Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Middlesex, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Alden Alva, (Montpelier). r 1, farmer, son of Sylvester. 

Alden Otis H., (:Montpelier) r 47 farmer 52.

Alden Ralph, r 1, farmer, son of Sylvester O.

Alden Sylvester O., (Montpelier) r 1, farmer about 100.

Alexander George H., r 36, 700 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 220.

Andrews Frank E., laborer.

Arbuckle W. Hazen, r 29, laborer.

Arbuckle Joseph r 28, farmer about 50.


BADGER HENRY E., r 26, lumberman, dealer in live stock, 400 sugar trees, 11 cows, and farmer 150.

Bailey Charles H., r 44, laborer.

Baker Thomas H., r 30, laborer.

Barnett Chester, r 35, farmer 75.

Barney Milo R. Rev., pastor M. E. church.

Barton Edward D., (Montpelier) r 18, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Homer Heaton, of Montpelier, 100

Bean Edward L., r 40, laborer.

Bingham Burton S. r 30, farmer 25.

Blodgett Jackson O., (Putnamsville) r 1, laborer.

Boutwell Oscar F., r 40, laborer.

Brown Harmon P., (Putnamsville) r 7, teamster.

Bruce Jesse L., (Putnamsville) r 11, farmer 75.

Bruce Lucius M., r 27, 400 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 200.

Buck Samuel, farmer 11.

Buck William H., (Putnamsville) r 7, resident.

Buzzell Benjamin .R., lumber surveyor.


Cadman Joseph, (Montpelier) r 5, farmer.

CAMERON ANDREW J., shoemaker, and farmer 1.

Cameron James, r 40, lumberman, owns timberland 70.

Cameron Lester M., r 22 cor. 23, 9 cows, farmer 100.

Carpenter Hannah F., r 43, widow of Don P.

Carpenter Huldah, widow of Morse.

Carr Adelbert E., (Montpelier) r 31, farmer, son of Henry O. 

Carr Eugene W., (Montpelier) r 34, farmer.

Carr Henry O., (Montpelier) r 31, 10 cows, farmer 175.

Carr Isaac B., (Montpelier) r 34, farmer 85.

Carr Jed W., (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 20.

Casey Bertie, r 43, section hand.

CHAMBERLAIN J. BURT, r 28, 1,100 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 225, served in Co. B, 13th Vt. Vols.

Chandler Luther M., r 26, son of Martin L.

Chandler Martin L., r 26, (Chandler & Kirkland).

Chandler & Kirkland, r 26, (Martin L. C. and Charles K.) 20 cows props. stock horse “Tatersell, Jr.," and farmers about 350.,

Chapin Asa, r 15, farmer 60. [Deceased]. 

CHAPIN HINKLEY B., r 23 cor. 24, gardener and farmer, son of William.

CHAPIN WILLIAM, r 23 cor. 24, member state board of agriculture, state senator, 1,000 sugar trees, 16 cows, and farmer 1,085. 

CHAPIN WILLIAM A., r 23 cor. 24., supt. of schools, farmer, son of William.

Chapman H., (Montpelier) r 31, farmer 75. 

Chapman Willis O., r 31, son of L. O. 

CHASE ALMON, (Montpelier) r 31, (Almon Chase & Son). 

CHASE ALMON & SON, (Montpelier) r 32 cor. 34, (Elsworth F.) 1,000 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmers 200.

Chase Azro B., (Montpelier) r 21, farmer 60.

CHASE ELSWORTH F., (Montpelier) r 32 cor. 34, (Almon Chase & Son).

Chase Ezekiel H., (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 48.

Chase George S., r 30, 8 cows, farmer 73, and leases of William Hudson 107.

Colby Edward W., (Montpelier) r 2, farmer 30.

Colby George L., (Montpelier) r 2, farmer 50.

Colby Thomas S., (Montpelier) r 2 cor 10, farmer 70.

Comier Alfred, (Montpelier) off r 32, farmer 80.

Comier Lewis, (Montpelier) off r 32, farmer.

Comstock Hiram W., r 30, lumberman, 300 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer with Mrs. Emily I. Judson 200.

Conlan Peter, laborer.

Crane Albert C., (Montpelier) r 18, teamster and farmer 3.

Cronan Michael, section hand.

Cullen Edward, r 43, section hand.

CULVER DANIEL R.. (Montpelier) r 17, 1st selectman, farmer 175.

CULVER ORUS B., (Montpelier) r 17, farmer, son of Daniel R. 

Culver William, (Putnamsville) r 7, teamster. 

Culver William A., (Putnamsville) r 7, emp. C. C. Putnam & Son. 

Cummings Edward W., (Montpelier) r 8, theological student. 

Cummings Eunice, r 40, widow of Joel. 

Cummings William H., (Montpelier) r 8, student.

Cummings William O., (Montpelier) r 8, I9 cows, farmer 200. 


Dailey Putnam W., (Montpelier) r 20 farmer 130.

Daniels Burt W., r 25, farmer, son of Sylvanus.

Daniels Edward H., r 25, farmer, son of Sylvanus.

Daniels Julius H., r 29, 600 sugar trees, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Benjamin Barren, of Waterbury, about 180. 

DANIELS SYLVANUS, r 25, 600 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Daniels William A., r 22 cor. 23, cooper.

Darling Andrew J., r 44, 29 cows, farmer 300.

Darling Lucius A., (Putnamsville) r 18, farmer 9.

Denison Adorno, prop. grist and planing-mill, re-sawing, planing, turning, etc. 

DENSMORE ERVING E., r 24. farmer, son of Issachar R.

DENSMORE ISSACHAR R., r 24, 500 sugar trees, 19 cows, farmer 240.

DILLON JOHN W., (Putnamsville) r 7, postmaster, justice of the peace, clerk and book-keeper for C. C. Putnam & Son, stock grower and farmer in Calais 250.

Donahue Michael, (Montpelier) r 21, farmer 52.

Dow Frank, r 41, laborer.

DUDLEY CARL H., (Montpelier) r 34, 20 cows, farmer 375.

DUTTON ORLO, postmaster, dealer in groceries, tobacco, cigars, stationery, glassware, etc., h and lot.


Edgerly Horace, (Putnamsville) r 18, laborer. 

Edgerly Norris A., (Putnamsville) off r 18, farmer. 

Edgerly Parker D., bridge builder. 

ELLIS IRA, (:Montpelier) r 5, farmer 50. 

Emery Arthur, (Putnamsville) laborer. 


FISHER ALVINA R., (Mrs. Noah) prop. Washington House and livery stable, Main cor. Railroad. 

Fisher Noah, bds. Washington House. 

Fitzgerald Edward A., (:Montpelier) r 17, farmer 145. 

Fitzgerald Joseph, (Montpelier) r 35, farmer 90. 

Fitzgerald Joseph M., (;Montpelier) r 35, laborer. 

Fitzgerald William, (Montpelier) r 35, farmer, son of Joseph.

Flanders A. E., (Putnamsville) laborer.

FLINT J. D. & L. A., (Montpelier) r 3, 500 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmers 110.

FLINT JESSE, (Montpelier) r 5, (Jesse Flint & Son).

FLINT JESSE & SON, (Montpelier) r 5, (John P.) breeders of Jersey cattle, stock growers, 18 cows, farmers 230.

FLINT JOHN D., (Montpelier) r 3, (J. D. & L. A. Flint). 

FLINT JOHN P., (Montpelier) r 5, (Jesse Flint & Son). 

FLINT LEROY A., (Montpelier) r 3, (J. D. & L. A. Flint) sec'y of Vermont State Grange, dealer in produce, and went for Vermont Farm Machine Co. 

Francis Edgar A., (Montpelier) r 18, carpenter and joiner. 


Gary I. W., (Montpelier) r 17, laborer. 

Gauthers Freeman, (Montpelier) r 46 1/2, lumberman. 

Gearen Hyson, r 43, section boss. 

George Asa, (Montpelier) r 8, farmer 40. 

George Frank J., (Putnamsville) r 3, farmer about 30. 

Gilman Charles F., (Montpelier) r 45 car. 46, 22 cows, farmer, leases of C. C. Eaton, of Montpelier, 200. 

Gould Jerome, (Putnamsville) r 7, laborer. 

Gould Marcus, (Montpelier) r 17, farmer 50. 

Gould Otis S., (Montpelier) r 17, farmer with Marcus. 

Graves Charles C., r 28, 350 sugar trees, 9 cows, farmer 125.

Graves Rawson S., r 28, retired farmer.

Guare John, r 12, farmer 95. 


Hale Edgar N., (Montpelier) r 13, farmer 100.

Hale George O., (Montpelier) r 32, justice of the peace, lister 10 cows, and farmer 120.

Hale Simeon R., (Montpelier) r 32, retired farmer. 

Hall George G., (Putnamsville) r 7, laborer. 

Hamblett Almeda, widow of Martin. 

Hamblett Newell C., wheelwright. 

Hammond Ulysses H., r 43, teamster. 

Harris Henry M., (Putnamsville) r 7, sawyer.

Hasbrook Josiah, (Montpelier) r 12, farmer 200. 

Heath Christopher, (Putnamsville) r 7, emp. C. C. Putnam & Son.

Herbert John, r 41, farmer 85, and leases of David Ward 180. 

Herbert Martin, laborer.

Herbert Michael, r 41, laborer. 

Herbert Thomas, r 43, laborer. 

Herrick David, (Montpelier) r 15, retired farmer. 

Herrick George S., (Montpelier) r 15, farmer 112.

Herrick Nathaniel K., r 43, general merchant, and dealer in flour, feed, grain and salt, farmer 475.

Hill Eri, (Putnamsville) off r 18, farmer 75.

Hill George B., (Montpelier) r 47, son of Jonathan F.

Hill Herbert, r 43, laborer.

Hill Jonathan F., (Montpelier) r 47, 13 cows, farmer 125.

Hill Joseph B., painter.

Hill Torry W., (Putnamsville) r 15, farmer, teases of Lewis Wiggins, of Northfield, 74.

Hill Willis D., (Montpelier) r 47, farmer, son of Jonathan F.

Hills Edward L., r 43, son of Justin B.

HILLS JUSTIN B., r 43, wheelwright, manuf. of wagons, general repair, shop, and farmer 20.

Hilton Estes W., (Montpelier) r 31, farmer 47.

Hobert John Q., r 40, breeder of Lambert horses, 17 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 138, and in Moretown 140.

Holder Bell, resident.

Holder Hannah, widow of Moses.

Holder Horace, r 48, laborer. 

HOLDEN JAMES H., general merchant, owns 100 acres timberland, farm 20, and Village Hotel.

Holder J. Harry, theological student.

Holder William A., druggist.

HOLT ALONZO E., (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 5, and leases of Ezekiel 85. [Removed to Berlin.]

Holt Carlos F. H., r 43, laborer. 

Holt Ezekiel, (Montpelier), r 33, 8 cows, farmer 85. 

Holt Jared H. (Putnamsmlle) r 11 farmer, leases of C. H. Willey 195. 

HOWARD SEAVER, justice of the peace, agent for Vermont Mutual and Union Fire Insurance Companies, and for H. H. Babcock Buggy Co., of Watertown, N.Y. 

HUDSON WILLIAM, prop. Village Hotel and livery, 250 sugar, trees, 100 apple trees, 10 cows, and farm 107. 

Hunt Charles L., (Putnamsville) r 6, 14 cows, farmer 160.

Hurlburt Eben S., (Putnamsville) r 7, laborer. 


JACKMAN MARTIN W., general blacksmith, and farmer 25. [Removed to Waterbury.] 

Jewett Allen P., r 39, farmer 80. 

Jewett Fred A., r 39, farmer.

Jones Albert R., (Putnamsville) r 7, laborer. 

Jones Dudley B., (Montpelier) r 9, farmer 75. 

Judge Edward, (Montpelier) r 13, farmer 5. 

Judson Emily L., r 30, widow of Henry. 


Kent Melvin P., (Putnamsville) r 7, carpenter and joiner.

Keyes Amasa, (Putnamsville) off r 18, farmer 75.

Keyes Edward, (Montpelier) r 15, farmer 60.

Kibbey Nathaniel C., (Montpelier) r 34, farmer 3 1/2.

Kingsbury Daniel, emp. in grist-mill.

Kingsbury George W., sash and blind maker.

Kirkland Charles, r 26, (Chandler & Kirkland).

Kirkland John, Sr., r 26, farmer 70, and owns with John, Jr., 250.

KIRKLAND JOHN, Jr., r 26, 400 sugar trees, 14 cows, and farmer, owns with John, Sr., 250.

Knapp Luke W. L., (Montpelier) r 44 cor. 35, 20 cows, farmer 300. 

Knapp Rolland, r 43, carpenter and joiner. 


Labaron Frank, (Putnamsville) r 7, laborer.

Ladd Emeline, r 43, widow of Almon A. 

Ladd George H., r 24, town representative, 300 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 100.

Lawrence Frank S., (Montpelier) r 5, laborer. 

Lawrence George S., (Montpelier) r 5, farmer 103. 

Lawrence Stillman C., (Putnamsmlle) laborer. 

Leland Herbert C., r 28, son of Otis C. 

Leland Jarville C., resident. 

Leland Jerry, r 28, 200 sugar trees, 7 cows, farmer 120. 

LELAND OTIS C., r 28, farmer 60. 

Leland Rufus, r 45, prop. boarding-house. 

Leno Joseph, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer, leases of ____ Barney, of Montpelier. 

Leonard Alonzo R., (Montpelier) r 11, farmer 400.

Leonard Charles A., (Montpelier) r 11, farmer, son of Alonzo R. 

Leonard John R., general blacksmith. 

Lewis Burt A., r 29, laborer. 

Lewis Charles J., r 37, 15 cows, farmer 175. 

Lewis George, r 37, farmer, son of William H. 

Lewis Lathrop, (Putnamsville) r 7, 12 cows, farmer 225. 

Lewis Sally, r 37 widow of George H. 

Lewis William H., r 37, farmer 50. 

Long Myron G., r 28, carpenter, 300 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 130. 

Long Samuel, r 42, farmer 34. 

Lunderville Charles H., (Montpelier) laborer. 

Lunderville Lewis , (Montpelier) r 10 laborer. 


Mackin John, off r 39, farmer. 

Maguire O. E., section hand. 

Mahany Jeremiah, (Montpelier) r 21, 15 cows, farmer 140. 

Martin Charles H., (Montpelier) r 10 12 cows, farmer 140, and timberland 200.

Maxham Arthur, (Montpelier) r 16 cor. 8, farmer, son of John W. 

Maxham Benjamin F., (Montpelier) r 16 cor. 17, 250 sugar trees, 7 cows, farmer 75. 

MAXHAM JOHN W., (Montpelier) r 16 cor. 8, 400 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 100. 

Maxham Luther, (Montpelier) r 5, farmer 1, and leases of Zeba Smith 40. 

Maxham Myron C., (Montpelier) r 16 cor. I8, farmer. 

Maxham William H. H., (Montpelier) r 16 cor. 17, farmer with Benjamin F. 75. 

McElroy Arloa Miss, resident. 

McELRO.Y FRANKLIN M., C. V. R. R. freight, ticket and express agent, and telegraph operator, farmer 7.

McELROY HENRY L., r 37 cor, 38, 15 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 120. 

McELROY WILLIAM B., town clerk and treasurer, 300 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer I23. 

McMurphy Cornelius, carpenter and joiner. 

McNamara Daniel, r 12, telegraph operator. 

McNamara John F., r 12, farmer 150. 

Mead Alexis, resident.

Mee John, r 23, farmer about 150. 

Merrill Charles S., (Putnamsville) off r 18, laborer. 

Miles Gilbert T., resident.

Miles Jerry, r 28, laborer. '

Miles Myron W., r 42, justice of the peace., farmer 100.

Miles Nancy J., r 41, widow of George P., farmer 175. 

Miles Portus J., r 30, retired farmer. 

Minott Addison P., (Montpelier) r 17, 10 cows, farmer 128. 

MONTAGU GEORGE, (Montpelier) r 46, (R. D. & G. Montagu). 

MONTAGU R. D. & G., (Montpelier) r 46, lumbermen, 13 cows, stock growers, and farmers 200. 

MONTAGU RUFUS D., (Montpelier) r 46, (R. D. & G. Montagu). 

Montague Clarrisa W., (Montpelier) r 9, widow of William, farmer 30. 

Montague William H., (Montpelier) r 9, engineer. 

Moore Abbot A., farmer 35. [Deceased].

Moriarty Margaret, r 12, widow of Michael, farmer 150.


NELSON ALZERNON S., (Montpelier) r 46 cor. 48, 20 cows, farmer 204. 

NELSON DANIEL D., (Montpelier) r 47, lumberman, 15 cows, farmer 325. 

Newhall Art M., r 41, (Newhall Brothers.)

Newhall Brothers, r 4r, (Will M. and Art M.) 20 cows, farmers 300. 

Newhall Will M., r 41, (Newhall Brothers). 

Nichols Edward M., (Montpelier) r 46, 10 cows, farmer 125. 

NICHOLS HENRY W., r 25, 3d selectman, road commissioner, pound keeper and fence viewer, 300 sugar trees, 9 cows, and farmer 150. 


Patterson Burt, (Montpelier) r 1, farmer, son of George A.

Patterson George A., (Montpelier) r 1, farmer 15. 

Pearson Prentiss, r 40, farmer. 

Pembroke Daniel, r 13, farmer 87. 

Pembroke James, r 13, thresher and farmer, son of Daniel. 

Pembroke Martin, r 13, thresher and farmer, son of Daniel. 

Pender Lawrence, r 40, farmer, son of Patrick. 

Pender Patrick, r 40, farmer about 75. 

Phelps Henry, r 36, laborer. 

Pierson Prentice F., r 40, farmer 2 1/2, and in Waterbury about 5. 

Pike Charles W., farmer 85.

Pike William J., r 39, farmer 85. 

Portall James, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer, son of John. 

Portal[ John, (Montpelier) r 33, farmer 80. 

Powers Frank, (Montpelier) sawyer for O. H. Richardson. 

Price Michael, r 38, 11 cows, farmer about 30. 

Price Morty K., r 38, farmer. 

Price Thomas E., r 38, farmer.

Putnam Augustus W., (Putnamsville) r 7, farmer 12.

PUTNAM C. C. & SON, (Putnamsville) r 7, (Christopher C., Jr.,) general merchants, props. of saw and planing-mill, manufs. of spruce and hard wood lumber, flooring, sheathing, etc., farmers 100, timberland in Calais 50, in Worcester about 4,000, and in Elmore, Orleans Co., about 100. 

PUTNAM CHRISTOPHER C., (Putnamsville) r 7, (C. C. Putnam & Son). 

PUTNAM CHRISTOPHER C., JR.., (Putnamsville) r 7, (C. C. Putnam & Son).

Putnam George H., (Putnamsville) r 7, farmer, son of Jacob.

Putnam Jacob, (Putnamsville) r 7, 16 cows, farmer 175.


Quinn Timothy, (Montpelier) r 3, laborer. 


Rhoades Henry, laborer. 

Rich Frank, widow of Amos, resides with Horace Steele. 

RICHARDSON CHARLES C., r 44, farmer 7, and with Norris Wright 175. 

Richardson Fred A., (Montpelier) r 31, farmer 75. 

RICHARDSON O. H., lumber manuf., resides in Montpelier. 

Richardson W. Fred, r 2, laborer. 

Richardson Zela, retired physician. 

Roberts James D., r 40, prop. saw-mill, farmer 1. 

Robinson Joseph H., r 35, farmer 90. 

Root George, (Montpelier) r 4, farmer 100. 

Root Webster H., (Montpelier) r 2, farmer about 100. 


Sawyer Charles H., r 43, commercial traveler. 

Sawyer Don P., farmer 20. 

Sawyer Gardner, r 32, 13 cows, and farmer 150.

Sawyer Hiram A., r 22, farmer 200.

Sawyer Orvis A., (Montpelier) off r 19, farmer 118. 

SCOTT WILLIAM L., r 42, 500 sugar trees, 13 cows, and farmer 114. 

Sessions David, r 14, laborer. 

Sherman George, retired farmer. 

Silloway Charles, r 32 300 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 160. 

SILLOWAY MOSES, r 38, 700 sugar trees, 13 cows, and farmer 200. 

SILLOWAY ORA F., r 38, farmer, son of Moses. :Slatteray Michael, (Montpelier) r 3, resident. 

Smith Daniel, (Montpelier) r 46, laborer. 

Smith Frank, (Montpelier) r 46, laborer. 

Smith Fred L., (Montpelier) r 46, laborer. 

Smith Mills G., (Montpelier) r 17, resident.

Smith Roswell, r 35, farmer.

Smith William P., (Montpelier) r 46, laborer. 

Smith Zeba, (Montpelier) r 5, farmer 40. 

Steele Horace, tinsmith. 

Steele Jacob C., resident. 

Steinberge George W., r 43, cooper, and farmer, leases of the A. A. Ladd  estate 45. 

Stiles Enos, farmer about 10. 

Stone Charles H., r 23, farmer about 75. 

Suple James, r 15, farmer 100. 

Swift Levi, r 37, fruit grower, 13 cows, farmer 75. 


Taplin Heman J., r 44, 9 cows, farmer 130. 

Tarbox David W., (Montpelier) r 5, farmer 150. 

TAYLOR CHESTER, (Montpelier) r 18, 7 cows, farmer 85. 

Taylor David B., (Montpelier) r 9, farmer 50. 

Tavlor George F., (Montpelier) r 3, farmer about 100. 

Taylor Willie A., (Montpelier) r 18, stonecutter. 

Thayer James, (Montpelier) r 18, farmer 4. 

Turner Fred A., r 43, laborer. 

TURNEY HENRY P., general. blacksmith, horseshoer and jobber, manuf. of a superior quality of hoof ointment, farmer, leases of H. H. Long, of Waterbury, 14. [Removed to Lincoln, Addison Co.] 


Vaughn Alma R., r 28, widow of Volney V., farmer 140. 

VILLAGE HOTEL, William Hudson, prop., livery connected.


Walling Ransom, (Putnamsville) r 6, laborer.

Ward Chester L., agent for H. A. Keir's water heater.

WARD DAVID, 2d selectman, farmer 225.

Ward Frank A., r 43, farmer 53. 

Warren Albert L., (Montpelier) r 45, farmer 120. 

Warren Asa, r 36, resident. 

Warren Ben G:, r 36 farmer 3 1/2. 

WARREN GEORGE A., (Montpelier) r 48, 20 cows, farmer 175. 

WARREN RUFUS W., (Montpelier) r 48, justice of the peace, 25 cows, farmer 200. 

WASHINGTON HOUSE, A. R. Fisher, prop., livery connected. 

Weir John, marble worker and dealer. 

Welch Herbert P., (Montpelier) r 47 cor. 33, farmer 67. 

Wellington George W., retired farmer. 

WELLS LORENZO R., r 22, town agent, justice of the peace, 250 sugar trees, 6 cows, farmer 60. 

White Lucian, r 36, 600 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 150. 

Whitney Elijah, (Putnamsville) r 7, 17 cows, farmer 300. 

Whitney Frank P., (Putnamsville) r 18, lumberman. 

Whitney George M., (Putnamsville) r 7, breeder of Jersey cattle, reg., 10 cows farmer 105. 

WIGGINS CHARLES C., (Montpelier) r 17, 400 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 140. 

Wiggins Orville R., (Montpelier) r 17, 12 cows, farmer 130. 

Willey Charles H., (Montpelier) r 11, farmer 300.

Willey George W., (Montpelier) r 10, farmer 72. 

Williams E. Dana, retired farmer. 

Wilson Albert H., (Montpelier) r 18, farmer 60.

WRIGHT NORRIS, r 44, with C. C. Richardson 15 cows, stock grower, breeder of Chester white swine, farmer 175. 

Wyth Hollis N., shoemaker.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 99-106

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003