Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Duxbury, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Abret Stephen, (Waterbury) r 18, farmer, leases of R. O'Brien 100. 

Ames Ann E., (Waterbury) r 19, widow of Philo, resides in the first house built in town. 

Andrews George D., (Moretown) r 39, farmer with his father, Jacob D. 

Andrews Jacob D., (Moretown) r 39, 900 sugar trees, 45 head cattle, farmer 390.

Armes Jesse W., (Waterbury) r 19, carpenter and joiner. 

Armes Permele, (Waterbury) r 19, widow of Deacon Ira, farm 8, aged 89. 

Armington George F., (Waterbury) r 30, farmer 158. 

Atherton Amoriah C., (Waterbury) r 25, 19 head cattle, 375 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

ATHERTON CHARLES W., (Waterbury) r 28, constable and collector, dealer in groceries, flour, feed, and Baker's horse and cattle medicines, 500 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 140 and 10 1/2 on r 19.

Atkins Charles H., (Waterbury) r 22, retired miller, aged 76. 

ATKINS EDWIN G., (Moretown) r 43, served in Co. B, 13th Vt. Vols. 

ATKINS FRANK C., (N. Duxbury) r 3, sawyer. 

ATKINS HARVEY S., (N. Duxbury) r 3, clapboard sawyer. 

Atkins James W., (Waterbury) r 18, 7 head cattle, farmer 175. 

Atkins Sidney E., (Moretown) r 38, foreman and sawyer, emp. H. O. Ward. 

Avery Clark, (Moretown) r 43, 600 sugar trees, 9 head cattle, farmer 125. 


Balding W. Edwin, (Moretown) r 43, wheelwright, farmer 50. 

Bates Salmon, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, blacksmith, emp. J. A. & L. J. Durkee. 

Bennett William H., (Moretown) r 40, farmer, leases of C. Corliss 150. 

Bessey Orin, (N. Duxbury) r 1, laborer. 

Bogs Louisa Mrs., (Waterbury) r 19, resident, h and lot. 

Bruce Chloera, (Waterbury) r 19, h and lot. 

Bruce Luther D., (Waterbury) r 19, farmer 3 1/2, aged 80. 

Buckley Don, (Moretown) r 37, farmer 200. 

Burk Michael, (N. Duxbury) off r 9, 6 cows, farmer 150. 

Burk Patrick, (N. Duxbury) r 9, 10 head cattle, farther 125. 

Burk Richard, (N. Duxbury) r 9, 17 head cattle, farmer 200.


Cain Mary M., (Waterbury) r 19, widow of Timothy, h and lot.

Callahan Frank, (N. Duxbury) r 13, 10 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Canedy Sophronia, (Waterbury) widow of L. T. 

Carver John, (Waterbury) r 23, 20 head cattle, farmer 250.

Carver Thomas, (Waterbury) r 29, 15 head cattle, farmer 200.

CASEY MICHAEL R., (N. Duxbury) r 9, laborer with William.

Casey Timothy, (Waterbury) off r 8, 10 head cattle, farmer 300.

Casey William, (N. Duxbury) r 9, 300 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 8 head cattle, farmer 100.

Clark Francis, (N. Duxbury) r 11, h and lot, aged 76.

Clark Nathan H., (Waterbury) r 34, 7 head cattle, farmer 25.

Clark Otis S., (Waterbury) r 34, farmer 108.

Clark Prentiss S., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer.

Coburn Henry R., (Waterbury) r 6, brick mason, 13 head cattle, 350 sugar trees, farmer 80.

Cola Lewis, (Waterbury) off r 28, farmer 28.

Collins Filando, (Waterbury) r. 22, farmer 25.

Conely Kerry, (N. Duxbury) r 13, 12 head cattle, farmer 100.

Corner William H., (N. Duxbury) r 2, laborer.

Corliss Benjamin, (Moretown) r 40, 500 sugar trees, 16 head cattle, farmer 160. 

Corliss Charles B., (Moretown) r 40, farmer 150.

Corliss William E. (Moretown) laborer.

Corse Wells E., (Waterbury) r 16, farmer 50.

Crosby James W., (Waterbury) r 22, retired conductor.

Crossett Cornelia A., (Waterbury) widow of E. C., resident, owns 2 houses and farm 13.

Crossett James, (Waterbury) r 22, 1,200 sugar trees, 25 cows farmer 300.

*CROSSETT JAMES E., (Waterbury) r 22, 2d selectman, prop. saw-mill, dealer in all kinds of dimension hard and soft wood lumber, leases of James 25 cows and 1,200 sugar trees, owns 24 head cattle, 4 horses, 2 houses, and wild land 400.


DAVIS ALPHA W., (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer.

Davis Fred C., (N. Duxbury) r 4., 6 cows, farmer, leases of Russell 160.

Davis George W:, (Waterbury) r 6, 9 head cattle, farmer 130.

Davis Joel T., (Waterbury) r 22, farmer 11.

Davis Russell, (N. Duxbury) r 4, 6 cows, farmer 160.

Durkee Alba J., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer.

Durkee Arba, (N. D.uxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer.

DURKEE J. A. & L. J. (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, props, steam-mill for manufacturing barrel staves, shingles and clapboards, timber land 1,400.

DURKEE JOHN A., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, (J. A. & L. J. Durkee) 3d selectman, prop. saw-mill, manuf. of dimension lumber, 2 houses and blacksmith shop, served in Co. I, 9th Vermont Vols., commander of Dillingham Post, No. 22, G. A. R., of Waterbury.

DURKEE LESLIE J., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, (J. A. & L. J. Durkee) owns 3 houses, and farm 100. 

Durkee Owen G., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, foreman for J. A. & L. J. Durkee.


Egan John W., (Waterbury) r 28, 20 head cattle farmer 167.


Farnesworth Francis F., (Waterbury) r 6, retired cabinet maker, aged 79.

Farnsworth George, (Moretown) r 31, 14 head cattle, farmer 135.

Farnsworth Silas A., (Waterbury) r 34., farm laborer.

FARRAND DAVID E., (Waterbury) r 19, carpenter and bridge builder, 6 cows, farmer 50. 

Foss Jacob, (Waterbury) r 19, g head cattle, farmer 77. 

Foster Samuel S., (Waterbury) r 19, sawyer and carpenter. 

Freeman George W., (Moretown) r 39, painter, 13 head cattle, farmer 54. 


Gabree Henry J., (Waterbury) r 19, laborer, owns h and lot. 

Gabree Silas, (Waterbury) r 19, laborer. 

Gorman Patrick R., (Waterbury) r 16, 15 head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Grace Edward, (N. Duxbury) r 14, farmer 160. 

Grace Patrick, (N. Duxbury) laborer. 

Grace Robert, (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Graves Lewis B., (Waterbury) r 17, 300 sugar trees, 300 apple trees, 30 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Graves Luther, (Waterbury) r 17, 300 sugar trees, 300 apple trees, 30 head cattle, farmer 160. 

GREY DARIUS A., (Waterbury) r 4, prop. stock horse "Reindeer," I9 head cattle, 7 horses, soldier in Co. K, 6th Vt. Vols. 

Grey Elisha B., (Waterbury) r 4, farm laborer. 

Griffith Milo H., (Moretown) r 41, 500 sugar trees, 14 head cattle, farmer 150. 

Griffith Roland A., (Moretown) laborer. 

Griffith Vernon D., (Moretown) lumberman, and farmer 30. 

Gnffith William C., (Moretown) r 38, laborer. 


Hart Frank, (!Moretown) r 38, farmer 100. 

Hart Frederick .A., (Waterbury) r 6, farmer. 

Haskins Alpheus, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer. 

Haskins George M., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer. 

Haskins Jeremiah, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, farmer 65. 

Hayes William, (Waterbury) r 30, 12 head cattle, farmer 116. 

Healy John, (Waterbury) r 23, 400 sugar trees, 100 head cattle, farmer 120. 

Henry Martin L. (Waterbury) r 20, 13 head cattle, farmer. 

Hills Burk L., (Waterbury) r 27, farmer.

Hills George W., (Waterburyjr 27, 7 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Hills Grant O., (Waterbury) r 6, laborer. 

Hills L. D. & Z. A., (Waterbury) r 6, 700 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 15 head cattle, farmer 115. 

Hills Lorenzo D., (Waterbury) r 6, (L. D. & Z. A. Hills). 

Hills Martin J., (Waterbury) r 34, farmer with S. S. 

Hills Sidney S., (Waterbury) r 27, 6 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 74. 

Hills Zerah A., (Waterbury) r 6, (L. D. & Z. A. Hills). 

Hoadley Melvin, (Moretown) r 35, farmer 49. 

Hoppman Elias P., (Moretown) r 37, retired farmer. 

Hoppman Thomas E., (Moretown) r 37, farmer 50. 

HOY THOMAS H., (N. Duxbury) sawyer in Ellis's mill. 

Hunt Fred M., (Moretown) r 38, farmer: 

HUNTLEY EBER W., (Waterbury) r 19, town clerk and treasurer since 1872, prop. of saw and lumber dressing mill, and manuf. of chair stock. 

Huntley Isaiah, (Waterbury) r 19, retired farmer, aged 83. 

Hurdle John L, (N. Duxbury) r 13, farmer, leases of A Lewis 12. 


Johnson Benjamin B., (Moretown) r 43, farmer 80. 

Johnson Ebenezer, (Moretown) r 43, retired farmer. 

Johnson Frank E., (Moretown) r 43, farmer 16.

Johnson Ira I., (Moretown) r 34, farmer 60. 


Kellogg Charles W., (Moretown) r 40, 7 cows, farmer 100.

Kellogg Samuel C., (Moretown) r 40, 8 head cattle, farmer.

Kennedy Samuel R., (N. Duxbury) r 2, 10 cows, farmer 120, and mountain land 100.

Kennedy Thomas, (N. Duxbury) r 9, farmer 96.

Kirby Edward, (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer.

Kirby Willie, (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer.

Knapp Orlando, (Waterbury) r 19, retired shoemaker.


Labell Emery M., (Waterbury) 12 cows, farmer, leases on shares of E. G. Moody.

Lamizell Charles E., (Moretown) r 43, laborer.

Lamizell Fred W., (Moretown) r 43, laborer.

Lamizell William, (Moretown) r 43, 12 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Lavanway E. O., (N Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Lewis Abel A., (Waterbury) r 6, school superintendent, prop. grist and cider-mill, manuf. of boiled cider and apple jelly, farmer 5,

Lewis Luke M., (N. Duxbury) r 4, farmer 4, woodland 28.

Little William J., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer,

Lyman Anaza, (Waterbury) resident, h and lot.

Lyman Cyrenun, (Waterbury) laborer

Lyman Mary, (Waterbury) r 21, farm 135,

Lyman Richey, (Waterbury) r 2 1, 11 head cattle, farmer, leases of Mary 135.


Maloney John T., (N. Duxbury) r 11, farmer.  [Now in Colorado.]

Maloney T. Edward, (N. Duxbury) r 13, laborer.

Maning David, (Waterbury) r 15, 12 head cattle, farmer 225.

Marrian Thomas, (Waterbury) farmer 37.

McGrath William, (Waterbury) r 8, 300 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 10 cows, farmer 124.

McMullen James C., (Waterbury) farmer with Robert J.,

McMullen Robert J., (Waterbury) r 22, 12 head cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 98. 

Montgomery Drury A., (Moretown) farmer with Eleazer B., owns pasture and woodland 112. 

Montgomery Eleazer B., (Moretown) r 31, 700 sugar trees, 22 head cattle, farmer 183. 

Montgomery Morris B., (N. Duxbury) r 3 laborer. 

Montny Nelson, (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Morse Albert, (Waterbury) r 4, 7 cows, farmer 100, aged 76.

Morse Buel W., (Waterbury) r 19, teamster and farmer on Crossett hill 4.

Morse Daniel J., (Waterbury) r 24 farmer 40. 

Morse Edgar H., (Waterbury) r 16, farmer 70. 

Morse Edgar J., (Waterbury) r 4, farmer. 

Morse Edgar J., (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Morse George P., (N. Duxbury r 9, 150 apple trees, farmer 160. 

Morse Hazen C., (Waterbury) r 19, carpenter and joiner. 

Morse Horace, (Waterbury) Off r 24, 300 sugar trees, 13 cows, farmer 130. 

Morse Jacob, (N. Duxbury) r 11, retired farmer, aged 89. 

Morse James, (Waterbury) r 24, laborer. 

MORSE LUCIUS, (Waterbury) r 24, 4 head cattle, 15 sheep, 2 horses, farmer 70. 

Morse Samuel C., (N. Duxbury) r 2, lumberman, leases of P. Dillingham, 5 horses, 1 yoke oxen, farm 100.

Morse Tiberius, (Waterbury) r 25, 300 sugar trees, 8 head cattle, farmer 85. 

Murray Daniel T., (Moretown) r 40, 20 head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Murray Lester K., (Moretown) r 40, farmer with Daniel T. 


Neill John, (Moretown) off r 40, 14 head cattle, farmer 140. 

Nelson Stephen, ( Fayston) 16 head cattle, farmer 200. 


O'Brian David J., (N. Duxbury) r 14, 200 sugar trees, 300 apple trees, 17 cows 14 head other cattle, farmer 310. 

O'BRIAN JAMES, (Waterbury) r 7, 12 head cattle, 2 horses, farmer 140. 

O'Brian Timothy, (N. Duxbury) r 14, 17 cows, farmer 100. 

O'Brien Michael, (N. Duxbury) r 13, 12 cows, 8 head other cattle, farmer 160. 

O'Neil John, (N. Duxbury) r 14, 9 cows, farmer 160. 

O'Neil John, Jr., (N. Duxbury) r 13, 10 head cattle, farmer 215. 


Pape George T., (N. Duxbury) r 11, 8 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Parcher Henry J., (Moretown) r 38, 7 cows, farmer 75. 

Perkins William, (N. Duxbury) r 3, blacksmith. 

Perish Emily, (Waterbury) h and lot. 

Perry Jesse T., (Waterbury) r 19, wheelwright, farmer 40. 

Phillips Albert M., (Moretown) r 43, farmer 7. 

Phillips Alva B., (Waterbury) r 35, laborer. 

Phillips John B., (Waterbury) r 35, prop. saw-mill, farmer 105. 

Phillops Don E., (Waterbury) r 28, farmer 115. 

Phillops Wendell E., (Waterbury) r 28, farmer 115. 

Pickett Benjamin F., (Waterbury) r 28, 10 head cattle, farmer 100. 

Pickett Frank O., (Waterbury) r 28, laborer. 

Preston Daniel, (Waterbury) r 4, 19 head cattle, 7 horses, 400 sugar trees, farmer 200. 

Preston John W., ( Waterbury) r 19, laborer, and farmer 17. 

Preston Rufus, (Waterbury) r 4, 19 head cattle, 20 cows, 7 horses, 400 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Daniel 200, and owns in Bolton, Crrttenden Co., 200. 


Ravlin Jason P., (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Ravlin Milo, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer. 

Richards Willie A., (Waterbury) r 24, farm laborer. 

Richardson Cyrus F., (Waterbury) r 27, 6 cows, farmer with Mrs. McAllister 80. 

Ricker Henry J., (Waterbury) r 6, 17 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer, leases of F. A. Atherton 200. 

Ricker Levi F., (Waterbury) r 4., 25 cows, farmer, leases of G. W. Randall 250. 

Russ Daniel, (N. Duxbury) 13 1/2, engineer, emp. J. A. & S. J. Durkee. 

Russell Heman C., (Waterbury) r 6, farmer 35. 


Sanford Ozias, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, laborer. 

Seaver Charles S, ( Waterbury) r 27, 400 sugar trees, 13 head cattle, farmer, leases of B. Phillips 100. 

Shambo Ernest T., (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer. 

Shambo Eugene, (N. Duxbury) r 1, laborer, h and lot. 

Shaw Oliver, (Waterbury) r 34, farmer 6. 

Sherman Charles, (N. Duxbury) r 36, farmer 100. 

Sherman Charles, (Moretown) r 36, farmer 70. 

Sherman Ezra, (N. Duxbury) farmer 100. 

Sherman Ezra S., (Waterbury) r 42, farmer with Reuben S. 

Sherman Reuben S., (Waterbury) r 42, 9 head cattle, farmer 50. 

Shonio Alfred, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, farmer 158.

SHONIO ARNOLD B., ( Waterbury) r 20 cor. 16, farmer 35, served in Co. B, 6th Vt. Vols.

Shonio Chancy S., (Waterbury) r 19, laborer.

Shonio Manley J., Waterbury) laborer.

Shonio Philip E.,.(Waterbury) r 20 cor. 16, laborer.

Shonio Samuel M., (Waterbury) r 20 cor 16, farm laborer.

Shonio Sewell P., ( Moretown) r 43, cooper and farmer 2.

Simonds Charles E, (Waterbury) r 28, 11 cows, farmer, leases of C. W. Atherton 140.

Smalley Alfred B., (Waterbury) r 19, blacksmith, agent for Clark's adjustable guard plates.

Smith James, (Waterbury) r 17, farmer 4.

Sprague Dolly, (Waterbury) r 19, widow of Ira, farmer 125.

Stitt James, (Waterbury) r 7, farmer 30, aged 93.

Stockwell Byron J., (Moretown) r 43, 10 cows, farmer 100.

STRICKLAND WILLIAM R., (N. Duxbury) lumberman, and farmer 3, owns on "Camel's Hump” I05.

Sumerville Nathan, (Waterbury) 50 cows, 14 head other cattle, 6 horses, farmer 212.

Sumerville Samuel, (Moretown) r 40, 1,000 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 125.

Sweeney Edward A., (N. Duxbury) r 3, assistant postmaster and station agent.


THOMAS IC HABOD W., (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, farmer 25, served in Co. G, 6th Vt. Vols.

Toben Patrick, (N. Duxbury) r 9, 9 head cattle, farmer 70.

Turner Albert C., (Moretown) r 42, farmer with Lyman V.

Turner Chester, (N. Duxbury) r 13 1/2, farmer 100.

Turner Harley P., (Moretown) r 43, 450 sugar trees, 130 apple trees, 15 head cattle, farmer 80.

Turner Lyman C., (Moretown) r 43, farmer 55.

Turner Lyman V., (Moretown) r 42; 800 sugar trees, 16 head cattle, farmer 200.

Turner Orson C., (Waterbury) r 19, canvasser and farmer. 

Turner Samuel M., (Moretown) r 42, 325 sugar trees, 27 head cattle, farmer 150.

Turner Vernon V., (N. Duxbury) r 3, laborer.


Walker Henry, (N. Duxbury) r 14, lumberman, 6 cows, farmer 100, and timber land 130.

Wallace William W., (Waterbury) r 19, laborer, owns h and lot.

WARD HIRAM O., (Waterbury) r 27, town representative, 1st selectman, prop. Of 2 saw-mills, and. a box factory and grist-mill in Moretown, dealer in all kinds of lumber, 20 head cattle, 5 horses, farmer 115, and wild land 1,300.

Ward William E., (Moretown) r 40, 1,600 sugar trees, 25 cows, 25 head, young cattle, farmer 380.

WELLS MARY L. MRS., (Waterbury) r 19, dealer in millinery and fancy goods, farm 8.

Wheeler Charles, (Moretown) r 37, served in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols.

Wheeler Charles E., (Moretown) r 40, 500 sugar trees, 16 head cattle, farmer 100.

Wheeler Jesse E., (Moretown) r 37, 11 head cattle, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 130.

Wheeler William A., (Moretown) r 41, farmer 2.

WHITE EVAN L., (N. Duxbury) r 1, station agent, postmaster 14 years, dealer in groceries, 5 yoke oxen, 10 head other cattle, 6 horses prop. saw-mill; dealer in all kinds of coarse lumber, farmer 200, and wild land 1,300.

White John VV., (N. Duxbury) r 1 retired sewing machine agent. 

Woodard Edward L., (Moretown) r 36, farmer 85. 

Wrisley Mark H., (Waterbury) r 19, farm laborer. 


Young Jesse, (N. Duxbury) r 2, laborer.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 71-77

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003