Part I


Fairbanks village, F. v.; Paddock village, P. v; 
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., E. & T. F. & Co.

(Postoffice address is St. Johnsbury, 
unless otherwise designated in parenthesis)


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Abbott Perley C., printer, Caledonian office, Eastern ave. 

Adams Alfred, (Summerville) temperer Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Portland. 

Adams Charles S., teller of the Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 54 Summer. 

Adams Cornelia E., widow of Ezra, h 54 Summer. 

ADAMS JONATHAN, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 53, farmer 161. 

Adams Joseph L., emp. A. L. Bragg, h 22 Mt. Pleasant. 

Adams Orange S., (Summerville) carpenter and builder, h Portland. 

Adams Philander B., r 43, machinist, dairyman and wool grower, farmer 90. 

Ahern James T., (St. Johnsbury Furniture Cu.) h Water st., Summerville. 

Aiken Charles A., prop. Home Art Co., 69 Eastern ave., h Railroad. 

Albee Henry R., machinist and night watchman, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave. 

Albin Thomas, tinsmith for H. J. Goodrich & Co., h 97 Eastern ave. 

Alden Russell, Traveling salesman, h 101 Railroad. 

Aldrich Arial, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 25 cor 26, farm laborer. 

ALDRICH CLINTON T., r 33 cor 40 breeder of grade Jersey and Devon cattle, 8 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Aldrich Emma Mrs., resident, h 19 Railroad. 

Aldrich George M., retired, aged 78, h Main. 

Allbee Simeon, (St. Johnsbury Center) resident, aged 70, h and lot.

Allen Abbie A., widow of David S., resident, h 2 Belvidere. 

ALLEN EDWARD, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 6, (E. & E. P. Allen.) 

Allen Edward P., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 6, (E. & E. P. Allen.) 

Allen Eugene, laborer, emp. of Joseph Cloutin, bds do. 

ALLEN E. & E. P., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 6, (Edward and Edward P.) 700 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, r 8 high grade Jersey cows, 20 sheep, 5 horses, and farmers 330. 

ALLEN HERBERT W., teller Merchants Nat. Bank, h 2 Belvidere. 

Allison Fred A., r 43, stone cutter, emp. Carrick Bros. 

Allison Freeman, r 43, dealer in hay, and farmer 9. 

Allison George F., r 43, student St. Johnsbury academy. 

Alvord George R., emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., bds 49 Summer. 

Alvord John M., shipping clerk for E. & T. F. & Co., h 49 Summer. 

Amidon O. Clement, sealer of scales, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 58 Summer. 

Anderson Carl H., laborer, h Danville road.

Anderson John, (Summerville) meat peddler for Sylvester & Gray, h Portland. 

Angier M. W., resident, bds 32 Pearl. 

Annis Austin A, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h New Water. 

Annis J. Harvey, lever filer for E. & T. F. & Co., h Valley. 

Annis Leroy. D., machinist, emp. E & T. F. & Co., bds 5 Water. 

Applebee Ella I., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, (Mrs. J. H.) pres. W.C.T. U. 

Applebee Jeremy H. J., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, farmer 121. 

Armstrong Katie Mrs., washer and ironer, h Railroad. 

Arnold Lyndon, painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co. 

Asslin Charles, (Summerville) painter, emp. Henault & Gingras, h Elm. 

Asslin George, (Summerville) job teamster, h Elm. 

Asslin Joseph, (Summerville) forger for Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Elm. 

Atwood Lyman B., clothing, hats, caps and gents furnishing goods, 41 Main, h do. 

Auger Isaiah, (Summerville) retired wheelwright, aged 72 years, h Portland. 

Avenue House, B. G. Howe, prop., good livery connected, Railroad cor Eastern ave. 

Ayer Edward T., (St. Johnsbury Center) works in paper-mill. 

Ayer George. H., (Summerville) polisher, emp. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., 13 years, bds Passumpsic. 

Ayer George W, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 26, farmer with his father, John. 

Ayer Henry M., retired furniture manuf., h Jones. 

Ayer Hiram, (St. Johnsbury Center) resident with Josiah Ward. 

AYER HORACE W. Jr.,  r 5, 650 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, prop. of cider-mill, making from 200 to 400 barrels yearly, breeder of high grade Devon cattle, and farmer 350. 

Ayer John, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 26, 800 sugar trees, farmer 180. 

Ayer John B., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 25 cor 26, 650 sugar trees, breeder of horses, and farmer 130. 

Ayer Leroy C., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 10, laborer. 

Ayer Loren, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 25, prop. steam saw-mill, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 head cattle, 4 horses and 27 sheep, farmer 150. 

Ayer Nellie E. Miss, (Summerville) teacher, daughter of W. G. Ayer, Passumpsic. 

Ayer Willard G., (Summerville) gardener, one acre, h Passumpsic. 


Babbitt Ancil C., (Babbitt & Worcester) h 29 Pearl cor Cross.

Babbitt & Worcester, (Ancil C. B. and Albert W.) dry goods, small wares, and groceries, Burk block, Railroad.

Babcock Albert W., locomotive engineer B. & L. R. R., h 19 Railroad.

Babcock Effie P. Miss, (St. Johnsbury East) r 52, school teacher.

BABCOCK GEORGE A., (St. Johnsbury East) r 52, justice of the peace, miller for F. W. Estabrooks.

Babcock George A., Jr., (St. Johnsbury East) r 52, carpenter and joiner, owns h and 10 acres.

Babcock Harvey C., retired merchant, resides with J. A. Paddock, 5 Cherry.

Babcock Sarah A. Miss, (St. Johnsbury East) r 52, (Babcock & Prouty) dressmaker and milliner.

Babcock & Prouty, r 52, (St. Johnsbury East) (Sarah A. B. and Ellen G. P.) dressmakers and milliners, dealers in dry goods.

BACHELDER ALBERT, (Summerville) (Bachelder & Moulton) h Ely.

BACHELDER & MOULTON, (Albert J. H. and William H. M.) house, sign and carriage painters, grainers and paper hangers, opp. passenger depot.

Bacon Charles E., machinist for Wm. Wilder & Son, h Railroad.

Bacon Delos M., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 cor 23; tanner and currier, prop. of tannery, farmer 40.

Bacon Jerome C., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 n 23, carpenter and joiner.

Bacon Lucy M., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 cor 23, widow of John, 2d, owns farm with Delos M.

Badger David M, packer of scales, emp E. & T. F. & Co., h P. v.

Badger Deming, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 Belvidere.

Badger Levi B., carpenter and painter, h Union.

Badger Wilbur F., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 21 n 20, foreman of gas works at St. Johnsbury, owns farm 50.

Bagley Curtis H., (Prior & Bagley) h 11 Railroad, owns 2¾ acres.

*BAILEY ALDEN L., wholesale and retail dealer in pianoes and organs, and all kinds of musical goods, 14 Eastern ave. cor Railroad, h South Park. [Card on page opp. Index.] .

Bailey George D., (Summerville) stone-cutter, emp. R. W. Liard, h Caledonia.

Bailey William H., (Bailey & Williams) h 4 South Park.

BAILEY & WILLIAMS, (William H. B.  and George M. W.) dealers in fresh and salt meats, poultry, lard, eggs, fish, oysters and vegetables, 51 Main.

Baker Andrew O., mechanic, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave.

Baker Chester O., painter, h 49 Spring.

Baker Edward, plumber, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h River Summerville.

Balch Fred A., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 5 Western ave.

Balch John W., (Hall & Balch) 97 Main.

Balch Romanzo, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds with N. H. Stiles, Railroad.

Baldwin Oscar C., laborer, h Main.

Baldwin Josiah R., blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 25 Cliff.

Bales Joseph, freight handler at depot, h Summer.

Banahan Michael, foreman at Acme Iron Works, h Railroad.

Bangs George W., pattern maker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 22 Mt. Pleasant.

Barrett Ephraim E., carpenter, emp. B. F. Rollins, h Elm.

Barrett Jason H., (Summerville) sawyer, and farmer 5 acres, h Portland.

Barrett Moses E., (Summerville) overseer of the poor the last eleven years, and lister last three years, h Portland.

BARRETT WILLIAM E., freight agent, Pass. R. R., h Pearl.

Barrey B. Frank, laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Water.

Barry Henry, Painter and glazier, h 40 Railroad.

Barry Mary A. Mrs., prop. St. Johnsbury laundry, 40 Railroad, h do.

Bartlett Harry A., book-keeper, emp. Carrick Bros., h 28 Pearl.

Bartlett Jarvis, restaurant and billiard hall, Ave. House, h 28 Pearl, ¼ acre.

Batchelder George B., (Summerville) job teamster and sewing machine agent, h Concord ave.

Batchelder James E., painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 23 Cliff, cor Webster.

BATCHELDER JUDKINS R., retired ornamental painter, prop. of Batchelder's block, h Prospect ave.

Batchelder Mary J., widow of D. W. B., 5 Cliff.

BATES HENRY C., (Bates & May) lawyer, h Webster.

BATES & MAY, (Henry C. B. and Elisha M.) lawyers, rooms 3 and 4, over F. C. Fletcher's store, Main.

Bean George, stone-mason, h Clark's ave.

Bean Joseph, granite polisher, emp. St. Johnsbury Granite Co., h Maple.

Bean William G., clerk for supt. of Vt. division of the B. & L. R. R., office over passenger depot, bds St. Johnsbury House.

Beaudette Fred, blacksmith, emp. D. Thompson, h Concord ave.

BEAUREGARD JOSEPH, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 22 cor 13, blacksmith, and farmer 75.

Beck Gregory, blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h School, F. v.

Beck Joseph, blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 3 School, F. v.

Bedard Joseph, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Bedell Jacob, resident, 101 Railroad.

Belanger Batiste, laborer, h 23 Maple.

Belanger Thomas, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 115 Main.

Belfast Henry, baker for G. H. Cross & Co., bds Jacob's Ladder.

Belfast John, h Jacob's Ladder.

Belknap Amos, manuf. of knife blades, h off Railroad.

Belknap Ann Miss, r 47, dressmaker, owns h and lot.

Belknap John, manuf. of knife-blades, water wheels, guns and tools, S. Railroad, h 8 Railroad.

Belknap Simeon E., dry goods clerk, E. & T. F. & Co., bds 97 Main.

Bemas Sarah C., widow of Arthur A., washing and boarding, h 32 Railroad.

Benedict William, laborer, h prospect.

Bennett Alfred C., butcher, emp. of Bailey & Williams, bds Pearl.

Bennett Calvin L., (St. Johnsbury Center) manuf. of soft soap, h Main.

Bennett Clarence A., marble cutter for O. P., bds do.

Bennett Delevan A., marble worker, emp. O. P. Bennett, h Railroad.

BENNETT EZRA B., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 38 Spring cor Webster.

Bennett Ira B., (St. Johnsbury Center) butcher, emp. John F. Moore, h Main.

Bennett Luther, (St. Johnsbury Center) basket maker, h and lot, aged 80.

Bennett Osmon P., manuf. of and dealer in monuments, opp. depot, h 100 Railroad.

Bennett Sumner A., (Summerville) granite cutter, emp. R. W. Laird, h Portland.

Benoit Jerry, barber, Eastern ave., h do.

Benton S. M., widow, h Clark's ave.

Bergeron Edmond J., emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Railroad.

Bernier John, barber, 9 Eastern ave., h Summerville.

BERRY CLARENCE M., clerk for W. J. Sanborn, bds 3 Cherry.

Berry Cortis J., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 13, 12 cows, farmer, leases of L. D. Stiles 300.

Berry Henry M., house painter and paper hanger, h cor Eastern ave and Railroad.

Berry John, (Summerville) laborer, h Elm.

Berry John W., carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 3 High.

Berry Mary A., (Mrs. H. M.) laundry, Eastern ave. cor Railroad.

Berthaume John, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 30 Maple.

Bibeau —, granite cutter, emp. L. W. Laird, h Maple.

Billideaux Antoine, laborer, h River.

Bingham Charles C., dealer in drugs and medicines, 37 Main, h 8 Church.

Bisson Joseph, gardener for Gov. Fairbanks, h Willow Place.

Black Kelsey B., cabinet maker, bds Water.

Blake Amos, machinist in scale works.

Blake Arvilla, widow of Mark F., h 96 Railroad.

Blanchard Azro B., (Summerville) pattern-maker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Blanchard Edna M. Miss, music teacher on piano and organ, residence 25 Portland, Summerville.

Blay Frank, stone mason, emp. John Guyer, h Elm.

Blay Siral, laborer, h Maple.

Blewitt James, emp. B. & L. R. R., h School, P. v.

Blewitt John H., machinist for O. V. Hooker & Son, bds with James.

Blodgett Elijah D., town treas. and clerk, village treas. and director in Lombard Company, h South Park Place.

Blodgett Ernest A., clerk and student, bds 96 Main.

Blodgett George L., (Summerville) laborer, h Portland.

BLODGETT HARRY, attorney at law, Avenue House block, h Johnson's block.

Blodgett Herbert W., assistant town clerk, bds with E. D.

Blodgett Milo C., (Summerville) carpenter and farmer 10, h Portland.

BLODGETT PEARL D., (P. D. Blodgett & Co.) General insurance agent, 113 Eastern ave., h 98 Main.

BLODGETT P. D. & CO., (Pearl D. and Pearl F. Blodgett) fire, life and accident insurance, 113 Eastern ave, Y. M. C. A. building.

BLODGETT PEARL F., (P. D. Blodgett & Co.) h 98 Main.

BLOSSOM EDWARD H., supt. of transportation Vt. division of the B. & L. R. R., office Passumpsic passenger depot, h Summer.

Boardman George H., (N. Danville) r 27, laborer.

Boisclair Louis, carpenter, emp. in Barre, Vt., h Elm.

BOlSSONNAULT JOHN A., REV., pastor Notre Dame des Victoires church, h 12 Prospect.

Bomp Rose, widow of Walter S., dressmaker, h 13 Church.

Bonett Andrew J., (Summerville) section hand B. & L. R. R., h Portland.

Bonett Charles, machinist for W. Wilder & Son, bds Concord ave., P. v.

Bonett Charles M., cabinet maker, emp. I. G. Jones, h Pleasant.

BONETT GEORGE W., dealer in groceries, provisions, vegetables, fruit and confectionery, 69 Railroad, h 12 Pleasant.

Bonett Maria D., (Summerville) widow of Rueben D., tailoress Concord ave.

Bonett Simeon, laborer on E. & T. Fairbanks' farm, h do.

Bonett Stanton E., cabinet-maker, emp. Jones & Shields, h School, P. v.

BONNETT JAMES K., marker of lumber and board sawyer, h 33 Eastern ave. cor Pearl, soldier in Co. C, 8th Vt. Vols. 4 years and 6 months, and twice prisoner of war.

Boomhover Levi E., marble cutter, h Clark ave.

Booth Charles, cabinet-maker, supt. for Jones & Shields, h 34½ Railroad.

Borland John T., gardener, 25 Church cor Cliff.

BOSTON CLOTHING STORE, A. C. Harvey, prop, dealer in clothing, hats and caps, furnishing goods, trunks, bags and umbrellas, 71 Railroad.

Bouchre Alfred, resident, 85 Railroad.

Bouchre Alfred Mrs., millinery and ladies fancy goods, 85 Railroad, h do.

Bouchre Telesphore, laborer, h Railroad.

Bowen Amos T., (St. Johnsbury E) laborer.

BOWKER CALVIN J., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 10 n 23, farmer 93 and 60 on r 11.

Bowker Eliza, widow of Mitchell, resident, 24 Summer.

Bowker Frank D., carriage painter, emp. Miller & Ryan, r 33 Cliff.

Bowman Henry A., painter, scale works, h F. v.

BOWMAN NATHAN P., (St. Johnsbury Brick Co.) (Moore &Co.) h 107 Main.

BOWMAN THOMAS H., (St: Johnsbury Brick Co.) h Water, P. v.

BOYCE JAMES M., freight agent B. & L. R. R., h 2 Railroad.

BOYNTON CHARLES F., dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints, oils, varnish, glass and fancy goods, 47 Railroad, h 59 Summer.

BOYNTON WILLIAM S., treas. Pass. Sav. Bank, county treasurer, h 114 Main.

Brackett Solomon H., teacher of natural science, St. Johnsbury academy, h 17 Main.

Bradley Benjamin F., r 28, laborer and farmer 4.

Bradley Ellon D., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, 700 sugar trees, farmer 200.

Bradley George H., r 27, carpenter and builder, and farmer 9.

Bradley George W., (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer 44.

Bradley Jacynthia P., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, widow of Darius.

Bradley Luther, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 25, breeder of Morgan horses and farmer 75.

Bradshaw Giles, (Lyndon) r 2, shoemaker at Lyndon, and farmer 27.

Bradshaw James, (Lyndon) r 1, farmer, leases of his father, Giles, 40.

Bragg Alfred L., carpenter, contractor and builder, h 3 Emerson.

BRAINERD GEORGE, retired merchant, h 14 Summer.

Brainerd Ira, retired merchant and banker, resides with his son, George, 14 Summer.

Braley John B., prop. of large farming and stock growing interests in Minnesota, h Pearl.

Bray Michael, laborer, h Clark's ave.

Bray William J., contractor and builder, and dealer in all kinds of building materials, h 92 Railroad.

Brewer Franklin I., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 24½, sealer at scale factory.

Brewer Truman, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12 n 22, filer at scale works, farmer 100.

Brewer William P., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12 n 22, retired farmer.

Bridgman Osgood D., deliverer for U. S. & C. Ex. Co., bds 110 Railroad.

Brigham Cortes T., traveling salesman, h 14 Mt. Pleasant cor Summer.

Brock Albert, dealer in wood and hay, h Willow Place.

Brockway Horace E., (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer 22.

Brook Henry, (St Johnsbury Center) r 10, blacksmith at scale works, owns farm 14.

Brooks Charles E., (St. Johnsbury Center) blacksmith, mover of buildings, and carpenter, h Main.

Brooks Ezra C., merchant tailor, h Spring.

Brooks Fred J., (St. Johnsbury Center) blacksmith.

BROOKS LUTHER, mechanic, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h 4 Autumn.

BROOKS SAMUEL T., M D., physician and surgeon, 81 Main, h do.

Brown Albert, molder scale works, h Main rear Episcopal church.

Brown Alonzo, (St. Johnsbury Center) wheelwright and farmer 6.

Brown David, molder scale works, h Main.

Brown Edward F., retired merchant, h Summer.

Brown Francis, (St. Johnsbury East) r 51, laborer.

Brown Frank N., (Brown & Humphrey) h 19 Spring.

Brown Frank N., h 17 Spring.

Brown Fred A., (Harvey & Brown) bds 8 Church.

Brown Fremont E., carpenter, h Railroad.

Brown George A., (Summerville) fireman B. & L. R. R., h Portland.

Brown Hannah, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 13, widow of Jesse.

Brown James, stone-cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., h 15 Hastings.

Brown Thomas, stone-cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., h 15 Hastings.

Brown John H., molder, emp. Acme Iron Works, h Water.

Brown Julia A, Miss, book-keeper for A. L. Bailey, h South Park.

Brown Mary Mrs., washer and ironer, h 15 Hastings.

Brown Michael, laborer, h Water.

Brown M. F., widow of Moses F., h 18 Central.

Brown Oscar, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 13, 9 cows, farmer 70.

Brown Patrick, core maker, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., bds 2 School, F. v.

Brown Roancy H. Mts., prop. of boarding-house, Railroad.

Brown Sadie M. Mrs., compositor Republican office, h 65 Railroad.

BROWN WILLIAM J., livery and boarding stable, Railroad opp. depot, h t Railroad.

Brown William J., 2d, clerk for P. A. Roach, bds do.

Brown & Humphrey, (Frank W. B. and Edward G. H.) dealers in groceries, hardware, china, crockery, paints and oils, mechanics tools, agricultural implements, house-furnishing goods, etc., 49 Main.

Browne Henry S., physician and surgeon, office Bank block, Main, h north end of Main.

Browning Thomas H., (Summerville) track hand, B. & L. R. R., h Portland.

Brunel Alea, laborer, h Clark's ave.

Brunelle Joseph, (Summerville) carpenter and joiner, h Elm.

Brunette Joseph, custom shoemaker, 54 Main, h Eastern ave.

Brunette Nellie Mrs., dressmaker, p Eastern ave.

Bryant Almon N., prop. of livery and boarding stable, 101 Railroad, h do.

Bryant Frank D., agent Mass. Benefit Association, h 16 Mall.

Buck Jerome C., clerk and salesman for H. C. Moore, bds St. Johnsbury House.

Buckminster I. Clyde, clerk for George D. Randall, bds Avenue House.

BULLARD GATES B. Dr., physician and surgeon, office and h 50 Eastern ave.

Bundy Fred G., book-keeper, emp. of H. E. Fletcher & Co., h 5 Cherry.

Burbank Dennis V., patternmaker, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h Webster.

Burbank George A., (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., bds State.

Burbank Herman, (Summerville) carpenter, bds with T. Cable.

Burnham William E., compositor Republican office, bds 56 Main.

BURDICK BROS., (Oscar F. and Judson J.) boot and shoe manufs. and dealers in Bay State fertilizers, 38 Railroad.

Burdick George O., (Summerville) emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Burdick Judson J., (Burdick Bros.) teacher of violin, leader of orchestra, breeder of Jersey cattle, owns farm in Hardwick 87, h Railroad.

BURDICK OSCAR F., (Burdick Bros.) soldier in Co. D, 5th Vt. Vols., h Caledonia st., Summerville.

Burgin Thomas H., confectioner, 31 Eastern ave., h 34 Pearl.

Burke Frank, (St, Johnsbury E.) r 51, laborer.

Burke Jane, widow of  O. Burke, h 41 Pearl.

Burke Oliver, (Summerville) dealer in wood, and job teamster, Elm, h do.

Burke Oliver R., (Summerville) farm laborer, bds Elm.

Burke William A., barber, 76 Railroad, h 96 Railroad.

Burnham Buckminster D., grocer, 54 Main, h 56 do.

Burnham Charles H., molder for E. & T. F. & Co., h 7 School, F. v.

Burnham George C., assistant foreman in foundry, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h 58 Main.

Burnham Isabel B., widow of David D., nurse, resides 10 Summer.

Burnham Justus, r 31, 400 sugar trees, farmer 40.

Burroughs Allen S., engineer B & L. R. R., h 92 Railroad.

Burt Alanson, stationary engineer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 12 Railroad.

Burt Byron S., conductor Victory branch B. & L. R. R., h 98 Railroad.

Burt Charles R, son of Alanson, bds 12 Railroad.

Bushy Henry, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co, h Maple.

Buskett Joseph, (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Elm.

Butler Beauman, (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer 8, h Water cor Main.

BUTLER CHARLES B., (St. Johnsbury Center) station agent Pass. R. R., bds Water.

Byron Henry E., emp. at foundry for E. & T. F. & to., h 11 Cliff.


Cable Thomas, (Summerville) farm laborer, soldier in Co. A, l0th Vt. Vols. three years, h off Concord ave.

Cady Eleanor F., widow of Leonard F., resident, h 1. S. Park.

CALDBECK MATTHEW J., (Summerville) contractor and builder, and manuf. of doors, sash, blinds, mouldings and house finishings, Concord ave., h Harrison ave.

Caldbeck Michael M., (Summerville) carpenter, emp. M. J. Caldbeck, h Elm.

Calden Fred W., watchmaker and jeweler, emp. T. C. Spencer, bds Avenue House.

Calderwood Charles A., dealer in furniture, coffins, caskets, upholsterer and undertaker, 95 Railroad, h 110 do.

CALDERWOOD HARVEY S., M. D., physician and surgeon, office and residence 57 Pearl.

Calderwood John A, mechanic, h Caledonia.

CALEDONIA MILLS, A H. McLeod, prop., manuf., wholesale and retail dealer in flour and feed, north end of Railroad st.

Cameron Frank W., (Summerville) foreman Ely Hoe and Fork Co., bds William Harvey's.

Cameron Warren E., (Summerville) r 48, farmer 15.

Canning Robert, laborer, bds Valley.

Canty John, granite cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., bds Cherry.

Carleton Noah W., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 5 High.

Carlton Comfort, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 53, widow of Willard, resident, farm 15.

CARPENTER CHARLES L., carpenter and builder, h 28 Spring.

CARPENTER CHARLES P., postmaster, h 18 Spring.

CARPENTER DANIEL, 2d selectman, foreman in E. & T. F. & Co.'s lumber yard, sec'y and treas. of St. Johnsbury Cemetery Association, h 15 Church.

Carpenter Fred E., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Winter cor Cliff.

Carpenter Helen F. Mrs., dealer in ladies' fancy work and stamped linen goods, 77 Eastern ave., h 1 Cherry.

Carpenter Hiram B., ornamental painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Railroad, P. v.

Carpenter Homer B., machinist for D. Thompson, bds with Hiram B.

CARPENTER HORACE, retired contractor and builder, h 11 Summer.

Carpenter Jason M., teamster, h School, F. v.

Carpenter William M., painter in scale works, bds with Hiram B.

Carpenter Van B., emp. in lumber yard for E. & T. F. & Co., bds Western ave.

Carpenter Van B., laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds. 2 School, F. v.

Carr Charles B., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Concord ave.

Carr E. William, hostler at Lucas's livery stable, bds. 105 Main.

Carr Ellen F. Mrs., dressmaker, h 10 Railroad.

Carr Ethan E., conductor B. & L. R. R., h Pearl.

Carr Frank N., (Russell & Carr) h Avenue House block.

Carr Fred W., job box-maker for E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Carr George W., packer for E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 School, F. v.

Carr Harry H., dry goods clerk for E. & T. F. & Co., bds 12 Pearl.

Carr Jerry K., conductor B & L. R. R., h 32 Railroad.

Carr Margaret A., widow of Martin W., h Concord ave.

Carr Michael, soldier in the civil war, and pensioner, bds 23 Maple.

Carr William H., (Summerville) sealer, emp. E & T. F. & Co., h Lafayette.

Carrick Alonzo B., shoe and harnessmaker, with C. H. Frizzell, h Ward's block, Railroad.

Carrick Bros., (French F., Henry J. and Edgar L.) manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of granitem work, opp. passenger depot.

Carrick Edgar L., (Carrick Bros.) bds Railroad.

Carrick French F., (Summerville) (Carrick Bros.) h Portland.

Carrick Henry J., (Summerville) (Carrick Bros.) h Portland.

Carrick Orange G., stone-cutter, emp. St. Johnsbury Granite Works, h Bank block, Railroad.

Carrick Wallace, (Summerville) granite cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., bds Caledonia.

Carrick Willis, (Summerville) granite cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., bds Caledonia.

Carson Hebert J., teamster, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds with Mrs. Lizzie E. Cole, r 43.

CARTER FRED A., dry and fancy goods and small wares, 47 Main, h 45 do.

Carter George C., watchman for E. & T. F. & Co., bds 2 School, F. v.

Carter Peter, laborer and painter, h off Caledonia.

Cassette Joseph F., (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. E. T. & F. & Co., h Elm.

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, h off Easton ave.

Castoney John, gardener, emp. of Franklin Fairbanks, h 28 Maple.

Caswell Albert E., emp. scale works E. & T. F. & Co., h Harrison ave.

Caswell Alonzo, (Summerville) engineer steamer " Lady of the Lake," on Memphremagog, h Harrison ave.

Caswell John M., job teamster, h Railroad.

Cavuette Frank, painter, bds River, Summerville.

Caya Fred, (Summerville) stone mason, h Sand Place.

Celley Daniel P., blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds 2 School, F. v.

Chadwick Helen M., widow of Albert G., h 88 Main.

Chaffee Willard P., emp. E. & T. F. & Co.'s scale shops, h Lafayette.

Chalmers Ella, widow of Rev. John R., h Main.

Chamberlin Ellery J., brakeman B. & L. R. R., h 2 Emerson.

Chamberlin Marian P., teacher, h 2 Emerson.

Chamberlin Orrin C., planer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 23 Summer.

Chamberlin William G., machinist, emp. D. Thompson, bds 2 Emerson.

Chambers Harry B., molder Acme Iron Works, bds 110 Railroad.

Champagne Israel, r 46, laborer.

Chandler John N., (Summerville) dealer in carriages, harnesses, farm produce, etc., and carpenter, h Concord ave.

Chandler Rollo M., foreman St. Johnsbury Republican office, h South Park.

Chapman William A., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 51, retired merchant, farm 30, Capt. Co. H, I5th Vt. Vols.

Chase Dennis A. (St. Johnsbury E.) r 15, (Chase & Hovey) farmer.

Chase Mary E. Mrs., manager St. Johnsbury academy boarding-house, h 15 Main.

Chase Osborne A., shoe cutter, emp. of Gibbs & Allen, Grafton, Mass., h 15 Main.

Chase & Hovey, (Dennis A. C. and Franklin A. H.) 50 grade Durham cattle, 50 sheep, farmers 450.

Cheney Emily H. Miss, (Summerville) resident, h Portland.

Cheney George F., dentist, bds Main.

Cheney Henry M., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 19 Cliff.

Cheney Hiram H., car repairer, emp. B. & L. R. R., h School, P. v.

Cheney Luther P., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 17, sexton, 600 sugar trees, farmer 172.

Chesley George, (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer for Hiram Pierce.

Chickering Frank W., painter, h Hastings.

Chickering Marilla Miss, laundress, h Hastings.

Chienner Euzebe, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Clark's ave.

Chouinard Theodore, (Summerville) gilder, h Elm.

Church James, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds.

Clapp Edward E., stone-cutter Carrick Bros., bds Railroad; h in Woodbury, Vt.

Clark Benjamin B., painter, h 5 Clark's ave.

Clark Charles C., emp. Franklin Fairbanks, h 3 Spring.

Clark Charles E., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 1 Water.

CLARK FRANCIS O., books, periodicals, stationery and confectionery, 81 Eastern ave., h Y. M.C. A. building.

Clark Fred D., deliverer for G. H. Cross & Co., bds Eastern ave.

Clark Frederick E., clerk for N. M. Scott & Son, h Eastern ave. cor Pearl.

Clark Frederick H., ornamental painter, bds 1 Water.

Clark Heze S., carpenter and joiner, h rear of Episcopal church.

CLARK JOHN, machinist and jobber, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 45 Summer.

Clark John A., conductor B. & L. R. R., h Railroad cor Portland.

CLARK JOHN C., cashier First National Bank, h 20 Spring.

Clark Louisa H., (St. Johnsbury Center) widow of Joseph, owns h and lot, and in Kirby 6 acres.

Clark Sanford E., molder, emp. Jones & Shields, bds Water.

Clark Susie, compositor Republican office, bds 5 Clark's ave.

Clement Ephraim, (Lyndon) r 9, farmer, leases of Flint 130.

Clement Frank H., (St. Johnsbury Center) off r 36 n 37, farmer about 100.

Clement George W., (Lyndon) r 9, farmer, leases of St. Johnsbury Savings Bank 130.

Clement Peter, r 4, breeder of grade Durham cattle, 350 sugar trees and farmer 100, 500 sugar trees and pasture land in Lyndon 25 acres.

CLEMONS GEORGE E., foreman for L. D. Hazen, h 32 Cliff.

CLIFFORD D. A., artist in photography, life size portraits, landscapes, instantaneous pictures, and dealer in photographic supplies, Main cor Eastern ave., h do.

Clifford John, (Summerville) stone cutter, emp. Carrick Bros., h Caledonia.

CLIFFORD MURRY E, molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 10 Summer.

Clifford Thomas J., carpenter, 69 Railroad.

Clifford Thomas J. L., carpenter and builder, h Ward's block, Railroad.

Cloutier Joseph, lumber jobber, prop. livery and sale stable, 80 Railroad, h do.

Coakley Francis G., blacksmith for E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 Maple cor Pearl.

Coakley William P., brakeman, emp. Pass. R. R., bds 6 Maple cor Pearl.

Cobb Charles, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 10, farmer 125.

Cobb Robert, barber under St. Johnsbury House, h Main opp. Central.

Cogswell Orlando S., brakesman B. & L. R. R., h Ward's block.

Cole Lizzie E. Mrs., r 43, prop. of boarding house.

Cole Sylvanus, r 43, teamster, emp. E. & T. F & Co.

Colley David M., filer at scale works, h n fair ground.

Collins Charles J., traveling agent, and machinist for the Feed Water Heater Co., h Pearl.

Collins J. Drenan, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h New Water.

Colt P., (St. Johnsbury Center) section hand, h Main.

Conant Charles G., sealer, scale works.

CONANT HARRISON J., dealer in shelf hardware, stoves, ranges, furnaces, agricultural tools and wire fencing, plumbing goods, copper, tin, sheet-iron, and hollow ware, mill supplies, 97 Eastern ave., h 75 Main.

Conley Charles W., (Summerville) mechanic, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Conly John E., blacksmith, emp. R. W, Laird, h Jones.

Conly William H., (Conly & Parrodix) h School.

Conly & Parrodix, (William H. C. and Joseph P.) manufs. files and rasps, Eastern ave.

Connell Maurice, baggageman, Pass. and B. & L. R. R., bds 71 Main.

Converse William L., machinist, emp. D. Thompson, h Pleasant.

Cook, Amos B., machinist, emp. the Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Lincoln.

Cook George W., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, (Cook & Willey) served in Go. D, 1st Vt. Cav. three years.

Cook James H., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 51, laborer.

Cook Walter G., r 43, emp. in scale shops of E. & T. F. & Co. and farmer 50.

Cook William, r 38, job teamster, farmer 16.

Cook William H., carpenter and joiner, h 46 Summer.

Cook & Willey, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, (G. W. C. & T. B. W.) 12 cows, breeders of high grade Jersey and Holstein cattle, farmers 168.

Coveny Michael, blacksmith, emp. B. & L. R. R., h 34 Pearl.

Copp George I., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 51, laborer, h and lot.

Corbett Mary, widow of Dominick, h Clark's ave.

Corey Edwin, emp. scale works, bds with E. Farr.

Corey Hiram K., farmer 20, bds 3 High.

Corliss Amelia R. Mrs., dressmaker, h 52 Spring.

Corliss Jewett L. C., contractor and builder, h 52 Spring.

Corriveau Achilles J., train dispatcher Vt. division B. & L. R. R., h Charles.

Corriveau Alfred, shoemaker, emp. E. Corriveau, h 40 Maple.

CORRIVEAU CHARLES N., general blacksmith, horse-shoeing a specialty, cor Eastern ave. and Pearl, h 62 Pearl.

Corriveau Eugene, custom shoemaker, Central, h Charles.

Cote Frank, r 31, stone-cutter, emp. Carrick Bros, and farmer 115.

Cote Severe, baker, emp. Demers Bros., bds Railroad.

Cotier George, laborer, h Maple.

Cottage Hotel, R. B. Flint, prop., boarding and livery stable connected, 82 and 84 Railroad.

Cotter Dennis, flagman Pass. R. R., h 11 Cherry.

Couch John L., manuf. and dealer in all kinds of harnesses, halters, carriage boots, whips, blankets, robes and horse furnishings, Danville block, cor Eastern ave. and Railroad.

Courtaire David, (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. Acme Iron Works, h Elm.

Cowdery Hervey, dealer in stoves, furnaces and tinware, 27 Eastern ave., h 29 do.

Cowles Pliny, head clerk at postoffice.

Cowling George, retired farmer, h 7 S. Park.

Cowling, John, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Danville road.

Crane Azariah S., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co. h 15 Cliff.

Crosby George R., janitor of the Union school and North Congregational church, h 33 Cliff.

CROSS BENJAMIN K., (Cross, Tift & Co.) meat and pastry cook, h Concord ave., P. v.

Cross G. H. & Co., (George H. C. and Oscar M. Waterman) bakers and confectioners, 86 Main.

Cross George H., (G. H. C. & Co.) h 24 Church.

Cross Levi A., (Cross, Tift & Co.) painter, bds Concord ave., P. v

Cross Tift & Co., (B. K. Cross, E. E. Tift and L. A. Cross) house, carriage, and sign painters, kalsominers and paper hangers, Concord ave., P. v.

Cummings Jennet R. Mrs., house keeper, 4 Main.

Cushing Perry G. L., engineer, emp. Miller & Ryan, h Railroad cor Maple.

Cushman Calvin H., r 43, farmer 40.

Cutting Hiram G., engraver of scale beams, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 21 Spring.

Cyr John, carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h River.


Daley Mary E., clerk for Home Art Co., bds 2 Perkins, P. v.

Dailey N. William, carpenter and builder, h 2 Perkins, P. v.

Dakin Frank A., A. B. teacher of Latin and French, St. J. academy, h South Hall, Main.

DANA JOHN, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35. (Goss & Dana) 7 cows, farmer 40, 25 on r 8, and in Sheffield 90, served in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols.

Danforth John C., (St. Johnsbury Center) baker for Cross & Co.

Danforth Phineas, carpenter, h 41 Spring.

Daniels Fred S., meat peddler for William, h 73 Railroad.

Daniels Nancy E., widow of Archibald, h 73 Railroad.

DANIELS WILLIAM, dealer in meats, groceries, provisions, canned goods, fruits and vegetables, Railroad, h Pearl.

Daniels William E, emp. B. & L. R. R., h Pearl.

Dansero Eli, job teamster, h Sand Place.

Davenport William S., machinist, h 19 Spring.

Darling Willie L., blacksmith, h Avenue House block.

Davie Campbell, molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 3 Water.

Davis Aurora L., widow of Alanson W., h 57 Summer.

Davis Charles R., stone-cutter for R. W. Laird.

Davis Frank P., emp. Horace Fairbanks, owns farm in Barnet, h rear Bank block, Main.

Davis Heman B., foreman and printer Caledonian office, h Green.

Davis John C., sealer at scale works, lives at Passumpsic.

Davison F. E., pastor of Free Baptist church, h Prospect ave.

Dean Asa M. F., carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Pleasant.

Dean Benjamin F., groceries, provisions, fruit and vegetables, Railroad, h do, P. v.

Dean Chester F., (Summerville) manuf. pruning implements, h Portland.

Dean George E., baker for G. H. Cross & Co., bds Charles.

Dean Harry C., (Summerville) hoe polisher, emp. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., bds Portland.

Dean Herbert E., carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds Pleasant.

Dean William P., sealer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds South Railroad.

DeCamp George, laborer, emp. Horace H. Wheeler.

Dee ? Mrs., nurse, h Prospect.

DEMERS BROS., (Louis and George) bakers, and dealers in West India goods, groceries, provisions, crockery and glassware, Railroad.

DEMERS GEORGE, (Demers Bros.) h Clark's ave.

Demers Julien, (J. Penard & Demers) h Railroad.

DEMERS LOUIS, (Demers Bros.) h, Railroad.

Demers Louis, carpenter, E. & T. F. & Co., h Clark's ave.

Denning Jerry, gardener, h 15 Hastings.

Denning Jerry, Jr., file cutter, bds 15 Hastings.

Denning Timothy J., stone-cutter for Carrick Bros., h Pearl cor Maple.

Denning William, blacksmith. E. & T. F. & Co., h Pearl cor Maple.

Derreau Frank, carpenter, h Maple.

Desilets Joseph, invalid, h Railroad.

Dickinson David C., (St. Johnsbury Center) teacher of vocal music.

Dickinson Lucius C. Rev., (St. Johnsbury Center) superannuated M. E. clergyman, served 3 years as chaplain of 9th Vt. Vols., owns 15 acres, h Church.

Dodge George W., foreman of repair gang B. & L. R. R., h Avenue block.

Dodge James O., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 17, laborer.

Dolloff John E., r 44, molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co. 17 years.

DONAGHY RICHARD, manager village water-works, pump house, etc., h N. Railroad.

Donaghy Robert, r 47, job teamster, h and 2 acres.

Donahue Thomas, r 49, stonemason.

Donsett Joseph, boarding house, Maple.

Doran, Joseph, machinist, for D. Thompson, h Pleasant cor Emerson.

Dorr Ernest L., painter, h Avenue block.

Dow Irvin J., teacher, carpenter and joiner, h 105 Eastern ave.

Dow James A., machinist, scale works, bds 15 Main.

Downing Frederick P., dealer in carriages and sleighs, h Pleasant.

Doying Martha Mrs., laundress, h 5 Bachelder's block, Prospect.

Doying Sarah, widow of Francis, laundress, h 7 Bachelder's block, Prospect.

Drew Alexander N, (Summerville) carpenter, emp. M. J. Calbeck, Portland.

Drew B. Franklin, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, farmer 18.

Drew Edward, butcher, h Hastings.

Drew Fred W., cabinetmaker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 4 Western ave.

Drew George S., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, laborer with John.

Drew John, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, farmer 60.

Drew Timothy C., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 31 cor 7 laborer and farmer 12.

Drolet Frank, mason, h Railroad.

Drouin Fred, file grinder, emp. Conly & Parrodix, h Railroad.

DROUIN JOSEPH, wholesale and retail dealer in boots, shoes, rubbers, sole leather and shoe findings, Drouin's block, 67 Railroad, h do.

Drouin Joseph F., emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Elm.

Drouin Louis, carpenter, emp. M. Calbeck, h Elm.

Drown G. Herbert, (Summerville) car inspector, emp. B. & L. R. R., bds Concord ave.

Drown John J., carriage maker, emp. Miller & Ryan, h Railroad.

Dubois Calixte, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds, Prospect.

Dubois Georgiana Mrs., dressmaker, bds Prospect.

Dubois Matthew, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Duclos Joseph, (Summerville) molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Caledonia.

Duclos Joseph E., (Summerville) molder, h Railroad.

Dudley Henry, sewing machine, clock and watch cleaner and repairer, soldier Co. E, 15th Vt. Vols., 38 Railroad, h Johnson's block.

Dumas John, molder, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Dumas Mitchell, (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Elm.

DUNNETT ALEXANDER, (Dunnett & Hosford) lawyer and State's attorney, h Main n S. Church.

DUNNETT & HOSFORD, (Alexander D. and Charles H. H., of Monroe, N. H.) lawyers, room No.2, Fletcher’s block, Main.

Dupont Denery P., (Summerville) hammersman Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Portland.

Durkee Horace, resident, h Winter.

Dutile Archie J., carriagemaker for Miller & Ryan, h Railroad.


Eastman Richard H., pattern maker scale works, bds 15 Main.

Eddy Maurice H., music teacher, h Church.

Elkins David S., (Summerville) resident, h Caledonia.

ELLIOTT FRED N., carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Glenview.

ELLIOTT URIAH, manager of the street lights, h Glenview.

ELLIOTT WILLIAM J., bricklayer, h Main.

Ellis Ella Mrs., washer and ironer, 11 Water.

Ellis Jabez W., general mechanic, h Hastings.

Ely George B., (Summerville) supt. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., bds Lafayette.

Ely Henry G., sec'y and treas. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Summer.

Ely Hoe and Fork Co., (Summerville) Franklin Fairbanks, pres.; Henry G, Ely, sec'y and treas.; manuf. hoes and forks.

EMERSON BELLE MAY Miss, music teacher, h Pleasant.

Emerson Charles E., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 28, Cliff.

Emerson Frank, (Summerville) stone cutter, emp. R. W. Laird, bds State.

Emerson J. Frank, r 42, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, 10 cows, 400 sugar trees, 26 sheep, farmer 125.

Emerson Harley J., student at academy.

EMERSON JOHN, retired farmer, has been trustee of the village seven years, and overseer of the poor seventeen years, aged 75, h Pleasant.

Emerson Reuben, r 40, farmer, resides with his son, Smith S.

Emerson Smith S., r 40, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Emery William, laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 7 Water, F. v.

Emond Fred, molder at Acme Iron Works, h Clarks ave.

ESTABROOK FRED W., r 51, prop. custom mill, wholesale and retail dealer in grain, flour and feed.

ESTABROOK HENRY F., clerk, emp. of Warren, h 86 Railroad.

ESTABROOK WARREN, dealer in dry goods and groceries, wholesale dealer in flour, meal, shorts, corn, grass seed and groceries, 86 Railroad, h do.

Esty Elwin J., dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, 45 Main, h 53 do.

Evans Elmer E., engineer B. & L. R. R, h Railroad.

Evans John B, (Summerville) molder, h Portland.

Ewing Eliza H., manager of Academy Club House, Main.


FAIRBANKS E. & T. & CO., Horace Fairbanks, pres.; William Fairbanks, sec'y and treas.; general merchants, manufs. of Fairbanks's scales, established in 1831, props. of steam saw-mill, and own 2,000 acres of timber land in Walden and Stannard, and 2,000 farming land in St. Johnsbury, office Mechanic Square, F. v.

FAIRBANKS EDWARD T., pastor of South Cong. church, h 6 Park.

FAIRBANKS FRANKLIN, vice pres. E. & T. F. & Co., and pres. of Eli Hoe and Fork Co., res. Underclyffe.

FAIRBANKS HENRY REV., (E. & T. Fairbanks & Co.) trustee of Dartmouth college, h Western ave.

FAIRBANKS HORACE HON., pres. E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., vice-pres. of First National Bank of St. Johnsbury, and ex-governor of Vermont, h Western ave.

Fairbanks William P., sec'y and treas. of E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., residence at Brantview.

Farnette Jonn, laborer, emp. of Joseph Cloutier, bds do.

Farnham John L., r 47, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co.

FARNHAM LUCIUS C., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, retired merchant, farmer 50, served one year in Co. D, 7th. Wis. Vols.

Farr Charles W., mechanic, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 18 Central.

Farr Edward A., r 47, scale maker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co.

Farr George W., r 47, job teamster and farmer.

Farr Jonathan, (St. Johnsbury E.) soap manuf. and farmer,

FELCH CARLETON, (Summerville) machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland cor Elm.

Felch Chester, millwright, bds Valley.

Felch L. Mrs., nurse, h Bank block, Railroad.

Felch Naomi, (St Johnsbury Center) widow of Joseph, h Main.

Fenno George N., machinist, scale works, h 28 Central.

Fenno Marcellus T., contractor in fine scales department for E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 Pearl.

Fereal Alphonse, emp. E. & T. F. & Co.

Finel Egbert O., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 4 Charles.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, L. P. Poland, pres; Horace Fairbanks, vice-pres.; J. C. Clark, cashier, Main.

Fisher Frederick S., rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal church, h 6 Winter cor Summer.

Fitzgerald Patrick, blacksmith for E. & T. F. & Co., h 11 Clark's ave.

Fitzpatrick Edward, blacksmith, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Flanegan James, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 29 Maple.

Flanegan John A., machinist, emp. of O. V. Hooker & Son, h 32 Maple.

Flanegan Michael, laborer, h 32 Maple.

FLETCHER FREDERICK, founder of Merchants National Bank, retired banker, owns farm 600 in Shelburne, Chittenden Co., h Main.

FLETCHER H. E. & CO., (Henry E. Fletcher, of Minneapolis, Edward F. Giswold, Robert McKiernon, of Minneapolis) wholesale dealers in flour, grain, feed, and kerosene oil, Eastern ave.

FLETCHER TRUMAN C., dealer in dry goods, ladies furnishing goods, carpets, crockery and glassware, established in 1867, Main, h do.

Flint Alvin W., (Flint Bros.) bds 103 Main.

Flint Bros., (Alvin W. and Charles G.) druggists and jewelers, 53 Main.

Flint Charles Go, (Flint Bros.) h Spring.

Flint Edward B., (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer with Isaac B. 236.

Flint Isaac B., (St. Johnsbury Center) brakeman on Pass. R. R. and owns with Edward B. farm 236.

Flint Loammi B., painter, h 2 Main.

FLINT MARTHA E., (St. Johnsbury Center) widow of George, resident.

Flint Richard B., prop. Cottage Hotel, and livery and boarding stable, 82 and 84 Railroad.

Flint Willis D., plumber and tinsmith, bds Cottage Hotel.

Flynn James, gardener for C. M, Stone, h Jacob's Ladder.

Fogg Arthur D., sealer of scales, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h Emerson, P. v.

Fogg Arthur D. Mrs., artist, h Emerson, P. v.

Folsom Andrew, engineer B. & L. R. R., h 80 Eastern ave.

FOLSOM JAMES D., physician and surgeon, 7 Cherry, h do.

Folsom Frank.E., clerk for Ranney & Norton, h 5 South.

Folsom J. Irvin, clerk for C. C. Bingham, bds Cherry.

Forbes William, stone cutter, emp. Carrick Bros, h River.

Ford Edmund M., emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds 6 School, F. v.

Ford Hobart B., blacksmith for E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 School, F. v.

Forrest Joseph S., (Summerville) carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Elm.

Forrest Moses, (Summerville) laborer, h Elm.

Forsath Austin K., jeweler for W. C. Warner; bds 53 Eastern ave.

Forsath Ceylon S., packer scale works.

Foster Benjamin H., stone cutter for R. W. Laird, h 90 Railroad.

Foye Martin, blacksmith, south of R. R., h and 1½ acres, F. v.

Frost Irving H., mechanic, scale works, E. & T. F. & Co., 89 Main.

Fraser John R., dealer in fish, h Danville road.

Frathier Israel, molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Frechette David, sexton of the Catholic church, and librarian, h 14 Cherry.

French Charles P., carriage trimmer, emp. Miller & Ryan, 20 Eastern ave.

French —, widow F. F., h 30 Eastern ave.

French Hattie E. Miss, (Summerville) dressmaker, h Portland cor Elm.

French Heman, carriage trimmer, emp. Miller & Ryan, h 20 Eastern ave.

French Henry, trustee and clerk of the village board of trustees, supt. of water works, and lister, office Y. M. C. A. building, h 1 Cherry cor Eastern ave.

French Nathan B., harnessmaker, emp. J. L. Couch, h 12 Summer.

French Wilbur E., molder for E. & T. F. & Co., bds 2 School, F. v.

FRIZZELL CHARLES H., harnessmaker, Avenue House block, Railroad, h Eastern ave.

Frost Emily S., widow of Selim, resident, h 16 Summer.

Frost George H., book-keeper, bds 16 Summer.

Fulford Dan, engineer B. & L. R. R., h 69 Railroad.

Fuller Edgar M., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 39, 600 sugar trees, 10 cows, and farmer 200.

Fuller Elmer W., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 1 High.

Fuller William M., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Danville road.


Gaffney Anna Miss, seamstress, emp. F. G. Stevens, bds River.

Gaffney James, farmer 7, h River.

Gaffney James H. Jr., barber, emp. of R. Cobb, Central cor Main, bds 37 Pearl.

Gaffney May Miss, seamstress, emp. F. G. Stevens, bds River.

Gage Jesse, printer, emp. Caledonian, h 27 Central.

Gage Josiah B., clerk and book-keeper, bds 32 Pearl.

Gale John N., (Summerville) carpenter and plumber, h 11 Portland.

Gallagher John C., (Summerville) laborer, h Caledonia.

Gallagher Rachael, (Summerville) widow of Joseph, h Caledonia.

Garaves Louise Miss, r 47, dressmaker.

Gardner Henry, laborer, emp. on the village streets, h 88 Railroad.

Garfield Azro B, painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds Tremont.

Garfield Caleb G., laborer, h Tremont.

Garneau Noel, dealer in groceries, crockery, clothing, etc., Railroad, h St. Mary.

Gaskell Elmer H., sealer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 25 Cliff.

GASKILL CHARLES A, (Summerville) silver plater and dealer in poultry and eggs, State, h do.

GASKILL CHARLES A. Mrs., (Summerville) prop. of boarding-house, h State.

Gaskill George F., (Summerville) machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Caledonia.

Gaskill Herbert F., (Summerville) emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds Caledonia.

Gaskill Jacob B., (Summerville) custom shoemaker, h Caledonia.

GASKILL LEON F., nickel plater, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 44 Spring.

Gaskill Lowell Z., (Summerville) joiner, h Caledonia.

Gayner Thomas, teamster, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 6 Western ave.

Gauthier Frank, granite polisher, h.

Gauthier Joseph, dealer in harnesses, whips, robes, boots and shoes, clothing and jewelry, gloves, etc., 103 Eastern ave., h do.

Gentry Henry, gardener for Gov. Fairbanks, 11 Prospect.

George Eliza A. Miss, compositor Caledonian office, h Pearl.

Gerry George L, (Lyndon) r 10, emp. in Wilder's pulp mill, owns farm 40.

GERRY LUCIUS S., (Lyndon) r 10, retired farmer, Lieut. Co. B, 15th Vt. Vols.

Getchell Gorham C., (St. Johnsbury Center) laborer.

GIBBS CHARLES F., florist, grower and dealer in flowering and vegetable plants, seeds, bulbs, shrubs, etc., cut flowers and fine floral designs of all styles and kinds a specialty, h 2 Paddock, west end of Webster.

Gibbs Nathan F., (St. Johnsbury Center) p 35, jobber, h and lot.

Gibson Richard, r 49, gardener.

Gile Noah F., emp. St. Johnsbury Cemetery Association, h 4 Green.

GILMAN JOHN. Mason, h School, P; v.

Gilmore Maria P., widow of John P., h 65 Railroad.

Gingras Isai Mrs., seamstress, h Railroad.

Gingras Louis, (Henault & Gingras) h Clark’s ave.

Girard Robert, blacksmith, emp. of Miller & Ryan, h Railroad.

Given Marcel, (Summerville) r 56, milk dealer, 6 cows, farmer 108.

Glennin William, hostler for Hartshorn & Kirk, bds Danville block.

Glines Welthea M. Miss, teacher of German at St. Johnsbury academy.

Glynn James, painter, h Batchelder's block.

Glynn William, laborer, h 69 Railroad.

Glynn Bridget, widow of Patrick, bds with P. Roach.

Gognon Benjamin F., (St. Johnsbury Center) machinist at scale works, h Putnam.

Gognon Elmer E., sealer of scales, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Gognon Thomas, carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Prospect.

GOODALL GEORGE E. (St. Johnsbury E.) r 51, real estate dealer, owns 3 houses and lots, farmer 20, 100 in Kirby, and 30 in Waterford, served in Co. K, 15th Vt. Vols.

Goodall George E. Mrs., resident, h Cross.

Goodall Walter A., sealer, scale works, h Western ave.

Goodell George W., clerk, emp. of Charles A. Calderwood, h 92 Railroad.

Goodrich Abner M., cutter for F. G. Stevens, h Cliff.

GOODRICH HENRY J., (H. J. Goodrich & Co.) h Harrison ave., Summerville.

GOODRICH H. J. & CO., (Henry J. G. and Arthur Moulton) dealers in stoves, furnaces, tin and hollow ware, etc., 93 Railroad.

Goodrich Jedd H., tinsmith for H. J. G. & Co., bds Harrison ave., Summerville.

Goodwin Frank F., mechanic, 23 Summer.

Goodwin Henry S., sealer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h off Mt. Pleasant.

Goodwin Morris M, (Summerville) (Thompson & Goodwin) h Portland.

Gorham Anna L. Miss, teacher of ornamental painting, studio 149 A, Tremont st., Boston.

Gorham Irvin, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 39, farmer 50, aged 70.

Gorham Isaac B., retired merchant, h 13 Church.

Gorman George E., blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Gorman Thomas, laborer, h Clark's ave.

GOSS EDWARD, policeman, h Pleasant.

Goss Francis M., machinist for D. Thompson, bds Pleasant.

Goss Hiram, (Goss & Dana) bds 3 Cherry.

Goss John A., life insurance agent, bds Cottage Hotel, residence Greensboro.

Goss Martha, r 39, widow of Levi, resident.

Goss Ulysses G., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 39, breeder of fine horses, and farmer 115.

GOSS Willard, r 28, 1,000 sugar trees, breeder of fine horses, farmer 140, and owns with his brother Hiram 100.

Goss Willard S., polisher, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds Railroad.

GOSS & Dana, (Hiram Goss and John Dana) bakers and confectioners, 67 Main.

Gosselin Peter, teamster, h Eastern ave.

Gosselin Peter J, laborer, h Eastern ave.

Gould George G., r 43, farmer 14.

Gould Henry E., (Summerville) manager of St. Johnsbury poor house and farm, owns h and lot in Danville.

Gould Katie D. Miss, (Summerville and Campbell, Mass.) teacher.

GOULD WALTER D., painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds 3 High.

Goyet Fred, laborer, h 23 Maple.

Goyet Henry, job teamster, h 23 Maple.

Goyet William, quarryman, h Clark's ave.

GRAHAM C. WARREN, taxidermist and prop. Graham's Museum of Taxidermy and Curiosities, Music Hall block, Main, work-shop and residence 18 Main.

Graham Lewis, scale worker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co , h 18 Main.

Graham William A., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave.

Granger Pliny M. Rev., (St. Johnsbury Center) pastor M. E. church, h Church.

Grant Emmett C., painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Pleasant.

Grant John J., (Summerville) blacksmith, emp. B. & L. R. R., h Caledonia.

Granville Joseph J., porter St. Johnsbury House, bds do.

Graves Frinda C.,  (St. Johnsbury Center) widow of Sylvanus, resident, h and lot.

Graves Helen L., (St. Johnsbury Center) teacher of vocal music.

Graves Sylvester D, painter, h Union.

Gray Charles F., wood worker, emp. of M. J. Calbeck, h 1 James, P. v.

GRAY ELERY H., (Lyndon) r 3, 500 sugar trees, 5 cows, farmer 127.

Gray George, carpenter scale works, h 41 Spring.

Gray Julius C., (Sylvester & Gray) h 41 Spring.

Green Charles K., grocery clerk for E. & T. F. & Co., h 11 Cliff.

Green William, sexton of St. Johnsbury cemetery, h Green.

Griffin James J., emp. St. Johnsbury Furniture Co., bds River.

Griffin John, laborer, h Charles.

Griffin John, Jr., switchman Pass. R. R., bds Charles.

Griffin John R., stone cutter, bds 32 Railroad.

Griffin Michael, granite cutter for R. W. Laird, h 32 Railroad.

Griffin Molly A. Miss, (St. Johnsbury Furniture Co.) resides Water st., Summerville.

GRISWOLD EDWARD F., (H. E. Fletcher & Co.) bds St. Johnsbury House.

Griswold Flora D. Mrs., (St. Johnsbury E. ) r 53, telegraph operator.

Griswold Henry, (St. Johnsbury E) r 53, station agent B. & L. R. R., express agent and telegraph operator, prop. of E. St. Johnsbury tannery, h and lot.

Grout Daniel F., bds 3 Cherry.

Grout George S., express messenger, h 34 Railroad.

Grover Nahum W. Rev., (St. Johnsbury Center) pastor of First Congregational church, h Water.

Grow George E., Boston variety store, watches, clocks, jewelry, musical instruments, valises, rubber stamps and stencils, 75 Eastern ave.

GROW TIMOTHY R., homeo. physician and surgeon, office and residence 103 Railroad.

Grow Lewis G., stone cutter St. Johnsbury Granite Works, bds Railroad.

Guillemete Paul, (Summerville) section hand B. & L. R. R, h Elm.

Gustin Isaac B., machinist, h 27 Central.

Guy Tirza M. Miss, teacher of drawing in St. Johnsbury academy, studio Music Hall, bds cor Church and Summer.

Guyer John, teamster.

GUYER JULIA Miss, (Summerville) h off Caledonia.

Guyer Leon, (Summerville) stone mason, h off Caledonia.

Guyer Octave, (Summerville) stone mason, h off Caledonia.

Guyer William, quarryman, h Clark's ave.


Hacourse Frank, molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave.

Hadley Joseph A., millwright and traveling salesman, h 38 Summer.

Hale Addie D. Miss, assistant librarian at the Athenaeum, resides r 15 Summer.

Hale Amos P., blacksmith for E. & T. F. & Co., h 3 School, F. v.

Hale Charles J., blacksmith, emp. of B. & L. R. R.  bds R. R. restaurant.

Hale Fred, striker, emp. B. & L. R. R., bds R. R. restaurant.

Hale George H., student, ass't sec'y Y. M, C. A., bds 15 Summer, rooms Y. M. C. A. building.

Hale John O., traveling salesman for E. & T. F. & Co., h 15 Summer.

Hale Oren H., traveling auctioneer, h 80 Railroad.

Hale Otis G., gardener, aged 77, h 80 Railroad.

Hale Patrick, (Summerville) stone cutter, emp. R. W. Laird, h Elm.

Hale Stephen D., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 12, resident.

Hall Albert T., manuf. of brooms, brushes and washboards, h 19 Railroad.

Hall C. Irving, (Summerville) hoe polisher, emp. Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h  Ely.

Hall Cornelia A., widow of Caleb C., h 4 Belvidere.

Hall Eleazer M., carpenter and joiner, h 12 Green.

Hall Elizabeth A, widow of Thomas L., h 22 Main.

HALL SAMUEL W., (Hall & Balch) h 24 Cliff.

Hall Emerson, pres. Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 20 Main.

Hall Walter L., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, allo. physician and surgeon.

Hall William, (St. Johnsbury Center) retired farmer, dealer in horses, h Main.

HALL & BALCH, (Samuel W. H. and John W. B.) dealers in all kinds of furniture, coffins, and robes, 39 Bank block, Main.

Hallett Adeline, (St. Johnsbury Center) widow of Atherton, resident, aged 79, h and 3 acres.

Hallett Diantha T., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 36 n 37, widow of Reuben G.

Hallett Ephraim J., mason and engraver, h Mt. Pleasant.

Hallett Erastus H., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 36 n 37, adjuster and sealer of scales, owns farm 6.

Hallett Eugene C., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 14 n 21, 10 cows, farmer 200.

Hallett Ezra I., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 14, farmer 150.

Hallett George F., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 22 opp. 12, farmer.

Hallett Russel, retired jobber and builder, aged 78 years, h 13 Mt. Pleasant.

Hancock Freedom, widow of Joseph, h Pleasant.

Hanson Peter, painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Danville road.

Hardy Audubon L, A. M., prof. of mathematics and political economy, in St. Johnsbury academy, and pres. of the Teachers Association of Vt., h 7 Main.

Hardy Henry F., (St. Johnsbury E.) sawyer, h with Mrs. Mary J. Harvey.

Harlow Eben D., carpenter and job teamster, h Main.

Harlow Edward a, filer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co bds 2 Autumn.

HARLOW LEVI C., filer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 2 Autumn.

Harlow Newell L., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 28 Central.

Harmon William G., agent Singer sewing machine, Eastern ave. cor Railroad.

Harriman Charles B., engineer for St. Johnsbury Granite Co., h 18 Railroad.

HARRIMAN DAVID E., custom brass founder, south end of Railroad, h Emerson.

Harriman Harvey S., prop. of R. R. restaurant and boarding and lodging house, Pass. R. R. depot.

Harriman Lyman P., molder, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 7 High.

HARRIMAN TURRELL E., (St. Johnsbury Center) molder, contractor for the manuf. of the "Union " scale at Fairbanks scale works, owns farm 17, h Water, served in Co. C, 8th Vt. Vols. 3 years and seven months.

Harriman Victor W., molder for E. & T. F. & Co., h P. v.

Harriman Wallace B., granite polisher, emp. St. J9hnsbury Granite Co., bds 18 Railroad.

Harrington Clara E. Mrs., millinery goods, 19 Eastern ave., h Railroad.

HARRINGTON FERNANDO C. CAPT., (St. Johnsbury E) r 51, (F. E. Russell & Co.) postmaster, sawyer, dealer in groceries, served in Co. D, 3d Vt. Vols., owns store.

Harris Albert, (Summerville) farmer, and general dealer, h Harrison ave.

HARRIS EDWIN, (Summerville) 400 sugar trees, 8 cows, supplying milk to peddlers, farmer 73.

HARRIS ENOCH M., (Summerville) foreman for St. Johnsbury Granite Co., h Caledonia.

Harris Frank E., (Summerville) farmer with his father, Edwin.

Harris William H., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 10 Belvidere, sargeant Co. H, 8th N. H. Vols.

HARTSHORN L. BARNARD, (Hartshorn & Kirk) dealer in lumber, hay, horses and cattle, h 63 Summer.

HARTSHORN & KIRK, (L. Barnard H. and Charles E. K.) props. of St. Johnsbury House livery, sale and boarding stable, Center.

Harvey Alvah, (Harvey & Brown) h 26 Cliff.

HARVEY A. CLARK, prop. of Boston Clothing Store, dealer in clothing, gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps, furs, trunks, bags and rubber clothing, 75 Railroad, h 31 Pearl.

Harvey James, herdsman for E. & T. F. & Co., h 7 Western ave.

Harvey Mary J., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 17, widow of Rawson, resident, aged 64.

Harvey Orange, (Summerville) mason and brick layer, h Portland.

Harvey Richard, laborer, h Railroad.

Harvey William W., carriage painter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Portland.

Harvey & Brown, (Alvah H. and Fred A. B.) dealers in dry and fancy goods, carpets, crockery, glassware and wall-paper, Main.

Haskell James W., retired merchant, h Pearl cor Cross.

Hastings Amasa, (Summerville) retired farmer, aged 75, h Caledonia.

HASTINGS CHARLES S., cashier St. J. &. L. C. R.R., treas. of the Feed Water Heater Co., originator and breeder of improved rose-combed, white Leghorn fowls, 29 Main, h 46 Spring.

Hastings Henry C., manuf. and dealer in lumber, mills N. Concord, soldier in the war for the Union.

Hastings Hubbard, retired, formerly cashier Pass. R. R., h 46 Spring.

Hastings Lambert, resident, with Dr. S. T. Brooks, h 81 Main.

Hastings Moses, (Lyndon) r 2, 400 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, and farmer 120.

Haviland Ellen, widow of Moses G., laundry, h 32 Railroad.

Haviland Henry, laborer, h 32 Railroad.

Hawes John retired, aged 89 years, h 12 Main.

HAWKINS ANSEL W., retired farmer, owns farms in Danville and Walden, h Main.

Hawkins Ezra F., r 30, 300 sugar trees, prop. of saw-mill, manuf. of all kinds of lumber, and farmer 190.

Hawkins H. B., (Summerville) job teamster, h off Portland.

Hawkins Maria Mrs., (Lyndon) r 3, nurse.

Hawkins Truman C., (Lyndon) r 30, resides with his brother, Ezra F.

Hawkins Willard, r 41, 400 sugar trees, farmer 95.

Hawley Charles F., clerk, h 97 Eastern ave.

HAYES JOHN F., r 43, machinist, emp., E. &. T. F. & Co., 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 85.

Haynes Trustum C., photographer, 26 Eastern ave. do.

Hazen George E., emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 103 Main.

HAZEN L. DOWNER, (Baldwin & Hazen, of Groton Pond) manuf. of spruce, hemlock and hard wood lumber of all kinds, steam mills at Miles pond, East Concord, Victory, and Richford, Vt., office n Pass. depot, h 111 Main.

Hazen Lucius K., book-keeper for his father, L. D., bds 114 Main.

Hazen Minnie B., Mrs., teacher of music, St. Johnsbury academy.

Hazen Perley F., clerk in scale department for E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave.

Heald Lewis B., carpenter, h Caledonia.

HEALD MARY S. Mrs., (Summerville) h Caledonia.

Hearn John, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 10, section hand, owns 6 acres.

Hearn Thomas, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 10, farmer 6.

Heath William L., emp. of E. & T. F. & Co, h 9 School F. v.

Henault Alide, (Henault & Gingras) painter, h Railroad.

Henault Amable, emp. of Penard & Demars, h Railroad.

Henault Edmund, (Henault & Gingras) h St. Mary's.

Henault Prudent, jobber in the scale works for E. & T. F. & Co., h Railroad.

Henault & Gingras, (Edmund H. and Louis G.) sign, carriage, furniture and house painters, decorators and paper hangers, dealers in paints, oils, putty and glass, Hastings block, Eastern ave. cor Pearl.

Henderson Moses C. Rev., Free Baptist clergyman, h Railroad.

HENDERSON OLA H., ticket agent for the Passumpsic R. R. and B. & L. R. R., and ticket agent for the Grand Trunk, Canadian Pacific, Fitchburgh & Penn., and all principal R. R. lines, and ocean steamers, h Railroad.

Henry John E., (Summerville) grinder for Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Concord ave.

Heon John, (Summerville) laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Elm.

Heon Napoleon, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Maple.

Herbert Joseph, laborer.

Herrick Thomas T.,  (Summerville) soap manuf, h Portland.

Herrick W. H, machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., and leader St. Johnsbury band, bds 15 Main. Hewes Sarah C. Mrs., h 80 Main.

Hewitt Percis Miss, teacher of algebra, St. Johnsbury academy.

Heyer Charles A., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co. h 5 Cliff.

Heyer James H., foreman sealer, emp.  E. & T. F. & Co., h Emerson.

Hibbard H. Will, fireman B. & L. R. R., h Cross.

Hibbard Lydia A., resident, 4 Belvidere.

Hicks James S., baker for G. H. Cross & Co., h Portland.

Hicks John G. P., book-keeper scale works, h Western ave.

Hidden George, dry goods clerk for E. & T. F. Co., bds 36 Summer.

Higgins Annie, widow of James F., h off Eastern ave.

Higgins Bessie, (Summerville) widow of John C., h Harrison ave.

Higgins Charles H., r 56, farmer with his father William.

Higgins Mary Miss, h 82 Main.

Higgins Peter, laborer, h off Eastern ave.

HIGGINS WILLIAM, r 56, 1st selectman for 10 years, breeder of pure blood Cotswold sheep, 40 head, 490 sugar trees, 15 cows, 10 head young stock, farmer 400.

Hill Charles B., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 opp 23, section hand Pass. R. R.

Hill Felix A., stone cutter, h 28 Maple.

Hill Frank D., (Miner & Hill) h 4 Spring.

Hill Franklin, stone cutter, h Railroad.

Hill Henry, (Summerville) off r 18, farmer 175.

Hill Hiram C., fireman B. & L. R. R., h off Railroad.

Hill Hoyt F., grocery clerk for E. & T. F. & Co., h Union block, Main.

Hill John L., (St. Johnsbury Center) carpenter and millwright.

Hill Joseph, see Lamontague.

Hill Susan M. Mrs., dressmaker, h 3 Spring.

Hill Van B., (St. Johnsbury Center} r 35 opp. 23, tinsmith and peddler, h and lot.

Hill William E., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 opp 23, farmer.

Himes Frank M., machinist, emp. Thompson & Goss, h School, P. v.

Holder Henry A., machinist, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h 1 Cliff.

Holder James H., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. &. Co., h 9 Cliff.

Holder, Mary L. Miss, (Summerville} teacher, daughter of William R., h State.

Holder William R., (Summerville) sealer of weights, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h State.

HOLLIS NELSON P., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, mechanic, farmer 22.

Holmes Frank A., night clerk at St. Johnsbury House.

Holmes George, (Summerville) carpenter, joiner and sawyer, emp. E. L. Hovey.

Holmes Peter, blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Danville road.

Holmes Saurien J., freightman, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h School.

Home Art Co., (St. Johnsbury Center) branch store Eastern ave, St. Johnsbury, manuf. birthday and holiday art novelties, dealer in artists' materials, ornamented cards and stationery.

Hooker Alice Miss, milliner and clerk, emp. of Mrs., D. A. Morrison, h Railroad.

HOOKER FRANK B., (O. V. Hooker & Son) h Plateau off Railroad.

Hooker Lyman S., machinist, emp. of D. Thompson, h School, P. v.

HOOKER ORMAN V., (O. V. Hooker & Son) h Plateau off Railroad.

HOOKER O. V. & SON, (Orman V. and Frank B.) manufs. of circular saw-mills, board planes, bone-mills and general machinery, engine repairing and jobbing of all kinds, north end of Railroad.

Hopkins Warren C., traveling salesman for A. L. Bailey, h 11 Pearl.

Horne Mary A., widow of William P., h 37 Pearl.

Horton Charles H., assistant cashier for E. & T. F. & Co., bds 14 Railroad.

HORTON WILLIAM H., merchant tailor, in trade 40 years, Railroad, h 14 do.

Horton William T., book-keeper Pass. R. R., h 14, Railroad.

HOSFORD CHARLES H., (Dunnett & Hosford) notary public.

Hoskins Albert, retired mechanic, bds at G. G. Wells.

Hosmer Abel Z., job teamster, h 37 Eastern ave.

Hosmer John, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 9 n 23, farmer about 130.

Houghton Selim N., r 4, 600 sugar trees, 8 cows, 12 head young cattle, 35 sheep, farmer 200.

Houghton William C, 14, retired farmer 200.

Housten Caleb, hostler, Avenue House.

Houston Charles B., emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds 6 Autumn.

HOVEY EDWIN L., (Summerville) prop. saw, planing and dressing-mills, real estate dealer, contractor and builder, farmer 75, and timber lands 75, h Lafayette.

Hovey Erastus G., r 51, farmer'

Hovey Franklin A., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 15, (Chase & Hovey) farmer.

HOVEY JACOB G., r 54, associate judge of Caledonia county, justice of the peace, 45 head thoroughbred Short-horn cattle, 40 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 305.

Hovey Marcus J., r 51, farmer with his father.

Hovey Miranda W., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 51, widow of Asa, owns h and 7 acres.

Hovey Richard, blacksmith, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Western ave.

Howard A. F., widow of Theron, h 4 Charles.

Howard Amos, (Summerville) off r 50, farmer 150.

Howard Asa D., (Summerville) job teamster, h Elm.

Howard Erdix T., foreman of packing room for E. & T. F. & Co., h Pearl.

Howard Henry, carpenter, scale works, h 24 Spring.

Howard James T., (Summerville) pattern maker, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Lafayette.

Howard James W., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 7, laborer and farmer 4.

Howard Leonard D., inventor and patentee of Howard mitering saw and try-square, inventor of car-coupler, and pattern maker, h 33 Summer.

Howard Martha W., widow of Lorenzo, owns residence, and house on Pearl st., h 20 Mt. Pleasant cor Spring.

Howard Theron M., (Howard & Rowell) h Western ave.

Howard Thomas, laborer, h River.

Howard Walton D., clerk for T. C. Fletcher & Co., bds 30 Eastern ave.

Howard & Rowell, (Theron M. H. and Alfred D. R.) dealers in watches, jewelry, books and stationery, 27 Main cor Eastern ave.

Howe Albert, (Summerville) r 18, machinist, farmer 15.

Howe Austin, (Summerville) carpenter and joiner, traveling dealer in machinist's and wood-worker's tools, h Portland.

Howe Benjamin G., prop of Avenue House, and dealer in lumber, Railroad cor Eastern ave., owns farm 135.

Howe Cora E., Miss, (St. Johnsbury Center) dressmaker, bds Water.

Howe Frank H., railroad man, h 2 Railroad.

Howe George E, formerly master mechanic St. J. & L.C. R. R., h Railroad.

Howe George M., tinsmith, emp. of E. & T. F. & Co., h 94 Main.

Howe Rollin C. M., retired grocer, h 36 Summer.

Howland Warren, stone cutter for R. W. Laird, h 32 Railroad.

Hoy Patrick, hammersman, Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h off Eastern ave.

Hoyt Malvina, widow of Charles H., confectioner and dyer, h Eastern ave.

Hoyt Simeon, (Summerville) retired mason, aged 81, h Portland.

Hubbard Harry W., fireman B. & L. R. R., h 6 Cross.

Hubbard Joseph, laborer, h 31 Maple.

Hudson Amasa, (Summerville) carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Concord ave.

Hudson Frank A., (Summerville) carpenter, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., b Portland.

HUMPHREY CALVIN J., r ?, breeder of high grade Jersey cows, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 125.

HUMPHREY CLARENCE A., (Summerville) engineer B. & L. R. R., h Elm cor Harrison ave.

Humphrey Edward G., (Brown & Humphrey) h Summer.

Humphrey Joseph H., teacher of vocal music, h 80 Main.

Hunter Dennis, filer, scale works h 16 Spring.

Hunter Frank, salesman for G. H Cross & Co., bds 3 Cherry.

Huntley Ansel, (St. Johnsbury Center) retired farmer, aged 94, the oldest man in town, born in Marlow, N. H., in 1792, h Water.

Huntley Moses, (St. Johnsbury Center) r ?, 20 grade Jersey cows, 1,200 sugar trees, hop grower, farmer 225.

Hurd Leon D., route agent U. S, and C. Express, Vt. and Can. division, h 8 Prospect ave.

Hurlbert George W., laborer, bds Hastings.

Hurlburt Addie E. Miss, photographic student, with D. A. Clifford, h Willow place.

Hurlburt Armenia Miss, dressmaker, h Willow place.

Hurlburt Charles A., stone cutter, for R. W. Laird, bds 10 Railroad.

Hurlburt Mary Mrs., boarding-house h to Railroad.

Hurlbutt Asa L., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, carpenter and caterer, served in Co. K. 15th Vt. Vols.

Hurlbutt Horace, (St. Johnsbury Center) r 34, resident, aged 76.

Hurlbutt Judson S., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 35 cor 23, tanner for D. M. Bacon.

Hurlbutt Orra, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 52, res. with Asa L.

Huse Horace E, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 16, 20 cattle, 20 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 225.

HUSE S. KENDALL, (St. Johnsbury Center) farmer 90, and 64 on r 12.

Hutchins Daniel P., carpenter, h 90 Railroad.

HUTTON CHARLES M., conductor B. & L. R. R., h 80 Eastern ave.

HYNES MICHAEL, prop. Acme Iron Works, all kinds of brass and iron castings to order, Concord ave., bds Pleasant.


IDE ELMORE T., (E. T. & H. K. Ide) h 1 Mt. Pleasant.

IDE E. T. & H. K., (Elmore T. and Horace K.) props. of Passumpsic mills at Passumpsic, wholesale and retail dealers in flour, grain, feed, grass seed, salt, lime, cement, calcined plaster, bone meal and coal, 20 and 22 Eastern ave.

IDE HENRY C., (Ide & Stafford) lawyer, senator 1882 and 1884, director of Passumpsic Savings Bank, and of the Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Church.

IDE HORACE K., (E. T. & H. K. Ide) quarter-master general of Vt., junior vice-commander of the G.A.R. of Vermont, h 4 Main.

IDE & STAFFORD, (Henry C. I. and Wendell P. S.) lawyers, Bank block, Main.

INGALLS EDWARD B., clerk, emp. of H. E. Fletcher & Co, bds Pearl.

Ingram Walter, gardener for Henry Fairbanks, h 1 School, F. v.

Ivers Edward, job teamster, h Maple.

Ivers Joseph, job teamster, h Portland.


Jackson Horace, (Summerville) highway surveyor, h Concord ave. 

Jackson John R., laborer, h Railroad.

Jacque Joseph, laborer, h Maple. 

Jay Norman D., (St. Johnsbury Center) r 9, brick mason, farmer 32.

Jenkins Edson R., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Pleasant.

Jenkins William H., machinist, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h 5 Water.

Jenness Laura A. Miss, teacher in the graded school, bds 40 Spring.

Jenness Lucy A., widow of John, h 40 Spring.

Jenness Mattie A., teacher in graded school, bds 40 Spring.

Jewell A. C., machinist B. & L. R. R. shop, h Railroad.

Jewett Albert B., supt. St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain R. R., office R. R. station, bds St. Johnsbury House.

Jewett, widow of Samuel, h 99 Main.

Johnson Albert K., conductor B. & L. R. R., h Mill.

JOHNSON EDWARD, editor of St. Johnsbury Republican, h 8 Cherry.

Johnson George, job teamster, h Eastern ave.

Johnson John, (St. Johnsbury Center) stone mason, emp. of the town in building culverts, h Main.

JOHNSON NATHAN M., dealer in dry goods. (Sold out to W. J. Sanborn.)

JOHNSON NATHAN M. MRS., dealer in. ladies furnishing goods, fine dress goods, fancy work, also teaches embroidery, 111 Eastern ave., Y. M. C. A. building.

Johnson Perry, (Summerville) fork polisher for Ely Hoe and Fork Co., bds with Peter E. J Johnson, Portland.

Johnson Peter E., (Summerville) fork polisher for Ely Hoe and Fork Co., h Portland.

Johnson Robert, laborer, h Passumpsic.

Johnson Ruth, r 39 n 40, widow of Levi, aged 80 years.

Johnson Willard, lumber agent, 40 Main.

Johnson William B., r 39 n 40, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Jones Charles D., (St. Johnsbury Center) (Pierce & Jones,) sealer of scales, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., bds with P. L. Pierce, Main.

Jones Charles H., machinist. emp. B. F. Rollins, h Jones.

JONES ISAAC G., (Jones & Shields) bds Jones, P. v.

Jones L. Horace, dealer in garden and flower seed, vegetables and plants, h Water.

Jones Lucian B., electrician with E. & T. F, & Co., h South Park.

Jones Viola M., widow of Bradley G., h 28 Cliff.

JONES & SHIELDS, (Isaac G. J. and Robert B. S.) manufs. of chamber and office furniture and extension tables, foot of Pleasant, P. v.

Joslin Frank R., ice dealer in Brooklyn and New York, farmer in Concord, Essex Co., 70.

Joslin Frederick, soldier in the Union army, blind, h 63 Pearl.

Joslin Hiram, boarding-house, farmer 57 in Concord, Essex Co., h 3 Cherry.

Joyce Augustus, (St. Johnsbury Center) laborer for Loren Ayer.

Joyce Eugene M., (St. Johnsbury Center) agent for Singer sewing machine, h off Main.

Juneau Aime, laborer, emp. E. & T. F, & Co., h Concord ave.

Juneau Joseph, laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co., h Concord ave.

(Source: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, VT.;
1764-1887, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child; 
May 1887, Part Two, Pages  115-165)

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