Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

Railroad station is Bethel, 8 miles northwest. Daily stage.


Abbey Herbert E., (Barnard) off r 29, farmer, leases of Hannibal Adams 240. 

Abbott Daniel F., (Barnard) r 29, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 240. 

Abbott Elmer F., (Barnard) r 36, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 15. 

Abbott John E., (Barnard) r 16, carpenter and joiner, prop. of cider mill, and farmer 65. 

Abbott Mary E., (Barnard) r 32, widow of Geo. D., and farmer 160.

ABBOTT TRUMAN L., (Barnard) r 36, carpenter, and farmer, with Elmer F.

Abbott Will H., (Barnard) r 32, farmer.

Adams Albert S., (Barnard) r 44, farmer 85.

ADAMS ASA, (Barnard) r 27, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 60.

Adams Dighton J., (East Barnard) r 20, farmer in Pomfret 109.

ADAMS GARDNER A., (Barnard) r 28, farmer, leases of I. D. Davis 150.

Adams Henry J., (Barnard) r 19, farmer 70.

Adams Herbert M., (Barnard) r 17, school teacher, and farmer 100.

Adams Jonas J., (Barnard) off r 45, farmer 251.

Adams Joseph W., (Barnard) off r 27, farmer 85.

Adams Owen O., (Barnard) r 19, farmer 150.

Adams Samuel P., (Barnard) lives with Jonas J.

Aikens Albert K., (Barnard) r 47, farmer 130.

Aikens Charles C., (Barnard) general blacksmith.

Angell Arvin G., (Barnard) r 28, wool grower 62 sheep, and farmer 116.

Angell David H., (Barnard) r 51, farmer 100.

Angell Frank D., (Barnard) r 36, farmer 36.

Angell Frank W., (Barnard) r 12, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 43.

Ashley Alden S., (East Barnard) off r 23, farmer, leases of Clara D. Ashley, of Nashua, N. H., 107.

Ashley Jonathan, Elder, (East Barnard) r 8 cor 22, retired Christian clergyman, and farmer 40.

Atwood Charles F., (Woodstock) son of H. C. F. Atwood.

Atwood Gilbert W., (Woodstock) r 50, 26 sheep, and farmer 142.

Atwood Harrison C. F., (Woodstock) r 50, 111 sheep, sugar orchard 375 trees, farmer 175, and in Bridgewater 55.

Atwood Luke D., (Barnard) r 27, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 100.


Badger Charles H., (Barnard) r 41, farmer 100.

Banister William, (East Barnard) r 8, farm laborer.

BARTHOLOMEW ELEAZER W., (East Barnard) r 7, disabled soldier, h and 3 acres.

Bassett Seth H., (Woodstock) r 50, farmer 125.

Bicknell Harvey J., (Barnard) r 41, farmer 80, and with C. H. Badger, pasture land 60.

Bigelow August W., (Barnard) r 16, justice of the peace 21 years, farmer 145.

Billings Melvin H., (Barnard) r 26, farmer 100.

Black Charles E., (East Barnard) (Charles E. Black & Co.) postmaster.

Black Charles E. & Co., (East Barnard) (Isaac Grave) general merchants.

Black Charles W., (East Barnard) r 8, general blacksmith.

BOURDEAU JOHN B., (Barnard) r 32, farmer 45.

Bowen Amasa E., (Barnard) off r 30, farmer 103.

Bowen Mary P., (Barnard) resides with Amasa E.

Boyden Orison M., (East Barnard) r 8, farmer 85.

Boynton Orlando C., (South Pomfret) manuf. of baskets, and farmer, residence with William C. Boynton.

Boynton William C., (South Pomfret) r 39, basketmaker, farmer 50. 

BROWN GEORGE, (East Barnard) r 6, dairy 8 cows, 120 sheep, and farmer 

BROWN ROBERT H., (Barnard) r 28, wool grower go sheep, farmer 197; enlisted in Co. C, 16th Reg. Vt. Vols., Sept. 4, 1862, mustered out Aug. 4, 1863; 3d Vt. Battery, Jan. 1, 1863, mustered out June 15, 1865

Bruce Harvey N., (Barnard) r 23, pension agent,wool grower 130 sheep, farm 220, and in Pomfret 85.

BUCKMAN ALZO, (East Barnard) r 18, farmer, leases of I. D. Davis 80. 

Bugbee Linnacus, (East Barnard) r 7 cor 11, retired farmer 35. 

Burke Ora, (East Barnard) r 7, retired farmer 2. 


Cadwell Horace, (Barnard) r 33, farmer 60. 

Cady Chester, (Barnard) r 29, breeder of Cotswold sheep, and farmer 116. 

Cady Mary A., (Barnard) widow of Reynolds, r 17, housekeeper for I. D. Davis. 

Caldwell James, D.D., (Barnard) retired minister, native of Scotland, resides with Judge Danforth. 

Campbell Beman H., (East Barnard) off r 11, farmer, leases of I. D. Davis 100.

Campbell Isaac, (Barnard) r 36, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 147. 

CAMPBELL OSCAR F., (Barnard) r 17, laborer, leases house of Clark. Served in Co. G, 16th Regt. Vt. Vols., enlisted Sept. 4, 1862. 

Carlin Thomas, (Barnard) r 46, farmer 200. 

Carroll Amos F., Jr., (Barnard) off r 46, farmer, with Amos F., Sr., 100. 

Carroll Amos F., Sr., (Barnard) farmer, with his son, Amos F., 100; aged 80. 

Cassady Michael, (Barnard) r 42, farmer 20. 

Cassady Miles, (Barnard) r 35, farmer 150. 

Caswell Willard S., (Barnard) laborer for Eben Lewis. 

Chadwick Adelia A., (East Barnard) r 8, widow of Edgar H. 

CHADWICK FRED E, (East Barnard) r 8, farm laborer, leases h and lot of Isaac Graves. 

Chamberlin Alanson, (Barnard) aged 84, lives with his son Nelson P. 

Chamberlin Benjamin F., (Barnard) r 36, farm laborer. 

CHAMBERLIN DANIEL W., (Barnard) manuf. and repairer of carriages, farm wagons and sleighs, prop. of planing and jobbing shop, undertaker, and owns farm 50. 

CHAMBERLIN EDWARD M., (Barnard) carriage maker and painter, has worked here at his trade 29 years. 

Chamberlin Joseph E., (Barnard) r 32, farmer, leases of Mrs. Gifford 60. 

Chamberlin Lemuel R., (Barnard) off r 30, farmer 80. 

Chamberlin Milton H., (Barnard) r 36. 

Chamberlin Melvin J., (Barnard) off r 29, farmer 100. 

Chamberlin Ned R., (Barnard) son of Daniel M. 

Chamberlin Nelson P., (Barnard) r z9, farmer 107. 

Chase Perrin J., (Barnard) r 36, house and lot, aged 73. 

CHENEY MOSES ELA, (Barnard) r 10, teacher of vocal music. 

Clapp Henry O., (Barnard) r 16, owns house and lot. 

Clapp Mercy, (Barnard) r 16, widow of Benjamin, keeps house for her son, Henry O. 

Clark Edwin H., (Barnard) r 12, wool grower 45 sheep, farmer 125. 

Clark Walter C., (Barnard) farm laborer.

Cleaveland Charles W., (Barnard) r 23 cor 25, farmer.

Cleave and George H., (Barnard) carriage maker, bds at Silver Lake House.

Cobb John H. (Woodstock) r 47, wool grower r 14 sheep, farmer 150. 

Cobb John S.,  (Woodstock) r 47, town agent, and farmer 163. 

Congdon Nathan B., (Gaysville) r 29, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 300. 

Cook Wesley B., (Barnard) off 29, farmer 97. 

Cooty Lawrence, (Barnard) off r 24, farmer 80. 

Cooty Owen L., (Barnard) off r 24, farmer 50.

Coughlin Daniel, (Barnard) r 46, farmer 235. 

COX CHARLES P., (East Barnard) r 8, sugar orchard 500 trees, apple orchard 150 trees, farmer 200. 

Cox George, (East Barnard) r 8, retired farmer, born on this farm in 1799. 

Cox Hannah, (East Barnard) r 8, widow of Solomon, resident. 

Cox Henry F., (East Barnard) r 8, farmer on Solomon Cox estate 30. 

Cox Kate E., (East Barnard) r 8, teacher. 

Cox Melvin M., (East Barnard) r 8, farmer 30, on Solomon Cox estate. 

Cary Alvin S., (Barnard) r 3, farmer 220. 

Cram Alvin S., (Barnard) r 13, farmer 200. 

Crowell Alexander, (Barnard) r 23, farmer 200. 

Crowell Horace, (Barnard) r 32, farmer 75. 

Crowell J. Monro, (Barnard) off r 20, farmer 300, with W. D. 

Crowell William D., (Barnard) off r 20, farmer 300, with J. M. 

Croweil William H., (Barnard) r 23, farmer 105. 

Culver Albert N., (Barnard) r 4, farmer, with S. C. Thayer. 

Culver Aurin, (East Barnard) r 7, general merchant and carriage maker. 

Culver Clarence E., (East Barnard) r 7, clerk for Aurin Culver. 

Culver Fred L., (East Barnard) r 7, lives with his father, Aurin, farmer. 

Culver Henry A., (East Barnard) r 8, carriage maker. 


Dana Elisha H., (Barnard) r 20, farmer 70. 

Danforth William C., (Barnard) r 17, retired merchant, 1st selectman, president of Windsor County Agricultural Society, ass't county judge, justice of the peace, breeder of Cotswold sheep and Clayton horses, farmer 40. 

Davis Charles H., (East Barnard) off r 8, farmer, with Joseph E. 

Davis Erwin A., (East Barnard) r 8, son of Ichabod A. 

Davis Ichabod A., (East Barnard) r 8, farm laborer. 

Davis Isaac D., (Barnard) r 17, sugar orchard 400 trees, home farm 123, owns about 1,705 acres. 

Davis Jasper, (Barnard) r 29, farmer. 

Davis Joseph C., (Barnard) farmer, leases of George Hathron 25. 

Davis Joseph E., (East Barnard) off r 8, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 230. 

Davis William F., (Barnard) farmer, leases of I. D. Davis 160. 

Dean Charles D., (Woodstock) r 47, farmer. 

Dean John C., (Barnard) owns h and lot. 

Dean Paul D., (Barnard) r 36, constable and tax collector, farmer 200. 

DeWolf Daniel S., (South Pomfret) r 39, farmer 160. 

DeWolf Henry, (Pomfret) r 39, farmer. 

Dutton John T., (Barnard) lives with Moses Dutton. 

Dutton Moses, (Barnard) farmer 47. 


Eastman Horace A., (Barnard) r 40, farmer 240. 

Elliott James Mrs., (Bethel) lives with Wesson Newcomb. 

Ellis Adrian C., (Barnard) r 16, farmer 100. 

Ellis Harvey M., (Barnard) r 47, farmer 100. 

Ellis Henry S., (Barnard) r 47, farmer 130. 

ELLIS JOEL, (East Barnard) r 72, town grand juror, dairy 10 COWS, 70 sheep, sugar orchard 500 trees, apple orchard 200 trees, farmer 160, and in Royalton 40. 

ELLIS OZRO C., (East Barnard) r 71, farmer, leases of Joel Ellis 160, and owns in Royalton 40 acres. 

Ellis Ruth Mrs., (Barnard) resident. 

EMERY EUGENE L., (Barnard) r 30, dealer in hard and soft lumber, lives with E. R. Morgan. 

Evans George, (Barnard) r 36, farmer.


Farr Augustus F., (East Barnard) r 7, farm laborer. 

Farrell Francis, (Barnard) r 36, farmer 55. 

Farrell James, (Barnard) r 36, farmer. 

Flower Elisha, (Barnard) laborer. 

Flint Charles, (Barnard) r 45, farmer. 

Fraser Daniel, (Pomfret) r 24, 80 sheep, farmer 150, and in Pomfret 150. 

FRASER DANIEL W., (Barnard) off r 17, farmer 100. 

Fraser Victor D., (Pomfret) r 24, farmer. 

French Celim E., (Barnard) proprietor of Silver Lake House. 

French Edward T., (Barnard) r 36, harness maker and carriage trimmer, son of Lewis S. French Enoch, (Barnard) r 32, h and lot. 

French Henry O., (Barnard) sun of Celina E. 

FRENCH LEWIS S., (Barnard) postmaster twenty seven years, town clerk, and general merchant. 

Furber Benjamin, (Barnard) r 14, farmer 80. 


Gale Josiah S., (Barnard) r 42, farmer 150.

Gambell Edward M., (Barnard) r 6, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 226. 

Gambell John H., (Barnard) r 28, sugar orchard Soo trees, and farmer 160. 

GAMBELL MONROE, (Barnard) r 6, lives with his son. 

Gibbs Matilda Mrs., (Barnard) lives with J. C. Davis. 

Gifford Charlotte Mrs., (Barnard) farm of 52 acres, leased by Joseph 

Gilson George E., (Bethel) r 1, farmer 60. 

Gilson Leonard, (Bethel) r 11, farmer. 

Gilson Milo, (Bethel) farm laborer for S. Abbott. 

Goff Jonathan B., (East Barnard) r 8, shoemaker, and farmer 15 

GRAVES CHARLES W., (East Barnard) r 23 cor 24, selectman, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, and farmer 145. 

GRAVES FRED I., (East Barnard) r 23 cor 24, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, farmer 55, and leases of Charles W. Graves 250. 

Graves Isaac (East Barnard) r 8, (C. E. Black & Co.) retired farmer 28. 

Gray Ira J., (Barnard) r 34, farmer 100. 

GREENE CALVIN, (East Barnard) off r 23, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 180. 

Greene William A., (Barnard) r 14, farmer. 


Hammond George C., Sr., (Barnard) r 16, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 150. 

Hammond George C., Jr., (Barnard) lives with his father. 

Harding John W., (Barnard) r 5, farmer 125.

Harlow Augustus J., (Barnard) r 39, farmer.

Harlow Benjamin, (South Pomfret) r 29, basket maker, and farmer 10. 

HARLOW FOSTER L., (East Barnard) r 39, basket maker, rents house and lot of DeWolf. 

Harlow George O., (East Barnard) off r 24, basket manuf., and farmer 65.

Harlow Jane Smith, (Pomfret) r 33, widow of Augustus, owns 2 acres. 

Harlow Josephus E., (Pomfret) r 33, insane.

HARLOW LUCIAN L., (Barnard) r 24, farmer, leases 70 acres. 

Harpin GeorgeL., (Barnard) off r 42, wool grower 100 sheep, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 200. 

Hatch Horace, (Barnard) r 13, farmer 160. 

Hatch James W., (Barnard) r 13, farmer. 

Hathorn Curtis W., (Barnard) r 16, farmer 15. 

Heath Alice E., (Barnard) teacher.

Heath Jerry L., (Bethel) r 13 1/2, farmer. 

HEATH SALMON W., (East Barnard) r 23, farmer 50. 

Hinchey Richard, (Barnard) r 46, farmer 262. 

Hoar Stephen, (Barnard) r 40, 3d selectman, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 344. 

Hosmer John P., (Barnard) r 16, tanner and currier. 

Howard James F., (East Barnard) lives with Geo. Brown. 

Howard Nelson, (Barnard) r 36, painter, owns house and lot. 

HOWE WILLIAM H., (East Barnard) r 22, carpenter and joiner, farmer 20.

Huntoon George W. (Woodstock) r 50, farmer 150. 


Jacobs Thomas H., (Barnard) r 31, farm laborer. 

JENNE DANIEL N., (Barnard) carriage repairer, general blacksmith and horse shoer, house and lot, and farmer 10 on r 35. 


Kelley George H., (Barnard) r 46, farmer 300. 

Kenney Jessie, (Bethel) off r 2, farmer 200, and in Bridgewater 100. 

Kidder James M., (Bethel) r 162, farmer, leases of Dodwell estate. 


Lamb Samuel, (East Barnard) off r 8, lives with W. W. Webb. 

LAMB SAMUEL H., (East Barnard) r 8, prop. saw mill and farmer 10. 

Leonard Edward, (Barnard) r 37, farmer 30. 

Leonard George W., (East Barnard) r 7, mail carrier to South Royalton, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 120. 

Leavitt Amos. (East Barnard) lives with William H. Howe. 

Leavitt Amos, Jr., (Barnard) r 20, 70 sheep, and farmer 175. 

Leavitt Cora E., (East Barnard) r 72, teacher, daughter of Levi D. 

LEAVITT LEVI D., (East Barnard) off r 72, justice of peace, held the office fourteen years, dealer in agricultural implements, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 125. Served in Co. G, 16th Regt. Vt. Vols. 

Lewis Charles A., (Barnard) off r 28, farmer 85. 

Lewis Eben M., (Barnard) off r 17, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 112. 

Lillie Benjamin R., (Barnard) r 28, farmer, leases of his mother 108 sheep, and 275 acres. 

Livermore Will L., (Barnard) r 50, laborer, lives with E. R. Morgan. 

LOCKLIN HERBERT E., (Barnard) r 6, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 30. 

Lucas Lorison, (Barnard) r 47, farm laborer. 

Lucas Timothy, (Barnard) r 47, farmer 50. 

Luce Emeline, (Barnard) widow of Hiram J., housekeeper for her father, H. Wheelock. 

Lynch Thomas, (Bethel) r 12, farm laborer. 

Lynn Moses C. P., (Barnard) r 36, resident. 


MacMillian Andrew L., (Barnard) allo. physician and surgeon. 

Martin Charles, (Barnard) r 36, farmer, leases of Mrs. J. A. Gale. 

Martin John E., (Barnard) r 12, farmer, leases of I. D. Davis. 

Maxham Elkanah S., (Bethel) r 16 1/2, farmer. 

May George W., (Barnard) r 36, owns h and lot. 

Maynes Arthur, (Barnard) r 35, farmer 160. 

McAvney John, (East Barnard) off r 20, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, apple orchard 150 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer 180. 

McAvney John J., (East Barnard) off r 20, farmer with John. 

McNutt Eliza, (Barnard) keeps house for Jay B. 

McNutt Jay B., (Barnard) r 29 1/2, farmer 100. 

Miller Edward, (East Barnard) r 8, carpenter, h and lot. 

MILLER JOHN, (East Barnard) r 23, overseer of poor, 100 sheep, retired farmer 135, resides with his son.

Miller Lucius, (East Barnard) r 23, farmer, son of John. 

Miner Lewis P., (Barnard) r 35, farmer 75. 

MIRICK WILLIAM W., (Barnard) owns h and lot, enlisted in 4th Vermont regiment in 1863, mustered out August 21, 1865. 

Moore Alonzo C., (Barnard) r 16, shoemaker and jeweler. 

Moore Chloe, (East Barnard) r 7 1/2, widow of Calvin, resides with L. D. Leavitt, aged 78. 

Moore Mary A., (Barnard) r 16, (Mrs. A. C.) dressmaker, owns h and lot. 

MORGAN ELISHA R., (Barnard) r 30, dealer in hard and soft lumber, farmer 70. 

Morgan Jerome, (Barnard) r 43, farmer. 

Myrick Eleazer, (Barnard) r 32, farmer 6, aged 83. 

Myrick Osro D., (Barnard) r 16, laborer, owns share in h and lot. 


Newcomb Fred W., (Bethel) r 1, farmer, son of Wesson. 

NEWCOMB HORATIO C., (Bethel) r 1, lives with his father. 

NEWCOMB WESSON, (Bethel) r 1, prop. of saw mill, farmer 220, and in Royalton 25 acres. (Died July 2, 1883.) 

Newell Chester .C3., (Barnard) off r 45, leases of A. P. Hunton. 

Newton Albert S., (Bethel) r ii, farmer 64. 

Newton Solon D., (Barnard) r 11, farmer 100. 

Newton Will F., (Barnard) laborer. 

Nickerson .Charles C., (Woodstock) r 41, farmer, leases of Henry Ward 50. 

Norton Paul, (South Woodstock) lives with Barzilla Richmond. 

Nott George W., (Barnard) off r 30, farmer 130. 

Nott Selden W., (Barnard) r 30, farmer 111. 

Nye George W., (Bethel) r 11, farm laborer, and farm 7. 

Nye Jonathan J., (Barnard) off r 45, farmer 60. 


Packard Alexander, (Gaysville) off r 26, in Stockbridge, farmer 205. 

Paige Edwin M., (Bethel) r 1, laborer. 

Paige Eliakim, (Barnard) off r 2, breeder of Merino sheep, and farmer 80. 

PAIGE JOSEPH W., (East Barnard) r 22, 50 sheep, and farmer 80. 

Paige William R., (Bethel) r 1, laborer. 

Paige Willis R., (Barnard) r 5, farmer 179. 

Parkhurst Henry B., (Barnard) r 18, 40 sheep, and farmer 100. 

Perkins Austin G., (Barnard) r 17, farmer.

Perkins Charles B., (Barnard) r 47, farmer, with P. D. Dean. 

Perkins Daniel S., (Barnard) r 14, farmer 100. 

Perkins Jerome, (Barnard) lives with Weldon. 

Perkins John P., (Woodstock) r 50, farmer 77. 

Perkins Waldo E., (Barnard) r 45, farmer 120. 

Perkins William H., (Barnard) r 17, farmer 115. 

Perry Asa, Jr., (Barnard) lives with his father.

Perry Asa, Sr., (Barnard) r 34, farmer 123. 

Pettengill Lucretia, (East Barnard) widow of Erastus, h and lot. 

PIERCE MARY, (Barnard) widow of Isaac, nurse.

Pike Alma C. Miss, (Barnard) r 15, keeps house for her brother, C. J. 

Pike Charles J., (Barnard) r 15, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, leases of Mrs. Chedel 100.

Pike Cyrus P., (Barnard) r 15, carpenter and joiner, lives with Charles J. 

Pike Nelson, (Barnard) r 15, lives with his son, Charles J. 

Pike William H., (Barnard) r 16, farmer, leases of Miss Lydia A. 95. 

Porter Calvin, (Bethel) disabled in 1863.

Preston Amanda M., (Barnard) lives with E. R. Morgan.

Putnam Henry B., (Barnard) r 16, farmer 170. 

Putnam Hiram, (Barnard) lives with his son. 

PUTNAM GEORGE A., (Barnard) r 18, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 100. 

Putnam Solon D., (Barnard) r 17, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 133. 


Rand Andrew B., (Royalton) r 6, farmer. 

RAND REUBEN B., (Royalton) r 6, farmer 100, in Royalton 90. 

RAND FRANK, (Barnard) r 9, farmer, leases of O. Adams 225, 8 cows, and 65 sheep. 

Reagan Leo D., (Barnard) r 17, farmer.

Reagan Michael, (Barnard) r 17, farmer 120. 

Reynolds William J., (Bethel) r 11, farmer 100. 

Richmond Alfred W., (Barnard and Woodstock) r 47, farmer 580. 

Richmond Henry N., (Barnard) r 47, farmer 670. 

Richmond Lucian A., (Barnard) r 47, farmer. 

RICHMOND NATHANIEL, (Barnard) r 28, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer 160. 

RICHMOND THOMAS, (Woodstock) r 40, retired merchant. 

Ricknam Henry J., (Barnard) r 41, 40 sheep, farmer 75.

RILEY PETER F., (Barnard) works town farm, owns 100 acres. 

Rogers Eli H., (East Barnard) r 22, farmer, leases of Mrs. Boyden 150. 

Royce Edson, (Barnard) r 21 cor 23, farmer 100. 


SAFFORD JOSEPH E., (Barnard) prop. of grist mill and saw mill, also of Safford water wheel. 

Savage William; (Bethel) r 1 farm laborer. 

Silver Lake House, (Barnard) Celim E. French, proprietor. 

Smith Elias C., (Barnard) r 29, farmer 75.

Smith Orlando C., (Barnard) r 19, farmer 170. 

Soule Kate J. Mrs., (Barnard). 

Spooner Lemuel P.. (Barnard) r 24, farmer 160. 

Stewart Azro B., (Woodstock) r 40, farmer 100. 


Thayer Adelbert F., (Barnard) r 4, farmer. 

THAYER CHARLES A., (Barnard) r 16, sawyer, carpenter and joiner. (Moved to Stamford, Conn.) 

THAYER HENRY A., (Barnard) r 16, prop. of saw mill, manuf. of hard and soft lumber, farmer 115. 

Thayer Solomon C., (Barnard) r 4, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 150. 

Thornhill Charles L., (Bethel) carpenter and joiner. 

Topleff Lairess, (Barnard) farm laborer, lives with I. D. Davis. 

Townsend Charles A., (Barnard) r 12, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 135. 

Townsend Frank L., (Barnard) off r 16, farmer 108. 

Townsend Horace C., (.Barnard) r 42, farmer 100. 

Townsend Lyman, (Barnard) r 16, farmer 99 1/2. 

Trevillian Bros., (Barnard) (W. J. & T. A.,) general merchants. 

Trevillian Thomas A., (Barnard) (Trevillian Bros.) 

Trevillian William J., (Barnard) (Trevillian Bros.) 

TUCKER EBEN A., (Barnard) r 28, farmer 54, and works for his father in law, N. Richmond, 160. 

Twombly Aurora Mrs., (Barnard) r 36, resident. 


Walker Chauncey A., (Woodstock) r 49, 79 sheep, farmer 186.

Walker Dana B., (East Barnard) r 22, 75 sheep, farmer 175 owned by John H. 

WALKER DEXTER D., (Barnard) r 27, farmer 104. Walker George W., (Barnard) off r 12, farmer 28.

WALKER HERBERT A., (East Barnard) r 22, 51 sheep, farmer 130. 

Walker John H., (East Barnard) r 22, retired farmer, aged 68. 

Ward George L., (Bethel) r 1, laborer, rents h of W. Newcomb. 

Ward Henry, (Barnard) r 40, dairy 9 cows, farmer 95. 

Ward John, (Barnard) r 37, farmer 100. 

Ward John H., (Barnard) r 37, farmer 78. 

Ward Perkins J., (Bethel) r 12, farmer 150. 

Ward Pliny D., (Bethel) r ii, farmer 60.

WEBB WILLIAM W., (East Barnard) r 8, dairy 9 cows, farmer 70. 

Wheelock Humphrey, (Barnard) r16, retired farmer.

Wheelock Humphrey, Jr., (Barnard) r 17, farmer 55. 

Wheelock Lemuel, (Barnard) off r 32, farmer 100. 

Wheelock Lorenzo, (Barnard) r 16, farmer 100. 

White Alice L., (Barnard) (Mrs. Franklin, Jr.,) resident with D. N. Jenne. 

White Franklin, (Barnard) r 46, farmer 100. 

Wilson George E., (.Barnard) r 17, breeder of Morgan horses, and farmer. 

Wilson Horace, (East Barnard) r 7, breeder of Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 100. 

Wilson Jeremiah, (Barnard) r 36, laborer, owns h and lot. 

Wilson Mabel L., (East Barnard) r 7, teacher, daughter of Horace. 

Winslow Albert R., (Woodstock) r 41, farmer 80. 

Withington Sylvester, (Bethel) laborer, owns h and lot. 

Wood Calvin A., (Barnard) r 40, son of Isaac N. 

Wood Henry A., (Barnard) r 27, horse dealer and farmer 50. 

Wood Herbert A., (Barnard) r 38, farmer 270. 

Wood Isaac N., (Woodstock) r 40, 65 sheep, and farmer 200. 

Wood Lewis W., (Barnard) miller, with J. E. Safford. 

Wright Charles H., (Barnard) r 17, agent for New Home sewing machine, dairy 23 cows, and farmer 200. 

Wright George, (Barnard) r 16, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 150. 

Wright Henry, (Barnard) laborer.

Wright Polly Miss, (Barnard) r 36, aged 79, owns h and lot. 

Wyman Talmage S., (Barnard) r 41, farmer 30.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 295-303.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006