Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Postoffice is Moretown unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Aldrich Naahum G., (Middlesex) off r 7, farmer 80. 

Aldrich William A., (Middlesex) off r 7, farmer 7, son of Naahum G. 

ALLEN & VAN DEUSEN, (F. A. A., of Warren, and Homer G. Van D.) manufs. of ash dowels, turned chair stock, etc. 

Andrews Alhenan, r 39, farmer 1 1/2.

Andrews Ira, (Montpelier) r 22, prop. saw-mill, and farmer 200. 

Andrews John S., (Montpelier) r 22, farmer 85. 

Ashley Charles D., r 17, farmer, leases of Dexter 96. 

Ashley Dexter, r 17, farm 96. 

Avery Benjamin, mason, Main.


Bagley Charles L., r 18, farmer 98.

Bates Jacob W., clerk for G. M. Fletcher, Main. 

BELDING DAVID, r 39, farmer 112 

Belding Frank I, r 39, farmer, son of David. 

Berno Edwin, (Gouldsville) r 42, farmer 75, 

Berno Frank, off r 36, farmer, leases of Nathan Spaulding, of Burlington, about 200. 

Berno Fred, (Gouldsville) r 41, farmer about 160. 

Berno Nolber, (Gouldsville) off r 40, farmer 80. 

Bisbee Elijah W., r 38, 1,500 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 230.

Bisbee John C., r 38, farmer, son of Elijah W. 

Boutwell Betsey, (Montpelier) r 22, farm 12. 

Boyce Levi, laborer, h Main.

Brown Charlie J., (Montpelier) r 32, (Joseph M. Brown & Son). 

Brown Joseph M., (Montpelier) r 33, (Joseph M. Brown & Son). 

Brown Joseph M. & Son, (Montpelier) r 33, (Charlie J.) prop's. saw-mill and planing-mill, farmers 100, and timber lot 420. 

Brownson Augustus C., (Middlesex) r 11, carpenter and joiner, 15 cows, farmer 220.

Bruce Duane O., r 39, 1,000 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 155, and in Fayston 27 1/2.

Bruce Omri S., laborer, h Main.

Bulkeley Frank, r 38, 16 cows, farmer, leases of Harry about 300.

Bulkeley George, assistant town clerk.

Bulkeley George W., r 38, stock dealer, and farmer 65.

BULKEI,EY HARRY, r 17, town agent, farmer 900, and in Illinois and Iowa 300.


Callahan Patrick, off r 23, farmer about 100.

Cannon Matthias, (Gouldsville) r 44, farmer about 100.

Carigan John, (Montpelier) r 34, farmer 140.

Carleton George S., ( Waterbury) r 3, farmer r 120

Carroll John, (Northfield) r 41, farmer about 100.

Casey Thomas, (Middlesex) r 8, carpenter and selectman, 200 sugar trees, 7 cows, farmer 84.

Cassian Michael (Gouldsville) r 43, farmer 200. 

CENTRAL HOUSE, B. N. & D. S. Phillips; props., livery connected.

CHAPMAN GEORGE S., (Montpelier) r 33, with his son Perley A., prop. saw-mill, farmer about 80.

CHAPMAN PERLEY A., (Montpelier) r 33, farmer, son of George S.

Chase Wyram, (Middlesex), r 13, 10 cows, farmer 150

Chatterton Vern, (Gouldsmlle) r 42, farmer 79.

Child Abner C., r 19, 400 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 120.

CHILD HENRY F., r 24 cor. 25, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Child Leon A., r 26 cor. 18, lister and farmer, son of Roswell.

Child Merril R., r 26 cor. 18, farmer, son of Roswell.

Child Roswell, r 26 cor. 18 grand juror, 25 cows, farmer 300.

Child Udin P., r 26 cor. 18, supt. of schools and farmer, son of Roswell.

Church Henry, r 28, laborer.

Clark Ai, (Gouldsville) r 40, cooper and farmer 85.

Clark Ezra, r 38, sawyer. 

Collins Daniel, (Middlesex) r 7, farmer 75.

Converse Joseph R., (Middlesex) r 10, 20 cows, and farmer. 

Converse Julius, (Middlesex) r 11, farmer, son of Joseph R.

Conway Michael, r 15, farmer 100.

Cook John, (Montpelier) r 22, farmer about 150.

Cook John, Jr., (Montpelier) r 21, farmer. 

Costello Michael, r 36, farmer about 60.

Crane Peter, (Montpelier) r 11, 25 cows, farmer about 400.


Dale Charles H., r 37, manager of grist-mill for H. O. Ward, farmer about 2.

Daniels Frank, (Montpelier) r 33, laborer.

Davis John C., off r 15, farmer 100.

DAMS JULIUS D manuf, of and dealer in tinware, and dealer in stoves and general hardware.

Davis Myron C., general blacksmith, Main.

Delary Eleazer, (Gouldsville) off r 42, farmer.

Densmore Uriah S., (Middlesex) off r 8, farmer, leases of Patrick Kerrine, of Waterbury, about 200.

Donly Michael, (Northfield) r 41, farmer about 100.


Eagan John, off r 14, farmer, leases of C. R. McElroy 257.

EATON O. G. & CO., (O. M.) dealers in stoves, tinware, glassware, hardware, ready-mixed paints and agricultural implements, Main. [Removed to Waitsfield.] 

EATON OSCAR G., (O. G. Eaton & Co.) Main. [Removed to Waitsfield.] 

Edgerly John S., (Middlesex) r 9, farmer with Betsey Smith 15. 

Egan John W., r 29, selectman. 

Evans Frank, traveling salesman. 

Evans George C., 20 cows 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 174, Main. 

Evans Goin B., customs officer at Richford, Franklin Co. 


Farnham John, (Middlesex) r 18, farmer about 150. 

Farrar Henry, (Middlesex) r 3, 12 cows, farmer about 130. 

Farrell Patrick, (Montpelier) r 34, farmer 90. 

Fielders Minor M., r 24, farmer, leases of Alfred Smith, of Huntington, Chittenden county, 250. 

Flanagan John S., off r 36, farmer with Timothy W.

Flanagan Julia, widow of William, Main.

Flanagan Timothy W., off r 36, 1,200 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 200. 

Flanigan John, r 37, farm laborer. 

Fletcher George M., postmaster  general merchant and farmer 100, Main.

Flinn James, r 16, farmer 55.

Flinn Luke (Waterbury) r 6, farmer about 60.

Foley Catherine, off r 17, widow of Thomas, farmer 100.

Foley Will E., off r 17, farmer.

Foran Michael resident, off Main.

Foster Calvin W., r 15.

FOSTER CHARLES A., (Middlesex) r 3, 15 cows, farmer 130.

Foster Edwin A., (Middlesex) r 19 farmer 175.

Foster Henry W., r 15, farmer, son of Calvin W.

Freeman Charles H., r 27, farmer 30.

Freeman Denison F., farmer, h Main.

Freeman Melvin L., general blacksmith and repairer, Main.

French Carlos W. (Waterbury) r 1, laborer.


Gillett Martin A., (Parker & Gillett) Main.

Goodwin James, r 6, 24 cows, farmer about 200.

Goodwin William H., r 6, farmer 50, and in Duxbury 50.

Goss Aaron, off r 36, farmer 175. 

Goss Philip, r 19, farmer 150.

Grandfield Mortimer (Waterbury) r 6, 25 cows farmer 250.

Grandfield Thomas R (Waterbury) r 6 25 cows, farmer 250.

Griffith Franklin D. r 27, farmer 65. 


Hackett James, (Montpelier) r 22, farmer about 50.

Harrington Leonard, resident, Main.

Harrington Oscar A., carpenter, joiner, millwright and painter, Main.

Hart Jerome P. (Waterbury) r 3, farmer 110. 

Haseltine Ebenezer (Waterbury) r 3, 8 cows, farmer 140.

Haseltine Holden E. (Waterbury) r 3, farmer with Ebenezer. 

Haseltine Walter, (Waterbury) r 3, carpenter and farmer 45.

Haselton Albert H., (Waterbury) r 3, carpenter and joiner, 10 cows, farmer 1, and leases of William Deavitt, of Waterbury, 130.

Hastings Sidney B., (Middlesex) r 10, farmer 23.

Hathaway Charles J., r 25, farmer 120. 

Hathaway Frank L., farmer with Hiram 80, Main.

Hathaway Hiram farmer with Frank L. 80.

HAYLETT JAMES, town clerk and representative, homeo. physician and surgeon, Main.

HEATH EPHRAIM A., att'y and counselor at law, pension and claim agent, Main.

Heath, Laura, (Waterbury) r 6, widow of Moses B. 

Heaton  Horace, (Waterbur r 1, mason.

Hedges Ezekiel, (Gouldsville) r 42, farmer 10.

Hennesey Bartholomew, r 16, 1,000 sugar trees, 300 apple trees breeder of Hambletonian and Lambert horses, 6 cows, farmer 160.

HERIMAN JAMES, r 27, manager H. O. Ward’s box factory.

Hill Irvin W., r 27 cooper and farmer 10.

Hill Irving, emp. C. A. Stevens.

Hill Wilbur, emp. C, A. Stevens.

Hill William, r 27, cooper.

Hodge Cassius C., (Middlesex) r 10, 10 cows, farmer 90. 

H olden Horace, (Middlesex) r 7, emp. .B. Barrett & Son, of Waterbury. 

Holden Rufus C., (Middlesex) r 7, 7 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 120 

HOLT DAVID C., r 27, surveyor, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Holt Lester A., r 27, student, son of David C. 

Holt Orrin C., r 27 dealer in horses, farmer 110. 

Honan John, (Middlesex) off r 13, 12 cows, 900 sugar trees, farmer about 160. 

Honan John F., (Middlesex) off r 13, farmer. 

Howes Frank A., r 24, 400 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 128. 

HOWES GEORGE, r 26, farmer 15.

Hutchins Solomon, r 17, 15 cows, farmer 200. 


JOSLYN EUGENE E., carpenter and joiner, farmer 30, Main. 


Kelley James, (Montpelier) r 23, farmer. 

Kerrin Austin, (Middlesex) r 12, farmer 60. 

Kew Charles E., watch and clock repairer, Main. 

Kew James, laborer, Main. 

Keyes Chancey, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer. 

Keyes Frank F. (Montpelier) farmer. 

Keyes Samuel, (Montpelier) r 33. farmer 25.

Keyes Sylvanus, (Montpelier) r 32, farmer 80.

Knapp Joseph H., (Middlesex) r 10, 400 sugar trees, 25 cows, farmer about  275. 

Kough John, (Montpelier) off r 30, farmer. 


Laferty James, r 26, farmer. 

Lagasse Lewis, (Waterbury) r 6, farmer, leases of G. E. Moody about 135.

Lanphere Walter, town treasurer, and farmer, Main. 

Lee James, r 36, farmer about 100.

Lee Peter, r 36, farmer. 

Leland Rufus, (Middlesex) r 10, farmer, son of William. 

Leland William, (Middlesex) r 10, farmer 50. 

Long John S., (Middlesex) r 13, farmer 200. 

Lovejoy Albert E., (Lovejoy & Towle) farmer 6, Main. 

Lovejoy & Towle, (Albert E. L. and Philo T.) undertakers and carriage makers, Main.

Lynch Jane H. (Montpelier) r 34, widow of Michael, farmer 140. 

Lynch John, (Montpelier) r 34, farmer on the estate of Patrick 214. 

Lynch Timothy M., (Montpelier) r 34, farmer. 


Mackin James, (Middlesex) r 5, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Clesson R. Mc Elroy 300. 

Marron Thomas, (Waterbury) r 6, farmer 50. 

Marshall Alzina, r 39, widow of Nathaniel R., farm 3. 

Mayo Barnabas, r 24, 600 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 250. 

McCarty Catherine, r 36, farm 75. 

McCarty Charles, r 36, 10 cows, farmer 75. 

McCarty Thomas W., r 36, farmer with Charles. 

McDonnal William, r 25, farmer 12. 

McElroy Clesson R., (Middlesex) r 13, farmer 900. 

McNaulty Ann, (Montpelier) off r 31, widow of Hugh. 

McNaulty Edward, (Montpelier) r 31, laborer. 

Mead George H., (Middlesex) r 12, farmer 130. 

Mead Harriet, (Middlesex) r 14, widow of Benjamin F. 

Mead Silas O., (Middlesex) r 10, wheelwright, farmer 130. 

Mins Thomas, (Waterbury) r 3, farmer 5. 

Morris John, (Gouldsville) r 42, farmer 100. 

Moulton Stedman D., r 28, shoemaker and dealer in hides. 

Murphy Andrew, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer, leases of William B. McElroy, of Middlesex, about 150.

Murphy Johanna, off r 36, widow of Timothy, farmer about 75.

Murphy Joseph, off r 36, farmer.

Murphy Lawrence, off r 36, farmer.

MURRAY ANDREW, r 17, breeder of Durham cattle and Hambletonian horses, 30 cows, farmer 425.

MURRAY FRED H., r 17, farmer, son of Andrew.

MURRAY GEORGE E., r 17, grand juror and farmer, son of Andrew. 

MURRAY JOHN B., r 17, constable and farmer, son of Andrew.

MURRAY WILL D., r 17, farmer, son of Andrew.


Naylor Charles D., (Middlesex) r 9, resident.

Nerney Michael, r 37, 20 cows, farmer about 200.

Nerney Thomas, r 37, farmer, son of Michael.

Newell Oliver, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer about 30. 

Newhall Charlie S., (Middlesex) r 10, farmer 30.

New hall Joseph, (Middlesex) r 10, prop. saw and cider-mill, farmer 80 and in Stowe, Lamoille county, 260.

Nichols John D., (Waterbury) r 3, farmer, leases of Freeman Hadley, of Plainfield, N. H. 120.


O'Neil John, (Middlesex) r 12, farmer, son of William. 

O'Neil William, (Middlesex) r 12, farmer 200. 


PALMER JONATHAN H., (Middlesex) r 14, breeder of Durham cattle, 13 cows, farmer 222.

Parker Freeman (Parker & Gillett) 1st selectman, farmer 95, Main. 

Parker George F., farmer, son of Freeman, Main.

Parker & Gillett, (Freeman P. and Martin A. G.) props. saw and planing- mill, manufs. of coarse lumber, shingles, etc, turning, planing and jig sawing, Main.

PHILLIPS B. N. & D. S. props. Central House and livery.

PHILLIPS BERTRAM N., (B. N. & D. S, Phillips) farmer in Duxbury 130.

PHILLIPS DOW S. (B. N. & D. S. Phillips) clerk, h Main.

Pierce Alvin M. r 38, 7 cows, farmer 160.

Pierce Edward A., r 38 , teacher and farmer, son of Alvin M.

Pierce Lewis S., laborer, Main.

Poor Maria Miss, (Waterbury) r 1, resident.

Powers Amelia, (Middlesex) r 8, widow of Isaac, farmer 10.

Prentiss Austin G. r 17, deputy sheriff, farmer ,48.

Prentiss Mary E., widow of A. A., farmer about 50, Main.

Provost, L. L. J., (Waterbury) r 3, physician.


Reed Liba, (Middlesex) off r 10, farmer 65.

Reynolds James, (Waterbury) r 6, farmer about 75.

Rhodes _____, (Montpelier) r 22, laborer.

Rice Joel, (Waterbury) r 1, resident.

Rich David, (Gouldsville) r 44.

Rich Silas (Guuldsville) off r 42, farmer 30.

ROBINSON I. D. & SON, (N. Bertie) props. saw and grist-mill manufs. of coarse lumber, shingles and chair stock, Robinson & Son's combined roller, seeder and harrow, wheelbarrows, wagon jacks, etc., patentees and manufs. of Vermont hand grass seed sower, and patent adjustable sap yokes, farmers 2, Main.

ROBINSON ISAAC D., (I. D. Robinson & Son) h Main.

ROBINSON N. BERTIE, (I. D. Robinson & Son) h Main.

Royce William H., r 19, 8 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 120. 

Royce William J., r 19, farmer, son of William H.

Russell William, (Middlesex) r 13, sawyer, 250 sugar trees, farmer 65.

Ryan James, Jr., (Gouldsville) r 44 son of James, farmer 140.


Sawyer Frank H., r 17, farmer. son of Russell. 

Sawyer Joseph H., manuf. of and dealer in harnesses and horse furnishing goods, Main.

Sawyer Plumea (Mrs. Frank H.) dressmaker, Main.

Sawyer Russell, r 17, 12 cows, farmer 84.

Sawyer William, farmer 50. 

Seaver Silas H., r 25, laborer. 

Shautell Lewis, (Middlesex) r 13, farmer 8. 

Sheplee Wilbur W., (Waterbury) r 3, 12 cows, farmer 120 

SHONNIO CHANCY S., (Waterbury) r 14, farmer in Duxbury 2, 

Shonnio Gardner, (Middlesex) r 8, farmer. 

Silloway David C., (Montpelier) r 22, carpenter. 

Silver William, (Montpelier) r 22, farmer about 40. 

Sleeper Andrew, (Montpelier) off r 34, farmer 130. 

Sleeper Benton, (Gouldsville) r 44, farmer 80. 

Sleeper Gilman, (Northfield) r 40, farmer 300. 

Sleeper Gilman G., 800 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Sleeper James O., (Northfield) r 40, farmer. 

Sleeper Squire, (Gouldsville) r 44, farmer about 120.

Smith Betsey Miss, (Middlesex) r 9, farmer with John Sedgerly 15. 

Smith Frank E., (Gouldsville) r 35, farmer. 

Smith Lucius P., (Northfield) r 42, farmer, leases of William 80.

Smith William, (Northfield) r 41, farmer 300. 

Somers Frank W., (Middlesex) r 13, 10 cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Somerville Thomas, laborer, Main.

Spaulding Christopher, r 37, 12 cows, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer about 150.

Spaulding Franklin E., general blacksmith, Main.

Spear Martin R., r 37, farmer 2.

STEVENS  CHARLES A., r 17 cor. 15, prop. butter tub factory, saw and cider-mill; manuf. of coarse lumber, butter tubs, stone, boat or drag plank, and cider, farmer 5.

Stewart Curtis S., (Waterbury) r 6 10 cows farmer 108. 

Stewart John, (Middlesex) r 14, farmer, leases of Henry Murray 150.

Strong Luana Miss, resident, Main.

Sun Charlie, r 35, farmer 30.


Taplin George A., (Middlesex) r 11, farmer, son of Hartwell L.

Taplin Hartwell L., (Middlesex) r 11, 20 cows, farmer 360

Taylor Mary, widow of Michael, Main. 

Thomas Ernest, r 24, farmer 3. 

Thomas Ernest S., r 24, carpenter and farmer 1 1/2.

Thomas Franklin B., r 14, farmer 100 

THOMAS JESSE E. (Middlesex) r 11, farmer, son of Norman H.

THOMAS NORMAN H., (Middlesex) r 11, stone mason, 5 cows, farmer 75

Thornton George A., carpenter and joiner, farmer 3, Main. 

Towle Jessie J., crayon artist, Main.

Towle John C., carpenter and joiner, farmer 20, Main.

Towle Philo, (Lovejoy & Towle) h Main.

Town Emery, (Middlesex) r 3 carpenter, and farmer 60.

Town Henry B. (Middlesex) r 3; farmer with Emery. 

Travers James, off r 13, farmer, leases of Clesson R. McElroy 160.

Travers John, (Waterbury) r 2, laborer. 

Travers Robert, (Waterbury) r 5, farmer 40.

Tubbs Andrew J., teamster, Main.


VAN DEUSEN HOMER G., (Allen & VanDeusen).


Ward Hiram O., (Waterbury) r 37, prop. grist-mill and box factory, dealer in flour and feed, resides in Duxbury.

Ward Thomas, r 35, farmer with William.

Ward William, r 35 farmer 142.

Warren Asa, (Middlesex) r 9, laborer.

Warren Ellen M., (Montpelier) r 20, widow of Lorenzo, farmer 38.

Welch Dennis, (Gouldsville) r 43, farmer 16.

Wells Robert, (Gouldsville) r 42, farmer 2.

Whittlesey Calvin B., off r 15, carpenter.

Wilcox Launes general merchant, Main.

Willey Albert, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 28.

Willey Jesse W., (Montpelier) r 30, farmer, leases of Abijah Herring, of Massachusetts.

Willey Joseph, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 30.

Willey Nelson, (Montpelier) r 32, farmer 75.

Willey Orvis, (Montpelier) r 22, laborer.

Willey Ralph, r 17, farmer, leases of Solomon Hutchins 150.

Willey William H., (Montpelier) r 33, laborer.

Winters Thomas, (Montpelier) off r 34, farmer 110.

Wright Samuel, (Middlesex) resident, aged 87. 

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 143-149

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003