Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

Railroad stations are Richmond, 6 mires north, and Jonesville, 5 miles northeast. Daily stage.


ALGER GEORGE, (Huntington) r 18, farmer 12, and in Hinesburgh 300.

ANDREWS GIDEON B., (Huntington, Center) r 27, proprietor Camel's Hump Nurseries and dealer in all kinds nursery stock, breeder of Jersey grade cattle, dairy 28 cows, and farmer 290, mountain lot 250.

ANDREWS JOHN E., (Huntington Center) r 27, foreman in nursery, son of Gideon B.

Atwood Orrin C., (Huntington) r 5, laborer, h and 2 acres.


Baker Frank H., (Huntington Center) r 32, farmer, with Hiram A.

BAKER GEORGE A., (Huntington Center) r 32, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 165.

Baker Hiram A., (Huntington Center) r 32, farmer 90.

Baker Orin A., (Huntington Center) r 21, farmer 78.

BAKER WILLIAM W., (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, farmer 6.

Baldwin Horace E., (Huntington Center) r 21, farmer.

Baldwin John P., (Huntington) r 11, painter, bds with Dr. Brewster, owns h and 2 acres in Colchester.

BALD WIN LUCIUS E., (Huntington Center) r 21, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 85, leases of M. Sweet

Ball Edwin A., (Huntington Center) r 20, apiarist 25 swarms, farmer 50 acres mountain land.

Bashaw Francis, (Huntington) r 10, h and lot.

Bashaw Frank, (Huntington) r 10, laborer.

Bates Alfred E., (Huntington) r 20, auditor, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 325.

Beaugor Peter, (Huntington Center) r 17, laborer.

Beaugor Willie H., (Huntington) r 8, laborer, h and lot.

BENNETT BULONED B., (Huntington) r 13. farmer 9.

Benway Francis, (Huntington) r 1, dairy 13 cows, and farmer, leases of James Miner, of Hinesburgh, 200.

BENWAY JULIA A. Miss, (Huntington) r 1, daughter of Francis.

Benway Lewis, (Huntington) r 1, farmer, son of Francis.

Benway Wallace, (Huntington) r 20, blacksmith, h and lot.

BICKFORD CHARLES S., (Huntington) r 18, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 300.

Bickford Guy, (Huntington) r 11, general merchant, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 300.

Bickford John, (Huntington) r 11, retired farmer.

Bostwick Edgar, (South Starksboro, Ad. Co.) r 35 1/2, farmer 200.

Bostwick Tuffle, (Huntington) r 10, wheelwright, h and lot, and shop.

Brennan Martin D., (Huntington) r 5, 25 sheep, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 200.

BREWSTER BYRON, (Huntington) r 3, (Byron and Henry).

BREWSTER BYRON& HENRY, (Huntington) r 3, 63 sheep, dairy 14 cows, and farmers 290.

BREWSTER GEORGE W., (Huntington Center) r 17, stock horse Hambletonian blood, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 170.

BREWSTER HARRISON H., (Huntington Center) r 25, dairy 20 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, and farmer 214.

BREWSTER HENRY, (Huntington) r 3, (B. & H.) constable and collector.

Brewster Myron P., (Huntington) r 11, clairvoyant and magnetic physician, leases of Mrs. Thomas Moody, of Lincoln, 7 acres.

BREWSTER WARHAM, (Huntington Center) r 22, overseer of the poor, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 275.

BREWSTER WESLEY C., (Huntington Center) r 28, mail carrier to Richmond, daily stage, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 357.

Brockam Warren, (Huntington Center) r 26, laborer.

Brow Loren, (Huntington) r 20, farmer 10,

Burnham Abigail, (Huntington Center) r 35, widow of George P., resident.

Burnham George M., (Huntington Certer) r 35, farmer, leases of Truman Pierce 100.

Buttles Charles B., (Huntington Center) farmer 20.

Butts Huilburt, (Huntington Center) r 20, wheelwright.

Butts Joseph, (Huntington Center) r 20, wheelwright.


CAMEL'S HUMP HOUSE, (Huntington Center) r 20, Gershom Conger, prop.

Carl Hosea R, (Huntington) r 18, laborer.

Carpenter Calvin D., (Huntington Center) r 20, butcher and dealer in hides and skins, and farmer 3.

Carpenter Calvin, Jr., (Huntington Center) r 31, farmer 80.

Carpenter Dorwin J., (Huntington Center) r 26, architect, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 32, and 200 mountain land.

Carpenter Jerome C., (Huntington Center) r 20, son of Calvin D., butcher and dealer in fresh meats.

Carpenter John, (Huntington Center) r 20, laborer.

CARPENTER NORMAN A., (Huntington Center) r 28, dairy 27 cows, and farmer 370.

Carpenter Polly, (Huntington Center) r 28, widow of John, aged 78, lives with N. A. Carpenter, well and able to milk 10 cows night and morning.

CASWELL LOREN, (Huntington) r 2, (Caswell & Sherman) carpenter and joiner.

Caswell Maria, (Huntington) r 2, widow of Harry, owns farm 90.

CASWELL & SHERMAN, (Huntington) (Loren C. and Anson T. S.) farmers, lease of Mrs. Manx Caswell 90.

Chamberlin Elijah, (Huntington Center) r 20, teams for Forest Mill Lumber Co.

CHESMORE ALWIN H., (Huntington) r ii, physician, owns grist and saw mill, manuf. clapboards, shingles, cheese boxes, common lumber, etc.

Cobb Eliphalet, (Huntington Center) r 25, farmer 75.

Cobb George, (Huntington Center) r 25, farmer.

Cobb Harvey, (Huntington Center) r 25, farmer 50.

Collins Edmund T., (Huntington) prop. of the Green Mountain House, vegetable farm and orchard 4. acres.

Conger George E., (Huntington Center) r 20, son of Gershom.

CONGER GERSHOM, (Huntington Center) r 20, prop. Camel's Hump House, prop. meat market, butcher, prop. of stock horse "Archie Johns Morgan."

Crane Warharm N:, (Huntington) r __, wheelwright, h and lot.

Cutler Jerome N., (Huntington) r 20, son of Mrs. Clara Hawley.

CUTTING JAMES R, (Huntington Center) r 28, carpenter and joiner, farmer 50.

CUTTING MYRON D., (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, carpenter and joiner, farmer 30.


DEARBORN ABIAL C., (Huntington Center) r 32, saw mill, manuf. lumber, clapboards, shingles, butter tubs, staves and heading.

DEARBORN JOHN, (Huntington Center) r 34, dairy 37 cows, and farmer 1,300.

Denning John P., (Huntington) r 18, bds with Hiram H. Pierce.

Derbey Almon C., (Huntington Center) r 20, mason.

Dike Zurviab J., (Huntington Center) r 23, widow of Heman, farmer 50.

Dowd Bridget, (Huntington) r 5, widow of James, dairy 13 cows, and farm (estate of James) 150.

DOWD FRANCIS C., (Huntington) r 5, dairy 15 cows, farmer (estate of James) 150.

DOWD PETER, (Huntington) r 5, farmer, son and heir of James.

Durand James, (Huntington) r 11, laborer.

Dwyre John, (Huntington Center) r 26, laborer.

DWYRE LEWIS, (Huntington Center) r 29, dairy 33 cows, and farmer, leases of Solomon R Norton 410.


Eddy Caleb, (Huntington) r 15, farmer, leases of Edson W. Ellis 270.

Eddy William M., (Huntington Center) r 31, shingle maker, and farmer 2.

ELLIOTT ALDEN J., (Huntington Center) r 20, carpenter and joiner.

Ellis Edson W., (Huntington Center) r 20, postmaster, dealer in general merchandise, farmer 50, and 270 leased by C. Eddy.

ELLIS GUY D., (Huntington) r 12, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 380.

ELLIS JOHN B., (Huntington Center) r 20, grand juror, and farmer 73.

ELLIS MAGENE J., (Huntington Center) r 33, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 173. 

Ellis Orvis H., (Huntington Center) r 20, lister, town representative, dairy 36 cows, and farmer 325.

Ellis Roxanna, (Huntington Center) r 26, widow of Lorenzo, farmer 110.

ELLIS SAMUEL B., (Huntington Center) r 20, harnessmaker, and farmer 50. 


Fargo Ezra H., (Huntington) r 16, farmer, son of Hopkins.

Fargo Herbert L., (Huntington) r 16, farmer, son of Hopkins.

Fargo Hopkins J., (Huntington) r 16, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 260.

Fargo Jabez, (Huntington) r 17, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 80.

FARGO JOHN, (Huntington) r 17, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100.

Fargo Martin M., (Huntington) r 17, farmer 74.

Fiddock Thomas, (Huntington Center) r 24, lumberman.

FIELDERS WILLIAM H., (Huntington Center) farmer.

Forest Mills Lumber Co., (Huntington Center) r 24, (Leonard Snyder and Sidney M. Gillett,) props. saw mill, manufs. staves, chair stock, dimension and common lumber, 1,000 acres mountain land.

Fuller Edward A., (Huntington) r 18, butcher and dealer in all kinds of meats and eggs.

Fuller Ezra B. Rev., (Huntington) r 11, pastor Free Will Baptist church.


GIFFIN SIDNEY E., (Huntington) farmer, leases of James Miner, of Hinesburgh, 120.

Gillett Burton U., (Huntington Center) r 17, farmer, son of Madison J.

GILLETT MADISON J., (Huntington Center) r 17, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 200.

GILLETT SIDNEY M., (Huntington Center) r 24, agent Forest Mill Lumber Co.

Gilley Alice, (Huntington Center) r 32, widow of Elbridge, farmer, leases of Solomon R. Norton 2.

Gilley Charles H., (Huntington Center) r 33, farmer.

Gilley George A, (Huntington Center) r 32, laborer.

Gorton Asa, (Huntington r 25, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 300.

GORTON DANIEL, (Huntington Centre) r 26, dairy 28 cows, and farmer 288.

GORTON GUY S., (Huntington Center) r 34, farmer, with John Dearborn. 

GORTON OLIVER, (Huntington Center) off r 24, dairy 10 cows, farmer 265. 

GORTON ROYAL E., (Huntington Center) r 25. breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 60. 

Gorton IV. Whipple, (Huntington Center) off r 24, farmer, with his father, Oliver. 

Griffith Charles H., (Huntington) r 11, laborer, h and lot. 

Griffith Jeremiah, (Huntington) r 11, bds with Charles H., aged 76. 


HALLOCK GEORGE H., (Huntington) r 6, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200. 

Hallock Orvis C., (Huntington Center) r 28, farmer. 

Harris Charles, (Huntington) r 18, farmer 69. 

Haskins Frank L., (Huntington Center) r 31, sawyer. 

Haskins Samuel, (Huntington Center) r 31, shingle maker, and farmer 6. 

Haskins William, (Huntington Center) r 31, shoemaker, h and 1 acre.

HIGLEY CARLOS A, (Huntington Center) r 29, lumberman, dairy 25 cows, farmer 375, and 1,225 mountain land. 

Hill Cyrus, (Huntington Center) r 31, farmer 4.

Holcomb Leonard, (Huntington Center) r 34, farm laborer. 

Howley Clara, (Huntington Center) r 20, widow of Lorenzo, farmer 97.

Howley John S., (Huntington) r 5, laborer.


JOHNS MITCHEL J., (Huntington) r 10, carpenter and joiner, h and lot. 

Johns Norman A, (Huntington) r 10, farm laborer. 

Johns Solomon, (Huntington) r 11, farmer 75. 

Johnson Almira, (Huntington) r 10, widow of Joseph, h and lot. 

JOHNSON STILLMAN, (Huntington) r 13, shoemaker, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 200.

Johnson Wesley M., (Huntington) r 11, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats, cans, boots, shoes, paints, oils, etc., and farmer 45. 

Jones Parker K., (Huntington Center) r 34, farmer, with John Dearborn. 

Joslyn Josiah, (Huntington tington Center) r 20, farmer 3, and 218 mountain land. 

Judson Hawley W., (Huntington) r 10, carpenter and joiner. 


Kenyon Heman A, (Hun tington) r 1, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 132. 

Kenyon Smilie E., (Huntington) r 1, son of Heman A. 

KNIGHT LESLIE V., (Huntington) off r 20, farmer and carpenter. 


La Flash Napoleon, (Huntington Center) r 26, laborer. 

Lamson Laura, (Huntington) r 18, widow of Joseph, h and lot. 

Lavelette Henry, (Huntington Center) r 21, farmer 15. 

Lewis George H., (Huntington) r 11, farmer 40. 

Loveland Alonzo H., (Huntington Center) r 20, civil engineer. 

Loveland Theodore, (Huntington Center) r 28, farmer. 


Manley Elisha, (Huntington) r 1, farmer, leases of Mrs. Clara Howley 97. 

Martin Jonas, (Huntington) r 1, bds with W. W., farmer 100. 

Martin William W., (Huntington.) r 1, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150.

Miller William S., (Huntington) r 16, house and carriage painter, h and 3 acres.

Mix Guy W., (Huntington Center) r 30, farmer 15.

Mix J. Johnson, (Huntington) r 6, farmer 20.

Mix Louis, (Huntington Center) r 30, widow of Joel, farmer 22.

MIX MARIA T., (Huntington Center) r 20, widow of Thomas, h and lot, 1 1/4.

Mix Norman J., (Huntin0gton Center) r 31, manuf., clapboards, staves, dimension and coarse lumber, and farmer 56.

Morrill George H., (Huntington) r 14 cor 15, dairy 45 cows, and farmer 400.

Morrill Jerry, (Huntington Center) r 28, laborer.

Morrill Josiah, (Huntington Center) r 28, laborer.

Morrill Ovette H., (Huntington) r 14 cor 15, son of George H.

Morrison Page, (Huntington Center) r 31, retired manufacturer.


NICHOLS FRANK A., (Huntington Center) r 23, farmer, leases of Mrs. Zurviah J. Dyke 50.

Norton C. Josephine, (Huntington) r 11, widow of Lyman A., h and lot.

NORTON GEORGE M., (Huntington Center) r 29, dairy 35 cows, and farmer, leases of his father, Solomon R, 360.

NORTON HENRY R, (Huntington Center) r 30, lister, justice of the peace, 50 sheep, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 513.

Norton Herbert W., (Huntington) r 11, son of Mrs. Josephine Norton.

NORTON ROMEO A_, (Huntington) r 18, agent and correspondent of the "Bristol Herald," and "Chicago Weekly News," and farmer.

Norton Solomon R, (Huntington Center) r 29, dealer in butter and cheese, dairy 70 cows, and farmer 1,050.

Nutting George, (Huntington) r 20, blacksmith, h and lot.


O'BRIEN BENJAMIN F., (Huntington) r 4, dairy 26 cows, and farmer 250.

O'BRIEN HIRAM, (Huntington) r 14, lister, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 150.

O'Brien Lucinda Mrs., (Huntington) r 11, h and lot.


PEET ANSON W., (Huntington Center) r 31, first selectman, dealer in groceries, lumber, etc., clapboards and staves a specialty, mills and 100 acres in Starksboro, Ad. Co., turns out annually about 500,000 feet of lumber; dairy 13 cows, and farmer 110.

Phillips Albert, (Huntington) r 1, laborer.

Phillips Alfred, (Huntington) r 1, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100.

Phillips Bethiah (Huntington) r 1, widow of Wilson, bds with her son, Alfred.

Phelps Henry, (Huntington Center) r 20, blacksmith.

Pierce Hiram H., (Huntington) r 18, farmer 30.

Pierce Hyman N.. (Huntington Centet) r 29, laborer.

PIERCE RANSOM C., (Huntington) r 13, carpenter and joiner, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 140.

Pierce Truman, (Huntington Center) r 35, retired farmer, aged 84.

Place Rufus A., (Huntington) r 1, laborer.


RANDALL SAMUEL J., (Huntington Center) r 20, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 135.

REMINGTON ADALINE, (Huntington Center) r 20, widow of Philemon,

Ring Alvah C., (Huntington) r 18, farmer 150.

Ring Eugene L., (Huntington) r 13, laborer.

Ring George H., (Huntington Center) r 32, farmer, leases of Henry M. Small 100. 

RING ISACHER A., (Huntington) r 18, farmer, son of Alvah C.

Ring Stillman L., (Huntington) r 18, farmer, son of Alvah C.

RING WALTER L., (Huntington) r 18, farmer, son of Alvah C.

RING WILBER W., (Huntington Center) r 33, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of H. R. Norton 180.

Rollins Amos, (Huntington) r 15, retired farmer.

Rollins Charles, (Huntington Center) r 20, laborer.

Rollins Elijah A., (Huntington) r 15, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 140, leases of James Miner, of Hinesburgh, 140.

ROLLINS SANTA, (Huntington Center) r 21, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 75.

Ross Austin H., (Huntington) r 10, 3d selectman, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200.

Ross Chester B., (Huntington) r 4, farmer.

ROSS DAVID M., (Huntington) r 4, farmer.

ROSS HARRY, (Huntington) r 3, dairy 32 cows, and farmer 280.

ROSS HENRY L., (Huntington Center) r 8, dairy 27 cows, and farmer, leases on shares of Oscar J. Tomlinson 200.

Ross Montraville, (Huntington) r 20, farmer 1.

Ross Noble, (Huntington) r 10, cooper, and justice of the peace.

ROSS SANFORD, (Huntington Center) r 21. dairy 30 cows, farmer, leases on shares of National Life Ins. Co., of Montpelier, 400.

Ross William, (Huntington) r 18, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 160.

Ruka Mitchel, (Huntington) r 1, farmer, leases of G. B. Sherman, of Richmond, 10.

Russell Charles, (South Starksboro, Ad. Co.,) r 35, dairy 40 cows, and farmer, leases of Nathan Morrison, of South Starksboro.

Russell Joseph, (Huntington Center) r 24, lumberman.


Sadlier John, (Huntington) r 14, farmer.

SAYLES GEORGE W., (Huntington) r 10, (G. W. and H. L. also Sayles Bros. & Co., of Richmond,) town clerk, treasurer, postmaster, trustee surplus fund, administrator of Stephen Sayles' estate, and part owner of same, 106 acres, and village lot 10.

SAYLES GEORGE W. & HOWARD L., (Huntington) r 10, dealers in general merchandise and country produce, established in 1854, and farms in this town of 215, and in Hinesburgh 57, also village lot of 10 acres in Huntington.

Scofield Dorman D., (Huntington) r 11, farmer 3.

Scofield Frederick J., (Huntington) r 18, butcher, and farmer 51.

Scofield Leroy R., (Huntington) r 16, farmer, leases on shares of Leonard Scofield, of Hinesburgh.

SCOFIELD WILBUR C., (Huntington) r 16, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 230.

SHATTUCK JAIRUS D., (Huntington Center) r 33, farmer 170.

SHERMAN ANSON T., (Huntington) r 2, (Caswell & Sherman) leases of Maria Caswell.

Sherman Chester, (Huntington) r 1, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 160.

Sherman Guy B., (Huntington) r 1, farmer 10.

Sherman Martin H., (Huntington Center) r 25, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 212.

SMALL AMOS B., (Huntington Center) r 17, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 130.

SMALL CLARK H., (Huntington) r 20, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 178.

SMALL DANIEL B., (Huntington Center) r 32, farmer 107, and in Starksboro 50.

Small Gilbert W., (Huntington Center) r 20, farmer.

SMALL HARRY M., (Huntington Center) r 20, farmer 50, mountain lot 50, and on r 32 farm 100.

Smith Alfred, (Huntington Center) r 28, farmer 200. 

Smith Frank C., (Huntington) r 1, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100. 

Snyder Orvis W., (Huntington) r 10, h and lot. 

Spooner Oliver P., (Huntington) r 14, laborer. 

Spooner Thomas, (Huntington) r 20, laborer.

Sprague Benoni T., (Huntington) r 16, dairy 20 cows, farmer, son of John, leases of his father 150. 

Sprague Emerson, (Huntington) r 15 1/2, (Sylvanus R and Emerson). 

Sprague Gideon, (Huntington) r 15 1/2, farmer. 

Sprague Heman L., (Huntington) r 8, laborer. 

Sprague John, (Huntington) r 16, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 150

Sprague John, (Huntington) r 8, farmer.

Sprague Joseph H., (Huntington) r 9, dairy 13 cows, farmer, leases of G. W. Sayles 200. 

Sprague Sylvanus R, (Huntington) r 15 1/2, (Sylvanus R and Emerson.) 

Sprague Sylvanus R. and Emerson, (Huntington) r 15 1/2, farmers 30. 

Strong Frank R, (Huntington Center) r 20, (Isaiah L. and Frank R.) 

Strong Isaiah L., (Huntington Center) r 20, (Isaiah L. and Frank R.) 

Strong Isaiah L. and Frank R, (Huntington Center) r 20, dairy 34 cows, farmers 270, and 130 in Starksboro, Ad. Co. 

Strong Josiah B., (Huntington) r 11, retired farmer. 

SWEET BETSEY, (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, widow of Ira, farmer 60. 

Sweet Charles W., (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, laborer. 

SWEET IRA C., (Huntington) r 11, farmer 50. 

Sweet James S., (Huntington) r 7, laborer. 

Sweet Lovina, (Huntington) r 11, widow of Henry E. 

SWEET OLIVER W., (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150

Sweet Rebecca, (Huntington) r 7, widow of Justin O., owns 1/3 estate of Justin O., 200 acres. 

Sweet Thomas H., (Huntington) r 7, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 200. 

Swinyer John, (Huntington Center) r 29, laborer. 

SWINYER LAWRENCE, (Huntington Center) r 33, farmer 200.


TAFT CYRUS, (Huntington) r 5, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 250. 

TAFT LEVI A., (Huntington Center) r 23, farmer 50. 

TAFT SIDNEY S., (Huntington) r 14, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, works on shares for Mrs. Eluthera White. 

Taft Willard S., (Huntington Center) r 26, carpenter and joiner. 

Thurston Emerson, (Huntington) r 5, laborer. 

Thurston Horace, Jr., (Huntington) r 5, farmer 19. 

THURSTON QUINCY E., (Huntington) r 5, farmer, son of Horace, Jr.

Tomlison Oscar J., (Huntington Center) r 22, lister, dairy 34 cows, and farmer 270. 

TOWN MARILLA E. MRS., (Huntington) r 5, resident. 

Tucker John M., (Huntington Center) r 35 1/2, boot and shoemaker. 


Wells Randall W., (Huntington) r 13, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 4. 

White Alvin D., (Huntington) r 8, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 233, and 100 mountain land. 

White David, (Huntington) r 3, laborer. 

White Lyman, (Huntington) r 10, retired farmer. 

WILLIAMS GEORGE L., (Huntington) r 1, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 90 

Williams Hattie F. Miss., (Huntington) r 1, teacher. 22

Williamson Addie J., (Huntington) r 18 cor 10, (Mrs. Linus) owns with her mother, Mrs. Harvey Williamson, farm 130.

Williamson Harvey, (Huntington) r 18 cor 10, dairy 13 cows, and farmer.

Williamson Linus N., (Huntington) r 18, cor 10, farmer, with his father Harvey Williamson.

Williamson, Sarah A., (Huntington) r 18 cor 10, (Mrs. Harvey) owns with her daughter, Mrs. Linus, farm 130.

Wright Harry H., (South Starksboro, Ad. Co.,) r 35 1/2, farmer 70.

Wright Harvy, (Huntington Center) r 21, dairy 12 cows, farmer 160.

Wright John D., (South Starksboro, Ad. Co.,) r 35 1/2, farmer 130, and mountain land 200.

WRIGHT SAMUEL H., (Huntington Center) mechanic and farmer.

Wyman Lucy, (Huntington) r 11, widow of Samuel, h and lot.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Chittenden County, Vt. For 1882-83
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 
August, 1882.
Pages 329-338.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2004