A ~ C


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Montpelier, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Abaire Frank, plumber, emp. John W. Peck, h 12 Spring. 

Abaire George, plumber, emp. John W. Peck, h 14 Spring. 

Abaire Henry, laborer, bds. Spring. 

ACME WATCH KEY CO., (George T. Neill and Elgin J. Gale) manufs. of the Acme automatic dust-proof watch key, rear Main. 

Adams Anson, carpenter, bds. 9 Court. 

Adams Frank A., salesman for William E., h 50 State. 

Adams Fred M., manager Pavilion Hotel, bds. do. 

ADAMS JOHN Q., prop. Pavilion livery, boarding, hack and sale stables, h 126 State.

Adams William E., dealer in clothing, hats, caps, furs and furnishing goods, 60 State, h 62 do. 

Agency of the Public Grain and Stock Exchange, 18 Broadway, New York city, stocks, bonds, grain and provisions bought and sold for cash or on margins, F.E. Spaulding, manager, State.

Ainsworth Alonzo M., r 1, lumber teamster for C. C. Putman & Son.

Ainsworth Charles C., butcher, emp. O. D. Scribner, h 39 Berlin St.

Ainsworth Chester, retired blacksmith, bds. 18 Pearl.

Ainsworth Daniel, distiller of essential oils, h Coffee House.

AINSWORTH GEORGE W., clairvoyant physician, soldier in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols., h 5 Fuller.

Alain Caroline Miss, printer, emp. The Watchman, h and lot 5 Cross.

Alain Frank, laborer, 10 Court.

Alain Joseph, retired printer, aged 77, h 5 Cross.

Aldrich Edward H., dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, Union block, 20 State, bds. Riverside.

Alexander _____, widow of Freeman, pastry cook.

Alexander Addie, widow of Hiland, dressmaker, h 38 S. Main.

Alexander Ambrose J., carpenter, contractor and builder, h 3 Wilder.

Alexander Charles H., printer, emp. Union Card Co., h 38 Main.

Alexander Clark , teamster, h 6 Cross.

Alexander Frank, carpenter, bds. 4. Miles Court.

Alexander George E., clerk for C. H. Ferrin, h 242 Main.

Alexander Jabez carpenter, h 4 Miles Court.

Alexander Levi C., job teamster, h 230 Main.

Alexander Neb. A., carpenter, emp. Ambrose J., bds, 3 Wilder.

Allard Telesphore, custom blacksmith, rear of Barrows & Peck's, Main, h 144 Elm.

Allen Arthur, manuf. of and wholesale and retail dealer in cigars, 38 State, h do.

Allen Arthur, Jr., cigarmaker, emp. of Arthur, Sr., bds 38 State.

Allen James, cigarmaker, emp. of Arthur, Sr., h 9 Summer.

Allen William D., clerk for Marvin & Sherburne, bds. 37 Barre St.

Almon George, electrician, bds. 8 Mechanic. 

Almon John, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 8 Mechanic.

Almon Joseph E., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 8 Mechanic.

Almon Margaret J., widow of Joseph, resident, h 8 Mechanic.

American Express Co., H. W. Drew, manager, C. V. R. R. depot.

Ance Andrew, stonecutter, h 31 School.

ANDERSON JOHN B., millwright, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 140 Elm.

ANDERSON JOHN B. Mrs., resident, h 140 Pearl.

Andrus A. Charles, carpenter, bds. 15 E. State.

Angier Joel N., clerk for John V. Brooks, bds. 8 Baldwin.

ARGUS AND PATRIOT, Hiram Atkins, editor and prop., issued every Wednesday, 112 Main.

Atkins George, business manager Argus and Patriot, h 11 Vine.

ATKINS HIRAM, editor and prop. Argus and Patriot, job printer and Supt. of construction of U. S. postoffice and court-house for Montpelier, 112 Main, h 122 Elm.

Atkins Kate, resident, 122 Elm.

Aubin John, carpenter, h 114 Main.


Babcock Jerry V., dealer in drugs and medicines, and toilet goods, 9 State, h 25 E. Liberty.

Bacon Ann Miss, tailoress, emp. Woolson Bros., h 30 E. State. 

Bacon John, retired miller, h 30 E. State. 

Badord Peter, justice of the peace and blacksmith, Elm, h 140 State.

Badord Peter A., blacksmith, emp. of Peter, bds 140 State. Fl

Bagley Cyrus R., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 2 Cross cor. Franklin. 

Bagley William J., electrician, bds. Montpelier House. 

Bailey Burnside B., speculator, bds. 140 Main. 

Bailey Charles A., physician and surgeon, Willard block, h 43 E. State. 

BAILEY E. W. & CO., (L. D. Taft) props. of grist-mill, wholesale and retail dealers in flour, grain, meal and feed, 94 Main. 

BAILEY EDWARD W., (E. W. Bailey & Co.) miller. 

Bailey Ella Miss, resides 114 Elm. 

Bailey Harriet, widow of J. Warren, resident, h 114 Elm. 

BAILEY OLIVE E., widow of Charles W., resides 140 Main. 

Bailey Percy, coachman, emp. B. F. Fifield, bds. 118 State.

Bailey Sarah L., widow of Martin V., tailoress, emp. Woolson Bros., h 20, Arsenal ave. 

Bailey Thomas W., conductor C. V. R. R., h 31 E. State. 

Baker Edward, general mechanic, h 23 Summer. 

Baker Jabez, molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 23 Summer. 

Baker Jabez Mrs., straw worker on hats and bonnets, prop. 5 and 10 cent counter, and dealer in house plants, h 23 Summer. 

Baldwin Charles H., jeweler, emp. A. G. Stone, bds. 2 Spring. 

Ballard Smith S., head clerk C. V. R. R., Montpelier station, h 1 Terrace. 

BANCROFT CHARLES DE F., justice of the peace, lister, tinsmith, emp. Barrows & Peck, h 64 Barre st. 

Bancroft Elmer E., farmer with his father, Enos H. 

Bancroft Enos H., farmer. 

Bancroft Frederick W., teacher of vocal music, h 166 Main. 

Bancroft Henry R., clerk, emp. M. & W. R. R. R., h 8 First ave. 

Bancroft Juliaette C., widow of Arthur D., h 18 Liberty. 

Bancroft Margaret W., widow of Carlos.

Bard George W., carpenter, bds. 61 Elm. 

Bard Richard, laborer, h 61 Elm. 

Barington Harry B., machinist. emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 142 Elm. 

Barnes Alonzo, retired, h 121 Elm. 

Barnes Christopher O., carpenter and joiner, h 4 Prospect. 

Barnes Mary Miss, dressmaker, owns h and lot 4 Prospect. 

Barney Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 65 Elm.

Barney Lewis, (Lewis Barney & Son) h 257 Main, 

Barney Lewis & Son, (Philip) general blacksmiths, rear 51 Main.

Barney Philip, (Lewis Barney & Son) bds. 257 Main.

Barnurd Charles A., commercial traveler for Devereaux & Meserve, of. Boston, h 133 State. 

Barrows Nellie, resident; h 102 Elm. 

Barrows Thomas C., (Barrows & Peck) h 102 Elm. 

Barrows & Peck, (Thomas C. B. and George A. P.) tin plate workers, plumbers, and dealers in agricultural implements and mechanics' tools, general hardware and stoves, 64 Main.

Barton David, retired farmer, residence Wrightsville.

Bascom Frank H., druggist, dealer in tobacco, cigars, and homeopathic remedies, 25 State, h 134 do.

Batchelder Justus L., clerk for A. D. Farwell, bds. do.

Beach Theodore J., granite cutter, h Berlin st. 

Bean Daniel J., stonecutter, bds 32 School. 

Bell Joseph M., butcher, h 45 Elm. 

Bemis Luther P., meat cook at Pavilion Hotel, bds. do. 

Benjamin Benjamin, dry goods peddler, bds. Montpelier House.

Benjamin R. Plummer, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 8 Cross. 

Bennett Caroline M., widow of Daniel K., h 23 Barre st. 

Bennett Charles M., lawyer, postoffice block, h 23 Barre st. 

BENNETT GEORGE H., building mover, owns Hillside boarding-house and farm 15, h Hillside, 9 Court. 

Bennett Stephen, retired, aged 84, h 185 Main. 

Berry William C., assistant treas. M. & W. R. R. R., h 8 Loomis. 

Best Charles A., dealer in millinery, fancy goods, and material for art needle work and stamping, 54 State, bds. Hotel Kempton. 

Best Hattie, resident, h 52 Barre st. 

Best William, speculator, h 52 Barre st.

Best .William H., express agent from Newport to Boston, h 169 Main.

Bigelow Walter J., student, bds. 11 Arsenal ave. 

Birtel John, emp. Colby Wringer Co., Elm cor. Court. 

Bisbee Arthur B., physician and surgeon, h 165 Main. 

BISHOP EELWELL A. REV., A. M., principal Vermont Methodist seminary and Female college, and professor of moral and natural science, h 7 Arsenal ave. 

Bixby Clementine I, widow of Freeman, h 27 Loomis. 

Bixby H. Roger, dealer in drugs, paints and oils, 10 State, h 147 do. 

Bixby Levi H., teller Montpelier National bank, bds. 27 Loomis. 

Bixby Lola A., teacher, bds. 9 Arsenal. 

Blackall J. Richard, tinman, emp. Barrows & Peck, h 27 E. State. 

Blackwell Edward D., cashier Montpelier National bank, treas. Standard Light and Power Co., and notary public, h 152 Main. 

Blackwell Edward R., formerly civil engineer, clerk for Sabin Machine Co., bds. 152 Main. 

Blair George, foreman Argus and Patriot printing office, h 63 Berlin st. 

Blake Alfred E., reed and rattan worker, bds. 59 Main. 

Blake Joseph, teamster, h 5 Kinsman place. 

Blakely Collins, druggist, 3 State, h 11 Winter. 

Blakely Edward E., life insurance agent, bds. 11 Winter. 

Blanchard Asa, prop. opera house, and dealer in coal, h 21 Barre st. 

Blanchard Azel N., photographer, Walton's block, 15 State, h 23 Terrace. 

Blanchard Fred, (successor to Blanchard Bros.) dealer in heavy and builders hardware, iron, steel, and agricultural implements, 66 Main, h 26 Liberty.

Blanchard George L., clerk, emp. Fred Blanchard, bds. 21 Barre st. 

Blanchard Herman E., clerk Pavilion Hotel, bds. do. 

Blanchard Inez, photograph finisher, bds. 23 Terrace. 

Blanchard Ivis, photograph finisher, bds. 23 Terrace. 

Blanchard William, tinsmith, emp. Barrows & Peck, h 59 Elm. 

Blanchard Winslow S., farmer 15, h Wooster Branch road. 

Blanpied David S., professor of music in Vermont Methodist seminary, h 1 Arsenal ave. 

Bliss Augustus A., book-keeper, emp. W. W. Park, bds. 100 State. 

Bliss Elmer E., emp. F. B. Miller, h Berlin st. 

Bliss S. Newell, resident, h 85 E. State. 

Boardman Harland S., M. D., homeo. physician and surgeon, 56 State, h, 153 do.

Bolton George W., compositor, emp. The Watchman, h 21 E. State.

Bombriant Eugene G., emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 9 North.

Bosquette Joseph, tanner, emp. Pecks & Cummins, h 131 Elm.

Bosworth Samuel H. O., dealer in butter, cheese and maple sugar, farm at Berlin Corners 120, pasture and timber lands 75, h 19 Loomis.

Boutwell Harry S., breeder of Auctioneer horses and dealer in fine horses, h 143 Main.

Boutwell James M., engineer, emp. M. & W. R. R. R., h 145 Main.

Bowen Lucinda Mrs., h 167 Main. A

Bowers Alice M., seamstress, bds. 136 State.

Bowers H. Arthur (R. C. Bowers Granite Co.) bds. 10 Pearl.

Bowers Henry A., laborer, bds. 136 State.

BOWERS JAMES A., locomotive engineer C. V. R. R., h 136 State. 

Bowers R. C. Granite Co., incorporated January 3, 1888; R. C, Bowers, pres.; Fred E. Smith, vice-pies.; F. L. Eaton, treas.; H.A. Bowers, sec'y; importers of and wholesale dealers in granite, marble and statuary work.

Bowers Riley C., pres. R. C. Bowers Granite Co., h 10 Pearl.

Bowman Herbert A.; dealer in fish, fruit, canned goods and vegetables, h 4 Cedar.

BOYCE GEORGE O., r 5, breeder of pure blood Lambert and Wilkes horses, 27 head, prop. celebrated stock horses "Abraham," "Incentive" and "Hampton."

Boyce Laura B., r 5, (Mrs. G. O.) correspondent of Argus and Patriot, Watchman and Mirror and Farmer.

Bradford Oscar V., druggist manager of Capital drug store, Dennis Lane, prop., 63 Main, h 4 Cedar.

Brainard George, retired merchant, h 6 Liberty.

Braman Wilbur F., retired merchant, h 118 Elm cor. Winter.

Breen John, teamster, h 21 Elm.

Brewer F. Huber, clerk for Daniel F. Long, bds. 38 Main.

Brewer R. Malvina Mrs., compositor in The Watchman office h 38 S. Mate.

Briggs William A. policy clerk for National Life Insurance Co., h 128 State.

Britain Phebe L., widow of Samuel, seamstress, h 18 Spring.

Britton Frank A., painter, h 11 North.

BROCK JAMES W., director Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., h. 138 Main.

Brockway Harriet N., widow, h 2 North.

Brooks A. Walter, painter, h 48 E. State.

Brooks John V., dealer in agricultural implements, builders' hardware, and tools, paints, oils, doors, sash and blinds, 15 State, h 8 Baldwin.

Brooks Lynn B., clerk, emp. W. W. Park, h 28 E. State.

BROWN A. C. & SON (Joseph G.) fire, life and accident insurance agents, Main cor. State; Barre office, Granite block.

Brown Adeliza E., widow of J. Lyman, h 39 Barre st.

Brown Albert H. machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 83 E. State.

BROWN ANDREW C., (A. C. Brown & Son) prop. and manager telephone exchange for Washington and Lamoille counties, Main cor. State, h 24 Summer.

Brown David, tanner, h 28 St. Paul.

Brown Edward W., printer, h 11 Franklin.

Brown Francis, laborer, h 24 St. Paul.

Brown Francis, Jr., silver plater, bds. 24 St. Paul.

Brown Frank W., laborer, h 14 Court. S

Brown Fred, laborer, h 14 Court. 

BROWN GEORGE O., carpenter and builder, foreman of construction of the U.S. court-house and postoffice building. 

Brown Harvey W., letter carrier, h 142 Elm. 

Brown Herbert, teamster, emp. C. C. Putnam & Son h Wrightsville. 

Brown John D., custom shoemaker, 7 Lane place, h do. 

Brown Joseph, laborer, h 123 Elm. 

BROWN JOSEPH G., (A. C. Brown &Son) bds. 24 Summer. 

Bruce Arthur H., hostler, emp. J. Q. Adams, bds. 9 Court. 

Bruce Jefferson, blacksmith rear French block, h 48 Main. 

Bryant James G., laborer, bds. 32 Main. 

Bugbee Clara P., widow of Abel H., h 2 Hopkins block, 12 Spring.

Bugbee Clarence, painter, h 2 Hopkins block, 12 Spring. 

BUGBEE ELMER W., 25 cows, dealer in milk, and farmer 208 

Bullock Calvin L., shoemaker, h 8 Winter. 

Bunnell Robert R., retired, h 2 Spring. 

Burbank Mary A. L., widow of Silas, h 153 Main. 

Burgen Hannah, widow of Stephen, resident, h 10 N. Franklin. 

Burgen John, molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 10 N. Franklin. 

Burgen Patrick, laborer, bds. 10 N. Franklin. 

Burgen Stephen, stonecutter, emp. Kelleher Bros., bds. 10 N. Franklin. 

Burges Charles, resident, 15 Court. 

Burke Catherine, widow of John, h 14 N. Franklin. 

Burke Edward, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 127 Elm. 

Burke Thomas, laborer, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 14 N. Franklin. 

Burnham Andrew J., retired farmer, h 40 E. Liberty. 

Burnham Elisha K., retired farmer, bds. 96 State. 

Burnham Harvey L., laborer, bds. 94 State. 

Burnham Lewis Mrs., widow, bds. Hotel Kempton. 

Burnham Myron F., supt. gas works, h 90 State. 

Burpee James H., traveling salesman, h 15 Winter. 

BUSWELL CHARLES F., (Union Card Co.) bds. 25 E. State. 

Buswell Laura A., widow of George M., prop. boarding-house, 25 E. State. 

Butler George D., dealer in groceries, eggs, butter and cheese, 36 Main, h and 4 acres Middlesex road. 

Butterfly Eliza Miss, dressmaker, emp. Mrs. H. C. Davis, bds. 26 St. Paul. 

Butterfly Francis, truckman, h 26 St. Paul. 

Butterfly Fred, stonecutter, h 32 St. Paul. 

Butterfly George, carpenter, h 5 Lane place. 

Butterfly Henry, laborer, bds. 26 St. Paul. 

Butterfly Loren F., truckman, emp. Francis, h 26 St. Paul. 

Buzzell George C., night baggage master C. V. R. R., bds. Union House. 


Cameron Frank C., teamster, bds. 137 Main. 

Camp Dian K., prop. boarding-house, 29 School. 

Camp Emma, prop. boarding-house, 29 School.

Camp Erastus S., prop. Camp block, farm and woodland 75, h 4. School. 

Camp Fanny A., prop. boarding-house, 29 School. 

Camp Harriet H., prop. boarding-house, 29 School. 

Camp Prudence, widow of L. G., resident, h 29 School. 

Camp Sarah A., widow of Zebina C., bds. 147 State. 

Camp Sarah C., widow; h 16 Spring. 

Campbell Alexander, 25 cows, milk dealer and farmer, h Cummins. 

Campbell Alexander, Jr., bds. Cummins.

Campbell George, farmer with his father, Alexander, Sr. 

Campbell Henry, tanner, emp. Keith Bros., bds. Cummins.

Campbell Rosalia E. Mrs., washing and ironing, h 9 Lane place. 

Campbell Umphrey, prop. billiard hall, 80 State, h 57 Elm.

Campbell William, tailor, emp. Woolson Bros., bds. Hillside.

Canning Henry, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 125 Elm.

Canning James, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 19 Franklin.

Canning William C., blacksmith, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 3 N. Franklin.

CAPITAL GRANITE CO., THE, (Thomas Eagan and Timothy McQueeney) manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of Barre granite, monumental and statuary work a specialty, Barre st.

Carey Daniel C., justice of the peace and stonecutter, bds. 39 Barre st. 1

Carleton Frederick P., clerk in probate office, bds. 128 Elm.

CARLETON HIRAM, lawyer, judge of probate for Washington district, court-house, h 128 Elm.

Carleton Margaret F., widow of Alfred L., resident, h 136 Elm.

Carpenter Joseph W., laborer, bds. 25 E. State.

Carr Sidney D., r 7 farm laborer, owns h and 1 acre.

Carroll Edwin, machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., bds. 9 St. Paul.

Carroll Francis, plumber, emp. P. L Lyons, bds. 2 Barre st.

Carroll John C., stonecutter, bds. Union House.

Carter Betsey H., widow of Henry, bds. 99 State.

Carter Charles H., retired, aged 70, h 160 Main.

Carver Frank W., foreman of Merrill Russell's granite shops, h Hyde block.

Cashan Henry, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 27 Franklin.

Cassavaint Thomas L., gardener, h 5 Hillside.

Catie Eli, carpenter and joiner, h 51 Elm.

Catie Eli, Jr., wheelwright, 1 Elm, h 51 do.

CATIE ELI A , wheelwright with his father, Eli, Sr., bds. 51 Elm.

Caustic John W., printer. emp. Watchman office, bds. 9 Court. 

Cayhue George, building mover, h 9 Franklin.

Cayhue John, granite polisher, bds. 201 Main.

Cayhue Tuffield, laborer, h 201 Main.

Cayhue William; stonecutter, h 203 Main.

Celley James M. D., farmer in E. Montpelier 80, h 3 North.

Chamberlin Clara A. H., widow of George G., housekeeper, 6 Franklin.

Chamberlin Daniel, laborer for George Brainard, bds. 6 Liberty.

Chamberlin Philura A., nurse, bds. 20 Loomis. 

CHANDLER CHARLES E., M. D., physician and surgeon, Main cor. State, bds. 139 Main. 

CHANDLER CHARLES M., M. D., physician and surgeon, Main cor. State, h 139 Main.

Chapie J. Edwin, section hand M. & W. R. R. R., h 5 Fisher place. 

Chapman Fred, miller, emp. E. W. Bailey & Co., h 38 E. State. 

Chapman Herbert, agent for C. J. Gleason, bds. 128 State. 

Chapman Willis O., clerk for C. G. Downing, bds. 32 Main. 

Chase Edmund H., off r 3, farmer 30. 

Chase Ida E., book-keeper for Johnson & Colton, bds. 4 Charles. 

Chase Myron F., agent Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., of Hartford, Conn., Willard block, Main. 

Chase Stillman, dealer in fine horses, h 8 Park ave. 

Cheney Edson O., clerk for H. C. Webster, bds. 32 School.

Chennette Phillias, carpenter, h 44 North. 

Chiquett Uder, tanner, h 40 North.

CLARK ALFRED, dental surgeon, teeth extracted without pain by a new method, 24 Main, h do.

Clark Almon L., retired, h 8 First ave.

Clark Charles W., carpenter, h 39 Barre st.

CLARK DAYTON P., first constable and collector, house painter, paper hanger and calciminer, employs from 6 to 12 men, Willard block, h 25 Summer.

Clark Tames D., book-binder, 38 State, h 2 Barre st.

Clark John W., grower of hay, farmer 225, woodland 75, h 161 State.

Clark Osman D., justice of the peace, and assistant sec'y National Life Insurance Co., h 113 Elm.

Clark Septimus, foreman for Pecks & Cummins, bds. 9 Cummins.

Clark Wealthy, widow of Chester, bds. 118 Elm.

Clark William H , r 7, farmer, resides with W. C. Walker. [Died Feb. 29, 1888.]

Clarke Louie A. Miss, daughter of Dayton P., teacher, bds. 25 Summer.

Cleaves Mary J. Miss, resides 140 State.

Cleaves Sarah k., widow of Charles R., resident, h 140 State.

Clogston Joseph D., retired, renter of tenements, and owns farm in Brookfield, Orange Co., h 157 Main.

CLOGSTON O. CURTIS, manuf. of and dealer in lumber, h Berlin st.

Clough _____, h 30 Loomis.

Cobb Flora, widow of Henry, resident, h 10 Vine.

Cobb Henry, clerk for D. S. Wheatley, bds. 10 Vine.

Cochrane William H., book-keeper, emp. National Life Insurance Co., bds. 4 Summer.

Coffin James B., molder, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 40 E. Liberty.

Coffrin Henry E., painter, h 205 Main.

Coffrin James F., teamster, h Wrightsville.

Colby George W., painter and paper hanger, h 52 Barre st.

Colby Stephen R., conductor C. V. R. R., h 29 Court.

Colby Wringer Co., Hon. Fred E. Smith, pres.; W. H. Cowell, treas.; manufs. of Colby improved wringers, and dealers in laundry and household specialties, Berlin st.

Collins Charles F., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 3 Vine.

Colt J. George, laborer, h 22 First ave.

Colton Henry C., (Johnson & Colton) h 4 First ave. 

Constine Frank laborer, h 3 Swazey place.

Cook Flora E. Mrs., bds. 165 Main.

Cooley William A., r 1, molder.

Copeland Osbert J., connected with Excelsior Granite Co., of Montpelier, h 36 Barre st.

Copp Viola Mrs., h 51 Barre st.

Cony Frank M., dealer in fish and oysters, fruits and vegetables, 128 Main, h 130 do.

Corry.Mary, widow of Patrick, h 32 St. Paul.

Cony Thomas H., printer, emp. The Watchman office, h 50 E. Liberty. 

Corse Seth W., photographer and crayon artist, Pratt block, 38 State, h 22 Vine.

Cowell William H., treas. Colby Wringer Co., h 5 Pearl.

Cowen Thomas, laborer, h 232 Main.

Cox Nellie Miss, stenographer and typewriter for Senter & Kemp, bds. Hotel Kempton. 

Cram Ellen Miss, owns h and lot 22 Ridge.

Cram Erastus, carpenter, h 22 Ridge. 

Crapo Israel, mason, h 15 N. Franklin. 

Crapo Peter, laborer, bds. 15 N. Franklin.

Crapo Peter, Jr., mason, h 24 Court.

Cree Luther, retired, h 27 Barre st.

CROSS C. H. & SON, (L. Bart) manufs. of all kinds of crackers, bread, cakes, and confectionery, wholesale and retail dealers in cigars and nuts, 101 Main.

CROSS CHARLES H., (C. H. Cross & Son) trustee Vermont seminary, and owns 12 tenements, h 56 E. State. '

Cross Hiram B., manuf. and dealer in granite, near M. & W. R. R. R. depot, h 17 Hubbard.

CROSS L. BART, (C. H. Cross & Son) (D. A. Guptil & Co.) trustee Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co., chief engineer fire department, prop. Cross block, Elm st., containing 6 tenements, h 39 School. 

Cross Luther B., watchmaker, 97 Elm, h do.

Cross Oscar N., inventor and manuf. of a dry air refrigerator, 56 E. State, bds. do.

Cross Polly M., widow of Luther, resident, aged 90, h 97 Elm.

Cullen James C., machinist, emp. Lane Mfg. Co., h 21 Bailey ave.

Cullen Richard, hostler, h 2 Barre st. 

Cummings Charles, reporter for The Watchman, bds. 18 Barre st.

Cummins Albert O., (Pecks & Cummins) h 54 Arsenal ave.

Cummins Harvey, 7 cows and farmer 100.

Curran James E., general agent New England Life Insurance Co., h 28 E. Liberty.

Currier E. Ransom, janitor at Methodist seminary, bds. 11 Arsenal ave.

Currier Henry, teamster, bds. 137 Main.

Currier John Rev., superanuated M. E. clergyman, aged 83, resides with his daughter, Mrs. P. H. Hinkley, 45 Arsenal ave.

Curtis Henry J., janitor for Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Cushing Henry, laborer, h 1 Swazey place.

CUSHMAN CHARLES M., musician and instructor of bands, h 54 Elm.

Cutler Harry M., teller First National, Bank of Montpelier, bds. 44 Barre st.

Cutler Marcus M., selectman, and dealer in fine horses, h 44 Barre st.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 106-142

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003