Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Postoffice address is Worcester, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Abbott Charles W., r 6, laborer.

Abbott Laura B. Mrs., r 26, milliner and dressmaker, and fancy goods.

Abbott Maria E., r 25, widow of C. C., postmaster, and dealer in stationery, h and lot.

Alden Ralph H., off r 21, lumberman and farm laborer.

Alexander Fred B., r 26, sawyer, and foreman in C. M. Ladd's mill.

Andrews Charles L., off r 21, 8 cows, farmer 125.

Avery Asa, r 29, 7 cows, farmer 100. 


Bagley George A., r 26, laborer.

Bagley James W., r 26, farmer, leases of Leonard Stone 6.

Bailey Marsal J., r 24, 6 head cattle, farmer 100.

Batchelder Royal K., r 20, 13 head cattle, farmer 100.

Beardsley Charles W., r 15, traveling salesman, and farmer 6.

Beardsley Willie H., r 16, laborer.

Black Samuel, r 27, farmer 100, leases of L. Hutchinson, on r 25, 22 head cattle and farm 360.

Brigham Marshall W., r 10, 9 head cattle, farmer 120.

BROWN AARON L., off r 8, farm laborer, owns wild land 62.

Brown Clark H., off r 8, 6 head cattle, farmer 75.

BROWN ELMER E., r 26, h and lot.

Brown George W., off r 8, farm laborer.

Brown Ira W., off r 8, 13 head cattle, farmer 60.

Brown Phoebe A., r 26, widow of M. C., resident.

Bruce Hiram, r 25, laborer.

Bruce Lawrence, r 17, (William Bruce, Jr., & Sons). 

Bruce Leonard D., r 17, (William Bruce, Jr., & Sons).

Bruce William E., r 17, (William Bruce, Jr., & Sons). 

Bruce William, Jr., & Sons, r 17, (William E., Leonard D., and Lawrence) lumbermen, 10 cows, 10 horses, farmers 213, and wild land 200. 

Buck Eugene M., r 11, farmer, leases of J. G. Richardson 50. 

Buck Francis E., r 18, dealer in groceries, flour and feed, h and lot.

Burell William C., r. 25, laborer.


Cameron Aseph P., r 25, farmer.

Cameron Fred, r 25, invalid.

Camp Arthur H., r 2, prop. saw-mill, and dealer in hard and soft wood lumber.

Carpenter Philo H., r 19, pastor Cong. church.

Carr Erwin A., off r 8, sawyer for M. P. Wheeler.

Carr Mary A. Mrs., r 7, resident, farmer 18 1/2. 

Chandler Edmond E., r 7, farmer 30. 

Chase Amos J., r 25, carpenter and joiner, farmer 7.

Cheeney Frederic E., r 8, laborer.

Clark Daniel L., r 6, blacksmith, and farmer 6.

Clark Harriet W., r 6, widow of L. C., resident, aged 74.

Clark Robert, r 7, farmer 50. 

Coller Jacob E., r 9, farmer 6. 

Collier Harvey W., r 5 1/2, 8 cows, farmer 140.

Connor Francis B., r 10 cor. 9, 8 cows, farmer 150, served as soldier in the St. Albans raid. 

Copp Sewell G., r 25, teamster and horse dealer.

Corey Amos A., r 8, 11 head cattle, farmer 190. 

Corey Charles C. C., r 8, laborer.

Corey Frank H., r 8, laborer.

Corey Roswell, r 8, retired farmer, aged 88.

Curry David, r 5, teamster, 10 cows, farmer 150.


Darby James F., r 15, 6 cows, farmer, leases of C. Glymer 100.

Darling Horace P., r 17, 1st selectman and justice of peace, carpenter and joiner, farmer 25.

Davison Eri, r 16, farmer 50.

Dodge Ormel S., r 7, farmer 100.

DRINKWATER TIMOTHY, r 28, 6 head cattle, farmer 60, served in Co. F, 13th Vt. Vols.

Dugar Abner, off r 26, blind, farmer, aged 83.

Dugar Albert B., off r 26, 20 head cattle, farmer 170, salesman for Lyndon Carriage Co.

Dunham George W., r 25, blacksmith and horseshoer.

Dunham Laura B., r 18, widow of B. F., farmer 180, resides in Barre.

Durbey Alonzo, r 5 1/2, laborer.


Eastman Joel C., r 18, teamster and laborer. 

Eastman Merton J., r 18, laborer. 

Eastman Ormill L., r 9 cor. 6, teamster for C. C. Putnam & Son. 

Ellis George H., r 29, 125 apple trees, farmer 130.

Ellis Warren, r 26, 100 apple trees, 12 cows, 13 head other cattle, farmer 100. 

Emerson Asel H., r 3, farmer 35. 

Emerson Oscar S., r 3, laborer. 

Emerson William, r 7, farmer.

Emery Alpheus H., r 18, teamster, and farmer 16. 


Farnsworth Alden E., r 3, farmer, leases of C. C. Putnam & Son 100. 

FENN GEORGE E., r 10, 9 head cattle, farmer 60. 

Fifield William, r 7, farmer 50. 

Frost Alvin L , r 5, 100 apple trees, 11 cows, farmer 150. 


Gimmer William, r 23, 10 head young cattle, farmer 125. 

Gould Chauncey H., off r 26, 50 apple trees, farmer 50. 

GOULD ELLEN E., r 2, widow of A. A., domestic. 

Gould James M., r 27, farmer 60. 

Gould Willis P., r 24, 7 head cattle, farmer 75. 

Gray Erastus P., r 12, 7 head cattle, farmer 47, on r 12 1/2 farm 300, and owns 3 farms in Middlesex. 


Hall Harry, r 20, 35 head cattle, farmer 187. 

Hall Murry J., r 17, laborer. 

Hall Wilber A., r 20, 6 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Hamblet Edward M., r 25, overseer of the poor, 16 head cattle, farmer 80. 

Hamblet Leonard, r 25, retired farmer, aged 86. 

Hancock Heman S., r 15, 6 cows, farmer 130. 

Hanscock Heman B., r 15, board sawyer. 

HARRIS CHAUNCY E, r 6 sawyer for C. C. Putnam & Son for 17 years, served in Co. K, 3d Vt. Vols. 

Harris Daphne, r 8, resident, lives with her brother Elijah B. 

Harris Elijah B., r 8, 200 apple trees, 8 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Harris Erwin C., r 8 1/2, farmer with his mother, Mrs. J. S. 

HARRIS FRANK L., r 6, sawyer for C. C. Putnam & Son, owns wild land 100. 

Harris Jenette S., r 8 1/2, widow of M. M., 150 apple trees, 14 head cattle, farmer 150. 

Harris Ned M., r 8 1/2, laborer. 

Hatch Carlos, r 11 farmer 65. 

Hatch Simeon, r 5, farmer 100. 

Hatch William H r 25, blacksmith and horseshoer. 

Hathaway Frank A., r 23, farmer 50. 

Hayford Lucius W., r 5 1/2, laborer in Russell's mill. 

Heath William, r 26, laborer.

Herriman Francis C., r 25, farmer 8, and on r 23 farm 100. 

Hinkson George H., r 8 1/2, laborer. 

HINKSON LYMAN B., r 8 1/2, retired carpenter and joiner, aged 72, served in Co. H, 13th Vt. Vols. 

Hinkson Mary J. Mrs., r 8 1/2, owns farm 27. 

Hobbs Lewis E., r 10, 7 head cattle, farmer 65. 

Hobart James, off r 8 1/2, farmer 100. aged 80. 

Holden Lemon J., r 8, laborer. 

Holmes Almond, r 8, farmer 10. 

Holmes Alvin H., r 26, farmer 7. 

Holmes Clark J., r 29, 11 head cattle, farmer 150. 

HOLMES IRA, r 8 19 head cattle, 400 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 100, served in Co. E, 8th Vt. Vols. 

Holmes Lucy, r 8, widow of Stephen, resident, aged 76. 

Hovey Frederick W., r 11, laborer. 

Hovey Roger, r 11, lumberman, 14 head cattle, farmer 80. 

Hull Lvman M., r 25, laborer. 

Hull Will, r 25, laborer.

HUNT CHAUNCEY N., M. D., physician and surgeon. 

Hunt Chauncy, r 18, 500 sugar trees, 14 head cattle, 81 sheep, farmer 215.

Hunt Dean G. K., r 18, farmer with his father, Chauncy.

Hurlbert Jeremiah H., r 20, farmer 20.

Hurlbert Luther H., r 20, farm laborer.

Horsey Edward, r 19, laborer.


Jackson Charles H., r 1, laborer.

Johnson Arthur L., r 13, farmer with his father.

Johnson Henry S., r 13, 250 sugar trees, 12 head cattle, farmer 150.

Johnson James, r 26, retired merchant, aged 76.

JOHNSON SOLON F., r 12, laborer.

Johnson Summer F., r 13, laborer.

Jones Henry P., r 26 cor. 27, farmer 50.


KEITH LUCIAN H., r 25, prop. Worcester House, butcher, runs a cart to Calais, Montpelier and Worcester, served in Co. G, 16th Vt. Vols.

Kelley Fanny P., r 6, farm 100.

Kelley Nathaniel A., r 6, 16 grade Jersey cows, farmer 300. 

Kellogg Horatio T., r 19, laborer. 

Kellogg William H., r 10, 19 head cattle, farmer 140.

Kellogg William H., Jr., r 20, 20 cows, 10 head young cattle, farmer, leases on shares of H. Templeton 300.

Kemp Phineas A., r 18, 9 cows, farmer 100.

KIMBALL JOHN W., r 18, teamster and lumberman.

Kimmis Austin, r 26, laborer.

King Frank R., r 25 cor. 19, sawyer and laborer.

King Henry M., r 19, 100 apple trees, 10 head cattle, farmer 80. 

King Sophia B , r 12, widow of D. G., farm 30.


LADD CHESTER M., r 22, prop. saw, planing and grist-mill, dealer in all kinds of lumber, flour, feed; etc.

Lafayette James B., r 12, laborer.

Lathrop Clarissa, r 12, widow of B. G., aged 81.

Lawless William H., r 11, laborer.

Lawrence Luke, r 14, 10 cows, farmer 288.

Longe Jeremiah, r 7, laborer.


Macy Joseph, r 14, 18 head cattle, farmer 100.

Massey Daniel H., r 18, teamster and farmer 28.

Maxham George, r 18, teamster.

Mayo Lewis F., r 5 1/2, lumberman, stocks Russell's saw-mill.

McAvoy John, off r 20, 10 cows, farmer 700.

McFarden John, r 25, laborer.

Miles Adin, r 20, cor. 21, 6 grade Jersey cows, farmer 120, aged 81.

Moore George P., r 2, 8 grade Jersey cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 106 1/2.

Moore William P., r 2, retired farmer, aged 79.

Morse C. L. & E. M., r 6, props. saw and shingle-mill, dealers in hard and soft wood lumber and shingles.

Morse Charles L., r 6, (C. L. & E. M. Morse).

Morse Ella M., r 6, (C. L. & E. M. Morse) widow of F. P., farm 26.


Noble George E., off r 26, laborer.

Nurse Calvin A., r 7, laborer.


Olmsted Andrew E., r 12, 9 cows, 125 apple trees, farmer 150.

OWENS FLORENZO D., r 18, lumberman for C. C. Putnam, of Middlesex, and salesman for O. W. Davis, of Waterbury.


PARSONS ALONZO B., r 1, (Alonzo B. & William Parsons).

PARSONS ALONZO B. & WILLIAM, r 1, 14 head cattle, 6 horses, 600 sugar trees, farmers 240.

PARSONS WILLIAM, (Alonzo B. & William Parsons) served in Co. M, 11th Vt. Vols.

Pilbin John J., r 26, 7 head cattle, farmer 70.

Porter Lewis W., r 25, dealer in West India goods and groceries, farmer 7.

Pratt Charles A., r 11, laborer.

Pratt Frank S., r 11, laborer.

Pratt Samuel, .r 11, farmer 75.

Prentiss Isaac C., r 8, farmer 1 1/2. 


Rawson Ella E., r 25, dressmaker.

Rawson Sarah W., r 25, widow of A. L., dressmaker, h and lot. 

Reed Benjamin B., r 6, 9 cows, and farmer 200. 

Richardson Alonzo L., r 11, to head cattle, farmer 200. 

Richardson Calvin W., r 12, farmer 10. 

Richardson George M., r 11, farmer 75.

Richardson Joel S., off r 19, farmer 70. 

Richardson John H., r 25, laborer. 

Richardson Lydia A., r 7, resident, aged 81.

Richardson Melvin H., r 12, laborer. 

Richardson Nathan S., r 12, cooper, and farmer 16.

Richardson Plumer H., r 7, 17 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Richardson Walter A., r 11, laborer. 

Rivers Henry, r 6, laborer. 

Rollins Ezra H., r 17, shoemaker, aged 77. 

Rowell Charles G., r 28, farmer 40. 

Ross Chauncey, r 8, retired farmer, aged 75. 

Russell Lewis D., r 5 1/2, prop. steam saw and dressing-mill.


Seaver Samuel M., r 25, 24 head cattle, farmer 140.

Slayton Susan Mrs., r 3, resident, owns h and lot and 75 acres in Elmore. 

Slayton Thomas J., r 7, retired farmer, aged 80. 

Slocum Betsey E. Mrs., r 19, farmer 135. 

Slocum Sanford, r 19, 250 sugar trees, farmer 135. 

Smith Charles S., r 20, farmer 50. 

SMITH DANIEL H., r 24, farmer 2, served in Co. G, 11th Vt. Vols. 

Smith James r 25, farmer for M. L. Hamblet, 10 cows, farmer 107. 

Stevens Asa J., r 19, farmer 40. 

STONE ADONIRAM J., r 22, town representative 1888, 3d selectman, road commissioner, 12, head cattle, farmer 100, served in Co. H, 6th, and Co. H 13th Vt. Vols. 

Stone George H., r 18, prop. saw-mill, owns h and lot. 

Stone George L., r 18, farmer 130, owns h and lot in village, and on r 23 farm 28. 

Stone Jerome L., r 25, prop. steam saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in lumber. 

SYMONDS THOMAS, r 10 stationary engineer, and farmer 56:


Templeton Fred E., r 25, town clerk, 2d lister h and lot in village, farmer and wild land 300. 

Templeton Horatio, constable, collector and law agent, dealer in lumber, timberland 800, 20, cows, and farm 300.

Templeton James A., r 24, farm laborer, served in the Mexican war and in the 1st Vt. Cav., in the civil war. 

Tewksbury Charles, r 6, retired physician and surgeon, aged 74. 

Tewksbury Charles C., r 18, town treasurer, carpenter and joiner. 

Tewksbury F. P., r 6, 2d selectman, 10 cows, farmer 240.

Tewksbury George D., r 6, retired farmer, aged 76.

Thatcher David C., r 25, pastor M. E. church.

Town Joseph, r 10, retired farmer, aged 73.


Utton Edmund, r 2, 14 head cattle, farmer 175.

Utton John W., r 9, farmer 50.

Utton Oscar E., off r 2, farmer 50, on r 2 farm 100, and on r 3 farm 50.

Utton Thomas E., r 5, 800 sugar trees, 20 head cattle, farmer, leases of J. A. Kelton 350.

UTTON WILLIAM, r 6 cor. 9, 300 sugar trees, 75 apple trees, 5 horses, 13 grade Jersey cows, 6 head young cattle, 18 sheep, farmer 225.


Vail Allen L., r 25, retired merchant, aged 77.

Vail Harry D.; general merchant.

VAIL W. ELDRIDGE, salesman, emp. Shepard & Norwell, of Boston.

Vero Joseph, r 12 1/2, 9 head cattle, farmer, leases of E. P. Gray 7 head cattle and farm 300.


Ward William W., r 15, laborer.

Warren Elmer E., r 12, laborer.

Webster George L., .r 26, lumberman, and owns wild land 300.

Weeks Herbert A., r 11, laborer.

Wheeler Clarence F., off r 17. farmer 150, and owns wild land.

Wheeler Eri A., r 17, farm laborer. 

WHEELER ISAAC E., off r 17, 14 head cattle, 3 horses, 75 apple trees, farmer 140, and on r 3 farm 100.

WHEELER MOSES P., r 8, prop. saw-mill, dealer in dressed hard and soft wood lumber, and groceries, provisions, flour, feed, boots and shoes, telephone in house, farmer 230, and owns wild land 200.

WHEELOCK ALBERT, r 27, 220 sugar trees, 6 head cattle, farmer 90.

Wheelock Sophronia Mrs., r 27, resident, aged 78.

Willey Ruth Mrs., r 26, housekeeper for W. Ellis 15 years.

WILLEY SELDEN, r 15, 6 grade Jersey cows, and farmer 125.

Wilson Anna E., r 25, teacher, daughter of John R.

Wilson James S., r 17, dealer in farm wagons, farming tools, sleighs, and carriages, 10 head cattle, farmer 65.

WILSON JOHN R., r 25, commercial traveler, served in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols., enlisted as a private and discharged as 1st lieutenant.

Wilson Maud E., r 25, teacher, daughter of John R.

Witham Moses, r 19, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. E. Scribner 60.

Witham Willie r. 19, laborer.

WORCESTER HOUSE, r 25, Lucian H. Keith, prop.


Young Amanda, r 25, resident.

Young Charles H., r 17, 28 head cattle, farmer, leases of E. Hubbard, of Montpelier, 200.

Young Philander D., r 17, farmer 100, aged 74.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 229-234

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003