h and 1/2 acre.

HUDSON JOHN, (Bridgewater) carpenter and builder, and farmer, owns in Woodstock 74.

HUDSON MARCELLUS J., (Bridgewater) r 43, dairy 7 cows, 73 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 80, and. in Reading pasture land 30.

Huntoon George, (Woodstock) r 5, farmer 110.

HUTCHINSON JAMES B., (Bridgewater) general job work.

Hutton Frank J., (West Bridgewater) r 48, blacksmith, employee of Ashton Mills Co.


JOHNSON HORACE C., (West Bridgewater) r 48, leases h of R. Bridge, employee in M. J. Moore's chair stock factory.

JOHNSON WILLIAM D., (Bridgewater Corners) dealer in stoves, manuf. of tinware, also dealer in glassware and Yankee notions.

Joselyn Andrew J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer, with Josiah.

JOSELYN CALVIN T., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, farmer 200.

Joselyn Josiah, (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, dairy 25 cows, farmer 242.


KENNEDY MATTHEW E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, sugar orchard 250 trees, and farmer 104.

Kindell Allen, (Bridgewater Corners) r 1, farmer.

KING PETER, (Bridgewater) supt. of the Bridgewater woolen mills.

Knapp John W., (Bridgewater Corners) r 42, dealer in boots and shoes, and does repairing.

Knowlton Alphonso, (Bridgewater Corners) r 15, farmer.


Leonard Fred J., (Bridgewater Corners) laborer for A. L. Dinsmore.

Lewis Jonathan P., (Bridgewater Corners) livery stable, farmer 75.

Lombard Norman W., (West Bridgewater) r 38, farmer, leases of B. F. Butterfield 175.

Luce Edwin, (Woodstock) r 4, farmer 100.


Madden Jennes N., (West Bridgewater) r 48, prop. of chair stock factory, farmer 50.

Madden Russell L., (West Bridgewater) r 48, prop. of steam grist mill on Ottaquechee river.

Manley Edson L., (Bridgewater) farm laborer.

MARSH ZIBA A., (Bridgewater) postmaster, and dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers.

Maxham David H., (Woodstock) r 28, 30 sheep, farmer 100.

Maxham George R., (Woodstock) r 30, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 150.

Maxham Stillman L., (Bridgewater Corners) r 19, farmer 85.

McCLAY CARLY W., (Bridgewater) r 43, farmer 160.

MERRILL SANFORD, (Bridgewater) farmer 10.

Moore Hosea C., (Bridgewater) r 43, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 123.


Nelson Levi, (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, farmer, leases of Geo. E. Smith 150.


Osmer George D., (Bridgewater Corners) engineer, employee in A. L. Dinsmore's steam mills.

OTTAQUECHEE HOUSE, (West Bridgewater) Lorenzo D. Spaulding, prop.


Paddock Hiram S., (Bridgewater) r 43, farmer, leases of Frank White 50.

Peoples Peter, (Bridgewater) r 33, leases farm of Collamer Capron.

Perkins Charles H., (Bridgewater) off r 20, farmer 110.

Perkins Elisha P., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farmer 45.

Perkins John, (Woodstock) r 4, farmer 75.

Perkins Royal B., (Bridgewater) off r 20, farmer 320.

PERRIN WILLIAM, (Bridgewater) dealer in flour and meal, and farmer 5. 

Perry Darius H., (Bridgewater Corners) r 38, farmer 100.

Persons Albert, (West Bridgewater) r 49, farmer 100.

PINNEY ANDREW J., (West Bridgewater) r 49, lumberman, and farmer 100. 

PINNEY RUSSELL W., (Bridgewater) foreman and agent for F. S. McKenzie's saw mill, also miller, and dealer in flour, meal and feed, and bridge builder.

Pollard Augusta, (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, widow of James, h and garden. 

Pollard Henry J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 48, lumberman, and farmer 130. 

Potter Elmore R., (West Bridgewater) manuf. of scythe snaths.

Potter Jefferson R., (West Bridgewater) r 49, farmer 160, and 85 in Sherburne.

Pratt Henry O., (Bridgewater Corners) r 3, farmer 150.

Premo Peter, (Bridgewater Corners) r 38, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 185.

Preston James H., (Woodstock) r 11, farmer 125.


RAYMOND CHARLES S., (Bridgewater) retired merchant, breeder of Jersey cattle, reg., wool grower of full blood Merino sheep 120 head, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 200, and timber land 200 acres. (Died June 20, 1883.)

RAYMOND WILLIAM C., (Bridgewater) (W. C. Bugbee & Co.) general merchant, manuf. of chair stock, and farmer, with his father, Charles S.

Rice George A., (Bridgewater Corners) employee of W. C. Bugbee & Co.

Rice Joshua, (Bridgewater Corners) r 36, farmer 100.

Rice L yman F., (Bridgewater Corners) carpenter and joiner, employee of A. L. Dinsmore's chair factory.

RICH CHARLES R., (Bridgewater Corners) r 46, farmer in Reading 135, and leases of Mrs. John Slack 160.

Robinson Daniel O., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 35 1/2, farmer, leases of A. L. Allen 175.

Robinson Ezra J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, wool grower 90 sheep, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 160.

Robinson Gilman E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 16, farmer 150.

ROBINSON SCOTT O., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, farmer 130.

Rodiman Henry L., (Bridgewater) physician and surgeon.

ROOD FRANK H., (Bridgewater) fireman, employee of Ct. River R. R.

Rood Lurgautis H., (Bridgewater) farmer 55.

Royce Abram M., (Woodstock) r 30, 26 sheep, and farmer 120.


Salter Orrin F., (Bridgewater) r 34, 30 sheep, and farmer 200.

Sargent Alfred, (Bridgewater Corners) 2nd selectman, justice of peace and fire insurance agent.

Sawyer Foster F., (Bridgewater) employee of F. S. McKenzie and farmer.

Scales Henry L., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 46, wool grower 125 sheep, farmer 200.

Shannon Frank, (Bridgewater) painter and paper hanger.

SHATTUCK ABEL S., (Bridgewater) r 34, r 112 sheep, farmer 200.

Shattuck Edward H., (Bridgewater) r 43, 30 sheep, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 150,

Shattuck Lemuel, (Bridgewater) r 34, 40 sheep, farmer 154.

Shattuck Peter, (Bridgewater) r 34, farmer 200.

SHAW ELIHU M., (Woodstock) r 28, farmer.

Shaw Ellery C., (Woodstock) r 28, 40 sheep, farmer 175.

Shurtleff Alden, (Woodstock) 55 sheep, farmer 110.

Shurtleff Charles T., (Woodstock) r 7, carriage painter and farmer 150.

Shurtleff Herbert A., (Woodstock) r 9, lives with his father.

Shurtliff Irving T., (Woodstock) r 8, in company with his father Jesse T., farmer 100.

Shurtleff Jesse T., (Woodstock) r 8, 50 sheep, sugar orchard 175 trees, farmer 100.

Shurtleff Levi, (Woodstock) r 7, farmer with Charles T.

Slack Eugene B., (Woodstock) r 31, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 70.

Sloan Ervin, (Bridgewater Corners) off r 35 1/2, farmer 155

Slocum George A., (Woodstock) r 11, dealer in garden vegetables, 80 sheep, farmer 100.

Slocum Ira, (Woodstock) r 26, aged 65, farmer 100.

Smith Elliott, (Bridgewater) dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers.

SMITH EMILY P., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, resident.

Smith Philander, (Bridgewater) farmer, with George about 800.

SMITH GEORGE E., (Bridgewater) town clerk, dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats and cattle, proprietor of livery stable, farmer with Philander about 800.

Southgate Charles N., (Bridgewater) laborer.

Southgate Napoleon B., (Bridgewater) farmer 100, aged 79.

SOUTHGATE WINFIELD S., (Bridgewater) farmer 200.

SPAULDING JAMES H., (Bridgewater) painter and engineer, employee at A. L. Dinsmore's steam mills.

Spaulding Jason, (Bridgewater Corners) r 15, farmer.

Spaulding Joseph K., (West Bridgewater) cor r 48 and 49, postmaster, groceries and provisions.

Spaulding Lewis, (Bridgewater Corners) r 15, farmer.

SPAULDING LORENZO D., (West Bridgewater) r 48, prop. of Ottaquechee House.

STAFFORD ALBERT C., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 47, tinsmith, 30 sheep, farmer 150.

STAFFORD CHARLES W., (West Bridgewater) r 48, farmer 225.

Stafford Mylan A., (West Bridgewater) r 48, farmer, son of Chas. W.

STEARNS GEORGE, (Bridgewater) teamster, and jobber.

Stearns Jonah, (Bridgewater) aged 77 years,

Stevens Frederick P., (West Bridgewater) r 38, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 166, and in Sherburne 140.

Stevens Jesse G., (Bridgewater) farm laborer.

Stevens Walter, (Bridgewater Corners) r 38, farmer.

Stevens William B., (Bridgewater) r 19, farmer 100.

Stiles David F., (West Bridgewater) r 48, employee of Ashton Mills.

Stillwell Albert L., (Bridgewater) r 44, prop. of livery, sale and boarding stable.

Swan Hiram, (Bridgewater Corners) r 41, aged 84 years.


TAFT ANDREW J., (Bridgewater) r 43, 16 sheep, 10 head young stock, farmer 100,

Taft Marshall W., (Bridgewater) farmer.

TAYLOR ORSON J., (Bridgewater) laborer, employee of F. S. McKenzie.

Taylor William, (Bridgewater Corners) tanner and currier, harness maker, aged 81 years.

Thomas George W., (Bridgewater) r 33, farmer 150.

Thomas Horatio N., (Woodstock) off r 28, farmer 114.

THOMAS MARSON, (Woodstock) r 9, farmer 100.

THOMPSON BURNSIDE A., (Bridgewater) operative in the woolen mills of F. S. McKenzie.

Thompson James P., (Bridgewater) r 43, employee in F. S. McKenzie's woolen mills, owns h and 1 acre.

Town Alba A., (Bridgewater Corners) r 37, farmer 49.

Town George A., (Bridgewater Corners) r 37, farmer 76.

Town William C., (Bridgewater Corners) farmer 160.

Townsend John W., (Bridgewater Corners) r 45, farmer 100.

Tracy George, (Bridgewater Corners) r 38, farmer r 110.

Tuttle Henry B., (Bridgewater Corners) r 41, farmer 100.


Vaughan Allen, (Bridgewater Corners) r 41, 115 sheep, farmer 200.

Vaughan Elbridge A., (Bridgewater Corners) turner, employee of W. C. Bugbee & Co.

Vaughan Horace G., (Bridgewater Corners) carpenter and joiner, employee of W. C. Bugbee & Co.


Warren Solomon, (Bridgewater) wool grower 33 sheep, and farmer 140.

Wearherbee Charles N., (Bridgewater Corners) r 47, farm laborer.

WEEDEN BENJAMIN F., (Bridgewater Corners) off r 46, wool grower 170 sheep, and farmer.

WEEDEN LUCIUS H., (Bridgewater) farmer 138.

West Lorenzo O., (West Bridgewater) r 38, dairy 5 cows, farmer 85.

Weymouth Louis E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 24, works Charles Dimick's farm on shares.

White Firzah, (Bridgewater) widow of Sandish D., h and garden.

White William, (Bridgewater) r 43, employee of town to superintend the town farm.

Whitman Andrew J., (Bridgewater Corners) r 50, stock grower, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 450. 

Wiley M. Nettle Miss, (Bridgewater) operative in woolen mills of F. S. McKenzie. 

Wiley Olive K., (Bridgewater) widow of Dr. David F., h and 1 1/2 acres. 

Willis Jonathan, (Bridgewater) r 34, stone mason, and farmer 100. 

Wilson Thomas F., (West Bridgewater) r 48, teamster. 

Wood Alden P., (Bridgewater) r 43 cor 31, 44 sheep, and farmer 60. 

Wood Bezaleel, (Bridgewater Corners) off r 35 1/2, farmer 50. 

Wood Charles H., (Bridgewater) employee of A. E. Chase. 

Wood Newell, (Bridgewater Corners) r 1, farmer 100. 

Woods Allen E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 352, 50 sheep, farmer 160. 

Woods Milo E., (Bridgewater Corners) r 35, teamster, leases h and garden of W. Howes, of Woodstock. 

Woodard Henry, (Bridgewater) weaver, employee of F. S. McKenzie. 

Woodward Nellie I., (Bridgewater) employee in F. S. McKenzie's woolen mills.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 317-324. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006