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York County and Poquoson, Virginia
Note: Names were transcribed from microfilm with some scratches. Some names were not clearly legible. All transcriptions are susceptible to error. Please refer to the original York County, Virginia, 1813 Land book at the Library of Virginia, if you have questions about a name.
Names of Landowners in the York County, Virginia, 1813 Land Book
transcribed by Eve Gregory
[p. 1]
John Apperson
Jaquelin Ambler's Esta
Westwood Armisteads Esta
William L. Allen
Robert Andrews's Esta
Robert Armistead
Aaron Abrahams's Esta
William Armstead
John Patrick Armstead
Francis Bright's Esta
Widow or Elisha Bates
Flemin Bates
Edward Bates's Esta
Johnathan Barker's Esta
[p. 2]
Nathaniel Burwell
Harwood Burt's Esta
Walter Burwell's Esta
Edward Berry's Esta
Samuel Booth's Esta
Lucy Buckner
William H. Baptist's Esta
Phillip Bullifant's Esta
Thomas Bristor's Esta
Thomas Bennett's Esta
Richard Booker's Esta
John Brown (or Powell)
Edward Brooks
[p. 3]
Henry Bohannan
Thomas Burt
Edward Boutwell's Esta
Benjamin Bates
William Bohannon
John Bryan's Esta
Frederick Bryan
Dorcase Bryan
John Bailey
ditto from Esta of Wm. Moody
Glanvill Booth
William Banks
[p. 4]
John Chapman's Esta
Adam Craig's Esta
Miles C. Chisman
Elias Chisman
Charles M. Collier
Lewis Charles's Esta
Ann Cook
Thomas Chisman
Edmnd. Chisman's Esta
Allen Chapman's Esta
Gawin L. Corbin
John Cook
ditto from George Purdie
Edmund T. Chisman's Esta
Daniel Commiones's Esta
Absalom Cox
[p. 5]
Joshua Cox
ditto from Stephen Hoggs Esta
Mary Carter
William Chapman's Esta
Kemp Charles's Sen?
Henry Charles's Esta
Edward Cattillo
Edmund Carter
Mary Charles's Esta
John Crump &Ch. Abraham's
James N. Cooper
Major Chambers
Dianna Chisman's Esta
Susanna Cary
[p. 6]
Thomas Cox
Joel Cox
Edmund Christian
Joseph Crocket
from Benjamin Wright's Esta
Archibald Campbell
from Damaris Mitchell's Esta
William M. Dixon
Samuel Derozarse's [?] Esta
James Dawson's Esta
Augustine Denos's Esta
William Devenport
John W. Derozorse [?]
Robert Dawson
[p. 7]
Ransom Davis
John Ellis's Esta
Samuel Edins's Esta
Bernard Elliott
Seaton Elliott
John Ellis &Richd. Whitfield
George Elliott
John Fox
William Francis Esta
Jeremiah Foster
[p. 8]
John Fletcher
Caleb Fisher
Corbin Griffin
from David Jameson
from Laurence Gibbons Esta
Thomas Griffin
Edward Griffin's Esta
Peter Goodwin Senr
William Goosley's Esta
Peter Goodwin Junr
Richard Garrett
Mary Garrett
William Garrett's Esta
Charles Grave's Esta
[p. 9]
John Gayle's Esta
Robert Gibbons
William Hankins
Cutburth Hubberd
Thomas Hansford's Esta
Edward C. Howard's Esta
John Hogg Senr
Simon Hollier's Esta
Richard H. Hewitt's Esta
Francis Howard's Esta
Henry Howard Senr
[p. 10]
William Howard
Henry Howard Junr
Richd. &Benjamin Hansford
William G. Hubberd
William Harrison
James Hill
William Holt's Esta
Elizabeth Hunt
John Hunt
James Hay
John Hay
Curtis Hunt
[p. 11]
Mary Holloway
James Holloway's Esta
Henry Hubberd
James Hubberd
Charles Hogg's Esta
Houlder Hudgin
John Hogg Sent
ditto from Charles Hogg's Esta
Lewis Hogg
Jourdan Harrison
Samuel Harrison
from Widow or Elisha Bates
John Hunt Senr
from Robert Armstead's Esta
Elizabeth Jones
William Jervis
Willoughby Jourdan
[p. 12]
John Jones
John Kerby's Esta
James Kerby's
Anthony King
William Lowry
Charles Lewis's Esta
Enoch Lyon's Esta
William Lee Junr
William W. Lee
Charles Leavite's Esta
James Lively
[p. 13]
George Lang
from Booth Armstead's Esta
Robert H. Lee
from Richd. & Benjamin Hansford
John Moore
ditto from Rowland Williams Esta
John Moody's Esta
William Moody's Esta
John Meades
from John Wright
Samuel Maccroskey's Esta
Mathew Moody's Esta
Pinkethman Musgroves Esta
James Moss
Francis Moss's Esta
[p. 14]
Edward Moss's Esta
Catherine Miles's Esta
Maria Moody
William Moss
Tadock Messick
Josias Moody's Esta
Thomas Mutter's Esta
Richd. &Samuel McIntosh
Edward Moss's Esta
William Meades
John Moss
Edward Moreland
Anthony Morris
Joseph Morrisett
from David Jameson's Esta
[p. 15]
Dianna Moreland
John Moreland
William Morris
from Armiger Parsons
Lacey Nelson
Thomas Nelson
from Genl William Nelson's Esta
Majr. Thos. Nelson's Esta
Hugh Nelson's Esta
Robert Nicolson's Esta
Charles Orvil
Elizabeth Provo's Esta
Elizabeth Phillips
Vines Potter
William Parsons Esta
[p. 16]
Thomas Parsons
Armiger Parsons
John Parsons &Henry Tabb
George Purdie
Seymour Powell's Esta
Edmund Patrick
ditto &William Rogers
William Phillips Esta
Thomas Presson's Esta
Nicholas Presson's Esta
Benjamin Presson's Esta
Robert Presson
ditto from Curtis Patrick's Esta
[p. 17]
John Presson's Esta
William Powell
William Phillips
Thomas Pescud
Robert Pescud
John Parsons's Esta
William Presson's Esta
Thomas G. Peachy
Anthony Peters
Thomas Patrick
Robert Patrick's Esta
Thomas Phillips
Clayton Patrick's Esta
[p. 18]
William Presson
James Presson
John Peerman [?]
John Ratcliff's Esta
William Ratcliff's Esta
John Ratcliff (Quaker)
William Russell's Esta
William A. Rogers
John A. Rogers
Hawkin Read's Esta
William Robinson's Esta
Starkey Robinson
[p. 19]
Everard Robinson
Merill M. Robinson
Hinde Russell
William Rowsey's Esta
Joseph Rollins
John Roberts's Esta
John Rollins's Esta
James V. Sheilds Esta
John P. Sheilds
James Sheild's Esta
William S. Sclater
Samuel Sheild's Esta
Samuel Sheild Junr.
[p. 20]
John Sclater's Esta
Samuel &Robert Sheild's Esta
Thomas Smith's Esta
Robert Sheild's Esta
Henry Skipwith
John Smith
ditto from James Hay
William Smith
Benjamin Strouds Esta
John Stedman
Mary Stedman
Peyton Southall's Esta
[p. 21]
Scion [?] Smith
Thomas Sands
Larkin Smith
Eliza. Smith
from Damares Mitchell's Esta
Henry Timson
William Tazewell
from Henry Gebbs Esta
Henry Tazewell's Esta
James Toomer's Esta
Henry Tabb
Aaron Tennis
William Tinney
[p. 22]
John Tennis
Samuel Tylor's Esta
Robert Tabb
William Tabb
Sarah Valentine's Esta
John Valentine's Esta
James Valentine's Esta
William Vaughan's Esta
John Wright's Esta
Benjamin C. Waller
ditto from Sarah Timson
[p. 23]
William Waller
William Wilson
Sarah Wilson
William Whitaker
William Wise's Esta
John Wynne's Esta
William Wynne's
ditto from Hugh Nelson's Esta
Thomas Wright's Esta
Samuel Wright
Rowland Williams's Esta
Charles Wise's Esta
John Waller
[p. 24]
John W. Waller
George Weathers's Esta
Edward Wright
William Wood
James Wright
Reuben Washer
Nathaniel Walker's Esta
William Wood Junr
from Thos. Chisman
John Wright
from Robert Ratcliff
Robert Wilson
from Thomas Minson's Esta
Thomas Williams's Est

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