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Names in Index to Surry County Virginia Register of Free Negroes

transcribed by Lynn Vanatta

arranged alphabetically with last names first

The complete register has been transcribed by Dennis Hudgins and published by The Virginia Genealogical Society, 5001 West Broad Street, Suite 115, Richmond, VA 23230

Adkins Hannah
Alexander Allen
Alexander Daphney
Alexander Lizza
Alexander Moses
Alexander Nancy
Alexander Qually
Alexander Rebecca
Alexander Sam
Alexander William
Anders Tom
Andrews Archer
Archer Anders
Archer Isabel
Badgett Chapman Jese
Bailey Aaron
Bailey Accril
Bailey Almeden
Bailey Arkes
Bailey Avery
Bailey Ben
Bailey Benjamin
Bailey Betsy
Bailey Cealy
Bailey Charles
Bailey Charlotte
Bailey Cherry
Bailey Coheland
Bailey Cornelius
Bailey Denson
Bailey Elizabeth
Bailey Ellick
Bailey Esther
Bailey Elizza
Bailey Felon
Bailey Harrison
Bailey Isaac
Bailey Jacob
Bailey James
Bailey Jerry
Bailey Jervis
Bailey Jese
Bailey Jim
Bailey John
Bailey Joshua
Bailey Kizzia
Bailey Lavinia
Bailey Lemuel
Bailey Linias
Bailey Linon
Bailey Lucy
Bailey Madison
Bailey Mal
Bailey Malon
Bailey Marinda
Bailey Mary A.
Bailey Matthew
Bailey Meritt
Bailey Moses
Bailey Nancy
Bailey Ned
Bailey Patrick H
Bailey Peggy
Bailey Peyton
Bailey Philip
Bailey Polly
Bailey Rachel
Bailey Ransome
Bailey Repsey
Bailey Rhody
Bailey Robert
Bailey Reuben
Bailey Ruffin
Bailey Sam
Bailey Tempy
Bailey Washington
Bailey Willey
Bailey William
Bailey William Alvertis
Bailey Willis
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Winney
Baily Richmond
Baines Henry
Baines William E
Baker Savana
Banks Benjamin
Banks Billy
Banks Celia
Banks Daniel
Banks Dawson
Banks Elizabeth
Banks Fielden
Banks Fielding
Banks George
Banks James
Banks Jeremiah
Banks John
Banks Nathan
Banks Ruffin
Banks Sampson
Barnes Martha
Barnes William E.
Baxter Jack
Bazden Lewis
Bazden Sally
Beard Bowling
Beard Suzanna
Beard William
Bell Silvia
Bell Tarshenia
Bently Susan
Bird John
Blizzard Carter Nicholas
Blizzard Caty
Blizzard Charles
Blizzard Elijah
Blizzard Eliza Ann
Blizzard Irena
Blizzard James
Blizzard John
Blizzard Peter
Blizzard Sam
Blizzard Sherraro
Blizzard Willi
Blizzard William Evans
Blizzard William N
Blizzard Willis
Blow Annaky
Blow Nancy
Booth Pleasant
Bowman Ann
Bowman Archer
Bowman Avery
Bowman Cherry
Bowman James
Bowman Nehimiah
Bowman Patsy
Bowman Peter
Bowman Sam
Bowman Susan
Briggs Bobb
Briggs Casandra
Briggs Henry
Briggs Ronetta
Briggs Sam
Briggs Spratleye
Brown Acrille
Brown Allison
Brown Eliza
Browne Abram
Browne Allen
Browne Benjamin
Browne Betty
Browne Herbert
Browne Jerome
Browne Jordan
Browne Louisa
Browne Scipio
Browne William H.
Bruce John
Bruce William
Butler Daniel
Butler Daphney
Butler Delitha
Butler Hamlin
Butler Peyton
Byrd Johne
Byrd Joseph
Canada Jones
Canada Nicholas
Canada William
Canady Nancy Ann
Cate Frank
Charity Allen
Charity Ann R.
Charity Ann Rebecca
Charity Benjamin
Charity Betsy
Charity Charles
Charity Dola
Charity Hamlin
Charity Harrison
Charity Henry
Charity James
Charity John
Charity John H H
Charity John R
Charity Lizza
Charity Nancy
Charity Polly
Charity Rebecca
Charity Sally Anne
Charity Sherwood
Charity Squire
Charity Sterling
Charity William
Charity William N
Charity Wyatt
Charlotte Moring
Chat=Rity Aiguilla
City David
Claiborne Dolly
Clark Patsy
Clark William
Claton Tempy
Clayton Benwell
Clayton Charles
Clayton Hannah ibid
Clayton Jacob
Clayton Jordan
Clayton Mariah
Clayton Mariah ibid
Clayton Patrick
Clayton Richard
Clemons John
Clemons Temface
Cocke Ceasar
Cocke Lucy
Cockes Lucy
Cockes Silvia
Cook Jermy
Cornwall Spratley
Cornwall Watson
Cornwell Delila
Cornwell Dempsey
Cornwell Eliza Ann
Cornwell Ferrily
Cornwell James
Cornwell Nelly
Cornwell Polly
Covil Jim
Craffon Polly
Crafford Jinny
Crafford Richard
Cyff Tom
Cypres Davis
Cypres Henry
David Debrix
Davis Amy
Davis Charles
Davis Lier
Davis Mary
Davis Patsy
Davis Peter
Deberaux John
Debereaux Richard
Deborix Maith Ann
Deborix Susan
Debrix Dempsey
Debrix Henry
Debrix James
Debrix Joh
Debrix John
Debrix Major
Debrix Sherman
Derix John
Derix William H.
Dimmery Tom
Eaton Jacob
Eaton Mary
Eaton Nancy
Edwards Bruton
Elliott Hannah
Elliott Harber
Elliott Henry A B
Elliott John
Elliott Samuel B
Elliott Samuel G
Elliott William
Ellis Clyde
Ellis Daniel
Ellis Glusgorr
Ellis Henry
Ellis Nicholas
Ellis Washinton
Evans Dolly
Evans Frank
Evans Julia
Evans Martha
Evans Sally
Evans William
Fagan Anna
Faulcon Rebecca A M
Flowers George
Flowers William H
Folk David
Folks Littleton
Folks Littleton W
Francis Elisa
Francis Polly
Francis Thomas
French Carter
French Joseph
Games Lyola
Gardner Benjamin
Gardner Isham
Gardner James
Gardner Minerva
Gardner Molly ibid
Gardner Peggy M.
Gardner Peggy Wyatt
Garns Caty
Garns David
Garns Henry
Garns Jenny
Garns Lydia
Garns Patsy
George Archer
George Ben
George Betsy
George Elam
George Emmy
George Eona
George Marsha
George Martha
George Micajah
George Patsy
George Pricella
George Rebecca
George Richmond
George Rickmond
George Sandy
George Simon
George Watson
Gevans Lylvia
Ghivens Morris
Gilchrist Archibald
Gilchrist Ben
Gilchrist Charlotte
Gilchrist Francis
Gilchrist James
Gilchrist Kiziah
Gilchrist Nancy
Gilchrist Pats
Gilchrist William
Givens Emmanuel
Givens Indiana
Givens James
Givens James Jr
Givens Katy
Givens Mary Eliza
Goodrich Fielding
Green Amma
Green Betsy
Green Elvey Anna
Green Jameszp
Green Lizzy
Green Nancy
Green Robert
Hagrave Miles
Hamlin Carry
Hardy Limas
Hargrave Hamiah
Hargrave Henry
Hargrave Lucy
Hargrave Milly
Hargrave Rachel
Hargrave Savina
Hargrave Stewart
Hargrave Tom
Harrison Judy
Harrison Rachel
Hart Jeffrey
Hasket Aaron
Hasket Anthony
Hasket Ben
Hasket Ellick
Hasket George
Hasket Jordan
Hasket Joshua
Hasket Lewis
Hasket Nathan
Haskett Anthony
Haskett Massey
Haskett Suckey
Haskett Watson
Hay Nancy
Haywood Hannah
Heaskett Candis
Heaskett Ferreby
Henley Charlotte
Hollaway Avery
Hollaway Limuel
Hollaway Micajah
Hollaway Ruffin
Hollaway Scotland
Holmes Henry
Holmes Moses
Howell Thomas
Jackson Allen
Jackson Carter
Jackson Henry
Jackson Pegy ibid
Jackson Sally
Jackson William
James Archer
James Delphia
James Fanny
James Jim
James Moses
James Nathan
James Sam
James Toney
Johnathan Mary
Johnson Beasan
Johnson Champion
Johnson Daphney
Johnson David
Johnson Eliza
Johnson James
Johnson Kitty
Johnson Lizza
Johnson Maria
Johnson Mary
Johnson Melipa
Johnson Mills R
Johnson Moses
Johnson Nancy
Johnson Nathan
Johnson Nicholas
Johnson Polly
Johnson Sally
Johnson Sally R.
Johnson Samuel
Johnson Sevinia
Johnson Tiller
Johnson Ursley
Jonatham Roberts
Jonathan Abraham
Jonathan Mary
Jonathan Robert
Jones Charlotte
Jones Clary
Jones Emanuel
Jones Makez
Jones Mary Ann
Jones Nancy
Jones Paul
Jones Peter
Joyes Amanda
Judkins Gray
Judkins Kezia
Judkins Wilie
King Michael
Lumley Fred
Mariah Lucretia
Mariah Mary
Marriott Farriby
Marriott Judy
Matthews Betsy
McKinzie Lucy
Meriah Archer
Moring Rachell
Park Charity
Patience Wat
Peter Collins William
Peters Jese
Peters Sally
Pickett Charles
Pool Ann
Pool Avery
Pool Merit
Preston Billy
Preston Dawson
Preston Winney
Pretlow Avery
Pretlow Delila
Pretlow Josiah
Pretlow Linoer
Randolph Archibald
Randolph Nancy
Riley Mike
Rivers Bob
Rix Daniel
Rix Mike
Roberts Caty
Roberts David J
Roberts Elijah
Roberts James ibid
Roberts Joseph
Roberts Josiah
Roberts Lizza
Roberts Nancy
Roberts Nancy C
Roberts Savinia
Roberts William
Roberts Willis
Roberts Wilmoth
Roberts Wilmoth Jones
Ruff Betsy
Ruff Jack
Ruffin Faicha
Ruffin Frank
Ruffin Janice
Ruffin Sally Ann
Rush Abel
Scott Belinda
Scott Coupland
Scott Delila
Scott George
Scott Grayham
Scott Nicholas
Sebrell Charles
Shandback Randolph
Short Becky
Short Richard
Short William
Shurtevant Sally Ann
Skipper Armistead
Skipper Bob
Skipwith Armistead W.
Skipwith Beverly
Skipwith Robert
Slade P
Slade Edwin P
Smith Amy
Smith Caty
Smith July
Smith Sarah
Smith Tom
Smith Wyatt
Sport Hannah
Spratley Albert
Spratley Amanda
Spratley Annaky
Spratley Betty
Spratley Cuffee
Spratley Daphney
Spratley Dawson
Spratley Disey
Spratley Ellick
Spratley John
Spratley Judy
Spratley Matilda
Spratley Merit
Spratley Nancy
Spratley Nat
Spratley Ned
Spratley Peggy
Spratley Pink
Spratley Sally
Spratley Sam
Spratley Servis
Spratley William
Spratley Wyatt
Squire Tom
Standback Charlotte
Standback Fanny
Standback Hannah
Steippen Bob
Stephen Isham
Stewart William
Tabb Jane
Tann Martha
Taylor George
Taylor James
Taylor Jese
Taylor Patsy
Taylor Pleasant
Thomps Betsy A ibid
Thompson Edwin
Thompson Joe
Thompson Lamb J
Thompson Mary W
Thompson Rebecca
Thompson Samuel
Trusty Anna
Trusty Daniel
Trusty Elviro
Trusty Lucy
Trusty Lycy
Trusty Mima
Trusty Nancy
Trusty Sam
Trusty Tracy
Trusty William
Turner Aggy
Turner Elizabeth
Turner Mary D
Turner Moses S
Turner Simon
Twiner Simon
Valentine Charles
Valentine Elizabeth
Valentine Henry
Valentine Jeremiah
Valentine Martha
Valentine Nancy
Valentine Randolph
Walden Dolly
Walden Dury
Walden Elija Ann
Walden Eliza Ann
Walden Elizabeth
Walden John
Walden Matilda
Walden Micajah
Walden Nancy
Walden Renben
Walden Stephen
Walden Willis C
Walden Wright
Waldin Drury
Walker Clara
Warren Amy
Warren Dick
Warren Jese
Warren Judah
Warren Nat
White Moses
Wilkins William B
Willams Elijah
William James
Williams Elijah
Williams James
Williams Mark
Williams Soloman
Wilson Anne
Wilson Ben
Wilson Clara
Wilson Daniel
Wilson Edith
Wilson Ginny
Wilson Jimmy
Wilson Marena
Woodley Peter
Worther Esther
Wrenn Pricella
Wrenn Prisilla

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