Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Akey Francis, (Burlington) r 53, farmer 19 1/2. 

Allen Albert, (Colchester) r 6, farmer, 

Allen Alphonso, (Colchester) r 6, farmer. 

Allen Arthur, (Colchester) r 6, farmer, occupies A. B. Allen's estate of 60 acres. 

Austin Elwin, (Winooski) r 43, laborer. 

Austin Nathaniel, (Colchester) r 9, farmer 114, worked by Adrian E. Nay. 

Austin William, (Colchester) r 22, laborer. 


BAKER EBENEZER W., (Colchester) r 28, farmer 100. 

Baker Warren H., (Colchester) r 15 cor 23, farmer 57. 

Barlow Elijah, (Winooski) r 48, runs stage from Winooski to Burlington. 

Barlow Joseph, (Winooski) r 48, farm laborer. 

Barrow Michael, (Colchester) r 22, laborer. 

Barstow Thomas A., (Burlington) 54, farmer 117 1/2. 

Barton Alanson S. Rev., (Colchester) r 13, Congregational clergyman. 

BATES CHARLES E., (Colchester) r 12, dairy 24 cows, and farmer 180.

Bates Harriet L., (Colchester) r 24, widow of Hezekiah H. 

Bates William E., (Colchester) r 24, lumberman, and farmer 73, and wood lot 64 acres in Essex. 

Bean Adolphus, (Colchester) r 11, R. R. track hand. 

Bean Amos, (Winooski) r 32, laborer. 

Bean John, (Burlington) r 37, laborer at marble works, and farmer 129. 

Bean Oliver, (Colchester) r 11 farmer, with Marion 65. 

Beaupre Alexander, (Burlington) r 53, carpenter, and farmer, occupies 100. 

Bellows Joseph, (Milton) r 12 1/2 farmer. 

Benware Peter, (Colchester) r 26, basket maker. 

Bessett Edward, (Burlington) r 35, fisherman. 

Bissette Stephen, (Burlington) r 53, farmer. 

Bissette William, (Winooski) r 53, laborer. 

Blake Harriet, (Colchester) widow of Alfred, aged 73, born in Milton. 

Blakely Frank, (Winooski) r 30, with Harriet, farmer 80. 

Blakely Harriet, (Winooski) r 30, widow of Ithamer, with Frank, farmer 80. 

Blakely Justus H., (Colchester) r 12, carpenter and builder, and farmer 33. 

Bliss Silas, (Colchester) r 26, general blacksmithing. 

Blodo Joseph, (Burlington) near r 53, brick burner, and farmer 10. 

Bombard David, (Winooski) off r 46, farmer, works on shares for Francis La Clair about 160. 

Bradshaw John, (Winooski) r 48, laborer. 

Brand Graton, (Winooski) r 44, farmer 300. 

BRIGHAM DAN P., (Burlington) 152 cor 53, house painter, and farmer 14. 

Brown Henry, (Milton) r 20, with John, manager of Mallett's Bay brick yard, and farmer. 

Brown Justin, (Colchester) r 26, railroad track hand, and farmer 25.

Brownell Mary H., (Colchester) r 29, widow of Thomas, aged 81.

Bryan Amanda, (Colchester) r 23, daughter of Nathan, Jr.

Bryan Martin, (Colchester) r 23, farmer 100.

Brydon John, (West Milton) r 2, farmer 15.

Burns Catharine & Rose, (West Milton) r 2, farm 25.

Burns Thomas, (West Milton) r 14, farmer 200.

Bushey Justin, (Winooski) r 43, farmer 25.


Cain John, (West Milton) r 2, farmer 1 1/4, and pasture land 30 acres.

Calvert Zilpha, (Colchester) r 27, widow of William, aged 78.

Cameron John, (Winooski) r 49, farm laborer.

Champier Edward, (West Milton) r 18 cor 20, laborer.

Chase John, (Colchester) r 23, M. E. clergyman, 1 acre.

CARPENTER JOSEPH A., (Winooski) r 48, cooper, and farmer 63.

CARY AZUBA, (Colchester) dressmaker, and farm 60.

Cary Eliza, (Winooski) r 42, with Silas.

CARY FRANKLIN, (Colchester) r 14, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 200.

Cary Ira, (Colchester) r 15, farmer, with Lyman.

Cary Jonathan W., (Colchester) r 15, farmer 65.

Cary Lyman, (Colchester) r 15, farmer 65.

Cary Seth A., (Colchester) r 14, wheelwright, and farmer, leases 40.

Cary Seymour, (Colchester) r 22, laborer.

CARY SILAS B., (Winooski) r 42, farmer 50.

Caswell Orson, (Colchester) r 28, laborer.

Caswell William H., (Colchester) r 23, farmer 5, and interest in D. W. Chase's estate.

Claghorn Lucy, (West Milton) r 20.

Clapp Heman A., (Colchester) carpenter and joiner.

Clark David, (Burlington) r 53, farmer 5.

Cloe Lewis, (Colchester) r 11, R. R. track hand and watchman, 5 acres.

Coats William, (Burlington) r 33, fisherman, and farmer 75.

Coeg James, (Burlington) r 36, farmer 97.

Coeg Jeremiah, (Burlington) r 53, farmer 100.

Coeg John, (Burlington) r 36, farmer 70.

Cole Henry, (Winooski) r 50, farm laborer.

Cole John, (Mallett's Bay) r 35, laborer, 2 1/2 acres.

Collins Charles, (Colchester) r 15, justice of peace, and farmer 120, leased by Frank S.

COLLINS FRANK S., (Colchester) r 15, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, fine horses, and farmer 120.

Collins Kate L., (Colchester) r 15, teacher.

Collins Sophrona, (Colchester) r 13, widow of Ira, farm 30, aged 72.

Cook Francis H., (Colchester) r 27, farmer 50.

Coon Eber D., (Colchester) r 23, mason.

Coon ____ Mrs., (Colchester) r 23, widow.

Costello Patrick, (Winooski) r 45, laborer, 4 acre.

Cotey William J., (Winooski) r 45, farm laborer.

CRAVEN WILLIAM B., (Mallett's Bay) r 33, prop. of Mallett's Bay House, bowling alley, bathing house, and boats for rowing or sailing.

Crockett Charles W., (West Milton) r 20, farmer 140, and occupies 85 owned by his wife and Hattie Hill. 

Crockett John W., (West Milton) r 17, farmer 88.

Crockett Losetta, (West Milton) r 20, widow of James.

Croker Polly, (Colchester) r 12, widow of John, aged 75, born on the place where she now resides, farm 32.

CRONAN PATRICK, (Mallett's Bay) r 33, farmer, leases of Dr. W. Carpenter, of Burlington, 150. 

Cross Antoine, (Mallett's Bay) r 52, laborer, h and lot. 

Cross Francis, (Mallett's Bay) r 52, carpenter. 

Cross Moses, (Burlington) r 53, blacksmith at marble quarry. 

Cross Nelson, (Mallett's Bay) r 52, farmer, with Poliete. 

Cross Peter, (old Pete) (Winooski) r 53, farmer 4. 

Cross Peter B., (Burlington) r 37, shoemaker and laborer, 18 acres. 

Cross Peter, Jr., (Mallett's Bay) r 52, laborer at marble mill. 

Cross Poliete, (Mallett's Bay) r 52, farmer 23. 


DAGGETT GEORGE, (Winooski) r 45, machinist, prop. of machine shop, general mechanical work in wood or iron, and owner of real estate, born at Montpelier, 1835. 

Day John, (Colchester) road master for the B. & L. R. R. 

DeFord Joseph, (Winooski) r 45, works at Weston's lime kiln. 

DeForge John, (Winooski) r 43, laborer. 

Densmore Betsey Mrs., (Colchester) r 28, farmer 116. 

DENSMORE HARRY M., (Colchester) r 28, farmer. 

Daveneau Dennis, (Burlington) r 37, laborer. 

Deveneau Mary, (Burlington) r 37, widow of Charles. 

Dougherty Thomas, (Colchester) r 23, blacksmith. 

Douglass Abi, (Winooski) r 48, widow of Sylvanus. 

Douglass Loretta, (Winooski) r 49, resident. 

Douglass Morris E., (Winooski) r 49, farmer 100. 

Downer Henry G., (Winooski) r 31, farmer. 

Downer Jane, (Winooski) r 31, widow of Nathan E., farmer 80. 

DUNBAR FRANK J., (Winooski) r 44 cor 45, prop. 

Dunbar's Hotel, Burlington and Winooski driving park, and farmer 60. 

DUNBAR'S HOTEL, (Winooski) r 44 cor 45, Frank J. Dunbar, prop. 

Dupaw George, (Winooski) r 48, fruit grower, 3 acres. 

Dupaw Henry, (Winooski) r 48, fruit grower, 3 acres. 

Dupaw Joseph, (Winooski) r 38, farm laborer, overseer for Willie Vilas, of Burlington. 

Dupaw Stephen, (Winooski) r 48, laborer. 

Dushan Eli, (Winooski) r 48, farm laborer. 

Dyke George W., (Colchester) r 14, cooper. 

Dyke Lorenzo, (Winooski) r 45, retired farmer. 


Edson Simeon, (Winooski) r 42, carpenter, and farmer. 

ELDREDGE JOHN L., (Winooski) r 31, farmer, leases of Jedediah Harrington 50. 

EVANS BENJAMIN, (Winooski) r 46, farmer, leases of C. A. Sumner, of Burlington, 100. 

EVERETT SAMUEL H., (West Milton) r 3, farmer 24. 


Farnham Josiah, (Colchester) r 22, clock cleaner and boat builder. 

FARNSWORTH JOEL W., (Colchester) r 11, jeweler, and dealer in all grades of American watches. 

Farnsworth Mary, (Colchester) r 11, (Mrs. Wilson D.) weaving. 

Farnsworth Wilson D., (Colchester) r 11, farmer 17. 

Fay Benjamin W., (Colchester) r 24, farmer, leases of Heman Crooker, of Burlington, 80. 

Field Carter, (Mallett's Bay) r 54, boatman, Capt. of sloop "Averill"

Field Moses, (Mallett's Bay) r 54, farmer 50. 

Fisher Enos V. N., (Colchester) r 11, farmer 150.

Fisher Joseph K., (Colchester) farmer 41, also farm in New Hampshire.

Fishett Joseph, (Colchester) r 43 laborer, and farmer 14

Fitzgerald James, (Winooski) r 38, laborer. 

Fowler Martin A., (Colchester) r 43, dealer in cattle, and farmer 50. 

Franklin Charles. (Winooski) r 45, carpenter and teamster. 

Frink Cornelius, (Colchester) r 22, leases 200 of Noah Thompson. 

Furnace James, (Colchester) r 13, wheelwright and mechanic. 


Gaffany James, (Winooski) r 43, works at Mallett's Bay marble works. 

Gale Benjamin F., (West Milton) r 5, farmer 114. 

Gale Stephen, (West Milton) r 20, farmer 65. 

Galvin Ellen H., (Colchester) r 8, teacher. 

Galvin John, (Colchester) r 8, farmer 50. 

Galvin John, Jr., (Colchester) r 8, speculator, and farmer, carries on 50 owned by John. 

Gates James, (Winooski) r 50, farm laborer. 

Gates John, (Colchester) r 11, farm laborer. 

Gates John, (Burlington) r 53, invalid. 

Gates LaFayette, (Winooski) r 50, laborer. 

GILMORE JOHN, (Burlington) r 53, shoemaker, and farmer 60. 

Gilmore William, (Colchester) r 23, farmer 2 1/2. 

Godette Antoine, (Winooski) r 48, barber. 

Gonyeau David, (West Milton) r 20, laborer at H. W. Brown's brick yard. 

Gonyeau John, (West Milton) off r 2, farmer 70. 

Gonyeau Willie, (West Milton) off r 2, farmer, leases of John 70. 

Gray Henry W., (Winooski) r 46, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 175. 

Green Henry, (Winooski) r 45, lime burner for S. H. Weston, h and 1/2 acre. 

Greenwood Henry, (Burlington) r 36, laborer. 

Grenio John, (Colchester) r 26, speculator, and farmer 75. 

Grenio Lewis, (Colchester) laborer. 

Grenio Peter, (Colchester) r 26, laborer. 

Guyette Alleck, (Burlington) off r 53, fisherman, and farmer 25. 

Guyette Joseph, (Winooski) r 49, farm laborer

Guyette William, (Winooski) off r 49, deaf and dumb, farmer 13. 


Hadley Lyman, (Burlington) r 37, carpenter, and farmer 16. 

Halter George, (Colchester) r 26, laborer. 

Hamman Mary, (Burlington) r 37, widow of John. 

Hand Lovina, (Colchester) r 23, widow of John. 

Hardy John, (Burlington) r 55, farmer 5. 

Harris Emerson J., (Colchester) r 7, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 180. 

Harris Joel, (Colchester) r 14, farmer 120. 

Henry Catharine, (Colchester) r 24, widow of James, owns 5 acres. 

Hill Hattie C., (West Milton) r 20, owns with Mrs. Chas. W. Crockett farm of 85, occupied by Chas. W. Crockett. 

Hill Moses H., (West Milton) r 2, cor 13, farmer, with James Lester. 

Hine Adin, (Colchester) r 11, farmer, with Israel B. 

Hine Benjamin B., (Colchester) r 13, farmer 130. 

Hine Frank S., (Mallett's Bay) r 35, farmer, occupies 75. 

HINE HARRY B., (Colchester) r 24, R. R. station and express agent. 

HINE ISRAEL B., (Colchester) r 11, farmer 90. 

Hine John T., (Colchester) r 13, farmer 90. 

Hine Wallace, (Colchester) r 21, farm laborer.

Hine William B., (Colchester) r 25, farmer 20. 

Hogan David, (Colchester) r 25, R R track hand, and farmer 25. 

HOLCOMB BYRON T., (Mallett's Bay) r 33, farmer 90, and occupies 10 owned by N. S. Hill, of Burlington. 

Hoose David, (Winooski) r 37, laborer. 

Horton George M., (West Milton) r 1 farmer 66 2/3.

HOWARD ALFRED W., (Colchester) postmaster, and dealer in general merchandise. [Adv. on page 296.]

Hulburd Alva, (Colchester) railroad track hand.

Hulburd Alva O., (Colchester) r 24, railroad track hand.

Hulburd Elizabeth, (Colchester) r 26, widow of Ebenezer.

Hulburt John, (Colchester) r 27, laborer, 1 acre.

Huntress Dan Y., (Colchester) r 13, blacksmith, mail carrier from Colchester to Colchester depot, h and 2 acres.

Hyde Harlow G., (Winooski) gardening, r 45.


Irish Alonzo, (Colchester) r 14, farmer about 65.

Irish Henry B. F., (Colchester) r 9, carpenter, and farmer 7.


Jennings Michael, (Colchester) r 6, farm laborer.

Johnson Abagail, (Burlington) r 54, widow of John, former widow of Thomas Porter, lived in town nearly 70 years, aged 88.

Johnson Charlotte, (West Milton) r 2, widow of Ambrose.

JOHNSON EBENEZER O., (West Milton) r 2, justice of peace, and farmer 80, and 35 in Milton.

Johnson Mary, (Burlington) r 54, granddaughter of Abagail.

Johnson Sally, (Burlington) r 54, widow of Horace H.

Joslin Elvira M., (West Milton) r 13, farmer 87.


Kelly Michael F., (Winooski) r 45, farmer 160.

Kennedy John, (Milton) r 2, farmer 25.

King Leander, (Winooski) r 43, carpenter 7. 

Kinney Benjamin, (Colchester) r 5, farmer, occupies 12.


LaFountain Joseph, (West Milton) r 20, farmer 70.

Lane Lucius L., (Winooski) r 45, farmer 22, born in Jericho, aged 63, son of Stevens.

LaVee Damus, (Winooski) r 45, (LaVee & McNiff, of Burlington,) butcher and dealer is cattle, hides and pelts.

Lawrence Dominick, (Winooski) r 44, dealer in horses.

Lester James, (West Milton) r 2 cor 13, farmer 84.

Levigne Charles, (Winooski) r 39, farmer 100.

Liberty Amos, (Mallett's Bay) r 37, laborer.

Liberty Andrew, (Winooski) r 50, laborer.

Liberty Andrew, (Burlington) r 53, laborer, and farmer 6.

Liberty Thomas, (Burlington) r 36, farmer 11.

Logue Anna, (West Milton) r 13.

Logue Cynthia, (West Milton) r 13, widow of James.

Logue Daniel, (West Milton) r 13, farmer, with James 60.

Logue James, (West Milton) r 13, farmer, with Daniel 60.

Lord Elizabeth, (Colchester) widow of Samuel.

Lord Ira A., (Colchester) r 11, butcher.

LORD ROBERT W., (Colchester) r 42, carpenter, and farmer 5.

Lovely Francis, (Colchester) r 28, farmer 13.

Lucia Joseph, (Colchester) r 11, laborer.

Lyon John, (Colchester) r 15, retired farmer, aged 83. 

LYON JOHN H., (Colchester) r 15, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 160. 


Maars Cynthia, (Colchester) widow of William, aged 78, born in town. 

MAARS HARLAN F., (Colchester) clerk at A. W. Howard's store. 

Macrae Hattie L., (Winooski) r 50, teacher. 

Macrae L. Jennie, (Winooski) r 50, teacher at Burlington graded school.

Macrae Lena, (Winooski) r 50, teacher. 

MACRAE WILLIAM B., (Winooski) r 50, justice of peace, selectman, milkman 50 cows, and farmer 270, came to Boston from Scotland in 1846. 

Mahan Edward, (Colchester) r 25, farmer 50. 

Malaney Heman L., (Burlington) r 45, light house keeper at Colchester Reef. 

Mallett's Bay Brick Yard, (Milton) r 20, Henry and John Brown, managers. 

MALLETT'S BAY HOUSE, (Mallett's Bay) r 33, W. B. Craven, proprietor. 

Manley Ransom W., (Colchester) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 12. 

Marsh Eugene L., (Colchester) r 18, dairy 15 cows, and farmer, leases of Samuel N. 170. 

MARSH SAMUEL N., (Colchester) r x8, brick maker, and farmer 170, leased by Eugene L. 

Martin Adolphus, (West Milton) r 14, laborer. Martin Joseph, (West Milton) r 14, laborer. 

Martin Michael, (West Milton) r r4, farmer 114. Mayo Eliza, (Colchester) r 21, widow of Henry, farm 20. 

Mayo William, (Colchester) r 15, laborer, hunter and trapper. 

Mayo William, (Colchester) r 26, laborer, and farmer 11. 

McArchie , (Colchester) r 23, farmer, leases 6. 

McAvoy Daniel, (Colchester) r 21, farmer 50. 

McAvoy Henry, (Winooski) r 30, farmer 200. 

McAvoy Thomas, (Colchester) r 21, farmer, with Daniel 

McBRIDE ANDREW C., (Colchester) r 22, director of the Colchester butter and cheese factory, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 180. 

McBRIDE GEORGE L., (Colchester) r 11, farmer 93. 

McBride William H., (Winooski) r 41 cor 42, farmer 50. 

McCall Terrance, (Colchester) r 26, farmer 10. 

McCarty William, (Burlington) r 35, farmer, leases of Henry Hickok, of Burlington, 50. 

McCuen Alexander, (Colchester) r 25, R. R. track hand 

McCugo John, (Winooski) r 45, R. R. section boss. 

McDonald Alexander, (Winooski) r 43, been blind 18 years. 

McEwen Robert, (Colchester) r 12, R. R. section boss, and farmer about 40. 

McINTYRE WILLIAM, (Winooski) r 33, farmer 8, and works on shares for Dr. W. Carpenter, of Burlington, 175. 

McIntyre William H., (Winooski) r 33, farmer, with William. 

McNALL CHARLES EUGENE, (West Milton) r 1, farmer 33 1/8

McNall Elroy S., (West Milton) r r, farmer, works on shares 100 owned by Sherman M. 

McNall Melvin, (West Milton) r 20, farmer 61. 

McNALL SHERMAN M., (West Milton) dairy r4 cows, and farmer 205. 

McNally Alex., (Winooski) r 6, farm laborer. 

Mead Lillie R, (Colchester) r 13, music teacher. 

Mead Susan M., (Colchester) r 15, widow of Jared B., h and 12 acres. 

Merrill Andrew J., (Winooski) r 45, town lister, and farmer go.

Merrill Willie, (Winooski) r 45, laborer.

Miller Daniel, (Colchester) r 23, cooper, 2 acres.

Miller Walter, (Colchester) r 23, farmer.

Mitchell Frank F., (Colchester) r 4, farmer 75.

Mitchell Jed E., (Colchester) r 4, farmer, with Frank F.

Mitchell Porter D., (Winooski) r 29, farmer, carries on town farm 180.

Moiles Alexander, (West Milton) r 20, farm laborer.

Moiles Thomas, (West Milton) r 2, farmer 15, and works on shares 140.

Monty Benjamin F., (West Milton) r 1, farmer 75.

Monty Claudius, (West Milton) r 1, carpenter, and farmer 5.

Monty Elsie Mrs., (West Milton) r 20, widow of John, farmer 100.

Monty Wilbur, (West Milton) r 20, laborer.

Morgan Stephen S., (Burlington) r 52, farmer 95.

MORRISON ALEXANDER C., (Mallett's Bay) r 35, postmaster, and farmer, leases 50.

Morrison Charles, (Colchester) r 27, farm laborer.

Morrison Frank, (Colchester) r 27, farmer 40.

Morrison John, (Colchester) r 27, farmer 180.

Morrison Thomas, (Mallett's Bay) r 35, laborer.

Morrow Samuel, (Colchester) r 28, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 250.

Morse Fred H., (Colchester) r 10, book agent, and farmer 20.

MOSS ALEXANDER P., (Winooski) r 45, formerly carpenter, h and lot, born in Colchester in 1816.

MOSS GEORGE ALEXANDER, (Winooski) r 45, is 8 year old, plays 115 tunes on accordion or harmonicon, accurately, is a musical wonder, grandson of Alexander P. '

Munger Elvira, (Colchester) r 11, with Mary.

Munger Garry, (Colchester) r 23, butcher.

Munger Mary, (Colchester) r 11, widow of Truman, 1 acre.

Munson Ruth; (Colchester) r 5, widow of Daniel.

MUNSON WALLACE E., (Colchester) r 14, job printer (small work) and farmer 18, born in town in 1820.

Munson William B., r 13, old resident, is 81 years of age, son of William, born in town.

Murphy Gary, (Colchester) r 26, farmer 16.

Murphy Patrick, (West Milton) r 19, laborer at Brown's brick yard.

Murray Eliza, (Winooski) r 39, widow of Antoine.


Nay Adrian E., (Colchester) r 9, farmer, works on shares 114 owned by Nathaniel Austin.


Oclair Stephen, (Winooski) r 48, laborer, h and lot.

O'Neil William, (West Milton) r 13, farmer, leases 18 acres school land.

Osgood Isaac C., (Colchester) r 28, farmer, works on shares for Edgar Morton.


Paddock Hiram, (Colchester) r 15, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 200.

Parizo Frank, (Winooski) r 43, laborer.

Parker John C., (Colchester) r 12, farmer, leases of Polly Croker 32.

Parker Lyman D., (West Milton) r 17, invalid.

Parker William B., (Colchester) h and 2 acres.

PARMELEE POLYCARPUS LOREN, (Colchester) r 6, farmer 165.

PARSONS FRANK L., (Colchester) r 26, dealer in country produce, and farmer 54.

Passhes Joseph, (Burlington) r 53, farmer, occupies 171.

Patterson Henry, (Colchester) r ii, farm laborer, owns 2 acres in Westford.

Patterson Levi, (Colchester) r 15, farm laborer. 

Pecor Antoine, (Colchester) r 42, farmer 5. 

PINNEY FRED H., (Winooski) r 29, farmer, with Orlo E. 

Pinney Orlo E., (Winooski) r 29, farmer 110. 

Platt James S., (Winooski) r 6, farmer 580, and dealer in real estate. 

Platt Stanley M., (Winooski) r 6, farmer, works on shares for James S. 580. 

Plunkett Nancy, (Colchester) r 15, widow of Thomas. 

Porter Bernerd H., (Burlington) r 55, farmer, with Homer. 

Porter Homer, (Burlington) r 55, farmer 600. 

Porter Mary, (Mallett's Bay) r 33, widow of Thomas N., farm of 80 acres occupied by George Spalding. 

PRATT GEORGE, (Winooski) r 48, milk peddler for George W. Sibley, owns 2 houses in Winooski village, lived in town since 1847. 

Pratt Henry, (Winooski) r 48, farm laborer. 

Pratt Peter, (Colchester) r 26, chair caning, peddling, etc, farm 10. 


Randall Bradish B., (Burlington) r 37, laborer, h and lot. 

Rashaw Sophrona, (Winooski) r 50, widow of John. 

Reagan Bartholomew, (Mallett's Bay) r 34, farmer 

Reagan Daniel S., (Mallett's Bay) r 34, farmer. 

Reagan David, (Mallett's Bay) r 34, farmer, with Bart. 

Reagan Michael, (Mallett's Bay) r 34, farmer. 

Reynolds John, (Winooski) r 45, retired farmer 4o, aged 75. 

RHODES GEORGE N., (Colchester) r 27, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 248. 

Rich Josephine S., (Colchester) r 14, widow of Sherman E., farmer, Sherman Rich estate, 32.

Riley Henry, (Mallett's Bay) r 35, laborer at marble mill. 

Rivers John, (Colchester) r 26, farmer 14. 

*ROBERTSON ALBERT R, (Winooski) r 45, manuf. of tripe, neatsfoot oil, prop. of hennery 300 hens, dealer in tallow, and farmer 40. [Adv. on page 296.] 

Robinson Ira, (Colchester) r 15 cor 23, farmer 65. 

Robinson John H., (Winooski) r 45, carpenter at Burlington woolen mill. 

Rolfe John M., (Winooski) junc. r 28, 29 and 41, 2d selectman, director of Colchester cheese factory, and farmer 300. 

ROOD CLARK A., (Winooski) r 48, dairy 27 cows, farmer 260. 

ROOD EMELINE & MYRA, (Winooski) r 48, daughters of Hiram, farm 40. 

Ryan Richard, (Winooski) r 28, farm laborer at J. M. Rolfe's. 


Safford Charles, (Colchester) r 15, carpenter and farm laborer. 

Safford Frank J., (Colchester) r 11, laborer. 

Safford Joseph, (Colchester) r 11, farmer 36. 

Sager Horatio N., (Colchester) r 27, shoemaker, 1 1/2 acres. 

Saville Joseph, (Winooski) r 22, is 101 years old. 

Saville Ransom, (Winooski) r 22, farmers. Scribner John F., (Winooski) r 33, farm laborer. 

Severance Bertrand E., (Colchester) r 27, farmer, with George. 

Severance Charles W., (Colchester) r 27, farmer, with George. 

SEVERANCE GEORGE, (Colchester) r 27, farmer 170. 

SEVERANCE JOHN, (Colchester) r 27, farmer 150. 

Severance William H., (Colchester) r 11, farmer 65. 

Seymour Lewis, (Burlington) r 35, farm laborer, 4 acres. 

SHAW DENNIS, (Colchester) r 13 cor 24, farmer 100. 

SHAW HERBERT D., (Colchester) r 13 cor 24, farmer, with Dennis. 

SHAW MYRON H., (Colchester) r 13 cor 24, farmer, with Dennis.

SHERMAN HARRY M., (Winooski) r 22, market gardening, farmer 30. 

Shirley George, (Winooski) r 32, laborer. 

Shirley William, (Winooski) r 51, farmer 8. 

Shirley William, (Winooski) r 50, carpenter, and farmer 10. 

SIBLEY GEORGE W., (Winooski) r 48, milkman 38 cows, and farmer 300. 

Sibley Nancy, (Winooski) r 48, widow of John. 

Simpson Hezekiah D., (Burlington) r 37, laborer. 

Smith Charles, (Winooski) r 48, pensioner. 

SMITH EDWARD A., (Winooski) r 45, farm laborer. 

Smith Frank P., (Colchester) r 27, farmer, with John Severance. 

Smith Joseph, (Winooski) r 22, farmer 50. 

SMITH WILLIAM T., (Colchester) r 5, farmer, leases of William Montgomery 38. 

Sorrell Thomas, (Mallett's Bay) r 35, laborer. 

Spear Luther T., (Burlington) r 52, farmer, with Orsemas. 

Spear Orsemas, (Burlington.) r 52, farmer 70. 

Spalding George, (Mallett's Bay) r 33, farmer, occupies 80 owned by Mary Porter. 

St. John Mary, (Colchester) r 42, widow of John. 

Stacey Ann C., (Winooski) r 50, widow of Gideon M. 

Stanley Henry, (Colchester) r 14, farmer, works on shares for Alonzo Irish. 

Stannard Thaliah P., (West Milton) r 18, widow of George J. 

Sumner James, (Burlington) r 36, laborer. 


Tatro Albert, (Burlington) r 35, farm laborer. 

Taylor Harvey F., (Colchester) r 11 cor 12, farmer 50. 

THAYER JAMES W., (Burlington) r 35, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 200. 

Thayer John, (Burlington) r 50, carpenter, and farmer 150. 

Thayer Reuben W., (Burlington) r 37, farmer 75. 

Thayer Willard, (Mallett's Bay) r 33, carpenter. 

Thomas Horace L., (Winooski) r 45, teamster. 

Thompson David B., (West Milton) r 18, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 185. 

Thompson Herbert E., (Colchester) r 27, saw, grist, cider, and shingle mill. 

Thompson Irving L., (Colchester) r 10, farmer, with Samuel. 

Thompson Jesse B., (Colchester) r 10, farmer 86. 

Thompson Lewis O., (Winooski) r 46, farm laborer for F. C. Kennedy. 

Thompson Minnie B., (Colchester) r 23, dau. of Col'bus G., lives with Rob't P. 

Thompson Murray, (Colchester) r 14, farmer 100, 

THOMPSON NOAH, (Colchester) r 22, farmer 200. 

Thompson Robert P., (Colchester) r 23, farmer 180. 

Thompson Samuel, (Colchester) r 9, farmer zoo. 

Thompson Stephen A., (Colchester) r 21, farmer, leases 70. 

THOMPSON WALLACE IV. W., (Colchester) r 11, justice of peace, dairy 25 cows, blacksmith, cattle shoeing a specialty, and farmer 300. 

Trick Richard, (Colchester) retired W. M. clergyman, and cooper. 

Tubbs Anna, (Colchester) r 26, widow of Alva, aged 68. 


Vilas Harrison M., (Winooski) r 40, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 160. 


Wakefield Variegated Marble Company, (Mallett's Bay) r 34, A. S. Baxter, agent. 

Walker Loren, moulder. Warner Samuel C., (Burlington) r 52, farmer 95. 

Welch Patrick (Winooski) r 43, farmer 30: 

WHEELER ADOLPHUS M., (Colchester) r 14, town lister, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 60, and carries on 70 owned by Chauncey.

Wheeler Chauncey, (Colchester) r 14, old resident, aged go, born in Massachusetts. 

White Byron O., (Winooski) r 30, farmer, with Olin D. 

White Edward E., (Colchester) r 11, laborer. 

White Hannah (Colchester) widow of Calvin, carpet weaver. 

White Horace S., (Colchester) r 23, wheelwright. 

White Olin D., (Winooski) r 30, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 216. 

WHITNEY FRED H., (Winooski) r 48, wet finisher for Burlington Woolen Co., teacher of vocal music, and farmer 23. 

Wickware Sarah, (Colchester) r 11, widow of Milton D., old resident, aged 82, born in town. 

Wilson Nathaniel, (Colchester) r 29, director Colchester cheese factory, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 225. 

WOLCOTT BLOYS H., (Colchester) r 12, farmer, with David W. 

WOLCOTT DAVID W., (Colchester) r 12, farmer 66. 

Wolcott Ebenezer, (Colchester) r 13, farmer 180. 

Wolcott Edgar J., (Colchester) r 12, farmer 50. 

WOLCOTT FREDERICK N., (Colchester) r 12, farmer, with Laura. 

Wolcott Julius, (Colchester) r 15, farmer 160. 

WOLCOTT LAURA MRS., (Colchester) r 12, widow of Merrill, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 150. 

Wolcott Leslie L., (Colchester) r 13, farmer, with Ebenezer. 

WOLCOTT LOUISA A., (Colchester) r 12, daughter of Merrill. 

WOLCOTT STANTON M., (Colchester) r 12, farmer, with Laura

Worthen Fred W., (Colchester) r 11, farmer. 

WRIGHT GEORGE N., (Winooski) r 27, farmer 100. 

Wright Nelson, (Winooski) r 27, old resident, is now 80 years old, born in Essex. 

WRIGHT NORMAN S., (Winooski) r 22, farmer 80. 

WRIGHT WILLIAM W., (Winooski) r 22, farmer 100.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Chittenden County, Vt. For 1882-83
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 
August, 1882.
Pages 275-285.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2004