Tidewater Counties & Cities

Tidewater Counties & Cities

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Geographic Region

TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES is concerned with the area of Virginia north of the James River and east of the Fall Line, represented by the following counties: Caroline, Charles City, Elizabeth City, Essex, Gloucester, Hanover, Henrico, James City, King George, King & Queen, King William, Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex, New Kent, Northumberland, Richmond, Warwick, Westmoreland and York.

This is an area that was the early home of many families who migrated South and West in America. Many of these counties are also known as burned record counties whose early records were destroyed. Tidewater Virginia Families tells you how and where to search in these counties.







TIDEWATER COUNTIES MAP  www.erols.com/tvf/area.html
JAMES CITY CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vajamesc/
CHARLES CITY CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com./~vacharle/
NEW KENT CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vanewken/
SURRY CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vasurry/
WARWICK CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vawarwic/wvital.htm
City of NEWPORT NEWS sites.rootsweb.com/~vanewpor/
YORK CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vayork/
GLOUCESTER CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vaglouce/glouces.html
MIDDLESEX CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vamiddle/
MATHEWS CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vamathew/
KING WILLIAM CO. VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vakingwi/
KING and QUEEN CO. VA www.iocc.com/~swright/kqmain.html
WESTMORELAND CO., VA http://resources.rootsweb.com/USA/VA/Westmoreland/
NORTHUMBERLAND CO., VA sites.rootsweb.com/~vanorthu/index2.htm




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Katherine Nice
Last updated:  06/13/2017