Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Postoffice address is Roxbury, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


ALBIN JOHN, r 13, 7 head cattle, farmer 65. 

Aldrich Thomas, r 1, laborer. 

Annis Chester D., (E. Braintree. Orange Co.) r 48, farmer 41. 

Averill Heman C., r 7, 7 cows, farmer 116. 


Baird John, r 13, 11 head cattle, farmer 120.

Bannister John, (Northfield) r 19, 100 apple trees, 11 head cattle, 80 sheep, farmer 195.

Bashaw William, r 22, laborer.

Bates Joseph, (Northfield) r 19, retired farmer, aged 70.

BEAN ALBERT M., general blacksmith, Main, h do.

Bell Antoine, r 13, 6 head cattle, farmer 25.

Bell Moses, r 42, laborer.

Bennett Charles, (E. Roxbury) r 33 cor. 35, laborer.

Bennett Izett A. Mrs., (E. Roxbury) r 33 cor. 35, dealer in groceries, h and lot.

Blake Charles, r 44, farmer 90. 

Blanchard Luther, (E. Roxbury) r 33 cor. 35, poultry dealer and laborer.

Blanchard Lydia A. Mrs., (E. Roxbury) r 33 cor. 35, farmer 60.

Bowman Eben E., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, 700 sugar trees; 150 apple trees, 9 Jersey cows, 69 head young cattle, 81 sheep, 17 horses, farmer 190, and leases of Peck & Clark, of Brookfield, Orange CO., 400.

BOYCE AZRO J., (E. Roxbury) r 34, butcher; runs meat cart to Northfield, Brookfield and Roxbury, 3 cows, farmer 85.

Boyce John E., (Brookfield, Orange Co.) r 55, 500 sugar trees, 20 head cattle, farmer 150.

Boyce Mary, (E. Roxbury) r 33, widow of Henry S., aged 83. 

Boyce Orza, (E. Roxbury) off r 33, 6 cows, farmer 100.

BOYCE WILLIAM K., (Northfield) r 29 1/2, 8 head cattle., farmer 110.

BRACKETT CLINTON E., r 11, 100 apple trees, 5 head cattle, 4 horses, farmer 115.

Briggs Charles C., r 3 cor. 2z, farmer 18.

BROWN CHESTER, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, 300 sugar trees, 38 sheep, farmer 130, served in Co. D, 2d Vt. Vols.

Bruce Andrew, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

Bruce Eli, (Northfield) r 30, laborer.

Bruce Loran E., r 1, laborer.

Bruce Warren D., (Northfield) r 30, 17 head cattle, farmer, leases of Lewis. Chatfield, of Berlin, 130.

Bryant Frank M., porter Summit House. 

Buck Dwight L., (E. Roxbury) r 35, postmaster, carpenter, joiner, wheelwright, and farm 51.

BURNHAM EDWIN P., lumber dealer, owns sawmill on r 40, and 90 acres land on r 1, h and lot Main.

Burnham James K., off r 44, 200 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 7 grade Jersey cows, farmer 100

BUTTERFIELD STEPHEN G., station and express agent C. V. R. R., h Main.


Cady Nathan W., (Northfield) r 19, 150 apple trees, farmer 115.

CADY WILLIS H., r 40, foreman in E. P. Burnham's clapboard-mill.

Chadburn Alfred, r 42, laborer.

Chadburn Edwin (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

CHAFFEE MARSHALL J., r 24, 300 sugar trees, farmer 200.

Chase Melvin E., baggage master and switchman C. V. R. R., h Main.

Chatterton Ann, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, widow of J. V., farmer 75.

Chatterton Willie, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, laborer.

Clough Moses J. r 49, farmer 200, resides in Northfield.

COBURN ANSON, r 18, 2 cows, 2 horses, farmer 45, served in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols.

Colburn R. Clark, r 45, farmer 160.

Conway Michael J., r 12, farmer 100.

Cram Emery P., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, 9 cows, 2 full blood Jersey bulls, 500 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 150.

Cram Fred E., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, farmer 35.

Cram Loren D., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, 400 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Cram Monroe F., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, sheep shearer, and apiarist 60 colonies.

Cram Wesley O., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, farmer with Loren D. 

Crimmins John, r 38, section hand.

CROSIER FRED S., laborer, and machinist, emp. J. G. Hall, bds. Main.

CROSIER WILLARD H., foreman for J. G. Hall, bds. Summit House. 

Cross Martin V. B., r 11, farmer 70.

Cushing Edward, r 11, 9 head cattle, farmer 75.


Darling Edmond, r 10, retired farmer, aged 78.

Darling Elijah C., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, retired farmer, aged 76. 

Dickerson Willis, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

Dickinson Burton, laborer, h Main.

DICKINSON CHARLES L., r 16, prop. livery stable, lumber and wood dealer, 6 horses, farmer 15.

Duphaney Joseph, (E. Roxbury) r 33, farmer 50.

Duphaney Scelam, (E. Roxbury) 7 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 100.


Eaton George W., retired farmer, h plain.

Eaton Sarah O., h and lot Main.

EDDIE MAMIE Miss, r 1, teacher.

Eddy Joseph B., 11, stone mason in Barre.

EDWARDS WILBUR F., r 22 cor. 24, 200 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 8 grade Jersey cows, 8 head young cattle, farmer 75.

Ellis Calvin, r 17, farmer 70.

Ellis Charles L., r 21, 9 cows, 14 head young cattle, 400 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 225.

Ellis Charles L., r 15, section hand C. V. R. R.

Ellis Elmer E., r 21, teacher and farmer.

Ellis Hira G., r 10, breeder of fowls and dealer in eggs, 100 hens, farmer 160.

Ellis Laura A., r 24, widow of David, h and lot.

Ellis Sylvester, r 26, farmer 100.

Erskine Fred L., r 2, laborer.

Erskine George M., r 4, 10 head cattle, farmer 80.


Ferris John, r 3, 300 sugar trees, 6 cows, farmer 150, aged 93.

Ferry Hiram S., r 50, farmer 117.

Fisk Charles A., r 27, freight conductor C. V. R. R. from Northfield to Windsor.

Fisk Charles B., r 27, farmer 13.

FISK IRA H., homeo. physician and surgeon, and town representative, h Main.

Fitts Wilber D., night telegraph operator, h Main.

Flin George T., telegraph operator, bds. Summit House.

Flint Ashel, r 41, retired farmer, aged 75.

Flint Charles H., (E. Roxbury) r 36, farmer with H. A. Thayre.

Flint Clark, r 41, 2d selectman, 100 apple trees, 20 head cattle, farmer 225.

FLINT JOHN Q., foreman in A. W. Tewksbury's steam saw-mill, h Main.

Flint Orin A., r 25, 7 cows, 2 yoke oxen, farmer 200.

Flint Phineas r 25, retired farmer, aged 72.

Foss George F., (E. Roxbury) r 33, laborer, h and lot.

Freeman Henry, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

Freeman Jonas, (E. Roxbury) r 33, laborer, h and lot.

French George (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer. 

FRINK WILLIAM L., teamster for A. W. Tewksbury, h Main.


Goodrich ____, r 39 1/2, farmer, leases of Dr. I. H. Fisk 57.

Goodrich Charles, r 42, laborer.

Goss George W. jeweler, and dealer in clocks, watches, etc., night watchman in A. W. Tewksbury's steam saw-mill, h Main.

Grant Michael, r 52, 10 head cattle, farmer 100.

Gray Lewis, served in Co. M, 8th N. Y. Cav., h Main.


Hall James G., r 10, manuf. of watchmakers' tools.

HALL MURRY J., laborer for A. W. Tewksbury, bds. off Main.

Hall William, r 2, farm laborer.

Hanlin Patrick, section boss, h Main. 

Hanlon Martin, clerk for Tilden & Son, bds. Summit House. 

Harper Robert, (Northfield) r 29 1/2, 10, head cattle, farmer 145. 

Hill Edward, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer. 

Hill Freedom, r 27, shoemaker. 

Hine Bernard J., clerk for D. L. Nichols, bds. Main. 

How Eda C., r 22 cor. 24.

HOWARD HENRY C., pastor Cong. church, bds. Main.

Howe Asa E., (E. Roxbury) r 33, house painter. 

Howe David B., r 2, 8 grade Jersey cows, farmer 50. 

Howe Harvey A., r 24, farmer 175. 

Howe Joseph W., r 22 farm laborer for David. 

Hutchinson Sally Mrs., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 55, farmer 100, aged 80. 

Hutchinson William A., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 54 cor. 58, farmer 230.


Jacobs Joseph, off r 42, farmer 50. 

Jacobs Richard, off r 44, laborer. 

Jennings James M., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, farmer 10.

Jerd Alexander, (E. Braintree, Orange Co.) r 48, 300 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 9 horses, farmer 220. 

Jerd Charles E. (E. Braintree, Orange Co.) r 48, laborer. 

Jerd Lewis A. (E. Braintree, Orange Co.) farmer 85.

Joslin Alexander A., retired merchant, dealer in wood and lumber, farmer 160, and in Northfield 18, h Main.


KELLEY JAMES H., r 28, 600 sugar trees, 10 cows, 11 head other cattle, 1 yoke oxen, 2 horses, farmer 270.

Kent Julius A., r 1, farm laborer. 

KING BARNEY, r 18, laborer.

Knowles Elsie L. Mrs., (Northfield) farmer 27.

Knowles Franklin M., (Northfield) r 18, laborer.


Ladd Alphonso, (E. Roxbury) r 31, 300 sugar trees, 14 grade Jersey cows, 15 head young cattle farmer 214. 

Ladd Andrew J., (E. Roxbury) r 31, 300 sugar trees, 12 grade Jersey cows, 12 head young cattle, 1 full blood Durham bull, 10, horses, prop, threshing machine, farmer 214.

Lancaster Joseph, r 1, farmer 35. 

Latham Marshall, r 7, farmer 25. 

Latham Seth W., laborer, h Main. 

Lavanway Alonzo L. section hand, h Main.

Libbey Samuel S., (Northfield) r 18 cor. 20, farmer, leases of Nelson Hassam, of Northfield, 80.

Lougee Charles F., r 44, farmer 100.


MANSFIELD MARTIN, agent for White sewing machine, painter and contractor, h Main.

Marshall Herbert, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

McCarty John D., r 8, 10, cows, 10 head young cattle, farmer 170.

McKeif George. (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

Merrill Ebenezer T., r 47, laborer.

Merrill William, r 47, 10, head cattle, farmer 112.

MILLER SIDNEY N., r 15 cor. 11, wheelwright and blacksmith, h and 6 acres.

Minor William H., laborer, bds. Main.

Morfitt Leland J., (E. Roxbury) r 34, farmer 150.

Morfitt Sylvester, (E. Roxbury) r 34, farmer 150.

Morgan David, r 21, 11 head cattle, farmer 48.

Morgan George, r 22, laborer, emp. E. N. Spalding.


NEEDHAM JOHN H., r 18, laborer for Luke Tarbell.

NICHOLS DAYTON L., dealer in dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots, shoes, paper hangings, drugs, medicines, paints, oils, crockery, hardware, glass, flour and feed, farmer 60, Main, h do.


Orcott Clayton W., with his father, Willim B., bds. Main.

ORCOTT ORIN W., agent for all kinds of farm machines, St. Albans threshers and wood sawing machinery, fire insurance and claim agent, h Main.

Orcott William B., 2d selectman, lumber and wood dealer, 4 yoke oxen, 120 sheep, farmer 120, h Main.

ORDWAY GEORGE, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, foreman in Webb's saw-mill.


Patch Roscoe, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

Peak Narcellous W., (Northfield) r 29, 10 head cattle, farmer 100.

Pearson Benjamin G., r 12 cor. 11, harnessmaker, farmer 4, aged 72.

Peavey Wallace L., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, farmer for Mrs. E. M. Simonds.

Persons Dennis. (Northfield) r 21, 10 head cattle, farmer 100. 


Rand Sydney, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 54, farmer 125. 

Rich Alonzo L., (E. Roxbury) r 33, laborer. 

Rich Carlos H., r 52, laborer. 

Rich Charles J., r 40, mason. 

RICH SYLVANUS F., off r 15, 5 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 175.

Richardson Alden A., r 37, farmer with his father, Samuel A. 

Richardson Avery E., r 16, 11 cows, 9 head young cattle, farmer 100.

Richardson Harrison A., r 15, farmer, leases of Mrs. S. V. Young 100.

RICHARDSON SAMUEL A., r 37, 200 sugar trees, 4 cows, 1 yoke oxen, 6 head young cattle, 15 sheep, 2 horses, farmer r 120, and with his son Alden A, 200, served in Co. H, 6th Vt. Vols. 

RISING WILLIAM H., r 1, farmer, leases of A. Williams 35, served in Co. H, 6th Vt. Vols. 

Roys Fred W., postmaster and telephone operator, h Main. 

Roys George A., lumberman, and dealer in coarse lumber and wood, farmer 65, h Main. 

Roys Ira, r 10, cooper, farmer 65, aged 70. 

Russ James, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer. 


Sanders Eliza M. (Northfield) r 8, widow of Jonas G., farmer 400. 

Shepard Orwell W., r 40 cor. 41, 200 sugar trees, farmer 65. 

Silloway Seth P., (Northfield) r 8, retired farmer. 

Simonds Azro A., r 9, farmer 50. 

SIMONDS EUSEBIA M. MRS., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 49, school  teacher, has taught 68 terms, 200 sugar trees, 75 apple trees, 10 head  cattle, farm 100.

Simonds Wilson I., r 6, 300 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 11 grade Jersey cows, 16 head young cattle, 7 horses, farmer 100. 

Sleeper Mason, r 10, farmer 100.

Smith Alvin F., r 9, retired farmer, aged 73. 

Smith Hiram P., carpenter and joiner, h Main. 

Smith Luville Mrs., h and lot Main. 

Smith Seth N. H., off r 40, 9 head cattle, farmer 50. 

Snow Frank T., retired farmer, bds. Summit House. 

Spalding Billings, retired carpenter and joiner, owns 2 village lots, h Main. 

Spalding Charles, r 47, stock dealer. 

Spalding Clarence, (Newport, Orleans Co.) r 47, 100 apple trees, 4 Jersey cows, farmer 100. 

SPALDING ERASTUS N., prop. steam saw-mill, manuf. of and dealer in lumber, 23 horses, 5 yoke oxen, farmer 100, and timberland 400, h Main. 

Spalding Gilman D., r 49, 65 sheep, farmer 100.

Spalding Henry M., r 1, farmer 120.

Spalding Nellie L, r 49, teacher. 

Spalding Samuel G., r 49, 65 sheep, farmer 100. 

Spalding William S., postal clerk C. V. R. R., h Main. 

Spaulding Allen, r 10, retired drover, aged 83.

Spaulding Frank B., r 10, breeder and dealer in fine horses, prop. stock horse "Sterling," and farmer 6. 

Spaulding Marshall S., r 10, carpenter and joiner. 

Spaulding Melvin C., r 23, foreman in D. Tarbell's saw-mill at E. Granville, Addison Co., farmer 56. 

Spaulding Sylvester E., r 10, farmer, h and 5 acres. 

Stanton David R., (Northfield) r 8, 7 cows, farmer 115. 

Stanton Samuel., r 6, 6 cows, 1 yoke oxen, farmer 125.

STANTON ZED S., att'y and counselor at law, and master in chancery, Main, h do. 

Steel George M., r 24 cor. 25, 13 head cattle, farmer 165. 

Steel James, (E. Roxbury) r 35, 12 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Steel James J., (E. Roxbury) r 35, laborer. 

Steel Lewis, (E. Roxbury) r 33, farmer, leases of Mrs. Lucy J. 75. 

Steel Lucy J., (E. Roxbury) r 33, widow of Henry, farmer 75. 

Stevens Lewis N., (Northfield) r 29, 7 cows, farmer 80. 

St. John Joseph, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer. 

Stone Levi, r 27, blacksmith. 

Summit House, Merrill E. Yerrington, prop., Main. 


TARBELL LUKE, r 15 cor. 10, lumberman, 10, horses, 5 yoke oxen, farmer, prop. saw-mill, and owns woodland 700. 

Terany James, r 1, laborer. 

Thayre Horace A., (E. Roxbury) r 36, farmer 70. 

THAYRE IRA O., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 36, road agent, and agent for the Morrisville Eureka plow, 5 cows, 12 sheep, farmer 80. 

TILDEN AI N., (Tilden & Son) town clerk and farmer 100 on r 38, h Main. 

TILDEN GEORGE A., (Tilden & Son) h Main. 

TILDEN & SON, (Ai N. and George A.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockery, clothing, hardware, glass, flour, and feed, Main. 

Tracy Foster C., r 50, 14 head cattle, 49 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 140.

Tracy Hattie E. Mrs., r 27, 10, cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 400, h and lot.

Tracy William, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.


VAN DEUSAN HENRY H., laborer for A. W. Tewksbury, h Main.

VANNIER HENRY, r 1, 12 head cattle, 20 sheep, farmer 170, and in Warren 100.

Vannier John, r 1, runs sawing machine. c

Vea Alfred (E. Roxbury) r 31, laborer.


Wakefield Byron, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 54, 500 sugar trees, 100 apple trees 65 sheep, farmer 100.

Wakefield Leroy, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 57, 250 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, 50 sheep, farmer 100. 

Walbridge Hiram , r 1 cor. 4, retired farmer, owns h and 35 acres, aged 83.

Wardner Jacob, (E. Roxbury) r 34, prop. 33 cor. saw-mill, farmer 13, and in Brookfield, Orange Co., 60.

WARNER MALISSA MRS., r 16, 5 cows, 5 head young cattle, 2 horses, farmer 150, owns Summit House, postoffice building, 2 acres land on r 10, and in Northfield 65.

Waterman Ebenezer L., r 2, retired farmer, aged 90.

Webster Aaron, (E. Roxbury) r 33, 200 apple trees, apiarist 11 colonies, poultry breeder, farmer 50.

Webster Clarence r 8, 6 cows, farmer 85.

WEBSTER FRANK L. (Northfield) r 18 cor. 20 , 3d selectman, 150 sugar trees, 6 cows, 5 head young cattle, 1 yoke oxen, farmer 108.

Webster Henry W, (Northfield) r 20, farmer 70.

Webster Willie J., (Northfield) r 18 cor. 29, laborer.

Wellington Amos H., r 49, farm laborer.

Wetmore Esty W., r 14, 2 yoke oxen, farmer 13, and wild land 70.

Wheeler Alvin L., r 1 cor. 4, laborer. 4,

Wheeler James F., r 1, laborer.

Wiley Charles M., r 7, farmer with Stephen C.

Wiley Lee r 6, farmer with Wilson T. Simonds.

WILEY LORAN J., engineer for A. W. Tewksbury, soldier in the late war, h Main.

Wiley Phylander, off r 15, retired builder and carpenter.

Wiley Rodney A., r 7, carpenter and joiner.

Wiley Stephen C., r 7, 8 cows, 9 head young cattle, 1 yoke oxen, farmer 160.

Wiley Tylor, r 44, farmer 27.

Williams Alonzo C., r 4, farmer 33.

Williams Archa, r 15, emp. A. W. Tewksbury.

Williams Bert, r 15, laborer and music teacher.

Williams Bert, laborer and machinist, emp. J. G. Hall.

Williams Bessellee, (E. Granville, Addison Co.) r 51, laborer.

WILLIAMS CHARLES W., r 15, sawyer, emp. A. W. Tewksbury, served in Co. D, 11th Vt. Vols.

Williams Eleazer M., r 4, laborer.

WILLIAMS GEORGE D., (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 58, farm laborer.

Williams George VV., r 2, 10 cows, farmer 200.

Williams Salmon, (Braintree, Orange Co.) r 58, overseer of the poor, 9 head cattle, 125 sheep, farmer 300.

Williams Warren H., r 4, farmer 60.

Woodard Amos P., r 23, 60 sugar trees, farmer 65.

Woodard O. C., r 25, farmer 120.


Yerrington Merrill E., prop. Summit House, leases of Malissa Warner, Main.

York William L., r 1, farmer 67.

Young George A., off r 17, 6 cows, farmer 100.

YOUNG SALLY V., off r 17, widow of Enos K., aged 77.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 182 188

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003