Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Postoffice address is Northfield, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Abbott Franklin L., blacksmith and laborer, h Pleasant. 

Abbott .George W., farmer 75,

Abbott Josiah L., undertaker, dealer in coffins, etc., 8 Paine block, h Central.

Abbott Lemira A. Miss, carpet weaver, h Union.

Abbott Lydia widow of Lucius H., aged 86, h Union. 

Adams Caleb, emp. C. V. R. R., bds. Pleasant.

Adams, Carrie L., widow of Charles, nurse, h Union. 

Adams David B., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen-mill, h and lot. 

Adams Frank, laborer.

Adams George W:, farmer 5.

Adams John P., farmer 68. 

Adams ,Olive C., tailoress for T. H. Talbot & Co., bds. Main.

Adams Pamelia, r 30, resides with A. J. Loveland. 

Adams Romalia, widow of Loren, h Cross. 

Adams Roswell, laborer.

Adams William C., laborer.

Ahern Ellen, (S. Northfield) r 42, widow of William, owns farm. 

Ahern Kate, (S. Northfield) r 42, farm 70.

Aldrich Charles W., r 8, lumberman, 6 cows, 7 head other cattle, 5 horses, 200 sugar trees, farmer 80, timberland 150. 

Aldrich Eunice H., r 8 n 9, widow of Artemas, resident, aged 70.

Aldrich George W., r 8, retired farmer, with Charles W.

Allen Chloe Miss, (Gouldsville) resides with William.

Allen Diantha, widow, h Elm.

Allen Jesse K., stonecutter, h Vine.

Allen John W., (Gouldsville) off r 3 n railroad, farmer 75.

ALLEN M. C. Miss, (Gouldsville) weaver.

ALLEN WILLIAM H., (Gouldsville) off r 3, retired farmer, aged 83; resides on the farm settled by his father, Ithamar, in 1803.

Amidon George, laborer.

Amidon Lucinda M., r 25, (Mrs. Marshall) owns farm 15, and woodland 40.

Amsden Charles J., farmer, leases of W. C. Briggs 200.

Amsden Fred E., r 16, laborer. 

Amsden Mary H., r 16, widow of R. Marcellus, h and 5 acres.

Andrews Abial F., (Gouldsville) 2d selectman, dealer in dry goods, crockery, glassware, boots, shoes, provisions, groceries, etc.

Andrews Charles E., jeweler, dealer in clocks, watches and jewelry, Emerson block, h off Main.

Andrews David F., (Gouldsville) supt. of J. W. Gould's woolen-mill.

Andrews George L., (Gouldsville) foreman spinner in woolen-mill, bds. with David F.

ANDREWS GILBERT R., r 33, agent for Pillsbury's flour, prop. grist and saw-mill, wheelwright and blacksmith shop, lumber manuf., dealer in watches, apiarist 20 colonies, farmer 87, timberland in Waitsfield 221, and occupies Simond's estate 45.

Andrews Lucina, resident, h Elm.

Andrews Richard, retired farmer, aged 91, owns h and 2 acres Main. [Deceased.]

Andrews Robert, (Gouldsville) retired factory overseer.

Andrews Samuel P., r 18, farmer 75; aged 73.

Annis George N., r 9, peddler, h and lot.

Austin Adelbert, laborer. 

Austin George laborer, h Wall cor. Pleasant.

Austin Julius T., carpenter and joiner, owns farm in Hancock, Addison Co. 10, h Central.

Austin Martha, widow of Chester R., h Elm. 

Averill David T., insurance agent, h and 2 acres Highland ave. 

Averill Edward, brakeman, bds. Center: 

Averill George S., passenger conductor C. V. R. R., h Central.

Averill Henry, r 25, 7 cows, 14 Shropshire sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 125.

Averill John S.; baggage master C. V. R. R., h and lot Center.

Averill Roland, retired blacksmith, aged 74, h Main. 

Avery George, r 15, son of Lewis W. 

AVERY HOTEL, L. W. Avery, prop., lively connected, Main. 

Avery Israel, r 15, resident. 

AVERY LEWIS W., r 15, breeder of Hambletonian, Mambrino, American Star, Lambert and Draco Prince horses, 13 head, Plymouth Rock fowls, prop. Avery Hotel and livery, farm 53.

Avery Lydia A. Mrs., resident, h Slate ave. 


Bacon Frank E., formerly of Bacon & Houston, h School.

Badger Angie E., teacher, graduate of Northfield High school, bds. Vine.

Badger Ellen E., teacher 42 terms, bds. with Mrs. Sarah A. Williams. 

Badger George K., fireman C. V. R. R., bds. Vine.

BADGER L. MALANCIE, widow of Charlton R., resident, h Vine. 

Bailey George H., (S. Northfield) r 44, farmer.

Baker Abbie, widow of Willis F., h Central.

Baker Joseph, (S. Northfield) miller.

Balch Alma A. Miss, resident, h Cross.

BALCH ZILPHA, (Gouldsville) widow of William D., resident, aged 72, h and lot.

Bancroft Charles A., customs house officer, h Central.

Bard Mary E. Mrs., (Gouldsville) weaver in woolen-mill, bds. with F. L. Hutchins.

Barker Hopson, farmer, leases of Lucretia Guild 17, h Center.

Barnett Burt G., farmer for F. Kimball, and owns in Moretown farm 68.

Barry David, section hand, h n Railroad.

BATES GILBERT C., car inspector and repairer C. V. R. R., h Cross cor. School.

Bates Louisa M., widow of Orin, resides with Gilbert C., aged 71.

Battles Edward B., laborer, Center.

Bayer Mariette E., widow of Joseph, h and lot at the Center, n corporation line.

Bean H. Irving, son of Henry D. 

Bean Henry D., machinist, millwright and engineer, h off Pearl. 

Bean William R., carriage and sign painter, East, h Vine.

Beard Charles F., machinist, h Water.

Beard Ira Rev., superannuated M. E. clergyman, h School.

BELKNAP PERLEY, retired founder and machine manuf., owns foundry, machine shop, factory, and 100 acres, in Moretown 100, and h and 15 acres in Berlin, aged 81, h N. Main.

BELL ALEXANDER, pensioner, served in 1st Vt. Cav., and in Co. K, 4th Vt. Vols., through the war, aged 70, h Wall.

Bell John J., (Gouldsvilte) r 3, farmer, leases of H. W. Thresher 65.

Bellinger Lyle F., professor of civil engineering and architecture in Norwich university.

BEMIS JEREMIAH W. REV., M. E. clergyman 41 years, retired, h and lot Slate ave.

Benedict Charles M., (Gouldsville) carpenter and joiner, served in Co. F, 5th N. Y. Vols., 3 Years.

Benson Charles, r 20, (William & Charles Benson).

Benson William, r 20, (William & Charles Benson).

Benson William & Charles, r 20, farmers 195. 

Bereau Isadore, laborer.

BERRY JEREMIAH, (Gouldsville) manuf. of fire kindlers, disabled soldier, served in Co's A and B, 69th N.Y. Vols., and had right shoulder shattered at Spottsytvania.

Bixby Gertrude L., widow of John O., canvasser, bds. Vine.

Blake Bert E., r 9, laborer. 

Blake Asahel, r 9, pensioner, h and lot. 

Blake Charles F., r 9, retired farmer 5, aged 75. 

Blake Fred A., r 9, farmer, h and 2 acres. 

Blake Ruel, r 9, farmer, occupies 2 acres.

Blake William A., village trustee, dealer in groceries, provisions, candies, cigars, etc., Eagle block, h Central.

Bliss Lucinda, widow of George, resident, h Summer.

Blodgett Hiram A., freight conductor C. V. R. R., h North.

Blodgett O. Frank, off r 9, farmer 50. 

Blood Mary Mrs., resident, h Central.

Blood William, laborer, h Wall.

Boardman Angustus, (S. Northfield) r 43, farmer 50.

Boardman David, farmer 100.

Boardman David A., r 23, 25 head cattle, 50 sheep, 300 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, farmer 190.

Boland Maurice, laborer, aged 70, h Pleasant.

Booth Ernest V., teacher, bds. School.

Booth Isaac P. Rev., pastor Universalist church, supt. of schools and principal of graded school, h School.

Bowman Sarah P., resides with Sylvester.

Bowman Sylvester, r 8, farmer 150.

BOYNTON LAURA A., widow of Capt. William H., resident, h Vine n Railroad.

Boynton William H., brakeman C. V. R. R., resides with Mrs. L. A.

BRADFORD PHILANDER D., A. M., Ph. D., physician and surgeon, aged 75, professor of anatomy and physiology in Norwich university, has practiced in Northfield since 1854, and served as surgeon of the 5th Vt. Vols., h Vine.

Braley Ellen M., widow of George, h Water cor. Wall.

Braman Dewitt C., (Gouldsville) shoemaker. 

Brelivet J. Rev., pastor St. John's Roman Catholic church, h Vine. 

Briggs Charles H., fireman C. V. R. R., h Vine.

Briggs Gertrude I, teacher, bds. Center.

Briggs Harvey N., r 28 n 59, 6 cows, farmer, owns with Lucy 160, and in Roxbury 50. 

Briggs Horace B., farmer 7 1/2, h at the Center.

Briggs Lucy Miss, r 28 n 29, resides with Harvey N.

Briggs Nellie H., teacher, bds. Center.

Briggs Warren C., (S. Northfield ) general blacksmith, farm 115.

Brigham Effie F., (Roxbury) off r 33, dressmaker.

BRIGHAM GEORGE W., (Roxbury) r 33 n 30, apiarist 42 colonies, Italian bees, and farmer with William B.

BRIGHAM WILLIAM B., (Roxbury) r 33 n 30, 5 head cattle, 200 sugar trees, farmer 80. 

Brill Charles C., A. M., supt. and professor of chemistry, physics and natural sciences at Norwich university, bds. Northfield House. 

Brooks James P., r 21, farmer with T. S. 

BROOKS JOSIAH P., mechanic, emp. C. H. Newell, served in Co. F, 12th Vt. Vols., owns h and 1 acre and 40 fruit trees Pleasant.

Brooks T. Spencer, r 21, formerly merchant, 14 head cattle, about 68 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 200. 

Brooks T. Spencer, Jr., laborer.

Brown Albert Harleigh, (Gouldsville) harnessmaker, h, shop and lot. 

Brown Alice M., teacher, bds with Denison .

Brown Cyrus, retired manuf. and lawyer, aged 76, h Summer cor. Pleasant.

Brown Denison, retired farmer; owns farm in Williamstown, Orange Co., 300, h Main. 

Brown Ellen L., teacher, bds. with Denison:

Brown Fannie A., teacher, bds. with Denison. 

Brown Francis H., laborer.

Brown Halsey R., (Smith & Brown) director Northfield National bank, retired merchant, h and 9 acres Main. 

Brown Herbert H., farm laborer. 

Brown Lucina, resident, bds. Main. 

Brown R. E., farmer, leases of W. D. Plastridge 400. 

Brunell Frank, section hand C. V. R. R., h off N. Main. 

Buck Arthur C., (Berlin) r 13, farmer with Bradley. 

Buck Bradley, (Berlin) r 13, 12 cows, 15 head other cattle, 2,000 sugar trees,  farmer 200, aged 73. 

Buck Henry H., r 24 cor. 20, laborer. 

Buck James H., (Berlin) r 13, farmer with Bradley. 

Bugbee Harriet, widow of Alanson, h Main. 

Burdoe Lillian L., (Gouldsville) carder in woolen factory, bds. at Butterfield's.

Burdoe Peter, r 18, stone mason and farmer 80.

Burke Ellen, widow of John, h n Railroad. 

Burnham Ann M., (S. Northfield) r 44, widow of Aaron M., resides with Mrs. D. H. Shaw. 

Burnham Harris, (Gouldsville) farmer 90. 

Bush Peter, laborer, h N. Main. 

Bush Truman L., r 8, farmer for Mrs. E. Peabody. 

Butterfield Ellen B., (Gouldsville) widow of Edwin, resides with John R. 

Butterfield George D., (Roxbury) r 32, fireman C. V. R. R. R. 

Butterfield James, (Roxbury) r 32 n 33, emp, railroad, and farmer, leases farm of George 5.

BUTTERFIELD JOHN R., (Gouldsville) finisher in woolen factory.

Butterfield Miriam (Roxbury) r 32 n 33, widow of James, aged 83, pensioner of the War of 1812.

Butterfield Miriam H. Miss, (Roxbury) r 32, resident.

Butterfield Ruth H., (Gouldsville) (Mrs. J. R.) prop. boarding-house.

Buzzell Charles M., r 5, farmer about 110.

Buzzell James M., locomotive engineer C. V. R. R., h Traverse.


Cady George W., blacksmith, h North. 

Cady J. Calvin, retired farmer, bank director, and owns 75 acres land, h Vine.

Cady Joseph C., (Gouldsville) retired locomotive engineer and farmer 22.

Cady Leonard, emp. C. V. R. R., h and lot Elm.

Campbell Eugene E., night agent at R. R. station, bds. Central.

Cannan Patrick, laborer, h Summer.

Cannan Patrick W:, laborer, h Pleasant. 

Carey Mary, h Main. 

Carpenter Betsey, widow of Heman, h School. 

Carpenter Eugene, r 8, 6 cows, farmer 100.

Carpenter Frank N., barber and hair-dresser, dealer in cigars and prop. of billiard hall, Eagle block, h Union.

Carpenter Philura, widow of Roswell, aged 74, resides with A. Pearsons. 

Carroll Edwin R., h School.

Case Alfred L., brick mason and plasterer, h Pearl. 

Case Ida A., dressmaker, bds. Pearl. 

CASS GEORGE W., (Gouldsville) finisher in woolen factory. 

Cass Theophilus G., (Gouldsville) retired stone mason, aged 83, owns 10 acres land.

Catlin Edward H., 1st lieut. 2d. Art., U. S. A., and professor military science at Norwich university, h Slate ave.

CHANDLER CHARLES W., Gouldsville) spinner in woolen-mill, h and lot; born in Strafford, Orange Co., in 1846.

CHASE ALBERT C., violinist, carriagemaker, manuf. of carriages and sleighs to order, hearse building a specialty, East opp. depot, h Pearl.

Chase Alfred O., wheelwright and painter, Main, h Prospect.

Chase Frank W., r 31 cor. 22, farmer with C. A. Tracy.

Churchill Charles, r 4, son of Henry P.

Churchill Henry P., r 4, farmer 100.

Claflin William H. H., carpenter, contractor and builder, h North. 

Claggett Clifton, retired physician, aged 80, h at the Center. 

Claggett William Clayton, formerly dry goods dealer in Montreal, owns farm 10, h at the Center. 

Clancy Alice B., tailoress, bds. Pleasant. 

Clancy Thomas F., resident, aged 73, h Pleasant. 

Clapp Samuel C., r 8, farmer, leases of J. M. Emerson 53.

Clark Alden L., off r 8, farmer about 100.

Clark George W., truckman, h Main. 

CLARK ISRAEL B., (Gouldsville) resident, h and lot, served in Co. H, 11th Vt. Vols., three years, and lost a limb at Winchester. 

Clark John; (Gouldsville) r 3, farmer 75. 

Clark Oren B., (Gouldsville) retired farmer, aged 82.

Clark Royal W., off r 39, selectman, justice of the peace and farmer 150.

Clough Ellen L., r 2, housekeeper. 

Clough Henry A., r 2, farmer with Henry H. 

Clough Henry H., r 2 n town line, aged 72, farmer 104.

Clough M. James, dealer in lumber, wood and live stock, farm in Roxbury 300, h Main.

Clurey John, r 16, resident, aged 75, h and 10 acres.

Cobleigh Addie E., (S. Northfield) teacher.

Cobleigh Martin, (S. Northfield) manuf. of sash, doors and blinds, h, shop and 3 acres.

COBURN BENJAMIN F., house painter, served in, Co. K, 7th, and Co. C, 1st Vt. Cav., h Pleasant cor. Wall.

Coburn James M., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory.

Coburn Washington, house painter and paper hanger, aged 71, h Summer opp. Pleasant.

Coburn William H., laborer, bds. with B. F. 

Cochrane Edmund W., (Gouldsville) jeweler by trade, disabled veteran, h and lot.

Cochrane Stephen, retired tailor, aged 87, h Center. 

COFRIN CHARLES H., expressman and truckman, n .freight depot; h Pleasant:.

COFRIN GEORGE R., r 26, farmer with D. W. Hadley, and owns 14 acres.

Cofrin James R., farmer, h Center.

Colb Elhanan W., blacksmith and horseshoes, East, h and 2 acres Vine.

Colby Sarah A., widow of Jonathan E.; resident, h and lot Center. 

Collins Bartholomew; section foreman C. V. R. R., h n Railroad.

Collins James, emp. C. V. R. R. 

Collins Michael, (S. Northfield) r 42, 8 cows, farmer 100.

Connell Barney; laborer; h North.

Connell James, emp. C. V. R. R., h North.

Connell Jane B., (Mrs. Bernard) h North Branch. 

Converse Addie B. widow of B. Clark, resident, h Slate ave. 

Conway John, section hand C. V. R. R., h n Railroad. 

Cook Arthur C., r 33 1/2, carpenter. 

Cook Charles H., r 33 1/2, laborer. 

Cook David A., (Gouldsville) r 3, carpenter and joiner, h and lot in Barre, bds. with L. Rich.

COOK FREDERICK N., (Gouldsville) foreman finisher in woolen factory, leader of Northfield cornet band.

Cook Julia, (Gouldsville) widow of William, weaver in woolen factory.

Cook Ogilvia S., r 33 1/2, stone mason and farmer 50. 

Corbelle Frank, farmer 150. 

Corcoran Michael, (Gouldsville) farmer 150.

Cotter John, emp. railroad. N;

Cotter William, conductor of butter train C. V. R. R., h Union. 

Crane George H., press Northfield Savings bank, and dealer in dry goods Central block, h Main. 

Crane Lizzie S., saleslady for George H., bds. Main. 

Crawford George L., r 2 9, 8 cows, farmer 116. 

Crawford Sarah, widow of John G., owns h and lot at the Center, aged 77, resides with George L. 

Cressy Lydia A., (Gouldsville) r 3, weaver, aged 64. 

Cressy Pardon B., (Gouldsville) r 3, farmer 4. 

Cressy Sophronia L., (Gouldsville) r 3, carpet weaver.

Crocker Louisa M., widow of Amasa, owns with Laura Kelsey h and 11 acres. 

Cross Albert S., (Gouldsville) 6 cows, farmer 160. 

Cross Ernest L., (Gouldsville) farmer with Albert S. 

Cross Herbert N., (Gouldsville) student at Norwich university, bds. with Albert S.

Culver Chandler T., r 5, farmer, leases of E. Porter 225 

Culver Henry A.,,(Roxbury) r 32 n 31, farmer 25. Currier Ira P., laborer.

Curtis Mary M., (Mrs. S. H.) dressmaker.  Curtis Simeon H., yard foreman. and car repairer C. V. R. R., h Cross.

Cushman Will F., commercial taveler, h.Central.

Cutler Aaron P., mechanic, h Union.

CUTLER HARVEY M., r 9 n 8, prop. saw-mill, manuf. of rough and dressed lumber and shingles, practical millwright and carpenter, h and 7 acres, served in 1st Vt. Bat. nearly 3 years.

Cutler Laura A., (Mrs. F. H. Dwight) resident, h Traverse.

Cutting Harvey I., lumber manuf., h Main cor. Slate ave.


Dana James M., retired printer, aged 75, h N. Main.

Dane , Jane S:, widow of John M., resident, h Vine n Railroad.

DAVENPORT' EDWIN, r 27, farmer 18, served in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols., 3 years. [Deceased.]

Davenport George E., r 27; farmer, and emp. railroad, son of Edwin. 

Davenport H. C., farm laborer.

Davenport Spencer T., r 27, farmer.

Davis Charles M., student in Boston University Law school, son of John P. 

Davis Frank, (Gouldsville) second hand in woolen factory, bds. at Butterfields.

Davis Harriet N., widow of Horace A., resident; h Pearl cor. Vine. 

Davis Horace W., bridge carpenter C. V. R: R., h Union cor. Traverse. 

Davis John C., brick mason, h Pleasant.

Davis John P., trustee of public money, general merchant dealer in farm implements and fertilizers, agent for Buckeye mowers, Thomas & Bullard tedders, Tiger, Royal, National and Taylor No. 4 hay rakes, Kemp manure spreaders, etc., owns farm 10, in Roxbury timberland 22, in  Brookfield, Orange Co ., farm 130, h at the Center. 

Davis Joseph R., blacksmith, carriage ironer and repairer, East, h and lot School. 

Davis Lucinda , r 33 1/2 cor. 30, widow of Serel C. 

Davis Orris O., town grand juror, deputy sheriff, physician and surgeon, graduate Dartmouth Medical college, class of '64, breeder of and dealer in fine horses, owns farm 400, h Vine. 

Davis Pascal P., r 15; laborer, h and lot. 

Davis William M., supt. of Northfield Aqueduct Co., farmer, h pearl. 

Denison Catharine , (Mrs. J. J.) owns pasture land 15. 

Denison Jerome J. r 15, job teamster, and farmer 12, 

Denny Addison O., clerk for Andrew E. 

Denny Andrew E., dealer in groceries and hardware, general manager of Northfield Black Slate Co., Central block, h Main.

DENNY BURTON A. (S. Northfield) r 38, (George Denny & Son). 

DENNY CHAUNCEY, retired merchant, h Prospect cor. Highland ave. 

Denny David (S. Northfield) r 38, farmer, h and lot.

DENNY FARM, (S. Northfield) r 38 n 37, George Denny & Son, props., 250 acres.

DENNY GEORGE, (S. Northfield) r 38 n 37, (George Denny & Son) lister, agent for Ferguson & Hopkins's water heater, owns farm in Williamstown, Orange Co., 100.

Denny George H., (S. Northfield) blacksmith, wheelwright, carpenter, and farmer, owns on r 38 farm 30.

DENNY GEORGE & SON, (S. Northfield) r 38 n 37, (Burton A.) breeder of high grade Jersey cattle, 37 head, 18 cows, 30 sheep, 7 horses, 7 pure Berkshire swine, 500 sugar trees, props. Denny farm 250, settled by David Denny about 1793.

Denny Henry S., (S. Northfield) r 38, graduate Norwich university.

Denny Homer, r 27, 20 grade Jersey cows, 14 head young cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 220. 

DENNY JOSEPH, retired farmer, 130 sheep, 40 head cattle, owns 180 off, r 9, 120 on r 27, 100 off r 26, in Roxbury 140, owns one-half of Central block, h and lot on Central st., resides Slate ave. 

Derby Dan M., r 45, farmer with Marvin 158.

Derby Marvin, r 45, 12 grade Holstein cows, 10 head young cattle, farmer with Dan M. 158.

Dewey Joseph, r 5 n 2, carpenter, aged 85. 

Dewey Erastus K. (S. Northfield') retired farmer, aged 80, h and lot.

Dewey Roswell, express messenger White River Junction to St. Albans, h Main.

Doheny James, emp. C. V. R. R., h and lot King.

Dolan Margaret, widow of James, resident, h King.

Dolan Patrick, emp, C. V. R. R., h King. 

DOLE CHARLES, town representative for 17 years, professor of political economy and history in Norwich university, general agent for Northern Vermont and New Hampshire for Bowker's fertilizers, 15 grade Jersey cows, 6 head other cattle, 400 sugar trees, 400 fruit trees, 1 1/2 acres of strawberries, one-half acre of black raspberries, h and 5 acres at the Center, woodland 11, and leases of Mrs. C. S. farm 190.

Dole French M., off r 26, 8 cows, breeder of horses, 6 head, farmer about 100.

Dole George M., r 26, brick mason and plasterer, resides with Samuel. 

DOLE JASON E., r 28 n 26, mason and plasterer, 8 cows, 4 head young cattle, 350 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, farmer 165.

Dole Samuel, r 26, 500 sugar trees, farmer I65. 

Donahue Jeremiah C., r 11, farmer 100. 

Donahue John, resident, aged over 70, h Summer. 

Donahue Roger, r 20 cor. 23, farmer 130.

Donahue Timothy, farmer, aged about 70, h Summer.

Dooley Agnes M., organist, St, John's church, bds. Water. 

Dooley Ellen, widow of Martin, h and lot Water. 

Doty Andrew, farmer, h and lot. 

Downing Arthur E., barber and dealer in guns, over Nichols's drug store, h Central.

DOWNING FRED B., crayon artist, and dealer in antique clocks with William P., h Center. 

Downing William P., retired merchant and dealer in antique clocks, h and lot Center. 

Doyle John, brakeman C. V. R. R., h King,

Doyle Morgan, laborer, h n railroad off N. Main.

Duggan Jeremiah, r 6, farmer with John 225.

Duggan John, r 6, farmer with Jeremiah 125, in Waitsfield woodland 100.

Duggan Patrick, r 6, 17 cows, 13 head young cattle, farmer 200.

Duke Charles S., barber with A. E. Downing, bds. Pleasant.

Dumas John P., (Gouldsville) finisher in woolen-mill, bds. with L. Greenwood.

Dunsmoor Arthur W., r 3o n 23, farmer with Walter H,

Dunsmoor Edwin R.; off r 23, farmer 100:

Dunsmoor H. Hazen, (Gouldsville) railroad conductor, h and 1 1/2 acres.

Dunsmoor Hiram, (Gouldsville) farmer 32.

DUNSMOOR WALTER H. r 30 n 23, 12 cattle, 4 horses, 400 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, farmer 30, and 80 on r 22.

Dunsmoor Willard F., r 21, farmer 88.

Dunsmoor Willie E., r 23 cor. 22, lister, district collector, 6 cows, 50 sheep, 5 Morgan and Hambletonian horses, 250 sugar trees, 300 apple trees, farmer 160.

Duphany Seelim, (S. Northfield) farmer 200.

Durkee S. P., retired, h Main.

DUTTON CHARLES.H. (GouldsvllIe) finisher in woolen factory, owns in Berlin farm 100, served in 3d Vt. Bat.

Dutton Fred W, (Dutton & Richmond) h Main.

Dutton & Richmond, (Fred W. D. and Carlos S. R.) dealers, in dry goods, ladies garments and shawls; groceries, boots; shoes, jewelry, silverware, flour, feed, etc., Central block. 

Dyke Frederick C., r 22, farmer, leases of Mrs. Levina A. 60. 

DYKE LEVINA A., r 22, widow of Daniel D., owns farm 90.

Dyke Samuel J., r 22, farmer with Levina A.


Eastman Frank J., carpenter, h Cross.

EASTMAN RHODOLPHUS T., wheelwright, served in Co. C, 15th Vt. Vols., h and shop at the Center. 

Eaton Henry K., (Gouldsville) farmer about 10.

Eaton Herbert J., (Gouldsville) clerk for A. F. Avdrews.

Eaton Maria M., (Gouldsville) (Mrs. H. K.) dressmaker.

EDGERTON C. D., notary public, att'y at law and real estate agent, h Main.

Edgerton Charles A., vice-pres. Northfield National bank, h Main. 

Edgerton Charles A., Jr., cashier Northfield National bank, notary public, agent Northwestern Life Insurance Co., of Milwaukee, Wis., h Main.

Edgerton Orvis D., general merchant, owns farms 100, Union block.

Edgerton William, laborer, bds. Summer.

Edwards George K., r 24, 7 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 82.

Edwards Lucia M., widow of Gideon, resident, h Main.

Egerton Emily L., (Mrs. Joseph K.) assistant town clerk, h Main.

EGERTON JOSEPH K., notary public, town auditor, town clerk, dealer in wool, life, fire and accident insurance agent, sec'y Masonic Relief Association of Vermont, sec'y of Odd Fellows' Relief Association, sec'y Northfield Improvement Co., and pres. Elmwood Cemetery Association, dealer in wood, owns in Stockbridge, Windsor Co., 20 acres land, Main, h do.

Eggleston Lavina F. Miss, seamstress, h Union.

Elliott Thomas, r 33 1/2, 20 head cattle, 50 sheep; farmer 100.

Elliott Thomas W., r 33 1/2, farmer with Thomas.

Emerson George H., r 36, farmer 196.

Emerson James M., tinsmith and farmer 50, bds with S. King.

Emerson Samuel O., r 9, cooper and farmer 12.

Evans James, janitor Norwich university, h Central.

Evans Oscar A., emp. G. W. Tillotson, bds. Main.


FARNHAM NELSON, farmer, served in Co. D, Vt. Vols., h Union.

Farnsworth Calvin, r 26 cor. 18, 10 grade Jersey cows, dealer in live stock, farmer 114 .

Farrar Lyman F., agent for proprietary medicines, h Vine.

FELCH WALLACE, r 6 n 7, 12 cows, 20 head other cattle, 50 sheep, 5 horses, farmer 275, served in Co. C, 15th Vt. Vols.

Ferris Henry, night baggageman C. V. R. R. station, h Central cor. South.

Field Dana D., cooper, h and lot Elm.

FIELD MOSES L., r 1, manuf. of and dealer in Palmer horse hoes, 80 sheep, 200 sugar trees, farmer 230.

FIELD WALDO S., r 1, son of Moses L. 

Field Wesley O., r 1, poultry grower for J. Beals, of N. Ashburnham, Mass. 

Finn David, off r 2, resident.

FISHER GEORGE H., (S. Northfield) r 44 n 38, carriagemaker and manuf. of shingles, general jobber, owns shoe, h and 15 acres, commissary sergeant of Co. F. N. E. G. 

Fisk Etta, (S., Northfield) farmer 200.

Fisk Frances L., r 23, widow of Elliot C., farm 200, resides with D: A. Boardman.

Fisk George M., att'y at law, owns slate quarries 250 acres, timberland in Granville, Addison Co., 100, in Moretown 50, and owns Northfield Hotel, h Main. [Deceased.],

Fisk. Jane E., widow of George M., resident, h Main. 

Fisk Keziah, widow of Samuel, aged 90, resides with F. S. Newton.

Fisk Martha A., teacher and compositor, bds, Vine.

Fisk William J., r 5, farmer 80.

Flanders Jacob, aged, 75; resident, h Elm.

Fletcher James C., prop. Northfield House, livery and billiard room connected, Main. 

Flood Nicholas, section hand C. V. R. R., h n Railroad.

Ford Arzo B., off r 5, farm laborer for Amos Plastridge.

Ford Fremont R., (Gouldsville) wool sorter at factory, bds. at Butterfield's.

Forsyth W. J. laborer.

Foster Ann M., widow of Lorenzo D., dealer in ladies' fancy goods. Central, h do. 

Foster L. D., laborer, bds. Main. 

Fowler Charles F., (Berlin) r 12, farmer, leases of Joel Simonds.

Friend Frank, quarryman, h and lot King.

Frost Willard W., resident, h Central cor. South.

Fuller Emeline B., widow of Alexander, h Water.


Garvey William, farmer 50.

Gay Joseph, blacksmith in Barre, h N. Main.

GEORGE DAVID A., (S. Northfield) r 46 n 43, 8 cows, 5 head other cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 180, aged 72. [Deceased.]

George Edward, (S. Northfield) farmer, h and lot.

George Henry M., (S. Northfield) r 43, blacksmith, and prop. stock horse “Catell.''

GEORGE VERNIE P., (S. Northfield) r 46, farmer with David A. 

GERRY E. & CO., (Rev. Elbridge G., of West Randolph, Orange Co., and, Frank W. Sault) publishers and props. Northfield News, and job printers. 

Giffin Richard J., veteran soldier, served in Co. D, 13th Vt. Vols., h N. Main.

Giffin R. W., laborer, bds. Main. 

Gilbert Peter, r 11, farmer about 140. 

Gilchrist Marcia E., (Marcia E. Gilchrist & Co.) widow of L. D., h Main. 

Gilchrist Marcia E. & Co., dealers in millinery and fancy goods. 

Gillespie Robert, (Gouldsville) r 3 n R. R., repairer at woolen-mill, owns farm about 20.

Glennon Thomas, (Gouldsville) farmer.

Glennon Timothy, farm laborer. 

Glidden Erwin G., r 19, son of G. F., engineer.

GLIDDEN GEORGE F., r 19 n 20, prop. steam saw-mill, manuf. of rough and dressed lumber, shingles and clapboards, owns 28 acres land, and the Hiot Glidden farm 80.

Glidden Herbert S., r 40 cor. 41, 16 cows, 90 sheep, farmer, leases the Moses Robinson farm 350. 

Gokey.Charles C., blacksmith, Main, h and lot East.

Gokey William H., emp. C. V. R. R., h Pleasant.

Gold Corydon B., harnessmaker and dealer in harnesses, whips, blankets, and horse furnishing goods, Stevens block n depot, h Wall. 

Gold Frank W., r 27, prop. of Dog River Valley fair grounds, supt. of Dog  River Valley Fair Association, 500 sugar trees, 25 head cattle, 17 grade Jersey cows, farmer with William 250, and in Roxbury 25. 

Gold Joseph, r 35, aged 70; farmer 40. 

Gold William, r 27, aged 80, farmer with Frank W. 250, and in Roxbury 100.

Gorman Patrick, slate quarryman, h n Railroad. 

Gosley Frank, general blacksmith, Main cor. Water, h Vine cor. Main.

GOULD J: & SON, (Gouldsville) (Joseph, deceased, and Joseph W. Gould) props, woolen-mills and manufs. of. white flannels; own 12 tenements and 50 acres land.

GOULD JOSEPH W., (Gouldsville) (J. Gould & Son).

Gourley Genevieve Miss, h Traverse cor. School.

Gourley Mary J. Miss, h Traverse cor. School.

Grandfield Andrew, (Gouldsville) r 4, farmer 80.

Grandfield Andrew, Jr., (Gouldsville) farmer.

Grandfield Charles, (Gouldsville) emp. C. V. R. R.

Grandfield William R., off r 30, farmer about 110.

GRANT EDWIN O., (Gouldsville) railroader and quarryman, bds. with L. Greenwood.

Grant Norah, (Gouldsville) widow of Osamus, resident, h and lot.

Graves Charles T., retired commercial traveler, h Summer. 

Graves John, book canvasser, aged 73, h Center.

Greaney Jeremiah, clerk, bds. Northfield House.

GREEN JOHN S., book-keeper and machinist, 10 cows, on r 36 farm 160, served 3 years in Co. B, 4th Vt. Vols.

GREENWOOD JOHN L., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory, bds. with C. H. Dutton.

Greenwood Lewis, (Gouldsville) Blacksmith and horseshoer; born in St. Gregoire, Canada, in 1826, married Alma Rivers in November, 1858.

GREENWOOD WILLIE G., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen-mill, bds. with Lewis.

GREGG ELIZA J., widow of Robert M., resident, h and lot Summer cor. Pleasant.

Gregg Frances A. Miss, resides with Mrs. E. J.

Grow Solon P., shoemaker, Central block, h Vine.

Guild Dan, r 15, 20 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 90.


HADLEY DAVID W., r 26, 9 cows, 7 head other cattle, 25 sheep, 200 sugar trees, 200 fruit trees, farmer 210; born on his present farm in 1808. 

Ham Freeman, bridge carpenter C. V. R. R., bds. Pleasant.

Hannon Michael, emp. C. V. R. R. 

Hardy H. Briggs, farmer, leases of H. H. Walling 30 pure and grade Holstein cows, 43 head of cattle and farm 300 h N. Main.

Harrigan Timothy, section hand C. V. R. R., h and lot East.

Harrington Julia, widow of Maurice, h Railroad.

Harrington John, emp. C. V. R. R. 

Harris Frank L, general jobbing machinist, Paine factory, h North.

HARRIS L. PAGE, mind. of rough and dressed lumber, prop. grist-mill and dealer in grain and feed, Paine factory; h North.

Hartwell Albert C., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory.

Harwood Clara E., teacher, bds. Union.

Harwood Lewis C., (Gouldsville) night watchman in woolen factory. 

Harwood Samuel, laborer, h Union. 

Hassam Ferdinand, r 30 n 33, farmer with Mrs: Louisa 150. 

Hassam Louisa, r 30 n 33, widow of Lewis, resident, owns with Ferdinand farm 150.

Hassam Nelson, r 9, carpenter and builder, owns in Roxbury farm 80.

Hassett David, railroad man in the West, h Main. 

Hatch Stillman A., butcher, h North. 

Hathaway Mary, (Gouldsville) widow of Adoniram C., aged 71, h and lot. .

Hoyden Chauncy L:, r 14, 86 sheep, 4 horses, 150 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

HAZELTON, JAMES H., agent for Morgan odorless cooker, butcher and farmer 70, h off Highland n slate quarry. 

Hazen William S. Rev., pastor Northfield Cong. church, pres. Northfield Library Association, h Main cor., Prospect. 

Heath John, (Gouldsville) farmer 36.

Hedges Elijah, laborer, h Center.

Hedges James B., off r 5, carpenter, mason, and farmer 100. 

Hedges Marshall, farmer, h Union. 

Hendee Rosalyn, widow of George W., h School.

HENRY ADDIE E. r 42, daughter of John. 

Henry John, r 42, 9 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 160.

Hildreth Samuel M., (Roxbury) off r 32, farmer, aged 72.

HILDRETH T. B. RANSOM, (Roxbury) off r 33, 7 cows, 8 head young cattle, farmer about 170, and timber lot in Roxbury.

Hill Albert M., r 5, farmer 44.

Hill Nathaniel r 6 , 40 head cattle, 45 sheep, Chester white swine, farmer about 400. 

Hill Rosina M. Mrs., r 5, resident, owns farm 5.

Hitchcock Alonzo, superannuated M. E. clergyman, aged 74, h Central.

HITT JESSE M., A. M., principal Northfield graded and High school and sec'y Vermont State Teachers' Association, h Pearl. [Removed to Boston, Mass.]

Hodgdon John D., (S. Northfield) resident. 

Hodgdon Kent, laborer, h Pearl. 

Hogan Henry, (Gouldsville) wool scourer in factory. 

Hogan John, (Gouldsville) laborer.

Hogan Michael, (Gouldsville) aged 86, resides with Henry.

Hogan Stephen, r 1 n 6, farmer 80. 

Holden William W., (S. Northfield) r 15, town agent, breeder of high grade Jersey cattle 20 head 10 cows, 325 sugar trees, farmer 125 including slate quarry.

Holdsworth Ellen, widow of William, h North.

Holland Dennis, r 11, 7 cows, farmer 90.

Holland John, emp. C. V. R. R. 

Holland John W., farm laborer. 

Holland Timothy, r 14, 20 head cattle, 90 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 300.

Holt David P., shoemaker, Union block, h Union.

Holt Fred L.; fireman C. V. R. R., h Traverse.

Holton Albert. W., farmer with Ira A. 

Holton Charles L., r 8, 9 cows and farmer 100.

Holton Clara G., teacher. 

Holton Ira A., r 4 n 9; 20 cows, farmer 300.

Holton William H., r 8, 12 cows, farmer 100.

HOPKINS JOHN G., off r 9, farmer 120 

Hopkins Marshall retired farmer, aged 72, h and 2 1/2 acres Center.

HOPKINS MARY (Mrs. John G.).

Hornbrook John, (Gouldsville) r 3 n railroad, prop. saw-mill.

Houghton, Eunice E., widow of Jason D., resident, h Union.

Houghton Julius, clerk for J. M. Temple, bds. Union. 

Houghton Louise M., teacher, bds. Union.

Houston Aaron B., prop. boarding-house, Wall cor. Water.

Houston Calvin J., r 5, farmer. 

Houston Charles H., r 5, farmer.

HOUSTON FERDINAND J., manuf. of wire mattresses and spring beds, prop. grist and planing-mill, dealer in all kinds of feed, Eagle block, h  n depot.

Houston Francis P., r 8, farmer. 

Houston Laura M., r 5, widow of Oscar A. 

Houston Nathaniel M., r 8, bds. with George K. Edwards. 

Houston T Jefferson, carpenter, aged 71, h Union cor. Traverse. 

Howard Cyrus , resident, aged 71, h Elm.

Howe Asa, professor of engineering and field work, owns woodland 5, graduate of Dartmouth Medical college, class of 1845, aged 72, h Center.

HOWE ELHANAN W., (F. L. Howe & Co.) deputy sheriff, h Vine.

HOWE, (F. L. & Co., (Elhanan W. Rowe) manufs. and dealers in foreign, and American marble monuments, headstones, urns, tablets, fonts, posts, borders, also Scotch and American granite monuments, borders, etc., Main.

HOWE FRANK L., (F. L. Howe & Co.) h Vine.

Howe T. Emmons, carpenter, h Central.

Howes Augustus A., r 41, farmer over 300, partly in Williamstown, Orange Co. 

Howes Edward H., r 41, is cows, 3,000 sugar trees, prop. saw-mill, farmer 320.

Howes Maria M., dressmaker, h Main.

HOWES RALPH W., r 41 1 student and farmer with Edward H.

Howes Seymour, r 39, laborer for W. D. Tyler. 

Hughes Thomas O., slate quarryman, h Main. 

Hunt Edgar W., farmer, bds. Summer. 

Hunt Frank, laborer. 

Hunt Frank W., farmer bds. Summer. 

Hunt Nancy A., widow of Byron R., resident, h Summer.

Huntley Erastus, dealer in novelties, paper hangings, etc., Main, h Slate ave. cor. Highland.

Huntley Newcomb, dealer in stoves, tinware, copper, glass and wooden ware, Paine block, h Central. 

Hurley Alwilda Perno, (Mrs. John H.) teacher of penmanship and drawing, h and lot Vine. 

HURLEY C. FRANK, manager telephone office, dealer in flour, grain, feed, boots, shoes, groceries, patent medicines, etc., Northfield Falls.

Hurley C. W., (Gouldsville) farmer 39.

Hurley Cornelius C., clerk for C. Frank, bds. with Mrs. Daniel.

Hurley Cornelius W., (Gouldsville) r 4 n 3, fireman C. V. R. R.

Hurley Dan E., (Gouldsville).

Hurley Daniel, (Gouldsville) roadmaster Mexican Central R. R., stationed at City of Mexico, h and lot.

Hurley John, H., marble and granite worker, h Vine. 

Hurley Mary, (Gouldsville) widow of John.

Hurley Mary L., widow of Cornelius, h n railroad, Northfield Falls.

Hutchins Fred L., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen-mill. 

Hutchins Lewis S., (Gouldsville) postmaster, bds. with S. F. Thompson. 

Hutchinson A. Jackson, r 22, farmer 85. 


Ingalls, C. H., (Gouldsville).

Ingalls Edward, house painter, h Pearl.

Ingalls L. D., (Gouldsville).

Irish George N., r 15, physician and surgeon, h Central. 


Jabut Adolphus, laborer, h King.

Jenks I. Newton, owns farms 150, h Main cor. South.

JEROME NETTLE, widow of John, who served in Co. B, 10th, and Co. K, Vt. Vols., 2 years, and died March 3, 1885, h and lot Pleasant.

Johnson Augustine K., farmer 18, h Center.

Johnson Daniel, physician and surgeon, graduate of Dartmouth college, class of '78, and Medical department, class of '81, Paine block, Pleasant, h do.

Johnson Fayette F., Supt. C. V. R. R. water works, h Central.

Johnson James N., master in chancery, and attorney at law, Central block, h Central. 

Johnson John B., professor of mathematics in Norwich university, h Main. 

Johnson Rodney M., marble polisher, h Slate ave. 

Johnston James P., grocer and fishmonger, Union block, h Union. 

Johnston M. J., peddler, h Union.

JONES EDWIN K.; (S. Northfield) trustee Northfield Savings bank, pres. Masonic Relief Association of Vermont, retired merchant, 27 years in trade at S. Northfield, prop. carding-mill, owns 50 acres land, hand, h and 25 acres.

Jones Fred A., (S. Northfield) postmaster, general merchant, and dealer in farm machinery, fertilizers, etc.

Jones Henry, justice of the peace, 28 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, 200 fruit trees, farmer 600, h at the Center.

JONES HENRY A., lister, breeder of Lambert horses, prop. of registered stallion “Sherman Lambert," No. 3986, owns farms and timberland 200, h at the Center.

Jones James, laborer, h Summer.

Jones John W., (Jones & Jones) slatecutter, h and lot Prospect. 

Jones Lyman D., (Gouldsville) off r 10, 15 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Jones Newell D., (Gouldsville) farmer with Lyman D.

Jones William, farm laborer.

Jones William B., (Jones & Jones) quarryman, bds. Main.

Jones William H., bridge carpenter C. V. R. R., h Pleasant.

Jones William P., slatecutter, h Elm.

Jones & Jones, (John W. and William B.) leasees of Adams's slate quarry.

Joyce William C., railroad engineer, and emp. L. P. Harris, h Main cor. Water. 

Judd Simon F., dealer in groceries and West India goods, Emerson block, h Main. 


KATHAN CHARLES, r 39, 8 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Kathan Isaac, r 39, farmer, bds. with Charles. 

Kathan Levi, laborer, h Center.

Kelley Edwin P., r 9, carpenter and farmer about 32.

Kelley Patrick, farmer, leases of O. O. Davis 65, h n slate quarry, off Highland ave.

Kelley William, farmer 5, aged 72.

Kennedy Richard, r 9, section man C. V. R. R. 

Kent Bashie H., widow of John A., owns 20 acres land, h Slate aver .

Kent Inez M., teacher, bds. Union. 

Kent Sanford H., town liquor agent, farmer, h Vine. 

Kenyon Helen M., assistant postmaster, bds. Main. 

Kenyon Henry L., postmaster, served in Co. F, 1st Vt., Co. C, 14th Vt., and Co. E, 5th Vt. Vols.; h Main. 

Keyes Caroline M., widow of Harvey R., aged 84., h, and lot Main.

Kidder William J. Rev., superannuated M. E. clergyman, aged 78, h and lot Main.

KIMBALL C. SUMNER, prop. meat market, dealer in fresh and salt meats,
salt fish, fruits and vegetables, under Metcalf block, bds. School. 

Kimball Edson A., dealer in poultry and live stock, shipper of potatoes, h Main.

Kimball Francis S., drover and farmer, h head of School.

Kimball Genevieve F., r 8, (Mrs. William E.) resides with S. C. Clapp.

Kimball Helen F., widow of Charles P., resident, h Central. 

KIMBALL SHERMAN, with C. S., h School.

Kimball William E., r 29, laborer. 

King Daniel P., r 3, laborer.

King George, off r 29, 7 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

King Moses, end of r 26, stock grower and farmer 120 

King Nathaniel, (S. Northfield) r 43, 8 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 125.

King Samuel D., laborer, h Union. 

Kingman Elvira, widow of Freeman, h Central.

Kingston John, r 11, farmer with John, Jr. 

Kingston John, Jr., r 11, 12 cows, farmer 175.

Kingston William, (S. Northfield) r 39, farmer 114.

Kinsley Thomas, r 11, farmer with his son Michael.

Knapp Luther, blacksmith, h Pleasant.


Lacoy Frank, laborer, h King.

Ladd Alpa, (Gouldsville) widow of Jonathan T., aged 78.

Ladd George W., farmer, h Central.

Lafley Henry, laborer, h and lot East.

LaForest George, farm laborer.

Lamb Fred E., cadet.

Lane Moses, retired farmer 10, aged 79 h Main.

Langdon Anna C., music teacher, bds. Slate ave.

Latham Almon, r 30, retired carpenter and farmer about 40.

Latham Eli, r 24, formerly carpenter, farmer 16, aged 70.

Lawton Alphonso H., r 33 1/2 cor. 30, farmer with Willis D.

Lawton Edgar E., r 33 cor. 30, laborer.

LAWTON WILLIS D., r 33 1/2 cor. 30, carpenter and farmer 98.

LEAVITT SALLY, r 5 n 4, widow of Michael W., who served in the War of 1812, resident, aged 94.

Lee Margaret, widow of Michael, h Water. 

Legier Edward, laborer.

Legier John B., off r 25, farmer, leases of, C. S. Richmond 125.

Legier William, laborer. 

Lesser Caroline M. Miss, resident, bds. Pearl. 

Lesser Mary A., widow of Joseph, resident, aged 85, h Pearl. 

Lincoln Erle B., (S. Northfield) r 14, farmer.

Line William, instructor in meteorology anti military signaling in Norwich university, h Central.

Locklin David M., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory.

Locklin Hollis A. L:, (Gouldsville) quarryman.

LOCKLIN LUVIA M., (Gouldsville) widow of Myron A., who served in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols., and died at Burlington hospital of wounds.

Locklin Morris W., spinner in woolen factory, h Cemetery.

LOOMIS EDMUND A., (Berlin) r 12 cor. 13, apiarist 10 colonies, and farmer with William H.

Loomis Isadore A., (Berlin) r 13, widow of George B., resides with Bradley Buck.

Loomis Jennie E., (Berlin) daughter of William H.

Loomis Josie (Berlin) r 12 cor. 13, (Mrs. Edmund A.)

LOOMIS WILLIAM H., (Berlin) r 12 cor. 13, 18 cows, 9 head other cattle, 30 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 300.

Loveland Andrew J., r 30, 6 cows, 16 head cattle, 200 apple trees, 300 sugar; trees, farmer 171.

Loveland Edd. L., farmer with Francis M.

Loveland Francis M., off r 9, farmer, leases of O. O. Davis 200, and owns farm 81.

Loveland Josiah S., carpenter and builder, h Cross.

Lunge Peter, farm laborer.

Lyman David S., sexton Elmwood cemetery, h Vine cor. Cross.

Lynch John, emp. C. V. R. R.

Lynch Michael, r 1,.45 sheep, 8 cows, farmer 200.


MacGillivray Allan, off r 9, carpenter, and farmer 30.

Madden Joseph, section hand C. V. R. R., h King.

Malampy Patrick, emp. C. V. R. R.

Marble Arthur O., painter, h Pearl.

MARBLE JOSEPH D., (Gouldsville) spring bed manuf., owns in Fayston 70 acres, h and 1 acre at Northfield Falls, served in Co. D, 7th Wis. Vols., and lost a leg at the battle of Gainsville.

Marsden Fred, (Gouldsville) emp. in woolen factory.

Marsden George L.; (Gouldsville) cloth-dresser in woolen factory.

Marsden John, (Gouldsville) foreman of weaving room in woolen factory.

Marsh Charlotte E., (S. Northfield) resident, seamstress.

Marsh George A., r 43, farmer 60.

Marsh Isabel A., (S. Northfield) r 43, (Mrs. George A.) owns in Brookfield, Orange Co., farm 44.

Marsh Lovina Mrs., (S. Northfield) r 33, resides with E. A. Reed, farm 50. 

Marsh M. Scott, machinist, h Cross cor. School.

Marsh Oliver A., (S. Northfield) lumberman.

Martin Frank J., assistant county clerk, h Main.

Martin George A., (Gouldsville) laborer.

Martin Heman A., farmer, h and lot Prospect.

MARTIN NEWTON, (Gouldsville) 20 head cattle, 95 sheep, farmer 125, in Barre 1,400 sugar trees, farm 200, in Berlin farm 200, and, in Sherburne, Rutland Co., 350, owns store and 3 houses in Gouldsville.

Maxham Edwin A., truckman, h Water.

Maxham Galen C., r 15, dealer and shipper of poultry, butter and produce, owns pasture land 23, served 2 years in the Mexican war in Co. D, 9th Regt. U. S. Inf. 

Maynard Amelia C., resident, h Main.

Mayo .George . C. r 29 n 33 1/2. 6 cows, 200 sugar trees, aged 75, farmer 140.

MAYO WILIAM B., homeo. physician and surgeon, town representative 1884-88, h Main. 

McAuliffe John, farmer with William. 

McAuliffe William, off r 6 opp. 7, 8 cows, 15 head other cattle, farmer 155. 

McCarthy, Elizabeth, r 16, widow of Timothy, h and lot. 

McCarty Felix E., r 16, freight conductor C. V. R. R. 

McCarty Jerry, r 16, section hand C. V. R. R. 

McCarty Charles, car tracer for C. V. R. R., h Main cor. Elm. 

McCarty Charles, 2d, emp. C. V. R. R., bds. Railroad. 

McCarty Daniel, conductor C. V. R. R., h Slate ave.

McCarty Jeremiah, emp. C. V. R. R., h Railroad.,

McCarty John, resident, aged 84, h n Railroad. 

McCarty John, 2d, emp. C. V. R. R.

McCarty Thomas, emp. C. V. R. R., h Railroad.

McClearn Matthew, (Northfield, and Boston, Mass.) analytical physician, resident, h Slate ave., office 206 Tremont st., Boston.

McGrath Daniel, owns h and lot Railroad. 

McGrath John, section foreman C. V. R. R., h Railroad. 

McIntosh Reuben M.; photographer, stereoscopic views a specialty, dealer in and manuf. of picture frames, McIntosh block, h Central.

McNamara Patrick, r 28, farmer 160. 

Mead Frank S., wheelwright and painter, Union n Main, h Central. 

Mehuron Horace, r 20 cor. I9, 10 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 160. 

MELVILLE MARTHA W., (Gouldsville) r, 3, resident, widow of Hugh, who served in Co. K, 1st R. I. Vols., and was killed in the first battle of Bull Run.

Metcalf Martha J., widow of Aaron D., resident, h Union. 

Miles Edmund, farmer, h Pleasant. 

Miller Carlos E., r 8, farmer. 

Miller Charlie ht., r 8, farmer, owns with Oscar O. 75.

Miller Emma L., widow of Charles, h Lower Main. 

Miller George H., r 9 cor. 8, farmer 100.

Miller Joseph, quarryman, h King.

MILLER OSCAR O., r 8, justice of the peace, 6 horses, farmer 135, and with Charlie M. 75.

Miller Russell H., r 9 cor. 8, farmer with .George H., aged 74

MINOTT A. A. DR., dentist, all kinds of dental work a specialty, over Dr. Nichols's drug store, h North.

Montague Henry W., (Gouldsville) lumberman.

Morfit Betsey, r 33 1/2, owns farm 45, aged 75.

Moriarty Frank J., clerk in Dr. Nichols's drug store, bds. Water.

Moriarty John, slate quarryman, h and lot Water.

Moriarty Patrick, resident, aged 85, bds. Water. 

Morris House, W. H. Morris, prop., livery connected, Central. 

Morris Peter, laborer, h Pleasant. 

Morris William H., prop. Morris House arid livery stable, Central. 

Morse. Albert Alonzo, milk dealer, 15 grade Jersey and Holstein cows, 260 sugar trees, leases of I. N. Jenks farm about 100, owns h and lot in Waterbury.

Morse Daniel J., clerk for G. Denny & Co., bds. Water.

Morse James, r 27 n 35, breeder of pure Lambent horses, 4. head, 8 grade Jersey cows, farmer 100, and in Roxbury 40. 

Moseley John L., prop. meat market, Main, h School. 

MOULTON ANDREW J., (Gouldsville) r 3 1/2, teamster for J. W. Gould, and farmer 35, served in Co. F, 12th Vt. Vols. 


Nelson Curtis W., r 29, manuf. of turned butter tubs, owns h, shop and lot.

NEWELL CHARLES H., manuf. of fork, hoe and broom handles, and chair stock, Paine factory, h Union.

Newton Charles W., r 21, farmer 270.

Newton Franklin S., carpenter and joiner, h School cor. Traverse. 

Nichols George, M. D., pres. Northfield National bank, director of Clyde Banking Co., of Clyde, Kansas, and prop. drug store, Central block, h Main.

Nichols Willie E., ticket, express, and telephone agent, baggage master and telegraph operator at railroad station, h Vine.

Northfield Aqueduct Co., W. M. Davis, supt.

Northfield House, James C. Fletcher, prop., livery connected, Main.

Northfield Improvement Co., John L. Moseley, pres.; Edwin K. Jones, treas.; J. K. Egerton, sec'y.

Northfield National Bank, George Nichols, pres.; C. A. Edgerton, vice-pres.; C. A. Edgerton, Jr., cashier, Depot block.

NORTHFIELD NEWS, E. Gerry & Co., publishers and props., newspaper and job printing office, Main.

Northfield Savings Bank, George H. Crane, pres.; J. C. B. Thayer, treas.; established 1869, Central square.

Norwich University, military, scientific and classical school, Col. Charles H.  Lewis, LL. D., of New York, pres.; Hon. George Nichols, acting pres.; P. D. Bradford, A. M., sec'y, south end of Central st. 


O'Brien Robert, emp. C. V. R. R.

O'Connell James, quarryman, h Water.

O'Day Jeremiah, farmer with Patrick.

O'Day Patrick, r 11, 8 cows, farmer about 100.

O'Grady John, laborer, bds. Vine.

O'Grady Michael, r 11, 8 cows, farmer 113.

O'Grady Thomas E., tailor for J. H. Talbot & Co., bds. Railroad. 

O'Grady Thomas, switchman C. V. R. R., h n Railroad.

O'Grady Thomas, 2d. r 11, farmer with Michael.

O'Neill Jeremiah, r 11, aged 70, 7 cows, farmer 125.

O'Neill Timothy, r 11, farmer with Jeremiah.

Orcutt Frank L., r 40, farmer with Stephen P.

Orcutt Jasper H., road commissioner, h Main cor. Slate ave.

Orcutt Stephen P., (S. Northfield) r 40, 15 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, 700 apple trees, farmer 200.

Ordway Charles, off r 29, aged about 75, resides with Will W.

Ordway Will W., off r 29, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.


Page Frank, farm laborer.

PAINE ELLEN, widow of Robert, resident, h King.

PAINE HANNAH Miss, weaver at Franklin Falls, N. H., daughter, of Robert, h King.

Paine Lucia A. Mrs., h and lot Main.

Paine Nellie, housekeeper, h King. 

Parish Elisha, r 5 n 4, farmer, 

PARISH ELIZABETH J., r 5 n 4, widow of Philander, resident, aged 70, occupies 4 acres owned by Edna A.

Parker Fred, (S. Northfield) off, r 29, farmer 119.

Parker William, (Gouldsville) r 4, retired farmer and teamster, aged 82.

Patrick Alexander H., (Gouldsville) dresser in woolen-mill. 

Patrick John, (Gouldsville) weaver, second hand in woolen factory, h and 10 acres. 

Patrick John W., (Gouldsville) weaver, son of John. 

Patterson Charles, hostler Northfield House. 

Patterson Thomas C., shoemaker, n depot, h Main.

Peabody Emeline, r 8, widow of James, owns farm 45.

Peake George W., teamster, bds. Summer.

Pearsons Amasa, switchman C. V. R. R., h Central.

PEARSONS BETSEY ANN Miss, daughter of Leonard.

PEARSONS LEONARD, stone mason and shoemaker, served in Co. I 11th Vt. Vols., h North.

Pearsons Lucretia A.; (Gouldsville) widow of Arthur, owns farm 9.

PERKINS CHARLES H., chemist and pharmacist, manuf. and dealer in essences, etc., at retail, also practical grafter, h Cherry ave.

PERKINS HIRAM H., (Berlin) r 14, carpenter and joiner, served in Co. E, 4th Vt. Vols., about 3 years.

Perrin Thomas V., farmer with P. Belknap, owns mill in Berlin.

PERVIER CHARLES L., r 9, student at law, teacher and carpenter.

PERVIER ETTA F. MRS., resident.

Pervier William M., r 9, carpenter and joiner, breeder of pure Oxforddown sheep.

Pierce Charles H., clerk for E. G., bds. Central.

Pierce Elbridge G., dealer in groceries, Union block, h Central. 

Pike Angie, ladies' hair worker, resides with J. E. Dole.

Pingree Mary E., widow of Moses O., h Main.

PLASTRIDGE AMOS. farmer, owns 4 farms of 360 acres, 5 houses in village, and in Moretown farm 180, h Vine cor. North.

Plastridge John, retired farmer, h Union.

Plastridge Waldo S., ,r 2, farmer. 

Plastridge Wallace A., r 4, farmer 150. 

Plastridge Walter J., r 2 cor. 1, 10 cows, 10 head grade Holstein cattle, 8 horses, farmer 235.

Plastridge Willard C., r 9, farm 400. 

Plastridge Waldo S., farm 150. 

PLASTRIDGE WILLIAM D., r 2, 25 grade Holstein cows, 14 head young cattle, 4 oxen, 300 sugar trees, farmer 335, and woodland in Moretown 115.

PLUMLEY FRANK, chairman of trustees of Northfield graded and High school, and chairman of village trustees, notary public, master in chancery, and att'y at law, Central block, h Pleasant.

Plumley William, h Pleasant.

Pollard Mary E., (Gouldsville) widow, resident.

Poole Hyman V. R., job printer, h Union. 

Poole William L., r 9, farmer, h and lot. 

POOR L. BAILEY, (S. Northfield) r 46, 7 cows, 4 horses, 300 sugar trees, farmer 140.

Pope Edmund, retired farmer, owns 60 acres in Brookfield, Orange Co., aged 77.

PORTER EDWIN, physician and surgeon, examining surgeon for life insurance, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, fancy goods, tobacco, and cigars, owns farms 260, in Roxbury 200, in Moretown 40, and 6 houses in Northfield village, Central block, h Central.

Potter Joseph, farm laborer. 

PRATT EMMA C., r 23, (Mrs. Jackson J.) housekeeper for W. E. Dunsmoor.

PRATT GEORGE S., dealer in fine boots, shoes, arctics, rubbers, rubber boots, etc., for gentlemen's wear, with C. E. Reed, 1 Eagle block. 

Pratt Horace Rev., retired Cong. clergyman, h Union cor. Cross.

Pratt Mary E., compositor in News office, bds. Union.

Preston Alonzo A., retired farmer, owns 5 acres, dwelling, store and 4 tenement houses, Union cor. Water, h Central.

Preston Frank A., overseer of the poor and tax collector, h Central.

Preston Oscar F., prop. of Northfield restaurant, and dealer in cigars, tobacco, etc., under Central block, h King.

Prior W. S., cadet.

Putney Lyman L., (S. Northfield) r 40, 7 cows, 12 head other cattle, 4 horses, 200 apple trees, 300 sugar trees, farmer, occupies 150 acres owned by his son Edwin L.


QUIMBY CHARLES E., (Gouldsville) passenger conductor C. V. R. R. 19 years, breeder of pure White Leghorn, Light Brahma, Wyandotte, Silver Spangled, Hamburg, Silver Gray, Dorking and Plymouth Rock fowls, 100 head.


Ralph Mary A., r 33 1/2 cor. 30, widow of David M., aged 73.

Randall Fanny G., widow of Col. Francis V., h and lot Center.

Randall George C., retired locomotive engineer, farm 17, h Water n Railroad. 

RANDALL PHIL S., student at law, graduate of Norwich university, class of '86. Center.

REED AI M., (S. Northfield) r 15, 2 pure Jersey cows, 30 sheep, farmer, served in Co. K, 7th Vt. Vols., 1 year, is O. M. of W. H. Boynton Post, G. A. R. 

Reed Charles C., farmer 10. 

REED CHARLES E., dealer in ready-made clothing and gents' furnishing goods, boots and shoes, 1 Eagle block, h Pleasant.

Reed Elijah A., (S. Northfield) r 43, 8 head cattle, 200 sugar trees, farmer 90. 

Reed Freeman, r 27 n 15, farmer 21, aged 76.

Reed George D., (Berlin) r 14, laborer.

Reed Herbert E., upholsterer, h and lot Central.

Reed Mary M., widow of George M., tailoress, h Main.

Reed Salina, (Berlin) r 14, widow of Thomas, owns farm 20.

Relation Frank C., (S. Northfield) r 37 n 15, laborer.

Rice A. K., off r 24, farmer 280. 

Rice Herbert B., fireman C. V. R. R., bds. Vine.

Rice Joseph C., milk dealer, 30 cows, 64 head cattle, 40 sheep, 8 horses, farmer 600, and in Roxbury 250, h Vine.

Rice Norman J., fireman C. V. R. R., bds. Vine.

Rice Titus, r 31 cor. 22, retired farmer, aged 90, resides with C. A. Tracy.

Rice Willard A., r 30, 8 head cattle, farmer 121.

RICH ALDEN, (Gouldsville) farmer 50, h and lot in the village.

Rich Alden Mrs., (Gouldsville) dressmaker.

Rich C. L., farm laborer.

Rich Elmer W., mason, bds. Summer. 

RICH EMILY B., widow of Loyal C., resident, h Summer.

Rich Eugenia and Anna, (Gouldsville) residents, h and lot.

Rich Hollis L., (Gouldsville) carpenter and builder, farmer 21, served in Co. D, 2d Vt. Vols., over 3 years.

Rich Jay, farm laborer.

Rich Luther, (Gouldsville) r 3, carpenter and joiner, farmer 9.

Rich Wealtha, (Gouldsville) widow of George, bds. with H. Church. 

Richardson Joseph B., carpenter and joiner, h Union cor. Pearl. 

Richmond Carlos S., (Dutton & Richmond) farm 125, h Main. 

Richmond Sophia K., widow of Samuel U., resident, owns with Carlos S. farm 125, h Main.

Robbins Helen M. Mrs., resident, h Vine. 

Roberts Fanny E., (Roxbury) off r 33, widow of David C., aged 70, resides with F. H.

ROBERTS FRANCIS H., (Roxbury) off r 33, 6 cows, 150 sugar trees, farmer 85.

Robinson Jane, widow of Moses, owns farm 180, and pasture land 160, h Central.

Rock Louis, blacksmith, h Pearl.

ROGERS EUGENE W., r 27, served in Co. E, 8th, and Co. E, 13th Vt. Vols., 3 years, leases h of F. W. Gold.

Rogers Jeremiah, (Gouldsville) botanical physician, resides with Mrs. L. A. Pearsons.

Rood Charles H., commercial traveler, bds. Center.

Royce Albert H., (Gouldsville) laborer.

Royce Lorette, (Gouldsville) widow of Elijah, h and lot.

Rumrill M. B., farmer.

Rumrill Winslow W., millwright, h North.

Russ Hiram E., r 33, teamster and sawyer for G. R. Andrews.

Russell Annis W., widow of Titus H., aged 77, h Elm.

Russell Charles F., brick mason and plasterer, h Pleasant.

Russell Polly D. Miss, dressmaker, h Elm. 

Russell William T., railroad bridge builder, h Elm.

RYAN EDMOND, (Gouldsville) 10 cows, 25 head other cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer 149. 

Ryan Edmond H., (Gouldsville) student and farmer.

Ryan James W., (Gouldsville) farmer with Edmond H. 

Ryan John, Slater, h King.

Ryan Maurice W., emp. in woolen factory, h Cemetery.

Ryan Simon T., (Gouldsville) teacher and farmer.


Sanborn Eben G., dealer in coal, shoes and West India goods, depot building, h Central.

Sanborn George C., notary public, clerk in Dr. Nichols's drug store, h Central.

Sault Frank W., (E. Gerry & Co.) business manager Northfield News, bds. Central.

Savage Sarah A., widow of Norman, resident.

SAWYER CHARLES D., manuf. and dealer in marble monumental work, Main, h do.

Sawyer Fred K., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory. 

Searles Charles, laborer. 

Severance J. Franklin, clerk for Dr. E. Porter, owns two houses and lots, h School cor. Cross.

Severance Rhoda H., widow of Elijah, resident, h School cor. Cross.

Shaw Aurin R., assistant in chemical laboratory. and assistant U. S. signal service observer; bds. Main.

Shaw Charlotte S., (S. Northfield) r 44, widow of Alonzo, aged 72, resides on the Alonzo Shaw estate 92 acres.

Shaw Demis H., (S. Northfield) r 44, widow of Ansel, owns farm about 20, resident, aged 81. 

Shaw Edward I., (S. Northfield) r 44, 7 cows, farmer on the Alonzo Shaw estate 92.

Shaw Ethan A., cadet. 

Shaw William A., graduate Norwich university. 

Shaw William O., (S. Northfield) r 44., farmer 117.

Sheehan John F., emp. C. V. R. R.

Sheldon Betsey P., widow of Martin, h Slate cor. Highland ave.

Sheldon Edola J., dressmaker; organist at M. E. church, bds. Slate ave.

Shepard Wilbur E., clerk for C. Denny & Co., bds. Main.

Sherman Phoeba, resident, h Cross.

Shontell Esther, widow of Augustus, h King.

Shontell Leon, molder, h King. 

Shontell Mary M., (S. Northfield) r 44., widow of Leander, housekeeper, h King.

SHORTRIDGE JOSHUA B., manuf. of doors, sash, blinds and building finish, and general jobber, Paine factory, h Main cor. Water.

Silsby Eben M., carpenter, aged 72, h Wall.

Silsby Richard C., mechanic, h School.

Silver John Q., tanner and farmer, h and lot Center.

Silver Robert A., quarryman, h Center.

Simonds Caroline P., r 33, widow of Asa S., resides with G. R. Andrews.

Simonds Cornelius, cook and weaver, h East.

SIMONDS JOEL, retired Christian preacher, farmer 225, and in Roxbury 17, aged 70, h Center.

Simons Martin W., (S. Northfield) farmer.

SIMONS OLIVE F., (Gouldsville) widow of Marvin, resident, aged 82, owns farm 30:

Simons, Rufus, (S. Northfield) farmer, h and lot.

Sinclair Zeruah M., widow of Asa C., resident, h Traverse.

Slack James F., (Roxbury) r 33, resident.

Slack William H. H., (Roxbury) r 33, farmer with Alice M. 45, and in Washington, Orange Co., about 100. 

Slade Thomas, (S. Northfield) prop. grist-mill. 

Slade William (S. Northfield) retired farmer, h and 20 acres. 

SMALLEY FREDERICK U., (Gouldsville) freight brakeman C. V. R. R., owns farm about 6. 

Smalley Mary C., (Gouldsville) widow of Azro L., resides with F. L. Hutchins.

Smith Ai O.; blacksmith at the Center, h Main.

Smith Daniel B:, r 25, farmer.

Smith Edson D., h Pleasant. 

Smith Elizabeth Porter, widow of Dr. Bradley J., resident, owns farm 40, h Center. 

Smith Elkanah K., (Smith & Brown) tanner, h and 3 acres Main.

Smith Fayette S., engineer C. V. R. R., bds. Vine. 

Smith Henry E., dealer in groceries, Union cor. Water, h Union.

Smith Joel, (Roxbury) r 32, resides with J. W. Williams. 

Smith Julia S., (Gouldsville) widow of Aaron, weaver. 


Smith Maria D. C.; widow of Levi, nurse, h Wall.

SMITH. MARSHALL G., off r 9, farmer. 

Smith Mary A., r 25, widow of Gilbert O.

Smith Mary D., widow of Dr. Horace S., resides with D. Brown. 

SMITH MINNIE E., milliner, dealer in millinery and fancy goods; post-office block, bds. Central. 

Smith A. Orton, r 36, leases of E. K. Jones carding-mill.

Smith Samuel, retired farmer, aged 83 h North Branch.

Smith Vernon W., r 35 n Harlow bridge, general blacksmith, h and lot.

Smith William H., n Harlow bridge, retired blacksmith, aged 75, farmer about 90.

Smith Willie F., r 25, farmer.

Smith & Brown, (Elkanah K. S. and H. R. B.) props. of tannery, Main.

Snow Duran, (Gouldsville) r 3, farmer 38. 

Snow James D., harnessmaker and dealer in whips, robes and blankets, 12 Paine block, h School.

Snow Orpah M., widow of Otis, resident, h Pearl.

Soper Edward L., h Central. 

Soper Eliza, widow, aged 82, h Pearl cor. School.

SPAULDING ALFRED F., manuf. of force pumps, angular and upright drills, and general jobbing machinist, shop in old Paine factory, served as color bearer in Co. C, 15 Vt. Vols., h Central.

Spaulding Hannah R., widow of Lovewell, resident, h Central.

Spaulding Lizzie I., artist, bds. Central.

SPEARIN WILLIAM W., r 33 1/2, farmer 17, served 1 year in Co. G, 6th Vt. Vols.

Spillane Cornelius, farmer with Michael.

Spillane Dennis, off r 6, son of Michael.

Spillane Lawrence, r 5, farmer 37.

Spillane Michael, off r 6 opp. 7, 10 cows, 24 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 350:

Spillane Patrick, off r 2, farmer 150.

Spillane Patrick, Jr., off r 2, farmer with Patrick, Sr.

Spinney Lucy M. widow of James S., resident, h Water cor. Union.

Stack John R., engineer C. V. R. R., h Central.

Staples Orson A., (Roxbury) r 23, farmer with Solon P.

Staples Solon P., (Roxbury) r 23, 10 cows, stock grower, 500 sugar trees, 200 fruit trees, farmer 200, and in Roxbury 75.

Stebbins Edwin S., resident, owns farm in Berlin, h Union cor. Cross.

Stebbins Orson F., engineer C. V. R. R. 30 years, h North.

Steele Clarence W., dental student.

STEELS FREDERICK W., practical horse trainer, and farmer, served in Co. F, 12th Vt. Vols., h Center.

Steele S. Warren, tin and coppersmith, dealer in stoves and hollow ware, glass, britannia, and wooden ware, lead pipe, etc., farm 15, 13 and 14  Paine  block, h School.

Stevens Albert, resident, aged 86, h Central.

Stevens Delia A., widow of William N.

Stevens Emeline B.; widow of Caleb B., resident, h Vine. 

Stevens William W., (S. Northfield) r 37, manuf. of wood seat chairs and settees.

Stevenson Margaret, (Gouldsville) widow of James, resident, aged 76. 

Stickney William O., (Berlin r 14, 6 cows, farmer 100. 

Stone Edward R., retired stage driver, bds. Pearl.

STONE ELLA F, (Mrs. Stephen H.) home in Almena, Norton Co., Kan.

STONE WILLIAM, notary public, resident, disabled soldier, served in Co. C, 15th Vt. Vols. and 3d Vt. Bat., h Pearl. 

Stratton Melinda M., (S. Northfield) nurse, h and lot.

Stratton Ortive, resident, aged 80, h Center.

Strong Philinda, widow of Asa, h Main.

Sturtevant Origen M., (Gouldsville) r 3, farmer 30.

Sullivan Joanna, widow of John, h Water.

Sullivan Michael, slate worker, h and lot Center. 

Sylvester Amanda, widow of Seneca, h North Branch.


Talbot J. H. & Co., (N. M. Draper, of West Randolph, Orange Co.) merchant tailors and sewing machine agents, Central.

Talbot James H., (J. H. Talbot & Co.) h Water cor. Wall.

Tashro Charles, (Roxbury) off r 32, farmer, leases of John Bracket about 45.

Temple John M., dealer in crockery, glassware, groceries, provisions, confectionery, tobacco and gunpowder, Metcalf block, h over Savings bank.

Terrill W. E., cadet, bds. Central.

Thayer Eber H., r 15, buyer and shipper of potatoes, butter, poultry, etc., agent for the Walter A. Wood mowers and horse rakes, farmer 10.

Thayer J. Carey B., treas. Northfield Savings bank, and village and district treas., h Central.

Thayer Joseph, r 9, peddler, h and lot.

Thomas Lydia Mrs., canvasser, bds. Union.

Thompson Eliza, (Gouldsville) widow of James.

Thompson Elwin E:, printer, h Pearl.

Thompson Eugene C., r 26, farmer, leases of C. Dole 15 cows, 400 sugar trees, and farm 140.

Thompson John H., (Gouldsville) weaver in woolen factory.

Thompson Moses L., r 8, farmer 100.

Thompson Robert, (Gouldsville) carder, second hand in woolen factory.

Thompson Samuel F., (Gouldsville) carpenter and joiner, contractor and builder.

Thresher Fred L., (Gouldsville) spinner in woolen factory.

Thresher George, (Gouldsville) farmer, h and lot.

Thresher Horace W., (Gouldsville) farmer 100, in Moretown 50, served in, Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols., 3 years.

Thresher Lewis B., (Gouldsville) laborer.

Thresher S. Hugh, truckman, bds. with William M. Davis. 

Thurston Ell O., notary public, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, silver plated ware and optical goods, repairing and cleaning, Huntley block, h Cross.

Tilden Charles B., agent for Warrior mowers, reapers, wheel harrows, horse rakes, and cultivators, 500 sugar trees, off r 29 farmer 160, h Main.

TILLOTSON GEORGE W., manuf. of Tillotson's improved full gallon: square syrup can, dealer in tin, copper, sheet iron, hollow and wooden ware, stoves, ranges, pumps, lead pipe, etc., under Eagle block, bds Pearl.

Townson Frank O., slate worker, h Union. 

Townson Fred E., slate worker, bds. Union.

Townson Joseph W., stationary engineer, h Union. 

TRACY CHARLES A., r 31 cor. 22, 3d selectman, 10 cows, 48 sheep, 200 apple trees, 600 sugar trees, farmer 200.

Tyler Daniel, farmer 272, h and lot Main cor. Elm. 

Tyler Frank R., farmer.

Tyler Nelson W., farmer. 

TYLER WILSON D., r 39, 15 cows, 8 head other cattle, 15o apple trees 600 sugar trees, farmer 450.


Veo Edward, laborer, h King

Veo Elie, laborer, h King.

Veo Joseph, (S. Northfield) r 14, farmer, leases of Michael Grant 60.


Wakefield Frances, tailoress for J. H. Talbot & Co., bds. Central. '

Wakefield Frank L., r 19, farmer, son of Luther.

Wakefield Joanna A., tailoress for J. H. Talbot & Co., h Central.

Wakefield Luther, r 19, farmer 20. 

Wakefield Oa L., r 19, farmer, son of Luther.

Wardner Mary E., (Roxbury) off r 33, widow of Amos. 

Wardner Ruth M., widow of Joseph F., resident, h Pleasant cor. Wall.

Warriner Washington L., (S. Northfield) r 46 n 42, 200 sugar trees, farmer 60, aged 53.

Waterman George R., r 33 1/2, blacksmith, and farmer 65, served in Co. K, 7th Vt. Vols., 3 years.

Webb Alfred H. Rev., pastor M. E. church, h Main.

Webster Arathusa B., (Gouldsville) widow of Benoni, resident, aged 77, h and lot. 

Webster Lucius C., farmer, bds. Center.

Wheeler Edgar F., (Gouldsville) farmer, owns in Berlin timberland 50.

Wheeler Nathan, (Gouldsville) farmer, aged 76.

White Charles A., carpenter and upholsterer, h and lot Central.

White Edward, h and lot King. 

White Edwin P., commercial traveler, h Central.

White Homer Rev., pastor St. Mary's Episcopal church, and chaplain Norwich university, h Central.

Whitmarsh Charles N., job printer, and dealer in stationery and fancy goods, News block, h School. '

Whitmarsh Wilson O., agent for pianos and organs for A. L. Bailey, of Burlington, h Main opp. Vine.

WHITTAKER IRA F., off r 30, retired farmer aged 70, resides with Luther C., served in Co. C, 15th, and Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols. [Deceased.]

Whittaker Luther C., off r 30, 17 head cattle, 3 horses, 100 apple trees, 500 sugar trees, farmer 200.

WIGGINS LEWIS W., (Gouldsville) lumberman, farmer, owns in Middlesex 72.

Wiley Edward N., truckman, bds. Vine.

Wiley Fielder C., (Roxbury) r 32, miller and sawyer for G. R. Andrews, resides with J. W. Williams. 

Wiley Harvey S., resident, aged 73, h Central.

Wiley Malinda, (Roxbury) r 32, widow of James, resident, aged 77.

Wiley Theodore A., station agent for C. V. R. R. 2 years and ticket agent 8 years; h Main.

Wiley W. Myron, (Roxbury) r 32, farmer 60. '

Wiley Walter J.. (Roxbury) r 32, farmer 30. 

Wiley William G., (Roxbury) r 32, zoo sugar trees, farmer 150. [Deceased.] 

Wilfore Allie, (Berlin) r 14, farmer, leases of Warren Lawrence 100. '

Willey Emma L., (Gouldsville), widow of Fred J., resident. 

Willey Frank, laborer. 

Willey Frank A., laborer. 

Willey John, carpenter and builder, h Water.

Willey Louisa E., (Gouldsville) widow of William W., resident, h and lot. 

WILLIAMS ALICE P., r 8, carpet and linen weaver, resides with Mrs. E. Peabody. 

Williams Alonzo L., r 28n 25, farmer.

Williams Elisha D., r 15, retired railroad blacksmith, and farmer 17. 

Williams Erwin A., (Roxbury) teamster for G. R., Andrews.

Williams Joseph, (Roxbury) r 32, farmer. 

Williams Joseph A., laborer. 

WILLIAMS JOSIAH W., (Roxbury) r 32, 60 grade Merino sheep, 140  sugar trees, farmer 100, aged 70. 

Williams Sarah A., widow of Abel S., resident, h Vine. 

Williams Simon C., stone mason and contractor, owns a houses and 3 acres. 

Wilmot Jane J., widow of Alonzo, h and lot Water. 

Wilmot Jennie J., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Union block, h Water. 

Wilson W. Harvey, invalid, h and lot Center. 

Winch Elijah, retired farmer, aged 72, h and lot Center. 

WINCH JOHN H., physician and surgeon, graduate of Medical department University of Vermont 1880, Central, h do. 

Winch Louisa, widow of Joel, resident, h Main. 

Winch Lydia, r 36, widow of William, resident, aged 72. 

Winch Ozro P., carpenter and joiner, h and lot Center. 

Winch Samuel W., r 36, farmer 100. 

Winter Mahitable, (Gouldsville) (Mrs. Nathaniel T.) farm 25. 

Winters Christopher, (Gouldsville) notion peddler and farmer 5, aged 75. 

Woodbury Nathan K., carpenter, h Union. 

Woodbury William S., barber with Frank Carpenter, h North Branch. 

Wooster Daniel B., justice of the peace, patentee and manuf. of Wooster's perfection dairy apparatus, h Union. 

Wooster Mamie H., teacher, bds. Union. 

WRIGHT CHARLES H., dealer in New Home sewing machines, breeder of Daniel Lambert horses, reg., h School cor. Pearl. 

Wright Edgar E., cadet, bds. School cor. Pearl. 

Wright Francis, (S: Northfield) constable, collector, carpenter and builder, h and lot.

Wright Lyman, machinist and farmer 45, h Union. 


Yarrington Laura, (Gouldsville) widow of Horace, resident, h and lot. 

Yaw Joseph, r 9, farmer.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 149-175

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003