Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Postoffice address is Bradford, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.


Adams Ida E. Miss, teacher, h Cottage.

Adams Victoria M., widow of Lewis F., washing and ironing, h Cottage. 

Aldrich Edwin R., justice of the peace, contractor and builder, farmer 30, h Main.

Aldrich Philinda, widow of John D., h Main.

Allen Eliphaz H., photographer, dealer in picture frames, moldings and glass, Main, h do.

Ames Segar T., (Bradford Center) harnessmaker, owns h and 4 acres.

ANDROSS DUDLEY K. Col., farmer 35, owns two houses in the village, capt. of Co. D, 1st Vt. Vols., lieut. col. of 9th Vt. Vols., and after the war col. of the 7th Vt. militia, h Maple.

Andross Salome, r 41, widow of William G., farmer, estate of her husband, 70. 

Armstrong James H., r 43, 1,000 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 6 cows, 20 head young cattle, farmer 280.

ARTHUR GEORGE P., sec'y and treas. of Bradford Savings Bank and Trust Co., h Main.

Austin Edgar, laborer, h off Pleasant.

AVERY FRANK F., r 17, 500 apple trees, grapery, farmer 30, and woodland 20.

Avery John H., (Bradford Center) r 4, (J. H. & O. J. Avery).

Avery John H. & Oliver J., (Bradford Center) r 4, 1000 sugar trees, 60 sheep, dealers in poultry, farmers 150.

Avery Oliver J., (Bradford Center) r 4, (J. H. & O. J. Avery).


BAGLEY CARLOS C., manuf. of carriages and sleighs, and general repairing done to order, Main, h do.

BAGLEY EDWIN J., clerk for A. Osborne, bds Main.

Bagley Frank, r __ laborer.

Bagley Belle, widow of Albert, h Main.

Baker Oliver R., dealer in men's and boys' clothing, ladies' cloaks, boots and shoes, fur and rubber goods, trunks and satchels, Main, bds Trotter House.

Baldwin Benjamin P., farmer, owns with E R. Aldrich about 30, h Main. 

Baldwin George, r 43, dealer in wool, farmer 300, and in W. Fairlee 400. 

Baldwin George W., r 43, (J. A. & G. W. Baldwin).

Baldwin J. A., r 43, (J. A. & G. W. Baldwin).

Baldwin J. A. & G. W., r 43, (J. A. and George W.) dealers in wool, livestock and poultry, B00 sugar trees, 200 sheep, farmers 700.

Banks Alba M., r 38, fanner

BARBER ALPHEUS P., r 43, harnessmaker, served in Co. D, 8th Vt. Vols. 

Barber Mills O. manuf. and dealer in harnesses, Main, h r 33.

Barber Ned T. Clerk for Henry A. Winship, bds do.

Barrett George, r 22, laborer.

Barrett Samuel C., r 15, miller and nurse, h and 1 acre.

Batchelder Alfred H., (E. Corinth) r 25, 600 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Bean Mary E., widow of Benjamin, h Pleasant.

Bicknell John S., manager boot and shoe department for Mrs. Maria L., h Main.

Bicknell Maria L. Mrs., deals in millinery, fancy goods, boots, shoes and rubbers, Main, h do.

Bixby Benjamin, dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery and small wares, Main, h do.

Bliss E. P. & J. W., r 33, (Edmund P. and Joseph W.) breeders and dealers in cattle, farmers 700.

Bliss Edmund P., r 33, (E. P. & J. W. Bliss).

Bliss Joseph W., r 33, (E. P. & J. W. Bliss), (J. W. Bliss & Co.)

Bliss J. W. & Co., manufs. of doors, sash, blinds and round butter boxes. 

Blodgett Ann Theresa, widow of Benjamin T., h Main.

BOOTH CHARLES, (Bradford Center) r 29, laborer.

BOOTH GRACE G., (Bradford Center) r 39, dressmaker.

BRADFORD ACADEMY, William E. Sargent, principal.

BRADFORD SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO., paid in capital $50,000; George W. Chapman, Haverhill, N. H., pres.; Dr. E. T. Smith, of East Corinth, vice-pres.; George P. Arthur, sec'y and treas., Main.

Briggs William A., custom shoemaker, Main, h do.

Briggs William A. Mrs., washing and ironing, Main.

BROOKS GEORGE R., painter, h Pleasant.

Brown Ed L., r 6, farm laborer.

Brown Georges E., carriage and sleigh manuf., Pleasant, h do.

BROWN LYMAN. J., dealer in meat and canned goods, tobacco and cigars, served in Co. K, 10th Vt. Vols., Main, h in Newbury.

BROWN WILLIAM N., r 32, farmer 10, pensioner, served in Co. B, 6th Vt. Vols.

Burke Peter, shoemaker, h Main.

Burkley Kate Miss, emp Wait's River Paper Co., h Main.

Bushaw Louis, laborer, h off Main.

Butler George L., retired furniture manuf. and dealer, h and 8 acres, Main. 


Carleton Henry K., emp. O. R. Biker, h Main.

CARPENTER CLARENCE H., practical undertaker, dealer in furniture, coffins, caskets and robes, Main, h do.

Carter William T., r 33, farmer 10.

Cate Eleazer S., r 31, farmer 8.

Chadwick Chloe A., r 7, widow of Thomas J. S., farm 60.

Chamberlain Frank R., r 32, fruit grower 150trees, breeder of pure blood Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer 75.

Chamberlin Annie F. Miss, r 17, daughter of Preston S., teacher. 

Chamberlin Harry B., book-keeper for Henry A. Winship, bds Cottage. 

Chamberlin Malon W., breeder of grade Jersey cattle, grower of young cattle, 7 head, 50 sheep, farmer 140.

Chamberlin Mary H. Miss, r 27, daughter of Preston S., teacher. 

Chamberlin Moses R., r 32, retired farmer, aged 70.

CHAMBERLIN PRESTON S. CAPT., r 27, zoo sugar trees, fruit grower about 30o trees, breeder of full blood and grade Jersey cattle, 9 cows, 50 sheep. breeder and dealer in horses, 8 head, farmer 230, and leases of C. J. Wilson 150.

Chapman Perley 0., carpenter and builder, h Pleasant.

Chase Horatio B., (Bradford Center) r 20, 600 sugar trees, farmer 220. Child Willard, station agent.

Claflin John N., house, sign and carriage painter, h Main.

Clark Alonzo T., painter, and dealer in paints, oils, varnishes, paper hangings, picture frames, moldings, mirror plates, window and picture glass, Mill, h Main.

Clark Calista M., widow of Joel K., resident, Pleasant.

Clark Calvin E., (Stevens & Clark) bds Main.

Clark James H., (Bradford Center) r 29, 40o sugar trees, farmer 57. 

Clay Frank W., clerk for G. A. Martin, bds Pleasant.

Clay Sarah D., widow of John H. C., boarding-house, Cottage.

CLEMENT FREEMAN K., r 38, grower of strawberries and currants, 60 apple trees, farmer 80.

Clough Orinda, widow of Robert W., h Main.

COLBURN ALBERT F., (Wait's River Paper Co.) and treasurer. 

Colby Absalom J., r 17, farmer 8.

Colton Chauncey C., retired farmer, owns in Vershire farm zoo, h Main.

Corliss Mary A. Miss, resident, h Main.

CORWIN OLIVER, dealer in boots, shoes and rubber goods, Main, h Goshen ave.

Cotey Joseph, r 32. breeder of grade Jersey cattle, 7 cows, farmer 140. 

COWDERY BURNHAM CAPT., (Bradford Center) r 31, farmer 65, soldier

in Co. G, 9th Vt. Vols., honorably discharged as capt. of Co. D, disabled and a pensioner.

Cowdery Horace W., r 43, laborer.

Crafts P. E. & W. L, (E. Corinth) r 24, (Pliny E. and Warren L.) 400 sugar trees, 120 sheep, 14 head of young cattle, farmers 400. 

Crafts Pliny E., (E. Corinth) r 24, (P. E. & W. L. Crafts).

Crafts Warren L., (E. Corinth) r 24, (P. E. & W. L. Crafts).

Craig Charles R., r 33, miller, emp. Peckett & Co.

Cummings David K., r 15, farmer too.

Cummings William F., r 15, farmer with his father David K.

Cummings Josiah, (Bradford Center) farmer 48.

Cunningham Samuel M., r 39, farmer, leases of H. C. McDuffee, 17. 

CURTIS C. H. MRS., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main, h do. 

CURTIS CYRUS H., railway postal clerk from Newport, Vt., to Spring?

field, Mass., h Main.

Curtis William A., r 15, farm laborer.

Cushman Joshua F., r 42, farmer 75.


Danes Burrage Y., r 34, laborer.

Davis Alfred, r 45, 300 sugar trees, farmer, leases on shares of Abner Davis, 70. 

Davis Charles O., clerk for H. G. Day, bds Main.

Davis Elroy L., r 43, farmer, son of Prescott.

DAVIS FRANCIS E., r 37, blacksmith, horse and ox shoeing a specialty. 

Davis George S., r 43, 25 sheep, farmer 80.

Davis Hilas D., prop. New England Apiary, inventor of the "New England No. 7 hive," manuf. of apiarists' supplies.

Davis John ., prop. restaurant, dealer in canned goods, fruit, tobacco, cigars, etc., Main, h Pleasant.

Davis Melville C., r 45, track hand on Pass. R. R.

DAVIS MERRITT A., r 36, blacksmith, soldier in 1st, 12th and 8th Regts., Vt. Vols.

Davis Prescott, r 43, 700 sugar trees, 4 grade Jersey cows, farmer 85. 

Davis Samuel E., r 38, farmer, agent for Mrs. Samuel E.

Davis Samuel E. Mrs., r 38, farmer 22.

Davis Walter S., r 45, track hand on Pass. R. R.

Davis Warren S., blacksmith, h off Main.

Day Hezron G., dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, and toilet goods, Main, h do.

DeGoosh Henry H., r 50, lister, 750 sugar trees, fruit grower 500 trees, 125 Merino sheep, farmer 300.

Dennis Edwin W., r 19, farmer 79.

DERBY DAVID L., 300 sugar trees breeder of grade Jersey cattle, 50 full blood Cotswold sheep, and farmer 225.

DICKEY ASA M. Col., attorney at law, practicing in state and United States courts, room 5 Stevens block, h Cottage.

Dickey George A., attorney at law, room 5 Stevens block, Main, h Cottage. 

Dickey Georgia E., r 5, farmer.

Dickey Seneca, r 5, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases on shares of his father William, 135.

Dickey Wallace L., traveling salesman for Cross & Bradley, of St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., h Main.

DICKEY WILLIAM, r 5, 30 sheep, farmer 300. (Died Nov., 1886.)

Doe Brothers, (Fred E. and Louison W.) dealers in jewelry, fancy goods and clothing, Main.

Doe Fred E., (Doe Brothers) bds Main.

Doe Louison W., (Doe Brothers) bds Main.

Doe Nelson R., fruit dealer in New York city, h Main.

Doloff Mary, (Bradford Center) widow of Clement, pensioner of the late war, farm 70.

Doloff Wesley M., (Bradford Center) farmer 70.

DOTY CHARLES C., traveling salesman for Henry A. Winship, h Goshen ave.

Doty Susan E., widow of Dr. Abner A., h Main.

Douglass Melvin L., law student with John H. Watson, bds do.

DRAPER REBECCA, r 31, widow of Joseph, owns h and 15 acres. 

Drew George, (Bradford Center) farmer.

Durant Edward E., (E. Corinth) r 2, farm laborer.

Durant Frederick, (E. Corinth) r 2, farmer, leases of John E. Stevens, 90. 

Durgan Elisha C., r 15, farmer with I. C. Willard 250.


EASTMAN DANIEL, (Daniel Eastman & Son).

EASTMAN DANIEL & SON, r 11, (R. Carroll) fruit growers 400 trees, breeders of grade Jersey cattle, 12 cows, and farmers 80.

Eastman Emma V. Miss, r 17, daughter of Daniel, teacher.

Eastman M. W., r 17, daughter of Daniel, teacher.

Eastman R. Carroll, r 17, (Daniel Eastman & Son).

Eastman William, mason, bricklayer, plasterer, etc., and dealer in hair, lime and cement, h South end Main.

Emerson Andrew, r 19, laborer.

Emerson Atwood R., laborer, bds with his father Robert J.

Emerson John, (E. Corinth) r 6, grower of young stock, farmer 150. 

Emerson John P., (E. Corinth) r 6, farmer with his father John.

Emerson Robert J., farmer 12, h Main.

Enright Charles W., farmer, h Main.

Everett Frank H., dental surgeon, rooms 8 and 9 Stevens block, h Pleasant. Everett Joseph, carpenter, h Pleasant.


FABYAN ABBOTT L., prop. Trotter House.

Fabyan George C., clerk for O. R. Baker, bds Trotter House.

FARNHAM ROSWELL Hon., ex-Gov. of Vt., attorney at law in state and United States courts, room 1 Stevens block, h Main.

Farr George W., architect and builder, h Main.

Farr Hartwell L., r 37, laborer, h and lot.

FARR MOSES D., r 30, 500 sugar trees, stall-feeder of sheep, farmer 150 

Flanders Daniel N., (Bradford Center) r 21, 300 sugar trees, farmer 125. 

Flanders Elias S., farmer 10, h Pleasant.

Flanders Mary, widow of Blaisdell, h Pleasant.

FLANDERS MOSES G., r 15, cattle dealer and drover, farmer 6, and in Piermont, N. H., 300.

Flanders Thomas L., retired farmer, h Main.

Fletcher Frederick, M. D., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Fray Nathaniel E., r 38, retired, aged 73, h and 1 3/4 acres.

Freman Zachary T., emp. on R. R , bds Main..

Fuller Edwin, r 38, 13 head of cattle, farmer 25, and in Fairlee 200. (Died Nov. 4, 1887.)

Fulton Asa C., r 17, breeder of high grade Jersey cattle, 10 head, fruit grower 75 trees, farmer 80.

Fulton Chester F., r 17, son of Asa C., teacher.

Fulton Mary Ellen Miss, r 17, daughter of Asa C , teacher.

Fulton Robert, r 17, fruit orchard, 6 cows, farmer 50.


Gaffield Abbie, r 32, daughter of Gardner J., teacher.

GAFFIELD GARDNER J., r 32, lister, 300 sugar trees, 50 sheep, 5 cows, 10 head other-cattle, farmer 200.

GAFFIELD GEORGE E., postmaster last ten years, dealer in books, stationery and fine goods, Stevens block, h Main.

Gaffield Moses V., r 8, 500 sugar trees, farmer 62 1/2.

GAGE ALONZO E., r 39, butcher, and dealer in fresh and salt meats and poultry, breeder of full blood Shropshire and Cotswold sheep, 60 head, farmer 110.

GAGE ROSILLA B., widow of Eben, resides with her son Alonzo E. 

Gardner Joseph W., r 38, grower of strawberries, farmer 60, and wood lot in Fairlee 50.

Garland George F., (Bradford Center) 650 sugar trees, farmer 184.

George G. Wallace, clerk for George E. Gaffield, bds with his father Thomas H.

George Gideon W., assistant postmaster, bds Main.

George Sargent T., traveling salesman for George Jenkins, h Main. 

George Thomas H., carpenter and builder, h Main.

Gerry Joshua, retired farmer and drover, aged 97, h Main. (Died Nov. 9, 1887.)

Getchell Dolly, (Bradford Center) widow of Gasper, postmaster, owns h and 12 acres.

Getchell Fannie Miss, (Bradford Center) teacher.

Golden Johnston, r 38, 5 grade Jersey cows, grower of strawberries, fruit grower 70 trees, farmer 100.

Gosha Thomas, r 16, laborer.

GOVE WILLIAM M., r 38, grower and dealer in strawberries, currants and other small fruits, farmer 85.

GRANGER JOHN L., r 39, supt. of the town poor farm, about 170 acres. 

Griffin Harry M., manuf. and dealer in marble and granite, and copper weather vanes, Main, h do.

Grow Sam H., r 32, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, 6 cows, 11 head young cattle, farmer 100, in Goshen neighborhood 130, and in Newbury 300. 


HACKETT MOSES D., (Bradford Center) r 27, 500 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

HACKETT WILLIAM W., (Bradford Center) r 27, farmer with his father Moses D.

Hale Loami F., dealer in investment securities, room 4 Stevens block, h Cottage.

HANSON LESTER W., M. D., physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

HARDY FRANK E., r 17, farmer with his father John C.

HARDY JOHN C., r 17, 200 sugar trees, 15 grade Jersey cattle, 7 cows, 50 grade Cotswold sheep, grower of strawberries, raspberries and currants, farmer 200.

Harriman George, constable, h Pleasant.

Hartley Thomas W., r 31, farmer 3.

HARTWELL JOHN, prop. livery, sale and boarding stable, Main, h do.

Hartwell Ruth, widow of Joseph, h Main.

Hartwell Sam D., r 31, laborer and farmer 3.

Haskins Sadie L. Miss, daughter of Capt. William H., teacher, h Pleasant. 

Haskins Sarah B. C., widow of Capt. William H., h Pleasant.

Hatch Crowell, tailor, Main, h do.

Hatch Mary J., (Mrs. Crowell) tailoress.

Hay Barron. (Prichard & Hay) town treasurer and town agent.

Hay John B., clerk for Prichard & Hay, bds Main.

Heath Alphonso, (Bradford Center) 300 sugar trees, farmer, with his brother' John on the estate of their father Gideon, 50.

Heath Charles, (Bradford Center) farmer 175.

Heath Fanny Miss, resident, h Pleasant.

Heath George A., r 7, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Heath John T., (Bradford Center) farmer, with his brother Alphonso on the estate of their father Gideon, 50.

Higgins Daniel B., machinist and blacksmith, h Mechanic.

Highland Belinda, r 34, widow of Jeremiah T., owns h and 1 acre.

Highland Frank E., r 34, notary public, supt. of schools, traveling salesman for Brown & Bagley, of Rutland, Vt.

HOCKENBERRY HARRY, horse trainer, h Main.

Hough Alfred J., pastor M. E. church, parsonage, Main.

HOUGHTON DANIEL, r 35 cor 38, dealer in fresh and salt meats, farmer 32, and in Fairlee 200 sugar trees and farm 200.

Houghton George W., r 35, tin peddler, owns h and 2 acres.

Howard Ira, r 30, 400 sugar trees; farmer 88.

Hunkins Asher E., r 14, summer boarding, breeder and dealer in horses, grade Durham cattle and full blood Berkshire swine, 400 sugar trees, farmer 250.

Hunkins Frank J., r 14, farmer with his father Asher E.

Hunkins Thomas A., r 14, farmer, son of Asher E.

Hunt Wilbur M., (Bradford Center) carpenter and joiner, leases of Hiram. Porter, of Corinth, grist and saw-mill.


Jacob Alexander, r 37, laborer, farmer 6.

Jacob Norman, farm laborer, h Main.

Jeffords Jacob, restaurant, canned goods, nuts, tobacco and cigars, Main, h do. 

JENKINS ARAD, off r 38, justice of the peace, 65 Merino sheep, breeder of full blood and grade Jersey cattle, 15 head, grower of strawberries, farmer 50, and in Fairlee 100

Jenkins Eliza Miss, resident, h Main.

JENKINS GEORGE, manuf. of all kinds of cemetery and monumental work in granite and marble established in 1857, Main, h do. 

Johnson Ann B., widow of Ezekiel, resident, owns h and 1 1/2 acres. 

JOHNSON ARTHUR F., 125 full blood Merino sheep, 5 cows, lumberman, farmer 180, and in W. Fairlee 85.

Johnson E. Elliott, r 15, breeder of Shropshire sheep, Hereford cattle, and dealer in live stock, farmer 200.

Johnson Jonathan, farmer, owns 200 acres on r 14, h Main.

Johnson Moody C., clerk for Prichard & Hay, bds Main.

Johnson Remembrance C., r 14, grower of hay for market, farmer 200. 

JOHNSON THOMAS, r 15, 140 sheep, stall feeder of cattle and sheep for market, farmer 180.

Johnson Willard C., r 14, breeder of thoroughbred Durham cattle, Berkshire swine, and Cotswold sheep, 30 head, farmer 200.

JONES CHARLES, (Stearns & Jones) h Main.

JONES JULIAN H., M. D., horneo. physician and surgeon, opp. Trotter House, h do.


Kelley Albert, r 37, farmer 60.

KELLEY JAMES W., off r 31, 400 sugar trees, farmer 80, and in Fairlee pasture and woodland 80.

Kelley Kimball B., r 43, farmer 30.

Kelley Melissa A. Mts., 8 grade Jersey cows, farmer 300.

Kelley Nelson F., r 31, dealer in poultry, farmer 3.

Kennedy Adelbert, r 36, carpenter and builder, h and 2 acres.

Kennedy George W., r 31, farmer 20.

Kennedy Silas B., general blacksmith and mechanic, h Main.

Kenny Samuel, manuf. and dealer in harnesses, Main, h do.

Kent Charles A., clerk for Stevens & Clark, h Main.

Kent Reuben A., r 38, dealer in country produce, farmer 100.

Kenyon Frederick W., barber and hairdresser, room 3 Stevens block, h Pleasant.

Kidder Albion O. r 43, 500 sugar trees, breeder of full blood Jersey cattle, registered, Morgan horses, farmer 115.

Kimball Charles M., r 17, breeder of full blood Poland China swine, grade Jersey cattle, 8 cows, farmer 75.

Kimball Hiram W., r 10 cor, 75 sheep, 8 cows, farmer 150.


Lang Horace B., r 15, 75 sheep, grower of beef cattle, 25 head, farmer 300. 

LAVITT WILLIAM H., manuf. of square butter boxes and a variety of small packing boxes, orders solicited, Mechanic, h Main.

Leavitt Charles A., carpenter, emp. Walker, Hatch & Co., of Winooski, Vt., h Pleasant.

Lees John W., pastor First Cong. church, parsonage, Main. 

LIBBEY BROTHERS, (Ervin T. and William A.) general blacksmithing shop and grist-mill, and props. of livery stable, rear of Trotter House. 

LIBBEY ERVIN J., (Libbey Brothers) farmer 8, h Goshen ave. 

LIBBEY WILLIAM A., (Libbey Brothers) h Pleasant.

Liett Charles H., r 19, laborer.

Linton George H., breeder and dealer in poultry, bds S. M in.

Little Harriet, widow of Moses, h and lot Pleasant.

Livingston Lafayette D., merchant tailor, Bliss building, h Main. 

Low Ira, r 47, 500 sugar trees, 150 sheep, farmer 400.


Main Jane, r 17, widow of John, laundress.

MANSON GEORGE, retired farmer, h and r acre, aged 79, Main. Martin George A., dealer in stoves, tinware, pumps, lead pipe, etc., Main, h do.

Martin George W., r 32, mechanic, pensioner, soldier in Co. G, 10th Vt. Vols. Martin George W., r 47, farmer 85.

Martin Harry B., r 35, job teamster and farmer 4.

Martin Lizzie A. Miss, r 47, daughter of George W., teacher.

Martin Noah, r 32, farmer 160.

Martin William, r 43, 6 high grade Jersey cows, breeder of Morgan horses, farmer 127.

MASON FRANKLIN, (Bradford Center) r 22, sugar orchard, farmer 145, and in Topsham 155.

McDuffee Alice M. Miss, r 15, music student.

McDuffee Edward E., r 15, farmer 21.

McDuffee Ellen P. Mrs., dressmaker, h Main.

McDuffee Ellis, r 15, sexton of Bradford cemetery, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, 10 head, 30o sugar trees, farmer 90.

McDuffee Frank E., r 15, law student at Harvard Law school.

McDuffee George W., r 8, carpenter.

McDuffee H. Everett, r 15, fruit grower 500 trees, grower of grapes and berries, farmer 25.

McDUFFEE HENRY C., ex-state senator, civil engineer, dealer in real estate, and farmer, h Main.

McDUFFEE HOMER S., r 15, 200 sugar trees, fanner 30, supt. of farm for Caleb Philbrick 125.

McDuffee Horace G., civil engineer and real estate agent.

McDuffee Lewis R., r 15, 300 sugar trees, 50 sheep, breeder of Membrino, Wilkes and Hambletonian horses, fruit grower 150 trees, farmer 90. 

McDuffee Lucy A., r 15, (Mrs. H. Everett) resident.

Mellen William D., grower of berries, farmer 30, bds Pleasant.

Merchant Joseph, laborer, h Main.

Merrill Albert H., r 31, carpenter and builder, farmer 32.

Merrill Bessie A., r 31, dressmaker, daughter of Albert H.

Merrill Ira A., r 39, It head cattle, farmer 115.

Merrill Jesse M., r 43, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 grade Jersey cows, farmer 225. 

Merrill Loren K., traveling merchant, wholesale and retail dealer in dry and fancy goods, ready-made clothing, cutlery and cigars, h Main. 

Merrill Willie M., r 43, 50 sheep, 8 head young cattle, farmer 96.

MOORE WARREN, (Wait's River Paper Co.) and manager, h Goshen ave. Morrill Henry, (Bradford Center) laborer.

MORRIS GEORGE F., mason, bricklayer, plasterer and dealer in lime, hair and cement, h Mechanic.

Morse Stephen A., teamster for Henry A. Winship, h Pleasant. 

Muchmore Elvira R. Miss, dressmaker, Court, off Main.

Munn Josiah D., emp. Wait's River Paper Co., h Pleasant.

Muzzey Melvin G., farmer 60, served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Vols.


Nelson Charlotte I. Miss, teacher of oil and landscape painting and water colors, studio, Union block, h Main.

Nelson Lucy E. Miss, teacher, h Main.

Nelson William S., painter, glazier and upholsterer, furniture repairer, Main, h do.

New England Apiary, H. D. Davis, prop., 226 colonies, produces extracted and box honey.

Newton Lydia B., r 35, widow of Lyman, resident, aged 77 years. 

Nichols Jennette K. Mrs., seamstress, h Main.

Nichols William A., carriagemaker, emp. at Brattleboro, h Main.

Norcross Edmund P., off r 29, r,000 sugar trees, 25 grade Jersey cows, farmer 300.

Norcross John G., r 8, 40 sheep, 6 cows, 20 head other cattle, farmer 180, and in Corinth 100.

Norcross Moses, r 29, farmer 25.

Norcross Will T., r 8, farmer with his father John G.

Norcross William E., 400 sugar trees, fruit grower 100 trees, 4 grade Jersey cows, farmer 100.

NOURSE WILLIAM H., retired farmer 6, owns residence, Main. Noyes William H., 60 sheep, farmer 95.


Ormsby Albert G., r 37, farmer 10.

Ormsby Anson, laborer, h Pleasant.

Ormsby Henry H., r 38, grower of strawberries and farmer 50.

Ormsby Olive Mrs., r 37, tailoress.

ORMSBY RUFUS F., r , breeder of full blood and grade Durham cattle, 30 head, farmer 120, and pasture and woodland 90

Osborne Adelbert, agent American Express Co., grocer, Main, h do. 


PAGE WALTER A., r 31, paper maker, owns h and 3 acres.

Parker Abram, laborer, h Main.

PARKER. HARRY E., editor and prop. of The United Opinion and' manager of the Bradford piano rooms for the celebrated Miller pianos, h Main.

Parker Jesse, laborer, h Main.

Parker Joseph, (Bradford Center) laborer.

PECKETT JOE-IN B., r 33, (Peckett & Co.) farmer 25, owns half interest in Union block, 1st lieut. Co. D, 1st Vt. Vols., Bradford Guards. 

PECKETT JOHN B., Jr., r 33, attorney at law, pension agent and dealer in Western loans, rooms 6 and 7 Union block.

PECKETT & CO., props. Bradford grist and saw-mills, manufs. and dealers in flour, meal, feed and all kinds of lumber.

Peters Alcina, widow of George, h Main.

Peters Annie G. Miss, compositor United Opinion office, bds Main. 

PETERS ARTHUR W (J. H. Peters & Son).

PETERS J. H. & SON, (Joseph H. and Arthur W.) dealers in agricultural implements, props. of stock horse "Ethan Allen, 2d," breeders of Merino sheep, registered (Atwood's strain), Jersey cattle, registered, and pure blood Morgan horses, farmers 250.

PETERS JOSEPH H., (J. H. Peters & Son) veterinary surgeon and justice-of the peace.

Pike Mary L. Mrs., resident, h Main.

Pillsbury Benjamin T., dealer in tin, brass, hardware, lead pipe, stoves, etc., Main, h Pleasant.

Pillsbury David F., retired, aged 83, h Pleasant.

Piper Adna T., r 41, farmer 40, leases on shares of Mrs. Salome Andrus 70. 

Piper Charles W., r 44, farmer 16.

Powers Martha B. Miss, late a teacher in the academy, h Main.

Prescott Freeman K., r 38, grower of strawberries, fruit orchard 25 trees, farmer 61.

Prescott John G., r 38, farmer 47.

Prescott Lorenzo D., freight teamster, h Mechanic.

PRICHARD JOHN B. W., (Prichard & Hay) first selectman, town clerk, h Cottage.

PRICHARD & HAY, (John B. W. P. and Barron H.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockery, glassware, Yankee notions, etc., Main.


Redington Edward C., retired banker, bds with J. C. Stearns, Main. 

Renfrew Carlos, section hand on Pass. R. R., bds Pleasant.

Renfrew Harry, farmer, h Pleasant.

Renfrew Horace E., grower of strawberries and raspberries. 6 grade Jersey cows, farmer 85.

Renfrew Robert, r 10, 6 cows, farmer 125.

Renfrew Thomas R., resident, h Pleasant.

RENNIE JOHN -J., dealer in flour, grain and feed, railroad station, h opp. do.

RICHARDSON CHARLES A., jeweler with J. M. Warden.

Risley Robert, r 34, laborer.

ROBIE EDWIN W., r 32, 150 sugar trees, 25 sheep, butter maker, farmer 80. 

Roble Walter F., r 32, son of Edwin W., student at Dartmouth college. 

Robinson Charles H., carpenter, h Main.

ROBINSON JONATHAN H., disabled soldier, pensioner, served in Co. D, 8th Vt. Vols., h Pleasant.

Rowe Moses E., r 8, (Moses S. & Moses E. Rowe).

Rowe Moses S., r 8, (Moses S. & Moses E. Rowe).

Rowe Moses S. & Moses E., r 8, 800 sugar trees, farmers 150.

Rowe Thomas H., r 8, farmer with his father Moses S., and owns farm 40. 

Rowell Byron W., r 38, grower of strawberries, and farmer 10.

Rowell Edgar, mechanic, h Main.


Sampson George W., r 43, retired farmer 100, aged 77.

Sampson George W. Jr., r 43, fruit grower 400 trees, 6 grade Jersey cows, breeder of full blood Morgan horses, farmer 100.

Sanborn William C., 500 sugar trees, breeder of horses, and high grade Jersey cows, 11 head, 60 sheep, farmer 450.

Sargent John A., (Sargent & Co.) h Main.

Sargent Mary J., r 34, widow of Andrew, farm 13.

SARGENT WILLIAM E., principal of Bradford academy and Union school, bds Trotter House.

Sargent & Co., (John A. Sargent) general merchants, Main.

Sawyer Charles L. D., coachman, emp. Trotter House, h Main.

SAWYER EDWARD C., r 15, resident, bds with Ellis McDuffee. 

Sawyer James E., job teamster, h Main.

SAWYER JOHN H., r 15, manuf. and dealer in oak, pine and hard wood lumber, breeder of full blood and grade Durham and Jersey cattle, fruit grower 100 trees, farmer 150.

Sawyer John M., farm laborer, h Main.

Scales Stephen P., farmer, owns h and 3 acres.

Scott Benjamin F., r 47, laborer.

Shaw Asa T., emp. Wait's River Paper Co., h Main.

Shaw Sarah J. Miss, resident, h Main.

Shepherdson Marcella Miss, resident, h and lot Cottage.

Shumway Ellis B., r 30, farmer with his father Silas.

Shumway Silas, r 30, 300 sugar trees and farmer 55.

Sibley Charles H., carriage trimmer and harness maker, h Main.

Silloway Harley, r 43, 500 sugar trees, farmer 130.

Simpson Alonzo, (Bradford Center) r 5, farmer on shares with his brother Thaddeus.

Simpson Reuben P., (E. Corinth) off r 6, dealer in turkeys, 300 sugar trees, farmer 96.

Simpson Thaddeus, (Bradford Center) r 5, 150 sheep, farmer 300. 

SLEEPER JOSEPH E., r 38, 6 head cattle, farmer 60.

Smalley Elijah, resides with H. E. Renfrew, aged 75.

Smith Eppephas N., (Bradford Center) 800 sugar trees, breeder of full blood Merino sheep, 130 head, 14 grade Durham cattle, Morgan horses, farmer 300.

Smith Lucy H., widow of Jonathan, h Main.

Spalding Clarence E., clerk for Stevens & Clark, bds Trotter House. 

Staples Frederick, farm laborer, bds Cottage.

Staples Frederick B., carpenter, served in Co. D; 15th Vt. Vols., h Cottage. 

STAPLES HENRY C., carpenter and builder, millwright and building mover, h Mill.

Staples Milton B., laborer, h Main.

Staples Scott G., laborer, h Cottage.

Stearns Cyrus, r 38, milk dealer, 10 cows, farmer 20.

STEARNS HENRY E., r 38, carpenter and farmer with his father Cyrus. 

STEARNS JOHN C., (Stearns & Jones) farmers.

STEARNS & JONES, (John C. S. and Charles J.) fire, life and accident insurance agents, rooms 2 and 3 Union block.

Stevens Alden, clerk and treas. of Piermont Bridge Co., and dealer in stocks, aged 76, h Pleasant.

Stevens Harry B., farmer 50, owns livery stable barns, h Main.

STEVENS HATTIE Miss, daughter of Charles S., resident, Main.

Stevens Henry C., r 16, carpenter, farmer 15, and owner of brood Morgan mare.

Stevens John E., r 2, farmer about 200.

Stevens Jonas, (E. Corinth) r 2, farmer about 200.

Stevens Jonas W., (E. Corinth) r 2, breeder of full blood Merino sheep, registered, 75 head, Morgan horses, 500 sugar trees, fruit grower 300 trees, farmer 450.

Stevens Martha L., widow of Charles S., resident, h Main.

STEVENS NELLIE M. Miss, daughter of Charles S., resident, h Main. 

Stevens Oscar H., dental surgeon, over Doe Bros.'s store, h Main. 

STEVENS WILLIAM B., (Stevens & Clark) prop. Stevens block, h Main. 

STEVENS & CLARK, (William B. S. and Calvin K C.) general merchants, Main.

STOKES A. RANDALL, physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Stone Samuel J., ornamental and decorative painter, h Main.

Strickland Charlotte E. Miss, teacher of French and German at the Strickland Homestead, Main.

Sturtevant Hiram S., r 19, farm laborer,

Sulloway George, r 31, farmer with his son Henry.

Sulloway Henry, r 31, farmer 60.


Taplin Elliott C., prop. threshing and wood-sawing machines, 1,200 sugar trees, fruit orchard zoo trees, farmer in Corinth 180.

Thompson Charles S., r 32, farm laborer, emp. Noah Martin.

Thurston Charles E., r 4, 600 sugar trees, breeder of Almont and Hambletonian horses and Jersey cattle, farmer on the estate of his father Sampson 1112.

Thurston Sampson, r 47, 600 sugar trees, farmer 112.

Townsend John, (Bradford Center) laborer.


Underhill Samuel H., laborer, owns h and 2 acres, h Pleasant.

Underwood Chester F., gardener and laborer, h Mill.

Underwood John B., box maker, emp. William H. Leavitt, h Cottage. 

UNITED OPINION, THE, published every Friday, Harry E. Parker, editor and prop., Main.


Vermouth Sarah, widow of Aaron, nurse, h Pleasant.


WAIT'S RIVER PAPER CO., Warren Moore and A. F. Colburn, props., manufs. tissue and medium manilla paper, Main.

Wallace Ruth Mrs., r 43, breeder of horses, and full blood Cotswold sheep, 35 head, 15 head of cattle, owns two farms containing 200 acres.

WARDEN JOSEPH M., dealer in American watches, solid silver and silver-plated ware, clocks, jewelry, traveling bags, toilet articles and fancy goods, Main, h Cottage.

Watson John H., state's attorney, attorney at law, rooms 6 and 7 Stevens block, h Cottage.

Webb Henry A., tinsmith, emp. B. T. Pillsbury, bds Pleasant.

Welton Edward H., dealer in lumber, shingles and lath, farmer 160, h Main.

WELTON GEORGE W., (Bradford Center) farmer 300, aged 86. 

Welton Josiah D., r 30, 1,000 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 160.

Wheeler Albert N., laborer, bds with Levi F., Main.

Wheeler Edwin H., invalid, served in Co. I, 9th, and Co. B, 4th Vt. Vols., bds with Levi F.

WHEELER LEVI F., prop. of iron foundry, machine shop and wool carding-mill, Mechanics Row, h Main.

WHITCOMB RUFUS E., house painter and paper hanger, h Main. 

White Roxanna, widow of Burton, carpet weaver, h 'Main.

Willard Hiram, r 43, laborer.

Willard Israel C., r 15, farmer 175, and in Fairlee pasture and woodland 75.. 

Williams Harvey, toll gatherer at Piermont bridge, farmer 90.

Williams Willard C., r 17, 1,000 sugar trees, 12 head cattle, farmer 700. 

WILSON BOYD H., r 6, 500 sugar trees, 7 cows, 7 head young cattle, farmer 235, and in Newbury 50

WILSON CHARLES J., r 17, 200 sugar trees, farmer 125.

Wilson Clarence B., student, bds Pleasant.

Wilson Eunice, widow of Adams, tailoress, h Pleasant.

Wilson John, r 6, retired farmer, resides with his son Boyd H., aged 81. 

Wilson Kimball, farmer 17, h Goshen road.

Wilson Lizzie E., widow of George W., teacher intermediate department Bradford academy. h Main.

Winn Frank T., r 14, job teamster

WINSHIP El ENRY A., wholesale and retail dealer in hardware, grass seeds, fertilizers, coal and ice, Main, h Goshen ave.

Winship Joseph C., r 32, farmer 140, aged 75.

Wood Lewis, (Bradford Center) r 20, farmer, leases on shares of Charles Heath, 100.

Wood Thomas, (Bradford Center) farmer, leases on shares of S. Curtis, 150. 

WOODBURY SUSAN A. Miss. r 31, dressmaker and tailoress. 

Woods George W., apiarist 9 colonies, farmer 150, h Main.

Woodward Eliza, widow of John B., h Main.

Worthen Adams P., r 43, 400 sugar trees, 40 sheep, 6 cows, dealer in live stock, farmer 110..

Worthley John L., r 46, 500 sugar trees, farmer 110. 

Wright Arch. M., carriage painter, emp. C. C. Bagley, bds Main. 

Wright Charles C., job teamster, h Main.

WRIGHT GEORGE W., r 15, carpenter and builder, farmer 25. 

Wright John, laborer, h Main.

Wright Thomas, r 7, farmer 30.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Orange County, Vt. 1762-1888, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; June, 1888.
Pages 3-15

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2007