Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Abbott Adaline, (Bethel) r 53, resident. 

Abbott Albert E., (Bethel) r 53, farmer, with Justin. 

Abbott Daniel. (East Bethel) lumberman, and laborer. 

Abbott George, (Bethel) meat peddler, Main. 

Abbott George, (Bethel) clerk in Dunham's meat market. 

Abbott Justin, (Bethel) r 53, farmer 112. 

Abbott Lewis H., (East Bethel) r 17, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 175. 

Abbott Sabine, (Bethel) r 53, farmer. 

Adams Adna, (East Bethel) r 12, farmer 10. 

Adams Rush M., (Bethel) r 20, farmer.

ADAMS WILLIAM R., (Bethel) town clerk, justice of the peace, surveyor, dealer in books, stationary, picture frames and fancy goods, job printer, and farmer 150, Main, h Church.

Ainsworth J. Alanson, (Bethel) r 32, farm laborer.

Aldrich John E., (Bethel) off r 28, farm laborer.

Alexander E. Silas, (Bethel) r 26, owner of wood saw and thresher, and farmer 160.

Alexander George W., (Bethel) r 33, carpenter and builder, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 125.

Allen Sidney, (Bethel) shoemaker.

Alley John B. & Co., (Bethel) prop. Bethel tannery, principal office 79 High st., Boston, Mass.

Amsden Edwin, (Bethel) r .28, farmer, works for J. M. Atwood 145.

ARNOLD FRED, (Bethel) attorney and counselor at law, agent for Sun Fire Insurance Co. of London, Eng., New England Fire Insurance Co. of Rutland, Vt., and Continental Insurance Co. of New York, also some twenty five other companies, owns Arnold block, Main, h do.

Atwood Charles H., (Bethel) r 50, peddler, and farmer 10.

Atwood James M., (Bethel) r 28, M. E. clergyman, owns farm 145.


Bacon Lucinda, (East Bethel) widow of Joseph.

Bailey Frank D., (Bethel) r 52, sugar orchard 325 trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200.

Baker Gaius, (Bethel) r 50, laborer.

Baker John V., (Bethel) r 43, retired carpenter.

BAKER WESLEY F., (Bethel) r 42, breeder of Morgan horses, dairy 4 cows, farmer 77. Served in the 16th and 17th Vt. regiments.

Barnes Albert G., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 6, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 116.

Barrett Herbert, (East Bethel) r 10, farm laborer.

Barrett Maria, (Bethel) r 48, widow of Samuel.

Barrows Samuel W., (Bethel) r 35, teamster, stone mason, sheep 40 head, farmer 125.

Bascom House, (Bethel) George Gilson, prop.

Bates B. Lewis, (Bethel) r 40, farmer 5.

Bates Lewis, (Bethel) r 40, laborer, owns house and lot.

Bayor Charles, (Bethel) laborer.

Bean Samuel, (Bethel) r 33, farmer 60.

BEAN W. W. (West Randolph) car maker.

Beisnett Lewis, (Bethel) upholsterer, works in Montpelier.

BENEDICT FABER, (East Bethel) r 17, sugar orchard, 400 trees, breeder of pure blooded Durham cattle, farmer 135.

Benson Arad, (Bethel) r 50, farmer 10.

Berry George W., (Bethel) business in Boston, summer residence River st. 

BIRD A. BENJAMIN, (Bethel) r 51, farmer 80.

Bird Lewis S., (Bethel) r 18, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 190.

Blakely Silas S., (Bethel) dealer in bark, bds Depot House.

Barth Charles L., (Bethel) r 51, farmer, leases of Lorenzo Atwood 20.

Bowen Aaron A., (Bethel) r 5, dairy 9 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 150.

Bowen Abel, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer 34.

Bowen Elias, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, farmer, with Squire.

Bowen George W., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer.

Bowen John, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, farmer, with Squire.

Bowen Louise, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, widow of Joseph.

Bowen Oliver G., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100.

BOWEN SAMUEL, (Bethel) r 28, farmer 100.

Bowen Squire, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 380.

Bowen Sylvester A., (Bethel) r 44, dairy 6 cows, farmer 200.

Boyington Mary M., (East Bethel) widow of Arthur, farmer.

Brewster D. Porter, (East Bethel) farm laborer.

BROOKS ALBERT A., (Bethel) (Brooks & Washburn) (J. A. Chedel & Co.) (Bethel Manuf. Co.) (Gaysville Manuf. Co.) justice of the peace.

Brooks George W., (Bethel) r 18, farmer 415.

Brooks Minnie A., (East Bethel) milliner.

Brooks Philena, (Bethel) widow of Reuben.

BROOKS SAMUEL H., (East Bethel) prop. tin shop and dealer in stoves, house and store Main, farmer 35

BROOKS WALTER M., (Bethel) dealer in sewing machines, attachments, and repairs, Main, h Church.

Brooks Willard J., (Bethel) clerk for Brooks & Washburn.

Brooks William, (Bethel) laborer, farmer 6.

BROOKS & WASHBURN, (Bethel) (Albert A. B. and Seth M. W.) dealers in dry goods, ready made clothing, gents furnishing goods, boots, shoes, groceries, etc., Main.

Brown Charles N., (Gaysville) r 51, breeder of pure Merino sheep, farmer 80.

Brown Chester, (East Bethel) r 11, farmer 60.

Brown Horatio N., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer 30.

Brown Joseph N., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, head sawyer, and peddler.

Brown M. Dimon, (East Bethel) prop. of grist mill.

Brown Sarah M., (Gaysville) r 51, widow of Isaac.

BRYANT JAMES ALONZO, (Bethel) r 50, breeder of pure blood Merino sheep, registered, also of pure Morgan horses, farmer 425.

Bryant Phebe, (Bethel) r 53, widow of Hiram, farmer 30.

BUCK DAVID B., (East Bethel) wheelwright, and general jobber, dealer in second hand wagons and cloth, owns h and lot, Main.

Buck Justus H., (East Bethel) mechanic, with Daniel B. owner of fruit evaporator.

Buckman Cornelius C., (Bethel) farm laborer.

Bugbee Rollo G., (Bethel) Cong. clergyman, h River.

Bullard Frank, (Bethel) r 48, farmer for C. R. Noble.

Bullard Martha, (Bethel) r 48, (Martha. & Pamelia A.)

Bullard Martha & Pamelia A., (Bethel) r 48, farm 7.

Bullard Pamelia A., (Bethel) r 48, (Martha & Pamelia A.)

Bundy Ann, (Bethel) r 5 r, widow of George.

Burbank Ansel, (Bethel) r 33, farmer 70.

Burelle Joseph, (Bethel) laborer.

Burelle Louis, (Bethel) r 19, section hand.

Burelle Peter, (Bethel) laborer, h and lot Tannery st.

Burelle Peter, (Bethel) barber, bds at Wilson House.

Burelle Peter, Jr., (Bethel) laborer, Tannery st.

Burnett James C., (Bethel) r 38, dairy to cows, 250 sheep, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 200, in Royalton 175.

Burnett Myron, (Bethel) lumberman, h off Main.

Buttles Bert A., (Bethel) r 50, farmer 7.

Byam Abel, (Bethel) r 25, old resident, aged 80 years.

Byarn Abel, Jr., (Bethel) r 23, farmer 5.

Byam George, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 24, lumberman, and farmer 115. 

BYAM JOHN N., (Bethel) r 25, (N. B. & J. N.)

BYAM NEWELL B., (Bethel) r 20, (N. B. & J. N.) owns with F. L. Parsons 8 acres.

BYAM N. B. & J. N., (Bethel) (Newell B. and John N.) lumbermen, dealers in hard and soft wood, own blacksmith shop, farm of 80 acres, and in Rochester 150.


CADY SAMUEL C., (Bethel) harness maker, carriage trimmer, dealer in harness makers' supplies.

CHADWICK CHAUNCEY R., (Bethel) r 20, town grand juror, carriage maker and repairer, h and lot.

Chadwick Clarence L., (Bethel) r 20, painter and laborer.

Chadwick Constantine, (East Bethel) r 15, retired carpenter and farmer.

Chadwick Jason C., (Bethel) carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Chadwick Lucian F., (Bethel) carpenter and builder, and farmer 40, Main.

Chadwick Mary, (Bethel) widow of Silas.

Chadwick Sherman W., (Bethel) r 40, ice dealer, harness maker, and farmer 3.

CHADWICK THEODORE A., (Bethel) manuf. of harnesses and dealer in blankets, whips, brushes and general horse furnishing goods, Main, h Church.

Chamberlain James, (Bethel) off r 41, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 95, in Stockbridge 30.

Chamberlain Roean, (Bethel) widow of Joseph M., h Church.

Chamberlin Adaline N., (Bethel) r 30, resident.

Chamberlin Amos B., (Bethel) r 28, town charge.

Chamberlin Ed, (Bethel) r 22, laborer.

CHAMBERLIN FRANK, (Bethel) r 30, farmer.

Chamberlin George L., (Bethel) r 23, farmer 140.

Chamberlin Herbert M., (Bethel) off r 41, farmer, with James.

Chamberlin Isaac, (Bethel) r 15, farmer 50.

Chamberlin Mary J., (Bethel) off r 41, music teacher.

CHAMBERLIN MYRON E., (Bethel) r 30, breeder of Atwood Merino sheep, reg., from Hammond flock, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 140.

Chapman Diana W., (Bethel) widow of Frederick R., h Church.

Chapman Jemima, (East Bethel) off r 17, resident.

Chapman Nelson, (Bethel) r 20, farmer 40.

Chapman Sarah, (Bethel) widow of Cyrus.

Chase Anna L., (Bethel) r 5, widow of Solon S.

Chase Harriet T., (Bethel) r 6, widow of George B.

Chase Moses, (Bethel) r 53, farmer 75.

CHASE ROLLA M., D. D. S., (Bethel) dentist, sec'y Vermont Board of Dental Examiners, graduate of Boston Dental College, inventor and patentee of Chase's portable fire escape, office Main, h River.

Chase S. Hale, (Bethel) r 6, farmer 15.

CHASE SOLON S., (Bethel) r 5, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 150. (Died February 18, 1883.)

Chatfield Dexter L., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 6, mechanic, works in Saulsbury Bros.' shop.

Chatfield John L., (Bethel) laborer, h and lot, Main cor River.

Chatfield Maria, (Bethel) r 5, widow of Lorenzo. 

Child Lyman, (Bethel) groceries and feed; refused to give information. 

Cleveland Charles, (Bethel) r 38, farmer. 

CLOUGH DANIEL M., (Bethel) teamster, arid farmer 53, h Main. 

COLE HENRY H., (Bethel) stone cutter, in South Ryegate, Cal. Co. 

Collins Harry, (Bethel) basket maker. 

Corey Henry N., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 3, farmer 150. 

Corey Phidelia A., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) widow of Versel. 

Corbin Harvey W., (Bethel) r 51, laborer, h and lot. 

COY CHARLES P., (Bethel) tinner, dealer in stoves, tin and sheet iron ware, h Main. 

Coy John H., (Bethel) farmer, and dealer in produce, bds with Charles P. 

Cross Adeline E., (East Bethel) r 13, widow of Solomon. 

CURTIS CHARLES W., (Bethel) r 31, sugar orchard 200 trees, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 90. 

Cutler Cornelius; (Gaysville) off r 51, carpenter, and farmer 70. 

Cushing J. Dana, (Bethel) owner of Bethel tannery, with Henry Cushing, of Woodstock, farmer 500, and in Barnard 200, h Main. 

Dartt Alba, (Bethel) off r 43, farm laborer. 


Dartt Mary, (Bethel) r 43, widow of Elias O., farmer 90. 

Davis Aaron C., (Bethel) old resident, aged 73 years. 

Davis Aaron J., (Bethel) dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, fancy goods, books, periodicals; repairer of watches, etc., Main, h do. 

Davis Asa, (Bethel) retired farmer. 

Davis Betsey, (Bethel) off r 30, resident. 

Davis Charles, (Bethel) off r 30, farmer 70. 

Davis Charles M., (Bethel) off r 30, farmer, leases of Charles 70. 

Davis Clark, (Bethel) r 20, dairy 10 cows, farmer 160. 

Davis Daniel, (Bethel) off r 30, farmer 50. 

Davis Edwy N., (Bethel) r 30, farmer, leases of Frank Chamberlin 90. 

Davis Elisha C., (Bethel) off r 30, farmer 50. 

DAVIS SAMUEL, (Bethel) r 43, prop of saw, grist and cider mill, and farmer 60. 

Day Rebecca, (Bethel) widow of Joel, Main. 

Dean Elkanah, (Bethel) r 19, farmer 37. 

DEAN HIRAM, (Bethel) r 43, farmer 160. 

Dean Whitman, (Bethel) r 50, laborer. 

Dearing Albert E., (Bethel) r 22, farmer, with J. E. Dearing. 

DEARING EDGAR L., (Bethel) off r 42, dairy 5 cows, farmer 130. 

Dearing Frank M., (Bethel) r 22, farmer, with J. E. 

Dearing George E., (Royalton) r 16, dairy 8 cows, farmer 125. 

Dearing J. Emerson, (Bethel) r 22, flock 125 sheep, farmer 235. 

Dearing Joseph A., (Bethel) r 23, carpenter. 

Dearing Theodore A., (Royalton) r 17, retired farmer. 

Dearing William T., (Bethel) off r 42, retired farmer. 

Deering DeForest, (Bethel) hostler and laborer. 

Doan Rodman, (Bethel) r 20, farmer 40. 

Dubee Alonzo, (Bethel) r 32, laborer. 

Dunham Allen W., (Bethel) r 40, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100. 

Dunham Alonzo B., (Bethel) r 40, farmer 115

DUNHAM HENRY C., (Bethel) prop. meat market, dealer in groceries, boots, shoes, crockery, etc., branch store in Gaysville, and farmer in Royalton 100.

DUNHAM HORACE E., (Bethel) off r 28, lumberman, and farmer 132.

Dunham S. Charter, (Bethel) r 40, dairy 12 cows, farmer 250

Durkee Harriet, (Bethel) r 20, resident.

Dustin Elroy, (Bethel) r 45, farmer.

Dustin Moses, (Bethel) r 44, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 300.

Dutton Amasa, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) off r 6, farmer 80.

Dyke David T., (Bethel) miller and farmer, house and lot.

Dyke Julius A., (Bethel) r 22, farmer 130.


East Bethel House, (East Bethel) J. S. Thayer, prop.

Edson Daniel N. W., (Bethel) r 30, laborer.

Edson Edwin G., (West Randolph) r 8, highway surveyor, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer, leases of A. A. and H. P. Sanford 250.

EDSON GEORGE S., (Bethel) wood sawing, contractor for Central Vermont R. R., Main.

EDSON LUCIAN H., (Bethel) jeweler, and dealer in watches, clocks, and jewelry, farmer in Royalton 4, Main, h do.

Edson Myron W., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer 75, wild land 125.

Ellison Melvin, (Bethel,) r 30, lumberman, farmer 200, in Sherburne 500. 

Emery Alice Mrs., (Bethel) r 52, farmer 230. 

EMERY ALONZO, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 8, dairy 6 cows, flock 90 sheep, farmer 230. 

Emery Ira, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, old resident, 

Emery Isaac, (Bethel) r 52, dairy 9 cows, farmer 230. 

Emery Gardner, (Bethel) laborer. 


FASSETT J. G. & CO., (Bethel) (Julius G. & C. G. Martin, of Rochester) dealer in heavy and shelf hardware, stoves, house furnishing goods, iron, steel, coal, doors and windows, also manufs. of tinware. (Business sold to Geo. H. Tupper since our canvass.) 

FASSETT JULIUS G., (Bethel) (Fassett & Co.) (Died May 31, 1883.) 

FASSETT MARY E., (Bethel) widow of Julius G., h High. 

Fish Lewis, (West Randolph) r 5, farmer 86, in Braintree 200. 

Fisher Edson J., (Bethel) r 21, farmer about 125. 

Fisher Edwin, (Bethel) postmaster, h and lot, Main. 

Fisher John, (Bethel) r 21, farmer 30. 

Fisher Josiah, (Bethel) r 21, retired farmer, aged 81. 

Flint Amasa, (Bethel) r 30, retired farmer 27. 

Flint Azro H., (Bethel) r 51, wheelwright, h and lot. 

Flint Elwin W., (Bethel) r 41, farmer, leases of F. A. Putman 62. 

Flint Henry W., (Bethel) r 50, local M. E. clergyman, farmer, with Amasa. 

Flint Herbert E., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) student. 

FLYNN ADELBERT H., (Bethel) r 31, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of Dana J. Cushing 60. 

Flynn C. Chapman, (Bethel.) r 31, carpenter, and farmer, with Adelbert H. 

Flynn John, (Bethel) off r 32, laborer. 

Foster Chester E., (Bethel) r 40, farmer, works for S. C. Dunham, 

Fowler Howard W., (East Bethel) r 13, with W. P. Smith. 

Fowler Norman, (East Bethel) r __, 2d selectman, justice of peace and notary, carpenter and builder, surveyor, and farmer 20, in Randolph 100. 

FREELEN JAMES S., (Bethel) off r 20, farmer 100. Served in Co. E, 4th Regiment Vermont Vols. 

French Adams, (Gaysville) r 51, farmer 50. 

French David, (Gaysville) r 51, carpenter, and farmer 50

French Robert, (Bethel) r 43, old resident. 

French Robert C., (Bethel) r 43, farmer 130. 

FURMAN JAMES M., (Bethel) billiard and oyster saloon, groceries, confectionery, tobacco, and owner of stallions "Morgan Enterprise," and "Bethel Lambert." 


Garland Bernard, (Bethel) off r 32, section hand C. V. R. R. 

Gay Paul, (Bethel) resident, h River. 

Gay Philena, (Bethel) widow of Paul W., h River. 

Gay Sarah H., (Bethel) widow of Merrick. 

Gee Edmund E., (Bethel) works in harness shop, bds Church st. 

Gilmore William H., (Bethel) r 41, painter, and farmer 32. 

Gilson Edward D., (Bethel) leader of Bethel band, also leader of Gilson's orchestra, bds Bascom House. 

Gilson Fanny, (Bethel) widow of Samuel. 

Gilson George, (Bethel) prop. Bascom House. 

Gilson George D., (Bethel) r 18, farmer 85. 

GILSON HIRAM H., (Bethel) prop. and manager of saw, feed, and grist mills, dealer in flour, feed, etc., Main, h River. 

Gilson Sarah, (Bethel) widow of Joel, owns h and lot, River st. 

Goodwin Nathaniel K., (East Bethel) r 13, manuf. of proprietary medicines. 

Goss Milo A., (Bethel) r 30, engineer, and farmer 100. 

GOULD CHESTER S., (Bethel) superintendent of tannery, h Church. 

Graham Andrew J., (Bethel) farmer 112, h River. 

Graham Guy E., (Bethel) retired merchant, and farmer 15, h River. 

Granger Elmer E., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 21, farmer, with Mrs. Mary Granger. 

Granger Mary J., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 2 1, widow of John, farmer 50. 

Granger Medora C., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 21, teacher. 

Grant Elmer E., (Bethel) laborer, bds Wilson House. 

Graw Sarab F., (East Bethel) r 15, widow of Harvey, farmer 65. 

Green J. Frank, (East Bethel) r 15, musician, and farmer. 

GREEN LORENZO M., (Bethel) allo. physician and surgeon. 

Green Wells, (East Bethel) carpenter and joiner, farmer 3, and in Randolph 40. 

GUILD CHARLES T., (Bethel) tanner and currier, Main st. Was 2d Lieutenant in Co. K, 34th Regiment, N. Y. Vols. 


Haradan Henry, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer 75. 

Harding Frank W., (Bethel) r 52, farmer, with Nathan Parker. 

Harrington Calvin J., (Bethel) miller and millwright, bds Bascom House. 

HARTWELL WILLIAM H., (Bethel) stone cutter and steel worker. 

Hatch Alden C., (Bethel) r 7, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 60. 

Hatch Alvin H., (Bethel) r 18, farmer, leases of Nancy Sanders 200. 

Hatch Edwin R., (Bethel) off r 28, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 360. 

Hatch George S., (Bethel) r 30, retired farmer 20. 

Hatch Holden B., (Bethel) teamster and expressman, h and lot off Main. 

HAVEN DANIEL B., (Bethel) r 20, farm laborer, owns h and lot. 

Heath Benjamin, (Bethel) mason and basket maker, h Main. 

HEATH WESLEY E., (Bethel) director of White River Agricultural Society, and dealer in fresh fish, oysters, lobsters, etc., Main, h do. 

Heradan Benjamin, (Bethel) retired farmer, aged 83. 

Heradan Charles W., (Bethel) r 7, dealer in cattle, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 100 

HEWLETT ED. K., (Bethel) agent for genuine Singer sewing machine, bds Main.

HIBBARD JOHN W., (Bethel) r 54, carriage shop and repairing, and farmer 75. 

Hill Thornas, (Bethel) off r 32, section hand C. V. R. R. 

Hodgkins Ellen M., (Bethel) r 50, widow of Thomas J., farmer 60. 

HOISINGTON CHARLES F., (Bethel) tinner. Served two years in Co. E, 4th Regiment, Vermont Vols. 

Holbrook Edson E., (Bethel) r 43, farmer 65. 

Holbrook Oren, (Bethel) r 43, old resident. 

House Philander, (East Bethel) sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 75. 

Howard Charles P., (Bethel) r __, mason, and farmer 17. 

Hudson Lurena A., (Bethel) widow of Norman. 

Hulbert Charles P., (Bethel) r 22, son of Cyrus F. 

Hulbert Cyrus F., (Bethel) r 22, farmer 100, pasture 200. 

Hunton Augustus P., (Bethel) (Hunton & Stickney,) farmer 75, and in Barnard 360, h Main. 

Hunton & Stickney, (Bethel) (Augustus P. H. and William B. C. S.) lawyers. 

Huntington William F., (Bethel) r 20, farm laborer. 

HUTCHINS FRANCIS J., (Bethel) stone cutter, manuf. of all kinds of granite monuments, and building material. 


Ingalls Alden E., (Bethel) r 38, dairy 8 cows, farmer 136. 

Ingalls Moses, (Bethel) r 38, old resident, aged 82 years. 

Irish Calvin, (Rochester) r 46, farmer 200. 


Jackson Edwin S., (Bethel) mechanic, h River. 

Jackson Elwin H., (Bethel) brakeman C. V. R. R. 

Janes R. Sumner, (Bethel) peddler of groceries and medicines, h Main. 

Johnson Lloyd, (Bethel) dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 175. 

Jones Louise W., (East Bethel) r 17, widow or Alex. 


Kendall Monroe M., (Bethel) teamster, h off Main. 

KIDDER CHARLES H., (Bethel) dealer in live stock, bds Wilson House. 

Kidder Sarah E., (Bethel) dressmaker, Main. 

King Albert C., (East Bethel) r 11, farmer r 120, owned by Ellen Woodworth. 

Kingsley _____, (Bethel) off r 32, widow of Michael, resident. 

Kinsbury Russell, (Bethel) r 26, farmer about 170. 

Kinney Daniel, (Bethel) r 17, retired farmer. 

Kettredge Edwin, (Bethel) granite monuments, headstones, building stones, etc., Main, h do. 


Landry Charles, (Bethel) r 34, laborer. 

Lattemer William C., (Bethel) r 52, farmer, leases of Alice Emery 230. 

Leach Susannah, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, widow of Daniel. 

Lee John J., (West Randolph, Orange CO.) r 26, lumberman, farmer 310. 

Lewis George N., (Bethel) off r 28, farmer 53. 

Lillie Obadiah, (Bethel) off r 28, retired farmer 100. 

Lincoln Albert L., (Bethel) r 34, blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty. 

Lincoln Eunice W., (Bethel) widow of Spencer, nurse, owns h and lot, Main. 

Luce Mary J., (East Bethel) r 15, widow of Alpha A., farmer 106. 

Lumbard George, (Bethel) hostler, and laborer. 

Lungeoman Jerry, (Bethel) laborer, Tannery st. 

Lungeoman Reamy, (Bethel) farm laborer, h and lot, Tannery st. 

Lunt Ezekiel, (Bethel) r 34, old resident. 


MANNIX JAMES, (Bethel) general blacksmith and horse shoer, Main h do. 

MARKS FREDERICK H., (East Bethel) r 17, dealer in horses, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 130. Served in Co. H, 11th Reg. Vt. Vols. 

Marks Hannah R., (East Bethel) r 17, widow of Seneca, aged 87.

Marsh Albert G., (Bethel) r 32, flock 40 sheep, farmer 175. 

Marsh Augustus M., (Bethel) bark dealer, and farmer 60. 

Marsh Charles, (Bethel) carpenter and joiner, h Main. 

Marsh Fred A., (Bethel) works for A. M. Marsh, owns timber land 26. 

Marsh George P., (Bethel) works for A. M. Marsh. 

MARSH JAMES P., (Bethel) dealer in furniture, extension tables, children's carriages, etc., Main, bds do. 

Marsh John A., (Bethel) r 18, farmer 122. 

MARTIN GEORGE H., (Bethel) mechanic, manuf. of chair stock, h Main. 

MARTIN JAMES P., (Bethel) r 34, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100. 

MAXHAM EDGAR A., (Bethel) town representative, sec'y of White River Agricultural Society, dealer in drugs, medicines, confectionery, and fancy goods, also manuf. of Maxham's magic balm, carbolized ointment, cabbage worm powder, and other preparations, Main, h do. 

Maxham Frank B., (Bethel) painter. 

Maxham Frank P., (Bethel) r 19, farm laborer. 

Mayo Horace C., (Bethel) r 34, stone cutter. 

Miles Benjamin, (Bethel) retired farmer. 

Miles Morgan, (Bethel) retired railroad man, h and lot, River. 

McGinney William, (Bethel) r 20, teamster, h and lot. 

McIntosh Alvira, (Bethel) r 1, widow of Solomon P. 

McIntosh Appleton I., (Bethel) r 1, dairy 0 cows, and farmer 250. 

McIntosh Herbert M., (Bethel) r 1, school teacher, and farmer. 

McIntosh J. Miller, (Bethel) r 1, county senator, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 250. 

McINTOSH SAMUEL, (Bethel) r 1, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 160. 

McMurphy Eliza A., (East Bethel) widow of James, farmer 4, in Michigan 2 houses and lots. 

Moody Emeline F., (Bethel) r 17, widow of John, resident. 

Moody Marcus A., (Bethel) dealer in groceries, provisions, meats, boots and shoes, gents' furnishing goods, and confectionery, Main, h do. 

MORSE ALEXANDER, (Bethel) r 7, farmer 174. 

Morse Edwin, (Bethel) r 17, town lister, agent St. Albans Foundry, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 315. 

MORSE JEREMIAH, (Bethel) r 20, farmer 75. 

Morse John, (Bethel) r 43, farmer 100. 

Morse Judson A., (Bethel) r 28, farm laborer. 

Morse Orlando, (Bethel) r 8, breeder grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 250 trees, farmer 65. 

Morse Roscoe W., (Bethel) r 20, farmer, with Jeremiah. 


NATIONAL WHITE RIVER BANK, (Bethel) Nelson Gay, of Stockbridge, pres.; M. Sylvester, cashier, Main st. 

Neff Thomas R., (West Randolph) r 24, prop. of saw mill, farmer 100. 

Noble Amanda S., (Bethel) r __, widow of John. 

Noble Christopher R., (Bethel) r 48, commercial traveler, owns farm 300. 

NOBLE ROBERT, (Bethel) r 10, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 75, and in Royalton 22. 


O'Connell Peter M., (Bethel) carriage maker, h and lot, Main. 

Osgood Charles, (Bethel) r 38, butcher, and farmer 20. 

Owen David, 2d, (Bethel) r 6, farmer 200. 

Owen Hiram, (Bethel) r 7, farmer 23. 

Owen Merrill A., (Bethel) r 7, farmer 80. 

Owen Sarah, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, widow of Andrew.


Page Alfred, (Bethel) physician and surgeon, bds at Wilson House.

Page Marshall A., (East Bethel) r 17, farmer.

Paige Adeline W., (East Bethel) widow of Roswell.

Paige Sally & Lydia S., (East Bethel) r 16, farmers 86.

PAINE LUCY N. Miss, (Bethel) dressmaker, Main.

Parker Emery S., (Bethel) foreman in tannery, h Main.

Parker Nathan, (Bethel) r 52, young cattle 30 head, dairy 15 cows, farmer 425, in Royalton 150, and in Cornwall 44.

PARKER SYLVESTER A., (Bethel) Universalist clergyman, h Main.

Parson Frank L., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 5, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer.

Parson Philander, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) farmer.

Paul Darwin, (East Bethel) undertaker, and dealer in coffins, caskets, robes, etc., farmer 4, and in Royalton 85.

Paul Ebenezer, (East Bethel) retired farmer.

Peake Benjamin, (East Bethel) reporter for Raymond & Co., Boston.

Pember Andrew J., (Rochester) r 45, farmer 150.

PEMBER SAMUEL H., (Bethel) r 26, wool grower 21 sheep, farmer 200.

Pember Willie M., (Bethel) r 26, teacher, and farmer, with S. H. Pember.

Perizo Abigail, (Bethel) widow of Lyman.

Perkins Austin G., (Bethel) r 54, carriage, wagon and sleigh manuf.

PERKINS DUDLEY C., (Bethel) r 49, horse shoer, breeder of pure blood Ayrshire cattle, reg., sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 215.

Perham Sarah B., (East Bethel) off r 17, widow of John.

Perritt Louis, (Bethel) laborer.

Perry Clarence C., (Bethel) allo. physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Place Everett G., (Bethel) clerk, for J. B. Alley & Co., bds Wilson House.

Pond Henry W., (Bethel) off r 28, farmer 100.

Preston Henry W., (Bethel) r 28, farmer 6, and oversees 125 for Zilpha C.

Preston Warren E., (Bethel) r 41, farmer 113.

Preston Zilpha C., (Bethel) r 28, widow of William R., farmer 125.

PUTNAM AHIEL, (Bethel) r 20, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle; and farmer 65.

Putnam Arnon B., (Bethel) r 54 cor 53, carriage, wagon and sleigh manuf., repairing, and farmer 40.

Putnam Frank A., (Bethel) r 41, farmer 93.

Putnam Freidel S., (Bethel) dental student.

PUTNAM JOEL B., (Bethel) r 6, justice of peace, breeder of Merino sheep, flock 30 sheep, sugar orchard 250 trees, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 140.

Putnam Norman, (Bethel) r 20, farmer 40.


Quimby Frank C., (East Bethel) r 16, farm laborer.

Quimby Ira B., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, farmer, with O. G. Bowen.


RANDLETT EDMUND F., (Bethel) r 48, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 125.

Raymond John, (Bethel) r 52, farmer, leases of Myron Morse.

Reed Daniel S., (Bethel) works in Bethel mills, h Main.

Reed John T., (Bethel) works for A. L. Stearns.

Rice Henry C., (Bethel) tanner, h off Main.

Richardson Patty, (East Bethel) widow of Godfrey.

RIFORD FRANKLIN, (Bethel) retired drover and farmer.

Rix Daniel, (Rochester) r 45, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 300. 

Roberts Frank O., (Bethel) off r 20, farmer. 

Robinson A. L., (Bethel) proprietor of Wilson House. 

Rogers Benjamin A., (Bethel) tinman. 

Rogers DeForest, (Bethel) off r 43, farm laborer. 

Rogers Don Carlos, (Bethel) farm laborer. 

ROGERS HIRAM A., (Bethel) tinman, Main. 

Rogers Homer H., (Bethel) off r 52, farmer. 

ROGERS JAMES P., (Bethel) r 42, carpenter and builder, farmer 50. 

Rogers John A., (Bethel) oft r 43, farmer 50. 

Rogers Solon E., (Bethel) r 43, farmer 100. 

ROGERS O. ORVIS, (Bethel) r 43, lumberman, and farmer 140. 

Rogers Plausipine, (Bethel) r 72, widow of Daniel. 

ROGERS WILLIAM J., (Bethel) r 28, dairy 9 cows, farmer, leases of J. D. Cushing 130. 

Rogers William M., (Bethel) r 54, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Cushing & Chase 175. 

Rogers William T., (Bethel) tanner, h Main. 

Rood John T., (Bethel) r 53, old resident, aged 82. 

Rood Lemuel A., (Bethel) r 53, farmer 175. 

Rood Ralph W., (Bethel) shoemaker, h and lot, Main. 

Root Daniel, (Bethel) r 41; farmer 63. 

Rowe Edgar C., (Bethel) r 43, farm laborer. 

Rowe Fanny, (Bethel) r 49, widow of Marvin C., owns half of farm occupied by George E. 

Rowe .George E., (Bethel) r 49, farmer, with Fanny 107. 

Rowe Lovell B., (Bethel) r 43, farmer 150. 

RUGGLES WILLIAM H., (Bethel) r 41, farmer, leases of W. Preston. 

Ruggles William H. Mrs., (Bethel) r 19, owns h and lot, Main. 

Russell Charles, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) farm laborer. 

Russell Fred, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 6, laborer. 


Sanders Albert D., (Bethel) wool grower 160 sheep, and farmer 200. 

Sanders Nancy, (Bethel) r 18, widow of job, farmer 200. 

Sandspra John, (Bethel) tanner, h Tannery st. 

SARGENT JOSEPH G., (Bethel) dealer in dry goods, boots and shoes, crockery, groceries and fancy goods, Main, h do. 

Sargent Moses B., (Bethel) r 7, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50. 

Savage Myron E., (Bethel) r 30, farmer 60. 

Sexton James, (Bethel) laborer. 

Severance Wills, (East Bethel) laborer. 

SHAW DENNIS L., (Bethel) r 20, dairy 21 cows, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer, leases of J. J. Wilson 250. 

Shaw John M., (Bethel) r 20, retired farmer. 

Shaw Oscar P., (Bethel) in business at White River Junction. 

SHEDD RODNEY S., (Bethel) general blacksmith and horse shoer, been located as a blacksmith 44 years. 

Shipman Augusta F., (Bethel) r 17, wife of Clark B., farmer 100. 

Shortt Lavonia, (Bethel) widow of Beniah, h Church. 

Simmons Susan, (Bethel) dressmaker. 

Smith Delley Mrs., (East Bethel) r 15, farmer 28. 

Smith Herbert R., (East Bethel) r 15, farm laborer. 

Smith Jacob, (East Bethel) r 13, retired merchant, farmer 1 1/2. 

Smith Hethbert W., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 6, farmer 150.

Smith William P., (East Bethel) r 13, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, drugs and medicines, and farmer 10.

Snow Asa C., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 3, farmer, leases of John McCugo, of Winooski, 130.

SOPER ALMON A., (Bethel) r 54, blacksmith, horse shoer and carriage ironer, farmer 2.

Soper Clinton S., (Bethel) r 54, blacksmith with Almon A.

Sparhawk Lavira h., (Bethel) widow of Rev. Samuel.

Spaulding Charles W., (Bethel) r 29, farmer r 110.

Spaulding Edwin, (Bethel) teamster.

SPAULDING ELBRIDGE G., (Bethel) manager of Bethel Mfg. Co. also miller, bds at Bascom House, served in First Vermont Cavalry.

Spaulding Elmer E., (Bethel) r 29, teacher, farmer, with Charles W.

Spaulding Elwin J., (Bethel) clerk for M. A. Moody, bds at Wilson House.

Spaulding Melvina, (Bethel) r 20, widow Romanzo Z., owns saw mill, farmer 75.

Spaulding Zebina, (Bethel) r 20, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 145. 

Spooner Mills M., (East Bethel) r 10, farmer 127.

Stearns Adelaide R., (Bethel) widow of Charles C., h Church.

STEARNS ALBERT L., (Bethel) prop. of boarding, livery and sale stables, Main, h do.

Stearns Charles B., (Bethel) clerk for J. G. Sargent, bds Church.

Stickney Moses Parsons, (Bethel) Episcopal clergyman.

Stickney William B. C., (Bethel) (Hunton & Stickney) attorney and counselor at law, h Main.

STODDARD DANIEL, (Bethel) r 41, butcher, farmer 150, served in Co. D, 6th Regt. Vermont Vols.

Stoddard Hezekiah T., (Bethel) r 41, retired farmer.

Sturtevant Edwin, (Bethel) prop. of Bethel Granite Works and quarries, h River.

Sylvester Merrick, (Bethel) cashier National White River Bank, farmer 10.


TANNER JAMES D., (Bethel) dealer in drugs, medicines, books, stationery, toilet articles and cigars, Main, bds Wilson House.

Taylor Arthur 0., (East Bethel) teacher, son of Ora J.

Taylor Ora J., (East Bethel) clergyman of Baptist church.

Thayer Albert, (Bethel) waiter at Wilson House.

Thayer Isaac S., (East Bethel) prop. East Bethel House.

Thayer Juliana, (Bethel) off r 41, widow of Samuel.

Thayer Zeba, (East Bethel) retired farmer.

Thompson Melvin F., (BetheI) runs wood saw on Vermont Central R. R.

Thrasher Laura, (East Bethel) r 11, widow of Alden, farmer 29.

Thrasher Volney A., (East Bethel) r 11, farmer 20.

Todd Jane, (Bethel) r 36, resident.

Torrey Dana G., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 24, farmer 90, in Rochester 25. 

Torrey George, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 24, farmer 60, in Rochester 50. 

Torrey Mariam M., (Bethel) r 20, widow of David dairy 12 cows, and farmer 160.

Trask Frank A., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 9 cor 8, farmer, leases of Sanford Bros. 150.

Tucker Charles F., (Bethel) r 28 cor 44, laborer.

Tucker Clarence A., (Bethel) r 28 cor 44, farmer 145.

Tucker Eugene C., (Bethel) r 29, farm laborer.

Tucker Ransom F., (Bethel) r 42, farmer 30.

TUPPER GEORGE H., (Bethel) dealer in heavy and shelf hardware, stoves and tinware, hollow ware, nails, sash and blinds, and wooden ware, Main street.

Twitchell Eugene O., (Bethel) r 48, farm laborer, h and lot.


Vail Royal C. Rev., (Bethel) r 21, M. E. clergyman.

Vanier Nelson J., (Bethel) laborer, h Main.

VOSE HIRAM A., (Bethel) photographer, and publisher of views, studio Main cor Church, residence Woodstock.


Waldo Albert M., (Bethel) r 17, farm laborer.

Waldo William L., (Bethel) r 38, farmer 220.

WALLACE ELROY E., (Bethel) r 17, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, dairy 7 cows, and farmer ray.

WALLACE GARDNER J., (Bethel) r 32, sheriff for sixteen years, constable and high bailiff, real estate, live stock, and lumber dealer, owns in town over 500 acres.

WALLACE NELSON H., (Bethel) r 33, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 100.

Washburn George, (Bethel) r 28, laborer.

Washburn John B., (Bethel) r 20, farmer, with Mrs. Torrey.

Washburn Jonah, (Bethel) r 28, farm laborer.

WASHBURN SETH M., (Bethel) (Brooks & Washburn,) farmer 160.

Webster Charles P., (Bethel) r 30, farmer 120. .

Webster S. Alton, (Bethel) farmer 30.

Wedgwood Joshua, (East Bethel) r 13, old resident.

WEEDEN SAMUEL, East Bethel) prop. of grist and saw mill, and farmer 2.

Wellington Eben S., (Bethel) r 30, farmer 83.

Weston Ephraim M., (Bethel) manuf. of carriages, wagons and sleighs, dealer in coffins and caskets, also general job work, Main, h do.

Weston Julia M., (Bethel) widow of Irvin, owns h and lot.

Wheeler Elias, (Bethel) r 41, teamster, and laborer.

WHEELER FRED, (Bethel) off r 33, sugar orchard 200 trees, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 74.

WHEELER GARDNER, (Bethel) cooper and mason, Main.

Wheet George I., (Bethel) r 28, farmer, in Royalton 200.

Whitcomb Albert, (Bethel) dealer in real estate, owner of 125 dairy cows, cattle and horses, and farmer, in Stockbridge 1,000, in Ripton 1,300, in Barnard 140, h River st.

White Mary, (Bethel) r 7, widow of Ebenezer.

Whitney Albert G., (East Bethel) r 17, laborer, farmer, owns 1/2 of 150.

WHITNEY L. CORNELIUS, (East Bethel) r 13, dealer in groceries, flour, etc., carpenter and joiner, house and lot.

Whittaker Charles, (Bethel) r 44, farmer 105.

Whittaker David, (Bethel) r 44, retired farmer.

Whittaker Myron E., (Bethel) r 48, farmer, with Reuben.

Whittaker Reuben, (Bethel) r 48, farmer 125.

Whittaker Winslow G., (Bethel) 44, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 100.

Wight Frank W., (East Bethel) house and carriage painter, farmer 55.

Wight Isabell, (East Bethel) widow of William.

Willard Albert T. (Bethel) agent C. V. R. R., U. S. express agent, and telegraph operator, bds Bascom House.

Williams Ampliar, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 25, farmer 150.

Williams Charles L., (West Randolph) off r 6, leases of Abel Woodard 150.

Williams John, (Bethel) general blacksmith, h Main.

Williams John K., (West Randolph, Orange Co.) r 23, lumberman, farmer 90, wood land 65.

Williams Laura, (Bethel) widow, resident. 

Wills Horace S., (East Bethel) farm laborer. 

Wilson Aaron H., (Bethel) r 30, farmer, owns 1/2 of 180. 

Wilson Ed F., (Bethel) prop. of livery and sale stable, h Main. 

Wilson Hiram, (Bethel) r 28, retired farmer. 

WILSON HOUSE, (Bethel) T. E. Wilson, prop., Main. 

Wilson James J., (Bethel) att'y and counselor at law, owns farm 300, h Main. 

Wilson Jay, (Bethel) resident, aged 82, h Main. 

WILSON JULIUS, (Bethel) r 19, breeder of Jersey cattle, reg., dairy 10 cows, farmer 115.

Wilson Lavina, (Bethel) off r 30, resident. 

Wilson Prudence, (Bethel) off r 30, widow of Rufus. 

Wilson R. Sullivan, (Bethel) r 30, farmer, owns 1/2 of 180. 

Wilson Samuel, (Bethel) r 28, sheep 27 head, farmer 100. 

WILSON THEOPHILUS E., (Bethel) resident, prop. of Wilson House for 13 years. 

Withington Otis, (Bethel) r 53, farm laborer. 

Wood Lyman M., (East Bethel) r 15, dairy 13 cows, farmer 200, in Royalton 50. 

Wood Marcellus, (East Bethel) farmer in Stockbridge 300. 

Wood Orrin D., (Bethel) r 41, carpenter, farmer 4. 

Wood Polly, (East Bethel) r 15, widow of Lyman. 

Woodard Abel, (West Randolph, Orange Co.) off r 6, farmer 150. 

Woodard Russell P., (Bethel) off r 25, lumberman and farmer 60. 

WOODBURY ADDELLE A., (Bethel) teacher, h Main. 

Woodbury Betsey M., (Bethel) widow of George W., farmer 30, h Main. 

Woodbury Mark S., (Bethel) r 54, horse trainer. 

Woodworth Caroline, (East Bethel) r 11, widow of James, farmer 50. 

Woodworth Ellen, (East Bethel) r 11, widow of Alonzo. 

WORTHEN ALBERTON E., (Bethel) dealer in drugs, medicines, books, stationery, trusses, toilet articles and cigars, agent for the New American sewing machine with W. M. Brooks, Main. 

Wright Carlton, (Bethel) r 51, shoemaker. 

Wyman James N., (Bethel) r 42, farmer 30. 

Wynn Patrick, (Bethel) off r 32, section foreman C. V. R. R. 

Wynn Dominic, (Bethel) off r 32, section hand C. V. R. R. 

Wynn John, (Bethel) off r 32, laborer. 


York Henry, (Bethel) r 20, laborer. 

Young Fred, (Bethel) r 4, farmer 100. 

Young William P., (Bethel) painter, farmer 40,

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 303-317. 
Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006