1887 – 1888


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 

Railroad station is Barton Landing, 2 ½ miles southwest. Daily Stage.


Allard Andrew P., (Lyndon) r 12, farmer 6. 


Badger Matilda, (E. Burke) r 3, widow of Hiram, resident, aged 73. 

BALDWIN WILLIE C., (St. Johnsbury East) r 29, 7 head cattle, 15 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Barnett Albert H., (Lyndon) r 3 cor 4, 14 grade cattle, 500 sugar trees, stone mason, carpenter, and farmer 165. 

Barney Austin, (E. Burke) r 3, 13 head cattle, farmer 175. 

BEAN CHARLES H., (Lyndon) r 12, 25 head grade Jersey and Devon cattle, 13 sheep, 50 full white Leghorn hens, 800 sugar trees, wood sawyer and grain thresher, farmer 300. 

Bean Sewell H., (Lyndon) r 12, retired farmer. 

Bean Watson D., (West Concord) r 23, laborer, served in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols. 

Bonett Frederick M., (Lyndon) r 12, farm laborer. 

Bonett Jonathan C., (Lyndon) r 12, shingle maker, owns 6 acres. 

Bronson Ruth, (Lyndon) r 6, widow of Freeman, owns h and lot. 

Brooks Alonzo, (Lyndon) r 17, 12 head of cattle, 800 sugar trees, 41 sheep, farmer 200. 

BROWN JOSIAH, (Lyndon) r 11, 20 head grade Devon and Jersey cattle, 30 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 240. 

Buggbee Edwin R., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, farmer 75. 


CHASE GEORGE A., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, 12 grade Jersey, Devon and Durham cattle, 15 sheep, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 165. 

Chase Jane D., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, widow of Elmore, resident. 

Chase Lucy J. Miss, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, school teacher. 

Chase Nancy M. Miss, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, music teacher. 

CHURCH ELHANAN W., (W. Concord) r 23, justice of the peace, 15 grade Durham and Devon cattle, 25 grade Cotswold sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 177. 

Cobleigh Mehitable, (W. Concord) r 28, widow Reuben, farm 10. 

Copp Abbie, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, school teacher. 

Copp Ezra, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, farmer 12. 


DAMON WILLIAM, (Lyndon) r 3, 12 head Devonshire cattle, 13 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, blacksmith, and farmer 120. 

Damon William E., (Lyndon) r 9, farmer 62. 

Davis Daniel, (Lyndon) r 3, farmer 10. 

Davis Hiram, (Lyndon) r 12, laborer, served in Co. I, 3d Vt. Vols. 

Davison Thomas, (Lyndon) r 12, farm laborer. 

Drew Elsie C., (St. Johnsbury East) r 30, widow of George, resident, aged 83. 


Fitzpatrick Thomas, (Lyndon) r 8, farm laborer. 

Ford Fred, (N. Concord) off r 2, in Concord, farmer with D. W. Thompson, 100. 

FORD GEORGE O., CAPT., (St. Johnsbury East) r 29, supt. of dairy farm owned by Hon. Wm. W. Grout, served in Co. K, 8th,Vt. Vols. 


Gorham Densmore W., (E. Burke) r 3, 12 head cattle, 15 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer.

Gorham Edgar W., (Lyndon) r 5 cor 6, farmer with his father, J. W. 

Gorham Fred E., (Lyndon) r 5 cor 6, farmer with his father, J. W. 

Gorham John W., (Lyndon) r 5 cor 6, 22 head cattle, 350 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Graves Harry S., (Lyndon) r 6, farmer with his father, Preston H. 

Graves Mary, (Lyndon) r 6, widow of Charles H., resident, aged 72.

Graves Nellie M. Miss, (Lyndon) r 6, school teacher. 

GRAVES PRESTON H., (Lyndon) r 6, justice of the peace, town clerk, 1st selectman, town representative and town agent, 20 head grade Devon cattle, 1,100 sugar trees, farmer 275. 

Grout William W. Gen., (Barton and St. Johnsbury East) r 29, member of Congress from 2d district of Vermont, attorney at law, office Barton, Vt., owns farms in Essex Co., 325 acres, in Caledonia Co. 435 acres, 600 sugar trees, 50 cows, 30 young cattle, 60 sheep, breeder of reg. Jersey and Ayrshire cattle, served as Lieut. Col. of l5th Vt. Vols. 


Harris C. E., (Lyndonville) r 3, 30 head grade Jersey and Durham cattle, 2,000 sugar trees, and farmer 300. 

Hayward Celia A., (W. Concord) r 23, school teacher. 

Hanscomb Henry H., (W. Concord) r 21, laborer. 

Houghton Jonathan, (E. Burke) r 3, mail carrier from E. Burke to Lyndonville, farmer 120. 

Houghton Phineas C., (Lyndon) r 7, 11 head grade cattle, 750 sugar trees, owns h and 2½ acres in St. Johnsbury, carpenter and farmer 83. 

Hovey Mark L., (St. Johnsbury East) r 28, farmer. 

HUMPHREY BION F., (E. Burke) r 3, 26 sheep, farmer, leases of Jonathan Houghton 120. 

Hutchinson Hiram, (Lyndonville) off r 3, 10 head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Hutchinson Horatio, (W. Concord) r 23, carpenter and farm laborer. 


Jenkins Fred E., (E. Burke) off r 2, farmer with his father, Milo. 

Jenkins George, (Lyndon) off r 12, farmer, leases of M. Parker 140. 

Jenkins Harris E., (E. Burke) off r 2, farmer 100. 

JENKINS MILO, (E. Burke) off r 2, 14 head grade Jersey cattle, 47 sheep, 800 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Joslin Marshall S., (W.Concord) off r 26, 17 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 150. 

Joslin Sylvanus, (W. Concord) off r 26, retired farmer. 


Kearny Mary E., (W. Concord) off r 22, widow, farm 100. 

Kearny Thomas, (W. Concord) off r 22, with his mother, Mary E., farmer 100. 

Kelley Thomas W., (Lyndon) off r 6, 15 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 136. 

Kelley William E., (Lyndon) off r 6, farmer with his, father, Thomas W. 

Kennedy Peter, (W. Concord) r 14, farmer 200. 

Knox Leon F., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, carpenter and farmer 50. 

Knox Thomas, (W. Concord) r 15, farmer, leases of George Eaton, 300. 


La Page Lewis. (W. Concord) r 22, farm laborer. 

Leach George A., (Lyndon) r 6, 14 grade cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 375. 

LOCKE ALBERT S., (Lyndon) r 5, 33 grade Jersey cattle, 1,300 sugar trees, farmer 250. 

Lowell Charles, (E. Burke) r 2, mason, 11 grade cattle, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Lowell Harris E., (E. Burke) r 2, farmer, with his father, Charles. 


McGaffey Amos, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, laborer, owns 4 acres. 

McGaffey Arthur L., (St. Johnsbury East) off r 16, farmer, with his mother, 75. 

McGaffey Sarah, (St. Johnsbury East) off r 16, widow of Amos. 

McGinnis George, (St. Johnsbury East) r 30, farmer, with his father, John C. 

McGINNIS JOHN C., (St. Johnsbury East) r 30, 17 head cattle, 25 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 165. 


Mitchem Edwin H., (Lyndon) r 12, 40 sheep, farmer 230. 

Mitchem Jane L., (Lyndon) r 12, widow of John, resident. 

Moulton Henry H, (W. Concord) r 21, farmer 67. 

Munton Robert, (W. Concord) r 22, farmer 75. 


Nickerson Benjamin B., (Lyndon) r 3, retired farmer 128. 

Nickerson David B., (Lyndon) r 8, farmer 50. 

Nickerson Joseph W., (Lyndon) r 8, selectman, 15 grade Devon cattle, 1,200 sugar trees, farmer 130. 

NOYES IRA, (W. Concord) r 26, (Noyes & Son) retired farmer. 

Noyes Susanna Miss, (W. Concord) r 26, schoolteacher. 

Noyes & Son, (W. Concord) r 23, (Ira and Charles A.) 20 grade Jersey and Durham cattle, farmers 200. 

Nutter Eleanor E., (W. Concord) r 26, widow of Benjamin, farm 100. 


Page Lester G., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, farmer 100. 

Page Rockman, (W. Concord) r 14, farmer. 

Parker Merritt S., (W. Concord) r 23, 28 grade and Jersey and Durham cattle, 10 sheep, farmer, leases of the estate of Lewis Hayward 200. 

Parker Priest Y., (W. Concord) r 23, farmer 25. 

Powers Frank R., (W. Concord) r 21, 25 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 170. 


Quimby Ira, (W. Concord) r 21, 20 head cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 183. 


Ranney Edson H., (W. Concord) r 25, farmer 150. 

Ranney Henry, (W. Concord) r 26, selectman, 100 head cattle, farmer 250.

Ranney Pliney O., (W. Concord) r 15, farmer. 

Ranny Scotto C., (W. Concord) r 15, constable, farmer 120. 

Raymond Willie, (W. Concord) off r 20, farmer, leases of M. S. Joslin 150.

REED WINTHROP, (W. Concord) r 27, 18 head grade Durham and Jersey cattle, 900 sugar trees, served in 3d Vt. Light Artillery, prop. of Morgan stallion, farmer 200. 

Richards Kimball, (W. Concord) off r 21, farmer 50. 

Richards Lester S., (W. Concord) r 21, 10 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, farmer 60, and in Essex county 140. 

Richards Lovina, (W. Concord) r 27, widow of Joel, resident, aged 65. 

RICHARDS WINFIELD S., (St. Johnsbury East) r 27, 10 grade Jersey and Durham cattle, 11 sheep, 750 sugar trees, carpenter and farmer 155. 

RISLEY RUSSELL, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, 10 head cattle, 30 sheep. 800 sugar trees, farmer 300. 

Russell Alden, (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, carpenter and joiner. 

RUSSELL LAURA J., (St. Johnsbury East) r 17, widow of Palmer W., 27 grade cattle, 36 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 264. 

Russell Walter S., (St. Johnsbury East) r 17, farmer with his mother, Laura J. 

Russell Willie P., (St. Johnsbury East) r 17, farmer with his mother, Laura J. 

Russell Nellie A., (St. Johnsbury East) r 17, school teacher and supt. of schools. 


Sortwell Paschal C., (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, farmer 50. 

Stephens Mary, (St. Johnsbury East) off r 16, school teacher. 

Stephens Moses S., (St. Johnsbury East) off r 16, farmer, leases of Passumpsic Savings Bank 148. 


Thompson D. W., (N. Concord) off r 2 in Concord, farmer with Fred Ford 100. 

Town George H. & E. P., (N. Concord) off r 2 in Concord, farmers 150. 

Turner Mary J., (Lyndon) r 8, widow of Ichabod, aged 77. 


Warren Edwin J., (W. Concord) off r 22, farmer 100. 

Walter Chandler C., (W. Concord) r 23, farmer for E. W. French. 

Webber James, (Lyndon) r 6, farm laborer. 

Webber Wilber, (Lyndon) r 6, farmer 100. 

Wentworth T. Reed, (W. Concord) r 15, farmer 150. 

Wetherby Henry L., (Lyndon) r 5, town treasurer, 15 grade Jersey cattle, 15 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200. 

Willis William P., (W. Concord) r 26, 45 Durham and Jersey cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 210. 

Wood Abigail (St. Johnsbury East) r 16, widow of Luther, resident, aged 79. 

Wood John R., (St. Johnsbury East) r 20½, farmer with his father, Rodger. 

Wood Rodger. (St. Johnsbury East) r 20½, 10 head cattle, 15 sheep, farmer 150. 


YOUNG DAVID S., (Lyndon) r 8, overseer of the poor, 30 grade cattle, 33 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 300. 

Young Huntly D., (Lyndon) r 8, retired farmer. 

(Source: Gazetteer of  Caledonia and Essex Counties, VT.;
1764-1887, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child; 
May  1887, Part Two, Pages 60-63)

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