Directory is arranged as follows:— 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Abbott Eldon, (Troy) r 41, farmer 100. 

Abbott Mary E. Mrs., (North Troy) r 4, seamstress. 

Abbott Oscar W., (North Troy) r 16, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 23 cows farmer, estate of Adams Abbott 254. 

ABELL GEORGE W., (Troy) r 38, sugar orchard 275 trees, and farmer 156.

Adams James A., (Troy) r 27, farmer 120. 

Aikin Alvin C., (North Troy) r 15, dairy 17 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farms for Alvin C. Aikin's estate 140. 

AIKIN GEORGE W., (Troy) manuf. of lumber, packing boxes, clapboards and shingles, and farmer 200, timber 300, Main. 

AIKIN JOHN B., (Troy) wheelwright, carpenter and joiner, serg't-major of 1st Iowa Cavalry, h Elm. 

Aikin Lucinda G., (North Troy) r 15, widow of Edwin P. 

ALBEE CHESTER K., (Troy) house, sign and carriage painter, and paper hanger, bds Elm. 

ALBEE CURTIS B., (Troy) house, sign, and carriage painter, grainer and paper hanger, h Elm. 

Allen Jeremiah, (North Troy) resident. 

Andrews John S., (Troy) r 31, farmer, with E. Hodgkins. 

Arpin William, (North Troy) tinsmith, bds South. 

Armitage Thomas R, (North Troy) r 12, owns farm. 


Bailey Jesse, (Troy) r 30, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 80. 

Ball David A., (Troy) off r 38, farmer 85. 

Bannister James, (Troy) r 26, laborer. 

Baraw Franklin, (Troy) r 35, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 280 trees, and farmer 160. 

Barrow Charles, (North Troy) r 2, farmer 12. 

Bartlett Joseph, (North Troy) r 12, carpenter and painter. 

Batchelder Charles M., (Troy) resident, bds Missisquoi House. 

Batchelder Luthera, (Troy) r 28, (Mrs. C. M.) 

Beadle Thomas J., (North Troy) r 19 dairy 24 cows, and farmer. 

Bean Isaac, (Troy) r 39, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees and farmer 127. 

Bean Milton, (Troy) r 30, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Bertrand Sabrina, ('I'roy) r 39, widow of Joseph, owns 49 acres. 

Bickford Anson, (Newport Center) r 17, farmer, leases of Samuel Parker, of' Newport, 100.

Blair Charles A., (Troy) r 29, employee C. P.Stevens & Co. 

Blair Colby, (North Troy) r 5, laborer. 

Boardman Edward, (North Troy) r 12, farmer 150. 

Bolton Henry, (Troy) r 29, laborer for C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Booth Mary E., (Troy) r 28, widow of Erastus, owns 2 acres. 

Bourque Elizie, (Troy) manuf. of and dealer in tin, copper, and sheet iron-ware, Pleasant, h do. 

Boyden Augustus, (Troy) harnessmaker, and prop. Missisquoi House, and farmer 10, Pleasant. 

Boyden Vaniora, (Troy) dressmaker, Elm. 

BRADLEY ADDISON M., (Troy) r 33, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 308. 

Brennan Thomas, (North Troy) r 5, farmer. 

Brock Howard, (Troy) r 26, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, hop grower, and farmer 112. 

Brown Edwin S., (North Troy) r 16, farmer, leases of Emily A. Brown 100. 

Brown Emily A., (North Troy) r 16, farmer 100. 

Brown Milo A., (Troy) widow of Anson, h Mill. 

Buck Charles, (Troy) son of D. H., bds Elm. 

BUCK DANIEL H. Hon., (Troy) (C. P. Stevens & Co.,) h Elm. 

Buck Jesse, (Troy) farmer 115, Elm. 

Burbank Fred D., (Troy) r 29, miller for C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Burnham Henry C., (Troy) r 23, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150. (Died April 26, 1883.) 

Burnham  —, (Troy) r 23, widow of Henry C., farm 150. 

Burroughs Jonathan G., (North Troy) r 26, breeder of Holstein cattle, sugar orchard 350 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140. 

Buswell Gardner, (North Troy) r 10, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 95. 

Button Albert B., (Troy) laborer, h and lot, Elm. 

Buzzell Gardner, (Troy) r 28, dairy 10 cows, and farmer, leases of Rev. Joseph Buzzell 125. 

Buzzell Joseph W. Rev., (Troy) r 28, Baptist clergyman, and farmer 125. 


Campbell Alexander A., (North Troy) r 12, farmer, leases of Edward Boardman. 

Carpenter Hiram, (Troy) r 29, carpenter, and farmer 10. 

Carpenter William, (Troy) r 25, farm laborer. 

Carter William J., (Troy) r 29, clapboard sawyer for C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Caswell Thomas M., (North Troy) r 10, basket maker. 

Chaffee Calista, (North Troy) r 12, widow of Herman. 

Chaffee Charlotte Mrs., (Troy) Main cor Pleasant, 85 years old. 

Chaffee Lovell S., (Troy) r 37, sugar orchard 700 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 200. 

Clapper William, (North Troy) r 10, farmer 10. 

Clark George W., (Troy) r 30.

Clark Mary A., (Troy) r 30, (Mrs. G. W.,) farmer 23, and in Westfield blacksmith-shop and ½ acre. 

Clement James W., (Troy) shoemaker, Pleasant, h do. 

CLOUGH ROXANNA, (North Troy) r 2, widow of Moses. (Gone to N. H.) 

Cobleigh Howard, (North Troy) off r 10, laborer. 

Coburn Gustavus V., (Troy) carriage maker, carpenter and joiner, mill-wright, house, carriage and sign painter, south side of the common, h Elm. 

COLE CHAUNCEY, (Troy) r 31, general blacksmithing, Main. 

Cole Richard, (North Troy) r 10, poultry dealer.

Collins Gilbert 1, (Troy) r 29, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Conant James S., Jr., (Troy) r 32, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of L. P. James' estate 275. 

Conant John E., (Westfield) (James S. & Son,) r 42. 

Congdon James M., (North Troy) r 12, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 58. 

Connor DeForest, (North Troy) r 21, laborer. 

Connor John, (Troy) off r 33, farmer 100. 

Cook Samuel, (North Troy) r 5, farmer 1. 

Corser Derwin F., (North Troy) r 12, peddler, farmer, leases of J. M. Congdon 58. 

Courser Levi M., (North Troy) pent road from 14, stock raiser, wool grower, and farmer 100. 

Courser Truman W., (North Troy) r 14, farmer, works on shares for H. C. Wilson So. 

Cronk Mary, (Troy) r 28, widow of Isaac. 

Cross Simeon, (Troy) r 26, laborer. 


Davis Aaron G., (Troy) shoemaker, Mill st., h do. 

Davis Samuel R., (Troy) r 28, hop grower, sugar orchard 150 trees, dairy 27 cows, and farmer 410. 

Decker Betsey, (Troy) widow of Asa, Main cor Pleasant. 

Dezain Michael, (Troy) r 29, laborer. 

Doane Edmund P., (Newport Center) r 17, farmer 100. 

Doane Harmon M., (Newport Center) r 17, dairy 16 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer, leases of Edmund P. 150. 

Doane John B., (North Troy) r 12, farmer 65, works on shares for Ann E. Keith 80. 

Donagan Edward, (Troy) r 26, farmer 102. 

Donagan John E., (Troy) r 26, dairy 11 cows, hop grower and farmer 100. 

Donagan Margaret, (Troy) r 26, widow of Owen, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 460 trees, 700 apple trees, and farmer 115. 

DONAGAN WILLIAM, (Troy) r 25, 3d selectman, millwright, carpenter and joiner. 

DRAKE DAVID, (North Troy) r 21, cooper. 

Drew Charles A., (Troy) r 31, school teacher, and sawyer. 

Drew Frank H., (Troy) r 29, employee C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Drew Joseph, (Troy) millwright, Main. 

Drown W. D., (North Troy) farm laborer, h Railroad. 

Dubois Alpheus O., (North Troy) r 21, carpenter and joiner, wheelwright, prop. of grist-mill and farmer 12. 

Dubois Wolford N., (North Troy) r 21, wheelwright, millwright, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 43. 

Dunhan Norman W., (Newport Center) r 17, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 150. 


EARL PHILIP, (Troy) r 25, laborer. 

Elkins Harvey S., (North Troy) r 12, sugar orchard 700 trees, and farmer 50. 

Elkins Salmon, (North Troy) Off  r 2, dairy 16 cows, farmer, leases of Wm. Olds, of Lawrence, Mass., 100. 

Emery Thomas M., (Troy) allo. physician and surgeon, Pleasant. 

Ewins Ruby L., (North Troy) widow of William P. 


Farman Safford, (Troy) retired farmer, owns 40, Elm. 

Farman Willard, (Westfield) r 38 cor 41, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 450. 

Fifield Daniel, (Troy) off r 38, farmer 50. 

Fifield Homer, (Troy) Off r 35, farmer 25.

Flint Austin, (North Troy) r 23, hop grower, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 300. 

Flint John W., (North Troy) r 21, dairy 17 cows, farmer 147. 

FULLER ADNA, (North Troy) r 23, breeder of Cotswold sheep, hop grower, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 120. 

Fuller Nelson, (North Troy) off r 12, laborer. 


Gaines Helen Miss, (North Troy) r 3, school teacher. 

Gallup David T. (North Troy) r 5, farmer 40. 

Gilbert Thomas L., (North Troy) r 18, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200. 

Green William B., (North Troy) r 16, dairy 26 cows, farmer 70, and leases of O. N. Elkins 190. 

Gregg Alonzo, (North Troy) r 16, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 150, works on shares for Erastus West 115, and leases of Horace Stewart 300. 


Hadlock Harrison, (North Troy) r 12, farmer, leases of — Chamberlin, of N. H., 35. 

Hadlock William B., (Troy) r 27. farmer, leases of S. R. Davis 130. 

HAIR JOSEPH, (North Troy) r 4, farms for the town of Troy 20. 

Hamilton John, (North Troy) r 15, retired farmer, with Hiram A. Johnson. 

Hammond Ashton L., (North Troy) r 7, (0. S. & A. L ) 

HAMMOND FRED B., (Troy) clerk for H. K. Steward, bds do. 

Hammond Orange S., (North Troy) r 7, (0. S. & A. L.,) farmer 100. 

Hammond 0. S. & A. L., (North Troy) r 7, breeders of St. Lawrence and Ethan Allen horses, sugar orchard  1,200 trees, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 500. 

Hardy Charles, (North Troy) r 6, dairy 15 cows, and farmer. 

Harvey C. Jane Mrs., (North Troy) r 4, carpet weaver. 

Hazzleton J. Harvey, (Troy) r 29, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Higgins Madison, (Troy) laborer, h Pleasant. 

Hitchcock Charles P., (Troy) r 23, dealer in country produce, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 180. 

Hitchcock Charles W., (Westfield) r 41, with Samuel E., farmer. 

Hitchcock Samuel E., (Westfield) r 41, sugar orchard 150 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 76. 

Hitchcock S. & S. B., (Westfield) r 40, (Simon and Selden B.,) farmers 88. 

Hitchcock Selden B., (Troy) r 40 (S & S. B.) 

Hitchcock Simon, (Troy) r 28, (S. & S. B.,) dairy 27 cows, and farmer, leases of W. F. Willey 320. 

Hodgden Albert, (Troy) invalid, Elm. 

Hodgkins Ephraim (Troy) r 31, farmer 132. 

Hogaboom W. Henry, (North Troy) farmer, leases S. P. Hammond estate.

HORNER JASPER, (North Troy) r 15½, breeder of thoroughbred horses, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 100. 

Horner J. Willie, (North Troy) r 15½, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, leases of Mitchell Hunt 120. 

Houghton Alfred, (North Troy) r 14, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, leases of C. C. Wheeler 112. 

House Timothy J., (Troy) r 29, supt. box shop of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Houston Bradley, (Troy) general blacksmithing, and farm in Westfield 30, Main, h in Westfield. 

Hunt Charles P., (North Troy) r 4, with Samuel P., farmer. 

Hunt Samuel P., (North Troy) r 4, 1st selectman, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200. 

Hunter Isabelle, (Troy) widow of E. C., resident, h Pleasant.

Huse John R., (Troy) r 30, farmer, works for Mary W. Clark 23. 

Huyer Wm. B., (Troy) r 29, sawyer for C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Hyde Richard H. (Troy) r 25, employee C. P. Stevens & Co. 


Jerome George, (Troy) r 23, farmer 2, 

JOHNSON DARIUS T., (North Troy) r 14, lister, dairy 20 cows, manuf. of starch, and farmer 180. 

JOHNSON HIRAM A., (North Troy) r 15, 1st justice of the peace, dealer in first-class horses, breeder of grade cattle, dairy 22 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 150. 

Jones Freeman H., (North Troy) r 8, dairy 50 cows, and farmer, works on shares estate of Lucian Gallup 400. 

Jones William C, (Troy) r 29, foreman for C. P. Stevens & Co. 


Keith Adoniram J., (North Troy) shipper and dealer in baled hay, bds, South. 

Keith Ann E., (North Troy) r 12, widow of Henry C., farmer 8o. 

Kelley Albert, (North Troy) r 21, laborer. 

Kellogg Charles L. Elder, (Troy) Seventh Day Advent minister, h Pleasant. 

Kendall Elam, (Troy) employee of G. W. Aikin, Elm. 

Kennedy Charles C., (Troy) r 28, dairy 16 cows, hop grower, and farmer 180. 

Kennedy Frank O., (Troy) r 29, with Michael Kennedy, farmer. 

Kennedy Michael, (Troy) r 28, hop grower, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 225. 

King Joseph, (North Troy) r 10, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 10, leases of George May 120. 


Ladue Lewis, (Troy) laborer, Mill. 

Lamphear William, (Troy) r 41, farmer 22. 

Lane Horatio G., (Troy) r 34, farmer 121½, leases of D. W. Porter. 

Lauren Benjamin B., (Troy) r 24, dairy10 cows, hop grower, sugar orchard 100 trees, and farmer 50. 

Lawson Fred, (Newport Center) r 17 laborer. 

Leach Andrew J., (North Troy) r 10, farmer 63. 

Leach Horace, (North Troy) r 26, with Maria Leach, farmer. 

Lewis Herbert, (Troy) employee of G. W. Aikins, bds Missisquoi House. 

Litchfield George, (North Troy) r 10, farmer, owns farm in Newport 150. 

Longeway Augustus, (North Troy) r 10, dairy 23 cows, and farmer, leases of Albert Miller, of Westfield, and William Richardson, of Mass., 250.

Lorett Flavius, (Troy) employee of G. W. Aikin.

Lucier Michael, (Troy) r 29, laborer, owns h and 2 acres. 

Lunna Israel, (North Troy) off r 10, wood chopper. 

Lurett Nelson, (Troy) farmer 63 in Westfield, Elm. 

Luxford Henry, (Newport Center) r 17, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150. 


Maloney Wm. J., (Troy) r 36, sugar orchard 200 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 175. 

Mandigo Thomas B., (North Troy) farm laborer. 

Mann Henry, (Troy) r 29, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Manuel Charles C., (North Troy) r 10, (C. P. Stevens & Co., of Richford,) wool grower, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 225. 

Manuel John S., (North Troy) r 2, house, bridge, and carriage builder, and farmer 30. 

Marsh Harry, (Troy) dealer in horses, Pleasant. 

Martin Hiram L., (Troy) r 25, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 300. 

Martin Horace, (Troy) r  31, carpenter and joiner, and mason. 

Martin John P., (Troy) laborer, h Mill.

Martin Peter, (Westfield) r 40, farmer 82½, in Lowell 20. 

Maston O. K., (North Troy) r 10, farmer 21. 

Mathews Elbridge P., (Troy) r 26, hop grower, and farmer 59. 

McClellan Sarah Miss, (North Troy) r 18, farmer 40. 

McClure Charles S., (North Troy) r 11, elder Seventh Day Advent, carpenter and joiner. 

McClure Edward, (Troy) r 26, (Parker & McClure.) 

MILLER AHIRA, (Westfield) r 40, sugar orchard 370 trees, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 200. 

Miller Eugene L., (Westfield) r 40, dairy 13 cows, farmer 175, and leases of Ahira Miller 200. 

Miller Fred L., (Troy) r 29, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Miller Orison, (Troy) justice of the peace, painter, and paper hanger. 

Missisquoi House, (Troy) Augustus Boyden, prop., Pleasant. 

Morey Sylvester, (Westfield) r 42, laborer. 

Morey Walter, (Troy) r 23, laborer. 

MOREY, See also MOWRY. 

Morse Hollis, (Troy) works for G. W. Aiken, h Mill. 

Mossa Christian, (North Troy) r 5, laborer. 

Mossa Joseph, (North Troy) r 10, wood chopper. 

Mowry Farnum S., (North Troy) r 21, stock raiser, sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 100. 

MOWRY, see also MOREY. 

Mudgett Alexander B., (North Troy) r 10, carpenter and joiner. 


Noe Henry, (Troy) r 31, laborer. 

Nozo William, (Troy) r 30 cor 3 1, engineer for G. W. Aikin. 


Page Henry K., (North Troy) off r 12, manuf. of brick, dealer in bark and wood, and farmer 100. 

PAGE STEPHEN H., (North Troy) r 12, farmer 25.

Parker & McClure, (Troy) r 26, (Thomas Parker and Edward McClure,) hop growers, dairy 14 cows, and farmers 160. 

Parker Thomas, (Troy) r 26, (Parker, & McClure.) 

Partlow Henry, (Troy) r 36, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 50. 

Pasha William, (North Troy) off r 10, wood chopper. 

Paul Rodney B., (Troy) r 23, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 55. 

Peabody Samuel, (North Troy) r 4, dealer in dry goods and groceries. 

Peck James W., (Troy) r 34, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 154. 

Pettingill Almon L., (Troy) r 34, farmer  110. 

Phillips John. J., (North Troy) r 10, farmer 15. 

Phillips Peter, (Troy) retired farmer, owns in Westfield  150, h Pleasant. 

Phillips Valentine O., (North Troy) r 15, carpenter and joiner, owns h and 2 acres. 

Porter Alden Horace, (North Troy) r 4, carpenter and joiner. 

Porter, Daniel W., (North Troy) r 16, dairy 30 cows, hop grower, sugar orchard 1,800 trees, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 300.

Porter Eleazer,, (North Troy) r 11, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 300. 

PORTER IRVING F., (North Troy) r 15, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 135. 

Powers Edmund, (Troy) off r 42, farmer. 

Powers Ira, (North Troy)  r 14, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 180. 

Powers Jehiel B., (Troy) r 38, dairy 40 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 430.

Powers Jerry, (Troy) r 38, farmer 65. 

Powers Walter, (Troy) r 38, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 100. 

Powers Walter, Jr., (Troy) r 42, farmer 100. 

Preston Fred, (North Troy) r 15, laborer. 

Preva Moses, (North Troy) off r 10, wood chopper. 

Preva Thomas, (North Troy) off r 10, wood chopper. 

Previa Mitchell, (North Troy) prop. of meat market, Railroad, h r 5. 

Prince John, (Troy) tinsmith with E. Bourque, h Pleasant. 

Purinton George W., (Troy)  31, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 48. 


Quimby Eugene T., (North Troy) farmer 10. 


Ramsdell John A., (North Troy) farmer 120. 

RANDALL GEORGE F., (North Troy) r 2o, laborer. 

Record Byron O., (Troy) employee G. W. Aikin, bds. Missisquoi House. 

Richardson Ebenezer, (North Troy) r 21, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 95. 

Richardson Frances, (North Troy) r 21, school teacher. 

Rockwell Anson M. (Troy) boot fitter, Pleasant. 

Rogers William, (Troy) teamster, h Mill. 

Rollin Thomas, (North Troy) r 10, laborer. 

Rose Joseph, (Troy) carpenter and joiner, h Mill. 

Royston William, (North Troy) r 21, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200.


Sabin William D, (North Troy) r 6, farmer 30. 

Sanborn Chester H., (North Troy) r 2, dairy 12 cows, and with estate of Horace, farmer 300. 

Sanborn Horace, (North Troy) r 2, dairy 17 cows, and with Chester H., farmer 300. (Died Feb. 11,1883)

Sartwell Thomas J., (North Troy) wool carder, Main, h Mill. 

Seymour Peter, (Troy) r 29 laborer. 

SHELDON JOSHUA W., (North Troy) r 12, dairy 10 cows, lister, and farmer, works for Samuel B. 125. 

Sheldon Samuel B., (North Troy) r 12, farmer 125. 

SHELDON STEPHEN, (North Troy) r 20, farmer, leases of Horace Stewart, of Stanstead, P. Q., 125. 

Sinclair William H., (Troy) r 29, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co. 

Sisco David W., (Troy) dealer in groceries and provisions, drugs, patent  medicines, tobacco and cigars, Main. 

Smith Hiel M., (North Troy) apprentice to Eastman Machine Co., bds do. 

SMITH HIRAM, (Westfield) r 40, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 120, and in Lowell 100 timber land. 

Smith John N., (Troy) r 23, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, sugar orchard 700 trees, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 110.

Stowe Thirza Mrs., (North Troy) r 10, farmer 12. 

Sumner Henry, (Troy) r 26 cor 28, hop grower, dairy 14 cows, farmer 200. 

Sweet Joseph, (North Troy) r 12, farms for Thomas R. Armitage. 

Sweet Samuel T., (North Troy) r 15, farmer, leases of R. Z. Keith. 


Tatro Jerry, (Troy) works for G. W. Aikin, h Mill. 

Tatro Joseph, (Troy) laborer, bds Mill. 

Taylor Philip, (Troy) r 39, laborer. 

Temple Holland H., (Troy) r 27, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 125. 

Trudell George, (Troy) teamster. 


Walker Homer B., (North Troy) r 15, sugar orchard 900 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 170. 

Ward D. C., (Troy) employee of Geo. W. Aikin, h Mill. 

Washburn Alvin A., (Troy) r 35, hop grower, and farmer 45.

Webster Henry S., (North Troy) clerk and salesman for Lewis & Co., bds Main. 

Welch Albert J, (North Troy) clerk for Lewis & Co., Main, bds do. 

Wentworth James, (North Troy) r 4, laborer. 

WEST ERASTUS, (North Troy) off  r 15½, farmer 115. 

WHEELER CHESTER C., (North Troy) r 14, 2d selectman, stock raiser, dairy 10 cows, and farmer  112, employee of C. P. Stevens & Co., Richford.

Whipple Eugene H., (North Troy) farm laborer for D. W. Porter.Whitcomb Eugene P., (North Troy) r 12, musician. 

Whitcomb Herbert L., (North Troy) r 12, musician, and with Joel, farmer. 

Whitcomb Joel A., (North Troy) r 12, dairy 11 cows, hop grower, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 100. 

Whitehouse Enos, 1st, (Troy) r 23, farmer, works 80. 

Whitehouse Enos, 2d, (Troy) laborer, Main cor Pleasant.

Whitehouse Harriet Mrs., (Troy) r 23, farmer 80. 

Willey Clarence R., (Troy) r 30, farmer 25. 

Willey William F., (Troy) r 28, dairy 27 cows, and farmer 320. 

WILLIAMS EFFINGHAM H., (Troy) r 25, farmer 56, in Newport 100. 

Williams William, (Troy) r 25, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 119½. 

Wilson George H., (North Troy) r 15, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 160. 

Wilson Silas F., (North Troy) off r 10, sawyer. 

Wilson William, (Troy) employee G. W. Aikin, h Mill. 

Wing Hiram, (Troy) r 27, farmer 60. 

Wing Reuben B., (North Troy) r 9, farmer. 

Woods E. Isora, (Troy) widow of Charles E., clerk for H. K. Stewart, bds do. 

Wood Alonzo, (Troy) wood turner and jobber, and farmer 20, Pleasant. 

Woodbury Charles H., (North Troy) off r 12, lumberman. 

Woodcock Ira, (Troy) r 39, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 277. 

Woodward John, (Troy) r 23, employee C. P. Stevens & Co., and farmer 23. 


Young John, (Troy) retired farmer, 10 h Pleasant. 

Young F. L., (Troy) (Mrs. J. S.,) dealer in millinery goods, Main. 

Young John S., (Troy) town clerk, and general merchant, Main h do.

(Source: Gazetteer of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, VT.;
1883-1884, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child; 
May 1887, Page 565-572)

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