Chief Engineer, Alfred Hyland; First Assistant Engineer, D. A. Pittsley; Second Assistant Engineer, H. E. Sargent; Clerk, B. F. Davis; Supt. Of Water, R. D. Moores.

Hose Company No. 1 – Meets second, Wednesday evening in each month.  John Latorneau, Foreman; John Chase, First Assistant; Fred Wolcott, Second Assistant; J. P. O’Hagen, Clerk and Treasurer.


Congregational Church.  Services at 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday.  Sunday School, 11:45 a.m.  Christian Endeavor, 6:15 p.m.

Baptist Church.  Services at 11 a.m. Sunday.  Rev. A. Woodruff, Pastor


H. E. Sargent, Postmaster.


Granite Encampment, No. 29, I.O.O.F. – Meets in Odd Fellows’ Hall, second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  Ernest A. Cutler, C. P.; Harry King, H.P.; F. L. Tucker, S.W.; Bert F. Davis, J.W.; W. F. Patterson, Scribe; John M. Chase, Treasurer; Harry G. Hanson, Guide.

Gill Lodge, No. 57, I.O.O.F. – Meets every Tuesday evening in I.O.O.F. Hall.  Alex. Cameron, N.G.; Frank L. Tucker, V. G.; Burt F. Davis, Secretary; Jno. Chase, Treasurer; George Dobbs, Conductor; Wm. McLennan, Chaplain.


Rippling Stream Lodge, No. 40, D. of R. – meets first and third Saturday evenings in I.O.O.F. Hall.  Mrs. Ernest Cutler, N.G.; Mrs. B. F. Davis, V. G.; Mrs. Luella Pittsley, Secretary; Mrs. Levi Sargent, Treas.


Court Phil Sheridan, No. 8, F. of A. – Meets in Foresters’ Hall, second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.  Clarence Smith, Chief Ranger; Henry McCarthy, Vice Chief Ranger; James Lawson, Cor. Secretary; P. J.O’Hagen, Fin. Secretary; George Lawson, Treasurer.


Millstone Lodge, N.E.O.P. – Meets in Odd Fellows’ Hall first and third Monday evenings.  Warden, Lillian H. Hutchins; Vice Warden, Anson C. Coleman; Treasurer, J. H. McArthur; Chaplain, Ms. Carrie A. Dickey; Fin. Secretary, Georgiana N. McArthur; Secretary, Frank L. Tucker.


John A. Logan Command, No. 2, U.V.U. – Meets in Odd Fellows’ Hall.  C. A. Bond, Barre, Colonel; B. D. Beede, Barre Town, Lieut. Colonel; A. G. Lapoint, Barre, Major; Rev. Mr. Eastman, East Barre, Chaplain; J. E. Rollins, Barre Town Quartermaster; E. R. Peters, Chelsea, Surgeon; B. H. Adams, Chelsea, Officer of the Guard; George W. Wise, East Barre, Adjutant; D. A. Pittsley, Picket.

John Logan Circle, No. 1, Auxilliary to the U.V.U. – Meets in Odd Fellows Hall.  Mrs. Luella Pittsley, President; Mrs. Ella Mocroft, Vice-President; Mrs. Ellis, Junior Vice President; Mrs. Lucy Sargent, Chaplain; Mrs. Emma Lapoint, Secretary; Mrs. Julia Nye, Treasurer.



Abbott, A., laborer, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Averill, E., emp. J. J. Sullivan

Averill, Rupert E., Quarryman


Bacon, Edwin L., Carpenter

Bacon, George, Laborer

Barber, Henry, Quarryman, res. Websterville

Barker, Emma, Widow

Barker, Louis, Quarryman

Bates, I. W., Farmer, also pres. Church of Christian Scientist

Beach, William, Quarryman, Websterville

Bernasconi, Giacomo, emp. C. Blanchard & Son

Bernasconi, Ernest, Stone Cutter

Bianchi, Ambrose, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Bianchi, Angelo C. (Chas. Bianchi & Son), res. Chas. Bianchi

Bianchi, Antonio A., Bookkeeper, C. Bianchi & Son

Bianchi, Antoinetta, Widow of Joseph

Bianchi, Charles & Son, Granite Dealers

Bianchi, Joseph, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Bilodeau, Joseph O., Granite Dealer

Bisset, Alexander, Paving Cutter, res. Websterville

Bisson, Eugene, Polisher

Bisson, Ferdinand, Laborer

BISSON, HENRY & CO. (Augustus M. Larochelle), proprs., East Barre Hotel

Bisson, Henry (Henry Bisson & Co.)

Bisson, Joseph, Farmer

Bisson, Philip, Polisher, emp. J. J. Sullivan

Bixby, W. E., Horse Dealer and Livery

Bixby & Rock (Mae Bixby and Bessie Rock) Milliners

Blake, Bert, Farmer

Blake, Leon, Quarryman

Blanchard, William, Quarryman

Bonsquet, L. J., Laborer, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Bosley, Peter, emp. Wells, Lamson & Co., res. Websterville

Bouder, Henry, emp. Wells, lamson & Co., res. Websterville

Boulerice, A. J. (D.B.L. Granite Co.), res. E. Barre

Boulrest, Henry, emp. Wells, Lamson & Co., res. Websterville

Boyce, James, emp. Wells, Lamson & Co.

Boyce, John C., Laborer

Boyce, John P., Quarryman

Boyce, Oscar, Quarryman

Boyce, William M., Blacksmith

Bresett, Hiram, emp. Grearson Bros.

Bresett, Joseph, emp. Grearson Bros.

Bresett, William, emp. Grearson Bros.

Brown, Albert, Laborer, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Brown, William, Quarryman

Bugbee, Charles, Quarryman

Bugbee, W. P., Stone Cutter


Calderara, Angelo, Stone Cutter

Calderara, Felice, emp. Charles Bianchi & Son

Campbell, Enoch, Carpenter

Canning, Frank, Engineer, removed to Williamstown

Carnes, F. P., Carpenter

Carnes, S. J., Carpenter

Cassani, Alexander, removed to Quincy, Mass.

Cassani, Joseph, removed to Barre

Cassarico, Emilio, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Cerasoli, E., emp. Charles Bianchi & Son

Cereasoli, Giacomo, Stone Cutter

Cerasoli, Guili, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Cerasoli, Louis, emp. J. O. Bilodeau

Cerasoli, V., emp. J. O. Bilodeau

Chamberlain, Sherman, Farmer

Champagne, A. emp. Wells, Lamson & Co., P. O. Websterville

Chapman, B. A. Mrs., Nurse

Chase, John, Stone Cutter

Chase, John M., emp. J. J. Sullivan

Cocchi, Pietro, removed to Barre

Cochran, Charles, Stone Cutter

Coleman, Anson C., Carpenter

Coleman, Vernon E., Clerk, removed to Barre

Comi, Celeste, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Comi, John, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Comi, Peter, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Comoli, Joseph, Stone Cutter

Comolli, Carlo, emp. Charles Bianchi & Son

Comolli, Frank, emp. Charles Bianchi & Son

Cooney, Clarence S., Polisher

Corliss, W. E., Singing Teacher

Corti, Joseph, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Cox, George, Farmer

Craddock, B., emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Crawford, Charles, Polisher

Crowley, Daniel, Farmer

Crowley, Mary A., Miss

CROWLEY, WILLIAM M., Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing, etc.

Culver, Elmer, Laborer

Cunningham, John H. emp. W. M. Crowley

Cutler, M. E., Livery and Sale Stable

Cutler, Wilbur A., Grand Juror, Stearns Block


Davenport, Charles, Farmer

Davis, Bert F., Furniture Dealer and Undertaker

Debattista, Alessi, Quarryman

D.B.L. GRANITE CO. A. H. Desilets, Mgr.

Deliotto, Otavio

Desilets, Albert, emp. J. O. Bilodeau

Desilets, Albert H. (D.B.L. Granite Co.)

Desilets, Alfred, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Desilets, Augustte, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Desilets, Medoric, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Dey, William, Quarryman

Dickey, Albert C. (Plested & Davis)

Dickey, Frank R., Stone Mason and Nurse

Dix, John L., removed to Barre

Dobbs, George I., Station Agent, M.&W.R.R.R., also B.R.R.

Doyle, Bert, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Doyle, Frank, died January 15, 1905

Doyle, Lizzie J., Widow of Frank


EAST BARRE HOTEL, Henry Bisson & Co., proprs.

Eastman, Andrew J., Rev. removed to Strafford

Eastman, Ida A., Miss

Edwards, George, Carpenter, res. Glen Coffin

Ellis, henry M. Quarryman

Emerson, Charles W., Farmer

Emerson, Norman, Teamster

Enrico Bogni, Lumper, removed to Barre (I believe this name is surname: Bogni and Enrico first name)

Ermellino, Empoli, emp. C. Bianchi & Son


Ferazzi, Louis, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Fiorindo Franzi, emp. Charles Bianchi & Son (I believe this is surname Franzi and Fiorindo is first name)

Fontana, Paolo, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Foster, Charels, Stone Cutter, res. Orange

French, Burt F., emp. C. Bianchi & Son

French, George A., Painter

French, George W., Farm Hand


Gallison, John, Laborer, removed to E. Montpelier

Gariboldi, John, Stone Cutter

Gariboldi, Joseph, Stone Cutter

Garrant, Frank, Carpenter, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Garrett, Fred, emp. Sargent & Harlow

Gauthier, Fred, emp. J. J. Sullivan

Gauthier, George (Gauthier & Salter)

Gauthier & Salter (George Gauthier and John Salter), Blacksmiths

Gravell, Cammellein V., Hairdresser

Gray, Robert, Quarryman

Grearson, Aulden, emp. Grearson Brothers

Grearson Bros. (Fred A., and James O.), Granite Dealers

Grearson, Fred A. (Grearson Bros.)

Grearson, James W. (Grearson Bros.), res. Barre


Haddican, Thomas, emp. Jones Bros.

Hagain, Joseph P., Quarryman

Hall, Amos, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Hall, Eliza J., Widow of Cyrus W., res. E. Barre

Hall, John L., emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Harlow, William E. (Sargent & Harlow)

Hayden, W., Laborer, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Heinkel, Carl, emp. Wells, Lamson & Co., res. Websterville

Henry, John, emp. Grearson Bros.

Hero, Fred, emp. Bianchi & Son

Hill, T. W., Laborer, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Hodgdon, James G., Harnessmaker

Hutchins, Alvah B., Deputy Sheriff

Hutchins, E. T., Farmer

Hutchins, G. H., Farmer and Contractor, also Meat Market

Hutchins, Leon, Laborer

Hutchins, Mabel, Miss

Hutchinson, Major S., Teamster

Hyland, Alfred F., Foreman, Wells, Lamson & Co., res. E. Barre


Jamieson, William, emp. C. Bianchi & Son


Kelley, Joseph, Quarryman

King, Henry, Engineer


Lalime, Bert, Apprentice, Charles Bianchi & Son

Lalime, George W., Blacksmith

Larochelle, Agnes M., Bookkeeper, D.B.L. Granite Co.

Larochelle, Augustus M. (Henry Bisson & Co.)

Larochelle, O., Stone Cutter

Lathrop, Webb D., Quarryman

Latourneau, John, Engineer, Jones Brothers

Lermond, Fred, Foreman, C. E. Tayntor & Co., and Jones Brothers Quarries

Lermond, Morris E., Timekeeper, emp. Jones Brothers

Libercent, George, Granite Dealer

Libercent, Zotique, Quarryman

Littlejohn & Milne, Quarry

Locarno, Fortunato, Quarryman

Lowery, Benjamin, Laborer

Lucia, Martin, emp. J. J. Sullivan


Macedoni, Carlo, emp. Charles Bianchi & Son

MAGOON, CHESTER H., Watchmaker and Jeweler

Maneri, Santo, Stone Cutter

Mayocet, Philip, emp. J. J. Sullivan

McAllister, Arthur F. (McAllister Bros.), res. E. Barre

McAllister Brother (Arthur F. and Harry A.), General Store

McAllister, Harry A. (McAllister Bros.), res. East Barre

McArthur, John H., Physician, Druggist and Stationer, Main

McDonald, N. M., Carpenter and Wheelwright

McRitchie, Fred, Quarryman

Mereier, Arthur, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Mercier, Joe, Farmer

Minard, R. M., Physician

Molina, Stephen, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Moore, Arabell Miss

Moore, Clarence, Teamster, res. Websterville

Moore, Myrtle Miss, Saleslady

Moore, Ransom D., Teamster

Moore, Stewart, emp. Littlejohn & Milne

Morrison, James R., Lumper, res. Barre



Nye, George, Engineer

Nye, Grace, Miss, Bookkeeper

Nye, W. C., Farmer

Nye, William W., emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.


Osborn, Ray, Granite Dealer

Osborn, Roscoe, Tool Sharpener

Osborne, John, Laborer


Paris, Napoleon, emp. J. O. Bilodeau

Pasquele, Bagalis, Quarryman

Paton, Alexander, Quarryman

Paton, Andrew G., Quarryman

Paton, H. F., Farmer

Paton, James Thomas, Quarryman

Patterson, Waldo F.

Payne, M. M. Mrs., Widow

Peake, Edwin N., Engineer, Sargent & Harlow

Pelkey, Philip, emp. Wells, Lamson & Co., res. Websterville

Perisola, Giulic, Stone Cutter

Perrin, Edwin, Farmer

Pittsley, Clinton R., Farmer

Pittsley, Davis A., Deputy Sheriff and Carpenter

Plested, J. A. (Plested & Dickey)

Plested & Dickey (J. A. Plested and Albert C. Dickey), Contractors and Builders

Poulin, Phil, emp. J. O. Bilodeau


Raycroft, Robert, Tool Sharpener

Rioux, Joseph, Polisher, emp. D.B.L. Granite Co.

Robie, Charles C., Boots, Shoes, Groceries and Clothing

Rock, George, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Roark, Thomas W.


Salter, John (Gauthier & Salter)

Sante, Verdone, Quarryman

Sargent, Fred L. (Sargent & Harlow)

Sargent, Harry F., Carpenter

Sargent, H. E., Postmaster

Sargent, Lucy, Widow of Levi

Sargent & Harlow (F.L. Sargent and W. E. Harlow), Grist Mill, Flour, Feed and Grain

Sassi, Joseph, emp. C. Bianchi & Son

Scott, Charles M. (Acme Granite Co.)

Simoneau C., Lumper, bds. E. Barre Hotel

Smith, Ezra, Teamster

Southwick, Herbert, emp. J. J. Sullivan

Spero, John, emp. C. Bianchi & Son.

Stevens, Royal J., Quarryman, emp. Jones Brothers

Streeter, L. A., Quarryman

SULLIVAN, John J., Granite Dealer

Swift, Erdix T., Quarryman


Taplin, Carl, Quarryman

Taplin, C. D. Stone Cutter

THE D.B.L. GRANITE CO., Manufacturers and Dealers in Monumental Work

Thurston, Andrew J., Bricklayer

Tomlinson, George W., Laborer

Tomlinson, Vern H., Quarryman

Torchio, William, emp. C. Bianchi & Co.

Trentini, Paul

Tucker, Clayton P., Blacksmith

Tucker, Frank L., Foreman


Vanralli, Armandolo, Quarryman


Waterman, Charles, Famrer

Waterman, Frank, Farmer

Waterman, Oscar, Farmer

Watson, Robert, Clerk, McAllister Bros.

Waugh, Abbie Mrs.

Waugh, Clara Miss

Whitcomb, Herbert, Expressman

Whitney, Silas, Farmer

Wilber, Robert, Granite Quarry, res. East Barre

Wilmot, Sophronia, Widow

Wolcott, Charles E., Farmer

Wolcott, Fred, emp. J. J. Sullivan

Woodruff, Asahel N. Rev. Pastor, Baptist Church

Woodward, Horace F.

Woodward, Justin P., Clerk

Woodward, Robert J., Groceries


Young, Chester R., Quarryman


Zafferi, Paolo, Quarryman

Zontini, Frank, Quarryman

Zontini, Virgilio, emp. J. O. Bilodeau

"Barre City Directory for 1905, Including East Barre, South Barre and Graniteville. Containing A General Directory of the Citizens, A Classified Business Directory, also a Church, Society and Street Directory and a New Map of the City." 

L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers, Savings Bank Building, 50 Second Street, Newburgh, N.Y.
On Sale by C.W. Martin, Bookseller and Stationer, Barre, Vt.

Transcribed & Submitted by: Tucky Sancibrian, Longs, SC