Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Postoffice address is Braintree, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.


Abbott Eugene S., (W. Braintree) r 30, lumberman, h and lot.

Abbott Sally, (W. Randolph) r 19 cor 20, resides with G. F. Smith, aged 91.

Abbott Samuel B. F., (W. Braintree) r 30, retired farmer, h and 2 acres. 

Adams Azro L., r 10, prop. meat market, meat peddler.

Aldrich Thomas J., (W. Braintree) laborer.

Amidon Lucretia A. Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 33, resident, h and 5 acres. 

Annis Chester D., r 10, laborer, h and 1 acre.

Annis David, (W. Braintree) r 30. farmer 7.

Archer Franklin L., (W. Randolph) r 35, 8 head young cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 70, manuf. and dealer in ladders and eave spouts in Vt., N. H. and Mass.

Averill John S., (W. Randolph) r 43, farmer, leases of J. L. Slack, 133. 


Back Betsey Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 43, h and 12 acres, aged 72.

Bacon George, (W. Braintree) r 24, farmer, leases of Martin Sumner, 80. 

Banister Seth, (W. Randolph) r 34, farmer.

Bannister Watson W., r 10, laborer.

Bass Carrie L., (W. Randolph) widow of H. Royce, teacher.

Bass Clarence M., (W. Randolph) off r 33, farmer with Eleazer.

Bass Cornelius J., (W. Randolph) r 33, laborer, h and lot.

Bass Eleazer, (W. Randolph) r 33 n 36, 300 sugar trees, farmer 70. 

Bass Hattie L , (W. Randolph) r 19, lives with Henry.

BASS HENRY, (W. Randolph) r 9, 20 cows, 25 sheep, 15 head of other stock, farmer 270, aged 73.

Batchellor Bertie, (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29 lives with Samuel R. 

Batchellor Frank C., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29, accountant.

Batchellor Ida M., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29, teacher.

Batchellor Lillian E., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29, teacher.

Batchellor Minnie F., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29, dressmaker. 

BATCHELLOR SAMUEL R., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 29, 8 head cattle, 5 horses, 34 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 125, aged 70.

Battles Dana J., (W. Randolph) r 31 cor 24, farmer with Jason.

Battles Emeriah, (\Y. Braintree) r 30, laborer.

Battles Emery C., (W. Randolph) r 33, laborer.

Battles Ira, (W. Braintree) r 30, h and lot.

Battles J. Densmore, (W. Randolph) r 31, selectman, farmer 40, wood and pasture land 70.

Battles Jason, (W. Randolph) r 31 cor 24, 6 cows, farmer 175.

Battles Mason, (W. Randolph) r 23, 50 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Belcher Jonathan W., (W. Randolph)-r 19, farmer 47.

Belcher Sewel O., (W. Randolph) r 9, resident with J. W.

Bero Louis C., (W. Braintree) r 27, section hand on C. V. R. R. 

Bero Oliver, (W. Braintree) resident, served in Co. G, 8th Vt. Vols. 

Bigelow Tila, (W. Randolph) r 37, resident, owns farm 7, aged 76. 

Blanchard Bernard, r 13, farmer 110, aged 71.

Blanchard Hosea M., prop. grist-mill, dealer in flour, feed and grain, h and lot.

BLANCHARD PARISH J. C., barber and clerk for William.

Blanchard William, undertaker, and general merchant, and prop. hotel. 

BOVER CHARLES, r 4, 15 head cattle, 25 sheep, farmer 180, served in Co. C, 5th Vt. Vols., 1 1/2 years.

Brown John H., (W. Randolph) r 24, farmer with William H.

Brown William H., (W. Randolph) r 24, 15 head stock, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100, aged 83.

Brown Zoraster, (W. Braintree) r 30, farmer 25.

BRUCE CASRAEL H., r 21, 10 cows, 120 sugar trees, farmer, leases of V. I. Spear, 150.

Bruce Jane E. Mrs., (W. Randolph) off r 41, resides with Irving. 

Bruce Monroe L., (W. Randolph) r 33. farmer for H. A. Powers.

BRUCE IRVING, (W. Randolph) off r 41, farmer, leases of George Pitts, of Boston, 137.

Bruce William H., r 4, farmer 100.

Brunton Jane Mrs., (W. Braintree) r 31, resides with B. L. Sumner, aged 83. 

Burridge Arthur W., (W. Randolph) r 43, carpenter and farmer 10. 

Burridge Charles, (W. Randolph) r 43, 6 cows, 350 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Butterfield Waldo E., off r 17, farmer 114.


Campbell Charles A., (W. Braintree) r 30, laborer.

CAMPBELL PHINEAS, (W. Braintree) r 30, 7 cows, 14 head cattle, 8 horses, 100 sugar trees, farmer 160, wild land 125.

Carpenter Joseph S., (W. Randolph) r 40, 800 sugar trees, farmer 120. 

Claflin Ellen A. Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 33, resident with Mrs. Lucretia A. Amidon.

Claflin Ephraim F., retired farmer, aged 70.

Cleveland Frank H., (W. Randolph) r 36, 16 grade and pure blood Jersey cows, 10 head other stock, farmer, leases of James P., Jr., 200. 

Cleveland George A., (W. Braintree) r 27, 10 head cattle, farmer 165. 

Cleveland Henry, (W. Braintree) r 27, farmer 37.

Cleveland Ira H., (W. Braintree) r 27, resides with George A.

Cleverly Lewis M., (W. Braintree) telegraph operator, bds with M. J. Montgomery.

Clough Guy A., engineer and mechanic.

Collins James L., (W. Braintree) station agent C. V. R. R., bds with M. J. Montgomery.

COPELAND ANGELINE Mrs, r 16, resident with James P. Mudgett, aged 70.

Copeland Clarissa, (W. Braintree) r 3 opp. 4, resident with John F. Sumner. 

Copeland J., r 13, resident with Samuel N. Fisk, aged 88.

Corevo Joseph C., (W. Randolph) r 43, farmer 50.

Corue Phebe, (W. Braintree) widow of John, resident.

Crain Gibson S., off r to, laborer.

Curtis William M., laborer.

Cushman Earl S., (W. Randolph) r 32, 12 cows, 50 sheep, 650 sugar trees, farmer 280.


Dickinson Willis, (W. Braintree) laborer.

Ducheny Francis, (W. Randolph) r 40, farmer and shoemaker.

Dunham Albert, (W. Braintree) r 30, laborer and lumber sawyer. 

Dunham William C., (W. Braintree) r 30, laborer.

Dustin Charles H., (W. Randolph) r 18 ½, farmer for W. H. Nichols. 

Dutton Carroll R., (W. Randolph) r 40, farmer with J. B. Ford.

Dutton Edgar H., (W. Randolph) r 40, roadmaster on Canada Atlantic R. R. 


Eddy Caleb, (W. Randolph) off r 42, farmer 97.

Eddy Jacob, (W. Randolph) off r 45, farmer 100.

English Walter, (W. Randolph) r 42, laborer, h and 10 acres.


Farnsworth Heber J., off r 6, 50 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 120. 

Farnsworth Herbert. C., farmer.

Farnsworth May, lives with William.

Farnsworth William, r 11, farmer 20, wood and pasture land in Brookfield 40, owns 350 acres of land in Roxbury, Washington Co., aged 78.

Finn John, (W. Randolph) off r 7, farmer 100.

Fish Florett D., (W. Braintree) housekeeper for Leonard.

FISH LEONARD, (W. Braintree) r 30, prop. of Valley House, aged 82.

FISH LEONARD K., (W. Randolph) r 16 n 15, 12 grade Jersey cows, 50 sheep, 10 head other stock, 200 sugar trees, 125 apple trees, farmer 123, served in Co. F, 12th Vt, Vols.

Fisk Elmira M., r 13, resides with Samuel N.

Fisk Nathaniel C., r 13, resident with Samuel N.

Fisk Samuel N., r 13, 350 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Fitts Albert, (W. Randolph) r 23, 8 horses, 300 sugar trees, farmer 163, owns two houses and three lots.

Fitts Elhanan A., (W. Randolph) r 33, farmer 70.

Fitts Henry W., (W. Randolph) r 38, justice of the peace, 14 cows, 100 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 225.

Fitts Judson H,, (W. Randolph) r 37, 10 cows, 50 sheep, 300 apple and pear trees, farmer 85, and wood lot 6.

FLAGG GEORGE W., r 9, town representative, 14 cows, 75 sheep, 9 horses, 375 sugar trees, farmer 110, pasture in Roxbury 80, timber land in Brookfield 35, served in Co. I, 2d Vt. Vols.

Flagg Mary E., widow of Austin, h and lot.

Flint Allen H., (W. Randolph) r 32, farmer for E. S. Cushman.

Flint Allen H., (W. Randolph) r 23, 15 cows, 10 horses, 16 head young cattle, 700 sugar trees and farmer 265.

Flint Avery E., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer with Allen H.

Flint Belle I., (W. Randolph) r 23, lives with Jasper P.

Flint Charles A., (W. Randolph) r 20, farmer 110.

FLINT CHARLIE F., (W. Braintree) r 24, lister, 15 head cattle, 50 sheep, farmer, leases of W. C. Holman, of W. Randolph, 270, also runs W. C. Holman's shingle-mill on r 1.

FLINT D. HALE, (W. Randolph) r 19, 400 sugar trees, farmer 110. 

FLINT DANIEL, (W. Randolph) r 19, 5 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 54.

Flint Delos L., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer with Perry H.

Flint Eugene C., (W. Braintree) r 30, blacksmith and general repair shop. 

FLINT FRANCIS E., (W. Randolph) r 19, 75 sheep, 16 head other stock, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 104.

Flint George C., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer with Allen H.

FLINT IRVING A., (W. Randolph) r 19, breeder and dealer in pure blood Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Golden Crested, Polish, Hamburg and game fowls and Pekin ducks.

Flint Jasper P., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer 90.

Flint Lyman, (W. Randolph) r 40, farmer, leases farm of Mrs. Rosina M. Hutchinson, of Cold Water, Mich.

Flint Perry H., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer with Delos L.

Flint Rodney J., r 1, farmer 50 and wood lot in Brookfield 25.

FLINT RUSSELL A., (W. Braintree) r 30, grand juror, 15 head cattle, 105 sheep, 600 sugar trees, 6 horses, farmer 492, and in Granville 130. 

Flint Siloam, (W. Randolph) r 39 cor 43, farmer 10.

Flint Vilas C., (W. Braintree) r 3, live stock dealer, 8 cows, 50 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 200.

FLINT WALDO F., (W. Randolph) r 19, farmer 15.

Flint Zacheus, (W. Braintree) r 3, 6 cows, farmer 100.

Ford Elisha H., (W. Randolph) r 32, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Ford George I., (W. Randolph) r 41, teamster and farmer.

Ford Ira, (W. Randolph) r 41, resident.

Ford Joshua B., (W. Randolph)r 40, 10 cows, farmer 80, wood lot 40. 

FRENCH JASON A., harnessmaker, h and lot.


Gay Myron E., (W. Randolph) r 43, lumberman and farmer 75.

Gokey Frank, (W. Braintree) r 30, farm laborer.

Goodell Luther, (W. Randolph) r 43, resident, h and lot.

Goodheart Jerome, (W. Randolph) off r 43, laborer with P. Tredo, Jr. 

Goodrich Charles S., (W. Braintree) r 22, farmer, leases of Morris Bannister 58.

Green Eugene, (W. Randolph) r 45, laborer.

Grow Caleb N., (W. Randolph) r 31, farmer 70, aged 79.


Harwood Alonzo N., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer 75.

Harwood Everett L., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer, leases on shares of Alonzo N. 75.

Harwood Ira, (W. Randolph) r 33, farmer 80, and owns with Harrison 70, aged 76.

Hewitt Austin A., r 4, 600 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Allen I. Thayer, of Lebanon, N. H., 260.

Hibbard William B., (W. Randolph) r 36, laborer, h and lot.

Hill Cyrus, (W. Randolph) r 24, farmer 130.

Hodgkins Leslie, (W. Randolph) r 24, farmer with Cyrus Hill.

HOLMAN CHARLES S., r 18 cor 5, 15 cows, 30 head cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 180.

Holman Philenda Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 31, housekeeper for C. N. Grow. 

Holman Seth M., (W. Randolph) r 42, 6 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Howard Jeptha, off r 5, farmer 65, aged 77. (Moved to W. Randolph.) 

Howard Lewis S., r 5, owns farm 100, resides with Isaac W. Linfield, aged 75.

Hudon Maxim, (W. Braintree) r 30, laborer, bds at C. Ellen Wells. 

Hunt George W., (W. Braintree) laborer.

Huntington Martha P., (W. Randolph) r 43, resides on the Christopher Huntington estate of 100 acres.

Huntington Susie M., (W. Randolph) r 43, resides on the Christopher Huntington estate.

Hutchinson John B., (.W. Randolph) r 34, farmer with Rufus. 

HUTCHINSON ROSINA M., (W. Randolph) r 40, widow of George, owns farm 100; first frame house in town was built on this farm and is now standing.

Hutchinson Rufus, (W. Randolph) r 34, 15 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.


Jones William A., (W. Randolph) r 37, 15 cows, farmer, leases of H. H. Harwood 125.


Kellogg Cornelius, off r 17, farmer with Waldo E. Butterfield.

Kemp Henry, (W. Randolph) r 44, farmer 25.

KENDALL THEODORE B., (W. Braintree) r 30, 25 head cattle, 60 sheep, 12 horses, farmer 96, timber land in Granville 750, served in Co. G, 8th Vt. and Co. D, 57th Mass. Vet. Vols., three years.

Kinney Levi, (W. Randolph) r 14, resides at H. N. Scott's.


Lackey Amasa, (W. Braintree) r 30, bds with S. R. Batchellor.

Lane Henry H., (W. Randolph) r 42, farmer, leases of E. H. Dutton 150. 

Laport Julius D., shoemaker and farmer 3.

LAPORT M. DANIEL, overseer of the poor, carriage and general repair shop, served in Co. F, 2d Vt. Vols., three years.

Laport Polly, widow of Nicholas, resides with Julius, aged 82.

Larore Charles, (W. Randolph) r 45, laborer, h and lot.

Laskey Lucy M. Mrs., (W. Randolph) off r 41, h and lot.

Laskey William, (W. Randolph) r 42, laborer.

Lemery Edward. (W. Braintree) r 26, laborer, leases h of George Tarbell. 

Linfield Isaac W., r 5, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Lewis S. Howard 100.

Linfield Martin L., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer 85.

Loomis Jonah G., r 13, 150 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 47.

Loomis Laura, r 13, widow of Jonah, farmer 117.

Loyally Levi, (W. Braintree) r 26, section hand on C. V. R. R.

Luce Hiram, (W. Randolph) r 40, laborer.

Luce Ira, (W. Randolph) r 36, farmer.

Luce Lyman P., (W. Randolph) r 36, farmer.


Manchester Conant, (W. Randolph) off r 45, laborer.

Manchester William, (W. Randolph) r 45, farmer, leases of O. B. Copeland 100.

Mann Charles D., r 13, 22 cows, farmer 92, and pasturage in Brookfield 44. 

MANN EUGENE O., r 14, 300 sheep, 4 horses, prop. of stock horse "Young Rarus" by "Dean Sage," 500 sugar trees, 150 apple trees farmer 110, pasturage in Brookfield 56.

MANN IRA, r 7 cor 8, constable, lister, 9 head cattle, 140 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 225.

Marsh James, (W. Randoph) r 42, resident, bds with Aldis S. Stokes. 

Marsh Loren, (W. Randolph) r 24, farmer 75, aged 71.

Martin Betsey, r 10, resident with Jesse W., pensioner of the War of 1812, aged 90.

Martin Burnap A., (W. Randolph) r 43 1/2, laborer.

MARTIN HARVEY T., (W. Randolph) r 43 1/2, 8 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 65, and wood and pasture land in Rochester, Windsor Co., 100.

MARTIN JESSE W. DEA., r 10, deacon Congregational church, 60 sheep, 150 sugar trees, farmer 65, and in Brookfield 35.

Maun Edward, (W. Randolph) r 41, foreman on A. W. Tewksbury & Sons' farm.

McGee George, (W. Braintree) r __, section hand C. V. R. R.

McIntire Asa K., carpenter, blacksmith and general repair shop, h and lot. 

McIntire John C., postmaster, harnessmaker, manager telephone office. 

Montgomery Charles A., (W. Braintree) r 30, lives with Monroe J. 

MONTGOMERY MONROE J., (W. Braintree) r 30, engineer for G. L. Spear, prop. livery stable, served in Co. G, 8th Vt. Vols., one year.

MUDGETT JAMES P., r 16, 20 cows, 15 head young stock, 200 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases of William Bass, of W. Randolph, 300, wood and pasture land 300.

MUDGETT MARY M., (W. Randolph) r 18 1/2, widow of David P., 7 head cattle, 50 sheep, 350 sugar trees, farmer 140.


NEFF EBENEZER C., (W. Randolph) r 43, 8 head stock, 100 sugar trees, farmer 50.

Neff Lucinda C., (W. Randolph) r 43, widow of Wyman, resident. 

NICHOLS WILLIAM H., (W. Randolph) judge of probate, lawyer, town clerk, and owns farm 200 on r 18 1/2, settled by his grandfather.


Ordway Ardin, (W. Randolph) r 40, farm laborer for J. B. Ford.

Ordway George, (W. Braintree) laborer.


Packard Fred H., (W. Randolph) r 184, veterinary surgeon, farmer for Henry Bass, and leases of W. H. Nichols h and 60 acres.

Page Daniel V., (W. Randolph) r 18 cor 184, 85 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Paine Edward S., (W. Randolph) r 22, 300 sugar trees, farmer 140. 

Paine Flora A., (W. Randolph) r 22, housekeeper.

Palmer Charles T., painter, paper hanger, and glazier.

Parker Edgar A., r 13, traveling salesman for S. N. Gould, W. Randolph, Vt. 

Partridge Vernon D., r 10, h and lot, aged 75.

Peavey John U., off r 10, veteran of the War of 1812, aged 90.

Peavey Joseph B., miller at Snowsville.

Pecor David A., (W. Braintree) r 27, section hand on C. V. R. R. 

Penn Joseph, (W. Braintree) r 30, farmer 40.

Perham William H., carpenter.

Pitkin William J., (W. Braintree) r 26, teamster for George Tarbell. 

POWERS HEMAN A., (W. Randolph) r 14, first selectman, 50 grade cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 300, in Chelsea 240, wood and pasture land 70, pasture in Brookfield 100, and farm in Plainfield, Washington Co., 112. 

PRATT ALMON M., (W. Braintree) r 30, bridge builder for C. V. R. R. 

Pratt Charles H., (W. Braintree) r 27, teacher in Barton.

Pratt George, (W. Braintree) r 26, job teamster, and farmer 20, leases h of George Tarbell.

Pratt James J., (W. Braintree) r 27, lumberman, 11 head cattle, 55 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer zoo, woodland in Granville 50.

Pratt John, (W. Braintree) r 27, resident with James J.

Prime Andrew, (W. Braintree) r 30, laborer.


Rathburn Ira, (W. Randolph) off r 43, farmer 60.

Rattee Albert, (W. Braintree) r 30, section foreman C. V. R. R.

Ray Albert, (W. Braintree) r 30, farmer 85.

Raymond George H., (W. Braintree) laborer, bds at S. W. Young's. 

RICHARDSON FRANK C., (W. Randolph) r 19, farmer, lives with Martin V. B.

Richardson Martin V. B., (W. Randolph) r 19, farmer 26.

Richardson Sarah Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 23, lives with Martin Linfield. 

Riford Otis, (W. Randolph) r 42, 10 cows, 8 horses, 500 sugar trees, farmer 350, owns with Betsey Riford 40, and with Azro Cushman 40. 

Riford Perry E., (W. Randolph) r 42, farmer with Otis.

Ruggles Mary C., widow of Samuel, h and lot, aged 72.

Ryan Stewart H., (W. Braintree) r 30, lumber sawyer.


Sanders Asa S. (W. Randolph) off r 45, farmer about 200.

Sargeant Fred W, (W. Braintree) r 45, farm 40.

Sargeant Wallace, (W. Braintree) r 45, farmer, leases of Fred Sargeant 40. 

Sault Joseph, (W. Randolph) r 43 ½, 300 sugar trees, farmer 69.

SAULT LEWIS, (W. Randolph) r 22, 9 cows, 5 head other stock, farmer 200, h and 9 acres, served in Co. H, 2d U. S. sharpshooters three years. 

SCOTT H. NELSON, (W. Randolph) off r 14, 10 head stock, 200 sugar trees, farmer with Lucinda 45, served in Co. D, 17th Vt. infantry. 

SCOTT LUCINDA, (W. Randolph) off r 14, (Mrs. H. N.) farm 45. 

Sears Frank, (W. Braintree) r 30, farmer 85.

Seymore John, (W. Randolph) r 43 1/2 cor 43, farmer 50.

Seymore John, Jr., (W. Randolph) r 23, farmer with Albert Fitts, and owns farm 50.

Seymore Joseph, (W. Randolph) r 42, farmer 40.

Seymour David, r 16 cor 17, farmer.

Sharp Apollos, (W. Randolph) r 34 cor 33, retired farmer, aged 84. 

Shepard Mary H. Mrs., (W. Randolph) r 36, resident.

Sherman Adelia, r 11, teacher of painting, lives with Amanda M. 

Sherman Amanda M., r 11, widow of Daniel B., h and lot, aged 72. 

Slack Joseph L., (W. Randolph) r 43, farmer 133.

SMITH CARSON A., (W. Braintree) r 25 n 1, student.

Smith Charles F., (W. Braintree) r 22, farmer 65.

Smith Edward a, (W. Randolph) r 35, 14 head stock, farmer, leases Mrs. Maria Flint's estate 150.

Smith G. Sidney, (W. Randolph) r 32, 50 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Smith George F., (W. Randolph) r 19 cor 20, 200 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 230.

Smith John A., retired farmer, aged 78.

SMITH NELSON, (W. Braintree) r 25 n 1, farmer 70, pasture land 60. 

Spear Ai H., (W. Braintree) clerk for Joshua A.

SPEAR GEORGE L., (W. Braintree) internal revenue collector for the Vt. district, office at Montpelier, prop. steam saw-mill, and manuf. of all kinds of lumber, dealer in cord wood, Farm 400, timber land 1,600. 

Spear Ira A., (W. Braintree) r 30, resident with R. A. Flint.

SPEAR J. A. & V. I., r 9, (Jacob A. and Victor I.) 300 sheep, 8 horses, 25 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmers 475, in Brookfield 100, and pasture land 150.

SPEAR JACOB A., r 9, (J. A. & V. I. Spear).

Spear Joshua A., (W. Braintree) postmaster and general merchant, h and 4 acres.

SPEAR LEWIS H., r 8 cor 17, 200 sheep. 10 head other stock, 3,000 apple trees, farmer 150, in Roxbury, Washington Co., wood and pasture land 100.

Spear Samuel, (W. Randolph) r 36, carpenter and farmer 22.

SPEAR VICTOR I., r 9, (J. A. & V. I. Spear) state senator and town agent.

Spooner Allen, (W. Randolph) off r 43, traveling salesman.

St. John Frank, (W. Braintree) r 36, section foreman on C. V. R. R. 

St. John Joseph, (W. Braintree) r 30, teamster for George L. Spear. 

Stearns S. Maria, (W. Braintree) general merchant.

Steele David, (W. Braintree) r 1, farm laborer.

Stokes Aldis S., (W. Randolph) r 42, farmer 150.

Stokes Moses F., (W. Randolph) r 42, resident with Aldis S.

Stowe Jerome E., r 14, 300 sugar trees, farmer 54.

SUMNER BENJAMIN L., (W. Braintree) r 31, 12 head cattle, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 90

Sumner Jonathan F., (W. Braintree) r 3 opp 4, 6 cows, 125 sheep, farmer 205, and in Roxbury 260.

Sumner Nettie M., (W. Braintree) r 3 opp 4, housekeeper for Jonathan F. 

SUMNER NEWTON J., (W. Braintree) r 22, 15 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 300.

Sumner Polly, (W. Randolph) r 19, resident with M. V. B. Richardson, aged 89.


Tarbell George, (W. Braintree) r 26, prop. saw-mill, dealer in cord wood, 20 head cattle, farm 300, timber land in Granville 600.

Terry Wilmouth N., r 7 cor 8, farmer with Ira Mann.

Thayer Belle M., r 5 cor 6, teacher.

Thayer Edward E., r 7, farmer, leases of Herbert Farnsworth.

Thayer Frederick F., r 5 cor 6, 75 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 110. 

Thayer Levi, (W. Randolph) r 32, resident, aged 73.

Thayer Orvis S., r 11, carpenter and builder, farmer, h and lot in Snowsville. 

Thayer Selva H., (W. Braintree) r 30, lumberman, dealer in wood, timber land in Granville 70, and in Roxbury 25.

THRESHER EDWIN F., (W. Braintree) r 2, 10 head cattle, 75 sheep, 5 horses, farmer 200, served in Co. G, 8th Vt. Vols., one year.

Thresher Frank H., (W. Braintree) r 2, fireman on C. V. R. R., lives with Edwin F.

Thresher Fred L., (W. Braintree) r 2, farmer with Edwin F.

Thurstin William, (W. Braintree) h and 4 acres, aged 77.

Thurston Erastus H., (W. Braintree) r 30, farmer 60.

Tilson Joseph M., (W. Randolph) r 31 cor 40, 600 sugar trees, farmer 200, 

Trask Azro, (W. Randolph) r 43, resident, h and lot.

Trask Lucinda Mrs. (W. Randolph) r 42, resident, aged 82.

Trask Sophia L., (W. Randolph) r 42, resides with Lucinda.

Treat Isaac, (W. Randolph) r 36 cor 33, farmer 25.

Tredo Peter, Jr., (W. Randolph) off r 43, 15 head stock, farmer 160, and mountain land 176.

Trombly Lucius, blacksmith.


VALLEY HOUSE, (W. Braintree) r 30, Leonard Fish, prop.

VINTON CHARLES L., (W. Randolph) r 41, dealer in railroad wood, r0 head cattle, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 150.


Watson Melvin, (W. Braintree) r 24, farmer 50.

Webster Alfred, (W. Randolph) r 39, 10 cows, 100 sheep, 15 head other stock, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 330.

Webster Clarence A., (W. Randolph) r 39, farmer with Alfred.

Webster Hattie R., (W. Randolph) r 39, teacher, lives with Alfred. 

WELLS C. ELLEN MRS., (W. Braintree) r 30, farm 40.

WELLS GEORGE A., (W. Braintree) r 30, resident.

Wells George W., (W. Randolph) r 45, farmer with Joshua A.

Wells Joshua A., (W. Randolph) r 45, 600 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Wheeler Edward J., (W. Randolph) r 43, farmer with Sylvester S.

Wheeler Sylvester S., (W. Randolph) off r 43, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100, mountain and woodland 50.

Whitney Frederick, (W. Randolph) r 33 cor 32, farmer 55, aged 72. 

Whitney Mary E., (W. Randolph) r 33 cor 32, lives with Frederick. 

Willey Edgar I., (W. Braintree) r 26, lumber jobber.

Williams Jedediah H., (W. Braintree) r 30 n 28, 50 sheep, farmer 275. 

Williams Jehial H., (W. Randolph) off r 39, 7 cows, 50 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Williams John R., (W. Randolph) off r 39, resides with Jehial H. 

Williams Theodore J., (W. Randolph) r 44, 500 sugar trees, farmer 140. 

Woodward Anna E., (W. Randolph) r 33 1/2, teacher in Bethel, Vt., lives with Charles E., Sr.

WOODWARD CHARLES E., (W. Randolph) r  33 1/2, 12 cows, 150 sheep, 10 head other stock, 275 sugar trees, farmer 120, woodland 10, and owns with R. R. Slack, of W. Randolph, wood and pasture land 180.

Woodward Charles E., Jr., (W. Randolph) r 33 1/2, supt. and principal of high school in Grafton, Vt., resides with Charles E., Sr.

Woodward Ida A., (W. Randolph) r 33 1/2, teacher, lives with Charles E., Sr. 

Woodward John R., (W. Randolph) medical student at Burlington, Vt., lives-with Charles E., Sr.

Woodward Mary O., (W. Randolph) r 33 1/2, teacher, resides with Charles E., Sr.


Young Ellen, (W. Braintree) r 30, widow of Stephen W., resident.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Orange County, Vt. 1762-1888, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; June, 1888.
Pages 15-24

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2007