Directory is arranged as follows:— 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Adams Ethan A., (East Coventry) r 35, (Burrows & Adams.) 

Adams William J. (Barton Landing) r 43, works on shares for job Guild, of Barton Landing, dairy 18 cows, and 8 head young stock, 75 sheep, and farmer 160. 

Algier Charles, (Coventry) r 15, farmer 100. 

Allen Fanny, (Coventry) r 26, widow of George W., resident. 

Allen Hollis, (Coventry) r 16, farmer 45. 

Allen Sylvester, (Coventry) r 16, farmer 30.


Bailey Charles H., (East Coventry) r 32, farmer 15. 

Baldwin Charlie, (Coventry) laborer, h Main. 

Baldwin Lydia, (Barton Landing) r 42, widow of Levi, resident. 

Baley Clark, (East Coventry) r 35, farmer 75.

Baley Martha M., (Coventry) r 45, widow of Jonathan, farm 130.

Baley Wallace J., (Coventry) r 43, farmer. 

BARROWS WILLIAM L., (Coventry) r 17, licensed auctioneer, dairy 20 cows, 10 head of young stock, and farmer 160. 

Berry Kenelm W., (East Coventry) r 23, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 9 cows, 120 sheep, and farmer 250. 

Black Almira, (East Coventry) r 22, widow of Timothy, farmer 117. 

Black Henry F., (East Coventry) r 22, town representative, dairy 30 cows, 75 sheep, farmer 200, and works for Almira 117. 

Boynton Charles S., (Coventry) r 29, works for Ira Boynton, dairy 10 cows, and farm 225. 

Boynton Ira, (Coventry) r 26, farmer 227. 

Boynton Ozias, (Coventry) r 9, farmer 30. 

Bradford W. John, (Browningtgn) r 36, farmer, with H. Hutchinson 90. 

BRANCH CHARLES F., (Coventry) town superintendent, allo. physician and surgeon, secretary of United States board of surgeons, vice-president of county society, Main st., h do. 

Brooks Alonzo T., (Coventry) r 18, shoemaker, and with Childs, farmer 9. 

Brooks Childs, (Coventry) r 18, shoemaker, with Alonzo T., farmer 9. 

Brooks John, (Coventry) r 27, farmer 2. 

Brooks Pliny C., Coventry) r 15, laborer. 

Brown Alfred H., (Coventry) blacksmith and machinist for G. L. Heermon. 

Burbank Samuel, (Coventry) r 18, (Burbank & Williams) starch manuf sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer 175, and timber land 100. 

Burbank & Williams, (Coventry) (Samuel B. & Frank C. W.) props. of saw-mill, lumber dealers, farmers 125, and timber land 400, Main st. 

Burgoyne Charles, (Coventry) r 12, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 109. 

Burroughs Albert W., (East Coventry) r 35, farmer 100. 

Burroughs George W., (East Coventry) off r 33, farmer 65. 

Burroughs Ralph, (East Coventry) r 35, (Burroughs & Adams.) 

Burroughs Wesley, (East Coventry) r 55, son of Albert W. 

Burroughs & Adams (East Coventry) r 35, (Ralph B. and Ethan A. A.) dairy 11 cows, and farmer 150. 


Chamberlin Charles, (Coventry) prop. hotel, and mail carrier to East Coventry, h Main St. 

Chapman John, (Coventry) r 22, farmer. 

Cheval Alfred, (Coventry) laborer, h Main St. 

Church Bowers H., (East Coventry) farmer. 

Church Stilltman H., (East Coventry) r 37, stock raiser, and farmer 90. 

Cleveland Amos K., (Coventry) r 13, with C. J. Ware, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 260. 

Cleveland Elijah, (Coventry) secretary of Passumpsic R, R., aged 88, h Main St. 

Cleveland Elijah E., (Barton Landing) r 43 cor 42, dairy 12 cows, 50 head young sheep, live stock dealer, and farmer 175. 

CLEVELAND HENRY C., (Coventry) breeder and dealer in shorthorn Durham cattle, 40 head, and Chester White hogs, agent for the St. Albans foundry, saws and stone lifters, and farmer 250, h Main st. 

Cobb Charles P., (Coventry) r 46, farmer 29. 

Cole George W., (Coventry) r 18, dairy 10 cows, 50 sheep, sugar orchard 1,500 trees, and farmer 160. 

Collins Curtis T., (Barton Landing) r 31, farmer, leases of Emily Owens 130. 

Collins George D., (Coventry) teamster. 

Collins Hamilton, (Barton Landing) r 44, carpenter and farmer 17, and leases Leonard Cowles estate 58. 

Collins Stillman S., (Coventry) r 17, carpenter. 

Comerford Mary A., (Newport) r 2, widow of William H., farm 21.

Conway Timothy, (Coventry) r 20, farmer 210. 

Cooper Joseph, (Coventry) r 18, farmer 1½. 

Corro Andrew, (Coventry) r 26, teamster. 

Cummings George P., (East Coventry) off r 42, farmer 100. 

Cummings Jasper, (East Coventry) off r 42, farmer, with George P. 


Daggett Joseph N., (Newport) r 5, farmer 100. 

Day Albert, Jr., (Beebe Plain. P. Q.,) farmer 500. 

Day Charles A., (East Coventry) r 34, farmer, leases of M. J. Miller's estate, dairy 9 cows and 190 acres. 

Day Channing L., (East Coventry) r 37, farmer, with L. T. 

DAY HERBERT H., (Brownington) r 41, dairy 10 cows, 32 head young stock, 90 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 100, and works for Albert J. Day, of Beebe Plain, 200. 

DAY HOLLIS, (East Coventry) r 35, dairy 11 cows, 18 head young stock, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 120. 

Day Luke T., (East Coventry) r 37, sugar orchard 1,400 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer 190. 

Dow Emma, (Coventry) off r 12, (Mrs. WM. G.,) farmer 75. 

Dow William G., (Coventry) off r 12 cooper. 

Dow William W, (Newport) r 11, dairy 20 cows, 25 sheep, 20 head young stock, breeder of Morgan horses, and farmer 280. 

Drown Hiram P., (Coventry) r 27, farmer 81. 

Dunn Thomas, (Coventry) r 18, stonemason, and farmer 6. 


Edmunds Rufus B., (Coventry) r 46, farmer 200. 

Elkins Charles H., (Newport) r 2, farmer 26. 

Emerson Solon C., (Barton Landing) r 42, farmer 100. 

Enos John, (Coventry) r 15, farmer. 

ESTY ALBERT  W., (East Coventry) r 37, dairy 13 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 175, and in Brownington 17. 

Fairbrother David W., (East Coventry) r 42, farmer in Sheffield, Vt., 70. 

Fairbrother Lavina, (Coventry) r 46, widow of Abel W. 

Fairbrother Willard, (East Coventry) r 42, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard, 1,200 trees, 20 head young stock, breeder of Morgan horses, and farmer 280. 

Farwell William, (Coventry) r 16, laborer. 

FISHER SETH, (Coventry) r 27, miller, leases grist-mill of Seymour Lane, of West Derby, and dealer in flour and meal. 

Flanders Bradford W., (East Coventry) r 40, dairy 7 cows, 7 pairs working cattle, 30 sheep, sugar 
manuf. 650 trees, and farmer 148. 

Fletcher Leonard, (Coventry) r 18, farmer. 

Foster Ned L., (Coventry) r 27, tin peddler. 

French Samuel F., (Coventry) r 46, manuf of wood eave-spouts. 

Frissell Charles G., (Newport Center) farmer 35. 

Frost Willard W., (Coventry) civil engineer, and farmer 216, h Main St. 

Fuller Joseph, (East Coventry) dairy 9 cows, and farmer 233. 


Gilbert Samuel L., (Coventry) painter. 

Gladden Edward R., (East Coventry) r 39, farmer, leases of H. S. Jones, of Barton Landing, 180. 

Goodell William B., (Newport) r 7, farmer 45. 

Goodnoe George A., (Newport) r 11, dairy 17 cows, and farmer, leases of A. M. Ripley, of Colorado, 150 acres. 

Gorham George H., (Coventry) r 10, farmer. 

GORHAM JAMES G., (Coventry) r 25, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 180. 

GOULD OZIAS B., (Coventry) allo. physician and surgeon, h Main. 

GRANT JOSEPH P., (Coventry) r 15, stone mason, dairy 8 cows, and farmer in Irasburgh 57, and works for Mary J. 67. 

Grant Mary J., (Coventry) (Mrs. Joseph P.,) farm 67½. 

Graw Arthur, (Newport) r 34, farmer, leases estate of Marshall Miller 160. 

Gray Asa M., (Newport) r 11, wool grower, and farmer 135.

Gray Azro, (Coventry) r 28, traveling salesman for Dr. Gould's medicines, and farmer 260. 

Gray Daniel P., (Coventry) r 25, farmer 86. 

Gray Edward K., (Coventry) r 28, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, works for Azro 260. 

Gray Frank W., (Newport) r 11, farmer 106. 

Gray Hubbard, (Coventry) r 28, 20 head young stock, 50 sheep, and farmer 140. 

GRAY NATHANIEL W., (Coventry) r 27, farmer 106. 

GUILD EZRA, (Coventry) r 20, dairy 13 cows, 19 head young stock, 20 sheep, and farmer 200. 

Guild Luther R., (Coventry) r 18, farmer 100. 


Hammond Harvey, (Newport) r 4, sugar orchard 700 trees, and farmer 75. 

Hancock Abram H., (Coventry) r 16, farmer, with Asa B. 200. 

Hancock Asa B., (Coventry) r 16, farmer, with Abram H. 200. 

Hancock Hollis H., (Coventry) r 27, farmer. 

Hancock James, (Coventry) r 11, dealer in sheep. 

Hanford Willard H., (Coventry) r 46, Wheelwright. 

Harvey Benjamin F., (Coventry) off r 12, farmer 120. 

Heermon Frederick H., (Coventry) sawyer, h Main. 

Heermon George L., (Coventry) r 15, prop. saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in all kinds of hard and soft wood lumber, clapboards, lath and shingles, and farmer 413. 

Heermon Harry A., (Coventry) r 17, farmer. 

Heermon Hartson W., (Coventry r 17, farmer 170. 

Herbert Jennie, (Coventry) widow of Charles F., farmer 65, h Main. 

Hitchcock Lewis, (Coventry) laborer, h Main st. 

Howard Henry, (East Coventry) r 42, second selectman, 12 head of young stock, 50 sheep, and farmer 175. 

Hutchinson Hiram, (Brownington) r 36, farmer 90. 


Ide Charles, (Newport) r 11, farmer 300. 


Jenkins Lorenzo, (Newport) r 8, farmer 35. 

Jenkins Willie H., (East Coventry) r 37, farmer. 


Kendall Abby S., (East Coventry) r 29, widow of Dr. Samuel S., owns 2 acres. 

Keys Isaac, (Coventry) r 30, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 145. 

Keys John, (Coventry) r 25, farmer 15.

Kidder Jonas G., (Coventry) r 18, dairy 9 cows, 10 head young stock, 50 sheep, and farmer 101. 

Kidder Joseph S., (Coventry) r 15, farmer 60. 

Kidder Thomas, (Coventry) r 18, farmer, timber land 90. 


Labounty David, (Newport) off r 2, dairy 15 cows, farmer, leases of S. Doris, of Troy, 150. 

Langmaid Edward W., (Coventry) farmer 80. 

Lapier Homer J., (Coventry) carpenter and joiner. 

Lathe George H., (Newport) r 8, farmer 12. 

Lathe Silas L., (Coventry) off r 18, cooper. 

Lathe William T., (Coventry) r 12, farmer. 

Lewis Charles S., (Coventry) r 16, farmer 3. 

Lewis Charles S., Jr., (Coventry) r 16, farmer 27. 

Lewis Jonathan, (Coventry) r 15, farmer 15. 

Litchfield Charles O., (Coventry) r 30, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150. 

Livingston George, (Coventry) r 20, farmer 60. 

Livingston George S., (Coventry) r 27, pensioner. 

Livingston John, (Coventry) r 26, dealer in horses. 

Livingston Luke, (Coventry) r 20, farmer. 

Lothrop Edwin H., (Barton Landing) r 42, dairy 18 cows, 20 head young stock, and farmer 400. 


Magoon Charles S., (Newport) r 4, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 118. 

Magoon Garvin, (Newport) farmer 160. 

McFarland Andrew L., (Barton Landing) r 45, dairy 27 cows, 40 head young stock, and farmer 440. 

McFarland James M., (Barton Landing) son of Andrew L. 

McLane John, (Newport) farm laborer. 

MERRITT JOSEPH H., (Newport) r 2, disabled soldier, bds with M.A. Comerford. 

McMurry Huldah, (Coventry) r 46, widow of Wm. John, h and lot. 

Mitchell Warren, (Coventry) r 26, retired farmer 12. 

Mongeon Lewis, (Coventry) r 27, general blacksmithing and wagon making. 

Moranville Simon, (East Coventry) r 38, farmer, leases of J. Fuller 120. 

Morey Benjamin W., (Coventry) r 15, laborer. 

Morse Clark S., (East Coventry) r 32, farmer 170. 

Morse Phebe, (East Coventry) r 32, widow of Whipple. 


Nelson Hugh, (Newport) r 6, farmer 119. 

Newton George, (Coventry) r 46, laborer. 

NICHOLS HENRY C., (Coventry) r 46, fire, life, and accident insurance agent. 

NICHOLS STEPHEN E., (Coventry), sawyer for Burbank & Williams. 

Niles Edward, (Coventry) r 19, works for Mary, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150. 

Niles Mary, (Coventry) r 19, widow of George W. dairy 10 cows, farmer 150. 

Nye Lucius S., (Past Coventry) r 23, farmer 100. 

Nye Salmon, (Coventry) r 10, dairy 16 cows, 50 sheep, and farmer 200. 


OWENS CHARLES, (Barton Landing) r 43, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 106. 

OWENS EMILY, (Barton Landing) r 43, (Mrs. Charles) farm 130. 


Parker John  T., (East Coventry) r 32, student. 

PARKER ISAAC, (East Coventry) r 32, postmaster, express and station agent, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, 16 head of young stock, farmer 150, in Derby 50, and in Brownington 25. 

Parker Richard F., (East Coventry) r 22, farmer 50. 

Parker Samuel B., (Coventry) r 30, shoemaker, and farmer 85. 

Pearson Moses C., (Coventry) r 25, (M. C. and S. H.) 

Pearson M. C. & S. H., (Coventry) r 25, (Moses C. and Samuel H.) dairy 15 cows, 40 sheep, farmers 180, and in Newport 66. 

Pearson Samuel H., (Coventry) r 25, (M. C. and S. H.) 

Phelps Leslie J., (Coventry) barber and hair dresser. 

Phelps Morris L., (Coventry) tailor, and farmer. 

Percival Solon G., (Coventry) farmer 50, h Main st. laborer. 

Preston Frank J., (Coventry) r 14.

Priest Alonzo, (Coventry) r 16, shingle weaver, and farmer. 

Putney Charles F., (Newport) farmer, leases of A. G. Bartlett, of Boston, dairy 11 cows, 53 sheep, and 150 acres. 

Putney Hosea A., (East Coventry) r 29, laborer, h and lot. 

Putney John H., (East Coventry) r 25, laborer. 


Redfield  ?, (East Coventry) r 24, farmer, leases of C. S. Morse. 

Redfield Caroline, (East Coventry) r 29, widow of Beriah A., with Catharine, farmer 80, and leases of Sidney Redfield, of Montpelier, 30. 

Redfield Catharine, (East Coventry) r 29, with Caroline, farmer 80. 

Reynolds John, (Coventry) off r 18, farmer 130. 

Richards Charles, (Newport) farmer. 

Richards Edward, (Newport) farmer 100. 

Richards Fanny, (Coventry) r 27, widow. 

Richards Jules, (Newport) farmer 23. 

Richardson Fred O., (Coventry) painter. 

Rogers Silas, (Coventry) r 14, cooper. 

Rogers William, (Newport) r 6, laborer. 

Rowe George W., (Barton Landing) section foreman. 

Rowe Henry, (East Coventry) r 32, carpenter and joiner. 

Rowell Chester, (Coventry) r 16, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 190. 

Rowell Jacob, (Coventry) retired, aged 80. 

RYTHER CHARLES V., (Newport) r 7 cor 8, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100. 

RYTHER ORMAN E., (Coventry) r 7 cor 8, son C. V., school teacher. 


Sage Richard, (Coventry) off r 15, farmer 50. 

Sargent Christopher, (Newport) r 6, farmer 60. 

Sessions Amasa P., (East Coventry) r 23 sugar orchard 600 trees, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 160. 

Sessions Ira, (East Coventry) r 23, retired farmer. 

Shippee Benjamin S., (Coventry) r 26, general blacksmithing. 

SHIPPEE BENNIE S., (Coventry) blacksmith with B. S. Shippee, bds Main. 

Smith Almon, (Coventry) r 17, farmer, leases of H. W. Heerman 170. 

Stevens Ebenezer, (Coventry) carpenter. 

Stevens Joseph, (Coventry) carpenter and farmer 20. 

STEVENS WILLIAM, (Coventry) 1st constable and collector, harness- making and carriage trimming. 


Taylor Lucius E., (Coventry) pastor M. E. church, Main. 

Thresher Benjamin F., (Coventry) off r 16, farmer 110. 

Thresher Holland, (Coventry) r 26 cor 18, retired blacksmith, run shop here 50 Years. 

Thrasher Hollis, (Coventry) r 26, dairy 9 cows, 30 sheep, and farmer 100.

Tibbetts Michael R., (Coventry) r 17, country produce dealer, and farmer 36. 

Tower Amos M., (Coventry) r 27, clerk. 

Tower Benjamin F., (Coventry) notary public, postmaster, and dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, crockery, flour, &c., Main. 

TRUDEAN ISRAEL, (Coventry) prop. of tannery, manuf. of leather, and dealer in sides, skins, and pelts, hemlock bark, shingles, lime, plaster, hair, tail hair, and glue stock, h Main. 

TRUE GEORGE W., (Coventry) r 13, dairy 28 cows, 50 sheep, breeder of horses, farmer 270. 

True Silas R., (Coventry) r 14, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100. 


WALWORTH DANIEL P., (Coventry) retired merchant, town agent for prosecuting and defending law suits, farm 10, h Main. 

Ware Curtis J., (Coventry) r 13, dairy 22 cows, and farmer, with A. K. Cleveland 260. 

Ware Alonzo, (Coventry) r 26, farmer 36. 

Ware Dustin, (Coventry) r 17, farmer. 

Wells Henry, (Newport) r 21, farmer 100. 

Wells John, (Newport) r 21, son of Henry. 

Wells Harmon T., (Newport) r 21, son of Thomas. 

Wells John, (Newport) r 21, son of Henry. 

WELLS THOMAS, (Newport) r 21, dairy 17, cows, and farmer 225. 

Wheelock John P., (Coventry) r 10, wheelwright, and farmer 30. 

White Thomas, (Newport) r 6, carpenter. 

Wiggins George A., (East Coventry) off r 35, leases of G. W. Burroughs 90. 

Willey Benoni N., (Newport) r 5, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 230. 

Williamson Frederick D., (Barton Landing) r 45, farmer, with A. L. McFarland. 

Williams Frank C., (Coventry) (Burbank & Williams,) town clerk and treasurer, general merchant, fire insurance agent, Main. 

Woods Phineas, (Newport) r 9, farmer 3. 

Wright Charles O., (East Coventry) r 22, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 85. 

(Source: Gazetteer of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, VT.;
1883-1884, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child; 
May 1887, Page 446-451)

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