K ~ P


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Montpelier, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Kanally James J., freight conductor C. V. R. R., bds. Montpelier House.

Kane Patrick, section hand C. V. R. R., h 47 Court.

Keegan Thomas J., nickel plater, emp. Johnson & Colton, h 25 E. State.

Keeler Achsah F., widow of Andrew J., tailoress, emp. Woolson Bros., h 103 Main.

Keith Alonzo T., clerk for C. H. Shipman, bds. 5 Court. 

Kelleher Michael, (T. J. Kelleher & Co.) h 35 Court.

Kelleher T. J. & Co., (Michael Kelleher) manufs. of and dealers in Barre, granite monuments, tablets, and general cemetery work, E. Main.

Kelleher Timothy J., (T. J. Kelleher & Co.) bds. 5 St. Paul.

Kellogg Fred B., student, bds. 157 State.

Kellogg Perrin T., law.student, bds. 32 Main.

Kelton John A., justice of the peace, and prop. Union House, 132 Main.

Kelton Samuel S. Hon., retired farmer, formerly engaged in settling estates aged 77, h 108 Elm.

KEMP DEAN G., M. D., physician and surgeon, 79 Main, h 141 do.

KEMP HARLAN W., (Senter & Kemp) treas. Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., h 30 School.

Kempton Horace W., prop. Hotel Kempton, and dealer in ice, h 58 State. 

Kendall John W., patternmaker, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 15 Vine. 

Kennedy Patrick R., emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 5 St. Paul. 

Kennet George M., baker, 223 Main. 

Kent Ezekiel, retired farmer and prop. Kent block, bds. 121 Elm. 

Kent Herbert O., clerk for George D. Butler, h 17 Berlin st. 

Kent James M., teacher of penmanship in Vermont Methodist seminary. 

Kerin Daniel P., carpenter, bds. 3 Wilder place. 

Kibb George W., miller, emp. E. W. Bailey & Co., rooms 2 Barre st. 

Kibb Warren P., miller, emp. E. W. Bailey & Co., h 94 Main. 

Kimball Benjamin, slater, h 19 St. Paul. 

Kimball Charles, laborer, Court. 

Kimball Sumner, manuf. of and dealer in granite prop. granite quarries, employs from 20 to 40 men works in Barre, h 100 Elm. 

Kindonner Duffy, laborer, h 6 Wheeler place. 

Kindonner Michael, laborer, bds. 6 Wheeler place. 

King Carroll C., lawyer, bds. 15 Loomis. 

King Clark, 1st selectman, dealer in butter and retired farmer, h 15 Loomis. 

King M. C. Mrs., widow, bds. 29 School. 

King Philip, farm laborer, h 15 Main. 

Kinney Alice E., teacher, h 101 E. State. 

Kinney Erminia F., widow of George F., h 101 E. State. 

Kinniston Leon H., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds 4 Cedar. 

Kinsmore Lydia, widow of John A., resides 36 Barre st. 

Knapp D. Tryon, resident, h 9 Liberty cor. St. Paul.

Knapp Fanny E. Miss, book-keeper for Acme Watch Key Co., resides 9 Liberty. 

Knapp George A., clerk in postoffice, bds , 9 Liberty. 

Knapp Julius P,, carpenter and builder, h 68 Barre st.

Krooner George W., tailor, emp. George B. B. Denny, bds. 17 State. 


Labouchere Antoine, laborer, h 248 Main. 

Labouchere Francis, laborer, h 154 Elm. 

Labouchere Jenza F., emp. D. Dewey & Son, bds. 154 Elm. 

Labshire Joseph, laborer, h 123 Elm. 

LaCasse Paul, molder, h 59 Elm. 

Ladd Louise R., widow of John N., tailoress; emp. Woolson Bros., h 3 Elm cor. Court. 

Ladd Martha, widow of Ezra, nurse, h 26 E. State. 

Lafortaine Corliss, nickle plater , emp. Johnson & Colton, h 225 Main. 

Lafortaine James, laborer, h 229 Main. 

Laird Fred J., law student with S. C. Shurtleff, bds. Hotel Kempton. 

Laird W. E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 28 E. State. 

Laird Wesley E., patentee of common-sense boot drier, machinist, emp. U. S. Clothes Pin Co., h 28 E. State. 

Lake Sarah, widow, h 22 Hubbard. 

Lamb William J., mason, h 114 Main.

Lamora Joseph, stone mason, h 16 Hubbard. 

Lamora Kate, widow of Albert, h 179 Main. 

Lance John B., homeo. physician and surgeon, 11 Union block, h 112 Elm. 

Lane Albert D., machinist, h 136 Elm. 

LANE DENNIS , pres. Lane Mfg. Co., manuf. of and dealer in lumber, farmer 150, timberlands 2,000 h 126 Elm cor. Vine.  [Died March 29 1888.] 

Lane George L., foreman molder for Lane Mfg. Co., h 32 Summer. 

LANE MANUFACTURING CO., incorporated in 1872; capital stock $120,000; Dennis Lane, pres.; Gen. P. P. Pitkin, vice-pres.; C. P. Pitkin, sec'y and treas.; Office 25 Franklin, shops Franklin cor. Mechanic. `

LANGDON JAMES R., pres. Montpelier National bank, h 147 Main. 

Lanier Amos, tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins, h 189 Elm. 

Lanier Raphael, emp. Sabin Machine Co., h Ellis block, 27 State.

Lanier Raphael Mrs., dressmaker, 27 State. 

Laviolette Marshall, printer, emp. Argus and Patriot office, bds. 2 St. Paul.

Lawrence Artemas B., r 9, farmer, manages for J. C. Emery 12 cows and farm 85. 

Lawrence Edward, r 9, farmer 35. 

Lawrence Fred H., r 9, laborer. 

Lawrence Herbert E., yard master M. & W. R. R. R., h Northfield st. 

Lawrence Horace, Horace, farmer about 50. 

Lawrence Solon, prop. Riverside House, 128 State. 

Lawson Norman C., stonecutter, owns h and 4 acres. 

Lawson Willie E., tool sharpener, bds. Middlesex road. 

Leach Charles J., hostler for J. Q. Adams, bds. 6 Witt place. 

Learned W. H. Mrs., clerk, emp. D. W. Temple & Co., bds. 73 Main.

Learned Walter H., (D. W. Temple & Co.) bds. 73 Main. 

Lease John, dealer in harnesses, saddles, whips, trunks, valises, etc., 55 Main, h 20 Hubbard.

Lebel Joseph, carpenter and cabinet-maker, h 20 First ave. 

Ledden Patrick J., tailor, emp. Woolson Bros., h 40 E. State.

Leland Mary A., widow of James, resides 35 Barre st. 

Leland Mary A. Mrs., dressmaker, 100 Main, h do.

Leland Mary E., bds. 35 Barre st.

Leslie Francis, blacksmith, Elm, h 4 Jay.

Leslie George W., teller Montpelier National bank and notary public, h 32 E. Liberty.

Leviolette Delia, widow of Eugene, h 4 Miles Court.

Lewis William C., public weigher, blacksmith and farmer, 25 Main, h do.

L'Heureux Ernest, printer for Argus and Patriot, h 57 Basin st.

Lillie Robert B., painter, h 46 Elm.

Limoges Charles, barber, h 13 St. Paul.

Lindsley George V., laborer, h 7 Putnam.

Lindsley Oscar, emp. William Hornbrook, bds. 7 Putnam.

Lindsley Vernon, stonecutter, h 59 Barre st.

Linet John, laborer for W. H. Lombard.

LIVINGSTON JOSIAH O. MAJ., attorney at law, 20 grade Jersey cows, farmer 175, North Branch road; entered the Union army June 9, 1862, as lieut. of Co. I, 9th Vt. Vols.; mustered in as regimental adjutant in June, 1863; captain of Co. G, October, 1864.

Livingstone Charles A., student, bds. 11 Arsenal ave.

Locklin A. W. & Co., (John A. Locklin) props. restaurant, 68 Main.

Locklin Arthur W., (A. W. Locklin & Co.) h 161 Main.

Locklin Charles W., prop. Capital cafe, 34 S. Main, bds 32 Main.

LOCKLIN ERASTUS M., grocer and saloon, 50 S. Main, bds. 12 State. 

Locklin Hiram W., retired, aged 82, bds. 161 Main.

Locklin John A., (A. W. Locklin & Co.) h 161 Main.

LOMBARD LEON H., prop. Vendome restaurant, 30 State, h 49 E. State.

LOMBARD WILLIAM H., r 5, manuf. of and dealer in hard and soft soap, dealer in ashes, bones, tallow and grease, grower of hay for market, farmer 133.

Long Abraham, dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers 21 State, h 6 Park ave. 

LONG DANIEL F., prop. Phinney book store, dealer in books, periodicals, stationery, fancy goods, artists materials, gold pens and spectacles a specialty, 32 State, h 6 Park ave. 

Loomis Betsey Miss, resident, bds. 19 Bailey ave. 

Loomis Horatio S., dealer in foreign and domestic dry goods, 100 Main, h 148 do.

Loomis Lucy Miss, resident, bds. 19 Bailey ave. 

Loomis Wealthy, resides 35 Barre st. 

Lord William, lawyer and justice of the peace, h 71 Elm. 

Loughrey Nancy R., prop. Hillside boarding-house with Mrs. Jennie G. Frost, 9 Court. 

Lowe Charles F., teller Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., bds. 22 Hubbard. 

LOWE HARRY, manuf. of saddlery specialties, and breeder of and dealer in trotting horses, h 22 Hubbard. 

Lowe Henry, retired, bds. 136 Main. 

Lucas James A., agent for Singer sewing machines, 26 State, bds. Montpelier House. 

LUCIA JOEL H. GEN., justice of the peace, attorney at law, master in chancery, and notary public, postoffice block, h 129 State cor. Western ave.

Luke Edward, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 132 Main. 

Luke Samuel, painter, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 21 Franklin.

Lull Charles H., teamster, resides 9 First ave.

Lull Henry C., stonecutter, emp. Smith & Weston, h 9 First ave. 

Lusha Frank, carpenter, h 3 Charles. 

Lynch Thomas F., stonecutter, bds. 73 Elm.

Lyon Charles M. r 5, grower of small fruits, gardener and farmer 6.

*LYONS PATRICK L., plumber, gas and steam fitter, and dealer in plumbers' supplies, 5 Elm, h 5 Tremont. 


Mack James, laborer, h 21 North. 

Mack John, molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 5 St. Paul. 

Macomber Job E., M. D., physician and surgeon, room 9 Union block, State, h 14 Loomis. 

Macomber Mary E., assistant librarian, bds. 14 Loomis. 

Magoon Edgar C. r 1, machinist, emp. M. Wright & Son. 

Mahoney Elizabeth Miss, resides 38 S. Main. 

Mahoney James F., law student with Hon. Charles W. Porter, bds. 6 Baldwin. 

Mahoney Kate, organist St. Augustine's church, bds. 26 Court. 

Mahoney Mary, widow of Sylvester, h 26 Court.

Mahoney Thomas, U. S. mail agent, h 36 Main. 

Malone Michael, tailor, emp. Woolson Bros., h 112 Elm. 

Maney Thomas, laborer, h 5 Swazey place. 

Mansfield Willie H., emp. U. S. Clothes Pin Co., h 10 Pitkin place. 

Marble Calvin B., painter, h 74 State. 

Marcotte Peter, teamster, h 183 Elm. 

Marin Frank, h 32 Main. 

Marion Ramie, laborer, h 3 Lane place. 

Marron Charles W., prop. billiard and pool rooms, dealer in cigars, tobacco, and confectionery, 44 S. Main, bds. 23. Barre st. 

Martin John, laborer, h 8 Terrace. 

Marvin Horace G., (Marvin & Wilson) 100 E. State.

MARVIN MORTON, general produce dealer, breeder of pure blood Devon cattle, reg., farmer 23, in Berlin 20 cows and farm 140, and commissioner of Montpelier water works, h 100 E. State.

Marvin Thomas, (Marvin & Sherburne) lister, treasurer and trustee of Vermont Methodist seminary and Female college, h 37 Barre st.

Marvin Thomas C., retired farmer, aged 88, bds. 100 E. State.

MARVIN & SHERBURNE, (Thomas M. and Frank A. S.) dealers in groceries, farm produce; crockery and glassware, French block, 42 Main.

Marvin & Wilson, (Horace G. M. and Charles E. W.) dealers in boots, shoes and rubbers, 20 State; branch store, Averill block, Barre.

Mason William P., machinist, emp. Colby Wringer Co., h 27 Barre st.

Matthews Henry S., candymaker for C. H. Cross & Son, bds. 32 Main.

Matthieu Dammian, blacksmith. Elm, h 14 North.

Matthieu Joseph, mason, h 257 Main.

Mayhue Horace C., stonecutter, h 203 Main.

Mayo David carriagemaker and repairer, 29 Elm, h 185 Main.

McAllister George W., janitor Montpelier and Washington County Grammar school and Church of The Messiah, h 10 Loomis.

McCaffery Terrence, night watchman emp. Pavilion Hotel, bds. do. [Killed by the elevator, Sept. 29, 1888.]

McCarthy John, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 175 Main.

McClure Frank H., carpenter, bds. 32 Barre st.

McClure William F., dealer in groceries, and furnishing and fancy goods, 102 Main, h 32 Barre st.

McCLUSKEY CHARLES A. silver plater, soldier in Co. C, Ransom Guards, 3 years and 3 months, and in Co. F, 8th Vt. Frontier Cavalry, 6 months, h 13 Cross.

McCormick Jerry, helper, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 39 Loomis.

McCormick George, stonecutter, bds. 34 Barre st.

McCormick H. Patrick, stonecutter, h 22 Court.

McCrellis Ellen Miss, h 67 Elm.

McCune Fred J., clerk, emp. D. W. Temple & Co., bds. 25 Barre st.

McDonald James, stonecutter, h 59 Barre st.

McDonald John F., baker, emp. C. H. Cross & Son, h 77 Elm.

McDonald William E., nickel plater h 54 North.

McGee John, laborer, h 73 Elm.

McGill Charles P., clerk for J. C. Emery, bds. do.

McGill Charles P:, stonecutter, bds. 16 Liberty.

McGlaflin Charles, laborer, one-legged veteran, h 133 Elm.

McGorry ______, h 121 Elm.

McIvers Donald, stonecutter and tool sharpener, bds. 34 Barre st.

McKinna Bernard A., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., soldier, h 5 N. Franklin.

McLeod Anna Miss, tailoress, emp. Woolson Bros., bds. 112 Elm.

McMahan Patrick, night watchman Lane Mfg. Co., 233 Main.

McMurphy Frank emp. Dr. J. M. Templeton, bds. do.

McQUEENEY TIMOTHY J., (Capital Granite Co.) stonecutter, h 3 Charles.

Mead Belle Miss, music teacher, bds. 28 Loomis.

Mead Clara L. Miss, daughter of the late A. A. Mead, resides 28 Loomis.

Mead Frank L., carpenter, prop. Wailing's boarding-house, 32 School cor. St. Paul.

Mead Mary C., (Mrs. Frank L.) manager Walling's boarding-house, 32, School cor. St. Paul. 

Meader Charles C., traveling agent, bds. 132 Main. 

Mears Betsey A., widow of Horace B., h 16 Spring. 

Medler James, sexton St. Augustine's church, bds. 11 N. Franklin.

Medler Mary, widow of Patrick, resident, h 11 N. Franklin. 

Medler Peter B., printer, emp. Argus and Patriot office, bds. 11 N. Franklin. 

Mee Charles, laborer, bds. 34 Loomis. 

Mee John C., butcher, emp. H. Holmes, h 34 Loomis.

Mee Luke, fish dealer, h 241 Main.

Meinecke G. W. Miss, milliner, Opera House block, bds. 14 Barre st.

Mero Edward H., hostler for T. R. Gordon, bds, 38 Main.

Merrick John W., section foreman C. V. R. R., h 140 State.

Merrill Charlotte H. Miss, residence 159 State.

Merrill Mary A. Miss, residence 159 State.

Merrill Timothy R., town clerk and ex-judge of probate, court-house, h 92 Elm.

Merrill Timothy R., Jr., musician and director of Montpelier military band, h 90 Elm.

Miller Charles A., painter, bds. 118 Main.

Miller Clara E., book-binder, emp. M. W. Wheelock. h 118 Main.

MILLER FRANK B., butcher and dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats, poultry and vegetables, 79 Main, h 87 E. State.

Miller John, letter carrier, served on board the U. S. ship Alaska, h 4 E. Mechanic.

Miller Mary, widow of John, h 118 Main.

Miller William, dealer in groceries, tobacco, cigars and oysters, 120 Main, h. 118 do.

Mills Horace, carpenter and builder, h 14 Vine. 

Milo George, butcher, bds. 12 E. State.

Milo Godfrey, laborer, h 12 E. State.

Minnett Joseph, laborer, h 114 Main.

Mitchell Clement, laborer, bds. 132 Main.

Mitchell Peter, clerk for H. S. Loomis, bds. 104 Main.

Mitiguy Felix, student, bds. 11 Arsenal ave.

Montpelier Gas Light Co., established in 1856; capital stock $30,000; George W. Scott, pres.; E. R. Skinner, treas.; Main.

MONTPELIER HOUSE, George Wheeler, prop., free hack to and from depot, 100 State.

Montpelier National Bank, organized under state laws in 1824; chartered as a national bank in 1865; capital $250,000; surplus $80,000; James R. Langdon, pres.; Edward D. Blackwell, cashier; 13 State.

Montpelier Public Library Association, 5,000 volumes, open Wednesdays and Saturdays, afternoon and evening, and Monday evenings from Oct. 1 to April 1, Miss Mary Willard, librarian, Blanchard Opera House block.

MONTPELIER SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO., chartered 1870; capital $50,000; Homer W. Heaton, pres.; James W. Brock, vice pres. Albert W. Ferrin, treas.; 16 State.

Montpelier Slate Co., capital $40,000; C. T. Sabin, pres. and treas., manufs. of roofing, etc., Barre st.

Montpelier Steam Laundry, H. M. Whitcomb, prop., 31 Elm. 

Montpelier Telephone Exchange, A. C. Brown, prop. and manager, Main cor. State.

MONTPELIER VILLAGE WATER WORKS, supply water for domestic purposes, fires and motive power, M. Marvin, A. C. Cummings, John W. Peck, Joel Foster and A. J. Sibley, trustees; Joel Foster, supt., 58 Main. 

Moody Dexter, retired baggage master, h 7 Bailey ave.

Mooney John, general blacksmith, 29 Elm, h 65 do.

Mooney John W., mail carrier, bds. 65 Elm.

Moore Henry, off r 6, tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins.

Moore Herbert B., emp. U. S. Clothes Pin Co., bds. 29 E. State.

Moore Solon E., patentee and manuf. of U. S. clothes pins, h 29 E. State.

Morairity John, farmer, h and 4 acres and farm in Berlin, h 189 State.

Morairity Thomas, dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, 1 School cor. Elm, h 28 Court.

Morey Edward C., A. M., professor of Latin and Greek in Vermont Conference seminary, bds. 9 Arsenal ave.

Morrow John V., truckman, h 30 Ridge.

Morrow Patrick, laborer, h 15 Arsenal ave.

Morrow Sarah, widow of Abraham P., h 169 Main.

Morse Edwin R., road master M. & W. R. R. R., h 5 Barre st.

Morse Everett A., laborer, bds. 192 Main.

Morse Frederick W., postmaster, general freight and passenger agent M. & W. R. R. R., h 58 State,

Morse George E., conductor M. & W. R. R. R., h 12 Hubbard. 

MORSE JOSEPH B., foreman for Johnson & Colton, h 5 First ave.

Moulton Isaac R., commercial traveler, emp. Wheeler, Conant & Blodgett, of Boston, h 154 Main.

Munder William C., advertising agent, bds. Pavilion House.

Murphy Robert, stonecutter, bds. 9 Court.

Murphy William, carpenter, h 34 Barre st.

Murry Mary, widow of Patrick, h 18 Court.


Nailer Felix, laborer, bds. 5 Fisher place.

Naphine James, farm laborer,

Naphine Peter Mrs., washer and ironer, h 65 Elm.

Nason Herbert, medical student with Dr. H. S. Boardman, bds. 153 State.

NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., incorporated in 1848; commenced business in 1850; Charles Dewey, pres.; Edward Dewey, vice-pres.; J. C. Houghton treas.; George W. Reed, sec'y; 114 State.

Neeman John, stonecutter, bds. 3 Charles.

NEILL GEORGE T., (Acme Watch Key Co.) h 12 State. 

Nelson Daniel D., owns farm in Middlesex, h 15 Terrace.

Nelson Fred W., laborer, emp. at state house, h 38 Loomis.

Nelson William T., hostler for E. W. Dudley, bds. 20 Elm.

Nestor Marcus, laborer, h 7 N. Franklin.

Nestor John, hostler Union House, bds. do.

Neveaux Serafin, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 23 Franklin. 

Neveux George R. nickel plater, emp. Johnson & Colton bds. 9 Court.

Newby Joseph, peddler, h 7 Cemetery.

Newcomb Amanda T. widow of Hon. Luther, department Pres. of the Woman's Relief Corps of Vermont, resides 94 Elm.

Newcomb Stephen T., director and stockholder United States Clothes Pin Co. h 94 Elm.

Newton George J., janitor, bds. 9 Arsenal ave. 

Newton George N., sawyer, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., Berlin st. 

Newton H. M. Mrs., widow, bds. 98 Elm.

Newton John Q., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 16 Ridge. 

Newton Richard H., dentist, 1 Hubbard block, h 84 Elm. 

Newton William M., student, bds. 11 Arsenal ave.

Nichols Dudley C., clerk for E. D. Hyde, h 51 Barre st.,

Nichols George L., dealer m ready-made clothing, hats, caps, furnishing goods, trunks and valises, 69 Main, h 7 Winter. 

Niles Albert E., clerk for L. P. Gleason & Co., bds. 8 Winter.

Norris Melissa L. Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 32 Main.

NORTON ANDREW S., job teamster, h 24 Arsenal ave.

Noyes Storrs T., dealer in carriages and sleighs, and repairing, rear Main, h 104 Barre st.

Noyes W. Wallace, carpenter, h 29 St. Paul. 

Noyes William, carpenter, h 31 St. Paul.

Nutt Edwin A., r 12, farmer, manager for his father, Henry.

Nutt Henry, r 12, 125 grade Shropshire and Merino sheep, farmer 150, aged 80.


O'Grady John, custom shoemaker, 10 E. State, h do.

O'Grady Michael, resident, bds. 5 N. Franklin.

O'Grady Michael E., farm laborer for E. Hubbard, h 15 2 Elm.

O'Grady Michael J., laborer, h 152 Elm.

O'Neill Edmund, plumber and gas fitter, emp. P. L. Lyons, bds. 28 Elm.

O'Neil James, stonecutter, bds. 9 Court. 

O'Neil William E., plumber, emp: J. W. Peck, bds. 28 Elm.

Ordway Edward A., emp. B. P. Young, h 46 E. State.

Ordway Walter M., commercial traveler, h 9 Winter.

Ormsbee Sarah. resident, h 167 Main.

Osgood Ellen C., widow of Douglas, resident, h 14 First ave.

Osier John M., spring bed maker, bds. 5 Jay.

Osier Sarah C., widow of James, h 5 Jay.

O'Sullivan William J., rector St. Augustine's church, parsonage 51 Court.

Oviatt Laura F. Mrs., carpetmaker, h 88 Elm.

Owen Amariah A., r 1, carpenter and joiner, owns h and lot Wright's Mills.


Page Charles engineer M. & W. R. R. R , bds. 10 Vine.

PAGE JOHN A. Hon., pres. First National bank, h 94 State.

Paine Grovner B., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., and owns saw and grist-mill on Branch road, h 104 Main.

Pape Jacob W., tool sharpener, bds. 61 Barre st.

Park Warren W., dealer in groceries, flour and country produce, butter and cheese a specialty, 71 Main, h 9 Loomis.

Parkhurst Daniel L., dyer, 14 Spring.

Parks Albert, clerk for Marvin & Sherburne, bds. 32 Main.

PARMENTER GEORGE W., wholesale and retail dealer in ice, and dealer in butter and maple sugar, 6 State, h 190 Elm.

Paro Frank, barber, h 6 Cayhue place.

Paro Gilbert, brakeman M. & W. R. R. R., h 33 Barre st. r

Paro Joseph, laborer, h 6 Jay.

Paro Joseph, Jr., laborer, h 6 Jay. 

Parrizo E. J., speculator, h 9 Court.

Parry William T., stonecutter, h 6 Witt place.

Pattee Elmer E., clerk, bds. 20 Main. 

Pattee Weston A., emp. of C. T. Sabin, 20 Main. 

Patter Joseph, shoemaker, r z E. State, h do.

Patter Kate. widow of William, bds 139 State.

Patterson Hannah H. Miss, prop. boarding-house, 31 E. State.

Patterson Mary, compositor Watchman office, h 31 E. State.

Paul Chandler W., r 5, farmer 4. 

Paul Nancy M., r 5, widow of William, owns farm 4. 

PAVILION HOTEL, J. S. Viles, prop., first-class in all its appointments, telephone and good livery connected, 113 State. 

Pearce Emma, book-binder, emp. M. W. Wheelock, bds. 10 Cross. 

Peck Alonzo D., emp. M. & W. R. R. R., h 6 Franklin. 

Peck Charles N., tanner, 6 North. 

Peck Frank W., tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins, bds 6 North. 

Peck Fred L., printer, emp. Argus and Patriot, bds. 6 North. 

Peck George A., (Barrows & Peck) h 115 Elm. 

Peck John Q. A., retired tanner, h 4 Franklin.

PECK JOHN W., plumber and gas fitter, dealer in iron pipe, fittings and plumbing goods, 58 Main, h 21 Vine. 

Peck Leslie F., printer, h 67 Elm. 

PECK MARY B., widow of James S., resident, h 99 State. 

Peck Norman C., painter, glazier and paper hanger, h 24 Barre st. 

Peck Roswell K., (Pecks & Cummins) justice of the peace, h 106 Elm. 

Peck William N., (Pecks & Cummins) prop. creamery, 35 cows, farm 175, h 21 Hubbard cor. First ave. 

Pecks & Cummins, (William N. and Roswell K. P., and Albert O. C.) manufs. of harness, collars, wax, upper and card leather, dealers in leather and findings, 60 Main, tannery Cummins.

Pecor Charles, laborer, h 6 Wheeler place. 

Pecor Herbert, laborer, bds. 10 Court. 

Pecor Joseph, laborer, h 10 Court.

Pecor Peter, laborer, bds. 10 Court.

Pembroke Margaret, widow, h 182 Main. 

Pembroke Michael, machinist, emp. Wright's mills, h 182 Main. 

Pembroke Thomas B., laborer, h 182 Main. 

Penniman Henry, locomotive engineer M. & W. R. R. R., bds. 21 Hubbard. 

Percival Thornhill, horticulturist, rear Episcopal church, bds. 58 State. 

Perkins Elkins C., r 12, carpenter and farmer 75. 

Perkins Jonathan, r 12, carpenter and builder, farmer 15. 

Perkins Ransom H., r 5, laborer, emp. W. H. Lombard. 

Perrin Charles E. farmer and wool buyer, owns land in Berlin, h 12 Loomis.

Perry Fred H., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 17 Pearl.

Persons Levi A., farmer, h 61 Barre st.

Peterson William, laborer, one-legged soldier, h 22 Court. 

Phelps John D. teamster, bds. 23 School.

PHELPS WILLIAM PERCY, stenographer for Lane Mfg. Co., h 38 E. E: Liberty.

Phillips Charles F., traveling salesman, emp. R. C. Bowers Granite Co., bds. Montpelier House.

Phillips Charles N., watchmaker and jeweler, manager of jewelry business for estate of A. A. Mead, 28 State, h 54 E. State.

Phinney Jennie Miss, clerk for Daniel F. Long, bds. 4 Spring. 

Phinney Mary, teacher of vocal music, bds. 4 Spring.

Phinney Truman C., sergeant at arms 18 consecutive years, h 4. Spring. 

Pierce Adaline A., widow of Levi F., resides 27 Loomis.

Pierce Clarence C., manuf. of and dealer in harnesses and horse furnishing goods, 110 Main, h 198 do.

PIERCE HIRAM M., coal dealer, one-armed veteran of the late war, served in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols., h 7 Summer.

Pierce Ira F., laborer, h 10 Cross.

Pierce Irena B., widow of Benjamin H., resident, h 9 North.

Pierce John L., clerk for Johnson & Colton, bds. 27 Loomis.

Pierce Sollie A., porter Montpelier House, bds. do.

Pitkin Clarence H., (Pitkin & Huse) lawyer.

PITKIN CARROLL P., representative, sec'y and treas. Lane Mfg. Co., h 144 Main.

Pitkin Frank I, assistant treas. Lane Mfg. Co., h 157 Main.

Pitkin Fred E., r 5, 12 cows, 10 head other cattle, and farmer 125.

PITKIN PERLEY P. GEN., pres. Lane Mfg. Co., director First National bank and National Life Insurance Co., h 146 Main. 

Pitkin Ruth A., widow of William L., resides 4 Pitkin Court. 

Pitkin & Huse, (Clarence H. P. and Hiram A. H.) lawyers, postoffice block, State. 

Plaisted Edgell, draughtsman, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 6 Cross. 

POLAND JOSEPH, retired editor and publisher, h 27 School.

Poland Josephine Mrs., resident, h 17 Baldwin.,

PORTER CHARLES W. HON., sec'y of state, and lawyer, postoffice block, h 4 Western ave. 

Pratt A. F. Co., The, Antoine F. Pratt, prop., manuf. of Pratt's great French hair tonic, patented Jan. 24, 1888, 52 State. 

Pratt Felix, barber and hair-dresser, 52 Main, h 24 Elm. 

Pratt Catherine M., widow of William C., h 137 Main.

Pratt Frank, pressman, emp. Woolson Bros., h 174 Main.

Pratt Jerome J., carriage painter and bill poster, h 62 Barre st.

Pratt Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, h 137 Main.

Provost Clement, baker, h 20 Court.

Provost Eton E., teamster, h 183 Main.

Prue John, laborer, 201 Main.

Puffer Frank H., agent New York Life Insurance Co., bds. 100 Elm.

Putnam Charles B., printer, bds. 20 Arsenal ave.

Putnam Diana, widow of Dr. Summer, h 165 Main.

PUTNAM ENOCH D., retired merchant, h 20 Arsenal ave.

Putney Elwin, hack driver, h 47 Elm.

Putney Willard, laborer, h on Clay hill.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 106-142

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003