D ~ J


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Montpelier, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Daley Benjamin, truckman, h 137 Main.

Daley Leon E., clerk, bds. 134 Elm.

Daley Putnam, r 5, farmer, owns farm in Middlesex.

Dana Hannah M. Miss, resident, h 56 Elm.

Dancause Henry, blacksmith, emp. T. Allard, bds. 140 State.

Darling Albert, laborer, h 2 Dudley place.

Darling Arthur J., melter, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 13 St. Paul.

Davis Charles J., nickel plater, h 6 School.

Davis Harriet C. Mrs., dressmaker, 67 Main, h do.

Davis Langdon J., contractor and job teamster, h 36 North. 

Davis Nathaniel, manuf. of refrigerators, h 59 Barre st.

DAWLEY FRANK R., (Wheelock & Dawley) h 3 Berlin st.

Deavitt Thomas J., attorney at law, master in chancery, notary public, and solicitor of pensions and patents, 50 State, h 21 Terrace.

DeBoer Joseph A., principal Washington County Grammar and Union school, h 24 Vine.

Decker Jacob W., stonecutter, h 104 Main.

DeColaines Juan, prop. saloon, 72 State, h 156 Elm.

Deering John K., farm laborer for G. O. Boyce.

Deering William F., laborer, h 18 Hubbard.

DeLottinville Francis X., prop. Pavilion House barber shop, h 42 Court.

Demeritt Charles E., night policeman, h 9 Vine.

Demeritt Emerson, laborer, bds. 9 Vine.

Demeritt John, gunsmith, h 104 Main.

Deming Henry H., retired merchant, h 93 State.

Demo Moses, laborer, h 114 Main.

DENNY GEORGE B. B., merchant tailor, 14 State, h 26 Barre st.

Desaulnier Calaxtie, currier, emp. Pecks & Cummins, h 85 Elm.

Desaulnier Emma, dressmaker, emp. Mrs. H. C. Davis, h 85 Elm.

Desoleau Charles, barber, 24 State, bds. 9 N. Franklin.

Devine Hugh, laborer, bds. 175 Main.

Devine John, gardener, h 209 Main. 

Dewey Charles pres. National Life Insurance Co., and vice-pres. First National Bank of Montpelier, h 135 State. 

Dewey D. & Son, (Frank D.) dealers in stoves, tin and glassware, kitchen furnishings, etc., 104 State.

DEWEY DENNISON, (D. Dewey & Son) h 24 E. Liberty.

Dewey Edward, vice-pres. and actuary of the National Life Insurance Co., h 116 State.

DEWEY FRANK D., (D. Dewey & Son) h 37 School.

Dewey Nancy W. Mrs., widow of Simeon, resident, h 40 Arsenal ave.

Dewey Orville, job teamster and dealer in wood, h 104 E. State.

Dewey Peter G., dealer in groceries and country produce, 3 School, h 5 do.

Dewey Sarah A., widow of William, resident, h 3 First ave.

Dewey Theodore G., ensign in the U. S. navy, bds. 116 State.

Dewey Thomas, clerk for National Life Insurance Co., bds. 116 State.

Dewey William T., clerk Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co., h 120 State.

Dewing Harry G., reporter for Argus and Patriot, h 16 E. State.

Dewing John A., shoemaker, 51 Main, h 38 do.

DIXON DANIEL W., formerly editor of The Watchman, bds. Pavilion.

Doby Edward, mason, h 18 Court.

Doby Oliver, emp. C. H. Cross & Son, h 3 Fisher place.

DODGE CHARLES A., r 5, laborer.

Dodge Eleazer E., carpenter, emp. George Gurnsey, h 202 Main.

Dodge Fred E., r 1, carpenter and farmer 13.

DODGE GILMAN B., custom shoemaker, 107 Main, h do.

Dodge Harriet B., widow of Theodore A., resident, h 18 Spring.

Dodge Joel, r 1, 5 cows, farmer 60, and in Middlesex 100.

Dodge Richard painter, h 93 E. State.

Dodge Samuel, r 5, laborer.

Dodge William, horse trainer, bds. 107 Main.

Doeg Luther P., blacksmith, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 197 Main.

Donahue Frank E., lawyer, h 9 Court.

Donahue Katie Miss, dressmaker, h 9 Court.

Donovan John P., broker, loans negotiated on personal property, dealer in organs, sewing machines and general supplies, 59 Main, h 188 do.

Doten Chester, fireman C. V. R. R., h 7 Main.

Doten Frank, laborer, h 56 Main.

Doten Leonard H., farm laborer.

Downing Clinton G., town liquor agent, and dealer in groceries and fruit, also prop. livery stable, rear of French block, 48 Main, bds. do.

Doyle Bennett J., r 1, manuf. of shingles. 

Drew Henry W., agent American Express Co., and local manager Western Union Telegraph Co., C. V. R. R. depot, h 6 Winter.

Dudley Charles C., house and carriage painter, glazier and paper hanger, 25 Elm, h 12 Vine. 

DUDLEY D. WILLARD, deputy sheriff and jailor, prop. livery, feed and boarding stable, E. State, h jail building, 20 Elm.

Duke Levi G., emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 184 Main. 

Dumas Joseph, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 127 Elm.

Dumas Julia, widow of Joseph, resident, 3 Court.

Dunham Dennis C., carpenter and joiner, bds. 32 School. 

Dunwoodie M. Jennie Mrs., resident, h 204 Main. 

Duplesses Frank W., laborer, h 30 Elm.

Durant J. M., widow of Luther L., h 194 Main.


EAGAN THOMAS, manager Capital Granite Co., bds. Montpelier House.

Eagan William, granite cutter, emp. Merrill Russell, h Northfield st., Berlin.

Eaton Arthur G., book-keeper First National Bank of Montpelier, bds. 4 Charles.

EATON CALEB C., 23 cows, farmer 275, h 5 Terrace.

EATON FRED L., cashier First National Bank of Montpelier, h 6 Barre st.

Eddy Benjamin F., stewart Vermont Methodist seminary boarding-house, h 9 Arsenal ave. 

Edgerly Asa W., fireman, h 13 First ave.

Edgerton Edward H., law student with S. C. Shurtleff, bds. 32 Main.

Edwards Thomas, (Edwards & White) h 1 Guernsey ave.

Edwards & White (Thomas E.) manufs. of and dealers in granite, 79 Barre.

Eggleston Ellen M. Mrs., resident, h 121 Elm. 

Ellis Jabez W., retired merchant, director First National Bank of Montpelier and Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co., owns and rents 3 farms of 550 acres, h 22 Barre st.

Ellis Mary L , widow, bds. 151 Main.

Emerson George, tinsmith, 5 Kinsman place.

Emery Frank B., clerk for his father, John C , bds. 20 Elm.

Emery Helen Mrs., matron South boarding-house, Vermont Methodist seminary, h 5 Arsenal.

Emery John C., dealer in carpets, wall paper, crockery, china, glassware, lamps and chandeliers, 48 State, h 15 Spring. (Died December 27, 1888.]'

Emery John W., clerk for his father, John C., h 15 Spring.

Emmons Frederick, truckman, h 41 Court.

Emmons John, teamster, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 199 Main.

Emmons John, Jr., teamster, owns h and lot.

English Pile Remedy Co., (G. H. Smiley and F. H. Whitney, of Worcester) props. and manufs. of the great English pile remedy, 29 State.

ERWIN JAMES A., tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins, h 9 Cummins.

Evans Charles G., hair-dresser, bds. 24 Elm.

Evans John E., clerk, emp. C. B. Roberts, h 24 Elm.

Evans W. Austin, painter, h 1 West.

Everett Bridget Miss, dressmaker, 14 French block, 38 S. Main.

Ewing James, mason, bds. 9 Court.

Ewing John, stone mason and farmer 10 h 4 North. 

Ewing John, Jr., stone mason, h 32 North. 

Ewing William, laborer, h 4 North. 


Fales H. Marshall, dealer in glassware and notions, 19 State, h 11 do. 

Fallon Ed. J., painter, bds. 2 Cross. 

Farwell Arthur D., dealer in ready-made clothing, hats caps, furs, gents' furnishing goods, trunks and bags, 75 Main cor. E. State, h 10 Liberty. 

Farwell John G., station agent M. & W. R. R. R., dealer in wood and baled hay, h 99 State. 

Faulkner Francis, stonecutter, 61 Barre st. 

Fay Alland G., (Heath & Fay) lawyer, h 61 Barre st. 

Felt Frank E., clerk in saloon, h 34 Barre st. 

Felt George M., silver plater, emp. Johnson & Colton, h 24 S. Main. 

Ferguson Marcella, widow, resides with Mrs. N. S. Sprague, 14 Barre st. 

Ferrin Albert W., treas. Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., 26 Summer. 

Ferrin Charles H., dealer in groceries and meats, 89 Main, h 20 Vine. 

Ferrin Whitman G., retired lawyer, pres. Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., and trustee Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., h 26 Summer. 

Ferris J. Arthur, stonecutter and farmer. 

Ferris Sarah Mrs., owns farm. 

FIELD CHARLES C., master mechanic, emp. M. & W. R. R. R., h 4 Putnam. 

Field Dan G., manager billiard room Pavilion Hotel, h 32 E. State. 

Field James, barber, bds. 17 Court. 

Fifield Benjamin F., att'y at law, 3 Union block, h 118 State. 

Fifield George W., stone polisher, h 8 Putnam. 

Fifield Henry E., farmer, agent for his father, Orange, bds. Montpelier House. 

Fifield Orange, retired dealer in live stock, and merchant, owns several farms in Orange, Orange Co., h 10 State. 

Fifield Sarah, resides 107 State. 

Finn James C., r 3, 10 cows, 200 sugar trees, and farmer 90. 

Finn Margaret, domestic 27 School.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MONTPELIER, capital $250,000; surplus $50,000; John A. Page, pres.; Fred L. Eaton, cashier; 41 State. 

Fisher Joseph, retired manuf., h 21 Loomis. 

Fisher O. Merrill commercial traveler, h 11 State. 

Fisher Theodore, carpenter, h 7 Franklin. 

Fisk Amy B. Miss, Kindergartner and preparatory trainer of teachers, 149 Main, h 17 Hubbard. 

Fisk Hattie C., (Misses Fisk) h 17 Hubbard. 

Fisk Mary E., (Misses Fisk) h 17 Hubbard. 

Fisk Misses, (Mary E. and Hattie C.) milliners and dealers in fancy goods, 27 State. 

Fitzgerald George, laborer, h 14 Spring. 

Fitzgibbons Thomas, laborer, bds. 13 Franklin. 

Fitzgibbons William, laborer, h 13 Franklin. 

Flanders John P., commercial traveler, emp. Hiram Whittington, of Boston, h 30 E. Liberty. 

Flanders S. A., widow of Alpheus, h 27 Court. 

Flood Terrence, laborer, h 140 State. 

Forbush Orlando P., dentist, 12 State, h 98 Elm. 

Fort Emma Miss, dressmaker, 9 Summer, bds. do. 

Foster Charles O., molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 2 Cross cor. Franklin.

FOSTER JOEL, civil engineer and supt. Montpelier village water works, 58 Main, bds. 18 Barre st.

Foster William W., brakeman, h 15 Court. 

Fowler Marcus D., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 176 Main. 

Fox George W., carpenter and joiner, h 46 Main.

Freeman E. L., widow of Stephen, h 8 Loomis.

Freeman Harvey F., carpenter, and owns real estate, bds. 30 Ridge. 

French James G. Mrs., resident, bds. 120 State.

Friend Loren, baker, emp. C. H. Cross & Son, h 69 Elm.

Frink Fred W., porter, emp. Pavilion Hotel, bds. do. 

Frink Norman W., traveling salesman, h 19 Arsenal ave. 

Frost Jennie G. Mrs., prop. Hillside boarding-house with Nancy R. Loughrey, 9 Court.

FULLER CHARLES H., (D. L. Fuller & Son) quartermaster of Vermont state militia, h 30 Loomis.

FULLER D. L. & SON, (Charles H.) wholesale and retail dealers in hard ware, cordage, glass, paints, doors, sash, blinds, agricultural implements, and fertilizers, Main cor. E. State.

FULLER DAVID L., (D. L. Fuller & Son) manuf. of the Sanborn churn and butter worker, h 150 Main.

Fuller Ed. E., molder, 3 School.

Fullerton Henry, prop. boarding-house, 18 Barre st.

Fullerton James K., general agent Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co., bds. 18 Barre st.


Gabree John W., painter, bds. 9 Court.

Gacero Charles, laborer, h 30 Elm.

Galaise Antoine, painter, h 9 Franklin. ,

Galaise Joseph, carriage painter, emp. D. A. Guptil & Co., h 196 Main. 

GALE ELGIN J., (Acme Watch Key Co.) h 19 Barre st. 

Gallison Charles B., farmer and manager for C. T. Sabin. 

Gambol M. A. Miss, seamstress, bds. 14 First ave. 

Gardener John, cook Montpelier House, bds. do. 

Gautier Napoleon, farm 12, and engineer Pavilion House, h rear do.

Gautier Peter, mason, h 6 Jay. 

Gee Edmund, harnessmaker, emp. C. C. Pierce, bds. 28 E. State. 

Geer Charles, fish dealer, 23 Main, h 57 do.

George Abby, r 1, widow of Rufus L., owns h and lot. 

George Charles A., stonecutter, bds. 5 St. Paul. 

George Joseph, blacksmith, emp. in Barre, h 13 St. Paul. 

George Obadiah E., r 5, retired farmer. 

Gero George, tin peddler, 38 North. 

Gilbert John H., r 5, nickel plater and farmer, leases of Clark Alexander. 

Gilbert Norman W., dentist, h 85 E. State. 

Gilman Edwin H., horse trainer for the turf, h 70 Barre st. 

Gilman James F., portrait and landscape painter, studio Union block, bds. 128 State. 

Gilman Marcus D., historian and retired business man, h 1 Baldwin. [Died Jan. 5, 1889.]

Girad Louis, sawyer, emp. E. E. Graham, 6 Cayhue place. 

Girard John, laborer, h 17 St. Paul. 

Girard Joseph G., barber, emp. Oghtney Jangraw, bds. 28 Elm cor. Court. 

GISBORNE THOMAS, manuf. of moldings, dealer in rough and dressed lumber, Berlin st., h 27 Bailey ave.

Gleason Carlisle J., lawyer, treas. American Investment Co., of Boston, owns Riverside, 128 State, bds. do.

GLEASON HERBERT C., (L. P. Gleason & Co.) (Gleason & Co.) bds. 128 State.

GLEASON L. P. & CO., (Herbert C. Gleason) dealers in dry and fancy goods, 27 and 31 State.

GLEASON LOUIS P., (L. P. Gleason & Co.) (Gleason & Co.) h 12 Barre st.

GLEASON & CO., (Louis P. and Herbert C. Gleason) undertakers, manufs. and dealers in all kinds of furniture, E. State cor. Main.

Glinney Alexander, stonecutter, bds. 59 Barre st.

Glinney John, saloon keeper, Main, h 31 Court.

Glinney Nellie Miss, dressmaker and milliner, bds 31 Court.

Glinney Patrick. section hand, h 5 North.

Glynn John, molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 1 Vine.

Glynn Patrick F., section boss C. V. R. R., h 26 Court.

Glysson A. J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 21 St. Paul.

Glysson Andrew, J., saloon keeper, 3 Main, h 21 St. Paul.

Glysson Emily, widow of Dr. Thomas, h 57 Main.

Goodenough J. Eli, clerk in postofhce, h 98 Elm.

Goodnature Louis, stone mason, h 179 Main.

Goodrich Heman W., carpenter, contractor and builder, h 18 Winter.

Goodwin Abbie, widow of Major S., h 21 First ave.

Goodwin Lucius S., carpenter, bds. 11 First ave.

Goodwin William R., printer, h 21 First ave.

Goodwin William W., carpenter and joiner, h 11 First ave.

Gordon George, hostler, emp. Truman R., bds. 32 Main.

Gordon Gilman, r 1, machinist, emp. M. Wright & Son.

Gordon J. William, bridge builder, emp. B. & L. R. R., h 8 Ridge.

GORDON TRUMAN R., attorney at law, master in chancery, prop. livery and boarding stable, Willard block, cor. Main and E. State, bds 32 Main.

Gorman Michael C., stonecutter, bds. 132 Main.

Goss Aaron W., painter, bds. 9 Court.

GOSS'GEORGE M., carpenter, bds. 68 E. State.

Gourd Carrie, widow of John E., h 26 Bailey ave.

Gould Fred, r 1, laborer.

Could Gustavus, carpenter and joiner, resides Wright's Mills.

Could Joseph, carpenter and joiner, resides Wright's Mills.

Gould Moses W., truckman and wood dealer, h 26 Bailey ave.

Gould Wilbur F., butcher, resides Wright's Mills.

Gourley George N., molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., 16 Winter.

Graham Edmund E., manuf., shipper and dealer in all kinds of northern lumber, handles 5,000,000 or 6,000,000 feet annually, 41 Hubbard cor. Liberty, h do.

Graham Ellen Miss, stenographer for her father, Edmund E.

Graham Frank. E., manuf. of chair stock and house furnishing goods, bds. 41r Hubbard cor. Liberty.

Grandfield Nellie A. Miss, dressmaker, emp. Mrs. H. C. Davis, bds. 61 Elm.

Grant Alonzo B., blacksmith, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 3 Fuller cor. Liberty.

Gravelin Francis, stone mason, h 25 St. Paul.

Gravelin Napoleon, silver plater, emp. Johnson & Colton, bds. 39 Court.

Gravelin Paulina, widow of John, h 43 Court.

Gray Charles K., off r 3, breeder of fine horses, Auctioneer stock, arid farmer, leases of James Ward, of Barre, 18.

GRAY DAVID R., r 3, retired farmer, aged 79, born in town.

Gray Fred L., painter, h 2 Barre st. 

Gray Ira R., farm laborer, emp. C. T. Sabin. 

Gray Merton E., printer, bds. 2 Barre st.

Gray Walter E., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 132 Main.

GREEN ALBERT A., r 1, blacksmith.

Green Croydon B., clerk for L. P. Gleason & Co., bds. 2 Spring.

Green Joseph H., teamster, emp. D. L. Fuller & Son, h 175 Main.

Green Lester H., drug clerk, h 17 State.

Greenwood Louis, retired farmer, h 75 Elm.

Grout Emma J., clerk for A. J. Howe, bds 32 Main. 

Grout Frank E., breeder of full blood Jersey cattle, 31 cows, farmer, leases of Col. E. P. Jewett 200.

Grout George G., justice of the peace and farmer, leases of E. P. Jewett. 

Guernsey Charles W., foreman Lane Mfg. Co., h 35 Loomis. 

Guernsey Edwin M., supt. Lane Mfg. Co's shops, h 13 Vine. 

Gunnison Eri S., pensioner, h 53 Main.

GUPTIL D. A. & CO., (L. Bart Cross) props. of the Golden Fleece, Main.

GUPTIL DANIEL A., (D. A. Guptil & Co.) dealer in carriages and sleighs, and carriage and sign painting, 2 Hazen place, off Main, h 34 E. State.

Gurnsey Eliza V. Miss, resident, h 50 E. State.

Gurnsey George H., architect, contractor and builder, 68 E. State, h do. 

Gurnsey Mary A. Miss, artist and teacher of oil painting, resides 68 E. State.

Gurnsey Sophronia, widow of Madison C., 18 Cross. 

Guyer Joseph, laborer, h 3 Kinsman place.


Hackett George C., molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 40 E. Liberty.

HALE CHARLES M., r 7, 100 sugar trees, 30 cows, 5 horses, 1 pair fine oxen, 13 head young cattle, farmer 200, and farm in Berlin 90.

Hale John Emery, r 5, farmer 73, in Worcester 160, in Berlin 50, in Middlesex 100 and pasture land 80.

Hall Francis, shoemaker, rear 124 Main, h do.

Hall Frank M., upholsterer, emp. S. S. Towner & Son, h 45 Court.

Hall Marvin J., carpenter, h 3 Charles.

Hall Timothy F., stonecutter, bds. 6 Charles.

Hammond Howell F., printer, foreman Watchman job office, bds. 49 Elm.

Hanaford Randall, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 79 Elm.

Hanaford Willis , machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 6 Mechanic.

Hardigan John, stone mason, bds. 5 Swazey place.

Hargin Lovina S., widow of Robert, h 30 Court. 

Hargin Robert J., receiving and forwarding clerk C. V. R. R., h 15 Court. 

Harlow Alonzo C., photographer, 21 State, h 36 E. Liberty. 

Harlow Will E., book-keeper for E. W. Bailey & Co., bds. 80 State.

Harpan Joseph W., r 5, tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins.

Harran Charles, carpenter, h 41 Loomis.

Harran Dorothy, widow of Curtis, aged 85, h 41 Loomis.

Harran James, laborer, h 41 Loomis. 

Harrington Katie E., dressmaker, bds. 29 Court.

Harris Alfred D., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 2 Spring.

Harris Orvis G., emp. H. M. Whitcomb bds. 49 E. State.

Hartwell Amos P., silver plater, emp. Johnson & Colton, h 17 First ave. 

Hartwell Hopy, widow of William, aged 80, h 101 E. State.

Harvey Orlando W., laborer, h 6 Whittier.

Haskins Jerry, stone polisher, bds. 2 Court.

Hastings Fred K., painter, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 14 Vine.

Hatch Fred, sawyer, emp. E. E. Graham, h 18 Hubbard.

Hatch J. Mrs., nurse, h 2 Barre st.

Hatch Matilda A., widow of Gardner D., dressmaker, h 33 Court.

Hathaway Charles H., carpenter, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 27 Court.

Hattie James, blacksmith, emp. T. Allard, bds. 144 Elm.

Hawley Willis C., r 5, stationary engineer, emp. W. H. Lombard. 

Hayden Charles P., gardener, h 5 Taplin place.

Hayden Frank A., clerk, emp. C. H. Cross & Son, bds. 32 Main.

HAYDEN FREEMAN R., baggage master C. V. R. R, depot, h 43 Barre st.

Hayford Sylvester C., pastor Universalist church of East Montpelier, h 89 E. State.

Hays Fred A., stonecutter, bds. 64 Barre st.'

Hayward Herbert A., professional nurse and prop. boarding-house, 4 Loomis.

HEATH CHARLES H., (Heath & Fay) lawyer, notary public, trustee of the state library, Main, h 49 Barre st.

Heath Charles J., farm laborer, bds. Middlesex road.

Heath & Fay, (Charles H. H. and Allard G. F.) lawyers, 56 Main.

Heaton Charles H., selectman, clerk for Homer W., h 143 State.

Heaton Homer W., lawyer, pres. Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., farm 200, also owns and leases several farms, 12 State, h 143 do.

Heaton James S., resides 143 State.

Hernon Peter, stonecutter, bds. 59 Barre st. '

Herrick Will H., book-keeper, emp. D. L. Fuller & Son, h 12 Liberty. 

Hibbard Amy P. Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 5 St. Paul.

Hill Howard F. Rev., rector of Christ church (Episcopal) and town Supt. of schools, rectory 64 State.

HILL JOHN W., r 7, 8 cows, farmer; manages farm for Homer W. Heaton 185.

Hillery Fred, professor in Methodist seminary, h 11 Arsenal ave.

Hillside Boarding House, Mrs. Jennie G. Frost and Nancy R. Loughrey, props., 9 Court.

Hinkley Pringle H., justice of the peace, insurance agent and trustee Vermont Methodist seminary and Female college, h 45 Arsenal ave.

Hodgdon Andrew, messenger, emp. Montpelier National bank, h 37 School.

Holden George E., law student with Heath & Fay; bds. 32 Main.

Holden Willard, postal clerk on M. & W. R. R. R., h, 20 Summer cor. Winter.
Holmes Dora B, teacher, bds. 16 North.

Holmes Edwin C., clerk for L. P. Gleason & Co., bds. Hotel Kempton.

Holmes Henry C., butcher, arid dealer in fresh and salt meats, poultry and vegetables, 108 Main, h 16 North.

Holmes P. A., widow of Edwin C., bds. 8 Elm.

Holmes Wesley, laborer, h 30 Terrace.

Holt Carlos F., laborer, h 26 E. State.

Holt James P., ornamental painter, emp. Montpelier Carriage Co., h 38 S. r Main.
Homes Edwin W., laborer, bds 30 Terrace.

Hopkins Ellen Mrs., h 104 Main. 

Hopkins Enos E., teamster, emp. E. W. Bailey & Co., bds. 94 Main.

Hopkins Hermon D., retired express agent, h 5 Baldwin.

Hopkins Hermon D., Jr., associated press reporter, bds. 5 Baldwin.

Hopkins Homer C., carpenter, contractor and builder, h Hopkins block, Spring.

Hornbrook William, butcher, and dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats, and vegetables, 126 Main, h 47 E. State. 

Horne John, clerk for A. J. Howe, bds. 110 Elm. 

Hotel Kempton, Horace W. Kempton, prop., 58 State.

Houghton James C., treas. National Life Insurance Co., h 29 Barre st.

Houghton Julia M., teacher, bds. 35 School.

Houghton William S., machinist, emp. Charles Sabin, h 38 S. Main.

Howard Herbert R., stonecutter, bds. 39 Barre st.

Howe Andrew J., dealer in dry goods, 22 State, h 11 Loomis.

HOWE STORRS L., station agent C. V. R. R. for 30 consecutive years, h 7 Baldwin.

Howes George Hon., resident, h 8 Elm.

Howland James M., r 12 carpenter and joiner, farmer 5.

Hoyt Albert B., stonecutter, h 18 Cross.

Hoyt Franklin, carpenter and builder, h 14 Ridge.

Hoyt Sarah, compositor, bds. 14 Ridge.

Hubbard Edwin, farmer, h 84 Barre st.

Hubbard Erastus, retired merchant, prop. water works, dealer in village lots, farmer 100, 12 Union block, h I56 Main.

Hubbard George S., retired blacksmith, bds. 1 Fuller.

Hubbard Gustavus S., bds. Montpelier House.

HUBBARD JOHN E., prop. Hubbard water works, manager for his father, Erastus, in sale of real estate, building lots, houses, and renting tenements, Union block, 26 State, h 156 Main.

Hubbard William E., farmer, h 84 Barre st. 

Hunt Frank J., horse trader and laborer, h 7 Cemetery.

HUNT GEORGE E., dental surgeon, room 6 Union block, State, h 2 Spring.

HUNT WILLIAM H., prop. livery, sale and boarding stable, dealer in horses clapboards, eave-troughs, and lumber, owns 5 tenement houses, 189 Main, h do.

Huntington Albert W., baggage master M. & W. R. R. R., h 10 Main.

Huntington Florence, widow of Charles, dressmaker, Clogston block, .h 15 St. Paul.

Huntington Lewis B., (Huntington & Son) h 35 School.

Huntington Wilder P., (Huntington & Son) h 5 State.

Huntington & Son, (Lewis B. and Wilder F.) props. of an eating house, and dealers in fruit, cigars and confectionery, 5 and 7 State.

Hurley Mary, compositor Watchman office, 65 Elm.

HUSE HIRAM A. HON., (Pitkin & Huse) state librarian and justice of the peace, h 3 Baldwin.

HUSE HUBERT E., clerk, bds. 5 St. Paul.

HUTCHINS EDWIN F., carpenter and builder, h 66 Barre st.

Hutchinson Rufus M., retired, resides with W. E. Adams, 62 State.

Hyde Edward D., wholesale and retail dealer in flour, lime, cement, iron, steel, nails and blacksmiths’ supplies, 11 and 13 Main, h 23 Loomis.


IRISH ED. M., overseer of the poor, Montpelier House.

Irish Noble, clerk Montpelier House, bds. do.


Jackman George C., r 5, farm laborer.

Jackson William, confectioner, h 17 E. State.

Jacobs George J., laborer, bds. 8 Park ave.

Jacobs Joseph, laborer, h 6 School.

JANGRAW ALEXANDER, dealer in choice family groceries, West India goods, tobacco and cigars, 116 Main, h do.

Jangraw Frank, blacksmith, h 7 Cross.

Jangraw Oghtney, barber, 36 State, h 32 Loomis.

Jerome Joseph W., molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 211 Main.

Jerome Peter, molder, h 14 North.

Jerrolds John, laborer, h 42 Court.

Jerry Joseph, laborer, h Court.

JEWETT ELISHA P. COL., business man and farmer, aged 87, h 157 State.

JOHNSON EDWARD P., (Johnson & Colton) h 1 Park ave. 

Johnson Edwin P., printer, emp. Union Card Co., h 4 School.

Johnson Squire, laborer, h 219 Main.

JOHNSON & COLTON, (Edward P. J. and Henry C. C.) gold, silver, nickel and brass platers, manufs. of and wholesale dealers in saddlery hardware, employ 30 hands, 109 Main.

Johonnott Martha Miss, resides 106 Elm.

Johonnott A. & F., (Fred, of Burlington) manufs. of and dealers in leather, n M. & W. R. R. R. depot.

Johonnott Albert, (A. & F. Johonnott) h 18 Loomis.

Johonnott Arthur P., clerk for A. & F., h 18 Loomis.

Jones Alonzo K., r 1 pensioner of the late war, aged 84.

Jones Bridget, widow of James, h 9 Bailey ave. 

JONES CARRIE E. MRS., stamping and dealer in stamping outfits, h 16 Barre st.

Jones Charles D., farm laborer, h Branch road.

Jones Charles F., clerk for G. W. Wing, bds. 145 State.

Jones John E., printer, bds. 9 Bailey ave.

Jones Lorenzo locomotive engineer, bds. 42 E. State.

Jones Robert C., stonecutter, bds. 6 Witt place.

Jones Stanley, nickel plater, bds. 104 Main.

JONES WILLIAM ARTHUR, printer, h 16 Barre St.

Jordan Ephraim W., grower of small fruit and farmer 12, h 45 Terrace.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 106-142

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003