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York County and Poquoson, Virginia
York County, VA, Marriages 1785 - 1823

These marriages are recorded on unnumbered pages in the front part of York County, Virginia, Guardians Account. Book 1780-1823.
(transcribed from York County microfilm reel 40 at Library of Virginia, Genealogical Soc. of Utah # 3230) by Eve Gregory

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Surnames in this document.

Apperson Atkins Banks Baptist Barton Belvin Boutwell Bowen Bracken Bunting Burt
Camm Cannon Cary Case Chapman Charlton Cox Craig Curtis Davenport Davis
Delobree Dennis Deuberry Deubree Dixon Doughlas Drewry Drummond Dunsford Emory Featherstun
Foster Fox Freeman Gayle Gemmill Gillett Gilliam Goodwin Harwood Haynes Henderson
Hendrick Hobday Hogg Holloway Holmes Hopkins Hubard Hunt Ironmonger Johnson Jordan
Keble Kerby Langston Leavitt Lester Lightfoot Lilburn Macklin Mallory Marrow Miles
Minson Mitchell Moore Morgan Morill Morris Moss Muire Needham Neilson Parsons
Phillips Powell Presson Purdie Rawlins Roberts Robinson Rogers Ross Russell Sanders
Saunders Sclater Sheild Stevens Stores Tennis Thomas Throckmorton Toomer Vass Viall
Waller Ward Watkins Weathers Wilkins Williams Wills Wood Wright Wynne    

[first page]

List of Marriages celebrated in the County of York from the 7th day of July 1785 to the [blank] day of [blank]

Persons marriedwhen married by whom married

John Birdsong Hunt to Sarah Langston7th July 1785Revd. Jo. Davenport
William Hendrick to Anne Goodwin1st October 1785Revd. Jo. Davenport
Francis Charlton to Mary Powell20th Feby 1786Revd. Sa. Sheild
John Moss to Mary Holmes25th "Revd. Sa. Sheild
Thomas Wilkins to Elizabeth Mitchell30th Mar. 1786Revd. Sa. Sheild
John Moody to Mary Dickenson Chapman13th April 1786Revd. Sa. Sheild
James Stevens to Rebeccah Baptist20th Revd. Sa. Sheild
Peter Atkins to Mary Morill17th Sept. 1786Revd. Sa. Sheild
Claudius Viall to Rosey Lilly Powell28th Revd. Saml Shei[ld]
John Doughlas to Mary Hobday17th April 1786Revd. Jo. Davenpo[rt]
James Dixon junr. to Elizabeth Cary Wills24th Dec. 1786Revd. Jo. Davenpor[t]
Johnson Mallory Ross to Mary Lester31st Dec. 1786Revd. Jo. Davenpor[t]
William Moore to Frances Baptist1st Sept. 1787Revd. Jo. Davenpor[t]
William Banks to Patty Macklin8th Sept. 1787Revd. Jo. Davenport
Adam Craig to Mary Mallory8th July 1787Revd. Jo. Davenpor[t]
Reubin Gillett to Winniford Macklin12 July 1792Revd. Jas. Henderson
Henry Hubard to Nancy Miles25 Dec. 1792Ditto} Rector of
William Haynes to Mary Davis26th Jany 1793Ditto } Yr. Hamp-
John Chapman to Mary Harwood31st Mar. 1793Ditto } ton Parish
Jeremiah Barton to Jane Hunt, Widow of Chas. Hunt, decd.19th Feby. 1798 by Rd. J. Bracken Rr of Br

1819Married by Joshua Featherstun Licensed Minister of the Gospel York County
May 18thWilliam Emory and Elizabeth A. Deubree
July 13thSmith Bunting and Nancy Topping
May 17thGeorge Case and Elizabeth Holloway (Married by Francis A. Ward M.M.E.C.) a Licensed minister of the Gospel
1821Married by Edward Cannon Licensed Minister of the Gospel York Cty
December 1stGeorge B. Lightfoot and Mary Ann Weathers
1822Charles Ironmonger & Rebecca Hogg - by Wm. Morgan Sept. 26
31 Decr. 1821John R. Fox was married to Catharine M. Moss - by Francis A. Ward
7th Feby 1823John Freeman to Martha Watkins Revd. Waddill Johnson

This is to certify that I joined Charles Ironmonger & Rebecca Hogg (widow) in the holy Estate of matrimony on twenty sixth of September Eighteen hundred twenty two       WM

[second page]

List of Marriages celebrated by The Revd. Thos. Camm Rector of Charles Parish from 3d June 1794 to January 1798
Armiger Parsons to Elizabeth Holloway Spinster both of Chas. Parish3rd June [1794]
John H. Purdie to Anne Moore Spinster same Parish and CountyDec. 27
John Deuberry to Mary Sanders same Parish and County1795 Jany 22
John Presson to Polly Lilburn both of Charles Parish York CountyFeby 28
Will Dunsford Jr of Jas City to Sarah Kerby of Same Parish & County " "
William Kerby to Sarah Kerby both of Charles Parish York CountyAugt 26th
Charles Leavitt to Mary Robinson of Charles Parish York CountySept 12th
Cheley Ross to Jane Stores both of Elizabeth City CountyDec 12th
William Moss to Elizabeth Goodwin of Charles Parish York County1796 Jany
Wm. Marrow to Mary Sheild Kerby of Same Parish and CountyFebruary [torn]
Miles Cary to Martha Sclater of Same Parish and County27th
Aaron Dennis to Polly Roberts of Same Parish and CountyNovm 19th
Benjamin Presson to Elizabeth Drewry both of Charles ParishDec. 22
Miles Cary of Warwick County to Anne Robinson Spinster of Chas. Parish1797 Januy
William Gilliam to Mary Moss both of Chas Parish York CountyMar 4
Dudley Wright to Anne Baptist both of Same County and ParishApril 8
Xr. [Christopher] Gayle to Molly Gayle both of Same County and ParishJuly 21st
Meade Wood of Warwick County to Sally Jordan of Charles Parish York Co.Aug 12th
John Tennis to Frances Dixon of Charles Parish York CountyDecr. 30th
Nicholas Presson to Sarah Minson both of Same Parish and County1793 March 31st
John Rogers junr to Ann Throckmorton Spinster of the Parh of York Hampton & County of YorkJune 26th
Ransome Davis to Elizabeth Gemmill Widow both of Charles Parish York Cy1798 21st July
Job Neilson to Patsey Parsons of Charles Parish York County8th Augu[st]
Abrose Morris to Nancy Keble of Same Parish and County1st Sept
Absolom Cox to Rachael Phillips of Charles Parish York County6th Novembr

I do certify that I joined together in the Holy State of Matrimony according to the Rules and Ceremonies of the Protestant Episcopal Church the several Persons mentioned in the foregoing at the times specified in the Margin
               Thomas Camm Rector of C Parish

[third page]

A List of marriages celebrated by the reverend Thomas Cam Rector of Charles Parish

1800 January 2nd Robert Sheild junior to Elizabeth H Sheild
9th Thomas Curtis to Ann Presson
February 7th James Toomer to Frances Burt
13th Henry C. Freeman to Elizabeth Presson
March 13th Richard Davis to Hannah Curtis
September 25th Thomas Russell to Sally Bowen
October 27th John Bowen to Elizabeth Russell
November 5th Montagae Williams to Martha H Waller
December 4th John Drewry to Elizabeth Boutwell
31st John Sclater to Rebecca Sheild
1801 February 12th Joseph Thomas to Frances Curtis
April 25th William Wood to Mary Chisman Moss
May 21st John Moore to Elizabeth Wright
May 31st William Saunders to Mary Belvin
December 17th Dolphin Drewry to Mary Drewry
22nd Joshua Cox to Lucy [?] Foster
24th John Rawlins to Nancy Hopkins
26th Humphrey H. Wynne to Mary Sclater
29th John Needham to Elizabeth Kerby

I do hereby certify that [blank] married the above Persons agreeably to their respective dates given under my hand this first day of January 1802.           Thomas Camm

This is to certify that on the - day of February 1812 I did according to the rites and ceremonies of my Church, join together in the holy state of matrimony, John Delobree and Mildred Apperson of York County.
      Willm M. Dennis
Truly recorded
Teste Saml Sheild Jr. cyc

This is to certify that I did according to the Rites & Ceremonies of my Church join together in the holy State of Matrimony Bethia H. Drummond of York County and Wm. P. Vass on the 15th day of June 1811
      Wm. M. Dennis
Truly recorded
Teste Saml Sheild Jr. Cy C

I Thacker Muire a minister on regular communion with the Methodist Episcopal Church, do certify that I did this day celebrate the rites of matrimony agreeable to the forms and customs of the said Church between Butts Roberts and Miss Nancy Robinson both of the County of York Given under my hand this 29 day of May 1817.      Thacker Muire
Truly recorded.
Saml. Sheild, cyc

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